10 Mayıs 2011 Salı


notes from the meditation, you can buy the whole meditation and channelings from www.timelyguidance.com (description and link below)

Close your eyes. center your being. tone OM sound.

Feel the beautiful energy and then imagine all of us joining hands around the planet and bathing the energy in cosmic light of the OMM Wave.

Feel the presence of the angelic realms, St Germain, and the Cosmic Council of Light.

And we bathe the earth in purple wave of peace, of nurturing and love.

Continue the OMM no matter where you are.

We are all now connecting ourselves in a diamond octahedron that is encapsulating the earth, crystalline earth. And we project our love, we project nurturing.

We bring in the nurturing energy of the divine. An energy of love, an energy of caring, an energy of compassion.

So feel that energy. And we all connect ourselves. We are no longer sitting in front of our computers. Our higher selves are all on a circle.

An enormous octahedron. We feel well being. We feel peace.

And now we feel the presence of the angelic realm, of the cosmic council of light. We ask you now just to exude love. Fill the planet with love and peace.

AA Metatron talks us, we never will in for hating we will in for loving, peace. And that exaplifies how powerful, how much more powerful how exponentially powerful love is than its opposite.

So it is about the projection of love. We surround the planet, we unify our energies.

Just feel the beautiful beautiful peace, eyes closed, feel love, perfect love.

Feel love, project love, feel well being, project well being. Feel that beautiful energy. Take a moment and feel that energy.

The May 7th Global Telecast was joyfully offered free of charge, gifted to all. The telecast, including the Archangel channels was recorded and available for an after event listening download, by request. This download may now be purchased at a very minimal nominal charge for all that wish to have it on file for repeated listening.

All proceeds, 100% of sales go to Randy Monk for the time & work in graciously facilitating, recording and editing the event.

LINK for MP3 Download :

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