8 Şubat 2012 Çarşamba

Message From VERONICA Rememberance

Message From VERONICA


"As you move from one experience to another the lessons that you learn or don't learn go with you. Those who would be in alignment with you during these moments will indeed encounter you again.

Nothing is lost as one moves through the passages of life. Individuals who pulse in unison with your energy will indeed find you again.

In your culture there have been many descriptions of these encounters. Most of them inaccurate, some of them reminiscent of the cycle of life that is the truest.

Evolution cannot be attained through one drama or experience. All sides of the equation are desired in the examination of an issue. Thus multiple lives are often necessary to align with the oneness of spirit.

There is a faint pulse of energy, just enough for most to have slight memory. It may encounter you as you go about your daily routine. Just a whisper that feels like something more.


Though you may have been taught of singular opportunity, it is actually more than that.

What a wonderful opportunity to get all the experience. You have many chances to get it right.


The path is not a slight one. It is multifaceted with many inputs of information.

All that you have known, you will and do remember. Nothing is lost. You are a seed of god energy sent forth to know it all.


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