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Channelled through Natalie Glasson

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Dissolving the Drama of Ascension with Master LantoChannelled through Natalie Glasson 20-08-12
With light expression I bless you with the Christ Consciousness of the Creator, with truth, peace and an eternal love; I emanate the vibration of the Christ into your entire being so you may recognise the same within yourself, expansively and eternally. I am Master Lanto, my energies are gentle but radiant and I have worked closely with many aspects of the Christ including Master Jesus. It is my purpose to activate the devotional energies to the Creator around and within your being, as well as enhancing your luminosity. Devotion to truth, radiance, loving determination and the Christ vibration are of great importance at this stage of ascension, it is essential to allow these qualities to activate in harmonious balance from within your being. You may also find that within your recognition of these sacred qualities that there is in areas an imbalance, this can be adjusted easily. Allow yourself to practice the below affirmations,
I am devotion in divine balance,I am radiance in divine balance,I am determination in divine balance,I am the Christ vibration in divine balance.
Allow yourself to inhale as you state the first affirmation in your mind, as you exhale allow the divine balance to be formed, created and to flow from your being. Inhaling once more, repeat the second affirmation, exhale allowing the divine balance to form and flow. Continue in this manner stating all four affirmations and then beginning one more. Call me forward to assist in the creation and manifestation of divine balance within and around your being.
Balance is an energy each soul seeks; it is almost a security for the soul allowing for greater alignment with the Creator. Balance cannot be grasped or even adopted but must manifest from within your being, the essence of truth or your creator presence that you hold. Balance can be determined as steadiness or stability. When I think of balance I do not imagine it as an energy I will become or a quality I can acquire in my reality but an understanding of alignment with the Creator. When you connect with the Creator or universal energies, whether within or around you, then balance is a reality that unfolds, not due to your focus upon balance but due to your surrendering to become the vibration of the Creator. When balance is evident within your reality you can be sure that the vibration of the Creator is present and divinely integrated. If unbalance is present then you can identify that a greater connection or acceptance of the Creator within and around you is needed. In areas of unbalance a connection with the Creator can be formed by allowing the light of the Creator to emanate from your being during certain circumstance. Asking for the Creator to bless and align certain energies or situations to the divine essence of the Creator will also be of assistance, or by simply expressing the abundant love from your being while knowing you are at one with the energy and divine wisdom of the Creator. In this state you open yourself up to the divine magic of the Creator allowing for truth and blissful energies to unfold.
The presence of balance can also be seen as a deep and devoted trust in the vibration of the Creator. I, Master Lanto, believe trust in the Creator is of great importance at this time of ascension. There is also a need for you to place trust in yourself as a powerful, wise being that can make a difference to your own vibration, reality and awareness.
With the upcoming magnification of the Creator and energetic shifts in December 2012, the Creator is providing each person with an opportunity to love themselves unconditionally, to place greater trust and faith in their own power and radiant light as well as reaffirming their trust in the Creator. In many ways this is to create a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. I am aware of the numerous ideas held within the general consciousness of humanity concerning what will occur in December 2012, it is my wish to share some simple information that will assist you in achieving the most blissful experience.
I ask first that you dissolve all expectations concerning this time that we speak of, making a peace within your being that you are happy and content in not knowing what will occur during this time. By relaxing your expectations and feeling content even when uncertainty is before you then you will awaken and open your energies allowing for greater grace and divine intervention to be experienced. I would encourage you to talk to yourself during meditation or quiet time, explaining that you are perfectly at ease with everything that is occurring and you are happy to place your trust in the Creator watching the glorious enfoldments. It is important to dissolve all judgments you may make about the magnification process, allowing for love, trust, balance and determination to radiate from your being and mind.
I ask secondly that you are observant of the dramas you create in your reality and to eradicate these as much as possible. To create a drama in your reality is to enhance an energy, emotion, thought or situation. As a soul constantly searching for a deeper connection with the Creator you may feel as if you are constantly enhancing or increasing your own energy but in truth you are allowing your energy to unfold. When you enhance energy you make it larger than it actually is, when you allow energy to unfold it becomes larger but also becomes more whole, you are linking into the flow of the Creator's light. Drama is often seen in negative situations, especially emotional experiences and is often created to attract greater attention or even love onto the individual. Drama can also be experienced in spiritual practices, for example, if you are meditating sensing the love in your heart, you may become focused upon the love wanting it to grow, saying to yourself how blissful the love is and how you wish to experience it more fully. In many ways even this is creating a drama as you are trying to enhance the love rather than allowing it to unfold from within your being. When you simply observe the love within your being and open yourself to experience a greater flow your entire being rejoices and there is no need to enhance the love experienced, it simply grows without boundaries.
It is my wish that you begin to observe the drama that you create in your reality or the energies, emotions, thoughts, experiences that you try to enhance in your reality. The important realisation is that there is no need to enhance the energies but to allow yourself to have a more open and free experience of the energies. If you can begin to observe this within your being and reality you will free yourself of expectations and many ideas which may not have formed from truth, you will also gain a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. When you then perceive or experience the magnification of December 2012 you will understand there is no need to create any drama within or around you but to allow the energies to flow from your being and the Creator. In truth to simply be open to experience the eternal flow that is the Creator.
We may see many people creating drama in love or fear at this time as they try to find security, balance and a greater understanding, but if you are able to gain a greater mastery in your own reality you will be able to recognise the same in others. Allow your energy and intentions to assist them in experiencing the truth and love of the Creator. Let us dissolve from the consciousness of humanity the need to create drama and enhance energies, let us simply experience the magnitude of the Creator's light within and around each other.
My name is Master Lanto, I reassure you that I am here to assist you in any way that I can, simply call upon my energies and presence and I will be at your service.In love and devotion always,Master Lanto Latest News
New Capsule Available | Smiling Loving Heart Alignment
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Mary Magdalene will guide in awakening the channels of life force energy within your being, rejuvenating the physical body, awakening your ascension body template, dissolving the programming of ageing and energising your entire energy body systems and networks. She will assist in energising and expanding your twelve chakras as well as planting ascension and Christ seeds to bring greater alignment and unity with the Creator. Such processes of transformation allow for your entire being including your physical body and mind to awaken to an ability to hold greater volumes of light, experiencing a deeper sense of your own limitless creation and self-expression as well as new sense of the divine presence which is your truth. Master Kuthumi wishes to work with you to enhance and discover your soul's ascension process, integrating your soul more fully into your reality. Your soul is being given great responsibility in your current reality and so there is a need for you to strengthen your bonds with your soul, embodying your soul at every moments of your daily life. Master Kuthumi wishes to assist you in experiencing and anchor your soul's ascension levels and the wisdom of your soul to better acknowledge your soul's ascension path on the Earth. At this time of ascension there is a need for a focus upon expanding and developing your consciousness thus regaining the consciousness of the Creator. Through the process of acknowledging and understanding the power of your consciousness and uniting your consciousness with other aspects of the Creator you will expand and amplify your consciousness to achieve greater experiences of enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual understanding. Uniting your consciousness with aspects of the Creator is a deeply healing process as well as allowing you to embody a more complete vibration of your truth and the Creator. Advanced level of peace, clarity and connection can also be achieved. Archangel Metatron wishes to guide you in this essential aspect of ascension as well as aiding your understanding of the multi universal level of the Creator's universe. You will be guided in exercises and practices to experience and perfect your ability to unite your consciousness, energy and vibration with aspects of the inner planes, nature, elementals and people to aid healing and accept greater wisdom. Master Saint Germain wishes to guide you in the process of channelling, building your channel and enhancing your ability to channel the light and wisdom of the Creator. Channelling allows you to remain connected to the divine vibrations of the Creator receiving guidance when it is needed. Saint Germain and Lady Portia will encourage and guide you in the art of channelling. Focus will be placed upon integrating the crystal consciousness into your being, reality and the Earth in order to allow for purer and quicker vibrations to be absorbed by all. The crystal consciousness restores your ability to retain and express quick light vibrations, allowing you to magnify the light of the Creator. The art of ancient, healing and attuning mantras will be practiced daily to energise your entire being as well as focused sessions on connecting with the elemental kingdom energies so prominent in Ireland and exploring throughdrawing the aura of the human body. We have a day excursion to Glendalough in County Wicklow. Glendalough is a remarkable place that will still your mind, inspire your heart and your soul. Glendalough has long been an area renowned for its natural beauty and history and it is one of the most visited places in Ireland. 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12-12-12 The Pinnacle of the Ascension Metatron & Ra-Tybronn via James Tyberonn

Metatron Channel

Metatron & Ra-Tybronn via James Tyberonn


The Pinnacle of the Ascension

Metatron & Ra-Tybronn via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron , Lord of Light and I embrace you in a vector of Unconditional Love. A Love that you will soon be able to experience more vividly for the Ascension is nigh. We are joined in this channel by Ra-Tybronn of the Pleiades, an Ascended Master of Crystalline Service, the root oversoul of the channel, who experienced service to the planet among the Law of One. Ra-Tybronn is of the Family of Thoth & Enoch. Both of Metatronic source.

We ask you to take a moment and allow our energy and love to nurture you, for we are family. We love you so very dearly, in ways that are above emotion, in a love that is omnipotent and flows from Creative Source, of All That Is...of which Divinity you are an intricate member. Each of you!

It is a time of quickening on your planet, and for some of you it feels hard at times, but we assure you that in higher aspect, you are dancing in joy. For the Ascension is nigh and you, Dear Human, made it happen. We honor you !

And so we invite Ra-Tybronn of Crystalline Service to join in the provision of this information, some of which we have shared before, much of which is shared for the first time. All in the moment of now...

Dear Ones, that you term the Ascension can be defined as the transition to Crystalline dimensional expansion. The final completions within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is tantamount to the 2012 Ascension. On the 12-12-12 the Crystallization of the planet will complete.

In a very real sense, what occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension, and what takes place on December 21, 2012is the Initial Birthing Solstice of the New Earth. That is because the 'mechanics' of the actual ascending process (that enables the Ascension) occurs on the 12-12-12.

Accordingly it is what happens on December 12, 2012 that finalizes the activations and network-connections of all the Master Crystals, Crystalline Fields, Grid Points, Power Nodes, & Vortexial-Portal Sites to the Crysto-Sun Disc and 144 Grid.

On the 12-12-12, for the first time, all of these crucial aspects combine, network and tie into the completed 144 Crystalline Grid. At precisely 12:12 pm from the Crystal Vortex, will the ascending energy merge and be tangibly felt. All will tie initially into the Crysto Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain located in the largest strata of Crystal on your planet, and then connect to the grid.

We have told you before that the Ascension, the 'New Earth' is the expansion of your planet's resonance into 12 dimensional fields. We have told you that the Ascension is purposed to expand the Earth and Humanity beyond the 3rd dimension, and burgeon into 12 dimensions. ...the 5th thru 12th of which are in nonpolarity, zero point Crystalline Energy & integral One-ness. And that is the crystalline frequency.

It occurs in the Crystal Vortex of the ARK because it is not only the largest strata of Quartz Crystal on your Earth, but also because it is composed of 'seeded, coded' & specifically placed 'Master Crystals' within a very unique geological matrix. There is logic in this you see. There is a master design taking place, and it makes sense ! You have indeed been here before, and it feels right, does it not?

Kryon the Magnetic Master channeled to you a decade ago that evidence of Atlantis was in Arkansas. This will be discussed later in this channel, but we will say the mineralogical blend, the energetic cocktail that occurs in this area is extremely rare and it produces benefits and phenomena that your science does not yet recognize. We will say that the combined presence of crystal quartz, diamonds, radium waters, magnetic lodestone and gravitational anomalies is why the Law of One Atlanteans were in Arkansas. It is why the Crysto-Sun Disc is in Arkansas. Arkansas is the crystal-generator on the earthplane that opens the dimensional gates !

No place on the planet will vibrate with the incredible crystalline resonance on the 12-12-12 Ascension as powerfully as the Crystal Vortex. For we tell you the Atlantean Colony that Kryon spoke of in Arkansas was composed of the Atla-Ra, the Law of One, and they were there in what is now called Arkansas over 50,000 years ago planting the seeds and codes for the 12-12-12. They were there eons ago in an energy of 12 dimensions. In an energy of love and nurturing ... and that energy is being turned back on.

Epi-Centre of the Ascension

So it is logical, is it not, that the Crystal Vortex is the Epi-Centre Heart of the Ascension on the 12-12-12.

Masters, 2012 is just the beginning, for the crystalline energy is amazingly robust and effusively dynamic. This benevolent energy is indeed a force of omnipotent ubiquity that has not been seen on the planet in many millennia. It is a powerful combination of telluric, hyper-dimensional and cosmic forces that are capable of shaking the earth and opening dimensions. It is also capable of up shifting your frequency. All of these are in fact occurring, and exponentially so, as there are dynamics of crysto-magnetic physics at play that are beyond your current scientific comprehension. Its less than 6 months away!

Sacred Contacts

That is one of several reasons why so many of you will be drawn to Arkansas for the final Triple Date Portal gathering, the 12-12-12. For those of the Atlantean Law of One, the completion is part of a sacred oath that the Crystalline Energy would one day return...and never again be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Presence in the Crystal Vortex for many is a soul contract, and many of the Law of One will feel & answer that call. We will also tell you that several of the featured speakers at the 12-12-12 including John Van Auken, Graham Hancock, Dr Semir Osmanagich, Tyberonn and John Jenkins were highly esteemed senior members of the Atlantean scientist priest, the Atla-Ra of the Law of One.

All of their presence will add an immediately recognizable energy of sacred 'reunion', and that will be sensed and felt among all of the Atlanteans of the spiritual Law of One. And indeed several of these will be meeting for the first time, and will share the cognition very deeply. All who gather will feel a sense of exuberance, the magical knowing that what was promised millennia ago, will finally occur....the re-emergence of the Crystalline Energy.

What will be experienced in the Crystal Gathering in Arkansas will be absolutely unique. At the moment of the triggering, a wave of incredible energy, and energy not felt on the earth for a very very long time will sweep through the Crystal Vortex. It is what may be termed a standing wave. It will feel like 'home' to many of you, and you will weep in joy and recognition. At that instant the earth will shift into 12 dimensions. At that moment the 144 Grid will be fully completed...and we assure you, it is an energy you have never experienced in this lifetime. The 12:12 pm Trigger on the 12-12-12 will be the moment of the Planetary Ascension! It's initial surge on the Earth will be at Mount Pinnacle.

Arkansas Was an Atlantean Colony

The Magnetic Master, Kryon, channeled a decade ago, that evidence of Atlantis is indeed in Arkansas.

Arkansas, because of its crystal deposits was logically and absolutely an Atlantean colony. Crystals were seeded, programmed and coded. There remains in the vast chasms below the surface of Arkansas, ancient structures of the Atlantean era. These include a network of incredible tunnels, the remnants of a vast laboratory complex and what may be termed a hyper dimensional transport station. The latter of these is still maintained by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance.

There are also ancient housing structures, some of which remain inhabited by what is termed the 'blue-skinned' race.

Activation of the Fire-Crystal & Crystal of Thoth

On the 12-12-12, the two remaining dormant Master Atlantean Crystals will awaken. The Crystal of Thoth and the Ruby Fire Crystal. The former of which is located near Tiahuanaco, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the latter below Bimini.

We will give a very brief description of both, and will provide, should the channel wish, a later channel with more in-depth exploration of these crystals.

The Crystal of Thoth is a very benevolent crystal of Arcturian construct that was utilized as what may be termed a balancing generator of harmonic geo codes. It was used in Atlantis in somewhat of a medical application in the balancing of the Etheric to Physical Body. It could be used to reduce or increase the specific density of the physical body. It could be regulated to differing frequencies capable of creating fields and complex standing waves for stimulating health, well being, chakric balancing and mental activity.

The Ruby Fire Crystal or Tuaoi is a far more complex design and much larger crystal. Unlike the other 8 Temple Crystals, the Tuaoi was not utilized in what may be spiritual purpose. It was originally utilized for the creation of the underground tunnels used for hyper dimensional travel and transport, having the ability to vaporize matter. It was also used for deflection in the earlier days of first Atlantis to deflect asteroids. Other versions of such crystals were in fact used in the exact placement of your present moon, having the capability of a 'tractor beam'.

We will add that the initial surge and awakening of the Tuaoi will be closely monitored and it will not be fully activated for a number of years. Because it was misused in the hands of the Aryan Group for destructive purpose, there is great caution with its opening. The Tuaoi, unlike the other eight, was never relocated; it is in its original placement. It can be said that its purpose was then of the industrial utility. In a manner of speaking, a laser version of the nuclear, capable of being used for positive or negative. A collator, amplifier & generator of unimaginable energy, having purpose indeed, but not of the spiritual in the sense of the Poseidon Temple Crystals. It was retained in a protective dome structure (not a Temple), and activated for utility of energy.

The initial activation will involve a massive discharge of ionic-wave-energies. It would not be recommended to be within a radius of 60 kilometers of the Bimini crystal when it is first activated on the 12-12-12. Precautions are indeed in place, but the initial release is capable of disrupting & short circuiting the Human Aura. The fracturing of the auric field would not be fatal by any means, but the initial Tuaoi surge will fracture the aura in the same manner as a long distance airplane flight, capable of causing severe auric energy bleed.

The purpose for its activation is reparation. It will be regulated into balance at minimal function. It will be monitored, such that random erratic releases no longer occur. For the past 12,000 years it has randomly surged ionic bombardment of massive energy waves into the earth's interior as well as the earth's magnetosphere creating disturbances in space-time harmonics and imbalances in the gravitational field. The reparation will allow for the stabilization required in the New Earth by preventing damage from its uncontrolled discharges, you see. Uncontrolled these are capable of exacerbating tectonic movement and imbalancing crysto magnetic field harmonics that are necessary for the ongoing dimensional expansion. Do you understand?

In time it will serve great purpose, but only when humanity is of a higher vibration. It is not a living conscious crystal in the sense of the Temple Crystals. The Tuaoi is inlaid with circuitry, and is more akin to what may be termed programmed intelligence. It will be brought into the network very slowly; the activation is purposed.

Arcturian Crystal Masters

Although the incredible crystals beneath the lands of Arkansas have been dormant for over 14,000 years, we tell you that they are awakening...and within the next 4 decades, after 2038 specifically, Arkansas will be globally recognized for its unusual and brilliant crystalline energy. Many Master souls of the Atla-Ra and indeed Masters of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will purposefully choose to reincarnate in the Crystal Vortex, and in fact have begun doing so now.

These are the Arcturian Crystal Masters, and Arkansas and Brazil are drawing them in the thousands. They are specialist in Crystalline Technology and will innately understand the importance of these two regions, and will thrive within, and play leading roles in the appropriate utilization of these potent energies of the Arkansas and Brazilian Crystal Vortexes. By the 23rd century, magnificent Crystalline Temples will have been built around the Crysto-Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain, and the Temple Crystal locations of Mount Maga, Wilhelmina and Eureka Springs. And while 3 centuries may seem a long time to you, it is but a flash from your nonlinear aspect. Indeed many tens of thousands of you of the Law of One, including the channel, will specifically reincarnate in that period, 15 of your generations from now.

Brazilian Crystal Vortex

Now we wish to mention the importance of the Brazilian Crystal Vortex located near Sao Tomas de Letres in Minas Gerais. Indeed it is as important to the southern hemisphere of the planet, as is Arkansas to the northern counterpart. The two representing the most powerful crystal frequency on the earth. Both containing enormous crystal deposits.

The reason the Arkansas Crystal Vortex is considered more influential is because two thirds of the earth's land, and two thirds of humanity are in the areas above the equator, the northern hemisphere. But be aware that the two Crystal Vortexes, Arkansas and Brazil, are in correlated spin/counter-spin mode, and are necessarily counterbalances for the dissemination of the telluric portion of the crystal frequency.

On the 12-12-12 this alliance will upshift, and the standing waves of energy within both will be amplified exponentially.

So accordingly the activity of the Crystal Vortex will surge on the 12-12-12.

This will increase throughout 2012 and continue to amplify annually until 2038.

Arkansas on the 12-12-12 completion will emerge as one of the most important and powerful vortexial portals on the planet. It is the northern hemisphere source of the crystalline field. In 2012 and forward the crystals will begin emitting a frequency that benevolently interacts with the Human Aura in creating an enhanced gateway of multidimensionality within Mer-Ka-Na. It is the standing wave.

Sound Fields-Crystalline Standing Wave

Long ago the ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis contained a section of the Atla-Ra that programmed crystals with light & sound frequencies. The Crystals emitted a hertzian vibration field that was extremely beneficial. These were used for balancing the human field, enhancing health, healing disease, and for awakening into higher dimension. Some were also able to open an inter-dimensional channel to other 'worlds' and especially to the Divine Self.

Hertzian Fields of Standing Waves

On December 12, the Temple Crystals are initiating a pulsed hertzian field that is capable of living 'form'. This tangible energy interacts by induction with the human aura, and produces something of an altered state. The benevolent effect is akin to deep chanting, but understand that the waves produced are conscious, living, through the crystalline 'conscious spirit' of sound and light.

The living energy is similar to that of an elemental field, but of higher resonance. It is more accurately defined as the consciousness of crystalline color and sound. It is projected from the 'living' crystals, you see....an aspect emanation of the crystals themselves.

It is indeed the eventual recognition of this field that will motivate the construction of the Crystal Temples. The effect is myriad and prolific, and will powerfully influence the inner self, the higher emotions, higher harmonics of humanity within its energy reach. It is occurring now, and will progress from the 12-12-12 over the next seven years, forming a standing wave.

This energy is Atlantean Atla-Ra technology and still exists in some of your ancient Temples in Egypt, Peru, Central America, Java, Cambodia and Newgrange in Ireland. All of your ancient Pyramids built to Phi, contained in their original construct such standing waves within specific and relatively narrow hertz bands.

The Crystal Tuning Effect

In a very real sense, the triangulation within the oval vortex of the Arkansas crystalline field will become what you term a crystal bowl. Within the bowl will be similar, somewhat fixed, yet varying pitches or notes in the hertzian wave-range.The differing 'keys' are determined by the indigenous mineralogical energies. For example, the area of Magnet Cove will have a differing tonal resonance than that of Crater of Diamonds or the Radium Waters. The same will occur in 2012 around the Crystals of Sound and Regeneration in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais, respectively.

The crystalline standing wave will axialtonally join Arkansas to Brazil, (initially on the 12-12-12) and then envelop and bathe the planet by 2038. The effect will be the lessening of the 'arc-swing' of duality, by bridging the right & left hemispheres of the brain. The standing wave, when combined with meditation, moves through the prefrontal cortex of the brain, stimulates the pineal, and takes one into higher consciousness.

There have always been certain places on the planet that became recognized as sacred. Stone Circles, Temples, Pyramids and Cathedrals were placed in these areas by the ancients. In the last two decades, your academics have been involved in studying ancient monuments, and have credible evidence that certain ancient monumental structures around the Earth have several common features. One of the most compelling is around standing waves. We tell you many of the structures were planned architecturally and designed acoustically to enable specific sound waves and frequencies that affect your energy field. These can indeed stimulate the pineal in humans of sufficient light-quotient and thus enhance multi-dimensional experience. We tell you that it is not simply the structures; indeed the structures are dependent to a large degree on the vector of placement and the mineralogy of the site. In fact, identical structures built in differing locations will have different tonal frequencies if the geological matrix, latitudinal placement and mineralogy differ significantly.

The 144 Grid Completes on 12-12-12

In 2012, on the 12-12-12, the Crystalline Grid completes. The 12 dimensional fields join, with the dimensions 5-12 in crystalline format. As such all crystals on the planet amplify and harmonize. Those of you that work with Phi Crystals will be able to sense a great and greater leap within their energy resonance. Utilization of the Phi Crystal into thought amplification will remarkably increase.

Spiritual Emergence in Crysto-Magnetics

The new emerging Crystal Vortex of Arkansas will be far more powerful and serve a different function than it did in the Atlantean era. This is why the Atlanteans placed the aforementioned three Temple-Crystals in Arkansas before the tsunamis inundated Poseida. The purpose and potency of these Temple-Crystals have created resonance that is far more 'spiritual' in aspect and effect. The addition of these three huge natural crystals will add their succinctly specialized conscious programming of knowledge, wisdom, healing and multidimensional awareness. And while their sheer natural attributes are quite capable of shaking the ground and bending the space- time continuum as powerfully as the infamous Fire Crystal beneath the Sargasso Sea in the area of Bimini, their regulation into refinement via the Sun Disc and Pyramidal controls will insure that they are kept in optimal benevolent purpose and balance. The Temple Crystals are alive, and indeed highly evolved, and will benefit the Earth and humanity in ways beyond your imagining.

It is the magnetics of this location in Arkansas, in fact, that has held these crystal energies in dormant hyper-dimensional lock through millennia of tectonic movement and shift. That is precisely why the Atla-Ra specifically selected this area in Arkansas for their storage and seeding. You have no idea of the energy these are capable of generating. You see, it is the use of magnetic energies along with etheric light, light above and below the visible spectrum, light you refer to as ultra violet & gamma, that is used to both subdue and amplify crystals. An etheric gateway has existed over this area for the past 20,000 years, and a gateway of high frequency light is able to be focused into this area. This capability is sharpening.

The Law of One

The quartz Crystals of Arkansas are imbedded with the energy and wisdom of what is referred to as the Atlantean Law of One.

The Master Crystals placed there have frequencially transferred this vibration to the quartz indigenous to the area, and as we have explained, the Masters Crystals contain a higher dimensional alloy of gold conglomerate that has been received energetically by some of the natural occurring beds. The crystals from the McEarl mine carry this unique harmonic. These are especially potent.

Tri-Helix Vortex

The Arkansas vortex is quite unusual in its movement. Most vortexes in the northern hemisphere of your planet spin in either ovaline or circular counter-clockwise flows. The crystal vortex of Arkansas has a very unique, very specialized ' to and fro' vortexial motion. Moving approximately one-third of its circumference counterclockwise, and then rapidly reversing back in clockwise motion. This occurs in 3 separate arcs of 120 degrees. The forward and backward shift of this vortex is most unique, and is purposed in generating greater upward thrust of the crysto-magno-hydro energies. The energy of Arkansas has three succinct telluric forces that contribute to its tri-helixed field. These are the magnetic, centered in Talimena Ridge, Crystalline apexed in Mount Ida and the radium hydro-energy centered in Eureka Springs. These make up the 3 discreet arc- gyros, which are regulated and tri-helixed through the Pyramids below Toltec Mounds and coded in the Sun Disc below Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. The unique pattern of the vortex generates the energy into incredible thrusts with both a receiving and transmitting manifold.


The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical-mass that will allow for the conversion of Earth's receival capacity template from, in your vernacular, analog to digital, from black & white to color. An incredible transformation is literally only a breath away. The Crystalline Conversion thru the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is about to vastly increase the earth's dimensional reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age, the wind beneath the wings of the Ascension. The fulcrum apexial points are the Cosmic Triggers and the Triple Date Portals.

But release the fear Dear Ones, this time of the Ascension, in this New Crystalline Era, the mega power crystals will not be taken from you and misused as occurred in the sad demise of Atlantis. Indeed they will never again be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this! It is a sacred oath that will indeed be kept. For you are the family of the Law of One returning to keep this promise. It is why so many of you are drawn to the completion in the Crystal Vortex, for indeed many of you feeling the call were among the revered Scientist Priests of the Law of One, the Atla-Ra, that relocated the Temple Crystals.

While many of you have carried guilt for the loss of control of the crystals, it was indeed the deceptions of the Sons of Belial, the militaristic Aryans of Atlantis that schemed and took the controls from Poseida that led to the destructive forces and deluge. The guilt some of you carried for millennia, and yet carry today is misaligned. It is time to release this. The clarion call is beckoning.

You of the 'Law of One' took an oath that the Master Crystals would never again be misused, that you would not allow them to fall into the wrong hands. Dear Ones, it is a promise kept. Their sacredness and benevolent purpose has manifested. You have waited a long, very long time for this completion. It is a contract nearing fulfillment, and you are to be commended. Indeed you made this happen! The Crystalline Transition, the heralded Ascension will occur. It is happening now!

And we tell you without the 12-12-12 there would not be a 12-21-12. The true Ascension is the 12-12-12.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved!

And so it is

The above channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com Posting on websites is permitted by requested permission,credits and reference to website. For due authorization & permissions please email Anne at Earth-Keeper Admin at Tyberonn@hotmail.com Thank You

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ANDROMEDA COUNCIL The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth


The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth

​by Tolec, Andromeda Council

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
I always do my best to provide informative Andromeda Council news reports or updates that are insightful, exact, concise & detailed. This is the first one that has its own dedicated web page. I believe the below information will be highly valuable to you because it directly relates to the current clean-up process of what Earth people many times mistakenly believe to be the human ‘bad guys’ of ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati power structure. Why did I say “mistakenly believe” in reference to these beings? Because a great many of them are not human. The hard reality and a difficult truth is... they are in fact... Reptilian. So please, read on.

The final clean-up of the Reptilian controlled & operated - ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’.

As of recently, today, and into the foreseeable future until the job is finished, I want you to know there are coordinated teams of very sensitive, highly trained & highly efficient people, off planet people, 3D extraterrestrials and 4D & 5D interdimensionals, from aligned benevolent, ‘the good guys’, star systems of the Andromeda Council including: Antares, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Vega, and others, that are quietly working together to take out and remove as fast as possible –

all remaining Reptilians, especially those fake, imposter, &/or cloned hybrid human looking, human appearing Reptilians –

that operate, direct & control all levels of the ‘Cabal’ & ‘Illuminati’, including the upper level leadership, that have been and are today controlling so many aspects of our global society… as I describe in the lower section of this paper called, “The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption & control of our global society”.

Why are benevolent extraterrestrial & interdimensional people able to step in and help remove Reptilians, this pervasive, hostile menace to Earth humans?

There are many reasons. These are the same reasons that it was right for the people of Procyon to take out & destroy the various Draco & Hydra Reptilian underground & undersea bases.

First of all, Reptilians, though they erroneously believe it to be true, they are not the “… rightful masters of this planet & this universe.” They do not own us. We are not supposed to be their slaves, we are not supposed to be their chattel; and we are not cattle, even though they treat us as such. We are a sentient, thinking, intelligent species… with a heart, soul & spiritual essence at our core. We are great beings of light. This is who we are. And Earth is our planet.

Further, the best reason that what people correctly believe to be a Universal law, a “Prime Directive”, that governs the extent to which a more advanced extraterrestrial &/or interdimensional race cannot directly intervene in the affairs of the people of a developing world… it does not apply to this situation on Earth because many years ago Reptilians came to this planet, were inappropriately worshiped as “gods”, and changed the course of our natural development. They still dominate and control us today. And yet, this is not their planet.

One of the worst parts of this experience for us is that it’s so pervasive, and so subversive, 99% of the time we don’t even know who these controllers are that operate in the ‘dark’ creating more & more negative circumstances, scenarios and laws to restrict and control our lives, which continue to severely reduce our inherent sovereign freedoms… down to nothing. This is absolutely wrong. And it must stop.

Well, they are not “gods”. They are life forms that simply happen to vibrate at a higher dimensional frequency, though it is the lower end of the 4th dimension or density. This is not their planet. And they certainly do not have our best interests at heart.

These evil Reptilians, by their own choosing, have had their way with the people of Earth, treating Earth humans as a slave race & natural resource, long enough. And enough is enough. It is time they leave our planet for good –

so that we humans of Earth can reestablish our inherent sovereignty as global citizens, develop new systems of living & thriving that are truly good for us, utilize clean new technologies that already exist, so that we can eliminate hunger, poverty & famine; and so that we can prepare and more easily experience the transition & transformation of this planet… into becoming a higher dimensional world.

Again, their time has come. The clean-up of these Reptilians is on-going, right now, with the writing of this article. And it will continue until they and their negative control and influence is removed from this planet.

We of Earth, the true global sovereign citizens of this planet, have a right to exist on our world… as free sovereign people. Not to be enslaved by a race of beings who would use us as economic slaves, & consume us as a natural resource. No longer. This is our planet. It is time for them to go. And go they shall.

In closing.

I recently received the below comment from a young man in Hungary. He said to me and I want to share it with all of you,

"... I want change, I want a liberated world, I want truth. There is no price I wouldn't give. Even the highest of price. With

all my love and respect to every nation, and every family member outside of Earth, thank you."

Wodakote, “peace”, from the planet Dakote as a special member of the Andromeda Council. Wodakote to all humans of Earth.

It is our time to live free, sovereign and in peace.


Andromeda Council

Copyright 2012. Tolec and the Andromeda Council. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

note: for those people who are new, or novices, to the overall topic of "Reptilians", who they are, how they got into top positions of power & leadership on planet Earth, you may very well want to read the below. ps. either way, please be sure to read the below section called: "What is a Reptilian?"

Background information, the Reptilian side of the ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’ power structure.

For those of you following & paying attention to all of the Draco & Hydra Reptilian underground & undersea bases around planet Earth that have been taken out &/or destroyed by members of the Andromeda Council, resulting in the removal of tens of thousands of Reptilians, soldiers and workers of various types, from their underground facilities & undersea bases, from the planet Earth, including the late March 2012 taking, clearing out & clean-up of the final Reptilian undersea base whereby 2,000+ of the highest ranking Reptilian ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati officials & their military officers, including many of whom we would consider to be their generals;

these Reptilian beings were removed by the people of the Procyon star system of the Andromeda Council, and sent to the primary Andromeda Council biosphere for trial in a War Crimes Tribunal for their crimes against humanity. The actions of the Procyon people in doing this resulted in, to the greatest degree, the ‘cutting off of the head of the snake’, the ‘directorate’, the bosses & masters if you will of the total overall Reptilian ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati power structure. Yes, Reptilian controlled power structure… over the people of Earth.

To learn the details of some of the bases the Andromeda Council has taken out, you can find these news reports on the “Archived Interviews” page of the Andromeda Council web site: www.andromedacouncil.com/ArchivedInterviews-WrittenTranscripts.html .

What should also be especially insightful is the report titled: “Reptilian Agenda - Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370” which details the overall goal of these specific malevolent Reptilian races, which also includes those from Orion & Sirius B, to completely take over all human inhabited planets in the Milky Way galaxy, not only Earth, but all human inhabited planets – and to ‘Reptilianize’ these planets.

The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption & control of our global society.

It may, or may not, come as a surprise to you that there is complete infiltration & infestation, and therefore total control & corruption at the top tier of Earth’s global society, citizenry & institutions, directing & controlling everything below, at the top tiers of governments, military & intelligence, industries & business, especially: oil {gasoline & all petroleum derived fuel products}, energy/electricity/power, gold, ‘money’ {continuous creation of debt - fiat currency based on fractional reserve banking, capital markets, central banks… all aspects of banking, the various stock & commodities trading markets, etc.}, water, transportation, defense [contractors], news, entertainment {movies, television, video games} healthcare, pharmaceuticals, crop & food production… and the list goes on;

Whereby certain leaders at the highest levels of all of these areas of our global society, of all of these institutions – people who look or appear to be human, are not. Again, they are in fact – Reptilian

[note: The above material in this specific section regarding - 'The complete infiltration...society' - is only meant to be a summary. David Icke has done a great job for years covering the exhaustive many details, and layers of details, of exactly who, what, when, where & how the infiltration, infestation & control of our global society by these Reptilian beings has happened. You may want to read some of his books.]

How this all started… how Reptilians came into power.

At minimum, thousands of years ago, these Draco, Hydra, Orion and Sirius B Reptilians initially came to Earth and were worshipped as “gods”. They took control at the highest levels of human society, initiated and developed many institutions… to control & enslave Earth humans. There are many visual examples and records of these past Reptilians influencing many cultures, one of which is the Maya. Further, Reptilians control & enslave Earth humans today, at your continued peril and suffering, in virtually every aspect of your lives.

The Draco & Hydra Reptilians that have been on Earth have lived predominantly in underground & undersea bases. The Orion & Sirius B Reptilians, these are ones that Earth people are likely to have briefly seen, and mistaken as humans, but with whom most people have only had limited daily interaction. And yet they are pervasive in all aspects of our society.

What is a Reptilian?

Now, please understand, in their natural state, these Reptilians are lower vibrational, 4th dimensional beings. They are of spirit, of fine essence matter, as compared to being organic with skin, muscles, tendons, blood & bones like Earth humans. Like any other higher vibratory dimensional life form, these Reptilians have natural abilities that allow them to be able to form and manifest, to create - a physical 3D organic body. So therefore understand, their mental, their psychic power is extraordinary, off the charts, based on what people of Earth would understand at this time.

But something happens to these Reptilians that people call “shape shifting”. If by chance you happen to watch a seemingly human person who is “shape shifting”, changing form in front of your eyes, from human to a Reptilian and back to a human again, when this happens what you are seeing is the following:

a 4th dimensional natural Reptilian, manifesting/creating a 3D physical Reptilian body, which is using its 4th dimensional abilities… to project a human holographic image… over its 3rd dimensional manifested physical Reptilian body. It is a holographic projection. It takes energy on the part of a Reptilian to hold this human projected form. With regard to "shape shifting", what you are watching is its momentary drop in energy.

And, worse yet, when a 4th dimensional Reptilian steps down their vibration to manifest a 3rd dimensional organic body - their natural, original 3D form from millennia ago begins to manifest its most natural urges. An example: think of a vicious meat-eating dinosaur of Earth times past. Their sense of smell & taste are extraordinarily strong, same things with these Reptilians. And, when in the process of creating fear in humans which Reptilians have done on a perpetual basis, or creating fear in any mammalian being, a natural enzyme the human body creates & releases when it goes into a state of fear… this enzyme enhanced blood is like a drug that literally gives these Reptilians an enormous ‘high’. Ergo the use of alleged ‘satanic’ rituals you may have heard about. These rituals have been simply used as the best possible way to terrorize people… to have their bodies generate & release this enzyme… which creates a drug like 'high' effect of fear-enhanced blood for Reptilians whenever they are in a 3D organic form and they feed & ingest it. No more, no less. Almost unbelievable. But yes, it's real. And yes, it’s sick.

There are also telltale signs about these beings that occasionally give them away including the look & shape of what should be a human eyeball… specifically the iris and pupil… that often times literally looks Reptilian, because it is.

Also know that Reptilians are known throughout the universe as master geneticists. Over millennia, they have literally genetically created ‘new’ races of beings from blending their original organic Reptilian DNA, with conquered races of other people, including human(oids) from various planets.

When Reptilians create these hybrid beings, these hybrid organic 3D people have intelligence, but likely no soul or spiritual essence. Many of them are not created through procreation and are not born in the normal birth process; but are rather typically created in a lab, in a petri dish, they are then ‘grown’ over a period of time in a nutrient solution, and become fully formed blended reptilian/human(oid) beings at ‘birth’.

Reptilian geneticists, using technology, then download specific information into their hybrid brains over & over again to keep these hybrid workers productive. This is why they are blended reptilian/human(oid) hybrids, but not Earth humans.

About this section on Reptilians, whether they are 4th dimensional Reptilians, projecting a human holographic form, or like the above, are 3D organic ‘blended’ beings of mixed races - they are Reptilians… that look human. Not necessarily Earth human, but they look human. However, make no mistake, they are still - Reptilians.

And these four (4) Reptilian races, Draco, Hydra, Orion & Sirius B, they are typically very intelligent, and have chosen to be: ruthless, self-centered, self-serving, vicious, arrogant, mean, and have no ethics or morals at all. They will kill without a moments notice. Everything they do, all of the decisions & actions they have made & taken over thousands of years on our planet Earth… is to their benefit, to support their species and goals. No other reasons. None.

Reptilians - domination & control of Earth’s human populace.

Their goal is and always has been: domination, enslavement & control. Directing and managing the human race to best serve them… with us as a slave race and as a natural resource for them.

How have they instituted this domination & control? By basing the totality of Earth people’s lives around: economics, money, earning a living. Think of your monthly mortgage, or rent, & utilities. This is absolutely a system of enslavement. This is just one method of control.

How else have they instituted this control? Infiltration and abuse of power at the highest levels of governments & the military. What emotional ‘lever’ have they used to institute this control? Fear.

Fear through the media news outlets promoting the idea of starting, or considering to start, a war;

Fear through the starting of wars and killing of innocent people;

Fear through initiating & promoting through the media news outlets the idea of possible “false flag” terrorism events;

Fear through actually instigating and/or producing “false flag” events that kill hundreds or thousands of people, and worse;

further enhancing that fear by creating & ‘passing’ laws which restrict individual human sovereign rights & freedoms;

perpetually instilling fear in people by beaming highly agitating, low energy electronic & sonic frequencies to a variety of locations & populations around the planet… that is until the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council destroyed their Reptilian undersea bases & frequency transmitter beacons; and the list goes on and pervades almost every aspect of our society.

It is time to end this global fear based control and influence on the human beings of this planet, our planet, Earth.

It is time for us to be free once more.

Copyright 2012. Tolec and the Andromeda Council. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

A Vessel of Peace, Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

A Vessel of Peace, Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

The past two weeks have been a powerful period of awakening. In the process you have been instrumental in creating a new template for Divine Love on the planet as well as assisting in bringing an immense download of this love and powerful light to create positive change on the Earth. Because Love will literally bring up all that is unlike itself within you, many are experiencing upheaval in their emotional states. In fact you may be noticing increased turmoil in many areas of your life.

There is a rewiring occurring in your nervous system. The evolved consciousness coming into manifestation on the Earth now is creating waves of emotional clearing. This can lead to volatility in those not adept at working on their emotional states with peaceful intentions. When you are feeling inner turmoil, consider the waves this creates around you in your energy field, like ripples on a pond. It is important that you deal with your emotions so you become a peaceful presence. This is part of your soul purpose at this time.

You may be noticing how turmoil has escalated in more volatile arenas in the world. When you become aware of these situations, it is important that you take the time to send the power of your loving awareness into those areas. There are extensive networks of connection between minds and hearts everywhere. The web of existence is becoming more fortified. Your soul agreement requires you to anchor the light of peace for the Earth now. This does not take much time or energy, but does require your focus of intention to become a vessel for peace.

There are many ways you can create sacred actions that are in alignment with your soul purpose and with the promptings of your heart. There are light beings seeding creative solutions for a peace-filled world and offering spiritual practices that can assist the process of awakening. Incense and the burning of sacred herbs have been used for centuries to purify and cleanse energy fields.

This ritual practice has been observed by indigenous peoples all over the world and was adopted by organized religion. Consider using variations of this process in a way that will remove any stubborn obstacles so more harmony exists in your relationships and those situations that have captured your focus of attention.

Imagine a beautiful vessel of crystal, shell, pottery or any attractive metal that inspires you. Your vessel holds the incense of pure love. Through your prayers you ignite this essence so it can open doorways and clear all energy fields of disharmony. Your vessel of peace is in keeping with the ancient tradition of burning sacred herbs for purification. This incense of new life, peace and harmony holds Divinity. Your clear intent can send it where it is most needed.

Imagination is a key component in the activation process inherent in the awakening of consciousness on Earth. Whatever you hold as clear vision can have a powerful affect on the focal point of your thoughts. As you hold your vessel containing the purifying smoke of peaceful awareness, first use it to clear your energy field of any disharmonious thoughts and feelings. You begin by creating a pure heart and mind in yourself before you continue with any outer work.

As you light the sacred herbs in fact or symbolically, you ask that the smoke clear away all obstacles to peaceful co-existence within you. After you feel clear in your mind, heart and solar plexus, you can send this powerful purifying smoke across the web of space and time to clear the energy between you and another person or you and those living in an area that causes unrest in your thoughts and feelings. When you send this cleansing energy on the sacred smoke so it will remove all obstacles that interfere with Peace and Harmony.

Sacred herbs have been burned in shells, sacred vessels, on rocks and in many forms. The smoke from these herbs is beheld as sacred and has been used for cleansing and purification for centuries. When you carry on this tradition of clearing fields of energy, you are bringing more peace into your personal world and on to the planet. You can literally burn sage, cedar, sandalwood and other plants that are held in a sacred manner.

You can use pure aromatherapy in a spray or a burner with intention for the purpose of clearing and purification of energy fields. Some feel they cannot use smoke or actual scents in their ritual for whatever reason. If this is true you can become adept at sending energy with your prayers and intention to clear obstacles in the way of harmony within a space or relationship. This ritual can become a powerful symbolic act that will bring you the blessing you seek and will strengthen the template of Divine Love on the planet.

Be the one who carries out the sacred acts and bring blessings into the world. Much can be learned in the new times when we honor the sacred ways from ancient traditions seeking to bring more harmony and sanctity to life. When we add our prayers and connection with the Archangels and masters from the earth and the stars, true power and awakening is the result.

Here is a prayer that may assist you:

Divine Presence,

Into the sacred vessel of my heart, I create an offering for the purification and clearing of the energy and web-like existence within and around me. I clear any disharmony from my energy field, from my thoughts, and from my heart. As I hold a relationship or situation in my awareness, I ask that I be free of any negativity, and bring an open heart and mind into this moment. In that way I know I will be open to harmony, new ideas and creative solutions. I ask for Divine Light to open the way to new life, more love, and peace within me as well as on the Earth.

For all these blessings, I am grateful and so it is.

May all your actions be inspired by the sacred vessel within your heart and inspire Love and Peace in your world.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

August 21, 2012


18 Ağustos 2012 Cumartesi

Starting this Monday, building your own Ascension Pyramid - Ascended Masters

Starting this Monday, building your own Ascension Pyramid.

When we look all around the world we see the most prominent building are pyramids in many countries, the most famous one of course the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

There have been many questions about why this shape, why were they build, what they did within these pyramids and what is it we can do with these pyramids.

We know about alignments with star, where the pyramids were placed and that there is a certain energy alignment and activation possible within the pyramids.

The old mystery schools used the pyramids as activation, initiation and energy alignment tools.

The pyramids react to energies, your energies and you can receive certain initiation or activation within them as you are ready.

The other part is that they are portals to certain places where initiations and activations can take place. These activation and initiations are harder to accomplish as there has to be someone that can open the portal for you.

Many of these portal are closed at this time, most of them because they were not used anymore, others because they were used for not the right purpose.
As we are approaching the shift at the end of this year, many of these portal can be used to assist us in our progress in moving forward to a new reality, a new creation and a world more aligned with our spiritual existence as well as our human existence becoming more spiritual.

The problem is that many of these pyramids are now tourist attractions and cannot be entered anymore to go through the activations and initiations that were available to us a long time ago.

But these pyramids not only are in existence within the physical world, they also exist within our spiritual world.

This is where we can enter the portals needed again to complete or further our progress spiritually and physically as humans entering a new reality.

We can actually build our own pyramid around us so we can further our process of connection within up until the last initiations and activations needed for what we call cosmic ascension.

These pyramids can be built in any moment of your process of ascension and creating a new reality and a new world for all of us.

At this moment in time we have been working on so much to get to the point of cosmic ascension and the pyramids are needed to complete these last initiation and activations.

It's not really about the physical pyramids as much as it is more about the function and shape of the pyramids as geometric symbols within creation.

Our ancestor and actually we left ourselves so many clues as to what can be done and what we could do, but to actually find these clues and interpret these clues we have to be open to receive them.

There is too much confusion about what these clues can mean and the explanations sometimes get so complicated we can't even find the real meaning of these clues. Maybe it is simple; the clues are the building, the shape of the buildings.

I have been studying all this for a long time now and have gone through all the stages of complicated explanations only to end up with the simplest explanation.

So this is our plan for the next step into creation, our own creation, creating out new reality as well as our own process of moving within, and reach new levels within our being that allow us to start really creating more then something we only dream about.

This new course is for everyone, on every level of progress, but more importantly for those that really want to start their own process or complete their own process of ascension.

I have been working myself on this process for the last two weeks and it is a different experience all together as I am still in the process of building the pyramid around me. I am still working on finding the right geometric configurations as they are being applied to this pyramid that is being anchored around me.

But I have noticed it allows me already to again find more of the knowledge that was so hidden and is now coming available as I use this new configuration of energy. Another step in the direction of ascension/connection within/becoming what we truly are on every level.

We are going to start this Monday August 20 at 10:30 PM EST, we are going to do this in several steps as it takes some time to build the frame and then build the pyramid as we are going to use the pyramid of Giza in Egypt as the basic building block.

This Monday is the first step; each step is going to be 3 meditations/activations.

The cost for the First Step is $ 95.00 for all 3 meditations or $ 35.00 per meditation.

You can register here
If you have any questions, just send me an email at petra@bluelightstar.com

Golden Dolphin Online Event

Dear Ambassadors of the
Golden Dolphin frequency,

As fellow starseeds and ambassadors of love and light, many of you may be struggling to birth your own inner visions and following the internal whisperings of your inner knowing. In her book, Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary, Nina openly shares both a magical and challenging period when she received early direction from cosmic beings to birth the S.T.A.R. Clinic and what happened when she "came out" about her radical vision to her closest friends and family.

"The S.T.A.R. Clinic was revealed to me daily and my understanding of interdimensional healing was expanding as well... I didn't talk about the S.T.A.R. Clinic very often because honestly, I didn't know who to talk to. I just did what I knew I was supposed to with each piece of its unfolding appearing naturally and organically. All I had to do was say yes."
Join Nina and the Golden Dolphins for a free, online audio event on August 18 at 2 pm MST as she reads and discusses chapter three, "Adjusting My Reality," from her book.

May this sharing speak to your path and inspire you to follow your inner knowing. May you learn from Nina's experience and know that while sometimes it may feel lonely, you are not alone in this evolutionary awakening process, which is happening for so many of us around the planet. May you know yourself as Divine!
With great appreciation,
The Golden Dolphin Team

Earth-Keeper Sacred Chile Torres del Piane & Easter Island

Sacred Chile

Torres del Piane
& Easter Island

Special Note : 12-12-12 Lower-Rate Extended to 1-Sept - Limited Time (Scroll Down)

We are gauging interest for a Pilgrimage to Sacred Chile. This will be an amazing voyage to some of the most amazing & sacred locations on the planet. It will be a 8-10 day trip (to be decided) , and will go to Easter Island and to Tierra del Fuego , and up to Patagonia to experience one of the absolutely most pristine and stunningly beautiful places on the Earth ... Los Torres del Paine National Park.

Please email to let us know if you are interested. This is because we must book in advance, and must make the decision within 10 days. Email Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com to let us know if you would strongly consider coming. Timing would be in the dry-season, either Feb or March of 2013.

The indigenous peoples of Patagonia considered Los Torres to be the Mystical Home of the Gods, and believe that the stunning surreal monolithic mountains are living protectors, Giant Stone Deities.

I visited Torres del Paine in 2002 and was simply mesmerized by the exquisite beauty. The stunning vivid colors are reminiscent of Banff National park in Canada, the lakes carry the same silicate colloid of glacier silt that makes the non-Newtonian waters truly living liquid crystals. The colors are alive. Everything sparkles in this area. I made a promise to one day return and share this amazing place.

Trips to Easter Island and Patagonia, such as what we are offering, are rare in groups, because rooms are so difficult to obtain. Yet it is an experience that is an incredible opportunity , and one that is easier, much easier, in a guided group format , especially for Spiritual seekers and metaphysical pilgrims.

This truly is the opportunity of a lifetime. Because these location are booked out far in advance, we will only have a short window to confirm this amazing trip.

You may or may not be aware that accommodations in Los Torres del Paine are very hard to secure, very limited, and are expensive. Most rooms go for $300- $500 per night...and are fully booked 2-3 years in advance. Few hotels are in the Park.

After much effort we have been able to make a temporary reserve for both Easter Island and Patagonia, Torres del Piane for a maximum of 10 days. It will be limited to a maximum of 75 attendees. The approximate cost for the trip will be $3888. It will not include airfares.

Our trip will be in excellent hotels.

These locations are extremely beautiful & powerful. These locations carry the 'kundalini' of the New Earth., and exude an incredible sense of peace and well-being. These areas of Easter Island & Patagonia are already in the 12th dimension, the veil is very very thin. We feel called to make this opportunity available. Do you want to join us? Act quickly ! This is a wonderful opportunity to visit in safety and Spirit with nurturing, spiritual family.

We must determine before August 12th, if we will confirm the reservations. Please email us if you feel you are called to carry these Codes....

The Stunning Images of Patagonia
Los Torres del Paine National Park - Chile

Torres del Paine is an incredible national park located in south Patagonia, Chile. It is a 3 1/2 hour bus ride north of Tierra del Fuego, (Punta Arenas) located on the 51st latitude south. The park is known for its mesmerizing stunning beauty , its striking blue lakes, immense sculpted rock towers and monolithic peaks, which are considered to be the most exquisite of the Andes mountain range.The most famous peaks in the park are Cordillera del Paine, a set of three amazing monolithic peaks, which are behind a beautiful glacier lake...and the Cuernos del Paine (Horns of Purple), a set of curved spiked mountain tops. Also in the park are a glacier, a lake, and rivers.

If you have ever wanted to visit these 2 amazing but remote locations, jewels of the southern Hemisphere,
join us on this Pilgrimage. You will not find a more nurturing group or more affordable opportunity.

The Mystery, Magic & Intrigue of Easter Island

Easter Island has long been one of the most potent locations on the planet. It houses a satellite Crysto-Sun Disc of the 'Southern Hemisphere' and is an immense Star-Gate.
It carries tremendous codes that are essentiasl for the New Earth, as well as a base for the benevolent Star Nation of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance.

If You have ever been drawn to these locations, you will not find a better, more affordable opportunity. Visit these Portals with Family in a protective spiritual Field.

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In the Crystal Vortex-Epicentre of the Ascension
If You Attend Only One Spiritual Gathering
In 2012 ...This is the One.
It is no ordinary Gathering...

The 12-12-12 is the Sacred & Hallowed Completion of the Crystal Vortex and Crystalline Energy. It is the final activation of the Master Poseidon 'Golden Age' Temple Crystals, placed in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, to be awakened at this time in 2012. It is final activation of the Crysto-Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain tied to the final 12-12-12 completion of the 144-Crystal Grid.

All in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

Arkansas contains the largest singular strata of Quartz Crystal on the Planet.

The 12-12-12 is the Prophesied
Return of the 'Law of One'
For many it is a Soul-Contract ...
A Sacred Oath from the Time of Atlantis.

Were You There ? Do you feel the Call ?
Come to Arkansas & see why Kryon channeled
in 2002 that evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas.

The Crystal Vortex will vibrate more potently
with the Crystalline Resonance of the Ascension
more than any other location on the Planet....
...more than Sedona,
...more than Shasta ,
...more than Hawaii...

The Crystal Vortex carries the most powerful
Crystalline Energy on the Planet.

It is why in many ways the 12-12-12
Is More Important than the 12-21-12

Location Matters!

The Crystals combine in Arkansas with natural magnetics,
natural diamond kimberlite strata and radium bearing waters to
form a standing Hertzian wave that creates a bio chemical reaction
in the human brain that opens the Pineal - the gateway of knowledge.

This is why the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas is the
epi-center of the New Earth & Crystalline Vibration !

Indeed the Ascension is defined by the dimensional expansion into zero-point Crystalline Resonance.

The Crystal Vortex of ARKANSAS
is the Heart of the Ascension
the transmission point of the New Crystalline Codes
It is why MAX will be there !

Join us there on the 12-12- 12 !!!!
...Feel the Call ?
Have you been seeing
the number 12 popping up ?

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Registration for the 12-12-12

Registration Links for the 12-12-12:
$495 - Full 4-Day Attendance

$495 Entry is by check from USA Bank for the full 4-Day Event December 9 -12, 2012 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Entry enables attendance for all 3 days in the conference centre and day 4 at Pinnacle Mt State Park. Events begin on 9 Dec at 08:30. Each day afterward is from 9 am - 9 pm. Dec 12 includes the 12-12-12- ceremony at Pinnacle Mountain. Rooms are still available at the hotel venue onsite, but are almost sold out. You must be registered to attend the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 Event before booking a room onsite at our venue hotel. All indoor lectures, music & events are in the Grand Ballroom. We have reserved the entire hotel for the convenience of our attendees. Credit Cards & PayPal add 5% processing fee. Tickets are nonrefundable.

Questions or to register by credit card call Anne at 936 522-8804


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Celia Fenn scandinavi​a..spirit of the forest ceremony and activation

Actual link: http://www.starchildglobal.com/newearthrisingaugust2012.html
Video link is at the end of this mail, half an hour activation..very nice
SPIRIT OF THE FOREST ......an Adventure In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, July 2012.

This picture was taken one summer evening in July in Latvia. I am leaning against one of the oldest trees in the Latvian forest, said to be about 400 years old. This encounter was part of my recent journey in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, in search of the Spirit of the Forest.
The Journey began in Finland, and then continued on to Norway and then Latvia. The purpose was to begin the work for "The Earth Keeper" series that will be my focus in 2013. I have been guided to begin to explore the way in which we will relate to and connect with the Earth as we enter fully into the New Earth and her Multi-Dimensional Reality.
What an adventure that was! In Finland it was a Joy to work once again with the Finnish Family of Light, and to enter into the Forest World. In Finland, which is a large country with a fairly small population, the Forest is the dominant energy, with its lakes and rivers. The Finns have a close connection to their Forest heritage and to the Elemental world. The Rainbow Bridge that anchors the connection to the Sixth Dimension and the Magical Realms was first activated in northern Finland and Norway, and the Finns live with a sense of the closeness of the Spirit of the Forest and the Fairy Realms that exist within the Forest.

Are Fairies real?...In Finland they certainly are. This image was taken as part of a fashion shoot for my friend Mai Niemi's clothing range. The background of the Forest and the Lake evoke a world where Nature and Humans live together with a consciousness of the Elemental World and their place in Nature. This was the "original plan", when the Fairy peoples lived in the Forests along with Humans and before they retreated into the Higher Dimensions to escape the destructive energy of emerging humanity. It is time for us to learn how to respect the Forest World and invite the Fairy energy back into our lives. The New Earth will be determined by our ability to reconnect with and reintegrate the Forest energy, whether it be in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, South America or Asia......we will need to learn how to co-exist with the Spirit of the Forest. This is simply because the Forest is the original pattern of Abundance and Co-existence between Nature and Human Life....
The Forest is an EcoSystem where Trees dominate, and where the pattern of life is determined by the energy and synergy of Trees. Trees are living and sentient beings....they live, breathe, feel and communicate just as we do, although in different ways. They are older than Humanity, and they are Guardians of Life on the Earth. That is why many Spiritual Traditions speak of the "Tree of Life", for the energy and dynamics of the Tree World are intimately connected with Human Life. Human Life only thrives when the Tree world thrives, and it suffers in direct proportion to the suffering of the Forests and the Trees.
It was in Norway that I first became truly aware of the nature of Tree "People". I began to see, as the Native Americans and Indigenous peoples see, that the Trees are the "standing people", that they are our relations and that they have consciousness and "being". The energy of a venerable old tree, such as the one above, is different from the energy of a young tree, or a mature tree. There are "nurseries" of baby trees, and convocations of adult trees, and when you listen carefully you can hear the messages in the swirling leaves on the breeze. It is an exciting world for someone like myself, for whom the Great Forests were always something only read about in books.
I have been fortinate enough to work in the South American Forests as well as the Scandinavian, Northern European and German Forests. It has been a great privilege to learn to connect and communicate with these energies and to receive the blessings of the Spirit of the Forest. This image was taken at Solsetra in Norway, where I was privileged to hold a Seminar deep within the Norwegian Forest. It was a pristine area of Forest, about 20 minutes drive from the nearest town, Elverum.

Here, in this beautiful space, we were given the opportunity to work with the new incoming Light Codes for our Galactic Reconnection, while being held in the Loving and Nurturing embrace of the Forest. I cannot tell you what a Joy it was to live and work in this environment and to feel the answering energy of the Forest!
Of course, it was more than that! For many years now I have heard the call of the Spirit of the Forest, and its desire to be reconnected with Humanity in a Loving and Productive way. While I was in Norway, I visisted the "Forest Museum" in Elverum. One of the things that struck me as I saw the documentation of the relationship of the Norwegian people with the Forest, was the violence and aggression from humans. Of course, it was a difficult world, filled with dangers such as wolves and bears. But the wolves and bears are no longer seen, hunted and killed almost to extinction, and the trees are seen simply as resources. I watched how a tree was felled and stripped of its branches and turned into a "log" in about 20 seconds, and I thought how sad it was that a living being could be treated in such a violent and yes, disrespectful, way. It reminded me of an abbatoir, where we turn animals into "resources" in the same way. Indeed, we have a long way to go as we begin the first steps in reconnecting with the Spirit of Life in our New Earth.
The Spirit of the Forest is working with us, and calling those who are Earth Keepers and Forest Keepers, to become part of the Spiritual Work of Reconnecting Humanity with the Sacred Energies of the Natural World.
It was with this in mind that I travelled from Elverum, via Oslo, and then on to Riga in Latvia. Latvia is a jewel of a country situated in the Baltic Region. It is a Forest Country, with large areas of Forest still in pristine form. But even here, exploitation of "resources" and human abuses are beginning to take their toll on the Forest. My purpose in Latvia was to hold a Seminar and work with Family of Light in grounding and anchoring the incomin Light codes for the New Earth. We also activated the "Riga Star", which is a Geometrical Light Vortex that transmits the Forest Codes from the North into Europe and further South. This was activated on the First Day of the "New Year" according to the Mayan Calendar, the first day of the New Earth Cycle.
But my purpose in Latvia was also to begin work on a Video presentation which I have called "Spirit of the Forest" and which I am creating withg the assistance of the Starchild Latvia Team. We were privileged to spend two days travelling around Latvia and filming material for the Project. Here is an image taken as we prepare for an interview in the Latvian Forest.

I guess this picture embodies the mix of technology and nature that is going to be our future on this planet. We are having to learn how to create technologies that will support and sustain our Earth and her Forests, rather than pollute and degrade them. The interview that I was conducting was with a Latvian woman who had bought a portion of Forest and was establishing a home and a vegetable garden to create a synergetic relationship between humans and the forest. It is these brave pioneers who are on the frontier of the New Earth way of life.
Our second day of filming took us to a Church that marked the site where ancient Nature religions were incorporated or taken over by Christianity. Unlike other such sites, this one has a gentle energy, and it is today used by a multi-denominational group whose energy is very high frequency. Their love of Humanity and the Forest is evident in the Church and its grounds. This image of me with my Latvian friend Tatjana was taken outside the Church.

Our filming culminated in the garden at Turaida, near Sigulda, where there is a natural Temple of Trees. We filmed a Meditation/Activation there that I hope to share with you in the Video presentation.

So...just time to hug a tree.......

and then it was back to the City to prepare for more work with the Forest. Here is our Starchild Latvia Production Team :

From left, cameramen Eric and Alexey, Celia, cameralady Agita behind, Daniel, Tatjana and Viktor. And some very impressive Tree People.
I am looking forward to sharing "Spirit of the Forest" with you in 2013.
For now, here is a Video presentation of the the ceremonies that were conducted in the Forest with Latvian Family of Light on the 25th of July, the Day out of Time. The video was filmed and edited by the Starchild Production team members Alexey and Agita.
We hope you enjoy!

7 Ağustos 2012 Salı

St. Germain info and news-1 by ADİ GAİA

Greetings ~

The landing on Mars by the US Curiosity Rover is an additional extension of Earth's consciousness into Her extraterrestrial life and evolution which is opening up further awareness of the magnificance of the universe.

Some of the extraterrestrials who are prepared to assist this planet's ascension are now expected to show their presence before the Olympics are over.

This planet is now in process of creating Her ascended spacelife fields to accomodate the presence here in the physical of various ascended extraterrestrials.

I am also working along these lines.

St. Germain

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

New site ~ http://uciv.bravesites.com/

Greetings ~

The landing on Mars by the US Curiosity Rover is an additional extension of Earth's consciousness into Her extraterrestrial life and evolution which is opening up further awareness of the magnificance of the universe.

Some of the extraterrestrials who are prepared to assist this planet's ascension are now expected to show their presence before the Olympics are over.

This planet is now in process of creating Her ascended spacelife fields to accomodate the presence here in the physical of various ascended extraterrestrials.

I am also working along these lines.

St. Germain

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

New site ~ http://uciv.bravesites.com/

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Earth-Keeper Sacred OZ Powersites of Australia

Sacred OZ
Powersites of Australia
Special Note : 12-12-12 Lower-Rate Extended to 1-Sept - Limited Time (Scroll Down)
Coming Soon : New Channel - 10 Practical Methods of Strengthening the Auric Field

Tomorrow: Interview Live Online with Q & A : James Tyberonn will be the guest on Sandie Sedgbeer's Awakening Zone inet radio program at 12 noon Pacific, 1 pm Mountain , 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern and 9 pm UT (London) on August 2nd.

Click Link to tune in:

The Awakening Zone is an international radio network focused on empowered human awakening. The Awakening Zone with Sandie Sedgbeer offers stimulating and inspiring shows about living in grace in this changing world, featuring globally renowned international guests and cutting edge topics.

The Sandie Sedgbeer Show: Converstation at the Cutting Edge -On The Sandie Sedgbeer Show, Sandie brings her incisive interview style to a brand new series of radio programs showcasing the world's leading thinkers, scientists, authors and experts whose ideas are at the cutting edge. A British-born journalist and broadcaster, Sandie has interviewed everyone from movie stars to leading politicians. As a magazine editor, author and publisher she consistently brings new thoughts and new ideas to the forefront.

On Thursday Aug 2nd, Sandie will interview author & channel , James Tyberonn

SPECIAL GUEST -Awakening Zone - Thursday August 2nd

James Tyberonn

James Tyberonn has authored four books, co-written a fifth with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Tom Kenyon (The Hathors), and is writing his sixth book on the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones. He dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron, whom he started channeling in 2007. Tyb is a retired geologist & engineer, lived abroad for 33 years, and considered one of the worlds most prolific sources on Earth Energies, Grids, Gemstones, Auras, the Law of Attraction & multidimensionality . He reveals fascinating , cutting-edge information through his nurturing and scientific channeling of Metatron.

Click Link to tune in to Interview:

Power-sites Listed Below for Australia

The 12-12-12 Is the Ascension ... The 12-21-12 is the Birthing
Join us in the Epi-Centre of the Ascension on the 12-12-12

Dear Earth-Keeper Family ! Please help us map Sacred Sites, vortexial portals and powernodes across the planet. J Tyberonn has visited over 85 counties and as a geologist has studied sacred sites & Earth-Energies for over 35 years.

No Country is overlooked. His book ' The Energy & Geometry of Sacred Sites, lists nodes in every country on the planet, including yours.

We have previously sent out listings for Europe, Britain, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia, Mexico & Canada,and regions of the USA.

In this issue we are publishing Sacred Sites & Power-Nodes of

We will publish the list for the remaining areas of the USA, (including Alaska & Hawaii) as well as New Zealand, India, Central America & Caribbean, Asia & Asia-Pacific very soon. We ask you to help us update and add to our listing. Please email us if you see any omissions or have a suggested site to add. These will be reviewed and included in the next edition .

Help us map the Planet's Powernodes ! Email Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com to add information.

Coming Soon : Remaining USA Regions - East, South & North, Africa, Central America, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East & Asia-Pacific
....Stay Tuned !

All of these are in the Below Book - No Area is Overlooked !!!

'The Energy and Geometry of Sacred Sites'by James Tyberonn is available at this link - http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EKBOOK1

Global Sacred Site Atlas : The book contains a modern, updated listing of sacred sites and power-points across the world. Powerpoints and power nodes are in an amazing appendix, country by country, listing every sacred site & power point within the country. Every country in the world is listed. A Global Leyline Listing is also included. It is a must read for understanding telluric energies, vortexes and portals with explanations of the grid system and Ley-Line System. The first printing is sold out, and the 2nd edition is now on sale.

The 3rd edition will contain sites you suggest that may have been overlooked. Help us map the planet !

Auric Maintenance 2012

The Metatronic Keys
Levels 1 & 2 of the Metatronic Keys DVD Set
Mastering the Mechanics of Auric Maintenance

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Recording of live seminar with studio recorded meditation exercises for transitioning to the
Crystalline Light Body. Teaches Auric Maintenance, 13-20-33 Circuitry, Install the 5 Core Crystal Codes of the Metatronic Platonic Solids, Entry into the Universal Seat, The Harmonic Wave for Changing the Past and Scripting the Future. The Light Body must shift, the human aura must transform to optimally carry greater energy as the earth increases frequency. Auric Maintenance is now essential. This DVD set teaches Auric Maintenance in a complete and clear manner, far better and with greater detail than any other course available. Included are sections on dealing with 'psychic attack', auric attachments, thought forms, depression, Auric Bleeding, and methods of re-inforcing the Aura. Tyb discusses the mechanics of how to deal with factors that deplete the aura such as stress, air flights, conflicts, microwaves and reviews areas of imbalance from ego-delusion and anxiety. Auric maintenance is the cornerstone of carrying greater energy, and this ability to carry greater light for the Crystalline Shift is essential to developing the CEF and Crystal Mer-Ka-Na. Learn how to make the requisite upshift into the 2012 Crystalline Energy of the New Earth !

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In the Crystal Vortex-Epicentre of the Ascension
If You Attend Only One Spiritual Gathering
In 2012 ...This is the One.
It is no ordinary Gathering...

The 12-12-12 is the Sacred & Hallowed Completion of the Crystal Vortex and Crystalline Energy. It is the final activation of the Master Poseidon 'Golden Age' Temple Crystals, placed in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, to be awakened at this time in 2012. It is final activation of the Crysto-Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain tied to the final 12-12-12 completion of the 144-Crystal Grid.

All in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

Arkansas contains the largest singular strata of Quartz Crystal on the Planet.

The 12-12-12 is the Prophesied
Return of the 'Law of One'
For many it is a Soul-Contract ...
A Sacred Oath from the Time of Atlantis.

Were You There ? Do you feel the Call ?
Come to Arkansas & see why Kryon channeled
in 2002 that evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas.

The Crystal Vortex will vibrate more potently
with the Crystalline Resonance of the Ascension
more than any other location on the Planet....
...more than Sedona,
...more than Shasta ,
...more than Hawaii...

The Crystal Vortex carries the most powerful
Crystalline Energy on the Planet.

It is why in many ways the 12-12-12
Is More Important than the 12-21-12

Location Matters!

The Crystals combine in Arkansas with natural magnetics,
natural diamond kimberlite strata and radium bearing waters to
form a standing Hertzian wave that creates a bio chemical reaction
in the human brain that opens the Pineal - the gateway of knowledge.

This is why the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas is the
epi-center of the New Earth & Crystalline Vibration !

Indeed the Ascension is defined by the dimensional expansion into zero-point Crystalline Resonance.

The Crystal Vortex of ARKANSAS
is the Heart of the Ascension
the transmission point of the New Crystalline Codes
It is why MAX will be there !

Join us there on the 12-12- 12 !!!!
...Feel the Call ?
Have you been seeing
the number 12 popping up ?

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Plus 12-12-12 New Additions - Mona Delfino & Prageet Harris

Sacred Sites & Power-Node
Listing - Australia

Sacred Sites, Power-Nodes & Vortexial Portal
Areas of Australia

Did we miss any ? Please let us know of any sites that should be included in these regions.

Below Lower Rate Extended thru 1 Sept - Register Soon

Registration for the 12-12-12

Registration Links for the 12-12-12:
$495 - Full 4-Day Attendance

$495 Entry is by check from USA Bank for the full 4-Day Event December 9 -12, 2012 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Entry enables attendance for all 3 days in the conference centre and day 4 at Pinnacle Mt State Park. Events begin on 9 Dec at 08:30. Each day afterward is from 9 am - 9 pm. Dec 12 includes the 12-12-12- ceremony at Pinnacle Mountain. Rooms are still available at the hotel venue onsite, but are almost sold out. You must be registered to attend the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 Event before booking a room onsite at our venue hotel. All indoor lectures, music & events are in the Grand Ballroom. We have reserved the entire hotel for the convenience of our attendees. Credit Cards & PayPal add 5% processing fee. Tickets are nonrefundable.

Questions or to register by credit card call Anne at 936 522-8804

Coming Very Soon :
10 Practical Methods of Strengthening Your Auric Field ... Stay Tuned

About Tyberonn

James Tyberonn worked as a professional engineer & geologist for 33 years. He is a native of Arkansas, but has lived & worked abroad for 33 years, circumnavigating the globe many times & traveling to over 85 countries in his geology work. Tyb has always had a very deep love for the earth, and a driven interest in spirituality and metaphysics all of his life.During his 33 years of working abroad, he devoted himself to intense metaphysical studies of varied disciplines. He has focused on understanding the energy of the living Earth from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective. He is considered to be one of the worlds most knowledgeable experts on Earth Energies, Sacred Sites, Power-Nodes, Vortexes, Portals and the Planetary Grid System.
He has recently been to the United Nations S.E.A.T in August of 2011 as the featured speaker. A military veteran, Tyb served his country as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. In his geological work, he lived as an expatriate in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Gabon, Congo, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Scotland. He studied gemology while in Brazil, and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French. He has had a great interest in metaphysics, sacred sites, grids, leylines, portals, vortexes, healing gems, crystals, auric maintenance, EMF, Light Body, spiritual growth and music.

A musician, he produced and recorded a music cd of blues and jazz. All of the proceeds from the CD are donated to charity, the Foundation for the Cure of Cystic Fibrosis.

Tyb is a member of the Sierra Club and a staunch environmentalist. He has a great love for the planet, and believes the Earth to be the living sentience of GAIA. He has visited over 300 sacred sites across the globe over the past four decades. He has been a guest speaker at the 'Elders Speak' Conference in Sedona, Arizona and the 2007 Eagle & Condor Elders Gathering in Peru, attended by over 100 Native Americans including Spiritual Head of the Mayan Nation, Don Alejandro Olax. He has hosted many conferences and been a guest on numerous metaphysical radio programs including The New Earth, Voice America, Awakening Now, News for the Soul, VOA, BBC , Infinity Radio, Souls in Transition, and Mystical World. He has mixed Native American heritage, and has completed seven 5-day prayer fast, vision quests in the Lakota modality, and several 3 1/2 day fasting dance ceremonies . He has had numerous shamanic journeys in Mexico and in South America. He currently resides in Texas. He has authored four books, co-written a fifth with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Tom Kenyon (The Hathors) and is writing his sixth book on the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones.

He lives joyfully with his wonderful Scottish life partner of 35 years, Anne. Together they are Earth-Keeper.

Tyberonn began channeling Archangel Metatron in 2007, and is featured each month in the 'Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. He has recently retired from his geological work, and now writes and conducts seminars and sacred site travel throughout the Americas on a full time basis.His extensive travels and time as an expatriate allowed him great opportunities to learn other languages and cultures. He is truly a "Citizen of the World", and dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron.

" I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill". Socrates


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