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Your Divine Spark by the Celestial White Beings through Natalie Glasson

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light
Weekly Channelled Message

Your Divine Spark by the Celestial White Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 26-02-11
With tremendous honour we step forward to exist in the energy of the Earth, we are the Celestial White Beings. Our energy always flows with the greatest of respect to those that we connect with. We see the divine spark of the Creator within each person on the Earth and we ask that this is something that you remind yourself of regularly. Now is the time to allow your divine spark to be creative, expressive and expansive.
The divine energy within your being can be given so many labels, such as your soul, inner truth or higher self. In this communication we wish for you to truly rejoice in the magic within you as if you are our magic students and we for the first time are explaining that you have magical abilities which just need to be realised. The magic within you we will name your divine spark because a spark has the potential of manifesting into something profoundly magnificent and large. Your divine spark within you is the energy of the Creator. It doesn't matter about your beliefs of the Creator, which name you offer the Creator or the qualities and actions you believe the Creator holds. The simple understanding needed to begin to realise your divine spark, is that the spark is an aspect of the Creator. The divine spark is whatever you believe the Creator to be and this belief may change over your lifetime and so your divine spark will alter as well. This doesn't mean that your divine spark exists as your current beliefs or that your divine spark evolves as your understanding expands, but the truth is that your realisation is changing.
Returning to the reference to magic students, we believe that for more people they would be far more likely to believe that they are capable of magical skills than believing that the Creator exists within their being. Others may feel that the possibility of achieving magic and the possibility of the Creator existing within them both feel so distant in terms of experience and so belief is very small. The truth is that you are the Creator and you also hold magical skills, it's just that you have chosen so far not to recognise both possibilities fully. If you were our magic students we would first start by explain to you where the magical energy within you is situated. We would then share with you how to use the magical energy starting with achieving small miracles and then progressing to greater skills, so let us achieve this now for you.
Within your heart chakra is a divine spark of Creator light; the same divine spark exists within all your chakras, within every cell of your being and throughout our auric field. For now we will focus upon the divine spark within your heart chakra as your heart harbours pure vibrations of light and energies, so you can place your trust in the divine spark of your heart. Then there is a need to visualise, sense, acknowledge and simply accept the divine spark. You could draw a creative picture of your divine spark or understand the colours of light that it holds, something that imprints an image onto your mind and awareness. With an understanding of your divine spark there is a need to feed and nurture its energy to allow its powers to strengthen. As you would feed your physical body with food so you need to feed your divine spark. You can achieve this by breathing into your divine spark, with your breathe you are collecting life force energy within your being and directing it to your divine spark. Life force energy is the vibration of the Creator which exists within and around you and is needed to maintain your energy. By imagining that you are breathing into your divine spark in your heart chakra you are nurturing your divine spark with the possibility of increasing its power. Your divine spark then begins to expand and unfold its energy. You may realise that your divine spark has been deceiving you all this time into thinking that it is a small powerless energy when in fact it is an expansive large and powerful presence. As the light of your divine spark begins to flow into your body, aura and surroundings then you begin to become more familiar with its energy. It can be like reading a book about your divine spark or watching a video all about yourself as much wisdom and information begins to flow into your mind. In magician terms you are accessing your magical powers.
You begin to realise that there is energy inside of you that needs to be put into use and the more that you draw upon the energy the more you understand its power. To enhance your magician skills we would teach you set skills to truly bring the magical energies into your reality, but we know that you are already magicians; you just need to direct the energy. You need to focus upon what you want to create, what you want to experience, what you wish to draw from the energy within your being. With simple understand of the energy and how you wish to use it you access your magical skills and then simply need to practice drawing upon and experiencing the energy within you.
Many people see spiritual growth as a long and sometimes tedious process but if you were training to become a magician with the ability to achieve anything and everything, we feel that you would probably approach the journey in a different way and with a different mind-set. Always remember to keep the element of joy in your spiritual growth and spiritual practices; joy is needed to raise your energy vibration and allow it to be maintained at a quick speed.
We wish for you to truly realise that there is something magical, magnificent and truly wonderful within you, if you begin to believe this then you are so much closer to truly viewing and experiencing it for yourself. Allow yourself to imagine the most divine and beautiful energy possible then magnify it a thousand time and you will be a step closer to perceiving the magnificence that is within your being. Now imagine that this understanding was so real to you, how would you treat your physical body, how would you treat yourself? We imagine that you would act differently; you would perceive yourself differently and would possibly even change your life style. The beauty within you may cause you to see the beauty of everything around you. You may find a new confidence and respect for yourself and would probably no longer say negative things to the divine spark within you. Your divine spark also holds wondrous abilities, offering you the ability to create anything that you wish and desire. You would begin to see yourself, your actions and thoughts in a whole new wayand realise that certain understandings of yourself from the past are simply meaningless illusions that you have carried within you, honouring them as truth.
We wish to propose a mission for you to achieve over the coming week, this is to discover your divine spark, to feed and nurture your divine spark with life force energy and to begin to recognise the presence of your divine spark within you. While this mission is extremely serious we wish for you to bring as much fun and joy into the mission as possible. Even if you allow your mind to be extremely creative this is perfectly appropriate because we wish for you to realise the magnificent divine spark and energy within you. You may feel that for the whole week you are making up the energy or imagining it within you but essentially we wish for you to revert to the innocence and playfulness of a child and to enjoy the process of creating, building or realising the beautiful divine spark within you. How would you feel at the end of the week if you spent the entire week every moment imagining, knowing and rejoicing in the fact that there is a powerful, magical beautiful energy within your being, which is with you always and at your disposal? Make it into something amazing and divinely beautiful, enjoy the pleasure and joy that manifests, watch how your perception of yourself changes. Then at the end of the week you can sit peacefully in meditation and ask to see the true divine spark within you. By this time you would have naturally connected with the divine spark whether you realise it or not, your energies would be open and receptive and most blockages between you and your divine spark would be dissolved. Your understanding of your divine spark may be completely different when you look to see the truth then if you had simply tried to connect in meditation, because you have already placed attention on the divine spark, nurturing it, making it easier for you to accept.
We truly wish for all to see the magnificence in themselves, because we truly see and feel your magnificence. Please be fun, joyous and playful with your connection with your divine spark, the Creator and the Universe as this will allow so many energies to open up to you and much healing to take place. Our message may seem unusual but we feel it is needed at this time.
Let yourself see the magnificence within you and notice how it alters your perspective of yourself.
We are the Celestial White Beings

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Archangel Michael, I am here to offer my sword of truth.

Archangel Michael, I am here to offer my sword of truth.

I am here today to offer my sword of fire to release you from any contracts you have ever made.

My sword is not to destroy, but to bring the truth to the surface.

My words cannot explain alone what I see within each of you as you are using the words to protect you.

I live within the oneness, where I do not judge your actions, I merely come to your side as you call me in to bring within you the release of that what is not clear.

The secrets you are hiding will come to the surface as you release all that held you captive within those secrets.
Do not use me to hide behind me as the sword I carry is the sword of truth.

I will come as you call me and the sword of truth I carry cannot help you if you are only using me to fight against others.

I will assist all, as each person has their own fight within and is asking to be released from the untruth that has held you captive all this time.

When you see me, see my sword.

As I carry my sword in front of me, completely balanced, ready to strike and release you from anything that is holding you captive in your human reality, to unleash upon you the truth of what you really are.
Prepare yourself to be one, one within, one with the world around you.

Knowing that all secrets can only be held for so long, knowing that all the untruths that you have held onto will have to come to the surface and free up the space within you to receive the truth of what you are.

I am not the one to hide behind if you want to keep your secrets.

As I can only be truth.

I will not judge, as it is not up to me to judge you.
I can only lift up your veil to the remembrance of what you really are.

This is why I say, I will assist all that are asking for the veil of the earth to be released from the human mind and heart to receive the freedom within.
The sword of truth is yours to carry from then on.

Archangel Michael
Through Petra Margolis
February 25, 2012

I have to add that Archangel Michael came to me last night, as he was present during our meditation.
Several participants shared with me they felt and saw his presence as he was not mentioned during the guided meditation.

He is still present as he has been waiting patiently for me to write down his message.
As he tells me now, he is here to assist Isis and the other masters.

And the moment I finished this message I looked at the time, it is 222
The masters have been bothering me with this for the last couple of days, starting on my birthday last Monday.
I actually ignored it, as I really do not know much about numerology but they decided to explain it to me today.

My birthdate is 2-20-1964

The Meaning of 222
The simplest interpretation of 222 is that it's a sign of confirmation and a call to further action along this new/current path, often requiring you to consider other people:
You are onto something.
You are on the right track.
You are doing the right thing.
You should continue along this train of thought.
You are already going in the right direction; now take it further.
Your new/current intention is in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

This year my birthday was on
222 12
It is the 222 again only this time it has a 12 behind it.
Associations: The Hanged Man, Neptune-Pisces-12th House, Midnight and Noon, The Zodiac, The Trinity (1 + 2 = 3)

(Below) from http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu12.php

* Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. In the ancient civilizations, like Oriental and Judaic, it corresponds to the plenitude, the completion and the integrality of a thing.
* Represent the manifestation of the Trinity to the four corners of the horizon - 3 X 4.
* Symbol of material and spiritual food, because of the 12 breads which Jesus Christ broke to the Last Supper, Himself being the Bread of Life.
* Number attributed to the government of the world or the cosmos.
* It is the creative capacity, and in some religions, it expresses also the Divine Mother.
Now I turned 48 this year, which is another 12
So we have 12 12=6 which is also 222
Or as we see 12:12
The number twelve carries the vibrational frequencies of wholeness and balance
Searching for the meaning of 12:12 I found this website

It may not surprise those of you who have put such loving commitment into Harmonic Convergence, or the 8:8 and 11:11 ceremonies to hear that 12:12 is the next step in spirit's divine plan. The Ascended Host call 12:12 the "Gateway to Freedom", and joyfully speak of it as Independence Day on this planet. As 12 is the number of completion, 12:12 is the gate of completion. We are, in essence, completing ourselves, and preparing the way for others. On this day, Earth graduates, and officially enters the Golden Age. In her heart, she knows there is no turning back. Her ascension is imminent. 12:12 brings us the gift of wholeness, and is our key to mastery. This moment is perhaps our greatest celebration, and our sweetest dream realized.

Evolutionary leaps such as this one are orchestrated by beings called the Elohim. The Elohim are Upper Management for the Ascended Masters, who give us our directives on this level. When a quantum leap such as 12:12 is delivered, it comes by way of a sort of organic communications network known as the "Elohim computers". The "is time to evolve" message travels from the Throne of God, to our Central Sun, and eventually makes its way to Earth. A matrix of crystals held within the Earth's crust are the many chips that receive the program, and we as anchors for the new energies facilitate things. The very blueprint of our planet is held within these programs, and down loadings, or "firings" of the Elohim computers piece the evolutionary puzzle together. More simply, we down here receive the gifts of spirit, and begin to get an inkling of our brilliant potential.

As Earth moves through the 12:12 Gateway, her vibrations will be altered so much, that some of you who have been focused on mastery will instantly have it. After all, mastery and Godhood is our ultimate completion. A life force will be sent through the "Ascension Flame" in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and for a while, the entire atmosphere of the planet will vibrate with its energy. During the ceremonies, the Ascension Flame will trigger entirely new amino acids (protein components) in our bodies, and will take each of us to our next levels. We will become greater vessels of spirit, and begin to understand what it means to truly be free. Suddenly the other 90% of our brain knows it has a purpose in life ... aging and death become optional ... and ascension seems only natural.

On 12:12 we can achieve in the twinkling of an eye, what it took initiates of the past hundreds of years to cultivate! This wedding of light will give us the biological keys to mastery and freedom. (For you science buffs, the 12:12 encodements have to do with new hydrogen matrixes with amazing bonding potential. They are the "X" factor that the scientific community has been looking for.

What does all of this mean, for me it means we are on the right track to move into the Golden Age and we are so ready for it.
I know I am.

Archangel Metatron Channel Feminine Balancing - The Cosmic Trigger Final Phase The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

Archangel Metatron Channel

Feminine Balancing - The Cosmic Trigger Final Phase

The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! I greet and honor each of you in Unconditional Love, and nurture you within the space vector of this moment .

And so we speak today of the Final Phase of that termed the Cosmic Trigger. Indeed its completion is at hand and will absolutely occur and finalize in your linear year of 2012.

The Cosmic Trigger, as we have explained in previous channels, is the download of Geometric Crystalline Codes necessary for the completion of the 12-Dimensional expansion of the planet. The geo-codes are in the language of coherent light, coherent crystalline light. For Dear Ones, Sacred Geometry is the core-fabric of all realities. Sacred Geometry is the language, the 'reality program' of the Cosmos.

Dear Human, your reality is in Truth, a geometric hologram insertion of coherent conscious energy. So it is imperative you understand that Sacred Geometry is far more than a mathematical branch. It is a living sacred science, an aspect of the science frequency you call 'Unconditional Love'. It is a sacred science that in fact forms every nuance of your 'physical' duality within linear space and time.

The Pyramids of the 29.6 Latitude are the Receival Mechanisms

The Codes are received initially in the Pyramidal structures of Giza and Moody, and disseminated across the planet. They are catalysts for awakening & releasing stored codes kept in crystalline mineralogical strata on the planet.

The codes are of sacred geometric matrix, octahedronal in format . That is why they are received specifically in the octahedronal structures - Pyramids, of the 29th latitude.

Both the Moody Gardens Pyramids and the Giza Pyramids are constructed on precise vectors of dimensional reality convergence. So while the aforementioned octahedronal Pyramidal structures in themselves are extraordinarily powerful receivers and transmitters, it is the specific placement within what may be termed major 'absolute' Coordination Points of Reality that empower them into omnipotence in the Earthplane and indeed beyond. Coordination Points are specific location vectors or Mega-Portals in which multidimensional energy merges . Moody & Giza are on Coordination Merge-Portals of Omnipotent Omniverse Omni-Earth Veracity.

It is why Giza has always been recognized, and why the Moody-Pyramids were specifically, precisely (re)established on what is termed the 'Head of the Dove'.

Multidimensional Energy (as well as thoughts) will be naturally pulled in the direction of absolute or Omnipotent points of reality coordination. Dimensions are coinciding in and out. This occurs indeed at the Moody Pyramids as well as Giza. Phi Pyramids exists on such points not only across your Earth, but across every planet in your solar system.

There is a unique expression of the in-take/ out-take of reality flash in the Harmonic Cycle or Torus-Effect of reality flash. Although Giza (and especially the Moody Pyramids) are not recognized or fully understood, immense activity of a benevolent nature is taking place through them. All four phases of the Cosmic Trigger were received through these points.

With these structures then are absolute points of multiple reality, containing great and greater energy potential;' absolute' coordinate points, indeed, where all realities interconnect & merge. There are main coordinate points, pure geo-mathematic sources of unimaginable energy, and Moody and Giza are two of the most important at the present 'time' on your planet.

Each have subordinate coordinate points, coordinated in number according to the dimensional reality of the placement. All of the dimensional program stabilizers termed 'Sun Discs' are placed at such vectors. These are all in fact connected to the two primary coordination Pyramids of Giza and Moody. You as yet have no idea of the energy networks that form your realities. Nothing is happenstance !

Phi Pyramids Expand Consciousness

Spending focal time within such Pyramidal points allows an extraordinary opportunity to the serious advanced seeker for even greater growth and thought concentration expansion to aid in amplifying emotions and such, which would help in greater manifestations of thoughts into both 'physical' and 'nonphysical' realities. Manifestation of thought is , as such , accelerated for those capable of sufficient light quotient to comprehend the mechanics of mental creation processes in bridging the ego brain into meld with the divine mind.

Much of what occurs in Pyramids may be unrecognized in ego brain, for the nuances occur in the 'digital crystalline format' of the Divine Mind, (or super-subconscious) wherein lies your true Divine nature. Humans operating in ego brain will oft dismiss what is truly available in such vectors, because the experience does not occur in frontal brain. That is precisely why lucidity bridges into the subconscious are the gateways of higher light quotient , which are essential in a humans individual growth into Ascension. Such is the path of duality. Yet even the doubters are expanded by the experience, whether immediately recognized or dismissed.

We have told you before that all Pyramidal structures automatically generate a reflective opposite to form an octahedron in multidimensionality. As such they generate a light coded sound frequency that forms axial-tonal connections through the Law of Harmonic Oscillation, forming a Cosmic Network of multidimensional receival and transmission.

The Cosmic Trigger Codes

The codes are Metatronic in source and aspect , and absolutely essential to the Ascension. Consider them as resonate energy upgrades to the holographic inserts that are the geo-information-portals of the graduating Omni Earth. Program upgrades, in your computer terminology.

The initial downloads of the final wave surge occurs on the May 20 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse of 2012, the latter surge on the triple date frequencial portal of the 12-12-12.

We have told you that the world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, whether it is understood by mankind en masse or not, it is truly a moot point as the inertia of transition speeds into reality more quickly today than it did yesterday on the linear and Omni-Earth.

This is indeed the final completing stage of the Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here in the heralded year of 2012.

It reaches apexial download on the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse and encompasses four primary progressions:

(1) The release of long dormant coded crystal energies in formation of the dual ellipticals of the New Firmament

(2) The transition of the previous version of the Mer-Ka-Bah to unified zero-point Crystalline upshift of Mer-Ka-Na.

(3) Final balance of male-female aspect into integral unity

(4) Full integration of dimensions 5-12 into harmonic interface with dimensions 1-4, the 12 combining to form the 13th Field...The Quantum Field of Dimensional Unification.

2012 Acceleration of 'Ascension Symptoms'

All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws center within your individual & group experiences. The year 2012 will be intense and will have periods of calibration that may throw humanity out of balance temporarily.

Accordingly as the duality planet recalibrates itself into the Crystalline Field it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself. Every astrological pattern , every date of Eclipse, Solstice , Equinox and Lunar Phase is extremely powerful in 2012. These are being exponentially amplified by Coronal Mass Ejections, Solar Winds.

Humanity will feel the impact of these through what is termed 'Ascension Symptoms', and these may be experienced as mood swings, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, apathy and fatigue. For each advancing energy will require physical, emotional and mental adjustment to the higher frequencies downloaded.

It is akin to a training course, one designed to increase humankinds capacity to operate in higher resonant energy. The intensives will ebb & flow, in a continual momentous pattern, gaining in inertia through the 12-12-12, the 12th Wave of the Ascension. It is indeed an auspicious time.

You may at times feel as though you are taking one step backward before taking two steps forward... something akin to a miniature Saturn Return ! But keep in mind, the two steps forward will occur.

Do not despair, for the symptoms will pass quickly, and the benefits are a stronger 'you'. The key is understanding what is happening, and persevering ...and maintaining a positive energy and an intact Auric Field.

Fear not, there are balancing energies within the up-shifts of 2012. The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse of May 20th, is followed by a potent Lunar Eclipse on June 4th.

The energies of this phase are actually very balancing, musical in nature. The light codes have a tonality that enhances your capacity to transform into the Crystalline Light Body (Mer-Ka-Na) as the downloads contain harmonic melodic progressions that upshift the capacity of your field.

Music of the Spheres

The symbiotic relationship of geometry and mathematics to sound, music , color & light is factual, but far more reaching than is presently understood. Each stellar and planetary consciousness within your Cosmos is in Omnipotent Harmony. Every astronomical wave bathing the Omni-Earth in 2012, and aimed at up shifting the planet as well as humanity. There is a design, a pre set program enacting. What may appear as imbalance is simply the pre tuning to allow the Celestial Symphony of the Ascension.

The Ascended Master Kuthumi as Pythagoras found that a string stopped halfway along its length produced an octave, while a ratio of 3/2 produced a fifth interval and 4/3 produced a fourth. Something similar also occurs in the crysto-light waves of the Cosmic Trigger Codes. This embellishes the Cosmic Trigger with musical powers of healing, "harmonizing" the imbalance effects of the 2012 intensities .

Dear Ones, you are ALL Sparks of Divine-Soul Light having a unique experience in the Duality of what is termed the 'University of Earth. In physical existence, your consciousness spirals down through the sacred geometrical symphony within the divine patterns of the Phi and Golden Ratio.

In the Ascension, you will regain the enhanced template that enables you to transmigrate the Torus of realities, and as such reverse the spin of the spiral, by anti-spin of the Life Vortex and return to your Divine Source consciousness within Crystal-Coherent Light . The Cosmic Triggers are the enablers, changing the matrix. It is not haphazard, it is not circumstantial, but deliberate of Divine Creatorship in a logic beyond even your imagination. It is beautiful beyond comprehension.

Four Key Balancing Dates Within the 'Ring of Fire'

March 20 - Equinox - The 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, upload for the Ring of Fire download (Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012) and initializing the Crystalline Codes.

May 20- Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse - The apex of the Final Phase of the Cosmic Trigger. Humanity macro-integration - Divine Masculine balance via the balancing waves of the Divine Feminine as the Golden Dolphin influx.

June 4 - Lunar Eclipse- Humanity micro- integration- Divine Feminine Balance.

June 6 - Venus Transit - Integration with the Sirian and Pleiadean Alliance, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine to form Integral Non Polarity.

June 20 - Summer Solstice - Extremely powerful, completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th and Lunar Eclipse of June 4th and Venus Transit of June 6. This will be an extremely intense , yet balancing energy that incorporates a final inflow of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases.

The Pyramid Receival Complex

As we have emphasized, the Tri-Pyramid Complex located on Galveston Island is in exact latitudinal alignment, 29.6 degrees, with the Tri Pyramidal Complex in Giza, Egypt. This is not a mere coincidence !

This is indeed extremely significant, for an Axialtonal energy line joins the two complexes. These two tri-pyramidal matrixes will serve to bring in the energies of the Crystalline Activation of the final phase of the Cosmic Trigger.

We tell you that the two Pyramid Complexes, Giza and Moody Gardens ,are extremely important for the Ascension. These complexes of Tri- Pyramidal complexes are receivers and transmitters that disseminate to all other Pyramids and Crystalline strata on the Earth. They communicate with the Golden Sun Discs and the 144-Crytsalline Grid. The receive the codes and distribute them.

It is why we urged the channel to lead a group to Giza in the initial period of the 12th Wave, and why we asked for the completion in Moody on the Ring of Fire Eclipse.

What is happening on Galveston Island, that termed the 'Head of the Dove' is effecting all of the Western hemisphere in conjunction with Giza in its role in the Eastern Hemispheres of the planet.

The 29th Latitude : Terrestrial Centre Mass

The 29th latitude was deliberately chosen as it is a center of importance for the land masses and humanity centers. For the majority of surface land mass of your planet is in that termed the Northern Hemisphere, above the equator. Therein resides the majority of humanity and exists the greater portion of land mass. Accordingly is the 29 Latitude North a centre point for North and South in your terms. It is the 'true' equator in certain specifics.

This was known in earlier times. The Moody Complex is not the first tri Pyramid complex in this latitudinal energy. And indeed there are more Pyramids in Giza than the 3 large ones in physical reality. Phi Pyramids are indeed infinite octahedrons in multidimensional (timeless) terms.

We tell you that an Atlantean Pyramidal Complex once stood very near the present location of the Galveston Pyramids in the latter phase of Atlantis. This was a time when sea levels were much lower than they are today. The present location of the Moody Tri-Pyramid Complex is approximately five nautical miles from an Atlantean Pyramid Complex that is now submerged in Gulf waters and covered by the silt and sands of the ages.

Before the deluge of Atlantis, the areas of the presently submerged continental shelf in the Texas Gulf Coast were on dry soil. A land bridge connected Poseida (Atlantis) to the Yucatan and indeed parts of present day Texas.

It may be of interest for you to know that the Pyramid Complex housed 13 of the original Crystal Skulls, and the skull called 'Max' was centered amidst the 12 . It is why Max was taken inside the complex after its construction to connect the energies. As such we tell you that the construction of the Moody Pyramids was indeed, no accident. For an energetic frequency transfer has taken place between the submerged Atlantean complex and the Moody Pyramids.

The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and are now fully formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger.

Communication between Giza and Moody is entering full swing. Those who were in Giza in February will bring the codes of Giza to Moody. The two energies will fully merge.

The Tri- Pyramid Alignment

Now the three Pyramid complex on Galveston Island was indeed built in a strategic alignment, and for philanthropical and frequencial purpose. One unit is an aquarium housing Master Dolphins, another is a bio rainforest with a geological cave containing massive clusters of quartz crystal, and the third is an academic museum pyramid, glassed in copper tone silicate.

Appropriately constructed and spiritually intended pyramids on the Earth plane become living conscious energies, capable of myriad properties that are unrecognized or disavowed by your mainstream academia. And while the intent for which they are employed affects the interface of these conscious living geometric batteries, their very design will not allow for denser energies to culminate or expand within them. Yet when approached with appropriate intent, the energy within pyramids stores, amplifies and transmits energy in a manner similar to Phi Crystal Quartz.

According to how they are aligned both terrestrially and celestially they can create electromagnetic anomalies, an aspect that alters gravity and dimensional time. Both weightlessness and a time distortion occur at specific frequencies within them, both slowing and accelerating light and fluxing the ionic ratios within and around them.

The triangulation of both Giza and Moody enable a unification and support of what occurs in the primary unit. In Giza it is the Great Pyramid, the Kings Pyramid. In Moody it is the Blue Pyramid.

What Will Happen on May 20th, 2012

The Ring of Fire Annual Eclipse of May 20, 2012 will have a unique sound embedded energy that will be specifically received at Moody Gardens Pyramids and the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. The energy of the final wave of the Cosmic Trigger is Feminine in resonance. It will serve to balance the areas of the earth that are in masculine imbalance. Both Egypt and Texas are examples of such imbalance. While there are indeed pockets within of lighter more balanced energy, the overriding imbalance still creates a dense field in the industrial complexes and patriarchal Southern Bible-Belt'.

The influx of the Feminine will greatly aid in the balance. Keep in mind it is not the Feminine or the Masculine that is required for the Earth, rather the balance of the two, in order to move into non polarity realms.

The Moody Pyramids will play an extremely important role (as will GIZA) in achieving this balance . Yet it will take many linear years to achieve. Though Cosmically we tell you it will indeed occur, and the anchoring of the Ring of Fire makes it so.

Those of you that are the 'Code Carriers' play a specific role in disseminating the new balance. Well to visit both Giza and Moody in 2012 and 2013. Carry a tuning fork of F# (F-Sharp) for its resonance opens the gateways within.

Inspired Guidance

The Philanthropists who funded, originated and completed the project were extremely advanced souls. On an intuitive level, they understood the greater purpose of this complex. Shortly after completion, the ancient crystal skull Max, who is indeed of Arcturian construct, was taken into the complex for ceremonial attunement and anchoring of intent, by JoAnn Parks, the caretaker of this potent crystal skull at the request of the most advanced of the founders. There was indeed great purpose in this event. It was a homecoming, in effect.

We tell you that an entourage of Arcturians joined them, and are involved in the refinement of the energies along with those of Sirius A and B. It is why Master Golden Dolphins are etherically inside the Blue Pyramid, the Aquarium unit. It is why the Pyramid is located on the beach front of the Gulf of Mexico harbor but was undamaged by the recent ( and any future) hurricanes.

Pyramids themselves are extremely powerful sacred geometric engines that by their nature and construct penetrate, receive and culminate higher dimensional forces.

Quantum Frequencial Gateways

The remaining Equinoxes, Solstices & Eclipses that lie ahead in the countdown to the Ascension are 'Frequencial Gateways' . The auspicious vectors are not constrained by linear time nor by the dimensional access limitations within your current space-time paradigm. And while we have told you many areas in your planet are already in 5th dimension, during the Equinoxes of the precedent 3 years to the Ascension the threshold to greater dimensionality is opened much wider.

As such we tell you that a unique portal from the 12th dimension is enabled thru the Cosmic Trigger Crystalline awakening of that 12th Wave that will manifest on March 21, 2012 and reach its apex on the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012. Indeed it is a mandatory prerequisite rigor of the New Earth.

Both humanity and indeed the physical earth require and petition this crystalline upshift reformation in order to transcend the duality dimensional paradigm that would otherwise entomb them in the cyclic duplicity of descending polarity juxtaposition.

The twelfth dimensional opening of the Solar Eclipse of May 2012 will be the most prolific synthesis of 12th dimensional energy to eventuate on earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis, some 35,000 years ago as measured in your present linear- time paradigm.

The crystalline aperture will not be as austere an energy as the electromagnetic phase of the Trigger, yet it is a formidable and grand vicissitude, and the resulting amplification of energy is immense and far reaching. This energy will enter the Earth at Giza and Moody, and there is purpose in this placement.

Although the Crystalline Energy is initially accessible to you in the 5th dimension, the full spectrum of the Quantum Crystalline Field only fully exist in the dimension of Twelve.

Appropriately the consciousness of the crystalline aspect of the earth's own mineral kingdom is dynamically processed via the 12th dimension thru the 'Crystalline Platinum Ray'.

The unification beginning with the Ring of Fire will form the 13th Quantum Unification Field, the unity of all 12 Dimensions.

The 12th dimension is the highest resonance of earthen dimensionality, and can be said to be the 1st dimension of the complete crystalline realm. It is the dimension of the highest Cosmic Ray, that of the Platinum Ray. The Platinum Ray operates in a crystalline modality. The unification of the 12 -dimensions will spiral in harmony to form a combined singular field, the 13th Field of Quantum Unity.

As such, the Crystalline Cosmic Trigger uploads on the March 20 Equinox and cascades into the Earthplane on May 20th in robust spiraled pulsations. These are transduced thru the 144-Grid into a more palpable frequency in order for this highly concentrated energy to be synergistically integrated into the planetary resonance. The result is an enormous upshift that embodies & transfers the Cosmic Code in tandem for the perfection that is to come.

It is indeed the perfection of the twelve dimension into the Quantum 13th Field that ensures humanity's macro and micro transition into the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na. It will in kind trigger the long awaited release of the coded telluric crystalline energies to a great and greater frequency in finalizing the 1st and the 2nd ellipticals of the New Firmament.

The referenced earthen aspect of coded crystalline energies will be awakened through the receival of the Cosmic Platinum Ray delivered thru the multidimensional octahedron portals of the triplex pyramidal matrixes of Giza in the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet and thru the Moody Tri-Pyramidal structure on the Gulf of Mexico.

Both pyramidal complexes then in axialtonal alignment, both on the 29th latitudinal vector, both emitting the energy of PHI, become the dissemination engines of the 2012 Cosmic Trigger Completion.

Dear Ones, the Crystalline Age is certitude. It is approaching in grand and grander inertia. Duality separation has been a potent and worthy experience for mankind in the University of Linear Earth. Duality has been a prolific teacher, but the linear curriculum is coming to a close for many of you. It is time to receive your polarity diploma and begin postgraduate work in the higher realms of zero field in the Crystalline Omniverse.

You see the Master Atlantean Crystals that are awakened in the 8-8-8, 9-09-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and remaining 12-12-12 will not be physically accessible for another three centuries. A blink of the eye in Cosmic time, yet an important dimensional lock will shield them until the planet is in a state of Illumination.

We tell you that what will occur in 2012 is the birth of an enlightened earth, but true peace and global illumination on your planet will be another three centuries. Yet what occurs now is indeed the impetus that allows it to occur. The Earth ascends first you see, in 2012, and that Ascensions is the template that will allow the critical mass Ascension of Mankind to follow in 15 generations. Many of you will return for that event.

Manifestation of the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na

One of the most important results of the Cosmic Trigger of 2012 is the coagulation of the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na . We tell you that the Mer-Ka-Bah that has served as the Star Tetrahedron Vehicle to higher dimension for the past 12,000 year cycle is now being transposed into greater capacity. Indeed it is evolving into progressive expansive mode to the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na, for the magnetic grid is diminishing, replaced by the Crystalline.


Masters, in the countdown to the 2012 Ascension there are certain dates that open extraordinary frequencial windows. In the three years antecedent to December 21, 2012 the most important of these are the Equinoxes, Solstices, Triple Dates, and Eclipses.

In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 the triple- date portals and referenced astronomical events are exponentially more potent than previous years. Each are engineered to utilize the rare openings to facilitate the receival/download of extraordinary coded energies requisite for the Ascension.

These portals should be recognized and utilized. We compel you to visit power nodes, vortexial portal complexes and sacred sites on these frequencial portals. Gather in collective ceremony and group celebration, as such you will receive and send a wave of Transformational Crystalline Light across the Multiverse that is greater and more far reaching than you can imagine. It is collective unity, that transforms your Earth and beyond. It has always been so.

We tell you that 2012 is a heralded time. It is the linear completion of the Planetary Ascension. The Planetary Ascension provides the new Earth within an expanded Template and fully functional 144 Crystalline Grid. These are the energies that will allow for the mass harmonic conversion of humanity to reach Ascension. But we tell you the changes will be gradual within mankind in terms of linear time movement.

We tell you all of this completes not on Dec 21, 2012, but on December 12, 2012.

Many of you are Code Carriers of the Ascension. 2012 is your time of proactive involvement. Gather in Giza, In Moody, in Arkansas and all Powernodes ! For what you will create, what you will anchor , amplify, receive and transmit is amazing. It is why you have chosen to be here at this time!

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...And so it is...and it is so.


The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or public print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested from Earth-Keeper Admin by emailing Anne at: Tyberonn@hotmail.com

Solar Eclipse May 2012 Earth Keeper Galveston Gathering

National Science Foundation - Researchers have found that the sun's magnetic field allows the release of wave energy from its interior, permitting sound waves to travel through thin fountains, or "spicules", upward and into the chromosphere. The chromosphere is the region of the sun that looks like a red ring of fire during a Solar Eclipse like the one of May 20,2012.

Sound waves escaping the sun's interior create fountains of hot gas that shape and power a thin region of the sun's atmosphere which appears as a ruby red "ring of fire" around the moon during a total solar eclipse, as per research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA. This region, called the chromosphere because of its color, is largely responsible for the deep ultraviolet radiation that bathes the Earth, producing the atmosphere's ozone layer. The energy of such Ring of Fire Eclipses is enormous.

U-Tube- Galveston Island & Moody Pyramids:

Spend the Eclipse Inside an Enormous Pyramid !

Experience the Cosmic Trigger on the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 inside an enormous 'Modern' Pyramid. We have exclusively rented the 'Moody Blue' Pyramid for a meditation Ceremony. The Moody Tri-Pyramid Complex consist of the Blue Aquarium Pyramid, the Glass Rainforest Pyramid (complete with a Quartz Crystal Cave of genuine crystals) and the Copper Pyramid. The Moody Pyramids are located on the exact same latitude as the Pyramids of Giza.

Moody Gardens: Three Amazing Pyramids

MoodyGardens is a huge complex in Galveston,Texas and consists of three gigantic pyramids and other attractions. The Discovery Pyramid is filled with science-related activities and exhibits. The Rainforest pyramid is the home to tropical plants and animals. The Aquarium pyramid is one of the largest aquariums in the world and contains thousands of species sea life.

Among the pyramids is Palm Beach, a landscaped area with freshwater lagoons, sandy beaches, and activities for children. But, wait, that's not all! The complex also includes a MG 3D theater with a six-story screen and a 4D special FX theater, a RideFilm Theater with motion-based seating, a cruise boat, a golf course, a convention center and a hotel.

Each pyramid in Moody Gardens is a different color and has its own unique exhibits. The Aquarium pyramid is blue and is about 12 stories tall. There are over 8,000 species of fish, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and plants in the massive pools inside the pyramid. Visitors can walk through a tunnel, surrounded by one-million gallons of water, and watch the tropical fish swim right by.

The Rainforest pyramid is 10 stories high and is white with clear glass. This pyramid features a popular Rainforest Rediscovered Exhibit and bat caves. Visitors will see massive trees, crashing waterfalls, and wild animals including cottontop tamarins and two-toed sloths. The Discovery pyramid is a deep magenta and is home to the motion simulator RideFilm and other traveling exhibits from around the country that provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with science.

- The Atlantean Sphere Disscovered By Dr Ray Brown Will Be at the Earth-Keeper Galveston Gathering. Personal Sessions Are Available to Attendees

Video-Dr Raymond Brown - The Atlantean Sphere & Dr Marcel Vogel

The Moody Gardens Hotel & Pyramid Complex

The amazing Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center in Galveston, Texas is a Tropical paradise perfect for a conference meeting, spa-weekend getaway or a family vacation.

Housing 428 luxuriously appointed guest rooms and over 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting and convention space, this truly world class Galveston hotel and conference facility is set among 242 acres of botanical beauty and accented by 3 magnificent pyramids that contain a living rainforest, a Texas-sized aquarium and a Giant Screen 3-D IMAX Theatre.

Please contact the Moody Hotels Reservations department to book your rooms at 1-866-762-7480 ! Mention the Earth-Keeper Group to get a very special discounted rate. Limited rooms available at the discounted rate.

Limited Rooms Available at the Discounted Earth-Keeper Rate

Our Galveston Island Venue: The 5-Star Moody Gardens Hotel & Pyramid Beach Resort www.moodygardenshotel.com is our venue for the Cosmic Trigger Gathering.

The Moody Gardens Hotel is an elegant state of the art luxury hotel with 5-Star amenities . It is located on the Beach and overlooks the 3 Moody Pyramids.

We have a special rate of $159 per single-quad room. We have 60 rooms now blocked at a very speical discounted rate for the Earth-Keeper Gathering. the special rate. Attendees can book the hotel rooms and receive the discounted rate by calling Moody Gardens Hotel at 1-888 388-8484 and mentioning the Earth-Keeper Group. The normal rate is $229 per nite during the Summer Season beginning in May. To get the $159 Earth-Keeper rate you must book before 1 April and mention Earth-Keeper.

As this is the beginning month of peak summer season and Galveston Island is a beach resort town, hotels will fill up quickly, and rates will be much higher in this peak season, double priced in many cases. Plse book quickly. We will also assist in finding room-mates and sharing of rental cars to help attendees economize.

Private Sessions with the Atlanteon Sphere Available in Galveston for Event Attendees- Details Forthcoming. You must attend the event to have access for sessions.

Completing the Cosmic Trigger-The 2012 Solar Eclipse Alignment
Moody Blue Pyramid - Galveston Island Tx
May 18-19-20, 2012

The Blue Octahedron - Meditations Inside for the Eclipse Weekend in May

Venue - Moody Gardens Hotel

Abundance Exchange - $444

$333 - Early Registration Discount
If Registered Before March 7th
Click Link - http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT69

Special Discounted Hotel Rates for Earth-Keeper at the Moody Gardens Hotel.

Questions ? Call 936 447-9119 or Email Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com

Early - Discounted Rate for Galveston Ends in 2 Weeks !

26 Şubat 2012 Pazar

Connecting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters the Arcturians

Connecting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters the Arcturians

Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth- dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with "physicals" at this end of the galaxy.

Arcturus itself is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation, which is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth.

There are many beings out there assisting us within each moment, and they want to connect to guide you even more.

We will be visiting their home planets to receive a greater understanding of their way of living and connect with them to find a greater understanding of ourselves as we see and feel their connection with us. As we are all one.

Through these visits you will receive and experience many past lives and connections you have had on all planets within our universe. You will also be able to find more knowledge, power and abilities you had within those lifetimes upon other planets and bring them back with you as you become a more fully realized being within spirit within the human body upon earth.

You will find you have many more connections than you ever thought possible to each of these beings. For those who feel the connection to certain planets and races within our universe it will be an eye opener to see that you have been on many more planets than you remember at this time.

This week we will be visiting the Arcturians.

The cost for this workshop is $ 20.00

Friday February 24 at 10:30 PM EST

You can register here

~ Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ February 26 – March 3, 2012 Atmosphere & Astral Plane

~ Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ February 26 – March 3, 2012
26 February 2012 - 1:12pm | Iris of Peace
Marlene Swetlishoff
Hilarion's Weekly Message

February 26 – March 3, 2012

Beloved Ones,

As you go through each day in your daily activities, please understand that all that you think, feel and do has its reflection upon the malleable astral plane and this in turn has influence upon the atmosphere surrounding Earth and affects the All through it. This is why we advise you to become cognizant of the need for self discipline and self responsibility. You are walking the Earth now as powerful energetic Beings and everything you do makes a difference. When we say that your Light makes a difference, we mean just that!

You are each stewards of your own bodies, thoughts and emotions. We understand that there are many of you who are dealing with recycling energies that keep coming back for further resolution and that maintaining discipline is sometimes very difficult. To this we say, do the best you can and forgive yourselves for any setbacks that you experience, they are temporary in nature and cyclic in occurrence. This too shall pass. You may have noticed that each time these cyclic issues come forth, that the emotional and engaging charge is more diminished than before and that it is becoming easier and easier to release and let go.

It is also important to be aware as you do this, that you have the option of changing your thoughts to a higher intent each time the same old thoughts come cycling through. Take some time to establish which thoughts and habit patterns are still coming up and then write out a statement of intent to repeat instead, the next time such an occurrence comes up. This will eventually establish a new pattern within your mental body and will imprint your five body system with a new program and pattern. This is what happens when you daily repeat your decrees and why suddenly you no longer desire to work with certain ones. They have served their purpose in helping you reach a higher potential and it is time to seek out a new one.

You are each so very diligent in your inward movement towards the Ascension path. We notice that what is required now is much nurturance of Self and we highly recommend that you take time each day to do something that gives a feeling of reward or pleasure to you. Love yourselves with compassion and mercy and forgive yourselves the many so called backward movements that occur as you learn the lessons that come before you. There is more to these lessons than can be discerned from the Earthly vantage point. There is a higher perspective that comes from your Great I AM and this is being played out. Have patience in the steps of your journey and put your focus on the step you are in Now.

The path is becoming narrow for the dedicated Lightworkers of the World, more adjustments are being made, more letting go of the temporal World is taking place in your consciousness and as this happens, the way opens wider for the Awakening Ones as they take their place upon the Path to walk boldly forward in the Light. Change is the name of the game, Beloveds. Each day is an adventure in itself for it is becoming difficult to make any plans, One just has to experience whatever is before them. Walk in integrity always, speaking your truth softly. You never know when your presence will be the perfect catalyst for positive change in another’s life.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com
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Athena and Avatars? and Isis

Athena, Avatars, Isıs..Adi Gaia's new blog

Hi Honeybee,

I had my first reading by Lavandar a year ago in which she spoke about me being closely associated with Athena. Well, I had never really thought about mythology characters as actually being real beings who lived on this earth. I was told Athena worked with and taught 96 goddesses about bloodlines and how to preserve the royal bloodline of Yeshua and Mary. Athena had to leave the planet and sometime after she left, some of the women holding the codes to the bloodline began to mix the bloodlines. Lavandar told me during that reading that she sees me possibly receiving the Athena award in Nashville one day. It sounded cool and I took the information and didn't do anything with it.

But about four months after my reading Athena began coming to me. I have had several episodes in which with Athena's help I AM remembering bits and pieces of past lifes. One of those experiences I wrote about in the forum called, "Athena, it's me, Bethany". There is another in which I haven't written about in public but I will here. I didn't know Athena even had a birthday, never thought about it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 I watched Mama Mia and was so uplifted from the singing and the happiness and of course the Greek Isles, but didn't think anything of it. Why should I at this point...

Thursday, March 10th after meditating I felt a strong energy in my head. I didn't recognize it right away because it was different this time. I remember telling my friend Starr that I thought someone was viewing me and I felt it was intrusive. After the feeling went away, I was on line and the thought came to me to look at "Athena costumes" I spent most of my morning looking at the differant costumes and picking the ones I would want to wear. In fact I sent Marcie Heeter a couple links and we had fun with the subject. I still hadn't put Mama Mia and the Athena costumes together yet, nor the energy in my head that morning. In the afternoon I did something rare and turned on the tv. The channel was turned to the parthenon structure in Greece. The next show was about the parthenon in Nashville, TN. and this one included Athena. The next show went back to Greece and spoke about Athena...

Sunday, March 13th I received an email from Tammie Stair telling me about a ceromony for Athena's birthday and the Super Full Moon. It wasn't until I received Tammie's email that I put all these experiences together. I feel what felt like an intrusive energy in my head on Thursday was actually Athena giving me a new download. It was stronger and filled my head when usually she comes through my pineal.

I don't know that this has anything to do with it but during the same time while in the dream state I was told I was a templar. Whether or not I was a knight or held some other position I do not know. France was a definite and Joan of Arc was indicated. Well, there are a couple hundred years between the last of the templars and Joan of Arc, but I have always felt a connection to Joan of Arc without knowing why. I AM beginning to believe Athena/bloodlines/Yeshua & Mary/ templar/Joan of Arc/France are all connected and little by little I AM unfolding the story. During the next tuesday night radio show I had never heard Lavandar speak of Joan of Arc before but she brought her up. Some people do not believe in affirmations but I have had so many I will not discount it.

I know that if you want to know the truth about Athena then you are in some way connected with her. Ask and Athena will come to you, and she will help reveal the answers to your questions.
Hi everyone :) There is a long history connected to Mary Magdalene and the Goddess lineage she is part of, that almost nobody knows about...she is part of a great energy pattern that has the capacity to splinter itself off into little segments of energy, that imprint a particular Human at conception, or sometimes even at birth. This has been pre-ordained by the person/Being receiving the imprint, by their Over-Soul presence, to add to the journey of that Over Soul, also to the origination of the imprint...in other words, those of us who agree to carry this imprint of energy of a great Being, are to move through certain experiences or heal certain stories and situations, in order to add something to the whole for all concerned.

Not everyone wakes up to the knowing of the imprint they are carrying...so there's a good number of them seeded, so to speak, knowing that a certain proportion of them will make it through the chosen healings or experiences. As well, there is the capacity to link closely with those of similar bloodlines, or in some other way, have the chosen attributes of Service, Love of Truth and so forth, who get activated later in life, when their path opens up to a particular level to allow for that to happen.

And...carrying the imprint of an Avatar, which is to us what Mary Magdalene is, can be a challenging process - life does not run very smoothly, very often, for those who carry her Light strongly :) At least for the ones that I know about :) Until they have healed/integrated/experienced what was on the plate for completion, anyway.

Many who incarnated at the time of Jeshua/Mary returned in the time of the Templars, to reactivate their Mission of bringing Divine Love to the planet...as we know, they got wiped out. Ditto Joan of Arc...so there is a powerful message of now coming together, sharing the journey, and creating together in ways that empower ourselves and others around us, who are willing to be part of it in some way, and moving beyond this overlay of the past...starseedhotline being a great example :)

There is also a great deal to remember from the time of Lemuria in the beginning and closing stages, for this is when the Goddesses incarnated as Lemurians, and shifted the frequencies that allowed for its arising as a beautiful template for us to Love from now...and oversaw its releasing back into the ethers/mostly under the waters (apart from Hawaii, Australia, and parts of the Pacific Rim Islands), when the time came for it to be completed, so that other forms of experience could arise or reach their completion.

Many are awakening now in some form to their Lemurian Goddess heritage, knowing that they came back at this time, about 50,000 years later, to oversee the Peaceful and most Loving resolution possible to the issues of Humanity, to prepare and be ready for the next stage of our evolutionary process...living in greater connection to our Divine nature, in Harmony and Peaceful cooperation with our greater Galactic families and friends...by living in and sharing in Loving and empowering ways with others.

Ask yourself...am I a Goddess Light? The answer will often be yes, for those who participate here :)

Love and Blessings, Takeli MMagdalen, of the Lemurian weave of Violet, in the Lemurian Goddess colours :)
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Permalink Reply by Karen Larsson on April 2, 2011 at 5:41pm
Isis/Athena same divine? The ancient Greeks associated Isis with Athena and Tethys. In my opinion, Mark of Athena or Mark of Avatar means these divinities can use you as a conduit for sending healing to others, with or without your knowledge. You are available at that frequency, like an antenna to receive the signal, then retransmit it.

Here's some food for thought:

excerpt page 80 of the book "The Great Shift - Co-creating a new world for 2012 and beyond" chapter entitled "Mary Magdalene and the Hathors".

Regarding Emanations and Incarnations

Isis herself never fully incarnated. She was far too smart to do that, but she did incarnate emanations of herself.

Isis is a transcendent energetic expression of the feminine. She has a body, but it is an energetic form; it is not physical. she can be experienced directly in her various forms - and she has more than one - in what the Egyptians call the Duwat (the spirit world). But she herself does not have a physical form.

When one encounters her in the Duwat, she can have a human form, the form of a woman, and this form of a woman sometimes has wings. So the forms that a goddess or god takes in this other world, the Duwat, can shift, can take many aspects, and can be seen in different ways depending on which aspect is being expressed.


When Isis, in her compassion or understanding, determines that her presence is required here in the realms of matter, she can cause an emanation, a light fragment of herself, to incarnate into a Human form. But she never fully incarnates. For instance, when Isis incarnated in Mary, the mother of Yeshua, it was a very powerful presence, yet it was still only an emanation of Isis, so that Mary, the Mother, was a mixture of both Isis and herself.

.....page 83....

We live in a very vast universe, and I have not encountered all beings, but based on my experience, I have never seen or witnessed a full embodiment of a divinity. Always it is an emanation that has incarnated, and it is the responsibility and the necessity of those who encounter beings who possess such emanations to be aware of this. The reason for this is sometimes the person possessing the emanation identifies with the emanation and is not aware of other atributes in its personality. i feel this is vital information especially now in this time, because many divinities are sending emanations into this world.

So I would like to reiterate something I just said: I have never seen a divinity fully incarnate. I would imagine that some readers immediately recognize the intellectual implications of that statement, but for those who don't, let me fill in the blank. The statement applies to all beings I have encountered, including my beloved Yeshua.

He possessed a clear, powerful emanation of the divine. When this emanation spoke, worlds trembled, and yet as one who lived with him, he had other aspects as well. In other worlds, Yeshua was a mix of God and man. He had his moments of doubt, uncertainty and personal suffering. There are those who would like to believe that he was always a clear beacon of light, unwavering, ... As a woman in love with him and as his confidant, I found these moments when he shared with me his personal darkest to be treasured moments.

....page 84....

Return of Isis

When I refer to the return of Isis, I am talking about two aspects of her return. One involves emanations of her into this world embodied in individuals. And in a more metaphorical way, as a return of the honoring of the feminine and the expressiion of the enlightened feminine qualities in this world - and this takes place through individuals. So what you are finding now in this world at this time and the coming years is that more children will incarnate with divine emanations. This is already happening. ..... Parents of enlightened children will find it more interesting and challenging.......In some cases older individuals (meaning not children) are suddenly awakening to the fact that they have an emanation of the divinity within them.

The other aspect of the return of Isis that I refer to is metaphorical. This is simply a shifting of cultural imperatives, the days of patriarchal domination are ending. ..... one other apsect of this metaphorical return of Isis is that more women, sepecially the younger generations, will be taking the reins of power - not asking permission - just taking the reins. And teh growing number of men, especially the younger generations, will gladly share, for they will know with unyielding certainty that it shall take two - male and female - to bring Human civilization through the portal of these times."

Transition States of Consciousness: The Hathors Via Tom Kenyon/ Definitely Worth Some Contemplation

Transition States of Consciousness: The Hathors Via Tom Kenyon/ Definitely Worth Some Contemplation


Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathors, Earth has entered a Chaotic Node and, as a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

Transition States of Consciousness are what the Hathors call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

Perceptual markers are a term the Hathors use to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses.

The Message

By their very nature Chaotic Nodes tend to generate transition states of consciousness. Transition states of consciousness emerge when perceptual markers disappear. And when this occurs you enter a null zone in which your old reality no longer exists, or has changed radically, while your new reality has not yet come into existence.

Due to the fact that you have entered an even more intense phase of the Chaotic Node, we wish to share with you our views regarding transition states, in the hopes that you will be able to utilize this knowledge for your own benefit.

For our purposes we can divide transition states into three primary categories: 1) personal transition states, 2) collective transition states and 3) physical death.

Personal Transition States

Let us turn our attention to personal transition states first, for your personal perception is the pivotal point around which your perceived reality operates.

Your perception of reality is fundamentally a personal creation. It is influenced by the collective perception of your culture, time, place and circumstance, but fundamentally your perception of what is real and not real is a creation—your creation.

Your perception of reality depends upon habits of perception, if you are like most persons. You are used to experiencing certain realities in your life and these tell you where you are, so to speak. You wake up in the morning and you look to the clock and the collective perception of time is immediately before you. Your choice to engage this illusion, or not, is a personal one. Indeed, one of the signs of spiritual mastery is the ability to navigate cultural illusions successfully while clearly understanding their nature.

When a situation in your personal life shifts dramatically there is a tendency for the perceptual markers to disappear or re-organize themselves.

Let us present one possible scenario. If you have worked at the same job for many years you have built your life around the demands of this position. You eat lunch at a certain time. You return home at a certain time. You interact with others in specific ways, tailored to fit the demands of your job.

If that job were suddenly removed, unexpectedly, those perceptual markers would disappear. There would be no need to get up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, return home at a certain time, and the people you interacted with for the bulk of your waking hours would no longer be available to you.

This situation is inherently disorienting for most people. Again, the perceptual markers have disappeared.

The same phenomenon occurs when any radical shift in your personal life takes place. If a relationship that is important to you suddenly ends the perceptual markers of that relationship disappear, and you enter the transition state of consciousness.

If you have a health crisis and your physical life is affected in radical ways the perceptual markers disappear, and this can be disorienting. You have entered a transition state of consciousness.

As the Chaotic Node increases in its intensity more and more persons will experience the shock waves of their old reality crumbling before them. What was certain in their lives is now uncertain. What was solid ground is seen to be no longer solid. We mean this both figuratively and literally.

There is another wave of transition states that is emerging from this Chaotic Node. It is already affecting many persons, but its affects will spread out in consciousness much like a tsunami.

This particular transition state has to do with the collapse of the collective lies of your culture. Increasingly more and more of you will see behind the shadow play; you will sense the puppet masters, and although their identities may elude you, you will see with increasing reality that aspects of your culture are a manipulation, a limitation, and in many cases, downright lies.

The lie that we are speaking to here is not the lie of economics, the lie of wars, or the lie of confining religions, but the lie of your identity—a lie that ensures your imprisonment. This lie is the belief and cultural assertion that you are nothing more than a physical human being and that there are, in fact, no other realms of being beyond your earthy experience.

The recognition of this lie is a harbinger of personal freedom, but in its beginning stages it can be quite disorienting. This is because multidimensional experiences are so different from your earthly day-to-day experiences. If you find yourself marooned between your earthly and multidimensional life, you have entered a transition state of consciousness.

Our purpose in sharing this information is to suggest a practical course of action during transition states of consciousness.

When you personally enter a powerful transition state you might, like many human beings, remain stuck in overwhelm. Many individuals find the shock of realizing that their perceptual markers have disappeared, along with the reality that they assumed to be real, deeply disturbing.

Due to the fact that time is accelerating—and by this we mean more events taking place in less time—remaining in a state of shock or overwhelm is a psychological indulgence which you cannot afford. The essential point we wish to convey here is that regardless of the nature of the transition state, whether it is personal in nature having to do with changes in your personal life, or due to recognizing your cultural manipulation—you are the creator of your reality.

You may have stories to explain why suddenly your life is bereft, but these are just stories. You may blame other persons, situations, or institutions for your problem, but this is misplaced responsibility. Your stories may be true and there may be other persons, situations or institutions to blame, but when you have entered a transition state of consciousness, you are at the central vortex of a powerful creative process. There is no reason or need to cry over “spilt milk” as one of your folk sayings goes. What is lost is lost. What is gone is gone.

Now the central question becomes, “What will you do?”

Will you remain stunned, in shock, in overwhelm, anger and sadness? Or will you step into your identity as a creator of your life?

To those of you who choose to remain in lower states of consciousness, we have no comment.

Our comments are for those of you courageous enough and bold enough to step into your identity as creators. If you are one of these, here is what we suggest.

When everything disappears, meaning the perceptual markers of your former reality, understand that you have entered into a void point.

A void point is a critical transition between an old reality and a new one. That which was, has ended. Instead of regretting the loss, you accept the void. This is, for many persons, a challenging undertaking, because in the void point there is nothing that can be done. You must simply be a witness to it, and to yourself, for in this no-man’s land there are no perceptual markers.

Be careful what new markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the Mystery.

Collective Transition States of Consciousness

The human collective, from our perspective, is currently like an immense cosmic serpent shedding its old skin, writhing and twisting, scraping off old encumbrances. Some of these take the form of economic turmoil. Some of them are political in nature. Some of them are the collapse and transformation of cultural institutions. And some of these writhings and twistings are related to earthquake and volcanic activity, as well as aberrant weather patterns.

As natural and manmade disasters increase, more and more of you will find yourselves entering transition states of consciousness. Obviously those who experience an earthquake, volcano or destructive weather directly are the most prone to enter transition states, but those of you who are empathic in nature can experience the brunt of a natural or manmade disaster as if you were physically present.

Indeed as the veil that separates human consciousnesses from one another dissolves, more and more of you will experience the changes taking place in the world at a visceral level.

We now wish to address the question of a new creation for those of you who may find yourself in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or destructive weather patterns.

If the destructive force is strong enough, the perceptual markers of your former reality may no longer exist. Your home or place of business may no longer be there. You may find yourself dealing with shortages of food and water, and there are any number of variables that can come together to create a state of shock and overwhelm.

We wish to be very clear in what we are about to say. Shock and overwhelm in the face of disasters are a natural mammalian response, and if you are to transcend and transform the moment you must reach upward to higher dimensions of your own existence, your own being, to those realms of consciousness that are beyond time and space.

To the extent that you are able to incorporate the transcendent aspects of your being as part of the equation for your survival, you will be able to mitigate the shock and overwhelm.

The central feature that needs to be identified in the midst of chaos, any form of chaos, is the portal of opportunity.

This opportunity for survival or for a new life may present itself in ways you do not expect. This is because the perceptual markers are no longer in place and your consciousness may not recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

There is a deep-seated human habit, or tendency, that wishes to conform new realities to those of the past. This would be an unfortunate habit to engage in these situations.

There is much we could say about the hyper-dimensional realities involved in choice making during chaotic events, but we wish to “cut to the chase” and give that which will be most practical. Perhaps some other time we can share with you our philosophical musings about your infinite nature and the infinite possibilities that reside within you. However, for now, let us be a little simplistic and give you a formula to recognize and create opportunities for new life and a new destiny when they present themselves to you.

Assuming that you have entered a transition state of consciousness and that you have befriended the void point and are more or less comfortable with the great uncertainty of your situation, this is what we suggest.

Be curious and expect miracles.

By entering a state of curiosity you engage an aspect of your mind that is free to move unfettered by expectation. It becomes very much like the mind of a child, and it is this innocence—which is not the same as childishness—that allows you to enter a vibratory state of consciousness, which greatly benefits you.

By holding the expectation of miracles you release the power of creation within you, and to the extent that you accomplish this you will find increasing incidences of serendipity, coincidences of benefit and unexpected treasures, whether they be physical in nature or mental and emotional.

This combination of curiosity about what will happen next joined with an expectation of miracles will move you rapidly from the void point to a new life, a new creation, regardless of what might be happening for those around you.

During collective transition states of consciousness it is helpful to remember that each person is the creator of his or her own reality, and in the midst of chaos people will make different choices and enter different personal realities.

Do not be swayed by those who enter lower vibratory realms. You cannot save them from themselves. Look upward and live upward with curiosity and an expectation of miracles, and even in the gravest of situations miracles can, and will, occur for you.

Physical Death

One of the greatest difficulties for embodied beings is the transition state of consciousness you call death. This is due to the fact that all perceptual markers, including the five senses, disappear. If a person identifies solely with his/her material existence, he or she will find this transition state to be most difficult. This is because what she or he identified with no longer exists.

Although the physical world continues on, there is no input into consciousness from the five senses. It is as if the world has vanished and the body along with it. The great I Am, the central feature of transcendent consciousness, no longer receives information from the body, the five senses, or the external world. This can be deeply disturbing and disorienting for someone who has not directly experienced the other realms of his or her being.

Metaphorically speaking, you are like a vast tree, a Tree of Life, with many branches and many, many leaves and blossoms, and your current physical existence is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms.

When a person passes through the transition state of consciousness you call death there are several options. If you are in a spiritual tradition the central figure of which is a guru, avatar or savior, you can follow the path of this being into the vibratory realm of his/her consciousness. In some religions this is known as heaven.

If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.

From our perspective the universe is infinite in nature, and by this we refer not to external space but to the interdimensional realities of your universe, and there is no single being in existence, from our experience, who understands and embraces all that is.

If, however, you wish to join your guru/avatar/savior in the death realms we have a few suggestions. One is to mentally call upon his/her name. This is an ancient understanding encapsulated in the Egyptian term Ren, meaning name. When you call upon the name of a spiritual being an aspect of him/her is compelled to move toward you.

If, in that moment of encountering your guru/avatar/savior, he or she deems you worthy, you will be taken by him/her into his/her heavenly realm.

For those of you in eastern spiritual traditions there are mantras connected with specified deities. Chanting these mantras mentally during death, or in the death realms, has the same effect.

For those of you who are not part of a spiritual tradition that follows a guru, avatar or savior, then the transition state of consciousness called death offers other possibilities.

As with the other two transition states of consciousness, the death realm has a void point, and its dominant features are stillness (silence) and darkness. All possibilities exist within the Void, but no actuality is in existence. It is like the acorn of an oak tree. The oak, the giant tree itself, is potentially within the acorn, but it does not yet exist.

So when you find yourself in the Void, which you will recognize by the fact that you are utterly alone in darkness and utter stillness, know that you are in the central nexus of your creative powers.

What you choose to create next will determine the course of your destiny and what worlds you will inhabit or realms of existence you will reside in. This is a critical juncture.

Many persons frightened by the darkness move to the light prematurely. And what they do not realize is that in their yearning they create the light. A portal opens before them, like a tunnel, and they can move into this tunnel of light, encountering those they have known before, thereby entering back into embodiment or other vibratory realms of existence without having fully understood the consequences. This is certainly one option open to you, and one that is often taken.

Another option, however, is to remain at the void point, residing in the Void itself, becoming aware of your Self as pure consciousness—transcendent to all phenomena.

If you reside in this state of awareness long enough without the need to create something, you will discover your identity as the great I Am. And from this point of awareness you can choose the circumstances of your embodiment. You can choose the worlds you will inhabit or the realms of consciousness where you will reside.

This latter method gives you the greatest opportunities, though it is the most difficult for most people. And the reason for this difficulty has to do with the fact that most humans find it uncomfortable to not have a body. The yearning for a body and the experience of the material world often draws a person from the Void prematurely.

In summation, due to the intensifying phases of the Chaotic Node many of you will find yourselves in transitional states of consciousness. Regardless of what level you find yourself engaged in, whether it be your personal life, the collective experience, or the transition state you call death, know that you are the creator of your reality.

The Hathors
April 20, 2011

17 Şubat 2012 Cuma

Archangel Metatron Channel

Archangel Metatron Channel

Sacred Animal Kingdom - Healing Divine Love
The Sirian Nature of Cats & Dogs

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I embrace you in this moment. With me are the energies and presence of the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light, and those benevolent Beings of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. We welcome you, each of you here, in a 'Now' moment of unconditional love.
Dear Ones, with the understanding that you are here for learning, we tell you that the 'University of Polarity Earth' is specifically designed for the evolution of the human soul.

The curriculum and venue of Polarity Earth, the educational process, is in fact a version of the Omni-Earth that is created and co created in Divine Intelligence. It is a purposed illusion, it is created by purposed thought, and cannot be destroyed. Consider that. That does not mean you do not have responsibilities in the care of Earth and its supporting Kingdoms, for indeed that is part of the learning process.
The purpose of the EarthPlane is your soul evolution. The Earth supports that mission, by Divine plan, by agreement, and all of the Kingdoms of Earth are part of that. Accordingly we tell you that there are versions of other Beings that are of Divine Intelligence that are here to support you in your purpose here.

These include Master Beings from many realms. Some make visitations here to support you, and some chosen of these come in full avatar consciousness. But be aware that there are versions of benevolent Master Beings that have by agreement chosen to manifest in various step-down forms to support humanity.

Those of the Animal Kingdom on the Earth are here to support you. Part of that process involves their expression on the EarthPlane in 'Group' Consciousness. The deepest dimensions of the animal self exist not at the level of the individual but of the entire species, and that highest level is not enrolled in the duality lesson, per se.

And so we speak this gathering of the Sacred Felidae of Sirius A.
The Sacred Felidae and Canidae are incredible Beings that bring tremendous support to the Humanity.

The Felidae are Divine Intelligence, fully evolved, magnificently conscious in crystalline expression. They are members of both the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, and of what may be termed the Niburian Mastery Council. Both of whom are benevolently involved in the up shift of the consciousness evolution of planets and planetary races who are prepared to graduate into the next level in their Ascension.

The Felidae

The Felidae, are a Feline species who originate on Sirius A. These are Beings that have entered the Earthplane since ancient times in specific roles and formats. The versions currently in physical form on the Earth-Plane are in what may be termed the Feline and Canine family. These physical formats on the EarthPlane are here to support you, and in their physical matrix are but a portion of the consciousness of their Sirian nature.

That is because the Felidae expression on the earth are in group soul format, and are not here to evolve as a species, but rather to support the earth and assist humanity in evolution. The greater part of their consciousness is above the level of the EarthPlane. The feline operate vastly in the ethereal or stealth antimatter realm.

Their full consciousness existed and manifested in LeMurian, Atlantean and early Egyptian eras.

The Masters of the Sacred Felidae were involved in the genetic engineering in the Temple of Purification (on Poseida) in Atlantis during the Golden Age of the Law of One. This was done in a very positive and benevolent manner, prior to such technology being tragically misused by the Aryan Sons of Belial in the sad demise of the final era of Atlantis.

The Felidae of Sirius A and Cetacean Sirian-B Masters are skilled at integrating spirit into physical matter. This in not only giving life-force to a physical form, but also in integrating higher chakric levels of consciousness within the physical matrix in Mer-Ka-Na level multi-dimensionality.

This ability to work with humanity in energetic terms involves activating higher chakras and higher crysto-light bodies. This higher level of consciousness is the Crystos Consciousness, and the Cetaceans are Crystalline Masters. Their renewed role on the earth includes assisting the shift-transition from the declining magnetic polarity grid to the evolving Crystalline Grid.

Question to Metatron: So are the Beings from Sirius B primarily aquatic, and the Beings from Sirius A Feline ?

Metatron Response: The habited realm circulating Sirius B is primarily aquatic and the Cetaceans, the Dolphin and Whale are aquatic. Yet also of a high enough consciousness to manifest form that can equally habituate within both aqueous realms and what would be termed land.

The life forms , of the sister star, Sirius A are different expressions than the Cetaceans. Sirius A enlivens Humanoid Life (Starseed) ), as well as the Sacred Starseed Felidae. These are all Beings of Divine Intelligence, that all have varied expressions supporting the Earthplane .

These all interact with your planet on many levels in myriad forms.
Question to Metatron: You have mentioned that only humans are in soul evolution on planet earth. Aren't the dolphins and whales also in a high state of consciousness and evolution?

Metatron Response: The Sacred Cetaceans are indeed in a high state of evolution. But they are not on the earth to evolve. They are already evolved. So understand they are here on the earth to support the earth and assist mankind in so doing. The Cetacean are physically here to anchor the energy in the aquatic portions of the earth to enable the planetary balance and facilitate the shift from magnetic to crystalline.

The etheric, nonphysical, return of the 'Golden Dolphin' are the Sacred Cetaceans in full avatar Mastery directly assisting humanity to evolve into Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na field.

The Felidae are assisting humanity in physical manifestation, but have also assisted in etheric Mastery particularly in Atlantis, Central America and Egypt. But in the stepped down form, assist you in emotional and mental fields, and this is the primary topic of today's discourse, that of the Felidae in expression of Feline and Canine.

Question to Metatron: I am intrigued by the information on the Felidae and Canidae. of Sirius- A. Are you speaking of cats and dogs? Can you expand on this?
Metatron Response: Certain breeds of what may be termed house cats and dogs, are indeed uniquely designed derivations of the Starseed Felidae. They perform specific roles in assisting humans. The 'house' versions of cats & domestic dogs are genetically engineered from the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The genetic engineering was benevolently done by the Sirian -Pleiadean Alliance and is an extremely helpful action, as stated to assist humanity as they became more densely ingrained in the Earth-Plane.

Now, what you term as canine and feline are of the same source, both are derivations of the Starseed Felidae. Cats and dogs are different physical forms of the same source.

The Felidae of Sirius A are a fully conscious crystalline being. They have melded into a group unity consciousness, yet still retain aspectual individual identities with the greater harmonic field. The Group Field chooses to assist humanity in your Universe and others.

Cats & Dogs

Both cats and dogs in this derivation are serving as benevolent energy giving assistants to humans, to their caretakers. Both have the capacity to meld their energy fields with the human and are uniquely capable of becoming personality fragments of their human caretakers. That is why certain of these can often begin to display the physical characteristics of their 'owners', although this particular aspect occurs more commonly with the canine.

The canine exudes an extreme loyalty and unconditional love. A dedication that energetically is received by the human, and can assist in many ways. The dogs ( and cats) become both companions , healers and protectors. The feline, the cat, is much more in the ethereal (antimatter) realm in its conscious field. That is why many past societies worshiped the Feline forms of Jaguar, Lion , Tiger and Puma.

These beings are extremely aware of thought forms of ethereal realms and offer a stealth strength and protection. The house cat is capable of tremendous protection for their caretakers from untoward thought forms and negative energies. Certain breeds of dogs have this ability as well, but it is expressed and enacted differently.

Vibrational Healing

The purring of a cat is very beneficial in healing, repairing and protecting the human aura. The mystical aspect of cats has long been recognized, and 'Temple Cats' were used in many ancient societies as well as companions and allies of the shaman.
The Lupus, and other canine species such as the wolf have this ability as well. Both cats and dogs have capacity to sense and see in far greater dimensionality than the human eye. The therapy and service of cats and dogs in working with abused children, terminally ill patients, the depressed and elderly in nursing homes are examples of significant pet therapy healing being more and more recognized. This will be expanded even further in the future.

Cats see above visible light, and can actually see the human auric field, the Human EMF, and all manner of energy emanations invisible to the human eye. The wide spectrum that cats perceive in light fields is quite amazing. Cats see in fields of both non physical matter and non matter .

Cats also are uniquely able to assist humans in not only better understanding their dreams and dream world interludes...but also capable of assisting you in more lucid awareness while in an ongoing dream, in other words greater conscious clarity during dream-states.

Dogs are more in the field of matter, and sense or feel these auric field and indeed are extremely capable of understanding the direct resonance of the human emotional field.

Additionally Felidae 'canine' , dogs assist in helping humans better understand their feelings and emotional blockages, and help humans work through them into a better state of balance. We will speak more on these attributes further into this discussion.

The service of 'Seeing-Eye' dogs with the blind is another area of service in which great bonds are created. Dogs are able to 'feel' and indeed smell dis-ease within the human body. they will often lay their own bodies in the area of the human malady and transfer energy to assist in re-balancing the area of imbalance. They will also mentally project awareness to the human of the malady in direct telepathic communication.

Cats will provide a similar service, but there sense of the human imbalance is visually observed. A cat sees the human auric field in great clarity, in vivid color and detail. Areas of malady will appear discolored to the feline. The cat will often lay on the area and purr, or exude a balancing frequency or color to assist the re-balance.

Unique Melding With Human Consciousness

The version of Felidae and Canidae that are cats and dogs are but a fragment of the full consciousness and energy spectrum of their Sirian aspects.

Yet this expression is specifically and purposefully designed to be so, for these beings can become so bonded with the humans they serve, that a unique third consciousness can succinctly evolve between the human and the 'pet', that is extremely beneficial to the evolvement of the human caretaker.

The earthen consciousness of the dogs and cats operates more on thought patterns with powerful instinctual triggers. Their designed (benevolent), divinely agreed DNA engineering is such that they have a unique and divinely purposed ability to become allied, programmed in a partnership with the human they are working with.

When this partnership occurs these beings are able to telepathically receive thought images sent by their caretaker. Just as human thought can program a living crystal, the same occurs, albeit in a different format, with dogs and cats. It may be termed as the formation of a personality aspect of the human within the cat or dog.

The 'pet' then is capable of assisting the human in both physical and emotional ways. Providing comfort, energy, healing, companionship, detecting illness, sealing auric ruptures, and providing protection in physical and etheric realms.

Many humans have household pets in cats and dogs that help them work through blockages. One of the most common occurrences is that these Beings help you awaken your ability to express love. It is very easy to express and give affection to the household animal , and for many this is far easier than expressing love and kindness to other humans. Depending on the individual this blockage can occur for many reasons.

Very often as humans grow older, children move away and a spouse passes over, a seeming natural period of lonely isolation sets in. The interaction with the pet can awaken the flow of love through fond endearment. This interaction awakens the very life force in the isolated caretaker, and an interplay that is very therapeutic occurs.

We tell you that there is far more design and intelligence in the willing participation of the Felidae and Canidae than is recognized.

The Third Field Between Humans and Pets

When this third consciousness through interaction is formed, it expands the field of both parties. It awakens within it characteristics that neither of the parties involved had prior. In other words, it expands, it stretches the emotional field awareness and indeed the third meld consciousness, and this reaches back into and changes the individual awareness of both. The pet opens up your ability to remain 'positive' in allowing you to express love, and you 'teach' it , in a manner of speaking, to channel the greater part of its divine Sirian consciousness in doing so.

Your willingness for the interaction allows it to achieve its specific purpose, and there is an important growth on both sides unique to the field created between the two of you. The 'pet' operated in group consciousness prior to the 'melding blend with the human, and the individuality of it was formed in the bond with the human. Do you understand?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that animals are not individual unless they blend with the human to form the 'consciousness meld' with humans?

AA-Metatron: In a manner of speaking, yes, that is what we are saying. But to be clear, we are not saying that animals do not have individual aspects before the meld. Each are incarnate in physical bodies, and are indeed subject to the gravitational characteristics, to some degree, that occur in the astrological influences in all life on the earth. But they operate fully and only in 'group soul' awareness, until the meld with humans(s) uniquely occurs. That interaction is succinct and builds a personal fragment capable of growing. But we are not saying that animals do not have a 'group' purpose without the meld.

The group purpose is transformed into a singular 'service' in the expanded field by means of the human interaction with the 'group' soul of the household pet as expressed in the individual cat or dog. It is therefore the human interaction that creates the individual field within the pet. So in a manner of speaking the animal has agreed to be benevolently 'programmed in blend ' with the mental field, emotional field & personality of the human caretaker for higher purpose.

This is how the third field is created, and that third field is a fragment of the human consciousness that benefits both you see. Yet the primary purpose is to benefit the human, a service provided by the Felidae. But there is a choice to accept the human on the part of the Felidae, and when that is mutually accepted, the greater role of the Group Soul can be fed into the meld, and wisdom, protection and healing can be given from the 'pet' to the human. So understand this third meld is a conduit that is very far reaching, but occurs by agreement. .

The Atlanteans, LeMurians and Egyptians in particular, interacted with the Felidae in roles of guardianship and wisdom transfer. The Egyptian Temples contain many hieroglyphs depicting the Felidae, as having Feline heads and human torsos and limbs, complete with the 'Solar Disc' of enlightenment. The Sphinx is the reverse, the human head with the Feline body.

Question to Metatron: How exactly do 'cats and dogs' offer protection to humans? Is this by their greater awareness of other dimensions?

AA-Metatron: Yes, by specifically being much more in-tuned to other realms that are, as we have explained, somewhat invisible to human physical senses.

The guardianship in the specific forms as described in 'household or human interface versions' of the Sirian Beings is performed in a beautiful manner, and that is through not only the detection of what may be termed 'negative energies' but by neutralizing those very untoward energies by powerful projections of benevolent loving energy vibrations that are orchestrated through the Sirian Felidae to the human. The Sirian being diagnoses exactly what is needed and channels the necessary vibration to assist the caretaker.

You do not always recognize that you induce auric fracturing when you become depressed or highly upset. These states form negative fields that open you to untoward auric attachments that are energetically draining.

When a cat 'purrs' the vibration is of a deep contentment, and the frequency within that vibration is very healing, capable of evaporating negative fields by neutralizing them. Likewise when dogs playfully jump and run, often in joyous spins, they are, like the dolphin, forming energy vortexes capable of cleansing the energies, and offering a 'channeled' frequency that is extremely beneficial to the environ, not only removing negative vibrations but creating a shield to eliminate their re-entry.

When cats seem to 'patrol' the perimeter of a room, house or yard, they are also exuding an immense protective field.

We will tell you that the Felidae and the Canidae, the Feline and Canine, are from the same root source of Sirius A, although their expressions on Sirius A are fully evolved. As we have told you the household versions of these Beings are in fact physical formats, genetically engineered by the Sirians to assist humanity in the ways we are herewith discussing.

Question to Metatron : To be clear, are you saying that cats and dogs are from the same Sirian source?

AA-Metatron: In the higher original source, yes. Both of the one crystalline fully Evolved Mastery of Sirius A, the Felidae. Cats and dogs are from the same source. On Sirius they are now Crystalline Light Beings, nonphysical from your perspective, appearing in Crystalline Light forms.

As we mentioned the Felidae have manifested in full Avatar Mastery at various times on your planet to assist you. The Felidae are masters of incorporating spirit into physicality and assisted in the original engineering of full strand DNA for mankind. Indeed the races of humanity contain Sirian Felidae aspects in their DNA, some more than others. The very athleticism and agility prevalent in some humans draws on this, to give one of many aspectual examples.

Question to Metatron : As an item of curiosity, if they are of the same Sirian source, why do dogs chase cats?

AA-Metatron: Dogs only chase cats until they catch them. At that point the tables usually turn, and quite quickly ! (Laughter).

The short answer is that dogs work in the physical realm, and cats more in the nonphysical...as in matter/non-matter. Both completing the opposing sides of the 'torus', one inward, one outward.

We will say that in a real sense, dogs and cats are inverses of the same frequency when expressed on the Earthplane. That is why cats generally sleep 16 hours and are active 8 hours, and the reverse schedule is true for dogs. Generally speaking the Feline, the domesticated cats tend to be more introverted and the Canine , dogs, more external, or extroverted. Their frequencies are then inward in the former, outward in the latter, and naturally attract one another....not repulse. You will find that dogs and cats raised or living in the same household develop special loving bonds. This particularly occurs in an enhanced manner when the animals have had past sojourns in which the fragment of personalities with the humans form. As an example, the channel now houses 2 cats and 2 dogs. They work together and share a deep bond, and all 4 are aspects of the two human caretakers. We will also add that one of the dogs, the female, has been Feline in the past more often than Canine.
The Sacred Felidae in their Earth-Plane manifestation have retained the unique ability to operate simultaneously in inner and outer world projections much more than humans. At any one time in which you observe the physical material manifestation of a Felidae, they are equally conscious of being fully manifested simultaneously in other dimensional planes. Quite often they interact within the other realms, while present physically in this one.

Linear Filters of Consciousness

Although humans also simultaneously exist in other levels, humans in 3d cannot interpret the frequencies of the other realms in consistency or lucid clarity through the physical brain alone. The mind, which is the inner counterpart of the brain, can at times perceive the far greater dimensions of any given event through a crysto-electric burst of sudden intuition or comprehension that cannot be adequately described on a verbal level. The crystalline electrical impulses that are perceivable within your 3d system is merely a tiny fraction of the vast crysto-electrical system in the Cosmos.

A human's physical brain is, on its own, quite incapable of accurate perception or deciphering the frequencies above polarity. It is impossible in the physical brain alone to even grasp the myriad complexity and dimension of the crysto-electrical potential and actuality as it exists. And although these are quite accessible in Mer-Ka-Na , via higher mind, non physical levels, are not accessed by the brain alone in the human, rather they must be developed in Mer-Ka-Na through mind.
So we tell you to keep in mind, pun intended, that the true origin, the eternal source and power of your Divine Intelligence and consciousness has never been rooted in the physical. Each and every human exists in other worlds, different realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity. Because of the filters inherent to the physical brain, you are capable of focusing on the physical world around you, and it is that focus that enables you to eventually master the physical plane. We assure you that there is purpose in the filtering, for If the physical brain, with the ego personality were unscreened , and thus fully aware of the vast and constant barrage of telepathic communications that do impinge upon it, it would have a most difficult time retaining a sense of identity in linear perception.

It is because of the ego consciousness that you have a powerful identity awareness of the physical realm, for you are in physical with specific purpose. But we say again, it is not your true identity in the Cosmic over view.

While in physicality the human brain is simply not equipped in linear mode to be able to make sense of the signals coming in from higher dimensions. Your standard brain can't read them. To the brain these impulses appear to be a chaotic mélange of disconnected flash images. The ego-personality brain based in linear time cannot perceive data that is not based upon sequential continuity of moments.

Interestingly, certain of the Animal Kingdom, particularly the Felidae, can.
So with this axiom that Felidae and certain Canidae do operate more effectively in other coinciding planes, we tell you that is precisely why these Beings were recognized by more aware societies as guardians. It is why a dog will bark, or a household cat will move in quick reaction to energies unseen by the human eye.
Your academics understand that there are spectrums of light. You also understand that the 'average' human is only capable of physical vision in the narrow spectrum termed 'visible light'. The Felidae and certain Canidae are capable of seeing (and sensing) in a much wider sensory range. We tell you that physical matter also occurs in spectrum waves. So are there varying spectrums of matter.

Your system of physical reality on the Earth-Plane is not nearly as wide-reaching or complex in relative comparison with many others. The dimensions given to the narrow spectrum of physical matter barely hint at the prolific varieties of higher nonphysical dimensions.. You do not recognize as yet the nature of the nonphysical in your own Galaxy, much less the Cosmos. We tell you that Universes can exist within a molecule, and other versions of Earth validly coexist where you now sit to read these words.

The Animal Kingdom : Forgotten Teachers

These beings that in current terms would be considered of the 'Animal Kingdom' have taught humans far more than you presently recognize.

The Beings that you term Animals operate in great and greater intelligence, albeit it in a thought pattern matrix uniquely formatted to the natural aspect of the Earth-Plane.

On an aspectual and level far more comprehensive than you currently grasp, the Animal Kingdom are here by agreement to support humanity on many levels. Their understanding of the Earth-Plane as a University of Development for humanity is extended from and back to their Mastery Source.

Their mental format pattern in the earthly expression is such that humans are held somewhat blameless. Although humanity does have a huge responsibility to treat the Animal Kingdom with respect, the Animal Kingdom do not place guilt on humans. Their chosen mental format upon the Earth is formatted in such a manner that guilt is not an expression contained within it. Rather it is a pattern of instinct and benevolently capable of unconditional support.

One of the differences between the cat and dog expressions of the Felidae, are that dogs are more in the physical realm than cats. From and overview cats are far more etheric within the antimatter field, while dogs much more in matter. Dogs react more to the direct frequency of your emotions, whereas cats react more to vibration and light emanations. Dogs will feel and react to anger and guilt in a more tangible way than cats. Cats cannot experience guilt, and that detachment from direct human emotional waves is why cats may seem aloof.

Animal Totems

The Animal Kingdom have a more full, vast understanding and awareness of the other conscious kingdoms of the Earth, and have always had the ability to teach that to mankind. You have in current times largely forgotten, quite unfortunately, how much you learned from all of the Beings of the Animal-Kingdom. Humanity in campestral societies and cultures learned a great deal of medicine, of nutrition from watching animal behavior in interaction with the plant kingdom. Humanity observed carefully what plants to avoid, and which to cultivate. You learned survival techniques, and indeed social behavior by not only watching the animals, but by directly communicating telepathically with them.

In earlier sojourns and formative epochs, mankind far more closely identified with and understood the intelligence and wisdom offered by the natural instinctual patterns of the Animal Kingdom, and recognized them as wise teachers. And as a result they identified with humanity, and indeed interacted with humanity to a truly remarkable degree.

The Animal Spirits or Totems recognized and honored as wisdom carriers by the Native Americans are examples of the higher group collective of their higher, off-planet consciousness etherically manifesting to assist mankind.

The knowledge and intuitive communication of the Animal Kingdom with the Elemental and Devic consciousness of the Living Earth, the Mineral, Fire and Air is a precise understanding that could be of great assistance, affording forward signals to humanity in this time of Earth changes.

Question to Metatron: You advised earlier that the Felidae Starseed are the consciousness source for both the earthen feline and canine species of animals. Do all animals on the EarthPlane originate from Sirius A, from the Starseed Felidae?
AA-Metatron: No. Sirius A is the source of humanoids and Felidae. Sirius B is the source of the Sacred Cetacean, dolphin and whale. Dolphin and whale are of the same source , the Cetacean, just as the feline and canine are of the same source, Starseed Felidae.

Sirius is not merely two binary stars in the Cosmos with circulating planets. It is a vibrational frequency of a realm that has achieved Crystalline Ascension. It is accordingly a sacred celestial resonance and way of being within a vastly expanded consciousness. Sirius is within all dimensions both physical and non-physical. The Stars of Sirius are portals or gateways to these other dimensions, and the Felidae, Hathor and Cetacean are here in varied matrixial expressions to assist humanity grow in awareness, to balance the Earth and find their way home. The Sirians are receivers and transmitters of this divine loving energy.

Other members of the Animal Kingdom in Earthen expression come from a multiplicity of sources. For example the horse is Arcturian in source.

The Animal-Kingdom have truly been your teachers, although they did not choose your 'human' evolution path. As we have said, the Animal Kingdoms are not on the Earth to evolve in soul expansion, but rather to support the soul expansion of humanity.

We assure you that mankind could not have moved forward as a species had it not been for the Beings of the Animal Kingdom. Indeed certain of the Animal Kingdom, such as the bovine and certain other species of the mammal and bird, are here by agreement to provide a food source for mankind. Does that surprise you that this occurs by agreement? And although it is not the topic at hand, the Plant Kingdom has also been a huge support to mankind.

Domesticated animals have benevolent purpose in choosing their earthen expressions. Those of the Feline and Canine have a unique role of interaction in the aspects of human companionship. This is by a higher sourced 'service' agreement .And we will add the enhanced ability to form the 'personality meld' in household pet derivations of the Felidae, is genetically enhanced.


Many humans find that they can interact more easily with 'pets' than they can with other humans. Pets don't talk back. The feline and canine are particularly committed to assist humans in dealing with blockage, in dealing with isolation, particularly as humans become older and alone.

Both cats and dogs oft teach humans to learn to love again and to open their hearts. Dogs are tied to the human emotional field, cats to the human psychic plane/ mental field. The two are very different expressions of the Felidae, but both are focused on your assistance, both are uniquely capable of forming a fragmentation aspect of the caretaker's personality.

When a human forms a personality fragmentation meld with a Felidae or Canidae, that succinct energy can uniquely evolve and often reincarnate, or re-attach within other lifetimes and within the same lifetime to continue to assist the owner. Thus a human may have the same energy essence of their cat or dog, over a span of 70 years, in several sequential cat or dog bodies.

For example, the two cats and one of the dogs that the channel is caretaker for in the present, were with him in different bodies as domesticated leopards in a past lifetime in Egypt.

Question to Metatron: Pets often become family members, like children to their caretakers. And when they pass-over, the caretakers are quite devastated. Can the same soul essence of the pet can reincarnate immediately, if the owner obtains a new pet?

AA-Metatron: The 'personality meld' of the pet is in essence a unique part of the human caretaker, a personality fragment. When a pet physically dies the meld-fragment consciousness will absolutely remain close-by in etheric planes to continue in connection to the human.

The human is often able to sense, even see or feel the essence of the pet after it passes over, or even if it runs away or is lost. The owner can communicate with the meld personality essence, and it will indeed 'reincarnate', re-enter the body of a new pet. This is best if the new pet is obtained within 2-3 weeks of the passing, and is the same breed as the previous pet. In a short time the distinct personality traits & characteristics of the previous pet will clearly re-emerge in the new body, and the relationship and support will continue.

In the event the new pet is a different breed and or a different astrological pattern, the similarities may not be as immediately apparent, but the meld-essence and support will be the same source. This is important to understand.


In current times, it is considered fashionable in certain circles, to see mankind as the greedy destroyer of the Earth and its kingdoms, especially Animal, Plant and Mineral.

It is likewise popular in some 'New Age' circles to see man as the arrogant taker who contaminates the earth, destroys the Natural Earth Kingdoms at the expense of future generations.

We insert here that a portion of this is true, and change is required. We do not condone humanity's untoward and irresponsible action in this issue.
The point is that some who wish for the better, feel all is hopelessly lost, that change for the better will not come.

While unified determination to make change for the better is essential, the focusing on hopelessness must stop. That is the wrong application in creating the 'New Earth'. Focusing on hopelessness & despair , creates hopeless despair.
So we offer you an insight of hope.

What we wish to point out is that the Earth is the dynamic manifestation, at any given time, of your thoughts. Humanity are ever the co creators of the Earth and Omni Earth in all of its probable realities.

We tell you, Dear Masters, the Earth is a magnificent & purposed illusion, that is absolutely created by thought.

Mankind en masse are, at the present time, unconscious of the fact that YOU are co creators of the Earth experience.

There are other versions of probable reality in holographic 'time programs' in which enlightened 'Ascended' humanity honor each other, the Earth and all of her kingdoms in beautiful harmony. Duality programming of the EarthPlane is intelligently and divinely planned. The 'Trial and Error' evolution of this experience takes into account the learning curve.

And that being said, we tell you that you cannot truly destroy the Earth.
You can and will create the Enlightened Earth by positive focus on its manifestation, not by focal despair that it has not yet occurred.

Nothing is taken from the Earth, or from any of the Earthen Kingdoms, Mineral, Plant and Animal, that is not fully agreed to, fully permitted in the linear reality drama hologram.

It rarely occurs to you that animal kingdom consciousness came into physicality and earthen form by choice, and that the consciousnesses of such animals had a willing choice in the agreement to support humanity, fully aware of the potentials of mans stages of ignorance as humanity evolves.

In the not too distant future, humanity will come to realize , and not only honor the Animal Kingdom, but equally honor, acknowledge & indeed LOVE one another, and the beautiful Earth that nurtures you. It will occur. Create it as so !!!
I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...And so it is
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