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The New Violet Fire - St Germain

The New Violet Fire

The New Violet Fire has been introduces to assist in transforming the released energies.

"I Am St. Germain, Master of the seventh ray, and I greet you in love. Since the end of last year, or more precisely since October 2002, the earth wasa raised into a frequency, allowing us to use the higher vinrational energies that we can release on earth at this time. Of course, it is still the energy of the seventh ray, but also higher in the vibration, because each energy of radiation is only so far as can be effective as the level at which the respective planet is located. All the rays have been raised to a higher frequency as they have been flowing to earth in that higher frequency. They have become more available in greater amounts, it is juts that mankind is not yet completely aware of this.

The energy of the "New Violet Fire", as I would like this energy is called (and I ask you to call it in this way if you want to work with this energy), is different in form, color and also in the force. The energy no longer flows in constant flux but as a powerful spiral and is of extraordinary intensity. The color is much brighter, because the color silver has been mixed in.
The inner Silver part of the Flame has been added to transform and break up old crystallized energies. The silver in the flame has the task to break old crystallized structures so the Violet Fire can transform it.

Saturday September 26, at 9:30pm EST
Cost is $ 20.00
You can register here

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Arcturian Healing Technologies from Lord Arcturus and the Arcturian Temple Workers


The Acturians are Powerful Healerso, enjoy these Techniques anytime
Clearly in the Glow of HealinGrace 6*12 Night & Day

Arcturian Healing Techniques

Dear Ones,
These techniques are invaluable and they really work so before falling asleep each night call on Lord Arcturus and ask for specific healing that you may need for your body. If you just ask, you will recieve. And the results are incredible.
Love, blessings & peace,
Suzy Star

Techniques from the Lord Arcturus
and the Arcturian Temple Workers

Lord Arcturus and the Arcturian Temple Workers are masters in healing technologies, particularly light surgery and other technology. They will be the ones with mass healing technologies at first contact and also psychological experts

Matrix Removal Program:

Usually called the "Core Fear Matrix Removal Program." It is a lattice work of Light that is anchored into the individual by the Arcturians for the purpose of pulling out all the Core fear or negative ego programming from the person's conscious, subconscious, and energy fields. A special divine dispensation given to the Earth in this recent time of increased Spiritual acceleration on the Earth. Once this lattice work of Light is in place, it can be used by Dr. Lorphan and the Sirians in emotional heaing.

Arcturian Electronic Plate:

This healing allows for honing in on the higher mind, and helps with bilocation, teleportation, and telepathic development

An electronic plate is anchored into the third eye that reflects Light and helps the mind to hone in on the Higher Mind, which amplifies the Omnipresence and synthesizes the Upper Spiritual Triad of the Higher Mind, Intuition, and Spiritual Will within the Body, Heart, Monad, and Cosmic Heart.
Arcturian Grid Integration Technology:

This healing involves a technology that can be called forth while in the Light Synthesis Chamber, where High Frequency Light from the Arcturians is run through the etheric body's grid system in a specific isolated manner rather than through the entire body as is done in the Light Synthesis Chamber.

Arcturian Light Synthesis Chamber:

This healing involves building your Light Quotient via a chamber on an Arcturian Starship. This is similar to what are called the ascension seats which uses advanced technologies to assist beings with building Light quotient and synthesizing all levels of One's Being and Light into the Four-Body System.

Ask to be taken to this chamber during meditation in your Etheric Body, OR you can ask for the energies of this technology to be sent to the body on Earth.

Arcturian Light Infusion Technology:

If you have any place in your physical body that needs healing, you can call to Lord Arcturus and request this specific "Light Infusion Technology" for that place in your physical body or for your entire physical body if you prefer.

Arcturian Advanced Light Computers will very precisely infuse that particular and specific area of the physical body you requested with Light! It really works and is an invaluable tool in your healing tool kit! Try it, you will like it! So let it be written! So let it be done.

Arcturian Love and Joy Chamber:

This healing involves a chamber on an Arcturian Starship that one can connect to in meditation that can fill one's being with an intense frequency of Love and Joy.

Arcturian Prana Wind-clearing Device:

An advanced light technology that can be called forth from the Arcturians that is anchored usually into the third Chakra that rotates like a fan in a clockwise direction, moving in ever wider concentric circles, that clears etheric mucus and debris from the etheric meridians, Chakras, nadis, veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Lord Arcturus Mechanism Chamber:

One other Arcturian tool for physical healing is to ask to be taken to the mechanism chamber in one's Soul Body at night while one sleeps in a bi-location type of sense. The mechanism chamber is specially constructed to work on physical health lessons.

The Arcturian Golden Cylinder:

This golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus, and it will be lowered down over your four-body system. It will remove all kinds of toxic energies, and I have used it to remove unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, parasites and any other imbalances on any level. It acts like a huge magnet drawing out impurities.

Then as the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue. I have found that the combination of these two completely clears my field every time. These tools have been a Godsend in the healing of all of my bodies and in my ongoing clearing process. They also are Ascension Accelerators. I use these tools any time I feel myself getting unclear or contaminated from involvement with life lessons or during the sleep state.

If you become aware of any residual physical toxins in your body that need cleansing, call on Lord Arcturus and his Arcturian helpers to cleanse those toxins with help from the Arcturian technology.

Also ask Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to reprogram your biochemical etheric makeup to make sure it is in accord with your physical body structure. Balancing the biochemical etheric makeup creates consistency within the four-body system.

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Messages from Sirius - Salusa...about Godhead energy and enlightenment and this period,this cycle

SaLuSa 18-September-2009

Your beautiful Earth is preparing to cleanse away the pollution and rubbish, that Man has left as a legacy of his time upon it. It must come as the Solar System moves into the higher vibrations as part of the Ascension of the Universe. Nothing can, or will stop this event from moving into the final stage of completion. Your part in the process is to rise up with the Earth, and providing you have lifted your vibrations accordingly, you will ascend. Total order exists in the Universe, and it adapts to whatever changes take place. They are of far reaching consequences, and are pre-ordained God who holds all within the essence of God. You have yet to understand the magnitude of the Godhead, as your finite minds cannot be expected to grasp the concepts involved. However, with the coming of super consciousness all will become clear.

As a minute soul still searching for enlightenment, you may feel powerless and insignificant but your potential is unlimited. There is a path that will take you back to the Source, when you shall become a God in your own rights. However, there is far to go and many experiences to be had, before you reach the ultimate goal. You are only just awakening from your slumbers in the darkness of duality, and now the Light is available to you as never before. Many of you have accepted the opportunity to take it into yourself, and are experiencing a rapid rise in your vibrations. You can acknowledge the fact that just in this lifetime you have suddenly become aware of your connection to the Light, and linked with your Higher Self. Consequently your consciousness has noticeably lifted up, and you have found the impulse to seek further upliftment.

With the changes within Self comes a desire to remove your links with the lower vibrations, as these are at a different level to what it is now, and your sights are set upon raising your consciousness towards Ascension. Of course sub-consciously you knew that there would be such an opportunity presenting itself, and it was incorporated in your life plan. After all, from the time you dropped down into duality you knew that the way out of it was already planned. You had the assurance right from the beginning that you would be helped to rise up again, and would not be left to flounder or be trapped in the lower energies. Regretfully some souls are still immersed in them and have yet to find that desire to break out of them. However, it is recognized and accepted as part of their experience, and their freewill choice to do so.

Freewill is a gift from the Creator that is sacred and covered by the Law of Attraction. Human beings sometimes blame others or God for their experiences, but in truth they are attracted to you by your thoughts and actions. How else could freewill operate, and you may ponder how amongst millions of people it is possible. It is because every aspect of your lives is planned, and you are each part of soul groups that come together with the purpose of gaining experience. We hear some question where freewill comes in, but there would be no plan unless you exercised it prior to incarnating. Freewill is still your prerogative, but having agreed a plan for your life you are drawn to those people and experiences that will help fulfill it. Your Guides are also very active in keeping you on track, but the final word is with you.

In this period, which covers the closing of the cycle of duality, you each have a role and many of you have specifically chosen to work with the Light to illuminate the way for others. Try not to compare your role with others, as one is no more important than another as each contributes to the whole, and every contribution is both necessary and important for the completion of the cycle. Many of you have come from other planets and brought special skills to Earth, as your way of serving Humanity. We have often mentioned the importance of Earth and the souls upon it, and it has attracted much attention. There is a massive effort in place to ensure a successful closure to this period.

Your worries and personal concerns are important, but do not allow them to overshadow the need for your upliftment. In the immediate future there will be changes of such magnitude, that all of your present problems will pale into insignificance. Set your sights on completion of your time in duality, and know that all other souls will benefit from doing the same. Life will go on into infinity and there are always going to be opportunities to lift up into higher dimensions. Just imagine life as one great experience of harmony and happiness, because that is what lies ahead of you. It makes your petty earthly squabbles seem so insignificant, as there is far more to life than you realize. We would say that you have not yet lived, but that would overlook your past experiences that you have yet to remember. Compared to your present life and regardless of how much have made it enjoyable, once you return to the higher dimensions it will seem but a dream and not your true reality.

Dear Ones, shall we say that you should not take life too seriously, as the experiences you have had that have caused you upset and pain are but momentary lapses, that once gone should be forgotten. There is no point or gain for you to harbor such memories or grudges against people that have entered your lives. Forgive and forget and use your energies for more fulfilling purposes, and accept that all experiences are for your growth. Learn from them and you will never have to undergo the same ones again. If you are one who has set your sights on ascending, you do not have much longer left in this dimension so enjoy it to the full by standing firm within your Light. Let the world go by as when you are watching a film that you know has an ending, which enables you to close that experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have the strong desire to convey a picture to you that will lift you up. One that will enable your daily “grind” to be put into perspective by considering the beautiful and wondrous future that is so near to manifesting. Focus on what will be rather than what was, and you in turn will help bring the New Age into your reality. Share your love wherever possible and help lift another soul’s day by even just a smile. Smiles are irresistible to ignore, and you will find a smile coming back to you. Better still have a laugh with someone who needs lifting up, as it is still the best medicine to overcome worry and depression.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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Archangel Michael: The Paradise Doorway Opens For 9~9~9

Archangel Michael: The Paradise Doorway Opens For 9~9~9
Transmitted Through Elanthra
6 September.2009
============ ========= ========= ========= ========= ====

Greetings Beloveds:

This is your brother, Archangel Michael. Today I come to you to relay a momentous message, that of The Opening of 'The Paradise Doorway.' The Diamond Paradise Doorway has been opened. This will be 'Heaven's Opening,' in conjunction with the 9-9-9 energies, and what great celebration and Heavenly Magical Possibilities there will be throughout the Universe!

The recent portals that have been opened have made way for the energies of this Sacred Portal, Bridgeway or Pathway, which will further serve to continue to contribute Cosmic Christ Consciousness energies out of The Diamond Heart of God, and further establish and build The New Earth. And know that 'The Spiral Doorway' provides The Winding Road - The Road to Paradise. It is timeless... leading one upon the path. the winding path. back to themselves at their highest level - The One of All. It will serve to 'course' All of One on their unique Soul Quests, as they continue on their journey from whence they came. Know that You Are the Pioneers, who are experiencing in tandem your parallel lives. And we suggest that it is time to 'Make Your Breakthroughs' as you swim through your pools of glory and traverse the doorway and become one with The River of Life - that which leads back to The Ultimate Garden - The Garden of Eden.

And today I would like to take you on an Explorative Journey. Know that The Paradise Doorway is likened to an electromagnetic oscillating and 'Spiraling, Kundalini Vortex Eye' that is shielded by The Diamond Heart of God Symbol, and that is now raining down Crystalline Blessings - Seeds of Tomorrow- that serve to fertilize The New Earth. And know that You Are The Christed Ones, and that The New Earth has been made The Christed Earth.

And The Keeper of 'The Eye of The Paradise Doorway' ventures forth, and spills and pours forth The Sacred Roses - Sweet, Crystalline, Spiraling Red Kundalini Roses that echo the Diamond Heart of God Consciousness. For the time is nigh for the Springing Forth of Your Hearts, for The Opening and Blossoming Forth of Your Golden Hearts, and for Expanded Minds and Ascended Souls. And the petals of the rose do their Spiral Flutter Dance and continue their journey down through Mother Earth, until they come to sit and adorn and grace the waters upon The New Earth. They can then be seen to transfigure into 'The Sacred Feather, which clears all in it's path in 'Preparation. '

And the Golden Cascade Waterfall then bursts forth from The Golden Mountain in all of it's splendidity - Sparkling - Glistening - Radiant and Glorious! And it is likened to a Golden Incandescent Pitcher, flowing, warm, soothing, healing waters. And when the water interacts and enmeshes with the Kundalini Fire, it creates an effect not unlike a Bubbling, Sparkling Cauldron. And the Stars, Angels, The Spirit of the Tree, Sacred Falcon and the Owl's Wisdom reside here, amongst The Elemental Guardians, who spurt and spew forth 'The Elixir of Life.'

As the light bounces, swims and navigates through to 'The New Beginnings,' The Divine Archetypal Spirits of Ease and Grace ride forth, balanced atop their horses, and gladly contribute their energies - a gift to The New Earth. And here also The Golden Castle can be seen, graced by The Ascension Council of 12.

The Kundalini energies now rise up from Mother Gaia, as she has conceived, has been pregnant to overflowing, and is ready to give birth. The kundalini energies provide fuel for 'The Firing-up,' and the Light Codes have been emitted and The Great Awakening and Ascension have commenced. It is now time for the Fired-up Cosmic Christ Consciousness to bubble and burst forth, and let all who are ready serve as 'The Holding Vessels and Decanters of Light.'

Nefertiti and an array of Egyptian Guardians are now overseeing us, and stand on guard and send their energies, ancient and new, through in 'Preparation, ' not only for Egypt, but for The New Earth. And know that the door of The Hall of Records will be opened in the near future.

And The Tapered Light Cord/Stream makes it's rounds throughout the Galaxy and The New Earth, alighting the sky and permeating, infusing, blessing, cleansing and restoring all in it's wake. And let the whole Universe be sanctified in resplendent glee! Sanctimonious bells are ringing - trumpets are blowing - enraptured angels' wings float buoyantly, gracing the phosphorous clouds. And what days of Triumphant Revelation and Celebration are upon us!

Know that many will be ascending now, both in your bodies, as well as making your transitions out of your bodies. And Heaven on Earth - The New Earth continues to be built, and you will all serve as 'The Master Builders.' The New Earth continues to evolve, and the Cosmic Christ Consciousness energies are being brought through The Etheric Light Portals gradually as the Mass Ascension Consciousness beckons it and is ready to embrace it. And you will find that your visions will become even more vivid and plentiful, and many a message will continue to pass through, as you are more receptive to them now.

And The Light Portals will be laden with even more magnificent vortex portals, not unlike 'Tributaries In A River' - flowing and teeming with The Diamond Heart of God energies, leading one back to The River of Life.

And one need not hold onto the old energies or be in limbo anymore. Re-lease the old energies, and know that these new energies have been grounded and anchored, and all one needs to do is Let Go, Let Flow and Let God.

We congratulate you on your efforts as a Unity Consciousness thus far. Now more than ever, we ask you to Affirm Your Divinity, and in every moment be mindful of the fact that You Are Light Vessels and Emissaries of Light. We ask you to hold, anchor and beam your love and light outwards. You are the Luminescent and Effervescent Light Beam Vessels of The New Earth, and will be the Transporters and Transmitters of The Light to the rest of the world.

We now put out a Clarion Call to All who feel led to serve, and are asking you to please 'Step Up in Service,' for your energies and efforts are well-needed. We also ask that you come forward to help to anchor The New Energies as they continue to unfold, which in turn will aid in solidifying The New Earth.

Please re-member to Ground and Shield yourselves, and know that you are now likened to Finely Tuned Race Horses that require optimum care, like lots of rest and relaxation, nature, music and a simple, higher vibrational food diet.

Let us 'stronghold' The New Earth, and may the golden warmth of Unconditional Love, like a campfire, live on in your hearts, instilling warmth, compassion, comfort and nurturance now and forevermore.

We are ever near for your beckoning, and bestow our mighty blessings upon you. Know that You Are Mighty - You Are Empowered - You Are Awakened, and You Are Strong, and that your Faith and Courage will Ground You and Transport You To The Flow, wherein you will Awaken And Realize That You Are Indeed Home.

Blessings. As above, so below.

I AM, Archangel Michael

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Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *

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Hilarion's Weekly Message - About 9-9-9

Hilarion's Weekly Message - September 6-13, 2009
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff
============ ========= ========= ========= ====

Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I come to speak with you about preparing yourselves for the great influx of energies that have even now started to pour down upon the Earth from the Highest Light Realms. The frequency of this Light is extremely high and each of you are doing your utmost to ensure that you accept and allow this energy to enfold you and permeate all aspects of your Being and your life. Continue to do this Dear Ones, for this is of great importance in your own spiritual progression. The more you could work this before 9-9-9, the better your integration and I wish for each of you to know that the 9-9-9, even though the energies will be at their greatest height at that time, the energies will still continue to pour forth in the days ahead.

This is the new way of Being, as each of you, the Lightworkers, and all of Humanity and all upon the Earth move upward in frequency and vibration, for this needs to be accomplished in the quickest possible time in order to move into a higher space, in order that those who have plans and who do not have the best interest of Humanity or the Earth in intent, will not have a chance to implement their plans fully. Now, each of you inherently know all of this and that is why you continue on in your work, that is why you continue to do your utmost to bring in and anchor the Light every day and we thank you Dear Ones, we thank you for your dedication and the purity of your purpose. We thank you for diligently maintaining your daily disciplines and we realize that it is a difficult challenge for each of you, as it seems that the more you rise in the frequency levels the more you have to clear and so you are continually faced with clearing the old energies from your entire Being, and also being the representative of the higher energies, being the bridge between Heaven and Earth. This is very challenging for each of you at this time, but we say to you Beloved Ones, it is well worth it! Know this and continue on keeping on.

You have heard for so long that the change is upon you now and so each of you waits for the NOW to happen. Well, Dear Ones, the NOW is happening. Stay in the NOW moments in your lives, this is what will stand you in good stead in the days ahead, for by staying in the NOW and being alert and Aware of all that comes before you for your Awareness, for your processing, for your discernment is that which will serve your highest and greatest good. We, as the whole of the Ascended Light Realms, are endeavoring to clear the greatest of the densities from the Earth in the quickest possible time so that is why each of you are experiencing an acceleration of your Ascension symptoms. Whereas before we tried to make it as comfortable as was possible while working on each of you we are now moving ahead in quantum leaps, and in some instances your physical bodies will be striving to catch up, to raise itself into the highest frequency levels along with all the other bodies that you truly are. Your physical bodies have been adapting admirably to this great influx of the new crystalline energy.

Your bodies ARE transforming into crystalline Light. Soon your consciousness will start remembering, it will allow you to visit timelines of your past as well as timelines of your future, and paradoxically, you can do this while being in the NOW moment, in full consciousness and clarity and Awareness. There are those out there in your World who are proclaiming cataclysms, Earth movements and changes and we say to you again Dear Ones, that all that has been prophesized has been surpassed exceedingly up to this point and that what occurs from this moment on to the Earth and all of Humanity is subject to the will of each one of you. Each one of you are the Creators and you are creating your New World as you go forth in each NOW moment. Know this and never cease to focus upon the Highest Vision that you desire for yourselves and your Loved Ones and all of Humanity and the Earth for this is what you are creating, and indeed, have already created, as we are fast approaching the time when there is no time and when that occurs the New World will manifest and come forth.

Know that your Earth is transforming just as you are and that you are in a symbiotic relationship as I have said several times before in other messages, so become more Aware of the energies and the sounds and the vibrations that are coming to you from the Earth through your feet, through your auditory channels. This Scribe hears the Earth's hum, which is a low thrumming sound, that she had a hard time adjusting to in the beginning, but now it is a part of her everyday life and she is becoming synchronized with this and this will help her in the times that are just ahead of you. The Earth recognizes each of you who work with Her, each of you who anchor the Cosmic Light into Her crystalline core every day, or as often as you are able, for there is no rule set in stone about this, all is voluntary, but the Earth acknowledges and honors each of you for the service that you are rendering to Her, all the kingdoms upon Her, all the Kingdoms of Nature upon Her and to all of Humanity and do not be discouraged Dear Ones, for Humanity itself as a whole has responded to the Light. Humanity as a whole wishes to live in a World of peace and harmony where there is enough for all, where everyone has all of life's basic requirements.

There are many suggestions for taking part in certain ways and methods on the 9-9-9 and I strongly urge each of you to take part in as many as you are able in order to lend your energies to the overall effort, to the overall picture. We thank each and everyone of you for all of the efforts that you are so earnestly performing. At this time most of you are not Aware of the great good that you are contributing at this time in the Earth's history but that time is coming Dear Ones, when each of you will know the great good that you gave, each of you will be honored for your efforts, each of you will be acknowledged for all the Light that you have anchored into the Earth.

I'd like to bring to your attention that you will know when you have been infused with more than your accepted daily quotient of the higher vibrational frequencies and this will show up in your life as sleepiness and the need to rest your physical bodies, to drink more water, to become passive and nurture yourself in various ways which were discussed before. Remember that if you are decreeing and you feel the energies swirling around you or through your spine, through your feet, through your crown chakra and your heart chakra, know that that usually means that it is time to stop for this day. Honor this within yourselves Dear Ones. Do not try to move ahead of the capabilities of your physical denser bodies for you require your physical bodies to continue with your Mission.

Life is continuing along a Path of no return, life is speeding along on the Earthship called Earth into a greater Light a greater future. Greater possibilities exist around each of you. You have but to ask, you have but to conceive and it is done. Do not be afraid to voice your intentions for whatever Earthly desires or goals that you wish to accomplish this is the time to set the bar, this is the time to go beyond, this is the time to create miracles. Use that time, you can do this by creating a joyous playful attitude and decreeing, invoking and affirming that which you want without feeling self conscious about it. Realize that you have been heard whether your thoughts are voiced or not throughout your entire lifetime so this is nothing new, you are merely now synchronizing the inner with the outer, and by voicing this through your voice you are setting those waves in motion to the Universe and the Universe responds to the same degree as the intention, clarity and focus that you have sent out with your thoughts and intentions.

So do continue to practice this Dear Ones, although the forms on the Earth are changing, there will still be a need to meet your daily requirements, there will still be a need to draw to you financial resources in the form of money. That will not disappear from the Earth in a drastic manner. It will be a gradual affair, so do practice your Invocations and the voicing of your intentions for that which you want to create in your life and make it so.

On 9-9-9 we ask each of you to see yourselves standing around the Planet Earth, expanding yourselves into huge Beings of Light and Love and holding your hands out to the Earth and sending forth your Love into the Earth, into Her core, into all the grids of the Earth, assisting in the activation of the Crystals that are now ready to come online. If each of you could take a few moments to do this during your other activities, to see yourselves as greatly expanded Beings of Light doing this Dear Ones, for that is truly who you are and we know that those of you who have the capability of doing this can greatly add to the energies and intentions for the moments of this time. Know that we from the Ascended Light Realms, the Galactic Realms and the Cosmic Realms, are all adding and magnifying your energies, for this is how we work in unison. Enjoy the celebrations, Dear Ones.

Until next week..

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,

3 Eylül 2009 Perşembe





Greetings beloveds. Be present in the moment and you will reap the rewards of your connection with Source, the Oneness of All That Is.

We are sure you have heard many times how important it is to be present, to be in the now moment. It is true dear ones, because the present moment is a moment of pure creativity, for it is within your present moment that you have an effect on your future and your past. Yes, in your present moment you affect the past, present and future, for time is not linear as it appears to be in the third dimension.

There are several ways to be present in your moment. Today we will talk about one of them, and that is being present in your heart. Your heart center is a powerful vortex in your body emitting energy which can be measured by your science.

Your heart center provides a link to Spirit and will furnish guidance when you are consciously in tune with it.

Meditation (This can be done with your eyes open as you read.)
Please take a few deep breaths as you close your eyes and go inward. Now place your attention on your heart area as you breath and move your consciousness into your heart. Feel your heart. Focus on your heart. Notice the beat of your heart. Love your heart. Love yourself. Feel your love expanding out from your heart to all upon and within the planet. Feel your love for Mother Earth and all upon and within her. Sense your connection to Mother Earth. Sense your connection with all upon and within the planet; acknowledge your connection with the oneness of All That Is. Inhale and let out a sigh as you exhale.

Remember this feeling. Imprint this feeling upon your mind and your body. Appreciate your heart and appreciate this feeling. As you go through your day endeavor to keep a part of your attention on your radiant heart. If you find that you have lost the connection, place your attention on your heart and recall this feeling.

Allow your heart to be your guide throughout your day as you remain in the moment, each moment, with a part of your attention on your heart area, emanating a high vibration of heart-centered energy into your world and the world as a whole.

When you feel ready open your eyes and look around the room as you maintain a portion of your attention on your heart.

We ask that you allow your heart to be your guide, dear ones, as you sit in the energy of the moment, for your heart will not guide you from the past or the future, but within the moment. We encourage you to practice as you go about your day from moment to moment. As you practice being in your heart and become comfortable being there throughout your day you will more easily reside in your heart and naturally be in touch with your inner guidance.

Ask for our assistance and we will come to your aid.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

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