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How many different realities can you adjust to or live in? ISIS through Petra Margolis

How many different realities can you adjust to or live in?

As we are talking about realities, each of you within your own reality, we understand the difficulty it takes to move within one reality and understand the next reality coming up within you.

At this moment of life in your world, within the physical body is the reality that is the most important one for all of you.

This is the " real world" for all of you. You can see this reality in many different ways and you can change the view and perspective on how you adjust, accept, and want to live within this reality, but this is not necessarily bringing in the change around you within this reality.
When we talk about the power is within you, or sometimes the power is within the numbers of people who want to change the reality, we can see that within this reality, what many call the earth or 3D reality, changes are not going to take place at the speed you would like to see it.

Many have changed their view according to the so called "new age" teachings, where love takes prevalence over hate, but the small numbers of people actually holding this reality is not bringing changes as fast as you would like to see it either.

Yes you can see some changes within your own environment, but this is mostly due to the fact that you have aligned yourself with more like minded people and have let go of the ones that are not like minded.

This in a way gives a bit of a false illusion of change as the change would not be noticeable that much if you had stayed with the group of not like minded people.

You created your own view and live your own reality, and you support this reality by moving somewhat out of the real world as you only connect with like-minded people who share your view of this new reality you have created for yourself.

For some it has become hard to live within the real 3D world as it influences their new view or perspective within the new reality they have created for themselves.
They actually shut themselves of from the reality within the 3D world and start telling others the 3D world is but an illusion and they should change their view on it as the illusions needs to be changed into a new view on the 3D reality.

This brings in many discussions as the 3D world has certain rules and these rules have been in place for a long time and much longer than many of you can even imagine. Every person has lived by those rules and in fact is still living by those rules even though they changed their view and perspective on the 3D world.

Some make it their purpose and reality to tell others about the illusion and are explaining to them that they need to change their view on the illusion of the 3D world, forgetting at that time that the view they have created is also an illusion as it was created within the 3D world.
Who's illusion is better, who's view is better, who's created reality is better, all discussions about this are helpful in some way as it brings in new understanding and sometimes more knowledge on how the 3D world works, but it has not brought the changes as fast as you all would like to see it.

Many are at this time putting their bets on their brothers and sisters in other dimensions as they have come with a change that seems to be better, can be implemented faster and will take care of much of the challenges they are encountering at this time.

Forgetting that even though their brothers and sisters might seem and are sometimes more advanced, they also live within their own created reality and to change your reality is something that is in a way impossible as your reality is a 3D reality and their reality is in many ways completely different then your reality in 3D.

To make changes within your reality they would have to come into your reality, which means actually leaving their own reality and adjust to the rules within your reality.
This means that much of what is and has been created within their reality is not going to be used within your reality as the rules are completely different.

Some of them have been within your reality and are within your reality and have brought changes but within the rules of your reality.

But as you can see for yourself, the changes have not brought about the big change you all would like to see.
Some of your technology is based upon theirs as it has been adjusted to work within your reality and rules.
But if you think about it clearly, what change has it really brought to you?

Many have been visiting earth for millions of years, what changes do you really see as you look at your world at this time.

What is it in the changes of the past that could make you see the fast change they are offering you right now?
As you think about this we would like you to think about what you know really about the past, how much do you know about the past as your recorded history is available to you as stories written down through many generations.
Many have come to the conclusion that even the written history has its flaws as it was influenced by the ones writing history, and the view and perspective of the ones writing the history as history is still being researched and revealed through the view and perspective of the ones researching your history.

Science has become more important but even science is coming up short at times as some of it is also based on the perspective and view of the scientists.

Connecting with spirit and most importantly your own spirit has become more important and even within that each has their own view and perspective of spirit.
Many have experiences within spirit, and each one has different experiences with spirit.

Many have connected with other beings within spirit and depending upon their own view and perspective they have connected with different groups within spirit.
Many think that as they connect with others within spirit these others must be more advanced and know more as they are within spirit so they are further within their growth than most people on earth.

Within spirit there are many groups just like you within their own created reality and this does not necessarily mean they are more advanced or more spiritually awake than some of you on earth.

Yes, some of them are able to travel through your universe, not limited by a physical body, again spiritual growth and awareness is not attached to a physical body or not. It is about what you really know and understand about your consciousness and awareness of what your core spirit really is.

Some have the knowledge that your origins are within the Source just like many of you have that knowledge. Some understand Source just like some of you.

It doesn't mean they are experiencing Source in a way that some of you have experienced Source.

It is time to think about the real purpose of being on earth, being within this reality you have created and why this reality needs to be changed or not.

Why have you incarnated over and over again and what is the reason for the rules within your creation upon earth.

Earth and your reality was created to experience, just like any other group out there has their created reality to experience what they felt needed for their own experience.

The question is what experience and why do you need this experience.

This is where I would like to end my message for today as this is a subject I would like to explain separate from all the questions I have raised before you.


Through Petra Margolis
February 9, 2012

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