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New Galactic Wave Is Online After 9 Days

New Galactic Wave Is Online After 9 Days
By Cameron Day, on May 30th, 2011

Last week I wrote about the beginning of a new Galactic Light Wave that began arriving on earth on May 20th and was in full force by the 21st. The 22nd saw a “virtual gathering” of lightworkers to transmute and remove the first layers of opposition to this energy. The opposition energy was like a “lid” placed onto human consciousness to prevent the low-frequency emotions that we needed to purge from actually being released.

We “blew the lid” off that opposition last week, and things smoothed out after that…a little bit. This energy wave took a full 9 days to completely “arrive” so there was a lot of upheaval for human consciousness during this time.

Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th were particularly intense, requiring tremendous purging and release. If you found yourself “flattened out” or “blowing up” during this time, please understand that it was part of a bigger release, and it was *not* simply that you were lapsing into past-based low frequencies. Please just acknowledge the release, even if it was a bit messy and felt like the “same old stuff” coming out.

May 29th also saw another, much larger “virtual gathering” of lightworkers all over the world pooling our energies to transmute more of the “dark” side’s “energy network” of low-frequency connection points that were suppressing collective and individual human consciousness. Thousands of us came together spontaneously, guided and coordinated by the incredibly loving intelligence of the Galactic Core, to accomplish a very profound, planetary energy transmutation.

This was a MAJOR turning point in our mission to free this planet and all its inhabitants from the repression and enslavement that has been present here for so many thousands of years. The process is not finished yet, but we are advancing on our goal of anchoring the Universal / Galactic / Planetary unity alignment that will allow each and every being on this planet to once again have unfettered access to their Infinite Self.

Now it’s up to all of us to ride this wave of momentum and continue to anchor these frequencies into the earth through our physical bodies. We can easily embody this galactic wave of light by consciously connecting to the Galactic Core. Please see “The Cosmic Flush” for a reminder of how good it feels to be connected to the Galactic Core.

While you’re there, be sure to use the rest of the Self-Clearing System to help you release deeper layers of energies that are ready to be transmuted.

I thank you all for participating in this momentous frequency shift that is underway at this time. Even if you’re not consciously participating, if you are reading this, then you are probably helping out while you are asleep and out of your body.

Please remember that every bit of participation helps, so even if you take just 10 minutes to “get connected” once, twice, maybe three times per day, then you ARE helping. I am making good progress on developing a new audio package that will help you do just that. Stay tuned for more details as the project nears completion.

Please leave a comment on the blog and let us know how your weekend of transmutation went.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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SaLuSa 27-May-2011

SaLuSa 27-May-2011

Your progress continues to delight us, and our interest is in your collective levels of consciousness. How they have grown in a relatively short time compared to last century. It is this success that has placed you firmly upon the path to Ascension. It means that you have overcome the intent of the dark Ones to prevent your onward progress. Now you have realized that the power lies in your own hands, and it has largely removed the fear factor that was so essential to the dark Ones success. Their control over you is ebbing away, and there is no longer any way that they will regain it. That is an absolute promise from us to you, and very soon there will be actions that shall back it up. Needless to say, the last half of this year will be a great turning point in your lives.

Suddenly worldly matters are indicating a positive move towards peaceful settlements of old differences and wars of recent times. That is how the new energies bring out the Light in those involved in such issues, and it is getting progressively harder for those who would rather perpetuate the old ways. It will go further when the governmental changes can proceed, and then you will see real action combined with our coming. Because we are meticulous in our planning, what to you may seem impossible tasks to complete in such a short time to Ascension will present no problem to us. You asked for help and we are here to answer that call, and we have been divinely authorized to contact you. Our coming together was always planned and is a natural step upwards, as your consciousness grows and rapidly rises towards our level. We were One in the past, and it is your destiny and right to join us to renew your journey through the higher dimensions.

Sadly but nevertheless by their own choice, there are numbers of souls who are insufficiently awakened at this time to even grasp the significance of the coming times. However, they will be cared for and given great love and care to settle them into a new environment. It will not be far removed from this present one, so that they can continue to incarnate into familiar surroundings. Then due to the cyclic nature of life, there will yet again come another opportunity to ascend. If your heart and love are with these souls, then you can serve them as we have served you for many thousands of years. The last time we walked on Earth with you in a peaceful period, was in Atlantean times long before its downfall. High states of spirituality were reached and many of you were there to experience it, and now you are at a similar stage but this time you will ascend.

The Universe also rejoices at your success, as it will complete the picture so that every part of it can ascend. Believe us Dear Ones, that your future is followed very closely, as the experiment you have been involved in has resulted in wonderful advances in your evolution. Each one of you has been where many others would not wish to go, and endured tough and often wretched lives to experience duality. You did however know what a wonderful opportunity it presented to become a mentor to other souls, who might desire to tread the same path. Service to others becomes a natural ambition once you reach the higher dimensions.

Having been earthbound for so long you have acquired a strong affinity with Mother Earth, which is why so many of you chosen to stay with her. It will be a grand experience to ascend together, and wonderful to see Mother Earth once again in all her splendor. If for example you decide to join us, then your life will be largely spent on board our great Motherships. In fact some are so large that they can easily replicate the surface of any planet. So it is like home-to-home and complete with other forms of life such as animals. They are no longer wild and have completely lost their primitive instinct for survival, as they live in perfect peace happiness. Such peace is a feature on all of our craft, and life is as satisfying as it could be anywhere else. The comradeship and partnership also includes families, and they have all that they could need for a happy and contented life.

The Earth has been referred to as a prison planet and indeed that is what it became. However, it was Man who allowed the insidious tentacles of the dark Ones to gradually bring you into a state of control, so much so that you relinquished your power to them. Fortunately you woke up just in time to take back your power to decide your own future. In the space of just forty years you have brought so much to Earth it has re-created the grid around it, and it is soon due a great input of energy that will draw the new Earth nearer to manifestation. You are certainly not alone when it comes to preparing everything in readiness for Ascension, as there are legions of souls helping that are even from other Universes. It will be a memorable occasion when it occurs and many wish to be present to witness it.

Tucked away in your homes it might seem that all of our talk is but a dream, but you will physically experience Ascension albeit your bodies will have been suitably prepared by that time. As so many of you have already found, the new energies are powerful and are affecting you in a number of different ways. That is your assurance that things are happening as we advise you, and we expect even more of you to begin to experience greater levels of consciousness. You will find a peace settling upon you that enables you to keep calm whatever the circumstances, a sure sign that you are making good progress. It will be like your experience of time speeding up, and be quite substantial as you edge your way towards becoming a Galactic Being.

There are many wonders awaiting you, and the guarantee of world peace will set you all at ease. Then you can get together to appreciate the differences between you all that make you unique. With the understanding that you are All One the racial tensions and disputes will disappear, and religion such as you know it will reform to be based upon the new truths that will be revealed. The One God will be accepted for all followers, and at a stroke remove what has proved to be the root of many problems and wars over the centuries.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and guide you to the truth that must surface and be acknowledged if you are to unite.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.

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Permanently anchor our overself bodies

We are having a conference call on Thursday May 26 at 9:30PM EST.

Permanently anchor our overself bodies (the Elohistic Lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of the Sonship, and the Christ Overself Body, and the overself body as described in The Keys of Enoch

Another important workshop as this opens and anchors many lightbodies to raise the frequency of the physical body, and to open you up to more of your full source being

The cost for this call is $ 20.00

You can join us here

Would you like to support our work and make more attunements and activations available for everyone?
Right now we have 22 attunements available for free in our store.
I would like to make this a lot more.
We are working under the Law of One, The Law of one is about balance.
The balance of the energies, as everything is energy.
So under this Law we have decided that for every $ 10.00 we receive in donations, we will make another attunement or activation available for free in our store.
In this way we all help each other to receive and gift freely.

You can find the free attunements here

Hope to see many of you in the one of our workshops

In the Law of One


65. Permanently anchor our overself bodies (the Elohistic Lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of th Details:
Registration for this event is open from: 12.02.2010 -28.07.2011
Category Kabbalistic Activations for cosmic ascension
Where: Conference call worldwide - worldwide
Date: 26.05.2011 -26.05.2011
Time: 21:30 - 22:00

Event description:
Kabbalistic Ascension Activations for cosmic ascension

The sixty-four Keys of Enoch on solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal, and cosmic levels in all five sacred languages.
Anchor the Deca Delta Light emanations from the ten Light Superscripts of YHWH.
Anchor the fifty chakras, the twelve bodies, and the Melchizedek diamonds and crystals.
Anchor the Nogan shells of YHWH on a permanent basis.
Anchor the divine template and the Light grid of the Elohim permanently.
Anchor YHWH's Tablets of Creation.
Anchor the cosmic Torah Or of YHWH.
Anchor the scriptures of Melchizedek.
Anchor the scriptures of Metatron.
Anchor the Elohim scriptures.
Anchor the Light packets of the higher Kabbalah of YHWH and Melchizedek.
Anchor the cosmic Tree of Life permanently; open all Sephiroth.
Anchor the seventy-six sacred names of Metatron and YHWH.
Anchor YHWH's living energy codes.
Anchor YHWH's Book of Knowledge.
Anchor the gifts of the Holy Spirit as described in The Keys of Enoch.
Anchor the scrolls of weights and measures.
Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood.
Anchor the highest triad of Sephirothic knowledge.
Anchor the divine seed of the Elohim.
Anchor the keys to the Father, Son, and Shekinah universes.
Anchor the biological codes for the Christ race.
Anchor the scriptures of the luminaries.
Anchor the codes of the luminaries.
Anchor the hidden divine word of YHWH.
Anchor the image of the Elohim permanently.
Anchor the flame of YHWH on a permanent basis.
Anchor the knowledge of the next universe as described in The Keys of Enoch.
Anchor the ten pictures of the Light of YHWH as described in Key 64.
Anchor the entire treasury of the Light of YHWH on an ongoing, nonstop basis for the next two years until the twelve dimensions and bodies and the fifty chakras have been completed.
Illuminate permanently the seventy-two areas of the mind.
Anchor the complete Yod spectrum.
Anchor the permanent Teleshift Light Field for divine protection.
Anchor permanently the Father's Eye of Creation.
Anchor permanently the Garment of Shaddai, the Lightbody of Metatron.
Anchor the superelectrons and microtrons so they can replace all existing electrons.
Anchor the biostratus, the genetic superhelix, and the twelve strands of DNA.
Anchor Light frequencies to spiritualize our blood chemistry.
Permanently anchor Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Or.
Bestow an ordination by the spirit of YHWH.
Anchor the celestial marriage of our twelve bodies.
Please anchor the star codes of the Melchizedek universe.
Anchor Light geometries to permanently energize our etheric and physical vehicles.
Anchor divine recorder cells as described in The Keys of Enoch.
Give us a permanent infusion of Shekinah life force.
Let there be a baptism by the Holy Spirit.
Please open all mind locks.
Open all seven seals so we may be directly linked to the cosmic Tree of Life.
Complete the opening of the Gates of Light all the way up to YHWH and his Treasury of Light.
Anchor the cosmic pyramids of Light on a permanent basis.
Activate our Messiahship within.
Anchor the Robe of Power of Djwhal Khul.
Anchor the Robe of Power of Melchizedek.
Allow the permanent anchoring of the sword of Lord Michael.
Remove at this time all veils of Light.
Remove all veils of time.
Allow a permanent anchoring of the tetragrammaton upon our inner minds.
Allow a permanent anchoring of the Divine Plan of YHWH.
Anchor the Light pyramid of the next universe of YHWH.
Anchor and activate all living energy codes so that our nucleic membrane can attach itself to the larger membrane of the universe of YHWH.
Anchor the scriptures of luminaries to come.
Anchor the sacred geometries and color codes to transform our chromosomes into the blueprint of YHWH.
Anchor the Light packets of information from the Nag Hammadi codices and scriptures so we can develop a greater understanding of the twelve Light bodies.
Anchor on a permanent basis the Electromagnetic body, Epi-ki-netic body, Eka body, Gematrian body, Overself body, Anointed Christ Overself body, Zohar body of Light, higher Adam Kadmon body, and the Lord's Mystical Body.
Permanently anchor our overself bodies (the Elohistic Lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of the Sonship, and the Christ Overself Body, and the overself body as described in The Keys of Enoch).
Permanently anchor the twelve foundations of the heavenly Jerusalem.
Anchor and activate all pertinent Light packets of information from the Melchizedek Dead Sea Scrolls.
Fully anchor and activate the structural pattern of Living Light.
Anchor the quanta mechanical corpuscles of Light.
Lastly, by the grace of GOD, anchor the entire Treasury of Light of YHWH.
We request that our crown chakras be directly connected by a cylinder of Light with this treasury, under the guidance of Metatron and Melchizedek.
We request that the ascension columns in our ashrams be connected with this treasury if that be in harmony with GOD's will.

Remaining Significant Energy Dates of 2011

Remaining Significant Energy Dates of 2011

June 2011

New Moon - June 1, 21:03

Partial Solar Eclipse. June 1 - The partial eclipse will be visible in most parts eastern Asia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. But keep in mind the Energy of Eclipses are effecting the entire planet through the Crystalline and Gravity Grids & the energy is felt by ALL. An excellent time for taking action for manifesting.

Neptune Goes Retrograde - June 3rd

June 13-Saturn Goes Direct

Full Moon - June 15, 20:14 - Extreme Power Date - Full Moon of the Purple Ray

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. June 15 - The Full-Moon Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout most of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia

June Solstice - June 21 - Powerful Day for contemplation and creation.

July 2011

New Moon - July 1, 08:54

Partial Solar Eclipse. July 1 - This partial eclipse will only be visible off the coast of Antarctica, but is occurring during the New moon and will effect the entire planet energetically. Excellent time for meditation, inner clearing and renewal.Set intent !

Uranus Goes Retrograde- Jul 10

Full Moon - July 15, Full Moon of the Golden Ray

Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. July 28, 29 - The Delta Aquarids will be in the constellation Aquarius.

New Moon - July 30, 18:40

August 2011

Aug 3- Mercury Goes Retrograde

Perseids Meteor Shower Peak: August 12, 13 - The Perseids is one of the best meteor showers to observe, producing up to 60 meteors per hour at their climax..The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Perseus

Full Moon - August 13, Full Moon of the Blue Ray

August 15 : Comet Honda

August 22 - Neptune at Opposition. The blue planet will be at its closest approach to Earth.

Aug 26 - Mercury Goes Direct

New Moon - August 29, 03:04

Aug 30 - Jupiter Goes Retrograde

September 2011

Full Moon - September 12, -Full Moon of the Golden Ray

Sept 16 - Pluto Goes Direct

September 23 - The Autumnal Equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere at 09:04 UT.

September 25 - Uranus at Opposition. The blue-green planet will be at its closest approach to Earth.

New Moon - September 27, 11:09

October 2011

Full Moon - October 12, -Full Moon of the Silver Ray

Orionids Meteor Shower: October 21, 22

New Moon - October 26, 19:56

October 29 - Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth

November 2011

Nov 9 - Neptune Completes Retrograde and Goes Direct
Full Moon - November 10th - Full Moon of the Diamond Ray

The 11-11-11 - Extreme significant energy. Triple Date Portal. November 11 at 11:11 am- Crystalline Recoding of the Planet - Mer-Ka-Na Transition and Activation of Master Crystals-The Crystal of Multidimensional Interface, and activation of the Crystalline Sun Disc.

Leonids Meteor Shower. November 17, 18 : The Leonids is one of the better meteor showers to observe, radiating from the constellation Leo

Mercury Goes Into Retrograde- Nov 24

New Moon - November 25, 06:10

November 25 - Partial Solar Eclipse. This partial eclipse will only be visible over Antarctica and parts of South Africa and Tasmania.

December 2011

Full Moon - December 10, Full Moon of the Pink Ray

Total Lunar Eclipse. December 10 - The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the North America.

Uranus Completes retrograde and Goes Direct - Dec 10

Geminids Meteor Shower. December 13, 14 - Considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the heavens, the Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multicolored meteors per hour at their peak. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini.

Dec 14 - Mercury Goes Direct

Solstice December 21 - occurs in the northern hemisphere at 05:30 UT. The Sun is at its lowest point in the sky and it will be the shortest day of the year. This is also the first day of winter

New Moon - December 24, 18:06

Dec 25- J upiter Goes Direct

Remaining Eclipses of 2011

2011 Jun 01: Partial Solar Eclipse

2011 Jun 15: Total Lunar Eclipse

2011 Jul 01: Partial Solar Eclipse

2011 Nov 25: Partial Solar Eclipse

2011 Dec 10: Total Lunar Eclipse

All Eclipse, Equinox & Solstice Timings Shown in UT (GMT)


Vernal Equinox
Mar 20 2011
23:31 UT

Summer Solstice
Jun 21 2011
17:16 UT

Autumnal Equinox
Sep 23 2011
09:04 UT

Winter Solstice
Dec 22 2011
05:30 UT

2011 Planetary Retrogrades:
In 2011, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are in standard retrogrades. Venus and Mars do not go retro in 2011.
The energy of a retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level Sometimes the individual has difficulty expressing the energy outwardly. Some part of that planets energy is held back. Retrograde planets often cause one to stop and reconsider the consequences, so that spontaneous expression is blocked in some way, yet inner exploration is enhanced. As such the outward behavior becomes exaggerated in an attempt to reconcile the inner doubts.

Remaining 2011
Full Moon Dates
Peak Full-Moon Times are listed in Universal Time (UT -GMT)

June 15 20:13

June 15-Lunar Eclipse Total (Umbral)

July 15 06:40
August 13 18:58
September 12 09:27
October 12 02:06
Novovember 10 20:16
December 10 14:36 - Lunar Eclipse Total (Umbral)

Master Astrologist Allison Rae - Eclipses in June and July

Master Astrologist Allison Rae - http://www.starpriestess.com/cosmic_time.html

For weeks now, people have been asking me about the eclipse series coming up in June and July, and I just haven't been able to find the words to describe my sense of what's coming.

Eclipses are special alignments of the Earth, Sun and Moon that happen every six months, in pairs or triads. During an eclipse, a shadow crosses over the face of the Sun or Moon, and we experience the interplay of light and shadow, conscious and unconscious.

There's a trio coming up: A partial solar eclipse on June 1, total lunar eclipse on June 15 and another partial solar eclipse on July 1. The June Solstice falls in the middle of all that. The new moon solar eclipse next week initiates the sequence and serves as an accelerator.

For weeks now, people have been asking me about the eclipse series coming up in June and July, and I just haven't been able to find the words to describe my sense of what's coming.

This morning I got in the car to drive into town (yeah, I know...if only I could peddle a bicycle in 40 mph winds). I popped a CD into the player and the answer came.

Jack Johnson captures the essence of the upcoming major eclipse season of 2011 in one sweet, catchy little tune called "Breakdown." When I found the YouTube video, I was ecstatic to find he also used the surfing theme. That's exactly how we've been describing the energies of this year since late 2010 .

If you thought the eclipses a year ago were wild, you might want to double up on meditation and yoga classes, and maybe do a quick cleanse to get ready for this line-up.

What eclipses, you say?

Eclipses happen in six-month and 19-year cycles, so issues are likely to resurface that you were dealing with in those time frames. This series also echoes a pair of eclipses a year ago as the Grand Cardinal Cross is reactivated this year.

** June 1, 2011 - Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Gemini) visible in northern latitudes, including parts of Asia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia

** June 15, 2011 - Total Lunar Eclipse (second of three in just one year!) on the full moon in Sagittarius-Gemini, visible in Australia, Japan, Asia, India, Africa, Europe and South America

** July 1, 2011 - Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon in Cancer) visible from a small part of the ocean between Antarctica and southern Africa.

Whether you can see them or not, you'll feel the effects of these potent alignments. The June 15 lunar eclipse aligns with Galactic Center, and the July 1 new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct the great star Sirius. The June Solstice falls in the middle of all that. The new moon solar eclipse on June 1 initiates the sequence and serves as an accelerator.

Unlike the Grand Cardinal Cross alignments last summer or the total lunar eclipse on the Solstice last December, this is the first and only eclipse series that will happen during the final underworld of the Mayan calendar (as interpreted by Carl Johan Calleman).

During this Mayan Ninth Wave, the evolution of consciousness speeds up by a factor of 20 from the previous underworld (1999-2011). According to Carl's interpretation, the amount of change we experienced from June 1999 through March 9 of this year is happening in less than eight months - from March 9 through October 28, 2011. That's a head-spinning rate of change compared to anything we've experienced.

Since the Ninth Wave began on March 9, a revolution has swept through the Middle East, a massive earthquake and tsunami crippled Japan, humanity now faces the worst nuclear disaster in history, and economies are shuddering the world over. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that happened as the Grand Cardinal Crosses were forming in the heavens last year continues to plague us.

We've reached a precipice. Individually and collectively, change is mandatory. This summer (or winter, if you're in the southern hemisphere), we have a rare opportunity to participate in shifting the trajectory of life on Earth in alignment with evolutionary forces.

Since ancient times, eclipses have been associated with sudden, abrupt changes. We feel the effects of shifting electromagnetic frequencies beginning two to three weeks in advance, and continuing for several weeks following these special planetary alignments. That means things feel unstable, shaky, volatile.

Because of the specific ways the eclipse configurations line up in this series, changes will be sudden, forceful and highly transformative. There's enormous potential in that. Not every moment will be comfortable or joyful, but ultimately the process will pay off.

Are there things in your life that you know need to change? Have you been yearning to release addictions and get healthy? Are you itching to turn your life around, maybe switch careers, end a relationship, relocate, transform your body, get more sustainable? Eclipses break down longstanding energy patterns. So now's the perfect time.

We're in the electromagnetic wobble of the eclipses now, and the Gemini solar eclipse is next week. The period continues through mid-July, two weeks after the final eclipse. That's the window of opportunity. With the support of a loving universe, life on earth will never be the same.

As Jack Johnson says, "I need this here old train to break down." When it does, we get to do things differently. It's about time.

In Cosmic Time, Allison Rae explores cycles of time, our relationship to the cosmos and what's to come as the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth. A gifted natural clairvoyant and passionate teacher, Allison offers individual consultations by phone, and leads workshops. Visit http://heyallie.com for more information.

Copyright 2011 Allison Rae/HeyAllie.com

** Please note that content in this newsletter is copyrighted and may not be reprinted without permission and proper attribution. You're welcome to forward the newsletter in its complete original form. If you'd like to reprint articles and/or post them on your website, please e-mail Allison directly

The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn

Archangel Metatron Channel
via James Tyberonn
The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad

Greetings Masters, and so we encircle you in an OMM-Wave of Unconditional Love.
And indeed this love is a calming, centering wellness that each of you will desire to carry forward in the remaining months of 2011, and indeed into 2012.

Dear Humans in June of 2011 will begin a 30-day period that will offer important shift completions and change to the Earth and indeed mankind. This period completes many of the movements that in truth began months earlier. The release of 'old-energy' scenarios, situations and relationships that no longer are in resonance with the New Earth will occur in macro and micro, globally and individually.

We tell you that the group movements in North Africa and the Middle Eastern governments are part of this 'wind of change'. You will find in individuality that relationship 'sabbaticals' will increasingly occur and that you will be severing ties, some temporary, some permanently, with those that carry energies that are, without judgement, incompatible with your own. This is appropriate. It is often the very process of separation, released in love, that is the catalyst to growth and change for greatest good. This will be enhanced by the Solstice energies of June 21.

The eclipses are a time to look inward, to heal, release and restructure. To take action on fine tuning with focus on the self. Thus each moment of this opportunity is an offering that will enable your acceleration. This happens first with the Self, and the removal of static facilitates your ability to best utilize this important flow of the 'Wind of Change'. By facing your unique challenges in this movement, you will ultimately gain and grow. But do so in love. Love is ever the key. But love requires strength, and impeccability is defined by being true to your self. Now is the time! Seize the day!

Each Moment Matters

It is so important that each of you understand and fully realize how truly important each moment you live in these accelerated energies is to the Cosmos, the New Earth and to you. Indeed there is a new energy on this planet, and this energy seeks to now further activate your awareness and light quotient. And Dear Ones, your ability to hold greater light embellishes you ability to express love. That Love begins with not only accepting , but truly loving the Divine Self. You are beginning to understand how beautiful you truly are, and that Dear Humans, is so important in these Ascending times.

You all have within you the power of God, and we call upon you to allow that recognition, that renewed self acceptance, that immaculate LOVE to wash over you.

It is your calibrated birthright and it is beautiful. You are rediscovering this ecstasy of Immaculate Love in your meditations, for a transitional expansion is occurring in this new energy. You are now opening to more clearly see how important your lives are, not just to the Earth but to the grand Cosmos as well. Oh yes, this is so true!

You see the vibrations of this deep meditative expansion is over-flowing into the physical realms that you live in...and YOU made that happen. The veil between dimensions has thinned, and the part of you that is on 'the other side' of the veil is tenderly reaching through to touch your heart. And the part of you in higher dimension is the quantum you, the real 'you' that is dreaming this profound experience of life. That higher self wants you to know, as do we of the Angelic Realm, how much you are loved, how important and magnificent you truly are. Dear Humans can you fathom this?

You Are On Path

You so often have doubted yourselves. So often felt your lives were headed nowhere. Oh Dear Ones, if you only knew and will accept the truth of what a difference you have made and are continuing to make.

There have always been the doubters, the naysayers that said the Ascension would never occur, that humanity would not consummate this sacred graduation into higher consciousness. But you have effectuated that achievement, the Ascension is now an absolute certainty. It is manifesting! Indeed it has been for two decades, and most of you do not credit yourselves for navigating it into reality. Many of you still do not realize that the work you have done on both sides of the veil over the past 25 years has changed the earth you were born on into a completely different frequency and paradigm.

You are responsible for it, and mankind does not yet comprehend what you have done or own the credit of this achievement. Masters what you have done is the very reason many of you are now reading these words that are sent from another dimension.
And so allow me to honor you as we speak of the coming month and remaining year of 2011. For you have grown much stronger than you realize. You have taken a quantum leap....and regardless of the calendar days of 2011, what lies ahead of you is indeed a leap year! It is a year of Quantum-Leap !

Equinoxes and Solstices of 2011

The Equinoxes and Solstices of 2011 are exceptional powerful and multi purposed. These are in fact Ascension catalyst and triggers. These potent days should be used for group prayer, healing, release, completion and meditation & indeed deep self review. The solstices and equinoxes remaining in the next two years are complex and flamed with multiple hologramic inserts for the Ascension of both mankind and the planet. We assure you that these astrological events are infinitely more powerful than the equinoxes and solstices in the past several millennia. We urge each of you to discern and utilize them as suggested. Gather on these days, and the power of Group Consciousness will flower exponentially.

The Potent Eclipses of 2011

In addition, 2011 will have an extremely rare aggregation of complex coded eclipses. There will be a total of 6 eclipses in 2011, and 3 of these will occur in a 30 day phase between June 1st and July 1st.

This period will be punctuated by the June Solstice.

Mid Year 'Eclipse Triad"

The powerful mid year "Eclipse-Triad " occur on :

(1) June 1 (2) June 15 (3) July 1.

The three occur exactly 15 days apart. It is two partial solar eclipses , sandwiching a full moon lunar eclipse. Barely enough breathing room, so get ready for a powerful ride. All of this is punctuated by an extremely powerful Solstice on June 21st. Whilst the two 'outer eclipses' of the Triad, are partial solar, do not think that their energies are lessened by the fact that they are not full eclipses, the energy of all 3 will be extremely potent, and felt by the entire planet, whether visible or not from your specific vector on the planet. The energy will encircle the globe and effect each of you.

The June 1st lunar eclipse is the beginning, and truly the energy of each of these events has an intersecting field that expands energetically from 3 days prior and 3 days after the eclipse.

The Energies:

The energy pattern of the Triad is around release, healing and reconstruction.

June 1 : Release and cleansing, release of old energy patterns. Patterns that may be ingrained, even hidden.

June 15 : Healing through acceptance of Facing the Challenge, and being true to SELF.

July 1: Strength and Completion of the 'New You'. Not only visualizing the attributes and events you wish to create, but taking requisite actions, steps forward to manifest them.

The mid summer solstice ( mid winter below the equator) is the amplification energetic flow of all of these. And in 2011 it adds a unique energy that calls forth the
Gateway to 11-11-11
Indeed the energy build and sustenance of the solstice extends 14 days prior and 14 days after the June 21 event.

This is one of the most magnanimous energies of 2011, and is the gateway to the Crystalline quickening of the 11-11-11.

As such, all of you on the earth-plane are now within the field immersion of an incredible crystalline energy. The result is that your own auric fields and Mer-Ka-Na Light Bodies are, through induction, becoming extreme energy in motion. It is energy as desire expressing itself and so your work calls forth now an even finer frequency.

Imagine that if you will take vitamins for your physical body they must be such that they can be absorbed by the body to generate wellness, well being, and better health. And so it is the same with the Crystalline Transition, its frequencies and energies are indeed vitamins of light expansion for the light body.

The crystalline resonance now surrounds you in ways that allow you to absorb their pristine symmetries into your energy fields, transferring them, converting them, and amplifying them into your own work, into your desires, into your fulfillment and into all ways that touch earth and humanity.

The Triple Date Portal

The Triple-Date Portal of November 2011 will be the most potent singular day of the year. Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the Cosmic Energy that is amassed in the final stages of activating the 144-Crystal Grid. On the 11-11-11 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex.

This awakening will sequentially recode the 12 Golden Sun Disc around the planet.
These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, and a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal Vortex will be activated beneath the area of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas, and this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex and then network the new DNA codes across the planet.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the unified crystalline field in the Crystalline Transition of the planet. Indeed these are being reprogrammed by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!

The Golden Sun Disc discs will emit a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the crystalline aspect through the 144-Grid. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.

Now as your Ascension completes itself, you will have greater access to the multi dimensional aspects of yourselves. In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has, for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality. Do you understand?

Now the Earth and Human Kind will have need for the Crystalline Transition, both of the Earth an of your energy expansions. So it is YOU that will call it forth. It will assist in many roles, perhaps more than you imagine.

It will change the way the human body receives sunlight. It will assist in the translucent luminous transformation of the body physical. It will trigger the transition of the human body from carbon to silicon base. It will in kind change the nutritional needs of the human body physical. It will defend the earth's magnetosphere by deflecting meteorites and comets, it will lessen the effects of gamma rays into the Earth's atmosphere. It will come forth by a natural and scientific effort, it is the natural offspring of the completed 144-crystalline grid.

The 2011 Eclipses

And Masters, indeed the 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year, in 2011, is quite rare, so you see there is a divine plan unrolling. We tell you that Eclipses are opportunities for energizing change.

Dear Ones, the eclipses of 2011 are an offering to make any necessary shifts that you discern appropriate in your individual and collective life stream. These are best afforded by synchronizing them through the contemplation and review that are available on equinoxes and solstices.

Perfect Order

Some of you say and feel that "Everything works out as it should, all is in perfect order". But Masters, that concept is something of a is a paradox, and like a face card it is upside down either way you look at it. Do you understand?

From the higher perspective all is in perfect order, but from the perspective of humankind within duality, it is not! If it were there would be no need for lesson, no need for what you term reincarnation.

One need but take a look around and know that the plight of humankind on the planet Earth is far from being perfect. Indeed it will NOT work out as it should, until you make it so!

This applies in micro and macro. There is much to manage, much to review. All in time and Masters it will occur.


Dear Humans, in closing, let me express unequivocally that I and the Angelic Realm are in a special role of supporting you far more than you may realize. For you too are Gods in creation, sparks of the Divine becoming violet flames of the All That Is.

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us.
We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you, We are sending this energy to each one of you in the 'NOW' moment that you read these words, Can you feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the final two years of Earths Crystalline Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries. All in free will, all by choice. And in that time, there will be no global war, no mass starvation.

You see on December 21, 2012, the Earth Ascends, and Ascension for Humanity is available. But do not expect the 3d Earth you see around you now to instantly follow suit. That will occur in three centuries, but it is the expanded energy of the planetary Crystalline Transformation that you call the Ascension that will allow for mankind's transition...one heart at a time.

In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs one heart at a time, inside each of you. As such you must BE the change you want to see!

It is a future of Ascension that you are creating...and we tell you that this period of three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the appropriate path !

Before you lies an incredible awakening and completion. 2011 is a time of omnipotent review, release, re-calibration, and restructuring. It is truly a time of quickening, amplification and indeed celebration. You each have made a difference, and you will depart this planet a greater light, than from hence you entered. And you did it your way. In Love. I invite you to feel joy, for you have earned it !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is...

25 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba

The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar...

The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of
the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into
the chaos from which the new world will be born

On March 9th, 2011 the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar system was activated. This was the beginning the final countdown to the date of completion of the Mayan calendar: October 28, 2011. This new wave, made up of thirteen uaxaclahunkin periods of 18 days, meant a twenty times increase in frequency compared to the 8th wave of the Galactic Underworld that had been activated in January of 1999. This frequency increase has become evident to everyone as an extraordinary amount of significant and dramatic events compressed into a very short period of time. The Ninth wave immediately manifested in the earthquake in Japan and its first day included not only the aftershocks of this quake and the ensuing nuclear crisis, but a new war in Libya against the background of revolutionary processes going on in twelve different Arabic nations. Previously, any one of these events would have soaked up all the attention of the international community, but as they are now all happening simultaneously our attention is split between several equally dramatic developments. Thus, the cover of Newsweek magazine exclaims Apocalypse Now. Whether people are aware of the background of these events in the Ninth wave or not the frequency increase that it has brought has shaken almost everyone alive.

Economists have commented that never before has the world's economy been characterized by so many cross currents as now and the future seems utterly unpredictable according to any model for linear change. The events both in the Middle East and Japan undermine the monetary system of the world based on the US dollar as a reserve currency. The Arabic revolutions undermine it because the point has come closer when dollars will not be accepted as payment for oil. The quake and nuclear crisis in Japan does the same because this nation has been lending large sums of money to the US that now instead will be needed for its own reconstruction. To this should be added that in the first day of the Ninth wave a quarter of a million people demonstrated in London against austerity measures by its government and the US government is now grappling with the problem of how to pay its employees. As the options to postpone a crisis by printing money now seem exhausted the world is facing the possibility of a global economic collapse. The added frequency of the ninth wave of unity consciousness will simply disrupt, in one way or another, any attempt to stabilize the world around the old system of materialist dominance. That the world will experience a very serious economic situation, much more difficult than in 2008, at some point in the Ninth wave seems certain. I believe the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar is the time of the Great Purification as has been talked about for instance in the Hopi Prophecy.

The high frequency of change and the many cross currents of cosmic energies that are now operating on our planet also affects the personal lives of many, who under the influence of this wave are going through major life changes. Planning your life as if it is going to stay the same in the future is becoming near or totally impossible even in the short term. Staying balanced is challenging when many energies are affecting us and pushing us in different, sometimes conflicting, directions. One result of these impulses seems however to be healings and unifications of families. In my view the overall purpose of the Ninth wave is to make people realize that there will be no other way forward except a surrendering to the divine and a commitment to follow its guidance to create a world in harmony. Human beings will no longer be able to entertain the illusion that they are in control. The road of materialism has lead to a dead end and attempts to get out of this are now likely to be blocked in all directions. The main theme of the Ninth wave will then be to let go, and especially to let go of all our established ways of domination. The result of the Ninth wave will be what we from our old perspective would call chaos and anarchy (anarchy means that no one rules) and people will increasingly start to ask what governments are good for and who needs them.

To a large number of people, who have not understood the inherent time acceleration of the Mayan calendar system, these changes will no doubt be frightening. Yet, most likely the changes will be uncomfortable for all of us regardless of our intellectual insights. In the face of this, many will naturally ask what there is to "do" and yet "doing" or "thinking" will provide no satisfactory ways forward. The reason is that this chaos is a necessary state of preparation for the new world to be born after we have reached the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. A new world can only be born out of chaos and the chaos from which the new world will be born is now being created by the Ninth wave. This chaos means that our established habits will be disrupted in order to make us open to be part of manifesting the purpose of the cosmic plan. This purpose can be understood from the Mayan calendar and other ancient sources and is to create a new world very different from the present one. If we want to be part of manifesting this we will need to surrender to and be guided by the divine because the changes will be too much to fathom for our intellects. It is only such surrender that can lead us to be co-creators of the world that already exists in the mind of the divine. This transformation to unity consciousness will require a work of inner transformation of the individual, but an equally important component will be collective global events. Those sharing the intention of manifesting unity consciousness will come together and unify their hearts in global ceremonies.

To support such a direction for the evolution of humanity a series of global ceremonial events are now being proposed and promoted at the web site www.treeoflifecelebration.com. These will serve to bring together those that see the path forward as one of surrendering to the divine and have faith that there is a new and better world about to be born. It is a misunderstanding that the manifestation of such a collective intent can be deferred to some later point in time. It is now or never. Significant events in the Ninth wave will thus take place at the midpoints of its peaks (the days) leading up to the completion of this. This series of events reflects the process from seed to mature fruit that the Ninth wave carries and it is meant to have a cumulative character so that step-by-step new communities are added to those that are already taking part. To clarify the structure of the Mayan calendar and its ninth wave we are contributing a free diagram as a pdf-file that may serve as a guide for those participating in the events leading up to its culmination. Please help to accurately copy, distribute, translate and post this widely on the Internet and elsewhere.

The themes of the three first of these events have already been set and work is carried out to prepare for them:

The Midpoint of the 2nd day, April 22-23: Awakening to the Divine within. World Divine Light Organization and the Oneness Movement http://awakeningtothedivinewithin.org/

The Midpoint of the 3rd day, May 28-29: Recreating the Sacred Space of the Earth.
A Global Medicine Wheel Ceremony with the Indigenous peoples

The Midpoint of the 4th day, July 3-4: The Jerusalem Hug.
A Global Hug around the Old City of Jerusalem http://www.jerusalemhug.org/

To complete the Ninth wave a series of events will have to be planned also for its remaining days and I believe that these will tend to be more "cosmic" in nature as part of the climb to the top of the nine-storied pyramid. They are tentatively as follows:

The Midpoint of the 5th day: Creating cosmic resonance on a global scale
The Midpoint of the 6th day: Creating the Earth in a cosmic context
The Midpoint of the 7th day: Cosmic Harmony Festival
Connecting with Elenin/Niburu/Blue Star

These events are by their nature experiential. The frequency increase more or less mandates that they are created much more rapidly and with much more spontaneity than might have earlier been the case. The most important thing is the heartfelt desire to deepen sacred inner connections in a time that on the outside is increasingly looking chaotic. If you know of movements, organizations, groups or networks that would align behind these events please encourage them to contact www.treeoflifecelebration.com. If these events are to serve for us to express our collective intention of manifesting unity consciousness on a global scale large number of people will need to get involved to create them. They are global in character and yet locally they can only be created by local people in accordance with their own authentic expressions. Local core groups may then be established that decide to meet and create these events step by step. Aiding connections to the global events will be communication networks provided by recent interactive Internet technology and through these it will also be possible for individuals to create their own ceremonies. A series of events in the Ninth wave creating a deepened experience of cosmic belonging seems appropriate for those that want to keep the focus on the overall purpose of the cosmic plan. The birth of the new world will depend on it.

Ventura, CA,
4 Cib in the trecena of Ben,
12th day of the 1st night of the Ninth wave,
April 7th, 2011

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

Ask me about
Etherium for Ascension

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Uriel's Message -- When Are You Being?

Uriel's Message -- When Are You Being?

Readings with Archangel Uriel offer healing, clarity, amazing insights and more. Click here for more details and to schedule a reading.

The relationship between human and time has always been one you consider as a limitation to your creation. You have to wait for results, to know spirit and heaven, to understand your purpose and life path, to be ready for your connection and so on. Yet the issue of time only exists in your third dimensional reality. All results are measured in the days, weeks, months and years that they take to manifest. Yet this is another third dimensional illusion. When you shift your understanding to higher dimensions you see that time is no more than the motion of energy through the density of illusion.

The more dense the illusion, the harder it is and the longer it takes for energy to move through it. Since you judge your manifestation results by how much time they take to manifest, you believe that time stands between manifestation and creation yet it is not responsible for any delays. Density, which is a mirror of your being, is what creates time or delays in manifestation. And while the greatest amount of density is created by doubt, fear and confusion, it is the 'when' of your being, where you are in your own individual timelines that creates the aspect of time and the level of density associated with it.

When your being is grounded in the past, which is the experiences you have lived, your emotional DNA energies, the vibrations you are at and your energetic frequencies, you are being in a space of great density and illusion which is a mirror of the past. This limits the flow of energy movement and activates the element of time in your manifestations. If you shift your attention to being in the moment you remove the density and time seems to go by quickly which is just another illusion created by the lack of density. From the point of spirit, it is only energy movement that corresponds to your own energetic vibration.

You know 'when' you are placing your being by asking whether you are in the present moment. As you set your intention for each moment, ask 'when' you are being, the point of your timeline where you are energetically. This is the point of your being. You cannot undo, change or re-do the past but you can use that information to create differently in each moment. Stay focused in the present and you will release the density that blocks energy's movement and the illusion of time and waiting, and you will experience instant manifestation as you connect directly and powerfully with the energy that is yours to create with, without density and therefore, without time.

Thoughts on your Current Reality by Mother Mary and Master El Morya

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light
Weekly Channelled Message

Thoughts on your Current Reality by Mother Mary and Master El Morya
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 22/05/11

Gentle loving waves of light flow from our hearts to you now as we come forward to connect our light with your light, allowing our sense of oneness with you to grow and enhance. As ever we only wish to support you in your wondrous journey upon the Earth, we wish to encourage you to fill your heart with love, to see the beauty that enfolds you and the great possibilities that lay before you.
We come forward as representatives of the feminine and masculine energies of the Creator, shining these qualities into your being, activating the feminine and masculine energies appropriately to aid your oneness with the Creator. In this communication we do not wish to offer you any new insights or revelations but to remind you of the wondrous potentials that exist within your reality, with the purpose of enhancing your current experiences on the Earth. We, Mother Mary and Master El Morya will share with you our thoughts and will also state how these thoughts can be transformed into affirmations to aid in your own realisation and understanding of your reality.
Mother Mary: You have the ability to love yourself unconditionally.
(I love myself unconditionally.)
This is a wonderful gift as it means that you can heal yourself with ease, that you can support yourself in any situation and can feel secure, safe and protected at all moments of your day. The power of recognising the love that you hold and honouring yourself with your love encourages you to accept your own power, realise your own strength and guide yourself with safety and ease.
Master El Morya: You have the ability to understanding the energy of love.
(I understand the energy of love.)
When in a physical body it can be very difficult to understand the energy of love as it manifests as a vibration and feeling which cannot truly be analysed or described. It is most important to recognise the potentials and existence of love. Love is a powerful essence that manifests from the Creator. Love can be found within every person on the Earth. Love can be shared, expressed and accepted. Love is ever present in every moment and experience in your life. Love not only exists in your surroundings but most importantly exists within your being. Love is an energy that composes your entire being; it is a guiding and healing energy that can fill you with joy and contentment. If you remain connected to love by acknowledging the love within your being, reality and others, then you will begin to understand the love of the Creator, its power and importance in your reality. In your current reality love is the transforming energy that can be used in all situation and circumstance on the Earth, with this understanding you can create a reality of love for yourself.
Mother Mary: You have the ability accelerate your spiritual ascension.
(I am now accelerating my spiritual ascension.)
With the consciousness of humanity developing and awakening along with the intense light vibrations that are being anchored into the Earth by light guides and humanity you are now being given a powerful situation and foundation to allow your spiritual awakening to progress with ease. Everything that you realise now has a greater impact on your reality, feelings and thoughts. The vibration upon the Earth and within your being is much quicker than in the past which lends itself to accelerated growth and awakening. It is a great blessing to have supportive energies around you and anchored into the Earth encouraging all illusions to be dissolved and truth to beilluminated. You also have tremendous support from your guides, when you ask your guides to accelerate your spiritual awakening they will according to the will of the Creator. You are being offered all the recourses that you need to align on a deeper level with the Creator. The energies around you are abundant in enlightenment, it is important to recognise that your soul, your guides and the Creator all wish for you to awaken further to the light of the Creator and are embracing you in supportive light vibrations. This means that your spiritual growth moves at a quicker pace allowing you to see the growth that you are achieving and the pathway that is unfolding before you. Little adjustments to your thoughts or realisations within your being will now create major changes within your reality. This signifies that you also hold more responsibility in your current reality.
Master El Morya: You have the ability to create a reality of beauty.
(I create a reality of beauty for myself.)
The Creator's greatest wish is for you to be happy and joyous as this signifies and allows the essence of the Creator's love within you to flourish and flow. There is now no need for you to experience negativity or painful occurrences unless you wish to or unless it is needed for your spiritual learning. Your reality can be a place of beauty and joy for you to exist within. You have the ability to maintain a positive mood and thought process at all times, creating a natural radiance of happiness and fulfilment. With the power of your thoughts you have the ability to appreciate and recognise the presence of the Creator within your reality and all blessings that have been given to you. When you recognise the beauty of the Creator all around and within you then you naturally begin to create or manifest an abundance of beauty because you realise you are worthy and that beauty naturally radiates from your soul. You hold the ability of opening yourself up completely to the blessings of the Creator, this coupled with positive thought forms and knowing what you desire to experience within your reality will assist you in creating a reality of beauty. Maybe the most important understanding is that you can now create a reality of beauty, it is achievable and obtainable. A reality of beauty may seem as if it focuses on a materialistic reality but it is a focus upon love and all its manifestations.
Mother Mary: You have the ability to remember who you truly are.
(I remember who I truly am.)
You are an aspect of the Creator's soul; this means that you hold an aspect of the sacred qualities, wisdom, love, awareness and peace of the Creator within your being. You are not simply a human beingbut are so much more than you can currently imagine. You have come to the Earth because it is a natural part of your journey as a soul or aspect of the Creator. The Earth is allowing you to understand and discover your own energies, to comprehend the Creator's soul and to remember your alignment once more with the Creator. You are a beacon of love and light with the resources of the Creator to aid and assist you in your reality. Everything is changeable, new wisdom and understandings will always flow into your being. You are altering and transforming at all times. With the understanding that you are more than your physical body and personality, you are able to deal with your reality with greater ease, working energetically to bring forth what is needed.
Mother Mary and Master El Morya:
You have the ability to draw forth wisdom when you are confused or unsure.
(I now draw forward wisdom to dispel all confusion and insecurity.)
You have the ability to remain balanced at all times, connected to the light of the Creator.
(I remain balanced at all times, connected to the light of the Creator.)
You have the ability to exist without limitations but with freedom.
(I am free from limitations, I experience freedom.)
You have the ability to open your heart truly to love and to be embraced in the love of the Creator.
(I open my heart completely to love and to the loving embrace of the Creator.)
You have the ability to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
(I am now healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.)
You have the ability to accept the blessings of the Creator in all forms.
(I accept the blessings of the Creator in all forms.)
You have the ability to attract all that you desire and need into your reality.
(I attract all that I desire and need into my reality.)
You have the ability to understand the wise direction of your soul and guides.
(I understand the wise direction of my soul and guides.)
You have the ability to discover your amazing spiritual and physical skills and talents with ease.
(I now own and understand my amazing spiritual and physical skills and talents.)
You have the ability to become one with the Creator, to converse with and bathe in the light of the Creator.
(I am now one with the Creator; I converse with and bathe in the light of the Creator.)
Through our communication today not only did we want to offer you valuable affirmations that you could use in your daily life but we also wished to remind you of how wonderful your current reality actually is. You are blessed completely with such abundance, so many opportunities, possibilities and good things. You are already everything that we have spoken about today. If you can remember this always then you can transform your reality even further. We realise that many people become so locked into their physical reality and the negative situations that are occurring, they forget to acknowledge, appreciate and give thanks to the wonderful blessings that they receive naturally daily. You are abundant in so many more ways than we have stated today. Allow yourself to write down and document the blessings that are with you right now, the wonderful abundant energies and experiences that flow into your reality. It is important to have the mentality that you are also all that you wish to be right now. People often have dreams or goals and they perceive that time will aid achievement. Time is an illusion and was only created to bring structure to your physical reality. It is not time that allows your dreams to manifest but gradual understanding that you are already all that you dream of. This understanding comes gradually because you allow or desire it to, but it doesn't have to be a gradual process and can manifest instantly, there is simply a need to dissolve the habit and create a new pattern of generating, manifesting and awakening energies from within you.
We ask that you do not allow yourself to feel negative about your reality whatever your circumstance because we want you to see the many blessings that are already with you. With this alteration in the way that you perceive your reality, you will alter all negative situations as you draw the love of the Creator deeper into your reality and being. We ask that you adopt an existence and perception that you live in a reality that is abundantly blessed. Accept whole heartily that you are blessed by the Creator and are deserving of these blessings. Know that you can call upon blessings to shower over and through your being. Your reality is beautiful as it is now; take your focus away from the negativity, your loss, what you do not have and honour the abundance that is within and around you. Allowing this state of existence to become a pattern will encourage a wealth of abundance in all forms to flow into your reality with ease and perfection.
It is important that humanity begins to notice and accept how blessed they are, how abundant and loved they are because this will break a negative pattern that is etched withinthe consciousness of many on the Earth. Many people still hold onto the belief that they are not worthy of the blessings, energy and love of the Creator. Some believe it is immoral to be abundant in all ways when devoting oneself to the Creator. Others believe that negative situations and experience require and should be given more focus and attention than positive experiences. Patterns of resisting the abundance of the Creator or ignoring the blessings of the Creator now must be dissolved; it is the presence of love that is encouraging this alteration. Love encourages appreciation and acceptance. Allow yourself to begin to believe in the love of the Creator by being thankful for and honouring your current reality for the abundant blessing that it is.
Let yourself see your reality and self in the light of truth.
With abundant blessings,
Mother Mary and Master El Morya

17 Mayıs 2011 Salı

Manifesting a New Reality with the Unicorn Consciousness Guided by Lord Merlin-Workshop

Manifesting a New Reality with the Unicorn Consciousness
Guided by Lord Merlin
Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson
Saturday 4th June 2011
1pm- 5pm
Unicorns are often seen as mythical creatures of fantasy lands but there is a unicorn consciousness, vibration and light that all can connect with. It is a pure and sacred vibration of light that holds tremendously clear and wise knowledge which all can access in order to boost their spiritual awakening. The unicorn energy is healing, enlightenment, inspirational and powerful with a tremendous sense of the purity of the Creator. Through connection with the unicorn consciousness we can activate within us the sacred qualities that the unicorns hold adopting new understandings to accelerate us forward along our spiritual paths. The unicorn consciousness is exceptional at developing and magnifying the manifestation skills of individuals who hold the desire to bring greater mastery to their minds and accept their natural ability of creation.

With the support of the unicorn consciousness and guided by Lord Merlin through Natalie Glasson, you will learn to connect with the unicorn consciousness, understand and access your own creative energy of manifestation, learn how to cleanse your past in order to complete old cycles, bring the energy, truth and power of your being into the present and manifest an existence that allows joy to bubble from your heart.

The Earth cannot truly transform into a space of love unless humanity first transforms their awareness, connections and the way in which they create their reality upon the Earth. In this workshop you will be able to experience guided meditations and channelled wisdom through Natalie from Lord Merlin, a wise soul deeply connected to the Earth.
Peace House, 19 Paradise St. Oxford, OX1 1LD, UK
Please Book Your Tickets Here
Click Here

Acting as a Warrior of Light to Shape the Reality of the Earth by King Arthur and Lord Merlin

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light
Weekly Channelled Message

Acting as a Warrior of Light to Shape the Reality of the Earth
by King Arthur and Lord Merlin
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 16/05/11

We step forward with great reverence and respect for you who exists on the physical planes of the Earth. We wish to honour the purpose and task that you have accepted by being upon the Earth in this period of the humanity's spiritual growth. You may not truly understand your purpose on the Earth but it is important for you to gain the understanding that there are many important reasons why you are on the Earth and so your soul will hold many purposes. We wish to share with you one purpose which you can allow to come into fruition within your reality to aid your own spiritual growth, to help transform the Earth and support the development of humanity. We wish for you to act as warriors of light upon the Earth. We are aware that many have spoken before about becoming a warrior of light, spreading love andcourageously anchoring light into darkness. We now wish for you to truly become an active warrior of light.

A warrior is often seen as a fighter or solider, while we do not wish for you to use violence or to go against others we are asking you to take on the purest intent of a warrior, which is a strong and powerful focus that is performed actively. A solider or a warrior has clear understanding before they enter into battle, they understand the outcome which is needed, they are also aware of the many ways in which they can achieve their ideal as well as holding a strong determination to bring their vision, focus or intent into fruition. As beings of light upon the Earth you also need to have a clear plan or intent of what is needed to heal and transform the Earth and it humanity. There is a need for you to create a plan or intent of healing or transferring light, then actively acting out your plan with courage and confidence, knowing that you will be supported and encouraged by your guides.

We are communicating with you today because we represent the energy of determination, courage and active fruition which is the energy of King Arthur as well as the energy of manifestation, healing, magic, profound light and wise knowledge which is the presence of Lord Merlin. Our energies are connected strongly and we both hold the desire to be of service to the Creator and humanity. We are both warriors of light as we hold the light of the Creator in our hearts and radiate it brightly for all to see. We are not fearful of emanating the powerful and loving light of the Creator in the presence of others, we understand that it can be difficult to share the truth of your being but we also wish to help you to understand that we are here to offer you courage. The only way that you will begin to see the presence of the Creator's truth on the Earth is if people actively and courageously radiate the truth, light and energy of their being throughout their day and reality. A warrior of light is a soul who is willing to be courageous allowing their truth and light to unfold free from fear. If you imagine for a moment a warrior entering into battle, they would have to program their mind to understand what needed to be achieved, to be prepared to actively bring the plan into fruition and to renounce all fears otherwise this would hinder their purpose or work as a warrior. Let yourself imagine yourself as a warrior of love and light, you are standing in the centre of your reality, you are able to understand your reality with ease while holding the courage to radiate your light, love and truth. As you do so you understand what you wish to achieve to assist the Earth, how you wish your reality to manifest or how you wish to be of service. You can see your loving intent within your mind, with more focus and acceptance you are able to feel the loving intent flowing throughout your entire being and reality. With your intent your purpose has the potential to manifest; it is supported by your own energy and light. In order to truly manifest your intent you can allow yourself to let go of all fears, see them as unneeded and unwanted energies, then allow yourself to take a step which will create an active energy or an active intent. This can be the smallest of actions or reactions, it is simply something physical, whether it is speaking, walking, asking, making, drawing, attracting, reading, writing, singing, dancing, researching, connecting, listening or thinking. It is an action that takes the intention a step further or anchors it with deeper meaning into your reality. It is this purpose that allows you to become a warrior of light and love on the Earth because you are taking greater responsibility for yourself, your own reality and the Earth.

We now wish to share with you an intent and active manifestation that we believe is your purpose now on the Earth. We ask only that you are open to our words but if you feel that our suggestion is appropriate for you or you feel a calling in your heart we would be deeply honoured to work with you. We, King Arthur and Lord Merlin believe that now is the time for many to step into their role and purpose of a spiritual warrior of love and light on the Earth. We believe that the Earth constantly requires light and energy to enter into its structure as well as into the beings of humanity. The more light that can be anchored by light workers on the Earth, the more we will see the truth and transformational energies of the Creator on the physical planes. Remember that the transition occurring on the Earth is led and created by humanity, we as guides are simply acting as our label describes, we are guiding and supporting you. It is our belief that if each person enters into their heart or soul space, discovering their purest and clearest intent for the Earth as an entirety, manifesting or anchoring it into the Earth as a vibration of light and energy, this would create a tremendous shift in the consciousness of humanity and the energy that has been created by the human mind that exists within and around the Earth. We are asking you to adopt the mindset of a warrior, creating an intent, to understand and acknowledge the intent, to then bring it into fruition through physical activity and to renounce all fears that may be holding you back. Let us guide you further in this matter.

Let yourself sit peacefully in a space where you feel safe and comfortable.
Call upon the active protection of Archangel Michael to surround you.
Call upon King Arthur and Lord Merlin's energies of determination, courage, active fruition, manifestation, healing, magic, profound light and wise knowledge to lovingly surround your entire being.

Ask King Arthur and Lord Merlin to allow you to connect with the warrior of light and love energy within you, letting it radiate as its purest form with the intent of being of loving service to the Earth.
Ask King Arthur and Lord Merlin to assist you in emanating the truth, love and wisdom of the Creator from within your being.
As the light radiates from your being ask that you are lead deep within your being to the very core of this truthful and loving energy of the Creator which exists within your being.

Ask the truth and light of your being to share with you your purest, highest and clearest intent for the Earth now. This is how you wish the Earth to exist, what you wish people to feel, how you see the development of humanity as spiritual beings. It need only be a vision, word or knowingness. Something simple can express so much. This intent doesn't come from you as the personality but you as the Creator and soul, so it may not be the intent that you expected.
Hold your focus on the intent and allow its energy to develop and expand to surround you completely, let it flow beyond you and your reality.
Simply say to yourself out loud that you renounce and let go of all fears that you or any other may create that would hinder the manifestation of this pure intent. Breathe deeply and watch the power of the intent grow as fears fall away.
When you are ready you can ask or contemplate ways in which you could assist the manifestation of your intent. You are creating a focus and a plan in order to manifest a greater reality. You are taking steps of achievement and are being of assistance to others.

A way of manifesting or anchoring your intent more fully is to draw a picture, create a painting or even just a sketch of your intent. You can simply write a word on a piece of paper, already you are giving the intent a physical form.
Once you have completed this, take the paper outside and place it on the floor, it is preferable that the paper is placed on nature land.
Then, either stand beside the paper or sit near it and extend your palm chakras so that they face the paper and are above the paper.
Imagine once more the energy of the intent within your being, let it build and radiate to flow from your being and to flow from your hands into the paper. You are sending the energy intent from your being up into the spiritual dimensions and energies as well as to the heart of the Creator. As the energy of the intent flows from your hands you are sending the intent into the Earth for physical manifestation and anchoring.

Say out loud, 'If it is the divine will of theCreator that my intent manifests upon the Earth I ask all beings of love to add their energy and let everything flow with synchronicity and ease to allow the fruition of this sacred intent from my heart and soul. Let it be as the Creator guides.'
Then enjoy the process of energies flowing and actively working through and around you for as long as it feels appropriate.

This is one example of bringing an intent into fruition and acting as a warrior of love and light but we feel that this practice is essential now on the Earth because it will mean that humanity is taking responsibility for the reality in which they wish to exist. If you imagine all the people who also create an intent for the Earth, some of these intents will be the same and this will create a powerful energy of fruition and manifestation. You now have the power to shape your reality. You may even find that your intent manifests into your own reality and creates positive changes. For example, if you held the intent of love, you may find that you experience more love in your reality. The understanding of becoming a warrior of light, holding an intent, releasing all fears and create active energies to aid manifestation can be used in your daily life to assist and support your own spiritual development. If using the same practice for your own reality you could still create a picture but send the energy of the intention from within your being into the picture, the Earth and the heavens but only within your reality. You wouldn't need to be in nature land but could practice it in your home as this is more personal to you.

Please know and remember that we are here to lend our energy, to share our courage and power and to add our inspiration if you so wish.
With respect and reverence,
King Arthur and Lord Merlin

Channelled Personal Communication- New Dates added for June 2011

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16 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi


The New Earth Energies for May 2011

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Entering the Higher Dimensions of Light. Image by Deb Graves Araznu at Blue Ray Healing

Beloved Family of Light, once again it is with Joy and Pleasure that we welcome you into this Space of Light and Higher Consciousness. You have been through many changes in the last weeks, and now the energy begins to settle as you move into the Deep Peace and Light of the Wesak Full Moon! Beloveds, we remember well the time when the Buddha walked on the Earth, anchoring the Divine Masculine energy of Love and Awakened Compassion! How wonderful it is now that this energy is being reawakened in those of you who are walking the path of Higher Consciousness and Love.

We know this is not easy for you, for there are so many on your Earth who still walk in the old ways and seek to express the energy of Apacalypse and destruction, and to activate some sort of catastrophe through their words and beliefs. Beloveds know that this will not succeed, for the Earth has moved definitely into the new Timeline and those who are evolving with her are moving forward into new and Higher states of Consciousness that express Divine Will and Divine Love.

So, we will begin this message by speaking first of the energy of the Divine Masculine that is being activated with this Wesak Moon, and then we will speak of the Golden Keys of Higher Consciousness that are being used now to open the portals of Love and Grace by those of you who are ready to embrace these gifts from Spirit.

The Buddha Moon and the Divine Masculine
This particlar Full Moon in 2011 is an opening or a Portal for the energy of the Divine Masculine gifts of Compassion. After the Shifts and Changes on the Planet over the last 6 months and the chaos that followed, it is time now to allow this new flow of energy to bring Peace and Compassion to your Hearts.
The Buddha was sent to the Earth from the Higher Dimensions of Light to be the anchor for the Divine Masculine energy of Compassion and Enlightenment. This energy is an essential step on the path of evolution, and it provides a bridge from the entrapment of material illusion into the clarity of Higher Consciousness. At this time, as you stand poised to make the shift from the 5th Dimension into the 6th Dimension of Magical Consciousness, it is necessary that you are able to release the hold of the material illusion that you call the "economy" and enter into the Magical Consciousness of ongoing creation, flow and abundance.

Beloved Ones, the Earth is now fully grounded in the 5th Dimension of Interconnection and Divine Will. The shift into 6th Dimensional Consciousness is to allow those of you who are ready to begin to make the shift into the Higher Consciousness of Magical or Quantum Reality and to begin to live in these Higher Realms of Magical Clarity and Creation.

The Buddha energy is the Bridge between these Dimensions of Light....the First "Golden Key" of Light is the energy of Compassion as embodied and anchored by the Buddha. At the Wesak Full Moon, this energy will be activated intensely by the waves of Cosmic Light emanating from the Galactic Center, and this will blend with the waves of Divine Feminine Compassion that are transmitted on the Platinum Shekinah Light, initiating a series of awakenings and shifts as those who are ready make use of their Golden Keys to shift into the Higher Consciousness of the 6th Dimensional Starchild.

Beloveds, the "Starchild" is the Magical Child within each one of you, that Being of Light that resides in your Heart and Soul and that knows the Joy and the Wonder of Infinite Cosmic existence. It is the Child of the Dreamtime, that part of you that Dreams and Creates from the Cosmic Rays of Light and Sound. The "Starchild" cannot become part of your Reality until you have crossed the bridge of Compassion into the Higher Realms of Light. Then, you may enter into the Dance of Light and become a Master of Harmonic Light and Time, and even begin the steps towards the next portal of the 7th Dimension, where one becomes the "Eye of God" in Human Form.

Beloved Ones, these are the Golden Keys that are offered to all who are ready. At this time, of the Wesak Full Moon, you are offered the Keys to the 6th Dimension, to enter the Realms of the "Starchild" and to become a Master of Light Harmonics and a Master of Time. But first, Beloveds, at this Wesak Moon, you will need to integrate fully the energy of Compassion and the Divine Masculine. This is done by releasing all material illusion and the ties of these illusions and moving into complete Peace and Clarity of Being.

At the time of the Full Moon, if you will meditate and Focus on these gifts, the Golden Keys will be given.

The Master of Light Harmonics
Beloveds, the 6th Dimension is the realm of Magic and Enchantment, or if you will be more scientific, the realm of the Quantum, or what was known by the Ancestors as the Dream Time. It is that place where "reality" is flexible and malleable, and where consciousness and desire shape cause and effect on the lower dimensions. Those who enter this dimensional playground must be "pure of heart" or they will be forever trapped in the "hall of mirrors" of their own greed and anger, endlessly creating "karma". It is for that reason that in this New Reality the bridge to the Higher Dimensions is Compassion, for those who live by the Law of Conmpassion are pure of heart and will not be entangled in the illusions of greed and power.
The Starchild is pure of heart and seeks only to explore,adventure and share the gifts of Spirit. There is nothing to hold, to own or to hide, for all is open and clear in the Cosmic Fields of Light which are the playground of the Starchild within.

To journey in the Fields of Light it is necessary to be also a Master of Light Harmonics. This simply means to have activated your Light Body and to be able to function with that Light Body from its center in the Heart.

The Master of Light Harmonics is centered in the Heart and Grounded in the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra. The Master of Light Harmonics is able to keep the Light Body in a state of Harmonic Resonance with Divine Light and Will, and to absorb Cosmic radiations into the Light Body with ease.

The Master of Light Harmonics is always fully aware of the Energy and Light around him or her, and is able to maintain equilibrium and balance at all times.

When these abilities have been mastered and integrated, then you will be able to ride the rays of light and journey in the Cosmic Fields of stars with ease. You will be able to flow with the Cosmic waves and you will be enabled to shape the quantum flows into the reality of your choice in the processes of co-creation with the Light.

The Master of Time
Beloveds, when you enter into this Field of Starlight and you ride the Cosmic Waves in the 6th Dimension, you need also to be a Master of Time.
In the Higher Dimensions, Time is fluid and flexible, it is not a "fixed" reality as it seems in the lower dimensions.

In this Quantum level of Consciousness, you will learn to master many flows of time and to be able to exist in many different cycles or timelines at the same time.

This is not an easy task for the Mind, which has been conditioned to believe that there is only linear time as it is experienced on Earth. But, the Master of Time will come to know that all time exists in One...in the Infinite Now, and that all is being experienced as One.

The various Timelines are created to allow the Children of Light to journey and travel in many dimensions of consciousness. Time is a tool, or a Key, for entering different states of Reality and Consciousness. In the 6th Dimensions as you become a Master of Time, you will begin to feel how you can move between these different flows of Divine Light and Energy.

The Physical Changes in the Body
Beloved Ones, as you move through these changes, you will feel some physcial changes. Firstly, these changes will activate the Pineal, Pituitary and Thyroid glands very strongly. Those who enter into 6th Dimensional ways of being will begin to experience biochemical and cellular changes in the Endocrine system and in the areas of the brain that deal with perception and data transmission and reception.
In effect, Beloved Ones, you will be altering your ability to receive data and light transmissions from the Higher Mind of God. This means first there will be changes in the Pineal Gland, allowing for a wider reception of Cosmic "bandwidth". In physical terms this may mean feelings of pressure and headaches or muscle pain in the back of the head, the base of the skull and the shoulders.

Then, the Pituitary Gland will start to restructure, and you may experience feelings of dizziness, foggy vision, strange noises in the ears and vertigo. The brain is being realigned to not only receive new data, but also to begin transmitting data at higher levels through light transmissions through the eyes and sound transmissions through the throat at the thyroid. So, the Thyroid will also be affected by these shifts and changes. In these cases, many of you will experience flu like symptoms with bronchitis and sinus, as well as Thyroid balance problems such as waves of heat, low energy or hyperactivity.

You may also begin to experience "time overlaps" as you begin to Master Time. In this process you may have intense Past Life experiences, or Future Life experiences that must be resolved and integrated into whatever experiences you are dealing with in Present Time. The key to dealing with these episodes is not to get too involved in the past life itself, but to recognize that these "time shifts" or "time overlaps" are your own way of integrating data so that you can move between your different timelines with ease, and so that you are free to travel the Cosmic Waves as a Master of Time.

The Eye of God
At the time of the June Solstice and towards the begiining of the New Planetary year at the end of July, many of you will use the next of the Golden Keys to enter into the 7th Dimension of Light, where you will become the "Eye of God" in atchetypal language.
The Ancient Egyptians understood that the "Eye of God" was that place or that state of Consciousness where the Being becomes a portal of transmission for Divine Light and Divine Will. At this point, the Being no longer rides the waves of Light, but becomes a lens through which the Light is focussed. This requires absolute mastery of Light and Time, and the ability to transmit and ground Divine Light.

It is these beings who become the "Eye of God" who will be the anchors for the manifestation of the New Earth. As the Divine Light is focussed through the lens of such ones, Divine Will manifest around them and through them, allowing the Divine to manifest and create through pure Love and Light.

Beloveds, at this stage, the manifestation is not "my will", but "Thy Will", and the Being serves only as a portal for Divine Will and Manifestation without any expectations and Desires. This is the work of the Ascended Master in Human Form, One who knows that the Human Form in its highest frequency is a vehicle for the transmission of Divine Will and Grace.

So, Beloved Family of Light, for those of you who seek to grow and evolve in the Light, there is much to look forward to in the months that lie ahead. The time leading up to the 11/11/11 alignment will be a powerful time of growth and evolution for many of you who are ready and who are called to be part of this new awakening and opening.

For those of lower consciousness, it will continue to be a difficult time as the old illusions of the lower dimensions continue to create stress and disharmony in those who have no understanding of the processes involved. For you, as you grow and expand in the Light, your work will be to hold Compassion in your Heart so that this Love may touch all those who are yet to awaken to the Reality of the New Earth and its creative potentials for each person.

We wish you Joy and Love in your Adventures with Light, Harmony and Time!

© 2011-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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