11 Şubat 2012 Cumartesi

Shala Mata - New Sacred Heart

New Sacred Heart

Welcome to February - often described as month of love and heart. We have crossed the threshold in this long awaited year of dynamic change and the Whales and Dolphins are anxious to help us prepare for this crystalline frequencies that are foremost in this year of the heart.

The intelligence of the sacred heart is truth and neutrality, from which all pure states of quantum potential exist. We see through the lens of our perception what we expect to see, and the hologram of our current reality is charged by that expectation and interaction. When we drop into our sacred heart space, within the alignment of the whale/dolphin matrix we can alter our reality in a heartbeat.

Integrating the shfiting frequencies and vibratory elements of this "now" timing is one of the many gifts and loving support from our beloved Whales and Dolphins. They are anxious to help us integrate their energy transmissions as we merge with them within the "whale matrix". The integration allows for an even deeper recieving through our sacred heart, the ulitmate chalice of truth and wisdom.

In keeping with the new format of Shala's Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse, I will give a verbal review of the current energy for February, prior to the meditation.

In Loving Service & Gratitude
Shala's Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse

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