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Manifesting a New Reality with the Unicorn Consciousness Guided by Lord Merlin-Workshop

Manifesting a New Reality with the Unicorn Consciousness
Guided by Lord Merlin
Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson
Saturday 4th June 2011
1pm- 5pm
Unicorns are often seen as mythical creatures of fantasy lands but there is a unicorn consciousness, vibration and light that all can connect with. It is a pure and sacred vibration of light that holds tremendously clear and wise knowledge which all can access in order to boost their spiritual awakening. The unicorn energy is healing, enlightenment, inspirational and powerful with a tremendous sense of the purity of the Creator. Through connection with the unicorn consciousness we can activate within us the sacred qualities that the unicorns hold adopting new understandings to accelerate us forward along our spiritual paths. The unicorn consciousness is exceptional at developing and magnifying the manifestation skills of individuals who hold the desire to bring greater mastery to their minds and accept their natural ability of creation.

With the support of the unicorn consciousness and guided by Lord Merlin through Natalie Glasson, you will learn to connect with the unicorn consciousness, understand and access your own creative energy of manifestation, learn how to cleanse your past in order to complete old cycles, bring the energy, truth and power of your being into the present and manifest an existence that allows joy to bubble from your heart.

The Earth cannot truly transform into a space of love unless humanity first transforms their awareness, connections and the way in which they create their reality upon the Earth. In this workshop you will be able to experience guided meditations and channelled wisdom through Natalie from Lord Merlin, a wise soul deeply connected to the Earth.
Peace House, 19 Paradise St. Oxford, OX1 1LD, UK
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