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Aging - Going Into Immortality - transmission on 3rd Jan 22:30 Turkish time

We are getting this transmission on 3rd Jan, actually it seems already here but it will be more powerful at that time!!!! In line with humanity healing from Dibarak to come...and Arcturians eteric crystals and Crystal Pyramids :))) being multidimensional and in the interdimensional realm...
love and light

Aging - Going Into Immortality

This level is giving the individual the ability to become physically immortal in this lifetime. Immortality means you have the ability to choose when you can "leave" the physical 3rd dimension. (It doesn't mean you HAVE to be physical forever). In ages past, the people who were vibrationally ready achieved immortality through a series of tasks, using the chambers in the pyramids or the kivas of the indigenous people. These tasks may have taken many lifetimes. Immortality to us means that our soul comes to live in our physical body(ies). (Bodies meaning, the physical, mental, emotional plus the spiritual). Our bodies merge as one in this 3rd dimension, but isn't limited to the third dimension. Our bodies become multidimensional.



COST $ 25.00

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5th Energy Wave- Acceptance of Transition- Lord Shiva, Lady Isis and Lord Ganesh

5th Energy Wave- Acceptance of Transition- Lord Shiva, Lady Isis and Lord Ganesh

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 11/12/09

From the 19th December 2009, sensitive or receptive souls on the Earth may feel a definite shift in their energy vibration but most prominently in the energy that is being anchored into the Earth. This shift is being caused by the fifth wave of light from the Energy Wave of Acceptance which originally anchored in 09/09/09. The energy wave is anchoring one more phase of light, consciousness and qualities into the Earth in the year of 2009, the energy will then stay at this heightened and measured vibration of light throughout the year 2010 until 10/10/10, giving humanity time to allow the energy wave to settle completely into their beings and onto the Earth. Since 09/09/09 there have been many phases of energy anchoring into the Earth all have stemmed from the Energy Wave of Acceptance, this has influenced people’s lives differently depending on their divine plan but has caused a feeling of disruption and inference because of the powerful energy of love that has been anchoring. With the fifth wave of energy and qualities anchoring many will find themselves being pushed onto the most appropriate path for them, thus manifesting a feeling of contentment for the true experience of accepting the love of the Creator.

As the Energy Wave of Acceptance has anchored onto the Earth it has helped us to explore the qualities of acceptance, love, balance, detachment and mastery. These are lessons that we can remind ourselves of always in the future to enhance spiritual development. As the final energy wave anchors we see that it holds the most important qualities of all, acceptance and change. The energy wave reminds us that we must learn to be accepting of the Creator’s energy, will and love, whether it flows through your body or is expressed from another. We also realise that we must be accepting of the many aspects and manifestations of the Creator, especially those on the Earth who have not yet awoken, may hold negative energy or hold diverse opinions to us. The energy wave asks us to accept with an open loving heart and mind, but to also be strong in our own mind. With the practice of acceptance we learn to be balanced and at harmony, these qualities will spread across the world to bring forth a great ability of patience and tolerance of the beliefs of others. We must remember that every mind on the Earth is an aspect of the Creator; while minds can be misled the truth will always be evident and active within the mind waiting to be revealed.

The fifth energy wave also presents to us the importance of change, alteration and shifts on the Earth, in the same energy it warns us that change will occur and that we must prepare for change focusing on ensuring that every shift in our lives is a positive and advantageous alteration to lead us deeper into the heart and soul of the Creator. The energy wave wishes us to realise that change is a natural process of both the cycle of life and our spiritual development; it is not a quality to fear especially when we adopt the belief that every situation in our life always has a positive outcome and result.

As you move into the Earth’s new time phase we ask you to focus on adopting the qualities of acceptance and love with the awareness of change as a positive tool in your reality.

With the presence of the fifth energy wave anchoring on the 19th December 2009, we have been guided to assist in humanity’s acceptance of this energy and to aid a deep clearing process for all. We feel that old energies need to be addressed and released so that many may embark on new paths of growth in the New Year. We accompany the new energy wave and offer our service to all, we are Lord Shiva, Lady Isis and Lord Ganesh, our energies are deeply integrated and we present the power of the trinity.

Lord Shiva represents the ability to shed old habits, beliefs and unneeded energy, holding the quality of goodness and kindness, he destroys all negativity.

Lady Isis embodies the feminine Creator energies which are so vital on the Earth; she holds the ability to boost your inner power, confidence and courage so that you may make the necessary transformations with ease.

Lord Ganesh represents the realisation that everything in your reality even your own energies are limitless and expansive, allowing all obstacles to be dissolved in order to create a clear and secure path for you to walk into the arms of the Creator.

You may understand that when we anchor the fifth wave of light into your being along with our own energies and abilities we are able to tremendously but lovingly influence your reality, cleansing your being and life so that you are able to accelerate forward guided by your soul and the Creator.

It is our wish that on the 19th December 2009 and thereafter that you ask for the fifth energy wave to be anchored into your being guided and supported by Lord Shiva, Lady Isis and Lord Ganesh.

‘Protected by the Creator, my Angelic and Ascended Master guides, I now gain a deep meditative state of being and mind, asking that my entire being is aligned to the mighty soul and light of the Creator. Allow my divine integration with the Creator to be intensified now so that I may truly feel at one with the Creator.

I now invoke Lord Shiva to draw close to me, anchoring the most appropriate vibration of light from your soul into my being. Lord Shiva, please align me with the light of the Energy Wave of Acceptance and assist me in accepting the consciousness and quality of the fifth energy wave now anchoring. Help me to exist as goodness and kindness on the Earth at all times, while shedding old habits, beliefs and unneeded energies to aid my spiritual ascension.

I now invoke the beautiful feminine presence of Lady Isis. Please allow me to feel your presence around me and flowing into my being. Support me with your love and empower my being with confidence, self belief and courage as you anchor the most suitable vibration of light from the fifth energy wave into my being.

I now invoke the nurturing and powerful presence of Lord Ganesh. Please help me to accept the consciousness, qualities and love of the fifth energy wave now into my being while you support me in assisting all obstacles in my life to now dissolve. I ask that you teach me to understand the limitless and expansive energy of my soul and the Creator’s soul.

I ask that Lord Shiva, Lady Isis and Lord Ganesh now assist me in experiencing a cleansing so that I may embody and exist within the pure love of the Creator throughout 2010 and beyond.

I thank you for your assistance, support and love.

I am the Creator’s qualities of Acceptance, Love, Balance, Detachment and Mastery.’

Working with us and the energy of the fifth energy wave will enable you to clear all hindrance that may stop you experiencing the true love of the Creator. It is essential to work with us intensively and then to call on us each week to cleanse your being and reality of all unneeded energies.

I am Lord Shiva, I am Lady Isis, I am Lord Ganesh,

I am goodness, courage and expansiveness.


I wish to thank all of you for supporting my channelled work; I hope that the wisdom that has come through has assisted and benefited your life and growth. I wish to send many blessings and love to you as a gift of appreciation and thanks. The Weekly Messages will resume in the New Year. If you want to catch up on any previous messages during this break please visit the Message Archives.

Best wishes,


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Please coalesce the Sacred Feminine around Copenhagen

Subject: Please coalesce the Sacred Feminine around Copenhagen

A LightPages Cross-Organizational Communique:

There is a momentum building...
it is the deep intentionality of women and men worldwide
to participate in co-creating a better world.
At the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, December 3-9, 2009,
it was seen as the Sacred Feminine arising.

At every event that converges perspectives, it is being grown exponentially.

This is an invitation to coalesce and activate this sweet energy of change
around the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, December 7-18, 2009,
that all who participate there may be motivated by their highest impulse
to serve their nations and their world.

Are you a field-maker? Please co-create around these words.

Together, we are creating a field of love and acceptance around the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference:
… that all voices be truly heard.
… that political positions be softened.
… that win/win solutions emerge gracefully.
...that together, we care for each other and our common home, the earth.

Are you called to other actions around the Copenhagen summit, http://en.cop15.dk/? Please consider these.

* INTEND LOVE AT CANDLE VIGILS WORLDWIDE. Candle vigils are being invited by www.350.org, for the evenings of Dec 11,12. Please use these and other moments to hold the entire human family in a loving embrace for the greater good.

* JOIN A PRAYER CIRCLE FOR COPENHAGEN. The Sacred Feminine made visible at the Parliament of World Religions continues its journey into the heart of the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. A daily 30 minute prayer circle is being held at 9 pm EST until Dec 18. 218.936.4700, access 235418.

Intention: That the leaders, in particular those from the US, China and India, are creating and signing the document in Copenhagen for the common good of our home, planet earth.
Time: 10 p.m. your local time for 20 minutes or more.

* SEND A MESSAGE TO WORLD LEADERS AT COPENHAGEN. Over 11,000 messages have been entered and are displayed on the opening page of the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference website at http://en.cop15.dk/ . Go to http://en.cop15.dk/greetings/send to add your message.

* JOIN/CREATE A LOCAL-GLOBAL ACTION EVENT, DECEMBER 11-13. Many demonstrations will make visible grassroots concern for the climatic well-being of the whole earth. Search for or register events at www.globalclimatecampaign.org, www.tcktcktck.org/events/major-moments/real-deal, www.350.org.
Note especially in COPENHAGEN, SUNDAY, DEC 13, 3 pm. Marking the end of a high profile ecumenical celebration at the Lutheran Cathedral, the Church of Our Lady – the churches in Denmark will ring their bells, and people around the world are invited to echo them by sounding their own bells, shells, drums, gongs or horns 350 times.

See more about women and climate change at www.wayswomenlead.net/home/global-news-2 and about the Sacred Feminine at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference at … www.womenattheparliament.blogspot.com, www.womensspiritcouncil.org, www.womenatthecopenhagentalks.blogspot.com


This is a Cross-Organizational Communiqué from Jeanie DeRousseau at LightPages. These communiqués will be sent occasionally as alerts to currents of global movement that become apparent through the networks at LightPages. Please keep us informed of other waves of global import by joining and posting at www.LightPages.net/thewave.cfm . As we continue to develop other channels of collaboration, your participation is most welcome.

This Communiqué has been sent to a wave of related women’s initiatives, including LightPages members of:

Circle Connections, www.circleconnections.com, Women connecting to create a new earth, one circle, one connection, one step at a time. Bringing visibility to women in leadership on www.blogtalkradio.com/circleconnections, Mondays 12:30 PST.

Evolutionary Women, www.evolutionarywomen.org, Creating events, gatherings, forums and services for women called to the Co-Creative Feminine. Featuring 44 Evolutionary Women’s stories in their book Conscious Choices www.evolutionarywomen.org/book11.html .

Gather the Women Global Matrix, www.gatherthewomen.org, Networking women and women’s organizations who share a belief that the time is now to activate the incredible power of women’s wisdom on a planetary scale. Inviting local circles into waves of global gathering, next: International Women’s Day, March 8, 2010.

Millionth Circle, www.millionthcircle.org, Inviting circles with a spiritual center to become a worldwide healing force through feminine values of relationship, nurturing, interdependency, with the aim of celebrating the millionth circle.

Offerings, www.offeringspublications.com, On-going conversation that fosters the story of women evolving themselves, their lives, their world. With foci on birthing, new politics, money, women’s networks, using art, in-person and online channels.

SisterSpace, www.sisterspace.net, A library of interviews with women in leadership, now continuing at www.weavingtheworld.com. Offering an online conference called “As One, I am my Sister’s Keeper”, considering and healing from the long-standing violence against women, at www.weavingtheculture.com

Spheres Circles, www.spherescircles.com, Promoting the principles of positivity and connectivity through the Spheres Circular E-zine, and Spheres Circles. Launching Pollyanna Power and products, “Positive attitude in action”!

Standing Women, www.standingwomen.org, Following Sharon Mehdi’s story of the Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, inviting women worldwide to stand in silence for a better world every Mother’s Day.

Vessels of Peace, www.vesselsofpeace.com, Providing practices that invite the Sacred Feminine to be experienced and embodied, radiating peace within and without. Online community soon to be anchored in a physical location, Sweet Water Sanctuary near Pittsburg, PA.

Ways Women Lead, www.wayswomenlead.net, Engaging and connecting women and girls on their journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and leadership for the common good. Launching a conscious leadership training program in May 2010 in Sophia, Bulgaria, and a global event there in Oct.

Women’s Spirit Council, www.womensspiritcouncil.org, Exploring the many dimensions of the Sacred Feminine, the healing of feminine leadership, and new paradigms of planetary collaboration. Convening multi-faith ceremony celebrating the Sacred Feminine.

All of these women’s organizations have interactive pages at www.LightPages.net. Contact Jeanie@LightPages.net for more information about LightPages, or to subscribe or unsubscribe as an organization.

Jeanie DeRousseau

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Holographic Matrix Realignment

Holographic Matrix Realignment

Holographic Matrix Realignment is designed for people whose purpose for incarnating on this planet is universal synergy. It deals with vast holographic structures that people are carrying from other planets, stars, and universes, as well as, many structures from within this planetary game.

Holographic Matrix Realignment

The transformation is in three stages of three days, three weeks, and three months. In the first three days, the inner reality landscape reconstructs itself. You may not be able to hold a thought in your head and feel like you were energetically hit by a truck.

In the next three weeks, the outer reality shifts and people drop in and out of your life. If you have been doing karmic monads and co-dependence with someone, that person will probably pitch a fit. If your parents are alive, usually Mom calls within twenty-four hours with; "I was worried about you" This is because we cut the parental cord.

By the end of three months, you will look back and see that the entire basis of reality has changed. The changes may not be traceable though because the change is holographic and happens everywhere at once.

The cocoon that we infuse at the end is made of interlocking fibers. They are designed to screen out other people's telepathic images, monads, cords, thoughtforms, and emotions. It gradually moves out away from the body over three weeks, growing thinner over time. It dissolves at about the three-week point. If you encounter any negativity in that period, you can say, " Please tighten cocoon." It will tighten back to the original position but move out faster.

Effects of Karmic Matrix Removal or Holographic Matrix Realignment

Complete and sudden life shift. Any relationship or situation may suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear.

Sudden personality / identity shift. Since lots of the matrix is self karmic, if your identity is based in dysfunctional patterns of limitation, you may have an identity crisis or a breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional identity.

Change in relationships. Anywhere a relationship is karmic based is likely to dissolve. Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen. That means people will likely leave your life.

Descensions of Spirit. This is very common soon after. It's often a very intense descension with lots of physical manifestations such as shaking, rushes, dizziness, and nausea, as Spirit does a shake out of density, stuck emotions and closed systems.

A deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of limitation. A whole new level of vision and determination emerges. This technique allows the old world to die and the new world to be born simultaneously. It drops out the time lag between the release of a dysfunctional pattern and the infusion of a new vaster vision from Spirit. Focus on the new life that is emerging rather than on what is leaving. It makes the integration much faster and less traumatic.

Saturday December 12 at 9:30pm EST

Cost $ 25.00
you can register here

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The Energies of December Jennifer Hoffman-Uriel

The Energies of December

If November was hard for you, December will appear to be much easier on many levels. But we are still in an important cycle of release and transformation which we have been on for many years and it is bringing us closer to our core areas of healing. This is where things become challenging as we are faced with releasing beliefs, feelings, hopes, expectations, dreams and any blocks to our accepting higher energetic vibrations. And we have learned that no matter what someone else does or what situation unfolds, the cause as well as the key to its resolution lies within us.

This month provides as many opportunities for rest as for action, for healing as well as to take stock of how far we have come. When we are on a healing journey we become so focused on the healing and the work involved that we forget to acknowledge ourselves and assess what we have done. And we have done a lot. Think back ten years ago and consider the changes you have made in your life. There were significant opportunities for healing and clearing, ranging from annoying and frustrating to devastating. We had two choices, step up or give up. What did you do?

Now we are on the other side of that journey but we still have work to do. And in December we have two energies that will help us, a Mercury retrograde starting the 26th, whose shadow period begins on the ninth, and a lunar eclipse on December 31. Retrograde planets always give us an opportunity to review and create closure and this one is no exception. The question is how do you want to end the year and what do you want to bring with you into the new year? Do it now because you do not want to take any baggage into 2010, a year of glorious blessings.

The eclipse is in the moon's sign, Cancer, focusing on emotions, family, the mother and our home, and is challenged by Pluto and Saturn, representing transformation and discipline. It is interesting that this year ends with an eclipse because Archangel Uriel has said that 2010 will be a wonderful year for those who have done their healing work, released cords and set their intention for what they want in their life. Have you made your wish list for 2010? Now is the time to start it, include what you want to manifest as well as what you are willing to release. Then follow your guidance through December and get ready for an amazing journey through 2010.

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SaLuSa 2-December-2009 Two cycles overlapping

SaLuSa 2-December-2009

We are aware that many of you wonder why the end times are a whole series of problems that severely try and test you. You wonder why it cannot be a smooth transition from the old cycle to the commencement of the new one, that is both an enjoyable and happy experience. In actual fact there is an overlap of both cycles, and the conditions you are experiencing are brought about by the new energies as they clear out the old ones. It is unavoidable as there is a current conflict between the energies. The outcome has already been determined, and the upliftment cannot be curtailed in any manner. Ascension has started and will reach its completion as the cycle ends, and it is then that your full participation will take place with great happiness and joy.

Be aware that with every incarnation you take on no more than you are prepared for, and those of you present at this time have chosen it as your last opportunity to clear your karmic responsibilities. There is so much happening that it is bound to appear chaotic, not least of all with the attempts of the dark forces to take your focus away from your goal. You will therefore realize that what you are going through is not at all unusual in the circumstances. Within all that is happening the plan is still working that will raise you to the higher dimensions. Your final days are to be very rewarding, and all that you have wished for that is of the Light will be yours. Your consciousness levels are ever increasing as higher energies are beamed to you from afar. Dear Ones, you cannot fail if you have set your sights on ascending, and have dedicated yourselves to doing so.

The battle between the Light and dark no longer rages in the higher dimensions, and the power of the Light is rapidly confining it to Earth where it will finally be transmuted. The Light surrounds your Earth and grows in intensity until the critical mass is reached, and all changes. That which is not of it will move away to levels that are of a like vibration. The Universe functions like a well-oiled machine, and its enormous size presents no problems as it all answers to the Laws of the Creator. When you have achieved full consciousness such matters will be understood by you, but for the time being it is asking too much of your finite minds. As you learn more it will be tantalizing to find that you still have so many more questions to ask. All comes in good time, and you are limited at present because you mainly think in terms of linear time. Once in the “now” you will soon adjust to going wherever you want through the power of thought.

As you are beginning to understand, Ascension brings to you a totally new way of life. One that takes away the need for all of the chores that now takes up so much of your time. The necessity of work as you term it will no longer apply as it will be unnecessary, your needs being obtained through own power of creation. Such freedom is something you have not experienced upon Earth, and could not have expected with all of the restrictions placed upon you. Your time is rarely your own to use as you wish, and you have little opportunity to search for the meaning of life. It is important that you can set aside those moments of peace and tranquility, and enter those levels of higher consciousness that link with your Higher Self.

In all of the circumstances you have done so well to ride out the storms, and still stand firm in your Light. That shows strength of character and an understanding of your purpose of life. An ability to stay focused and thus ward off any attempt to divert your attention to lesser matters. There is no need to get involved in the chaotic conditions around you, except that you help those who are the victims of them. Certainly there are many opportunities to show the compassionate side of your nature, and by sharing with those who are worse off, you are expressing your love for all life. A kind deed is attracting more Light, so that you also benefit from such acts of kindness. Life is continually presenting you with such opportunities, and this is why spiritual progress can be made more quickly upon Earth.

Awakening to the truth can be a shock to some of you, who have accepted political leaders as ones who are sincere and have your interests at heart. Regrettably, the majority are self-serving, and have followed the edicts of the powerful families that really rule your world. It is this cartel that has to be removed, and the Galactic Federation working with our allies is progressing with their plan to do so. Our advantage is that we know what is planned, against those who are working to release you from the dark forces. They can therefore carry out their responsibilities knowing that we are protecting them.

Sit back and take note of what is happening, and you may see a pattern emerging that indicates the progress made towards achieving some of the changes that are imminent. The evidence of past misdeeds and the covert actions against Humankind cannot be hidden much longer, and their perpetrators will be revealed. History is in the making, and this cycle of duality will end with a beautiful upliftment into the Light of the higher dimensions. It is as planned, and will ensure that every soul will have the opportunity to choose to ascend.

Dear Ones we feel your needs as you search for some way out of the darkness, and also your welcoming thoughts in anticipation of our coming to Earth. We will not let you down, but allow for our knowledge to determine when the circumstances are best for our arrival. The announcement of our existence will be made of necessity to draw all nations together. It is important that each one understands that we will come for the benefit of all people, and will not favor one over another. Our mission may start with the major powers, but decisions made will be applied to all of you. Bringing you together will eliminate possible objections to us, as it will be acknowledged that we are approaching you with a view to bringing peace to your world.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and bring you the blessings of so many of your friends. You are so much more connected with us than you can imagine, and in time the full extent of our links with you will be made known. We are no strangers to you and have worked with you on many occasions. This time it will bring us back together in a loving relationship between old friends.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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