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SaLuSa 31-March-2010 bringing ascension into being and helping establish higher energies on earth and higher vibrations being grounded

SaLuSa 31-March-2010

Dear Ones we so love you for your determination to hold your ground, now that you know what the end times will bring. It is wonderful to see so many of you so strongly focused on bringing Ascension into being. By so doing you are helping establish the higher energies upon Earth, and that is providing more opportunities for others to be awakened. In the long term the energies cannot be rejected, as their function is upliftment of the lower energies. However, where an individual soul is not ready to receive them, arrangements are made for their placement where they can continue as they wish. This normally means lifting them off Earth and allowing them to continue their experiences at a similar level. Freewill operates at all times, and is essential to give you freedom of choice where your own evolution is concerned.

In duality the pain and suffering results from the lack of understanding as to your power to direct your own life. You have allowed yourself to forget who you really are, and have experienced separation in such a way, that you have become immersed in the negativity created by those who are out of balance. The more your Light is subdued, the more you are sucked down into the lower vibrations and literally become lost. Yet all through such experiences your Light although dim still shines out, because it can never be extinguished. There inevitably comes a time when you become dissatisfied with your life, and it is then that you may begin your search for something better. Hopefully you can identify your shortcomings and set your sights on measures that will change it. Some of you reading these messages are at present on the path to recovery, and it is only guidance that you need. The rest you can easily do providing you persevere and focus on the goal you have set for yourself.

You may be thinking it is easy for us to look down at your activities and comment on how you are doing. However, that is part of our role where you are concerned, and as you will find in due course when you ascend, service to others is essential to help their upliftment. What better position can we be in to advise you, when we have already walked the path you are on now. We know what you are going through, and because of our experience can see what help you need. There was never the intention that you would be left solely to your own devices. After all duality is not your real home, and it gives only the holographic stage upon which you act your roles as Human Beings.

Those of you who are open-minded are finding the truth about yourselves quite acceptable. That is not surprising to us as you are seeking a new way, indeed a better and more pleasing way of experiencing life. You have seen and experienced the lower vibrations, and for those who have progressed it seems to have little more to offer. This is to be expected as you are ending your time in duality for that reason. What is more natural than one cycle ending and a new one beginning, as it is in the nature of all changes that are planned for the evolution of your Universe. They are not chance happenings but part of your inevitable journey back to the Source.

It must be said that you can stay within any dimension for as long as you desire, but within you is an innate urge to continue progressing with your spiritual evolution. Energy never stands still and is re-shaping and re-forming, until it reaches that point within the Source where it is in the ultimate state of perfection. However, you are far from that point with a myriad of journeys ahead of you, not just in this Universe but others that are part of your Omniverse, including parallel Universes. There are intelligent life forms beyond your present imagination, and some are entirely different to what you have been used to so far. Outer appearances will not concern you, as in the future you will recognize all souls through their energy signature which will be similar to your own.

You have a lot to learn about so many things but have as much time as you need, because life is infinite and you have the freedom to choose your own experiences. Some will still ask what the point of it all is, and Dear Ones wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is for your growth and evolution. Once you have gone beyond duality life is invigorating and fulfilling, and an absolute joy. You may think it is too good to be true, but we do not exaggerate and the truth is sometimes difficult to convey in words you would understand. Your language is short of the words needed to really paint the picture we would like.

The more you take note of what we are telling you about the future you can expect, we feel it will be easier for you to accept that your present experiences are about to change for the better. The future is golden and of a high vibration that will surround you in Love and Light. It will not be long before you will get your first taste of life as it could have been, had you not been held back by the dark Ones. Their influence is nowhere near as strong as it was and is continuing to grow weaker. It is not yet apparent but all proceeds as planned, and as we so often confirm victory is already yours.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and our ships are totally at the ready to take the first action leading to disclosure and First Contact. It has been long awaited, and even now the time has to be exactly right for it to have the right impact and awakening. Many people are still oblivious to the truth about their relationship to us, and it will have to be handled very carefully to avoid unsettling them. Facts are facts, which we can support to show that we come with the truth and love for you all. Judge us by our actions and you will grasp the true picture. Forget in part what you have been taught about us, as often it is purposefully slanted to give a false impression that we are to be feared.

Let yourself embrace what we tell you rather than what others believe, as sometimes there is a bias against us because our presence challenges old beliefs. The truth will always surface regardless of what is done to hide it, and with the higher vibrations being grounded upon Earth; the darkness is being brought into the Light for examination. Enjoy these times as you are on the cusp of exciting changes that you will warmly welcome.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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30 Mart 2010 Salı

Message from Archangel Michael April 2010 * LM-4-2010

Message from Archangel Michael
April 2010 * LM-4-2010

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, we ask you to take time to review what we will call your master plan for the future. We have told many of you in the past that it is time to write a new galactic mission statement, for your earthly contract has been fulfilled. We assure you this does not mean that you will be leaving this Earth any time soon. You have been preparing for this time for many incarnations, and you are sorely needed as World Servers of the Light. Time and time again, we have asked you to script your future and then live each day, moment by moment, to the best of your ability.

Even if you have not consciously made plans for the future, you still have a plan. A plan that has been created by your subconscious mind, your ego-desire body and its yearnings, and the constant mind chatter that takes place during your busy day. Powerful emotional thoughts create powerful frequency patterns, while the senseless meanderings of the mind create weak energy patterns which build up over time, eventually creating powerful, chaotic vibrational patterns that return to you via an Infinity sign called the Law of the Circle. If your life seems to be unfolding in a helter-skelter manner, it is because that is what your Energetic Signature is radiating out into the world of cause and effect. That is why it is so important for you to begin the process of becoming an objective observer, while you monitor your thoughts and diligently practice the art of staying focused within your Sacred Heart center.

Over these past years, we have given you the basic, as well as many of the advanced, tools of ascension; however, too many of you run hot and cold in your attempts to claim Self-mastery and regain control of your future. We tell you, beloveds, it is time to become seriously involved in your future, which entails stepping to the fore and stating to your Higher Self and your I AM Presence, I AM READY, thereby gaining the insight of and assistance from the many great Beings of Light, including your own Divine God Self.

Becoming an ALPHA MASTER entails learning to maintain brain frequency levels from ten to fourteen cycles per second, which will help you to function in a state of unified brain consciousness instead of a predominately left or right brain mode. Living Each Day as a Master, and using the tools we have given you to gain access to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind, as well as creating and using the various Pyramids of Light in the fifth dimension, will revolutionize your personal reality beyond your wildest imagining. The various breathing techniques are critical to your well being, and will greatly accelerate the process of ascension. The Transmuting Violet Flame is a most precious gift that is available to all upon the Path of en-Lighten-ment. It will assist you to speed up the process of healing and clearing all past negative thought patterns and transgressions.

Stepping off the Wheel of Karma into a State of Grace entails the consistent use of the Transmuting Violet Flame. You must call forth the Violet Flame regularly so that you are constantly enfolded within the Violet Fire, thereby returning all discordant energy to neutral Light Substance. This includes all negative thought forms that you send forth at any given moment, and it will also assure that any lower frequency karmic patterns you have created in the past are neutralized. You are responsible for any and all of your creations, whether positive or negative. The vibrational patterns you create will always return to you via the Law of the Circle. A caveat: you must be diligent and strive to achieve and maintain a higher and more refined personal frequency pattern, and not just rely on the Transmuting Violet Flame to clear up the negativity and distorted frequencies you send forth. It is a tool of transformation and requires effort and steadfastness on your part.

When the Infinity loop and the time line of your past are balanced and the major portion of your discordant energies have been transmuted, you will step into the Infinity loop of your future. You are in the process of walking into the Light of your future, while leaving the shadows of the past behind.

So many of you are having difficulty in discovering your mission or your passion, and so you drift through your days in inertia. You continue to do nothing, making no attempt whatsoever to initiate positive changes in your life. Not everyone is meant to teach the masses or become a world figure. In fact, it is those of you who are quietly going about your daily duties as you make small steady improvements within yourselves, while radiating the Love/Light of Creation down into the Earth and out into the world. You are the ones who are making the most dramatic impact on the earthly negative environment. We are seeking World Servers at a grass-roots level. Each and every one of you is needed to help lift and refine the collective consciousness of the masses.

In this instance, we wish to offer encouragement to those of you who are feeling helpless and fear there is no way out of the dilemma in which you find yourselves. Won't you open your minds to the possibility that there is help available from the realms of Godly existence, and there is a new way of thinking and a more refined way of living available to you?

You pray and often beg in desperation for assistance; however, if it does not come in a form you are comfortable with, you deny and reject it. Prayers are always answered. Prayers asking for the greatest good manifest as miracles large and small, and open the path for a life of ease and grace. Prayers of the ego desire-body are answered by allowing you to seek your own solutions, which are manifested from your misconceptions and inappropriate actions. The lessons of life are learned by experiencing what you have created. The ego attracts disharmony and dissatisfaction, and it causes the seeker to look outside of Self for solutions and gratification. You must learn to pray with the purity of your heart and with intentions of the highest order. As you raise your Light quotient, you will increase the magnetic attraction of the heart. You must learn to receive the abundance bestowed upon you with thanksgiving and a grateful heart.

Why not start your mission statement by listing the negative things in your life you would like to change? Begin with several small changes in your life, and remember, you must begin with yourself. We assure you that if you make a concerted effort, and use the tools we have given you, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your life. We ask you to put us to the test. With an open mind, study some of the basic concepts we have given and slowly, but faithfully, implement some of them within your daily life. Give us permission to guide and inspire you, and by doing so, you will have the forces of Heaven behind you. You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.

Time is of the essence, for it is very apparent that the fear and anger of the masses, the power of the forces of nature, and the Earth changes/cleansing are accelerating and increasing in intensity every day. We told you in a recent past message that you are in the midst of a spiritual revolution (March, 2010 message, RH); however, the Earth and the masses of the third- /fourth-dimensional illusional reality are also in the midst of a revolution. There is an intense polarization building between the various factions, not just in isolated places around the world, but in every country, involving every race, culture, religion and political affiliation. We have told you that the chasm between the Light and the shadowlands is widening, and it is very apparent from both a lofty and earthly viewpoint. We see clearly the areas that are being bathed in the Living Light, thanks to you, the faithful Sentinels of Light. We also see the swirling whirlwinds of negativity and chaos building in a multitude of countries, provinces, cities, towns, neighborhoods and even among families around the world.

If you are caught up in the rhetoric of the worldwide news media, you cannot help but be aware that there is a feeding frenzy of negativity being spewed out into the airways and consciousness of those who are receptive to the distorted messages of sensationalism and separation. The fear of deprivation, anger at rulers, leaders and the government, and an indignant sense of entitlement to goods and services, without personal responsibility, are symptomatic of the intense fear of change that is taking place within every area of the world and within the human consciousness.

It is time for the next step in the ascension process to begin, and many of the advanced aspirants on the Path are already becoming proficient and engrossed in the procedures. At this time, there is no question that those who are in any way advanced in spiritual consciousness are having their awakening/evolution process hastened as never before in the history of the world, in order that they may act as transmitters and interpreters of Universal Law and Cosmic Truth.

You, the aspirants on the Path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple Pyramids of Light / Power in the fifth dimension as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower fifth-dimensional environment. You have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light. You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many facets of your Higher Self and the great Beings of Light.

The call of reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your refned Soul Song is reaching various members of your God Self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your Energetic Signature reaches a certain level of harmony, your Soul Song will begin to reverberate out into and through the fourth, into the fifth and for some of you, possibly even into the sixth dimensions, and very gradually into the auric fields of some of the Soul Fragments of your Higher Self. Slowly, as these blessed facets of your Self become aware of you, they will begin the process of moving into alignment with you. Those whose resonance is lower than yours will fall into line below you, and those who are on the Path ahead of you will slowly move into the column of Light above you. You will also be moving laterally, as well as higher, into the refined realms as all of the fragments of your I AM Presence gradually begin the process of moving closer and closer to your central column of Divine Light.

For some of you this information will be confusing; however, many of you are experiencing this process in varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or in meditation. Therefore, we wish to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of the ascension process. We will discuss this further and in more depth in the near future.

As you study and delve into the mysteries of Cosmic Truth, you will build a reservoir of knowledge which you can draw upon when needed. Also, as you gain access to your Sacred Mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a Cosmic source of information; however, in the beginning, it will be your own ancient, extensive past that has been made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into this rich storehouse of information at will.

As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to the subtle messages, concepts and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers, and the en-Lighten-ed Beings from the higher realms. When you have turned the information you have garnered into wisdom, and have become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will then be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience that which you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others.

Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Submission to the Will of our Father/Mother God means adherence to the Universal Laws as they are revealed to you. A Self-master always strives to make the highest choices, has a burning desire to serve others and is always responsible for their own actions. Call on us and allow us to Light the way as you journey into the future. You are loved most profoundly.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael.

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CeliaFenn March 28th : Easter 2010...Ascension and Transformation....and Coming into "Right Relationship"

March 28th : Easter 2010...Ascension and Transformation....and Coming into "Right Relationship" It is hard to belive that it is that time of year again! The Easter week-end is approaching. Here in South Africa it is a four day holiday when everyone "takes off" for the coast for a last celebration of relaxation in the sun before the cold weather sets in for Winter. Last year, at this time, I was in Brazil, and so much seems to have happened to me in the last year. We are certainly changing and transforming at high speed!

But, back to Easter. In the traditional Christian community, it is the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. But, in reality, it is a reworking of the ancient archetypal story of the death of the masculine principle and its miraculous rebirth and resurrection through the Feminine principle. This story is as ancient as the Sumerians, where the Goddess Innana descends into the underworld to rescue her mortal husband and return him to life, or the Egyptians where the Goddess Isis finds the scattered limbs of her murdered husband, Osiris and conceives a miraculous child called Horus who rebirths the masculine spiritual warrior principle.

So, how did this ancient story become a central part of the celebrations of the Christian year? In the case of the Christian story, there was indeed a masculine and a feminine principle incarnated in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. They came to the Earth as Avatars to bring the seeds of the New Consciousness, that which we call the Christ Consciousness, to the western world. This was done through the work and teachings of both of them in Israel, and later by Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the Christ Light that are flowering now were laid down two thousand years ago.

So, how did Easter and eggs and rabbits get mixed up with the coming of the Christ Light. Well, Easter is a form of the name of the Goddess, Astarte, another form of the name of Innana, and she was celebrated as the Goddess of Fertility and Creation. The eggs and the rabbits are obvious symbols of procreation, and these were grafted on to the story by the Catholic Church, as it took over Pagan Europe in the name of Christianity. The Catholic principle was to merge the Pagan iconography and symbols with the new teachings. And so the ancient fertility celebrations were connected into the story of the death of Christ and the process of Ascension.

Ascension is the ability to move beyond the duality of the Third Dimension and into the Miraculous flow of Love and Miracles at the Higher Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension. This was taught by the Christ Avatars with their focus on the Heart, Unconditional Love and the Oneness of All Things. But, it also seems fitting that the ancient teachings of the redemption of the Warrior by the Goddess should become part of the Ascension story and that it should be brought into consiousness now. Everything has a purpose and a reason!

In the case of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, after the death of Yeshua in the Holy Land, it was Mary Magdalene as the Feminine principal who carried the Seeds of Light to France and nurtured the Christ Consciousness in the western world, until the time was ready for the "second coming" or the "Ascension" of Humanity to the level of the Fifth Dimension or the Christ Consciousness. The "Child" that was born of their Sacred partnership was a symbolic child, the New Earth Consciousness that would lift Humanity into the Fifth Dimension after a period of darkness.

So, for me, this time of Easter is always a time to give gratitude for the life of Yeshua as the Masculine Christ energy that brought the Seeds of Light. But it is also a time to celebrate the life of Mary Magdalene as the Feminine Christ energy, who took those Seeds to Europe where they were nurtured by those who carried the Light in their DNA and ensured that at the right time the "Child of Light" would be born in the Hearts of Humanity, and that the powerful energies of the "end time" cycles would ensure that the "Child" of the New Consciousness would be birthed as a New Consciousness of Love and Unity.

The Essence of this Easter time, and the story of the Christ energy, seems to me to also be summed up in the Native American term "Right Relationship" or what I would call "Sacred Relationship". This is where the energies flow in perfect Harmony and Balance with Divine Will, so creating Divine Harmony and Joy. As I wrote in an earlier Log, in our lives on this Earth, everything is a matter of Relationship and Partnership! Our lives and our creativity are connected with our ability to co-create with others. To fully enter into the Fifth Dimension means to bring those Relationships into Right Balance and create Sacred Relationship.

In this period from now until 2012, the focus will definitely be on this aspect of our Spiritual Growth and Evolution, finding Harmony, Balance and Right Relationship. This will especially be part of the way in which we create relationships that embody the interaction of the Masculine and Feminine principles.

In the past I have done much work with the Twin Flame energy, which is another way of describing the power of Sacred Relationship or Union between Soul Partners who embody the Masculine and Feminine principals within themselves and their partnership. I found that there was much misunderstanding and distortion in the way people perceived these partnerships. Firstly, many people seemed to think that a Twin Flame relationship was a Romantic relationship that ended in marriage and parenting and happy ever after in the surburban nuclear family image of pop culture. That is probably because our culture is so grounded in the nuclear family economic model that people find it difficult to conceive of a relationship that might go beyond these parameters. The whole idea of the "family" is a matter for the "parenting contract" between those who seek to have children and the souls that desire to incarnate through them, and it is not part of the Twin Flame or Sacred Union. The purpose of Sacred Union is to incarnate the Masculine and Feminine principles as a direct mirror of the Union of the Divine Energies in the Source. This creates a tremendous field of creative power that expresses the Love of the Divine and can bring people into the Awakened state of Higher Consciousness very rapidly. It is a gift from the Divine and should be treated with deep respect and great honor.

Of course, when you enter into a romantic relationship, or a parenting/family contract, these contracts need to also be honored and treated withy deep respect for the gifts within them, and being in Sacred Relationship extends to all levels of our lives.

Now, to return to the Twin Flame or Sacred Union Relationship. After people realized that the Twin Flame aspect of Sacred Union was primarily a merging of Soul Energy, there developed also an unfortunate tendency among awakening beings to get "high" on the soul merging energy and to desire to repeat this energy "merging" with as many people as possible. This is, of course, all in divine order. Awakened Beings enjoy merging their soul energies and experiencing the bliss of communion on the deeper levels, but this is also not Sacred Union. It is just a kind of Sacred Family Hug.

Sacred Union is when two Conscious Beings merge their energies at the Heart Center and then extend that energy into the Soul Sphere and Ground it into the Earth Sphere, so that they represent the merging of Divine Love, the Masculine and Feminine principles expressed as Divine, Unconditional Love. The "Flame" that is created, which is called the "Golden Rose Flame", is held in the High Heart of each individual and in the Joint "Heart of Hearts" that is created when the two energies become One with the Divine Heart and create a Sacred Union Light Body that is an expression of the Merging of Heaven and Earth within their partnership.

Yes, this is a wonderful experience! Yes it is becoming available to more and more Conscious Beings at this time of Change and Transformation. But, yes, it also requires commitment and focus and courage. It requires the courage to develop a deep intimacy with one person, and to forgo the "highs" of moving from one person to the next in a series of "non attached" energy mergings that are considered to be Sacred Union, but are empty of the depth and intimacy and grace of true Sacred Union when it is in Right Relationship.

It is not so much a matter of finding the "right" person, but a matter of having the courage and strength to surrender to the Process of Love as it finds you. Love is always seeking for you and asking for you to allow the deep surrender into Sacred Union. It is not something that is difficult and that can only be found by the fortunate. It is a natural process, like breathing, but breathing very deeply so that you expand and grow!

When we forgo the Hollywood/Bollywood formulas for the expression of love through Sex and youthful Beauty and Procreation, we will enter a new level of consciousness where we will flow into the Expression of Love as a Sacred Gift that merges Heaven and Earth in many ways and according to Sacred Contract. For those wishing to experience Divine Sacred Union, it is not a matter of searching for the right partner, but of being willing to "die" in the Will (the masculine principle within) so that you may be reborn through Love (the feminine principle within).

When the Will comes into Balance with Love as expressed through the Soul and Spirit, then you can be reborn to Higher Consciousness and experience Love on the Higher Octave of the merging of Heaven and Earth. You can ascend into Harmony with the Divine Will and express the Divine Love through Balance and Partnership.

So....here is to Easter.... that time of the year when Sacred Love, Rebirth and our Ascension into Divine Will and Harmony can be Celebrated!

New Phase of Ascension by the Universal Council of Twelve

New Phase of Ascension by the Universal Council of Twelve

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29/03/10

The light of the Creator unfolds before you and weaves throughout your being and reality on the Earth. We, the Universal Council of Twelve share with you the sacred and heavenly light of the Creator from the vibration that we exist at within the Creator’s universe. We have been guided by Lord Melchizedek to step forward at this time to share with you some important information which will allow you to gain a greater alertness and understanding to the changes and spiritual experiences that you may have recently experienced or may experience in the future. We, the Council of Twelve are dedicated to supporting the work of Lord Melchizedek as Universal Logos and maintaining the high vibration of the universal level. It is our mission to assist those who are receptive and ready to connect with the universal level light of the Creator of a golden colour.

We come forth to you only with a pure love and a powerful presence of stillness, allow yourself to open to our light, simply take a moment to repeat in your mind, ‘Universal Council of Twelve,’ allowing yourself to feel or accept our resonance and vibration. This will assist in forming a sacred link which will allow your heart to be open to our love and your mind to be open to the thoughts of enlightenment that we wish to share with you.

Humanity is achieving and experiencing a complex and yet truly valuable ascension process or spiritual growth acceleration on the Earth now, and while each person’s process and path is unique, the energies of the Creator as they unfold in an appropriate way can manifest as a similar processes of growth for all to experience. When humanity is able to accept a vibration of energy or consciousness, the power of the volumes of souls, hearts and minds united acts as a tremendous support for all and a foundation that allows acceleration to be achieved with greater ease. This doesn’t mean that every person’s experience due to their acceptance will be similar but the outcome, level of energy or realisation may be identical. I am sure that you are aware of the different vibrations of light that extend from the Creator and how they integrate with your own path on the Earth to amplify certain lessons or to encourage you to reach new heights of mastery, each energy vibration has a purpose or an intention that is essential to ensure that humanity remains connected and directed to gain greater integration with the Creator’s soul. We, the Universal Council of Twelve have been commissioned to extend a powerful energy vibration with Lord Melchizedek from the universal level as a boost to humanity’s energy and spiritual development. We have created a star shaped beacon of a translucent white and golden light which holds the quality of magnification. This star of light has been duplicated so that four stars of light may be placed at the edge of the Earth’s aura, with their energies penetrating the Earth. The four light stars will remain at the edge of the Earth’s aura until their purpose has been achieved. Their light is now flowing into the centre of the Earth and therefore humanity may feel the vibration of the universal light flowing through them or identify the consciousness of the light within their reality. You may ask us to open your energies and to align you with the nearest translucent white and golden light star of the universal level, so that you may experience the energy flowing through your being.

The qualities that flow from the Creator are often focused on love or peace as these are qualities that need to anchor into the Earth and the souls of humanity in great abundance. The quality of magnification may seem somewhat unusual but it is anchored into the Earth when needed as a boost of realisation and growth for humanity. When a person is focusing on self realisation, connection and spiritual development their growth can become stagnant through their unwavering dedication or they can miss lessons that need attention in order to accelerate into new realisations. The quality of magnification penetrates the Earth in order to amplify and enlarge certain energies, thoughts or emotions in your reality. The energy of the star holds a purpose of bringing your attention to aspects or habits that need to be overcome or that you may have buried within you, unwilling to address them in the past. The quality of magnification can also influence your reality by manifesting a dream or desire that you have been focusing on for some time; the energy offers the final boost that is needed for materialisation. The way in which this quality of magnification influences your reality will be with an intention of assisting spiritual growth. For many they may experience feelings of pain, suffering, insecurity, doubt or fear holding a great power over them and maybe even developing from nowhere, but when focused within you may see the source of these feelings. While others may be overcome with feelings of joy, bliss and connection which they may recognise as key energies within them. It is important to realise that at this time of ascension you may experience certain areas of your reality or your character being exaggerated. Realising this magnification is the key because you are then able to understand its purpose more fully, realising why certain areas have been enlarged to attract your attention. It could be that you now need to realise a habit that has hindered your growth for too long or that the energy or emotion that you are experiencing needs to be anchored into your reality daily for your continued growth. It is for you to discover and interpret the presence of the quality of magnification within your reality as this is a vital process of growth; this tool isn’t given to humanity regularly so is extremely sacred when placed into action.

For those who are not aware of the quality of magnification and the wonderful realisations that can be gained, great confusion can be experienced; it is for this reason that we, the Universal Council of Twelve and members of the planetary level are also sending a tremendous volume of love onto the Earth as support for all. If you feel as if you need additional support, love or assistance with understanding the areas of your being or reality that may be magnified then we ask that you call upon our energies as we stated at the beginning of this communication. Sit peacefully and simply imagine, sense or acknowledge that we the Universal Council of Twelve surround you in a circle, feel our energy flowing into your being like spokes flowing into the centre of a wheel. You are the centre of this sacred wheel and allow yourself to sit with the pure intention of acceptance. This is all that is required as we will work with your energies appropriately. With our support you may then wish to align with the nearest magnification star to experience its energy flowing through you while we support you unconditionally. Ask that the Creator’s quality of magnification anchors into your energy in order to bring forth positive and loving growth within your being and reality to aid your connection with the Creator’s soul.

We are here to love you and support you through the process of ascension,

The Universal Council of Twelve

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light, www.wisdomofthelight.com

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Africa @ 7:33pm on March 29th

Next Delta Mission: May 26

February 14th 2010 a legion of the Elohim called the Shining Ones returned to Earth to help usher in the next phase of the collective expansion. This consortium of incorruptibles returns to Earth twice every 26,000 years. Their next appearance was predicted to be in 2012.

Many thousands of years ago, Enoch created two sacred golden deltas, each inscribed with the ineffable sacred name of the Creator God. The Shining Ones have returned at this time to activate the two Enochian deltas, which are said to have the power to transform humanity to its next stages of collective expansion.

Be ready to assist on March 29/30

On March 30th in New Zealand @ 3:33am the first of several transformational shifts occurs when the deltas are activated. This date coincides with Passover and is vibrationally aligned with a numerical chain of three zeros and three threes. [030303/3-3-2010

The consortium of Shining Ones is prepared to ignite the deltas for the first time on March 30th. When the two deltas are activated by the Shining Ones they will start to spin. For the ideal outcome to occur each time the deltas are activated, they must expand and then lock into a merkaba configuration spinning counterclockwise.

Our Mission

The Shining Ones Need Our Help

We play a critical role in the fulfillment of the transformation. To satisfy the universal laws there must be a consortium of a minimum of 30,000 incarnated humans, alive in this timeline, to fuel and support the transformation. Even if someone gets this information after the 30th, the recorded mission can be accessed to roll participants back to divine timing.

Our goal and mission is to hold a vision of the deltas spinning within a radiant golden sun and focus energy to support that ideal. This triangle conversion phenomenon occurs when the deltas expand and then link to form a counterclockwise spinning merkaba.

When the deltas lock into the merkaba configuration and spin counterclockwise they vibrationally transmit the ineffable name of the Creator. The name of the Creator is said to activate latent master genetic encodements within human DNA.

Where are the deltas now?

The Patriarch Enoch, whose name means the Initiator, lived 365 years. He constructed an underground temple consisting of nine vaults, one beneath the other; placing the largest delta on a white altar in the deepest vault.

Enoch entrusted the smaller delta with his son, Methuselah, who did the actual construction work of the brick chambers according to the pattern channeled to his father from Creator. In the form and arrangement of these vaults Enoch epitomized the nine spheres of the ancient Mysteries and the nine sacred strata of the earth through which the initiate must pass to reach the flaming spirit dwelling in its central core.

The larger delta still remains in the vault Enoch placed it in thousands of years ago. It is waiting to be released and unveiled by the Shining Ones, who were prophesied to return in 2012 to ignite the seeds of master awareness in all of humanity.

The smaller delta fell into the hands of King Solomon and is known to have been a divining instrument of his flourishing realm. After Solomon's death the smaller delta was spirited away by a group of people that possess it still. This delta has been recreated by Enoch on the fifth realm and a holographic representation of it is ready to be activated by the Shining Ones on March 30th in New Zealand and March 29th in Europe, Africa, Asia and North & South America.

To Participate in this Transformational World Team Mission on March 29/30 dial in to the conference live, listen online at www.SerenityTravels.com , connect with the most recent mission recording or access the voice box system provided below for archived missions. The recorded missions roll participants back to implement this11 minute mission in its divine timing.

Mission Access:

Live Mission Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-0075

Mission Participant Access Code: 481990

Recording of the most recent mission: 1-712-432-1085

Archived Mission Recordings: (Each mission is archived here after the live event.)

Dial-in Number: 1-641-715-3800 + Access Code: 24978

Upcoming Delta Missions

The following dates are ones that we know the Shining Ones have selected to activate the deltas. These days are vibrationally aligned with specific energies that support the ideal outcome for the project. Please help the Shining Ones to assist humanity on.

a.. May 26
b.. June 21
c.. July 17
d.. September 22
e.. November 1: Recorded mission access and on site mission in India
f.. November 10: Recorded mission access and on site mission in India
g.. November 11: Recorded mission access and on site mission in India

Please forward this Call to Service to as many people as possible.

Have questions or need assistance?





29 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

Uriel's Message -- Which Paradigm Do You Choose?

Uriel's Message -- Which Paradigm Do You Choose?

Ascension is the spiraling journey from separation to wholeness, from fear to love and from polarity to connection. It is the path the earth has taken since its birth, separating from Source so it could eventually rejoin itself. The purpose of ascension extends beyond humanity's role, it is astral, energetic and vibrational. Within it are multiple paradigms that all lead to ascension and all share a common purpose, the healing of separation and the rejoining of the separate to the whole.

With separation the earth chose the paradigm of polarity, following the plan that was created as the earth's soul contract with Source. Within this contract are many paradigms for ascension, each one an experience of the journey to wholeness through different energetic vibrations. Beyond the reality of the earth that you can see with your eyes, which is allowed through the filter of the earth's density, are the limitless paradigms through which you experience your many lifetimes.

You choose paradigms according to your healing, the fear you must transmute into love, the pain that can become joy and the doubt that becomes faith and trust. Each paradigm has an energetic vibration that matches your soul's desire for wholeness. A new paradigm is one thought away. You can move between paradigms with each choice you make. Those you choose fulfill lessons and once they are completed, you can choose any other paradigm that corresponds to the level of vibration you want to experience. Your choice of paradigm takes you into other dimensions and timelines. There is no reality beyond that which corresponds to your current paradigm.

Your intention activates a paradigm, which connects you to the energetic vibrations that become your individual and collective reality. Each thought creates its own paradigm which expands or contracts your reality, according to your beliefs. Allow yourselves to move freely through paradigms, setting your intention for the energies you choose as your reality. As you select those that resonate with the energetic vibrations of love, peace, joy, the people and situations are called into being that will create these experiences. Heaven on earth is the final outcome of all paradigms, and that journey is short or long, depending on your intention and the energies you choose to experience. All is choice and you are the chooser.

27 Mart 2010 Cumartesi

Meditation for the Earth Mother

Meditation for the Earth Mother

Call first for the overlighting presence of your own Monad. Then from that place, invoke within all of the Masters who work with the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies of Earth herself. Call specifically upon Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos. Allow these wonderful healing energies to pour through you and fill your entire being. When you feel fully infused with these Divine energies, anchor your own grounding cord deep into the Earth. Turn your palms upward on your lap, or even extend the arms upward for a time if you like. Ask that the healing currents of all the blessed Masters whose presence you have invoked flow through you and outward into the Earth.

First visualize and direct these energies into the very Core Heart of Mother Earth. Ask that there be a balancing and harmonizing within the very foundation of the planet itself. Pour forth love that all that needs healing may be healed, balanced, and cleansed through grace rather than karma. Then put your attention upon the Earth's etheric body. Once again, ask all the Masters in attendance to help radiate through you their blessed healing energies. Do the same for the astral atmosphere and astral body of the Earth, that all negative emotions be brought to a quiet, peaceful, loving calm. Follow this with putting your attention upon the mental atmosphere or mental body of Earth. Send out only positive thoughtforms. Ask the Masters to again bless and heal through you, and to infuse the mental world with their Divine and glorious vision of positivity. Ask them to fill the mental atmosphere with their own thought outpicturing of the wondrous expression of the next millennium. Let all these blessings come to harmony within yourself. Continue to meditate for as long as you feel comfortable, knowing that you are acting as a focal point for healing Mother Earth.

WHEN: Sunday March 28th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 25.00


for a better understanding of our lightbodies please see http://bit.ly/ax4Yce

24 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

A THANK YOU and GREETING From Adama, High Priest of Telos to all of you on Lightworkers.org

A THANK YOU and GREETING From Adama, High Priest of Telos to all of you on Lightworkers.org


Hello my name is Adama.
I am the High Priest of Telos, a city of Light situated within Mount Shasta, California. I am an Ascended Master and a friend and family member of many of you who visit this wonderful website, Lightworkers.org.

I am speaking through Iresha Sullivan. She is only 20 years of age from Australia and she has remembered me, her uncle from the past. I am writing through her today to say a quick thank you and a quick hello to all of you who read this message.

I bless all of you. And I send much love to you from my heart and on behalf of the Lemurians in Mount Shasta and from the other Lemurian cities of light of this planet; Earth. We wish to say: now is the time to remember your Lemurian heritage and to start working in a more conscious way to bringing our presence known to as many of those around you who are ready to hear of our existence. Many are not able at this time to remember as they have had much tragedy in their existence in Lemuria. BUT! Many are. Use you hearts my friends and family members to know who is ready. I wish you all the very best in this mission and know I am always by your side, just call me to you and I will help as much as I can.

And I want to also emphasise the importance of letting many know of this wonderful site. A trusted site full of magic, wonder, excitement and hope... on the highest level! And the highest vibrations of love a website and its users can create.

Thank you, on behalf of the Ascended Masters of this planet and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar system, to all of you and to the creators of this website. Thank you, thank you thank you! For opening up another avenue and sacred space for those who are endeavouring to get back to the creator energy of not only this universe but all of creation!

I depart now to spend some time with my beloved niece of the past, present and future and I look forward to seeing you all in the new world. The world we are creating AS ONE!

I am Adama: Your Lemurian brother and friend from Telos.

21 Mart 2010 Pazar

Platinum Net Sweep (we are getting this, approx. in 5 hours tonight)

Platinum Net Sweep

The Platinum Net to sweep over yourself and/or your group first, so that you can be cleared of your own misqualified energies. Then request that the same be done for the planet as a whole. Request this for the physical, etheric, astral and mental atmosphere of Earth. In this way each of the four lower bodies of Earth herself will receive one of the most potent cleansing, purifying, and healing tools being currently offered by the Cosmic Masters. Fully visualize a gigantic Platinum Net sweeping over the four bodies of the planet and cleansing these bodies of as much debris as possible. The more this is done, the healthier the planet will become.

WHEN: Sunday March 21th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 25.00


18 Mart 2010 Perşembe

Equinox Ceremony & Meditation for the Cosmic Trigger (March 20)

great meditation and mudra and visualizastion below :)

The EQUINOX Is Saturday March 20th
"The Equinox Phase is 3 Days, the day prior, day of and day after the apexial fulcrum. Indeed the energy gate is available to all within these timings for ceremony, and Masters, indeed ceremony is appropriate. Gather where you may to bond in this energy" AAMetatron



Equinox Ceremony (Scroll down)

Join the Global Family of Earth-Keepers in the Cosmic Trigger Meditation from Inside the Moody Blue Pyramid for Equinox Ceremony at 8:30 PM CDT on March 20, 2010.

grid 5

Use the below link for time zone conversions for areas outside of the USA


Equinox - Cosmic Trigger

Meditation & Ceremony

Find a Relaxing Place to Sit...

If you have crystals, place them around you forming an etheric circle. Keep one crystal, preferably a Phi Vogel or Crystal Skull, in hand or within touch.

Form the mudra with thumb and middle finger, face the palms up, fingers at rest but not touching, other than thumb to middle finger. We will hold this mudra for the entire meditation.

Begin the infinity (figure 8) breath, 8 count inhale and 8 count exhale.

Inhale thru the nasal passage, exhale thru the mouth - for 8 minutes.

In your mind's eye surround your field with Violet Light fed by the Violet Ray.

Form the Star Tetrahedron around you. Begin to rotate it anticlockwise.

Continue the Infinity Breath. Feel a deep sense of connection. Feel Love, Joy and Well Being.

Connect Your Heart Chakra to the receiving Pyramids. If you are in the eastern hemisphere, visualize first the connection the Giza Complex. If you are in the Western Hemisphere visualize first connection to the Moody Pyramids. Then connect the two Pyramids, and bring the connection back to your heart, and feel energy circulate thru the triangulated connection.

Then visualize an enormous golden Beam of Light being emitted by the Great Central Sun. See it flow to the Planetary Crystal Grid. Then see it connect to both Pyramid complexes and then to all Crystalline Fields of the Planet.

Visualize the release of the sacred Crystal Codes from the Earth, and see crystalline diamond light envelop the planet. See in your mind's eye the planet expanding its energy field within the 144-Cyrstalline Grid and becoming bright and brighter.

Retain grounding in the 1st - 3rd dimensions, and connect to the core of the planet.

Then feel yourself and all Humanity rising into the Crystalline Non Polarity Energy Fields beginning in the 5th dimension and rising one by one to the 12th dimension.

Feel a connection to ALL Humanity and Project UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Crystalline Love.

Go into rapid breath, inhale in and exhale out thru the mouth, as quickly as you can for 15 seconds.


Upon completion of the Affirmations release a Crystalline-Platinum Wave containing the energy of LOVE. It is a Platinum Light Tsunami-Wave that penetrates all dimensions of your Beingness. Send it to the Crystalline 144-Grid. And then feel the wave coming back into you as a shimmering diamond light containing within it all of the sacred Crystalline Codes of the Cosmic Trigger and of the Crystalline Earth. Feel these codes inside you, become these Crystal Codes. Now convert your Light Body to pure crystal and allow it to integrate the Crytsal Codes. You will know when this has been programmed and completed.

Continue infinity breathe for 3-4 minutes. Until you sense the completion.

Then open your eyes in JOY....Crystalline JOY and HIGHEST GOOD.


The Coded Crystals of the Law of One

On the 2010 Activation long dormant coded crystalline energies will Activate and Release sacred crystalline Energies as part of the Cosmic Trigger. These are stored in in 25 primary locations across the planet. These locations are:

1. Minas Gerais Brazil
2. Bahia, Brazil
3. Arkansas
4. Muzo, Colombia
5. Anahi ,Bolivia
6. Herkimer, New York
7. Himalayas (Tibet/Nepal)
8. Santa Fe, New Mexico ( Mt Trucha)
9. Tsavo, Tanzania
10. Torres del Paine, Chile
11. Dauphine , France(Kingsgate Near Glen Innis)
12. New South Wales, Australia
13. Cairngorm Mtns, Scotland
14. Galicia, Spain
15. British Colombia, Canada
16. Ural Mountains, Russia
17. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
18. Quartz Reef, New Zealand
19. Swiss Alps
20. Karas Mtns, Namibia
21. Hiraizumi, Japan
22. Huaxi, China
23. Thunder Bay, Canada
24. Western Carolinas-Asheville-Blue Ridge Mtns
25. Table Mtn, South Africa

"The Cosmic Trigger Equinoxial release occurs after inital receival within the 29 degree latitude-north Tri-Pyramid Complexes : Moody Pyramids for Western Hemisphere & Giza Pyramids for Eastern Hemisphere. The Trigger then signals the coded crystals and triggers the release.Masters of the Law of One, long have you waited for these codes to re-emerge!" AAMetatron


Where Will You Be on the Equinox ?
Still Time to Join us in the Moody Blue Pyramid.

Galv-Speakers Collage Full

Galveston Healers Email Contacts:

If you are interested in a Healing Session during yr time in Galveston the below listed Master Healers are available and are offering special reduced rates for their sessions for this powerful Family Gathering in the Moody Pyramids. Most sessions are 30 to 45 minutes, and the rate is $77. Plse do consider pre-booking.

These are all extremely gifted & highly developed Master Healers and brilliant joyful souls who sincerely desire to heal, love and help others. We highly recommend pre-booking your sessions as some will sell out prior to the event. Do take advantage of the reduced rates and wonderfully varied healing modalities which are very synchronistic and amplified in the energies of the Pyramid and Equinox. More detailed information on their modalities are listed further down in indivudal descriptions in this Newsletter. You may wish to book one or more per day. Sessions will be conducted thru out the weekend and during the lectures, with the only blocked timings during the Pyramid Meditation and Metatron Channel. (And for MK-2 Students during Friday Course).

Dr Y Lee -Master Acupuncturist - ccn9988@yahoo.com or 713 988-9898

Dr Jaap Van Etten- Crystal Skull Readings - jaapvanetten@earthlink.net

Anaya-Ra ( Nina Brown) - DNA & Crystalline Tone Upshift - nina@crystalsinger.com

Adrienne Goff - Crystal Healing -Email -adriennegoff@yahoo.com

Angie Carter - Tesla Violet Ray (LBG) Unit Healing- angiecarter@verizon.net

Marilyn & Frans Baars - Archangel Healing -mmmnrgy@yahoo.com

Bruce ' Gentle Bear' Durward - Shamangelic Phi Healing - bruce.durward@gmail.com

Harry B Happy - Buddhist Harmonic Healing - harrybhappy@harmonicthought.com

Crystal-Star Walker- White Phi -Obstacle Release- cjwalker333@comcast.net

Che xel-Ra - Rewiring to Phi Energy- infusionsoflight@yahoo.com

Neil Froeming & Shirely Moore- Bio Feedback - sam44@Q.com

Bwaun Equa (Linda Beaucage) - Reiki-Shamanic Healing- bwaunequa@yahoo.ca

AVIDA YULA ( Sara Blank) EDINA-Reiki Healing :sarablank2007@gmail.com

Final Agenda - Galveston Cosmic Trigger

Equinox in the Pyramids
Galveston Island Texas - Live Seminar
The Below Agenda is Tentatively Final but may be subject to minor changes

Tri Pyramids Trigger
We are unable to accept checks after March 14th. Payment online via PayPal or via Credit Card. Still time to register online or call Anne at 936 522-8804. $20 Surcharge for Paying at the Door... (if you have not pre-registered.)

Is the Blue Pyramid Calling You?
Still Time to Join us!

Friday - March 19 - Metatronic Keys-Level 2
View-Finder Room Moody Gardens Hotel 9th floor

09:00 - 09:30 - Registration
09:30 - 12:00 -MK-2 (Set Circuitry - Embedding Exercises 1-3, Blue Tsunami Clearing)
1:30 - 4:30 - Installing the 12-Star Mer-Ka-Va

7 pm-8:30 pm Friday: Book Signings
View Finder Room
Dr Robert Pettit - Dr Jaap Van Etten - Harry Bartholomew - Linda Beaucage ( Bwaun Equa) - Dr Sam Osmanagich, Michael Jaco

Saturday - March 20 - View Finder Room (9th Floor)

08:30 - 09:00 - Registration
09:00 - 09:15 - Opening Welcome & Introductions - James Tyberonn
09:15 -10:00 - Crystalline Age, Pyramids & The Cosmic Trigger - J Tyberonn
10:00 - 11:00 - Healing Gems - Adrienne Goff
11:00 - 11:30 - Harry B Happy
11:30 - 12:00 - Dr Y Lee - Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Healing
12:00- 1:30 - Lunch Break
1:30- 2:00 - Music with Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose
2:00 - 3:30 - Dr Jaap Van Etten - The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls
3:30 - 3:45 - Break
3:45 - 5:15 - Dr Semir Osmanagich - The Ancient Pyramids of Bosnia

5-:30 - 7:00 - Break for Dinner

Saturday Equinox in the Blue Pyramid

7:00- 10:00 pm

7:30 - 8:00 - Music Ron & Fred
8:00- 8:30 - Anaya Ra - Crystal Star Walker - Che xel-Ra
8:30-9:00 - Cosmic Trigger Meditation - Tyberonn with Suan -Flute & Ron & Fred
9:00 - 9:30 - Channeling the Archangels - Marilyn & Frans Baars

Sunday - March 21
09:00 - 09:15 - Open Welcome-Energy Build
09:15 - 10:30 - Dr Robert Pettit - Light Body & the Ascension
Break -10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 12:15 - Dr Jaap Van Etten - Working with Crystal Skulls
12:15 - 1:45 Lunch Break
1:45 - 2:30 - Walking Your Talk- Impeccability - Crystal Star Walker
2:30- 3:15 - Music
3:15- 4:00 Live Metatron Channel

Atlantis rising

Cosmic Trigger Galveston
Registered Attendees as of March 15

Marti Senterfit
David A Tortoris
Maggie Harris
Nina Brown
Celine Buron
Jean Claude Savard
Steve Senterfit
Elizabeth R Kennedy
Edita Verespej
Vivian Leach
Michael Firewalker MR
Ralph Rody
Sharon Sessions
Bruce Durward
Frans Baar
Marilyn Baars
Bwaun Equa
Fred Mitchim
Ron Crose
Harry Bartholomew
Dr Robert Pettit
Betty Pettit
Dr Y Lee
Michelle Lee
Ken Landis
Adrienne Goff
Raquel Spencer
Neil Froeming
Shirley Moore
Sara Florida Blank
Jaap Van Etten
Jeanne Michaels
Angie Carter
Denise Troyer
C J Walker
Deborah Zettner
Joy Hansen
Chuck Hansen
Michell Grace Mesa
Girard Riehl
Madeline Riehl
Pamela Maldonado
Susan Adams
Marlee Wegner
Roy Brown
Luanne Cadden
Marsha Eten
Gina Higdon
Kenneth Goff
Jan Goff
Kathleen Caruso
Carol Poe
Susan Stinson
Bob Stinson
Katy Garing
Lori Young
Catherine Nowak
Sue Ann Armstrong
Kerry Maloney-Stewart
Kathy Trump
Cheryl Taylor
Michael Jaco
Tracy Jo Jaco
Donna H Brown
Claudia Lyons
Alice McCutcheon
Gheorghe p Popa
Alice Hathaway
Denise Leitch
Hajnal Laszlo
Henry Haeberle
Angela Brown
Tara Davis
Navin Surju
Cathy Suffel
Izabella Sari
Barbara L Irvin
Debra Griego
Tessie Robb
Julie Rainwater
vicki ludovico
Carol F Moore
Sussan E Moore
Daralyn Brody
Peggy Sue Skipper
Nancy Sheehan
Maria V Voitossevitch
Marina Sitner
Anne-Marie Desaulniers
Bettina k Baker
Lana Crow
Rita Mills
Yvonne Candelario
Elmarie Vuren
Marilyn A Rogers
Lisa Shannon
Mark Shannon
Deborah Robbins
Cathy Ingham
Matt Klima
Darryl Williams
Christine DuLong
Eugene Ahn
David Stroud
Malynda Cress
Svetlana Marsh
Elvira Podgorodetska
Arlene Maala
Sheila Stokes
Carol Poe
Edward C LeBlanc
Carol Miller
Kara Buchanan
Maria F Sexton
Karen N Warfield
Juliana Morris
Heloise Kendrick
Summer Parrish
Elizabeth Zachariah
Douglas S Cadwallader
Thomas Morrison
Crisostomo Jacinto
Kile Renshaw
Brenda Renshaw
Cindee Farkis
Richard Ornelas
Gwen Hughes
Nayda E. Portilla
Jasmine Hefferman
Rex Widle
Kendra Washington
Alayna Ra-Ta
Mikael Keen
Krishani Jacobs
Miguel DaCosta

If you are aware of any omissions or errors on the above list, kindly email Anne at earthkeeper@consolidated.net

Phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger
March 19-20-21 - 2010
The Crystalline Activation

Join us inside the Blue Pyramid on the Equinox March 20, 2010

Moody Pyra-dove

Equinox Earth-Keeper Pyramid Events

Event 1 - Galveston

*Friday-19 March 9am-5pm- Level ll 'Metatronic Keys' Certification Course

Event 2- Cosmic Trigger ll-Pyramid Gathering

*Saturday March 20th : 9 am - 5 pm - Ocean View Room
Saturday March 20th - Equinox - 7pm-9pm Meditation in the Blue Pyramid
*Sunday 9am - 4:30 pm - Ocean View Conference Room

Click Below Link to Register for Galveston:


* The Beautiful Ocean View Conference Room Overlooking the Pyramids in the Moody Gardens Hotel

Scroll Down for Event Registration, Musicians, Speakers, Healers & Schedule

Cosmic Trigger Galveston 2010

The Metatronic Keys Level 2

Activating the Crystalline MerKiVa
Release of Obstacles - Fear, Guilt, Ego Imblance
NOW-TIme : Changing the Past & Scripting the Future
Finding Impeccability
Activating the 12-Point Star of MerKiVah

March 19th - Galveston - Must Attend Level One Before Attending Level 2


Join Our Mailing List!
Our Email Newsletter Service unfortunately does not have an address column in the registry for International areas. However anyone who wishes to subscribe from outside the USA can still receive the Earth-Keeper Chronicles by clicking the above box (in white) and submitting your email address and name. Then click any of the US States. You will then receive the newsletters. We apologize for this inconvenience, it is beyond our control, but the suggested by-pass will work and allow all Global Family of Earth-Keepers to receive the EK-Chronicles.

If for any reason the above does not work, email us at Tyberonn@hotmail.com and we will add you manually.

17 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

Soul Transitions Vibe Report March 12, 2010

Soul Transitions Vibe Report March 12, 2010
15 March 2010 - 12:18am | Leilah
Nancy Leilah Ward

Small Sprite


Once again, it’s well into the month and the vibe report has been slow to come through. My guides tell me I’m being recalibrated (I’m quite sure this is happening to most of us at this time). It has felt like I’ve been moving up a spiral and I haven’t landed anywhere yet. In fact it feels like everything is suspended, and I am hanging in mid-air. Has the year 2010 started yet? What is going on? Where am I? Why do I feel like a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by what looks familiar but feels somehow different? Astrologically we are going through a time of recalibration and reassessment as we prepare for the Vernal Equinox and renewal. Clearing out the old and planting new seeds.

Check your engine
During this current transition, we may find ourselves needing more rest than usual and there have also been feelings of inertness – as mentioned last month, there’s been many moments of staring off into space and then “waking” up, wondering how long we’ve been in the void. This emptiness is part of the re-wiring process.

I’ve been hearing about people having problems with their electronic equipment (be sure to back up your computer) and car problems that are computer related. The check engine light in my car has been going on and off and I’ve been hearing of this same issue with several other people. Two weeks ago, due to severe snowstorms, I had no electricity, telephone or internet for several days. I’ve been looking into the symbolism of this and the words “power source” keep coming up. So I’ve been meditating on bringing in my Higher Self – not just in my meditation practice but whenever I think of it during my day.

On my radar
As we all know, strange weather patterns and earthquakes have been happening. And what are those spheres that showed up around the sun on the NASA SOHO sun observatory at the end of January? It is said that the spheres are as large as the Earth. Apparently the photos were removed from NASA’s website but they can be found online. Are they real? What the bleep do I know? These are things that have come across my radar – things I’ve been wondering about. Here’s another one: HAARP (which stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and has been called America’s weapon of mass destruction). I’ve been hearing about this for years – the HAARP facility was constructed in Alaska 1993. According to Wikipedia its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere for developing “enhancement technology” for radio communications and surveillance purposes. Its Ionospheric Research Instrument is a high power transmitter which operates in the high frequency range and is used to excite areas of the ionosphere. Why? I don’t know, look it up – I’m not a scientist but am interested in all things energy related. Conspiracy theories abound, some of which have to do with this program causing earthquakes and changes in weather patterns. Last summer, here in the Hudson Valley we were inundated with rain and in some of the southern states, they were experiencing severe draught. I have to say I felt like I was living in some geek’s weather controlling learning curve!

Waves of Love
Energetically, we are receiving waves, yet again, of very strong high vibrational frequencies of love. This has been happening for quite a few years now, but the force is getting stronger and stronger. It is clearing out dense vibrational frequencies that we have stored in our energy bodies – these are related to thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are not our personal truth and so we are going through another deep cleansing process, which leaves many of us feeling like we’re in limbo. This energy is clearing the accumulation of all that is NOT us, so that we can move beyond our former limitations. This makes us feel disoriented as familiar patterns of thought are being washed away – that is, if we surrender and allow it to happen. At times this may make us feel uninspired or empty, wondering what happened to our motivation. At other times we may have a feeling of inner strength that maybe we’ve never felt before. Our deep authenticity is being given more room to grow within us as the density of false beliefs is being removed. Tune in to yourself – do you feel this “real” you beginning to shine forth more than ever before? We need to give this process time, allow ourselves to be steadfast within the rush and the flow of energy and know that the memories, images and emotions that come up are simply passing through to be released. Yes, we’ve been here before, but this is a much stronger wave of love and it’s releasing, as my friend Kelly Beard says, “the sticky stuff on the bottom.” We need to get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water.

Changing of the Guides
So where are Many of One? They are receding as I am moving forward. My good friends have assisted for many years during the shift, and now that the shift has occurred, I have crossed a threshold. I’m in a new frontier and they stand at the borderline waving goodbye. “Yes, m’dear you’re being upleveled,” they say. I don’t like goodbyes and in some way I know that Many of One are part of the “bigger” energies that are approaching. “Godspeed…On you go, welcome to the next level. New guides coming in.” I’m being graduated from kindergarten, being pushed out the door into new territory. And I am not sure where I am, but here I am so let’s see what comes through. But before I continue, check in on how you feel, for we have all crossed a threshold. Do you feel yourselves in new territory? Explore the within – remember, “As above, so below.” So as you see changes in your life, you can know that there are changes in your inner world. Also, these changes may appear to you in dreamtime, for it seems that our dreams are being activated. During the recalibration process we may not remember any dreams, but when we’re in the period of integrating the new energetic frequencies, our dreams may become quite active.

Marching Forward
When I tune into this month of March, I see myself on a beach, walking along with the ocean to my left and all around me and in front of me are huge black rock pinnacles jutting up through the sand. I walk between them and around them, moving forward, but they make it so I can’t see far ahead at all and I can’t see what’s around the corner. This speaks to staying in the moment of now. So onward I go. It’s beautiful and mysterious and the ocean is my only reference point.

The Vastness of Being
Well that was fun. Now, are you ready for a communication from the Beings of Vastness, or the vastness of your being? We are still Many of One as are all beings, but we are coming from a deeper, vaster connection in the cosmos. As you open to receive this communication, you are agreeing to connect with a High Counsel of Universal Wisdom. We will gently take you into deeper places of teachings that correspond to where you have evolved to at this time and we will attempt to carry you forward by planting seeds of wonder in your consciousness. As always, it is up to those who read these words to ascertain whether the information vibrates with you. We ask our channel to move outward from her rational mind and open the channel wider to allow information she has not considered to flow through – there is a feeling that the information will resonate with her soul as she, like most of you who read these words, is a Star Traveler, who, from a vaster perspective of her being, has seen many worlds.

We will still provide counsel for navigation through the changing, shifting energies of the physical plane but also offer a perspective that contains ancient wisdom and intergalactic connections. We invite you to listen with an open mind, an open heart and a playful imagination.


Humanity is coming full circle - ancient times are coming back into the present. There have been great technologies and teachings on this planet throughout recorded and unrecorded history. And the tales of history that have been told have become distorted through time, however a vein of truth flows through all. We are the Ancient Ones come to deliver messages to you in times to come regarding those who have walked on earth before.

The noise from humanity has gotten so loud and you are being bombarded with frequencies not only from your own televisions, cell pones computers and other electronic devices, but from the frequencies of energetic experiments through technological advancement. These frequencies have created a tight web around the earth and there are frequencies being sent into the ionosphere affecting weather patterns and brain wave functioning. The ringing in the ears is part of these transmissions. Do not despair, you are here to bring back and advance your own individual power – and to realize and cultivate the power that humans have when working in groups – the power of group energy of focused thoughts and feelings. You are more powerful than your technology! You have yet to know what you are capable of doing – you are capable of shifting energetic frequencies. You do it all the time but mostly unconsciously. So you are at a time in your evolution where you are learning about directing energy through thought and feeling. There are many teachers who offer tools to do just this.

And there are messages coming through from many different channels with guidance on the importance of finding stillness within and most of all loving yourselves. The vibration of love is at one with the Creator of All Things. It is time for you all to stop criticizing yourselves, telling yourself you’re a loser, a failure, or that you’re unworthy of Divine Love or happiness. Many people have been taking desolate walks down memory lane, examining every decision made and judging them as all wrong. What you need to do is honor and bless your life, bless your past, own the knowledge that you did the best you could do, and start from where you are now in your life. Now is the only reality you know. It’s a practice, to bring yourselves back into the present moment. And then you can begin to breathe yourselves and feel yourselves forward on your paths.

Within the changes and shifts that are happening, you are being drawn to one another. Can you not feel this? There is a longing for community and as you create these circles of communities, they grow and overlap each other forming the vesica pisces and the flower of life. This is sacred geometry of harmony and balance. Contemplate the circles in your life - circles of friendships, circles of soul family connections, circles of wisdom and higher learning. There are physical circles and etheric circles – you have a circle of spirit guides – your personal posse – each with a different purpose to assist you on your path.


Remember you were chosen to come to this earth plane at this time – and you chose to be here. No one said this was going to be easy! That wasn’t why you came here. Oh no, dear ones, part of your mission is to see beyond the veil of illusion – the illusion of lies that has been fed to humanity for centuries. The lies that create the fear within and the lies that keep you separate from the Creator, from Nature and from one another. You have the energy of Divine Source flowing through you. This has been said so many times in so many ways and we will keep on saying it, for we are here to remind you of who you really are. Each of you have a uniquely personal relationship with your spiritual essence. There are so many names for this – it is called Chi, Energy, Spirit, Divine Source, God, Great Spirit. It doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is the feeling you find within the essence – we direct you to the feeling of love and innocence. We tell you this energy is what enlivens you – it is the 21 grams that leaves the body upon physical death. This essence is within all life. As you continue to release the dense energies of fear and all the derivatives of fear, you make room for this essence to flow freely within you. And when you allow this, you feel happy, you feel innocent. You can cultivate this in daily musings or meditations. You can cultivate this while doing your favorite form of exercise or creative expression. In other words, by doing that which you love, you allow more love – more of the Divine Essence - to flow through you and then it radiates out from you and fills your aura and draws to you experiences that reflect this love and happiness. So every moment is a meditation.

As you get to know your guides you can ask them for specific help in this regard. The feelings of fear waft through the airwaves, poking at you, sometimes shoving you, doing whatever they can to get your attention and as you turn your attention towards fear it sends its tentacles within you and grows and soon you feel despair or depression – as if it will always be this way – the fear sucks hope from you. Now, it would be too easy to say “don’t give in to this energy,” for many were born with fear all around them and were fed fear from their care givers, unknowingly, because fear has been top dog here on this planet for so long. Each generation carries fear within them and the fear causes events to happen that seem to prove the fear as real. But the fear is truly not part of you. And this is one of the reasons you have come to Earth at this time – to dispel fear – to diffuse it – and of course you do this within your own being. There is no other way. We non-physical beings love you so much and we have said this time and again that we see you as brave and courageous ones for coming into this paradoxical place of polarity. We are here to assist you whenever you need it. Call forth the help you need to cast the fear out of your beings. This is the great challenge of the times you are in.

Joy, happiness, love, freedom, creative expansion and fun, fun, fun are what humanity is designed to experience! You are surprisingly resilient beings. Your blessed sense of humor is what helps you navigate the churning waters of despair. Laugh in the face of fear. Love in the face of fear. Cultivate your energetic connection with the nature spirits and with mother earth.

Another mission you have is to do this – to praise, honor and care for Mother Earth, your home. This brings us back to the circles. The Earth herself is a circle, the feminine energy is a circle. When you gather around the sacred fire, you do so in a circle. There are circles of people who are finding ways to live harmoniously upon the Earth. There are practical ways of doing so – collaboration, cultivation and composting – and there are energetic ways of doing so through ceremony. There is an individual task for each person. Vision yourselves living in community with one another in the timeless moment of now and feel into what your personal focus would be – are you one who cultivates the plants, or do you spin the plants into cloth? Are you one who feels the earth energies and communicates with the spirits that tell you where to plant and where to place your homes? Are you one who initiates ceremony or are you one who tells the stories that keeps the hearts of people aligned with love? Are you one who makes the music to heal and raise the vibration in the physical body or are you creator of visions to expand the imaginations of the people? Each of you has a gift to bring to the center of the circle. Vision your future into being.

We see you moving back into a way of living that looks like circles of families with all being parents to the little ones who are born into this world. This looks like tribes living together, but the difference is that the tribes will not be warring with each other for any reason. This is where the circles overlap into the elliptical vesica pisces. There will be a coming together in love and respect. There will be gatherings where the people will show each other what they have discovered – new ways of moving energy and new ways of creation will be gifted to humanity as you cultivate the responsibility of your energetic creations in the world.

This is a glimpse into the future – what you are growing and dreaming yourselves towards. This is a small part of what these times are leading up to. And it begins with casting off fear. The fear is an entity – a scary monster (we say this with humor) – that actually served a purpose on your evolutionary path but is no longer needed or welcome here. So each of you, in your own way, as you dissipate the fear within you and learn to not allow the fear to take root within you, are doing your part for the whole – the circle of humanity. And you have so much support in the physical and non-physical realms. As you do what you can to cast off fear, remember to fill yourselves with Light and love. You need to fill the places within you that were emptied of fear with the energy of delight. “Let de light shine within you!”

All are being called and accelerated to the vastness of your beings. You are being given a gift to rise up upon waves of light as you allow the untruths to be removed from your energy bodies. Surrender to the experience. A new day is dawning as you embody more and more light and move into the 4th and 5th dimensions and beyond, to one day fully live in your light body.

Reach out to one another – you are here to help each other and love one another.

Blessings, until we meet again.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

Thinking about what you do not want to happen is a form of meditation and meditation creates Manifestation.
- Carol Barbeau

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Saint Germain: The New Decade ~~ (Joseph/St Germain)

Saint Germain: The New Decade ~~
12 March 2010 - 12:20pm | Rosalie
Judith Coates

Saint Germain: The New Decade
Channeled by Judith Coates
March 8, 2010

Beloved friend, peace be with you. I am the one you have known as Joseph, Earthly father to the one you know as Jeshua and beloved husband of the one you now call Mother Mary. I had my own life, my own identity as Joseph, and I lived that lifetime happily in the Essene community. After releasing the body in that lifetime, there were other lifetimes when I collected much wisdom, the same as you are doing now, and I brought the wisdom once again into an incarnation which you now have called St. Germain.

It is from the vantage point as St. Germain that I would speak with you now, for there is a message from the Council of One that has been given to me to pass along to you. You have heard me speak of the Council of One. It is truly the council of all of the higher souls, the souls that have come into awakening.

Even though you have focus upon your present personality and lifetime, you are part of the Council of One, for in truth there is no separation. We are all One. We are All of the divine one Mind. As you have heard it said, you are the expression of the one creative Principle come forth into various realities to try out different scripts, to try out how it would be to create, and vast and myriad have the creations been and will continue to be, even outside of what you see now this reality to be, even outside of what you would define as a physical reality.

The realities will continue, and that is why the Council of One has asked me to speak with you now as you embark upon a new decade. You have come through the experience of moving into a new millennium some ten years ago in your arbitrary timing, where there were many prophecies, including many negative prophecies, because this reality believes in duality, where there can be good and the opposite of good. Some of the prophecies were quite dire.

Well, you came into this new millennium and guess what? The computers still worked, the washing machines still worked, the telephones still worked, and you kept waiting for a few months into the new millennium for disaster, perhaps, to come from the skies, forgetting that you are the creative ones who bring forth everything, and you are the ones who then judge whatever comes forth, whether it be good or medium or not so good.

You also came into a new century, and you wondered as you moved into the new millennium and embarked upon the new century, "What is this century going to bring?" You looked back to the previous century and you saw an evolution of awareness that was quite tumultuous, quite representative of the belief in duality, for there were the world wars, as they were called, where many countries were engaged on one side and on the other side, believing in separation and believing that new technology would solve everything.

But you also looked back at previous centuries and there was hope and optimism that truly you could be moving into another Golden Age. Now, you have known some five centuries or so ago an Age of Enlightenment, an age when there was much of evolutionary thought that went beyond the dark, the so-called Dark Ages.

Then there was a balancing in this reality where if you have something on one hand, pretty soon you are going to have something on the other hand to balance it out, so that you have come through some centuries since the Age of Enlightenment to a place where the enlightenment and the darkness have interchanged with each other at various times.

So the first decade of the new century of the new millennium has been a working out, a review, if you will, of what has been in the past centuries.

You are now moving into the next decade of this new century and new millennium, and it is going to be one of excitement for you. There is going to be a winding down of some of the conflicts that you have seen going on, because the younger generations are going to be tired. Even though the habitual generational thinking has been all that they have known and all that they have been taught, they are going to begin to ask, "Is there not another way?"

In the next decade you will be interacting with ones that you see face to face and you are going to be interacting with other ones that are as a potential face to face, ones you have known in other lifetimes and constellations, who have agreed to meet up with you once again at a specified time within this reality. Furthermore, you will be interacting with ones that are within the mind and within the memory.

Sometimes you feel a presence around you that perhaps you can identify as a friend who has released the body or a loved one who has released the body or an ascended master whom you have read about, and you feel, "But this one cannot be here with me." But this one is. Where else would they go? They are within your field of energy as you are within their field of energy. This awareness is going to be the most important part of the new decade: knowing the energy that you are and the energy of all ones, whether they are in physicality or in mind, Intelligence-capital "I."

Awareness of Energy is going to be the most pivotal point of the next decade. You are going to feel and experience the world in a different way, and others are going to know it because of how you go in your life, knowing that you are truly not the body, you are not the personality, you are the energy of an ascended master radiating forth the Intelligence.

You are all ascended masters who have agreed one more time that you will descend into this reality that is not your home, that is not the place where you want to abide forever, but you have agreed that you will bring your energy and your Light and your laughter into this reality that believes itself so seriously to have to judge, to have to struggle.

This next decade is going to be a movement into knowing non-separation. You are going to see separation still with some worldly affairs. You are still going to see separation of bodies. But you are also going to understand that the bodies are not solid. They are forever changing as your energy patterns change.

You have the technology for reading the auras already, for having the photographs that show the change in the auric pattern as you have different emotions or as you think different thoughts. And the photographs are proof for you, because this reality yet wants to see the proof out there before the understanding and truth is then accepted within.

The new decade is going to fine-tune a knowing, the same knowing that you feel when you hug another one and you are in love with that other one, where you know yourself to be One with that other one-just for an instant, perhaps, or longer. When you are in that embrace, truly what you have done is to bring the energy fields together even closer, into a place where you can feel-if you tune in to it-the vibrational level of Oneness.

This decade is going to see a change in how you view yourself, how you view others, and how you view the world situation. You are not going to deny the Earthly conditions. If you are in a position where your help is needed, you will give the physical help, you will give the golden coins if that is what is needed, you will help ones as your guidance tells you to do.

In this next decade, because you are going to understand the great ball of energy that you are-and I do not mean that you are overweight-you are going to feel yourself totally, happily alive, and you are going to be very intuitive as to others' energy, where they feel themselves to be.

Now, this is already happening, but it is going to increase. As this awareness increases, you are going to also know how to keep your balance, to keep your feeling of joy in the face of others who are finishing or completing their dramas. You will not be disruptive to their dramas, but you will keep your own balance within yourself.

Your planet, this most beautiful planet that we have brought forth, is changing. You have noticed some of the climate changes. You have noticed the intensity of some of the storms and the change in weather patterns. You have either been experiencing it where your dwelling place is or where the loved ones and friends are dwelling.

There has been an intensity of energy patterns swirling around this planet. Those patterns come from the collective consciousness. Those patterns.where else could they come from if all is One? come from you-you as the collective. They also come from your directive; in other words, you can direct a storm away from wherever you are if you know that you can do this, and you can.

For other ones, they may decree that they want to know the adrenaline rush of a storm. And if you want to do that, there is no judgment. It is an experience. But if you do not want to experience the intensity of a storm-call it a tornado, a thunderstorm, even a snowstorm-if you do not want the hurricane coming to your dwelling place, you can direct it out to sea, up into the upper atmosphere. You can direct it, because it is connected to your energy. All is One.

The intensity of the storms that you see happening now and the swirling of the climate change that is happening is coming from the collective consciousness that is sometimes throwing a temper tantrum, and so you see the out-picturing of that energy. It may be coming from confusion within the collective consciousness and so it is out-pictured, again, as a clearing, as a storm that will come through and will clear the energy.

Now, there are climate changes that are happening. There is global warming, and it is due to humankind. Yes, you are the reason for the global warming, but that is not said in judgment as a negative thing. It is said to allow you to understand how powerful you are, how you bring forth changes, how you have asked for evolutionary changes in what grows upon this planet, what form of the animal life is going to be upon the planet. For truly, as one species may seem to leave the planet, another species is born. There is never a vacuum. There is always a change which is happening.

So you can take responsibility for the global warming. The global warming comes because you are stepping up your vibratory rate as the collective. And, again, there is no judgment in it. It is an experience.

Nothing is ever lost. The form may change. The species may change, and things may look different, feel different. Your historians have told you of the ice ages, and you have evidence of the glaciers and the glacial rubbish, the rocks that have been left behind by the glaciers of other times. So this is not something that you are bringing about as disaster. It is part of what you have decreed that you will know as change, because the collective consciousness of the human is one that desires to know change.

If truth be told, and I will tell it, all of creative Intelligence wants to know change. You are the extension of the one creative Principle; therefore, you are going to keep on creating. There is nothing wrong with change. Flow with it. Welcome it. Look for new species of flowers, trees, plants, animals, even humankind. Know you that in what you would call prehistory the human form-you do know this, because some of your scientists have taught you this, although there are ones who do not believe in evolution, as it is called-you had heavy fur covering on the body. You still have some of that left. Some of the men, you still have some of the heavy fur covering around the chin.

So in this next most wonderful decade that you are just now walking into, there is going to continue to be an evolution of humankind - not especially in the appearance but in recognizing and acknowledging that which you are in energy. Because truly, no matter how much makeup the woman or man puts on, how much of the raiment you change and put on, the energy that you are is going to be obvious. Everyone will feel and know if it is a loving energy or if it is a confused energy or an angry energy, and there will be no hiding it.

The awareness is going to be accentuated in your next decade, because ones are going to feel-especially those of you who are already the sensitives-are going to be feeling energy within themselves, and you will be able to catch yourself as you begin to perhaps close down, or as you perhaps feel a bit of the rising of the volcano of energy.

Begin to build up a self esteem, and begin to feel then the expansion of your energy, where you feel at peace with yourself and you feel at peace with others, because truly no one can touch your peace. You are the only one who can affect your peace, and that is only temporary.

More and more you are going to come truly alive as the energy that you are, as the walking, moving, loving, living Energy that you are.

Your energy truly reaches the farthest galaxies, because there is no separation in Mind-capital "M." There is no separation. It is all creative Principle.

So be it.

- Joseph/St. Germain

Judith Coates *
With the emergence of a new consciousness of Light and Love comes a remembrance of who we are. Stirrings in the heart echo whispers in the mind and a yearning to know, to express, to experience more of the Light and Love is awakened within us. Oakbridge University, founded in 1989, was born of the desire to provide an opportunity for such experience.

The name of Oakbridge University was carefully chosen. The Oak, which grows from a small acorn seed, signified the potential for on-going growth. At maturity, it provides strength and shelter from the storms of life beneath its spreading branches. The University, in its varied aspects/branches, provides an opportunity for on-going study and experience, becoming a Bridge between people, ages, philosophies and dimensions. *