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CoastZone-UFO Disclosure / Remote Viewing

April 24, 2013 Coast Insider Audio

UFO Disclosure:

In the first half of the program, Dr. Steven Greer and Paola Harris discussed the Atacama humanoid as well as UFO disclosure. Greer, who has recently published a paper on the latest scientific findings related to the humanoid, said that the specimen is an actual organism and not a hoax. According to him, the world's foremost skeletal expert has determined that, despite its diminutive size, the entity was actually six to eight years old when it died. Stanford University professor Dr. Garry Nolan joined the conversation in the latter half of the first hour to share his thoughts on the Atacama humanoid. While he acknowledged that it is "very, very, very likely to be human," Nolan conceded that the findings so far have presented unique paradoxes which prevent making that determination with any certainty.

Regarding UFO disclosure, Harris recalled working with Greer in 1999 to document the testimony of Italian military witnesses and marveled at his meticulous nature in collecting these statements. She declared that disclosure is a grassroots process which is happening "from the bottom up, not from the top down." To that end, Greer explained that his work was borne out of that concept, since the government has steadfastly refused to release the 'truth' concerning UFOs or had been kept in the dark by those who do possess that information. As such, his new film, Sirius, aims to increase awareness about the UFO coverup amongst those previously unaware. Beyond that, Greer expressed hope that the film can lead to a breakthrough in research of alternative energy systems that "we know and can prove exist."

Remote Viewing:

In the latter half of the program, remote viewing teacher, Ed Dames, talked about his predictions that North Korea would use a nuclear weapon in anger and how a global economic collapse would happen concurrently with a pandemic in the not too distant future. Dames claimed that his team has uncovered the "real plan" at work by the North Korean government. According to him, they have developed small nuclear devices which will be transported via submarine to be placed off the coast of US territories. Should the United States attack North Korea, he said, then these secretly placed nukes will be detonated in retaliation.

Despite this looming danger, Dames put forward that he is "far more concerned" with a global pandemic breaking out, concomitant with a worldwide economic collapse, and leading to a devastating solar flare hitting the planet. To that end, he lamented that the recent emergence of the H7N9 bird flu in China "really fits as a candidate" for the pandemic. Additionally, he expressed concern that the ISON comet may be the factor which initiates the "solar kill shot," which he has warned about for years. "All of these things are fitting like pieces of a puzzle," he observed. Since the comet is due to pass by the sun in November, Dames surmised that late 2013 or early 2014 is when these predicted events may unfold. "Even Dr. Doom is beginning to get scared now," he mused, "and when Dr. Doom gets scared, that should be a red flag to a lot of people."

Blast from the Past:

Our two free audio clips this week are from a pair of shows from April 2007, when researcher Ryan Wood discusses UFO crashes and the military retrieval procedures that may be used to recover those downed craft, and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman talks about Lake Champlain and the sea monsters said to lurk within it.

Today in Strangeness:

On this date in 1907, the one-of-a-kind Hersheypark opened its doors. However, unlike today, back then the amusement park was not for the general public, instead it was meant to be a leisure center exclusively for Hershey Candy Company employees. On the birthday front, acclaimed actress and paranormal enthusiast Shirley MacLaine was born on April 24th, 1934.

Live Chat & Tonight's Show, Wed. April 24th:

Coast Insiders, don't miss our Live Chat tonight at 8p PT/11p ET, with special guest, chemtrails researcher, Will Thomas. Not yet a Coast Insider?-- click here to sign up for just 15¢ day. Then, on Coast to Coast AM, stand-up comedian, actor, and author, Richard Belzer, will join George Noory in studio to talk about his passion for UFOs and conspiracies, as well as his new work investigating the mysterious deaths of witnesses to the JFK assassination.

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14 Nisan 2013 Pazar

A Forgotten History of Star Life, Shapeshift​ers & Benevolent ET Teachers


A Forgotten History of a Disappearing Culture of Star Nation ET Interface

Above Pictured: Shamans Cave - Arizona

In This Earth-Keeper Newsletter:


* Meet an extraordinary man who has heard revered Elders tell secret oral histories since childhood of encounters with shape shifting extra terrestrials called Star Nation. Hear the story of a man born into a society with a forgotten history of very real ET contact. Not just any man, one with a Masters Degree in Engineering who walks the Zuni Path as an Initiated Elder. A man of great integrity & honor, with feet in 2 worlds. Read his story below and hear him speak in Scottsdale.

* Read of the fascinating meanings, legends & history of WESAK and why Arizona has an astonishing historical and linguistic connection to Tibet since very ancient times .

Scroll Down To Read More

Earth-Keeper WESAK

The Arizona Event of the Year occurring in a hallowed place at a embellished time of opening dimensional veils. This is no ordinary gathering, it is a ceremony and opening to wisdom , truth and Spirit. If you attend any Spiritual Gathering in 2013, this is the time and place. Four days of magic, teaching & ceremony with some of the leading Teachers of our time including Graham Hancock , Richard Hoagland, James Tyberonn and Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty on the ET Topic. In 2013 the Truth replaces shadow.

The Sacred WESAK Full Moon is THE full moon of the year. And in 2013 is embellished by a Lunar Eclipse, the potent & rare Uranus-Pluto / Jupiter-Venus conjuncts & Solar Maximum!

The WESAK Window is May 21-May 28

WESAK Speakers and Topics:

Graham Hancock - Mysteries of the Lost ARK , Holy Grail & Solomon's Temple

Dr Doris Christopher & Dr Cheri St Arnauld - Divine Feminine & More on the Empowered Path

Richard Hoagland - Hidden NASA - ET Contact - Pyramids & Torsion Physics

Dr Jeri Castronova - The Gnostic Gospels & Teachings

Elder Clifford MaHooty - Zuni Cosmology : Hollow Earth & Star Nation Contacts

Linda Robinson & Cathy Kominos : Hathors & Sirius - Nurturing Goddess Energy

James Tyberonn - The Aquarian Shift - 2013 New Earth + Live Channel


Earth-Keeper WESAK Star-Gate

May 25-25-26-27

EK WESAK on the Full Moon Eclipseo

Amazing Timing - Amazing Location - Amazing Speakers


Hotels in Scottsdale Will Sell out on the Holiday Memorial Day Weekend.


Still Time to Join Us ! Register Soon !

Event Location : Scottsdale, AZ -May 24-26

With Optional Pilgrimage to Sedona on May 27

for registered Attendees to WESAK

The Full WESAK Hourly Agenda Will Be Published Very Soon - Stay Tuned

Full Attendance with Cancellation Option ( 4 Days ) - $488


Earth-Keeper WESAK on the Full Moon Eclipse

May 24-25-26 w/ Optional Visit to Sedona May 27

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Crystalline Life Force : The Coleman Crystal Family will provide Crystalline Essence Water - Free to all attendees at the WESAK Gathering. This is naturally coded pure water is from the crystal layers of the amazing Coleman Quartz Mine in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas , and it is imbued with Crystalline coded energy. It is vital life force in liquid essence... energizing, rejuvenating and sacred living water. Marcel Vogel speaks of coded water as does Dr Emoto. This is the Liquid Crystal Essence is truly Holy Water and may be used in Ceremony and healing.. The Coleman Family offer this free to all attendees of WESAK !


Hancock & Hoagland at Earth-Keeper WESAK

Graham Hancock : The Ark, the Grail and the Temple

Mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the Temple of Solomon

Richard Hoagland - Torsion Physics & ET Evidence - Hidden NASA

Speakers at Earth-Keeper WESAK

Art, Ceremony, Crystal Bowls, Poetry

Amazing Healers & Event Staff

Value Added : We have made extraordinary effort & very special arrangements to have some of the biggest 'mobil' natural Quartz Crystals on the planet at the Scottsdale Venue, some of these weigh over 2 Tons ! These will be aligned in a special Star-Gate Grid. This is a once in a life time opportunity & cannot be repeated, it takes an incredible effort to gather these exquisite Giant Angelic Crystal Beings. Come Experience this Astonishing Crystal Grid ! These Crytsals are absolutely enormous and utterly amazing!

Limited Number of Genuine Vogel Phi Crystals Available. Email Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com for price listings. These remaining Phi Vogel Crytsals Are Stunning Premium Optical Grade Water Clear Quartz. Serious inquiries only please.

What is WESAK - Why 2013 is Arizona

"When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered over the earth and the dharma will return to the land of the red man." Tibetan Lama Padmasambhava, 8th c (aka Guru Rinpoche)

The Sacred WESAK Full Moon is THE full moon of the year...

& In 2013 is embellished by a Lunar Eclipse & potent conjunct of Uranus & Pluto

WESAK is named for the extraordinary confluence & emergence of Avatar Buddha, Kristos and Ascended Masters in the Sacred Wesak Valley in the Mystical Himalayas , which occurs during the Buddha full moon in May of each year. Millions make spiritual pilgrimages during WESAK.

This hallowed convergence of 'Spirit' is honored by myriad cultures across the planet, with annual pilgrimages of Buddhist to the original manifestation apex in the Himalayas. It is indeed considered a time for Gathering, for questing, and for pilgrimage. During WESAK the 'veil' is thinned and a Great Gathering of Masters takes place , in scared points across the globe. Many are drawn innately to vortexial portals to feel & sense this coded energy and Divine presence.

The Sedona Vortexial Portal is particularly enhanced in North America as the site in which the unique convergence of sacred energies will offer the most potent resonance for the codes of 2013 WESAK. The veils will be opened in the Arizona Vortex more potently than any other area, and this extraordinary aperture is a grand opportunity for all. Sedona is uniquely harmonic with Tibet for reasons explained below. WESAK is an energetic and frequencial 'thinning of the veil' that is a Global in scope and in Sedona this energy will be remarkably tangible in 2013.

In 2013 Arizona is the most powerful location of it's encompassing field for several reasons, perhaps the key shift is due to the Aquarian Radiation. Astonishing plasmic fields are forming a standing wave over the Sedona Vortex, and this energy assists in opening the 3rd-Eye Pineal far more effectively than ever before. Known as the 'electrical vortex' , Sedona has rebirthed in 2013 as one of the 12 most Sacred Portals of the planet. Its Cosmic alignments and earth energies make it so. Arizona is a cornucopia of telluric current. It is the largest deposit of electrically conductive copper in North America, and also holds enormous fields of gold and silver.

Arizona is laden with piezoelectric quartz and quartzite sandstone. It is known for its rich deposits of gems and precious minerals, such as azurite, amethyst, peridot, turquoise, topaz, tourmaline, jade, copper, opal, azurite, chaldoncy, crystalline hematite, crystalline calcite, chrysocolla, lavender & emerald fluorite, garnet, malachite, pyrite, quartz, and galena.

These minerals add very significantly to the energy of place and logically enhance the crysto-electrical aspects of the greater' Sedona Vortex'.

For these reasons, Sedona is uniquely embellished as the most potent site for the 2013 North American WESAK Pilgrimage. The very atmosphere here is charged with powerful energetic currents and a profoundly cleansing energy that opens the 3rd eye and allows for release, vision and emergence. It has long been a site of vision quest.

Accordingly the Sedona Vortexial-Portal is considered one of the most powerful Chakras of North America . The area has long been hallowed by the indigenous of the area as a Star Gate and Entry point of the benevolent Masters of Star Nation. It also has a very compelling relationship with Tibet.

The Navajo, Hopi and Zuni believe this part of Arizona is the emergence point of creation of the 4th world. In the 'New Earth' of 2013, the Aquarian Radiation has expanded the parameter of the Sedona vortex to encompass as far south as the Sonoran Desert of Scottsdale, and as far north as Page, including Grand Canyon and the Hallowed San Francisco Peaks, which are only a short distance from the apex in Sedona. They believe there is a sacred city under the areas of Sedona, Grand Canyon and the San Francisco Peaks, which is a portal between dimensions.

It is said that the red rock canyons in the Sedona area and Grand Canyon are rich with stargate locales. And this is why so many experience direct vision of extra terrestrial and spiritual beings in this area. Native Americans viewed these benevolent beings as Guides, as Great Spirit . They were considered Starborne Teachers with abilities to shape shift and transport.

Sedona is indeed a mystical and beautiful area. Many artists, writers & metaphysicians are drawn to this area for inspiration.

Tibet & Sedona Harmonics

Buddhists from Tibet and India have been coming to Sedona for decades, and recognize the area as a holy place on the planet. Stupas have been placed in the region to amplify the presence of Lord Buddha. It is said that Sedona is the counterbalance vortex to Tibet. ...and that transdimensional inner earth tunnels connect the two. Tibetan lama Padmasambhave made an interesting reference to the 'dharma' of Tibet returning to the red lands.

"When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered over the earth and the dharma will return to the land of the red man." Tibetan Lama Padmasambhava, 8th c (aka Guru Rinpoche)

Several articles have been published that offer evidence that Tibetans and Native Americans share a common ancestry. Author Frank Waters observed in "The Book of Hopi" that the indigenous Zuoi Shalako or snake dance symbolically mirrored the Tibetan ceremony of the Journey of the Dead. He also noted that both cultures recognized and mapped the human chakric systems long before Europeans inhabited the Americas. Other commonalities listed include cosmology, similar jewelry designs and inlays, use of silver, turquoise and coral, nearly identical patterns of woven textiles and the same distinctive manner for braiding hair.

Perhaps most compelling is explained by author Daniel Pinchbeck in his book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl." He states that specific words in the Hopi and Tibetan language are phonetically exact with antithetical meanings. The Hopi word for day, nyma, is the Tibetan word for night. The word for moon in Tibetan, dawa, is the phonetically exact Hopi word for sun. If you were to drill a hole straight from the Hopiland reservation directly through the Earth, you would come out in Tibet. Interestingly, these two 'reversed' words are quite pre­cise in describing simultaneous planetary time. In other words, when it is day in the Canyon - nyma - it is night time in Tibet - nyma. When the moon, dawa, is out in Tibet, the Hopi see the sun - dawa.

Join us in the Red Rocks for WESAK 2013 ! Feel the Call ?

Earth-Keeper WESAK

On the Full Moon Eclipse

May 24-25-26 w/ Optional Visit to Sedona May 27

Exceptional Discounted Attendance All 4-Days


( Valid until 18 April , 2013 - NonCancel Ticket) Click Below Link


The ET Question at WESAK

Wisdom Carrier of Hidden History

Clifford Mahooty

Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Tribal Elder and member of more than 12 'Secret Societies ' including the the Kachina Society. He is a man of extraordinary credentials and integrity. He is a degreed Civil & Structural Engineer, now retired after working as chief engineer for the USA Department of Interior. Clifford says that Native American elders have a lot of hidden knowledge about "Star Beings" that they choose to keep to themselves. He feels that it is now time that the knowledge be shared with the public. Clifford has recently been featured on television documentaries including the History channel's Ancient Aliens and the Travel Channel. He shares the stories of his great grandfather regarding the validity of extra terrestrial interaction with the Zuni Tribe. He speaks in integrity & total honesty regarding personal encounters with 'Space Brothers', Star Nation & Hollow Earth Beings. He is a man who walks in 'two worlds, as a highly educated engineer, graduated in engineering from the University of New Mexico, and Tribal Elder. We are honored to announce that this incredible wisdom carrier will speak on these experiences at the Earth-Keeper WESAK in May 2013 - Scottsdale, Arizona.

Clifford Ma'Hooty Joins the WESAK Conference

Star Nation & Hollow Earth

By James Tyberonn

I was very recently invited by the 'Travel Channel' to speak about Earth-Energies and Sacred Sites on a new television series to be aired later in 2013. The filming took place on the Hancock Ranch behind Boynton Canyon in Sedona and at Grand Canyon. The Sedona location was at an ancient cliff cave, complete with ancient petroglyphs. In the very recent ongoing filming process, I met an extraordinary man.

A Zuni Tribal Elder and Medicine Man was being filmed and interviewed before me, and I had the opportunity to hear his astonishing accounts of the Pueblo people's interaction with 'Star Nation' and 'Hollow Earth'. He spoke of extraordinary entries to Hollow Earth in the Grand Canyon, and of personal interactions with Star Beings. We made an instant connection, and I was able to speak with him at length over 2 days. I am very pleased to announce that he will be a featured speaker at our WESAK Gathering in Arizona in May, joining Graham Hancock and Richard Hoagland. In honor of his cultural tradition and integrity, Clifford refused any payment for speaking. He stated he felt a calling to share lost history. He is a man of honor.

Much of the focus from speakers Richard Hoagland and Clifford Ma'Hooty will be on the extra terrestrial question. Graham Hancock & Jameds Tyberonn will also share insights on ther ET Question at WESAK

The gathering will be a fascinating event, with compelling information.

Excepts from Clifford Mahooty Interview & ET Conversation...

"We have a closely guarded secret history with extra terrestrials that the white man knows virtually nothing about", stated Elder Clifford Ma'hooty of the Zuni Nation.

"Many of the Elders do not want to share this information that has traditionally been held in secretive societies, but I feel it is my calling to pass along this information for posterity in regard to our vast and unique knowledge of the 'Space Brothers'. Few of the younger generation in our tribe have learned the oral histories or meaning of the songs and paintings that our ancestors passed down. I am a member of the Galactic and Kachina secret society, and these societies are one of the few remaining harbingers of the unique historic information about the 'Kachina', whom I feel to be extraterrestrials. "

"I was born into a medicine clan, and in my youth there was no electricity, no television or radio on the reservation. We were taught in oral myths and stories by the grandfathers and grandmothers. Those elders have long since passed, and although I wish now I had paid closer attention and spend more time with them learning, I did receive a lot of fascinating information. And those stories are no longer being taught by many people with such extraordinary and credible firsthand knowledge ... so I feel called to share some of this forgotten information."

He continued, "Our history includes the Space Brothers and our time of dwelling in the inner earth at the time of the waters, inside the depths of the hollow earth entered in at the Grand Canyon. The Hopi & Maya also have these histories and the Hopi have shared the stories. Our people, the Zuni have not told these histories."

Hear Clifford Ma'Hooty's Incredible Talk at WESAK

Amazing Offer - Extraordinary discounted rate ($333) is non cancel &non transferable. Amount by USD$ check is $333 (USA Banks Only) . We add 5% to PayPal and Credit Cards. Offer expires on April 18. Discounted block rates for attendees at our beautiful venue hotel. Hotel information released only after registration, in order to guarantee space for our attendees. Our venue is a beautiful Spa Resort Boutique Hotel for the Gathering in Scottsdale. Onsite rooms are now Sold Out. We have obtained a superb discounted rate of $89 per night at a next door hotel. Our overflow hotel is fantastic, rooms are plush, modern and oversized. You must first be registered to attend the Earth-Keeper event before booking a room.

Overflow Rooms are limited - book soon. We have blocked a set number of rooms at our discounted rate for our attendees. Our event is on is Memorial Day weekend and everything in the resort area of Scottsdale will sell out !

Crystals at Earth-Keeper


We have made extraordinary efforts & tedious special arrangements for some of the most powerful 'mobile' Quartz Crystals on the Planet, to be brought to this Gathering and arranged in a grid alignment for this event. Some of these Crystal Beings are over 2 meters (6.5 ') in height and weigh over 4000 pounds (2 tons) .

Truly an Astonishing Energy !!! If you come for no other reason, come to feel and be within this amazing collation of enormous Angelic Energy Crystals in this amazing timing & location of the Wesak Full Moon Eclipse.

This is a never before and perhaps never again collation of such mega Crystals. The logistics of transporting these Beings and the unique geometric grid alignment assembling requires special transport trucking and forklift. It has never before been done...Don't miss this opportunity.

The Crystal energy will create a powerful Crystalline Portal

within an Utterly Amazing Mega Astro Portal

Above Foto : The stunning 12-foot 5,000 pound Coleman Mine 'Ark-Angel' Quartz Cluster

Left to Right - Ron Coleman, John Van Auken & James Tyberonn

Earth-Keeper Events:

WESAK - May 24-27 - Arizona

The Sequoia Celebration - Aug 16-19 - California

Sacred Greece Pilgrimage - 13-21, 2013

Links to Event Reg:


Questions - 936 447-9119 / 936 522-8804

James Tyberonn will be a featured speaker at the A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries Conference (Edgar Cayce Founames dation) in Virginia Beach, Va in October with Gregg Braden, John Van Auken, Giorgio Tsoukopolis & David Hatcher Childress.