29 Aralık 2007 Cumartesi


Message from Miris~Molding Our Collective Future (Dec. 29th, 2007)

Dear Friends,

I had a galactic visit last night, from a spirit named Miris. Miris is an angel from the eye of God. We together met in unitedness with other galactic family members. It was in a 5th dimensional house and soon we were having some meal together and conversing. Miris first connected to me from the group merkaba and appeared right in front of me with an incredible amount of light and love. The message was about teaching and showing me how human collective subconscious is being set for an incredible amount of collective love energy unseen on this planet before. We are being infused collectively and our personal vibrations are being aligned with the divine, with the greatest good of all who live on this planet. So in our etheric energies we are all being tuned to the collective, further and deeper. We are mostly being infused in dream state and in omega consciousness. We can access it in daytime too and carry it peacefully, while creating and walking and communicating in an angelic group consciousness, in group ethers which extends to miles from where we are and turns around the globe with meridians gridlines and crosses the oceans, connecting with whales-dolphins of sea community and with all animal spirit friends on ground, and in the air, and with trees forests flowers. In daytime we can be living with a continous balancing of fire and water energies in our ethers, and see the manifestation in air energies at where spirit takes us with optimism and hopefulness, and ground it to earth consciousness with feelings of joy and abundance. All has been already known to us lightworkers since years while learning the skills.

Miris comes from the future only from 1 year ahead because we don't want to program the collective subconscious energy further, we want to see what happens in this year. We lightworkers are the ones to consciously bring this energy to human subconscious on this planet and we will carry it along. It is an incredible wideness of pure Christ energy and the collective may decide how to use it. So seeing the future of the collective energy is only accurate for one year for now. It was actually presented to me when I was in the future so 2008 was my past when I was living these with Miris and another galactic friend who seemed to be from Twin Flame energy, along with members of our galactic family.....

The new energy being loaded to collective subconscious is of extreme peace and balance, of goodness and beauty. This energy can only be molded with divine laws to create our future. The infusion of this energy to our collective subconscious is starting as of 1/1/2008 and it is a group merkaba energy. So it is not about reading and preparing ourselves anymore, this collective energy is beyond our imaginations. We will all be getting personal corrections and will be making our choices on how to align with the divine. Most importantly we will consciously be weaving a future together and in alignment with the divine, on the ladder of ascension. This is what lightworking will be about for the next year and further.

in fondest love and light

Sevgi Ozer