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Starting this Monday, building your own Ascension Pyramid - Ascended Masters

Starting this Monday, building your own Ascension Pyramid.

When we look all around the world we see the most prominent building are pyramids in many countries, the most famous one of course the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

There have been many questions about why this shape, why were they build, what they did within these pyramids and what is it we can do with these pyramids.

We know about alignments with star, where the pyramids were placed and that there is a certain energy alignment and activation possible within the pyramids.

The old mystery schools used the pyramids as activation, initiation and energy alignment tools.

The pyramids react to energies, your energies and you can receive certain initiation or activation within them as you are ready.

The other part is that they are portals to certain places where initiations and activations can take place. These activation and initiations are harder to accomplish as there has to be someone that can open the portal for you.

Many of these portal are closed at this time, most of them because they were not used anymore, others because they were used for not the right purpose.
As we are approaching the shift at the end of this year, many of these portal can be used to assist us in our progress in moving forward to a new reality, a new creation and a world more aligned with our spiritual existence as well as our human existence becoming more spiritual.

The problem is that many of these pyramids are now tourist attractions and cannot be entered anymore to go through the activations and initiations that were available to us a long time ago.

But these pyramids not only are in existence within the physical world, they also exist within our spiritual world.

This is where we can enter the portals needed again to complete or further our progress spiritually and physically as humans entering a new reality.

We can actually build our own pyramid around us so we can further our process of connection within up until the last initiations and activations needed for what we call cosmic ascension.

These pyramids can be built in any moment of your process of ascension and creating a new reality and a new world for all of us.

At this moment in time we have been working on so much to get to the point of cosmic ascension and the pyramids are needed to complete these last initiation and activations.

It's not really about the physical pyramids as much as it is more about the function and shape of the pyramids as geometric symbols within creation.

Our ancestor and actually we left ourselves so many clues as to what can be done and what we could do, but to actually find these clues and interpret these clues we have to be open to receive them.

There is too much confusion about what these clues can mean and the explanations sometimes get so complicated we can't even find the real meaning of these clues. Maybe it is simple; the clues are the building, the shape of the buildings.

I have been studying all this for a long time now and have gone through all the stages of complicated explanations only to end up with the simplest explanation.

So this is our plan for the next step into creation, our own creation, creating out new reality as well as our own process of moving within, and reach new levels within our being that allow us to start really creating more then something we only dream about.

This new course is for everyone, on every level of progress, but more importantly for those that really want to start their own process or complete their own process of ascension.

I have been working myself on this process for the last two weeks and it is a different experience all together as I am still in the process of building the pyramid around me. I am still working on finding the right geometric configurations as they are being applied to this pyramid that is being anchored around me.

But I have noticed it allows me already to again find more of the knowledge that was so hidden and is now coming available as I use this new configuration of energy. Another step in the direction of ascension/connection within/becoming what we truly are on every level.

We are going to start this Monday August 20 at 10:30 PM EST, we are going to do this in several steps as it takes some time to build the frame and then build the pyramid as we are going to use the pyramid of Giza in Egypt as the basic building block.

This Monday is the first step; each step is going to be 3 meditations/activations.

The cost for the First Step is $ 95.00 for all 3 meditations or $ 35.00 per meditation.

You can register here
If you have any questions, just send me an email at petra@bluelightstar.com

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