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Ripleys, Believe it or Not Isis Through Petra Margolis

Ripleys, Believe it or Not

Many of you know about this person Ripley, and all that he acquired all over the earth.

Many of it amazing and sometimes unbelievable.
Everything that is happening now on earth, is amazing and sometimes you really don't know if it is believable or not.

This is why so many are searching, asking questions and looking in every direction to find answers, within and outside of themselves.

Many are looking for that one little bit of proof, that what they belief is the truth.

Others are feeling, or resonating with what is being said by some and not what is being said by others, this doesn't always mean they know, they think and feel they got a little bit closer by using their feeling as a barometer for what is true or not.

But even feelings can be misleading as you all know even the heart can be misleading even though you think it cannot.

You are within a human world, a human reality. Yes, you think you are moving beyond it, you are creating your own reality, and many of you are.

But you also have to be realistic and realize that you are still living in a 3D reality as well. You are growing spiritually, creating your new world in spirit already.

This world is slowly being integrated in your 3D world.
You all have your own view, your own reality, and your own belief of what this reality, could be, should be.

The spiritual reality involves more than just the human way of living as it connects you to many of the others out there within your universe and beyond.

Many of whom are here to guide you, to assist you in becoming aware and awake of you spiritual reality and slowly integrating this reality in your 3D reality as this is where the changes will take place.

This is where you will have to make the changes to start the reflection of the spiritual world within the physical world.

This is about the realization of reality within every dimension, within every part of your being.

Realizing the oneness, while keeping your own reality, your own special way of being.

Each being is one with others, but each being has their own path, their own view and this is represented not only within your human world but within the spirit world as well.

Within spirit the realization of oneness is more prevalent, but we are still also our own experience of this oneness.
We do not tell each other what to belief, we allow each other to find their own realization of what they are not just as a human, but as a being that is one with all that is, and one within themselves.

You have been taught about fear, mind, ego, love, heart, hate and so much more as the physical experience is the perfect grounds to learn about this movement of energies that is present in every part of you.

All these words mean nothing within spirit, as within spirit it is but a moment in time and for most not even that as many parts of you exist beyond time.

Within the human they are important as this is what has guided you within every human experience to explore and become aware of the possibilities of life within the human reality.

Now you have come to a lesson that is moving beyond all these words, all these human expressions and the lesson is to learn your expression within spirit.

You are comparing your human feelings to the feelings in spirit, you are not becoming what you are in spirit, you are letting the human dictate what spirit should feel like instead of being open to really feel what spirit feels like.
You are giving your mind directions into what it should think, instead of letting spirit take over and let you know the real thought of your being within spirit.

You have been taught and many teachings are obsolete as they were only guidance to take you beyond them.
There is not one teaching on earth at this moment that is absolute truth, that is the complete path of finding the truth.

You will find many holding on to the old teachings, the old beliefs as they are not ready to move beyond.
Many teachers are holding on to their teachings as they do not know how to move beyond.

Forget everything you have learned about what the world should be and concentrate on what the world could be.
The earth is and has always been a place of experiencing to the fullest the human physical reality. Now this reality is moving into a different way of experiencing the human physical reality.

Every feeling you have experienced within the 3D reality moves into a different octave of experience within you.
This means that there still is every feeling available to experience, from love to hate, but these feelings will be experienced in different ways than before.

The human mind and heart will slowly adjust to this if you let it.

It will take more time if you hold on to beliefs that are were not made for these times of change, but only relate to the times where you were preparing for this change.
Let your mind and heart flow free within this new experience without limitations.

Allow the human part of you to experience this new experience without limitations.

Let go of every limitation, belief, even what you think love, light and oneness should be like, as the experience within spirit is coming in and needs to be experienced without a preconceived idea or belief of what spirit is.
The changes upon earth are not as important as the changes within you.

Ascension does not happen because you suddenly have free electricity or other outside material support that wasn't there before.

Ascension happens within you, as you allow yourselves to become the real you without setting limits on how and what the real you should be.

Ascension is a fluid motion of moving in the energies of source in every direction, moving deeper into source and your own being as you become a realized and full expression of source within your human reality no matter what dimension you exist in.

Each of you within your own way is this source and oneness as you are also the oneness and source.

Through Petra Margolis
February 4, 2012

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