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Dissolving the Drama of Ascension with Master LantoChannelled through Natalie Glasson 20-08-12
With light expression I bless you with the Christ Consciousness of the Creator, with truth, peace and an eternal love; I emanate the vibration of the Christ into your entire being so you may recognise the same within yourself, expansively and eternally. I am Master Lanto, my energies are gentle but radiant and I have worked closely with many aspects of the Christ including Master Jesus. It is my purpose to activate the devotional energies to the Creator around and within your being, as well as enhancing your luminosity. Devotion to truth, radiance, loving determination and the Christ vibration are of great importance at this stage of ascension, it is essential to allow these qualities to activate in harmonious balance from within your being. You may also find that within your recognition of these sacred qualities that there is in areas an imbalance, this can be adjusted easily. Allow yourself to practice the below affirmations,
I am devotion in divine balance,I am radiance in divine balance,I am determination in divine balance,I am the Christ vibration in divine balance.
Allow yourself to inhale as you state the first affirmation in your mind, as you exhale allow the divine balance to be formed, created and to flow from your being. Inhaling once more, repeat the second affirmation, exhale allowing the divine balance to form and flow. Continue in this manner stating all four affirmations and then beginning one more. Call me forward to assist in the creation and manifestation of divine balance within and around your being.
Balance is an energy each soul seeks; it is almost a security for the soul allowing for greater alignment with the Creator. Balance cannot be grasped or even adopted but must manifest from within your being, the essence of truth or your creator presence that you hold. Balance can be determined as steadiness or stability. When I think of balance I do not imagine it as an energy I will become or a quality I can acquire in my reality but an understanding of alignment with the Creator. When you connect with the Creator or universal energies, whether within or around you, then balance is a reality that unfolds, not due to your focus upon balance but due to your surrendering to become the vibration of the Creator. When balance is evident within your reality you can be sure that the vibration of the Creator is present and divinely integrated. If unbalance is present then you can identify that a greater connection or acceptance of the Creator within and around you is needed. In areas of unbalance a connection with the Creator can be formed by allowing the light of the Creator to emanate from your being during certain circumstance. Asking for the Creator to bless and align certain energies or situations to the divine essence of the Creator will also be of assistance, or by simply expressing the abundant love from your being while knowing you are at one with the energy and divine wisdom of the Creator. In this state you open yourself up to the divine magic of the Creator allowing for truth and blissful energies to unfold.
The presence of balance can also be seen as a deep and devoted trust in the vibration of the Creator. I, Master Lanto, believe trust in the Creator is of great importance at this time of ascension. There is also a need for you to place trust in yourself as a powerful, wise being that can make a difference to your own vibration, reality and awareness.
With the upcoming magnification of the Creator and energetic shifts in December 2012, the Creator is providing each person with an opportunity to love themselves unconditionally, to place greater trust and faith in their own power and radiant light as well as reaffirming their trust in the Creator. In many ways this is to create a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. I am aware of the numerous ideas held within the general consciousness of humanity concerning what will occur in December 2012, it is my wish to share some simple information that will assist you in achieving the most blissful experience.
I ask first that you dissolve all expectations concerning this time that we speak of, making a peace within your being that you are happy and content in not knowing what will occur during this time. By relaxing your expectations and feeling content even when uncertainty is before you then you will awaken and open your energies allowing for greater grace and divine intervention to be experienced. I would encourage you to talk to yourself during meditation or quiet time, explaining that you are perfectly at ease with everything that is occurring and you are happy to place your trust in the Creator watching the glorious enfoldments. It is important to dissolve all judgments you may make about the magnification process, allowing for love, trust, balance and determination to radiate from your being and mind.
I ask secondly that you are observant of the dramas you create in your reality and to eradicate these as much as possible. To create a drama in your reality is to enhance an energy, emotion, thought or situation. As a soul constantly searching for a deeper connection with the Creator you may feel as if you are constantly enhancing or increasing your own energy but in truth you are allowing your energy to unfold. When you enhance energy you make it larger than it actually is, when you allow energy to unfold it becomes larger but also becomes more whole, you are linking into the flow of the Creator's light. Drama is often seen in negative situations, especially emotional experiences and is often created to attract greater attention or even love onto the individual. Drama can also be experienced in spiritual practices, for example, if you are meditating sensing the love in your heart, you may become focused upon the love wanting it to grow, saying to yourself how blissful the love is and how you wish to experience it more fully. In many ways even this is creating a drama as you are trying to enhance the love rather than allowing it to unfold from within your being. When you simply observe the love within your being and open yourself to experience a greater flow your entire being rejoices and there is no need to enhance the love experienced, it simply grows without boundaries.
It is my wish that you begin to observe the drama that you create in your reality or the energies, emotions, thoughts, experiences that you try to enhance in your reality. The important realisation is that there is no need to enhance the energies but to allow yourself to have a more open and free experience of the energies. If you can begin to observe this within your being and reality you will free yourself of expectations and many ideas which may not have formed from truth, you will also gain a greater balance or attunement to the Creator. When you then perceive or experience the magnification of December 2012 you will understand there is no need to create any drama within or around you but to allow the energies to flow from your being and the Creator. In truth to simply be open to experience the eternal flow that is the Creator.
We may see many people creating drama in love or fear at this time as they try to find security, balance and a greater understanding, but if you are able to gain a greater mastery in your own reality you will be able to recognise the same in others. Allow your energy and intentions to assist them in experiencing the truth and love of the Creator. Let us dissolve from the consciousness of humanity the need to create drama and enhance energies, let us simply experience the magnitude of the Creator's light within and around each other.
My name is Master Lanto, I reassure you that I am here to assist you in any way that I can, simply call upon my energies and presence and I will be at your service.In love and devotion always,Master Lanto Latest News
New Capsule Available | Smiling Loving Heart Alignment
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Advanced Light and Ascension Awakening Retreat channelled through Natalie Glasson15th - 22nd September 2012, 7 Night ResidentialWith workshops from Mary Magdalene, Master Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Archangel Metatron, Fairy Kingdom
Also Available Non Residential 4 Day Workshop1 Day Transformational Workshop with Mary Magdalene
County Kildare Ireland
Natalie invites you to join her in the enchanting country side of Ireland staying in a luxurious Georgian Country Mansion in eight acres of grounds which will be transformed into a Light Ascension Synthesis Ashram for your entire stay. With daily channelled workshops through Natalie you will be guided upon an advance journey of spiritual awakening, light amplification, soul ascension as well as harnessing a greater connection with the Creator. Ancient Mystery School Teachings and essential current spiritual wisdom will be combined through Natalie's channel manifesting an advance spiritual awakening process. You will be guided to experience advance techniques and practise of transformation with Mary Magdalene focusing upon a deep cleansing to erase fear, separation, past programming and blockages. Mary Magdalene will guide in awakening the channels of life force energy within your being, rejuvenating the physical body, awakening your ascension body template, dissolving the programming of ageing and energising your entire energy body systems and networks. She will assist in energising and expanding your twelve chakras as well as planting ascension and Christ seeds to bring greater alignment and unity with the Creator. Such processes of transformation allow for your entire being including your physical body and mind to awaken to an ability to hold greater volumes of light, experiencing a deeper sense of your own limitless creation and self-expression as well as new sense of the divine presence which is your truth. Master Kuthumi wishes to work with you to enhance and discover your soul's ascension process, integrating your soul more fully into your reality. Your soul is being given great responsibility in your current reality and so there is a need for you to strengthen your bonds with your soul, embodying your soul at every moments of your daily life. Master Kuthumi wishes to assist you in experiencing and anchor your soul's ascension levels and the wisdom of your soul to better acknowledge your soul's ascension path on the Earth. At this time of ascension there is a need for a focus upon expanding and developing your consciousness thus regaining the consciousness of the Creator. Through the process of acknowledging and understanding the power of your consciousness and uniting your consciousness with other aspects of the Creator you will expand and amplify your consciousness to achieve greater experiences of enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual understanding. Uniting your consciousness with aspects of the Creator is a deeply healing process as well as allowing you to embody a more complete vibration of your truth and the Creator. Advanced level of peace, clarity and connection can also be achieved. Archangel Metatron wishes to guide you in this essential aspect of ascension as well as aiding your understanding of the multi universal level of the Creator's universe. You will be guided in exercises and practices to experience and perfect your ability to unite your consciousness, energy and vibration with aspects of the inner planes, nature, elementals and people to aid healing and accept greater wisdom. Master Saint Germain wishes to guide you in the process of channelling, building your channel and enhancing your ability to channel the light and wisdom of the Creator. Channelling allows you to remain connected to the divine vibrations of the Creator receiving guidance when it is needed. Saint Germain and Lady Portia will encourage and guide you in the art of channelling. Focus will be placed upon integrating the crystal consciousness into your being, reality and the Earth in order to allow for purer and quicker vibrations to be absorbed by all. The crystal consciousness restores your ability to retain and express quick light vibrations, allowing you to magnify the light of the Creator. The art of ancient, healing and attuning mantras will be practiced daily to energise your entire being as well as focused sessions on connecting with the elemental kingdom energies so prominent in Ireland and exploring throughdrawing the aura of the human body. We have a day excursion to Glendalough in County Wicklow. Glendalough is a remarkable place that will still your mind, inspire your heart and your soul. Glendalough has long been an area renowned for its natural beauty and history and it is one of the most visited places in Ireland. The Glendalough Valley is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park and has many attractions to entice, entertain and enthral visitors; from its world famous Monastic Site with Round Tower to its scenic lakes and valleys, as well as a selection of walks and trails in the area including The Wicklow Way. When visiting Glendalough you will notice that it holds a great volume of crystals which allows a thorough purification, awakening while assisting in cleansing the mind. The purpose of the crystal energy is to absorb and amplify qualities of the Creator. Our journey together as like-minded people supported by our numerous guides on the inner planes will allow for a great acceleration along our ascension path. Join Natalie for a week focused upon your spiritual growth, relaxation, fun, likeminded conversations, enhanced and expanded knowledge and a deeper connection with nature Read More and Schedule

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