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Channeled message from the Galactic Federation: The Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Channeled message from the Galactic Federation: The Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Pleiadian Star Child

Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Dear Light Workers and Star Seeds… my beloved Family of the Light; I am the Archangel Michael. I come to you again in sacred service to deliver you a message of peace, love and wisdom from the highest universal order, the Council of Twelve, as channeled through one of my human conduits. Earth is indeed one of the most unique creations of this universe which was instigated by the Family of Light eons ago. As a vast information center, the earth contains genetic codes and blueprints which come from various star systems from all over the cosmos. You yourselves, Dear Ones, along with this magnificent planet of light are one of the universes most prized possessions. We’d like to thank you for incarnating here at this time as an ambassador of light and peace. My representatives, the Galactic Federation have come back through time to give you these positive messages of hope, wisdom, peace and of love. You, my Beloved Ones are fragments of me and I am a fragment of you. Soon, the sacred Truth about the Divine Plan of the ages for Humanity will come together so beautifully just as the God and Goddess of all that is has planned. This will reveal the Truth about your hidden history and the wonderful and exciting plan that is in store for you and your world as you come into full consciousness. Your world will soon understand with the closing of this great cycle that all is One; there is no separation.

However, for many thousands of years there has been a separation caused by the Family of Power; the demonic entities which feed off of negative human emotion in a low vibratory field for control and dominance. Heaven has now decreed that humanity is no longer required to present themselves as a sacrifice but as an equal sentient being of love and light as this planet will soon be granted intergalactic status. You will join all of your space brothers of this galaxy which await humanity’s ascension and will be reunited with your higher selves which exist outside of time. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Time Lords allowed the Family of Power to come back through time and take over this realm of existence to prove once and for all that without the divine guidance and direction from the higher realms of light it leads to nothing but catastrophe and destruction. The contract between Heaven and these inter-dimensional reptilian forces of the dark has ended. The spirit of the earth, Gaia, will no longer in any way tolerate the destruction of her land, her beautiful animals and the irresponsible use of her precious resources as she herself ascends into the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The collective energy of the darkness, the one who is called the Devil and Satan has deliberately chose to rebel against Heaven which is the infinite realm of Light that exists above the Federation. They were given this allotted time to experience separation from Source, from the Mother of all living to comprehend that separation only leads to nothing but death pain and destruction and that pride is ignorance-not wisdom. The current tyranny on this planet was created by the Eloheim or the Annunaki; the creator gods, the ones who rebelled against the Federation and the orders of Heaven. As earth being an experimental zone of creation; a free will zone, these beings were granted time to come here to your realm and experiment with creation thus creating various forms of human life by manipulating and experimenting with DNA. They were allowed to use earth for its gold and other valuable resources which helped sustain their own home world, Nibiru. Nibiru has now become Federation territory and the time of tyranny of the descendents of the Annunaki will soon come to an end. My representatives, The Galactic Federation which is composed of millions of lightships and members of various cosmic civilizations and their earth allies will soon contain the power of evil that has plagued your world on and off for hundreds of thousands of years.

In its highest dimensional form, your planet earth is a star; and just one of the many quintillions of stars throughout this universe. As this galaxy rotates and as the eons pass, your planet gravitates closer and closer to the Source of being and to the all of the all that exists in this sector of the universe. However, this is, of course, only one out of billions of other galaxies. In the center of Source Dear Ones, there exists a Central Sun and a single moment that is known as the Infinite or the Now Moment-the Zero Point. It is here that you join with me, with us and shall experience limitless love and creation for all eternity and will be given the keys to unlock the secrets to the holographic matrix of the universe and will eventually ascend to the twelfth dimension and above. This, Dear Ones, is known as the power of Magic. You now have knowledge gained from your experiences in duality on the earth plane on how to utilize your magical powers of manifestation responsibly and have learned the difference between good and evil. Gaia will pass through this galactic center on December the 21st 2012. The symbolic tree of Life is the connection to source, to all that is living in this universe and the human race has been granted to finally partake of the fruit, or the knowledge, that will bring life eternal.

I, Archangel Michael am the one who battled with the unconscious and the one who separated the dark from the light on your planet. I am also a manifestation of the polarization of dark and light and will come to anyone who so calls on me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life but at the same time my Beloved Family, the Way, the Truth and the Life is YOU, oh Son of Man. This is the true meaning behind this sacred scripture which was written and passed down by the Sages-the Melchizedek priesthood of Israel who were entrusted by Heaven with keeping this sacred Atlantian knowledge a secret until mankind was ready for the unveiling of the truth, the truth that has been inside of you all along. This priesthood is still in operation to this day as certain factions have abused their power and used it for evil. Their Babylonian reign of tyranny will soon end as they are merely hanging by a thread.

You’ve always had the ability right inside of you to hold the love, the justice, the wisdom and the power of the god and goddess. You ARE source consciousness dear ones and the power of your magnificent sun lies right inside of you! You are gods and goddesses in your own right. You, Dear Ones, are the co-creators. I AM that I AM. I am the blue and the violet flame; the Alpha and the Omega; male and female, the one who is and who was and who will be and so are YOU and your bodies are magnificent conduits, marvelous computers that experience existence on nine different layers of manifestation. I, Archangel Michael am your wishes and your dreams; I exist only in the higher dimensions of light and love, I am you and you are me. There is no evil found in me. Just as it is in the heavens so it shall be on this earth here below. The Ascension is now Dear Ones and the source of all that is, is within each and every one of you because each of you are that source.

The Galactic Federation that has been in existence for millions of years has been established to help the souls that chose to incarnate in the lower dimensions ascend into the higher dimensions of limitless creation. This is the timeline that will play out for you Dear Ones which you yourselves have collectively manifested!:

My representatives will soon make their appearance when the mass-consciousness on your planet is ready as more and more of you are waking up every day to the light. Soon, there will be a special series of major announcements and your world’s major governments through your media will announce that the angelic beings are here and that some in fact have already been here, such as the Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians and that they are benevolent and of peace. They will acknowledge the part the Galactic Federation has played in assuring the new reality manifests according to the Divine Plan. Once this series of formal announcements and the global delivery of your abundance are complete with installation of the new monetary system based on gold, the Federation will begin their own proceedings to transform this earth into the glorious plane of existence as it was meant to be with their cornucopia of splendid technologies which will cure all of your diseases and end world hunger. This will put an end to the evil Kabal which has plagued your world for so long. Eventually, you will be introduced to advanced technologies that can even simulate reality. This is where science and spirituality merge. This, Dear Ones, is where your journey into the infinite will begin. With the aide of technology, the knowledge of the art of white magic and sacred geometry which has been kept from you for so long, you will begin your glorious journey into the infinite. I am Archangel Michael, a 5th dimensional being from the star known as Arcturus and I tell you that I look forward to the day when you my beloved beings of light and I will be together forever. I love you.
Archangel Michael

Understanding Fear by Lord Buddha Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Understanding Fear by Lord Buddha

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 28/06/10

May the abundant blessings of the Creator shower onto and into your being now, bringing forth the greatest existence of joy, happiness and bliss. My dear friends it is not only your privilege to be happy on the Earth but it is your truth and the natural existence of your being. Happiness is an emotion of love and love is the truth of the Creator’s soul. At the high vibrations of the Creator universe it is only the vibration of love that is in existence, this is because every essence, consciousness or focus within the Creator’s soul is of love and so this emanates limitlessly into the universe. It is important to realise that it is your divine right to align with the Creator’s soul and to receive sacred energy and illumination. It is also your sacred right to become one with the Creator and embody the soul of the Creator on the Earth and the many levels of the inner planes. With the realisation of your divine right you are able to take action and focus your existence on accepting these sacred blessings, which you naturally are anyway. Due to the fact that every soul on the Earth is an aspect of the Creator when they align to the Creator this creates feelings of comfort, joy and happiness as the soul is reunited with and reminded of its truth. In fact, happiness and a sense of relief or safety manifests because the illusions, fears and limitations of the Earth are stripped away at that point of reconnection with the Creator which brings an immense liberation.

When we enter onto the Earth as souls we descend into a low vibrating energy which feels abstract and somewhat uncomfortable after the high vibrations of the inner planes. Whereas on the inner planes everything manifests with precise speed and vitality, the slow vibrations of the Earth allow for a feeling of heaviness and restriction. For many it can feel as if the soul is being caged and trapped. The slow vibration of the Earth means that we experience all emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions at a slower rate, it is as if they hang in the air for you to view and examine before letting go or accepting. The process of growth is slowed down and all experiences are intensified for greater development and further exploration of the Creator’s energy. When we are aware that everything we experience is at a slow rate, is therefore weighty and can sit heavily on our shoulders then we have a realisation that allows us to break through the illusions that the slower vibrations create to connect with the high vibrations which bestow a greater appreciation of the truth of the Creator.

When we allow our mind especially to be drawn into or embedded in the slow vibrations we truly feel the reality of fear, limitations and hopelessness. This can be overwhelming creating the awareness that no other reality is true other than the reality of fear. It is this reality that causes so much emotional, mental and even physical pain, allowing an experience of the numerous manifestations of fear. It is important to realise that fear is a manifestation of the Creator’s energy, but it isn’t a manifestation from the Creator, rather a projection from our own energies within us when we are off balance or disconnected from the truth and love of the Creator.

As I stated previously the soul can feel trapped or caged within the slower vibrating levels and this manifests numerous fears within the mind and being as it no longer feels supported by the energy of the Creator and can feel separated from everything else. If we were to rise up to completely embody the higher vibrations of the Creator’s light then all fears would simply flow away and we would see their lack of importance, but because we are constantly in existence within the slower vibrations even when we reconnect with the Creator we can still feel or recognise the fears rising from within us. It is almost as if there is a lack of trust in the Creator’s support and this is evident because of the continued manifestations of fears. When we place our complete and absolute trust in the soul of the Creator then fear has no place within our beings as we are cradled in love entirely. Love becomes our only reality and truth prevails.

With the understanding that fears are magnified due to the slower vibration of the Earth and that all fear or negative situations start within us and are projected into our reality, we can then begin work on dissolving and removing fears to exist as love. The slower vibration means that we will experience fears more fully but we must be aware that this doesn’t make them real; they are still delusional projections from within your being. When you begin to learn what is the truth and what is false within your reality then you will gain a greater perspective of clarity and balance. This doesn’t mean that we can pull away from our reality and responsibilities but simply signifies that we do not have to allow fears to affect us as fully and can avert our concentration to the truth and our alignment with the Creator.

These are realisations that most light beings on the Earth will accept at a certain stage of their growth or already realise, but to place the perceptive into your reality and examine when you are being grasped or deluded by fears brings forth a great illumination to all aspects of your being, allowing for a greater connection with the mighty soul of the Creator.

In many ways we can state that all fears are false because the only truth is love; the love that pours from the Creator’s soul and exists within your being in abundance. To experience and truly embody this love simply requires a shift in perspective from fear to love, allowing yourself to remain focused on love at all times but not forgetting the valuable lessons that can manifest from fear. Many people believe that fear is needed on the Earth and that one cannot live without fear but when fear is released the soul becomes prominent and guides you accordingly creating perfection and purity within your reality. When we cling to fear we are holding on to the greatest fear of all, fear of connecting with the Creator’s soul and of being loved completely and absolutely. It is every soul’s divine right to be loved; it is now time to allow this divine right to come into fruition through your acceptance of the Creator and understanding of fear.

The love of the Creator encapsulates you now,

I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light, www.wisdomofthelight.com

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26 Haziran 2010 Cumartesi

Now is the time for Oneness

Now is the time for Oneness

We have learned all we needed to learn, all that is happening now is your creation.

There is no need to follow life lessons, there is no need to break free from karma.

This is the time, we are approaching the zero point.

The time to do what needs to be done to assist mother earth.

We have reached the point of completion in many ways and are ready to take back our own power.

This is why we are here.

Many of you have awakened to the new light upon earth.

You have the chance now to awaken fully.

Awaken to the inner, instead of looking for it in the outer.

There is only you, and you are One with all that is.

This is what you are searching for and have been looking for all this time.

Take a chance on life within.

Find yourself within.


Source is within you as within all of us, we can only be One with Source if we can find it within.


Through Petra Margolis
June 26, 2010

We are offering a free class this weekend on Saturday June 26 at 10:00pm EST to disconnect from the Planetary Grid.

I only have room for 25 people at this time, but the recording of this meditation will become available for free on our website.

Its a first come first serve base. If you would like to come on the call, email me

at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will email you the call information.

Please only email me if you are serious about coming on this call.



Feel free to forward this to anyone, the more we can disconnect, the more we can actually change.

Lets Step Out of the Illusion of Change and make Real Change Happen

Archangel Michael: The Holographic Reality of the New Earth is Within YOU

Archangel Michael: The Holographic Reality
of the New Earth is Within YOU
channeled by Meredith Murphy

My little glorious one.! You are really soaring.how cool is that to find you awakening so broadly and with an opening to knowing that is keenly beyond that which you understood and seen in the past! Wonderful.

Going forward this knowing will continue to overlay layers of your non-physical being-ness with the parallel lifetimes which inform your current focal point and the blending will be fantastic! You will find that you know more specifically what to do; that you learn techniques and practices from your other lives and likewise share them and inform across your existence-radiating your well-being and perspective with clear focus and intent across the Universe. Cool huh!

As things continue to intensify this summer there will be increasingly a clarity which pervades your experience and allows you to share and lead with confidence and courage. There will be signs of the ease and meaning which is unfolding in your existence and which will give you a bounce in your step and peace of mind!! Nice huh! It's time dear one! It's time for joy and happiness to abound! For those of you who have opened fully to light and to your experience unfurling in alignment with the planet there is no need for difficulty or trial; you have let go of so much already the time has come to begin harvesting. And for starters this harvest will begin with a richness of understanding and with information that will extend your knowing in ways which empower you and naturally activate others.

This is the sequence which will continue in the near future; you become clearer and empowered. You begin to live this newly clarified understanding of self and expressing and sharing it as inspired. You activate others by your very vibration.

The living library of light, which for you is your crystalline DNA, allows you to access your greater reality. This is what is awakening within you.

As you engage with this larger knowing you are shifted; you move beyond your past holograms and begin to engage with the emerging hologram, which is the hologram of the emerging new earth. And you are directing the light which comes into you, through your perception, into specific thoughtforms. You are like a lens which directs the light you are radiating into energetic structures and when you harmonize with all that is, great things transpire!

The core of the Earth KNOWS what you have discovered integrated and amplified, immediately and thus your knowing radiates out to all of humanity, across timeliness and parallel dimensions immediately, thereby liberating freedom and clarity, understanding and light to ALL. It's a time of powerful shifting and retrofitting of your bodies to accommodate your new being-ness which will carry you forward into heaven on earth existence in the higher dimensional states of awareness as well as powerful and rapid manifestation within your own domain.

Glory be!

As above so it is below. And now it is time for us to speak more of holographs and of the emerging holographic Earth. It is increasingly important that Lightworkers understand how they contribute to this template for the new earth and to be able to consciously utilize this innate technology of the universe to cooperate and co-create with Source, with All-That-Is in its ultimate purpose of expansion and creativity and in this aligned intention: the new earth made manifest in form.

The universe is holographic in nature; meaning that every aspect of the universe contains the knowing, the information of the whole-each aspect contains something greater than itself.

Those of you who have entered into a new and harmonious relationship with all of life, with a sense of the unity of life, are participating in the alchemy of creation-your thoughtforms, your intentions and beliefs are the cooperating with and co-creating the new holographic Earth!

We live in a world where there are abundant symptoms of a disintegrating hologram. The old holographic system is not able to integrate the cosmic light particles and synthesize and organize the incoming and elevating frequencies of the planet. The collective reality of the planet is shifting.

The way you view and experience things is a creative aspect of reality. Your ability to move into a cooperative and harmonic alignment with the new holographic Earth is the quantum harmony that will take the new earth from template to form.

The holographic Earth has already shifted. So what you are waiting for-- those of you who say "When.is this happening!" is for the perceptual capacity of the human mind to be able to integrate this shift. As you can perceive, understand, resonate with and be in alignment with expansiveness, moving beyond limitations and prior structures, you have the capacity to blend and merge with this quantum energy pattern and provide amplification of these thoughtforms, thereby easing access to them for those in parts of the world where these ideas have not yet gained visibility or acceptance.

Your ability to embrace your own creative powers, to realize that what you give your allegiance and focus to becomes reality, allows you to merge with the existing new earth, to stabilize this thoughtform, this holographic template and to co-create the new earth!

You cannot create the new earth on your own. This is not like creating a new house, or a job you desire in your own world-a hologram solely dependent on your own focus and alignment.

You can however, align with the holographic new earth and participate in the creation of this template in form. Entering into a blended state of oneness with the cosmic mind, through meditation, peace, love and unity, brings your energy and focus into quantum harmony with the holographic new earth.

Spectacular, is it not?

So first of all do not concern yourself with anything which is disintegrating and recognize that the Earth and all you experience exist as holographic forms sustained and enabled by thoughtforms and energized by those. As light is entering the planet and has been anchored in abundance, the old holographic earth which was oriented around consumerism and in older cultures upon survival, cannot integrate a template which is foundationally oriented to co-creation, and which inculcates experience with the cosmic principles of love and unity.

Sadly and in great difficulty there are those on the planet who as yet are still focusing on the instability of the planet which will only increase in the coming months-as the thoughtforms associated with this are focused on what is falling apart and higher and more powerful frequencies are withdrawn and focused increasingly on the emerging holographic template of love and unity.

If you wish to be of benefit; to bring peace and ease this transition--focus on the world being in harmony. Focus on love and oneness. See things in balance. Know with every aspect of your being the Earth in her new, love-filled, compassion-filled, co-creative form.

Things are in, as you sense, enormous flux. Disintegration, chaos, unraveling--this is happening on a number of fronts within the planet. What you do not realizing is the existing holograph is NOT being restructured; that it IS disintegrating, and new form is being made of the energy which gave this matter life.

Behind the scenes Lightworkers, those whose DNA is coded to stabilize and support the shift to the new holographic reality are already in place holding and stabilizing the hologram of the new earth as the old earth unravels and migrates toward the black hole of nothingness. Yes. This is a startling image.

Be not afraid, for this is not something to worry about! We're having fun here creating new things! It's the aspiration of source to expand options for creativity and this is a collective experience in which we receive, integrate and participate. So again-- attune yourself to the cosmic sense of oneness which is emerging and amplifying, and orient to that within you which guides you perfectly to harmonize, to co-operate to participate in our collective creation and shift to the new earth.

Going forward Gaia will continue to express her transition requirement through earth changes.

In terms of relating to one another; chose love.

Each being chose their activation point based on their aspirations for this lifetime and their sense of what would best serve their soul and the collective intent to ascend. It is essential that you not become distracted by this or other aspects of conflict, but that you focus your energy and orient your perceptions to oneness. You are a soul group that functions as receptors for the emerging codes and directives that carry forth this astonishing transformation and your role is vital. Play your parts well!

You are mirrors for this light and love entering the planet; flow and broadcast it with confidence and a profound sense of your grace and purpose in the whole.

Do not doubt, question, challenge or negate the path of anyone else. Look only within the mirror of your own life.

Enter into an ongoing dialogue with that most expansive and wisest aspect of your being--all that you need lies within you my beautiful and amazing creatures of light.

Awaken to truth that has always been: YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Your landscape is within you and will sustain you through all changes you encounter. You are the hero of your own lifetime and your story, your journey your purpose and mission are of the utmost importance to you and to All-That-Is. You are essential and your placement on the planet is essential. Your frequency is part of the light grid of the planet, which, like the acupuncture meridians in our bodies organizes and flows the energy of the planet! This ascension is a process in which you are involved!

Participate and orient to this dynamic story!

Live it with gusto and passion and total confidence. This is how to be a master.

I AM forever at your side and in your inner being aligned with all that you desire. Call upon me for anything. Protection, strength, clarity come from knowing you are source energy in form. Claim this knowing. Know that you are profoundly loved.

We are ONE.

Meredith Murphy

*The Terra Nova Transmissions: a specific focus within Expect Wonderful providing messages, emergent themes, updates and communication from the Archangel Michael and the Terra Nova (new land) Council. Telepathic transmission through Meredith Murphy. * © 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications http://www.expectwonderful.com - You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author. email: meredith@expectwonderful.com *

Princess Diana's Message on the Oil Spill and Solstice

Princess Diana's Message on the Oil Spill and Solstice
From the Realms of Light
Channeled June 21, 2010
By Marcia McMahon

Diana: I am glad to see some progress being made with regard to easing restrictions upon the innocent and suffering people of the
Gaza strip. Israel's actions on the aid ship in avertedly caused her to make these concessions so we are glad they will ease up a bit on the noose they have had on Gaza for some time.

Right now I am joining in the meditations for the solstice being done for Mother Earth Gaia and the terrible oil spill that has caused the
loss of life of sea life and human life as well. I am sending light and love from all the Ascended Masters including Jeshua who is with
me and John Lennon. - And all the spiritual hierarchy. We are all concerned and holding on to hope for this latest disaster to find the
right solution.

It seems inconceivable that people could invent such deep-water wells that would not have a through back up system for stopping the leak. The Spiritual Hierarchy is working on the situation as well as the Galactic Federation of Light, who has advanced technology to stop such disasters but who will not intervene without the permission of the people of the earth. There are light beings in other dimensions, which can also be called upon to perform miracles for earth, and there are counsels going on now to that effect.

I will not say more as I understand how controversial this topic of so called "alien" life forms is to most humans but it is however true and there are those from other star systems who are perfectly aware of this and they intend good to the planet.

It is understood that this is a most unfortunate learning experience for the human habitants who still believe that oil and her spoils are
good for the human being, which in effect, they are not! And the more natural resources, which can be used such as solar, and wind and other more controversial energy sources will be put to good use in coming years.

Technology these days is always a double edged sword since it can be harnessed to aid so many and yet is still under the control of darker forces who have wanted to control the masses of people for many hundreds of years.

As mankind awakens to the Golden Age of Light and Peace there will be little interest in this outmoded use of technology and in it's place will be those technologies which are harmless to the human and animal bodies much less the body of the whole mother earth Gaia.

So my dear friends reading my message know that great things await all of you in this new age of Peace, and while you do struggle with the darker forces; there will be a time when this is no longer an oppressive issue for the masses who yearn to be free.

I bow to those peace workers reading my messages and book and ask you to look into the book my channel has written for she works with the light of God.

With love from Diana, Princess of Peace and light.

About Marcia McMahon

Marcia McMahon * BA, Ursuline College * MA, Case Western Reserve University & The Cleveland Institute of Art * Diana Gallery Online: www.dianaspeakstotheworld.com * Visit the author/artist for beautiful artwork and reviews: www.dianaspeakstotheworld.com * Contact Marcia for an Angel reading, reiki session or hypnosis session at marciadi2002@yahoo.com * 217-391 6701 * Email: marciadi@newwavecomm.net or marciadi2002@yahoo.com * Reiki and Hypnosis: www.divineconnectionsforreikiandart.hostoi.com * Marcia is an accomplished artist and internationally recognized psychic, author and teacher of 30 years named in Who's Who World for 2007. Her books are channeled inspiration from Princess Diana about how to create a world of peace and unity amongst all peoples. *

Isis' Message of the Day

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There is no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood based on the One Life. There are no laws, except the Laws of the Universe. There is no authority, except that of their own souls. They look upon the world of humanity with open eyes and recognize those whom they can lift and to whom they can stand as the Great Ones stand . . . lifting, teaching and helping.

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Mother Earth and her view on the Planetary Grid

Mother Earth and her view on the Planetary Grid

The Planetary Grid is within me, I am not connected to this Grid.
You as humans are. The Grid is an energy collector and your collective consciousness is fueled by this energy as an ocean running through me.
This collective consciousness is a dark and heavy energy within me.

Some have already disconnected from this grid and from the collective consciousness.
What this does is it makes the collective consciousness, this ocean of energy smaller.
Can you imagine having to carry an ocean of energy within you, it affects you, don't you think.

When more people disconnect from the grid, this ocean of energy will become smaller.

The collective consciousness was created millions of years ago, as was the grid. it is one being, one structure.

It was created for the humans, as they were not able to look up for their connection to source.
This collective consciousness has been polluted, used, and is has come to a time where it will need to be dissolved as we all move toward ascension.

Being connected to the collective consciousness is a safe feeling for many, and its scary to disconnect.
But you have to know that you are all source beings, you know this within you heart. As a source being you can look up, you don't need a consciousness that keeps you down.

We have reached the accelerated time and are getting close to zero point where you will have to look up.

The collective consciousness is already being dissolved, being released from within me.

It is time to disconnect and be free from all that holds you back as a human, only this way you can find the real truth of your being within source.

It is hard when many messages will tell you a different story, but within your heart you know the truth, you also know the fear that overrides the truth many times.

Many messages are there to awaken, from that point on it is time for your own research.

Look up to Source, do not look back.

Release the fear that holds you in its grip, the fear that is within the collective consciousness.

I do not need this energy, I have supported this energy by holding it within me, to support you.

I can ascend without this grid, this consciousness, in fact I will have to, as its not my energy, it is yours.

I will still be here to support you, as you can call upon me at anytime.

But now is the time to stand on your own feet, to focus on your ascension as I focus on mine.

We will all work together as one being to ascend, but we each have our own work, our own path.

The frequencies within me already surpass those of the 5th dimension, and even more.

You are still in the 3rd dimensional frequencies as we will keep these running for the many that have not awakened.

Part of your path is also to bring in your higher frequencies into the 3rd dimensional frequencies to be able to fully ascend.

Oneness does not just mean One with every being, it also means One with every frequency, every energy that is out there.

For everything is within Source, as it will be within you once again.

This is why you release the old, the energy you do not need and embrace the ones that were with you, that are you.
By releasing I mean the energy that was created to support you in your ventures upon me, they are not you, they are only supported by you, by your energy.

Become the fullness of your own being.

As you made this choice millions of years ago to venture upon me, to evolve upon me, to ascend upon me.

Now Is the time To fully embrace that choice and know that lessons have been learned and it is time to bring it full circle.

Mother Earth

Through Petra Margolis
June 26 2010

We are offering a free class this weekend on Saturday June 26 at 10:00pm EST to disconnect from the Planetary Grid.

I only have room for 25 people at this time, but the recording of this meditation will become available for free on our website.

Its a first come first serve base. If you would like to come on the call, email me

at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will email you the call information.

Please only email me if you are serious about coming on this call.



Feel free to forward this to anyone, the more we can disconnect, the more we can actually change.

Lets Step Out of the Illusion of Change and make Real Change Happen

What is the Planetary Grid and why should we disconnect from it

The Planetary Grid is in mother earth, and has been there for millions of years.
It is an energy Grid that was used by all humans upon earth to communicate and connect to the mass consciousness to learn any lessons we needed to learn to evolve on our path, and evolve our souls.
It is also called the Crystalline Grid, Planetary Crystalline Grid.

This Grid is also used by what many call the dark ones, the dark force, the cabal and many other names.

They are connected to this grid and use it in a different way.

The energy in the grid is being used by them to control, to communicate and to bring fear.

This means they will take the energy, running through the Grid.

Your own energy is being used to control you, keep you in a state of mind of fear, not being able to do anything, not being able to create, manifest and move forward at this time.

Many will now say, but we changed the grid, it is crystalline now. It has been cleared, purified to work for the light.
Yes it looks crystalline, but it is not.

We are moving forward, look at all the new energies coming in, the progress we have made.
This is the Illusion of the matrix we live in. Illusion of what they want you to see, think and believe.

Of course we have new energies coming in, time is speeding up, we can feel that.
But being connected to the Planetary Grid, you will not have the full benefit of those energies.

The Grid will keep you in the Lower Dimensions, although at times you might move higher.
The Grid still influences you and clouds what you can really see and receive there.

We are all looking for change, we see change happen because it is what they want us to see.

How to control the masses as they move into a more spiritual state, you fool them, give it to them, but in your way.

Remember when Jesus came to earth to bring the change, yes it feels like he did, we have the bible.
Created by the ones who do want control, and it is controlling many at this point.

They gave people the change, but in a way they could control the change.
The illusion of the religion, the bible, the churches.

There is no need to connect to any grid to work together, we can connect through the heart of source.
Our own heart, as we are all source, we are already connected.

It is time to disconnect from the grid, all the grids.

To work together in a way we did millions of years ago, through the heart. Through ONENESS.
As we are already ONE.

What happens when you disconnect from the Grid?

You become fully connected to your own source of energy, your own source being, your own thinking, your own creation.

We are offering a free class this weekend on Saturday June 26 at 10:00pm EST to disconnect from the Planetary Grid.

I only have room for 25 people at this time, but the recording of this meditation will become available for free on our website.

Its a first come first serve base. If you would like to come on the call, email me

at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will email you the call information.

Please only email me if you are serious about coming on this call.



Feel free to forward this to anyone, the more we can disconnect, the more we can actually change.

Lets Step Out of the Illusion of Change and make Real Change Happen

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6th and 7th Dimension Limitations Purge

6th and 7th Dimension Limitations Purge

6th and 7th Dimension Limitations Purge: These dimensions have a very limited perspective on what is possible. In truth very few of the beliefs cherished on Gaia at this time are aligned with Universal Truth. This purge helps the individual to release limitation profiles that are tied to the third dimension thought forms - especially those around the time/space continuum.

WHEN: Friday June 25 AT 8:30PM EST

COST $20.00


Heart Oriented Ascension

Heart Oriented Ascension MASTERY ACTIVATIONS

These series of powerful mastery activations are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator. The cost of each session is $25.00

Saturday June 26 at 4:00PM EST

1.Heart Oriented Ascension
Cost $ 25.00

You can sign up here

1.Heart Oriented Ascension

" Bringing this one in I was aware of continuing streams of energy entering the soles of my feet and spiraling upwardsthrough out my body. I watched as this energy removed conventional constraints around forgiveness-i.e. forgivenessis weak, forgiveness is condoning the act/situation. I felt social restrictions being removed one by one. The I sensedand saw angelic hands on my shoulders and I knew that the angels were blessing me with the ability to forgive myself.
This opened up a floodgate of healing - karmic, family, personal. WOW. As soon as this happened, the attributeof Grace flowed in. The vibration of Grace is one of miracles. I believe we are being given forgiveness and grace so that we may heal from the heart out. "

2.Archangel Michael Blessings and Mastery Activation for Energetic Privacy, Protection and Shielding

" there was an enormous amount of energy and activity in my head. A little bit back from the crown chakra is where thebrunt of the activity took place. The physical sensation was intense. Archangel Michael had extended a ray of his being down to me and was seating this ray of protection in me. I could feel the energy running through my body. I then felt a lot of swirling and rearranging in my aura. When I tuned in to it, I could see my aura strengthening, literally reweaving itself in a different configuration. Then I became conscious of energy moving VERY slowly from the top of my headdown encompassing my body. This was a soft baby blue energy. It took a long time for it to cloak me. With this one we have been gifted with the ability to go about our mission unfettered. I feel a renewed sense of purpose. "

3.Archangel Sandalphon Blessings and Mastery Activations for Grounding and Centering

" Felt two things simultaneously. What I can only describe as flowing pressure on top of my head, and a heavinessin my body. Neither was uncomfortable. I asked about both. The 'pressure' was Divine energyflowing downward to anchor me in the Earth. The heaviness was my aura restructuring itself to align with bothMother Earth and Gaia's vibration. Then I felt all these pieces of me being sucked in through my third eye. Incredible clarity, a sense of belonging and even protection. I just feel really good about myself. "

4.Archangel Zadkiel Blessing and Mastery Activation for Alchemical Magic and Transmutation/Transformation

" Very intense physical/energetic sensations with this one. This template reminds us that alchemy isn't about turningstone to gold. It's about removing density and illusion that surrounds us, looking within and finding the truegold--our soul. Like a shuttered window was thrown open and light pours into the heart. It isour nature to perform alchemy, and it has been hidden from us. The Blessing clears the eons of historical distortion from us, allowing us to start transforming ourselves. This one is quite subtle, but
I am still feeling the effects! "

5.Buddha/Quan Yin Blessings and Mastery Activation for Healing the Inner Child and Personality

" This started out with a lotus blossom/water lily superimposed over everything I 'saw.' This was a very comforting, gentle, surrounding rocking energy in which one felt safe. I was told that inner children are the divine aspects of ourselves that hadto hide in order to survive. A sparkling golden bubble appeared and encompassed this inner child. I then felt and watched as the fear (be it of inability to be heard or speak, abuse of any kind, guilt) was removed. This was a tremendous surge of lightness, of freedom! Quan Yin's face appeared before me, looking like alabaster.
With her breath she smoothed out the ragged torn rough edges of the personality I had dressed in, in order to survive. This is just one of the most uplifting experiences I've recently had. I feel more self love and a senseof wholeness since this activation. "

6.Christos Blessings and Mastery Activation for Embodying Christ Consciousness

" This was just beautiful. When the activation began, I was placed in a translucent pillar of silvery/blue/gold.(no words for this color.) Intense sensations of flow throughout my body. I then saw tiny slivers of this pillar entering my body--each one being a 'pleasurable' electric shock if that makes sense. Suddenly I realized that inside of me there already existed an aspect of me that was the Christ Consciousness. Awesome, magnificent surgeof energy as this aspect was seated in my heart. Saw the blanket of fear that envelops Mother Earth and thedistortion it has caused in humanity... has lead us to think ascension comes from outside/from another.
This blessings reawakens us to the knowledge that exists within, and we simply need to remember it and then live it from the heart."

7.Creator Blessings and Mastery Activation for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth

" Tubes of whirling energy surrounded my knees--very strong sensations. This cleared me to move forward to fulfill my contracts to co-create. Moved my attention to my heart area where deep clearing, blessing and activation tookplace. I had many visions of Heaven on Earth (while this is a universal activation I suspect that this heartclearing will be unique to each of us). This brought a 'knowing that when we co-create from the heart, we arecreating for all." Sense of being connected to the Creators Heart, so that my part in creation is clearer. This one defied verbal description, but it is a VERY powerful blessing that initiated huge shifts in my perception
around me and my significant part in creation! "

8.Divine Father Blessings and Mastery Activation for Enlightenment and Empowered Living

" Strong 'masculine' energy moved through me right to left. In the wake of this energy, I saw that
codes had been uncovered. A spiral of Light started at my feet and slowly moved upward. As the
Light touched a code, there was an explosions of color and as this color showered out I found myself being re-awakened then realigned to the attribute that the code contained. All expressions of empowermentand enlightenment (love, gratitude, faith, etc). This also allowed me to be immersed in the divine applicationsof these attributes which were seated in my cells, various places in my physical body, and energetic spaces.
This one astounded me because I once again realized, we aren't abandoned here. There is SO
much loving help out there!! "

9.Divine Mother Blessings and Mastery Activation for Compassion and Self Love/Acceptance/Trust

" A swirling ring of energy was activated between my third eye and causal chakra. I floated in the awarenessthat I am a spiritual being having a physical experience--and compassion love, acceptance and trust areinterwoven in the spiritual fabric of my very being. I spent a lot of time here, just being immersed in this wonderful thought/sensation. Divine Mother then gathered me up into her Essence and 'bathed' the illusions andthe fears away. While this was going on, I was aware that tiny chambers inside my heart were being opened.
As each chamber opened I felt the many frequencies of LOVE set up resonance so that I could vibrate at that level. This was an indescribable feeling--fabulous! I spent some time here experiencing love, loving, acceptance, accepting...I came out of this with an open heart, and realizing that we are all most beautiful beings.
What a blessing. "

10.Elohim Blessings and Mastery Activation for Creating Abundance and Manifesting on the Physical/Material Plane

" 'Dear Ones, there is no lack of abundance in any form--it is only the fear filters which cover your eyes. Allow usto gently remove them and replace with templates designed to help you see from love. These templates also help you to manifest for the highest good of all.' I gave the okay and felt a very gentle 'scraping' over my physical and third eyes. Thencorroded forms were removed from my mental body replaced with new, upgraded pristine forms which are aligned
with the new HEART paradigm. I was able to both watch and feel as each of these forms was replaced. This just brought an amasing feeling of expansion and realization that it is our fears that foster the illusion of lack. Abundance in all it's forms is created from love and this activation aligns us with that and allows us to bring in the
abundance we so desire. "

11.Evolutionary Spirals of Creation Mastery Activation

This was a very vivid, visual activation. I fell into the center of Nothingness which was surrounded by a corona, and was taken back to the First Thought that created. As I gazed outwards from this First Thought, the Spiralof Creation stretched before me, at times an outwardly moving - ever expanding spiral, and at other times an ever decreasing - contracting spiral. Periods of spiritual awareness, others of stagnation. Found myself retracing the Spiral. Millions of fleeting images flowed through me, showing that our greatest growth wassometimes during our cycles of greatest resistance. I reached the present moment, with all the knowledge ofthe 'past' creations and realized that it is time for us to come together in the Heart of Hearts and create ourway back Home. This beautiful Activation allows us to align or creation abilities with that. The knowing this
activation brings is in the actual experiencing of the activation.

12.Holy Spirit Shekinah Blessings and Mastery Activation for Freedom and Sovereignty

" Shower of sacred symbols flowed into my throat. A lot of intense energetic shifts/sensations as these symbols sought to open my throat so that I might speak my divine truth. "If you cannot speak your truth dear one, you are not free to follow your journey. If you allow others to speak or act on your behalf with no input from you, then your sovereignty becomes a pipe dream. Allow me to clear all blockages to your truth,helping you to move from one circle of existence into a new one. This blessing allows that and activates the templates and codes that open and keep clear that center of truth which finds expression in your voice.
Accept these my children and move into your power and freedom." This activation reawakened this free flowingstream of my truth. For me this clearing involved me seeing lifetimes of me being unable to express mytruth-either through fear or force. One by one, I watched as these blocks to expression were cleared. I suspect that for a lot of us this will be a very very powerful healing and will release us to step into our freedom and
most importantly, express it. "

13.Igniting the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom in the Heart (from the Holy Spirit Shekinah,
Divine Mother and Divine Father)

" Very intense activation. The 'soul sun' that lives within each of us was the activator during this. I became my heart and watched and felt as all the following took place. There was an infinitely bright spark, a whooshing sound and I was swallowed up by a flame that was all colors and hues of the red/pink range. I actually started to sweat as this flame consumed whatever was blocking love. The next flame lit, that of power, was in the green/bluerange--all colors and hues. As this flame consumed me, I was shown that this power is that of living magically... of understanding the true range of access we have. The last flame, wisdom, came in on the indigo/purple spectrum.
Wisdom isn't book learning, but more a marriage of discernment and knowledge. I became used to the heat and watched as this flame removed any constraints to living in love, or living magically. I also sensed that as each flame ignited I was gifted with the qualities contained therein. "

14.Metatron Blessings and Mastery Activation for Personal Evolution and Ascension

" This seemed to consist of a multitude of mini blessings and activations. They were 'poured' into my crown chakra, and I experienced each one. This emotional knowing went on for quite a while until I found myself in my cells.
The ascension codes in the DNA had been activated and each gene that had a code fired up in brilliant colors washing my whole body in light and joy. Meanwhile my crown chakra expanded so much itseemed to include everything in the universe, and I just soaked this amazing feeling in. Hours later,
I am still wide open to all that exists! "

15.Mother/Father GOD Blessings and Mastery Activation For Inner Peace and Tranquility

" huge pulsing waves of energy/color entered my chakras. I felt it most in my throat and heart. As
these waves continued I had the picture of me being cradled in loving arms. Very Nice. The waves continued and changed to a soft blue hue. I was aware of a lot of stress being released and a little smile forming!
Then I heard this " Many, many changes are occurring in today's world. Gaia is shifting into the fifth dimension,light-bearers, starseeds and healers are centering in the heart. This change, however welcome, brings chaos with it. We are offering this activation to help you stay calm amongst these changes. This activation changes the filters on the second and third chakras, allows you to look with detachment on events, and gifts you with templates for activating peace/tranquility. Only by embodying these gifts can you bestow them
outwardly." I was then enveloped in a cocoon of silvery/gray and knew that these were the
gifts this activation brings. "

16.Spherical Harmonics Mastery Activation

" Instantly felt a large sphere/bubble pressing against my body, not at all unpleasant. I was shown that harmonics also encompasses the juxtaposition and flow of all things in nature--not just sounds. I 'became' nature and felt the flow/resistance inherent there. I also saw that where resistance was, a benign way was found around it.
As soon as I understood this, a series of forms- spheres, serpentines, spirals, and some forms I have no name for, were placed in my aura and chakras. This felt wonderful, and I saw that these forms were re aligning me withnature. We have lost our harmony with nature and are out of step setting up even more resistance than is necessary. We don't see the fairies and devas as we did when we were children. With this we become
more in tune with Mother Earth and her movement. This was magnificent. "

22 Haziran 2010 Salı

Om Wave & Diamond Octave - Global Solstice Meditation

(Meditation available in the attend this event link, then click slides or download mp3 from here)

From: www.Earth-Keeper.com
Subject: The Om Wave & Diamond Octave - Global Solstice Meditation Today
To: adigaia@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010, 11:55 AM


Free Earth-Keeper Global Telecast
Gateway of OM Solstice Wave

Happy Solstice!!!

Dear Family of Earth, We coordially invite you to participate in 'The Gateway of Om' Earth-Keeper Global Meditation today on the June 21st Solstice. This Group Meditation will focus on tuning in to the 'OM Wave of Hope & Highest Good' that will be emanated by the Cosmic Council of Light from the amazing megaportal of Mt Shasta. This will achieve the 'Diamond -Crystalline Octave'and extend thru all 12 dimensions of the Earthplane.

Scroll down for meditation intent and program agenda.

S orb
'Eye of Ra' Orb-Mt Shasta

Earth-Keeper Solstice Gateway Tele-Webcast

Monday, June 21st -The 2010 June Solstice

Host- James Tyberonn - Earth-Keeper
Live Channel from Archangel Metatron

Very Special Guest - The Beloved Ronna Herman, Matriarch of the New Age, with Live Channel from Archangel Michael


Moderator-Facilitator- Randy Monk


You Don't Want to Miss this Extraordinary Event !!! The website will open 30 minutes before the broadcast formally begins


5:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, CA)

6:30pm Mountain Daylight Time

7:30pm Central Daylight Time

8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time

1:30am London (Tuesday)

2:30am Central European Time (Tuesday)

Internet & Phone Simulcast ! (Attend via Phone or Internet -- it's your choice)

The Link will be open 30 minutes before telecast to allow chat and sharing



To Attend by Telephone the Phone-Number to Dial is: 408-490-3078

Backup Phone Number: 703-344-2171

Use This Conference ID For Phone Participation: 278730#

To Use a Nearby USA Local Phone Number Click : http://nconnects.com/Local/

If you are not sure what time this event is in your area follow the link below. The telecast will be Pacific Time (Mt Shasta, California). 5pm


The Triad of the Diamond Octave

Gateway of Om - June 19-23
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - June 26
Solar Eclipse- July 11

A Message from Archangel Metatron
via James Tyberonn

The Om Wave -Solstice Intent
& The Diamond-Octave Triad

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you on this very powerful and potent Solstice.

Indeed this energy that is circumventing the earth in this focal moment , is among the most robust and intense frequencies showered upon the earth in many eons. It is an energy that can and must be harnessed for greater good. And so we warmly join our energies to that of Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council of Light, who are indeed with you at this time.

And so the Cosmic Council of Light has begun the Wave of OM, an omnipotent energy oscillation that continues to bath the Earth and mankind in the energy of the Diamond Chakra Octave, the frequency of Hope and Unconditional Love.

This energy is being transmitted from the Cosmic Council of Light with Sainte Germaine and the Syrian-Pleiadean Alliance from the OM Crystal at Mount Shasta. It is pervading every Powernode on the planet and emits the optimal encouraging energy of Hope and Unconditional Love. As such it is not only available to all that tap into the OM Wave, it is further empowered by those that do. This is a Diamond Octave opportunity to integrate the positive attributes of strength and promise. Indeed it is the response to the yearning of conscious humanity at this time, and serves as an assurance that the Ascension will occur, and is indeed on track. Do you understand?

And so each of you are urged to meditate in micro and macro, in solitary and in mass during the Gateway of Om. The modality is to harmonically integrate into the wave by the earnest and anticipatory toning of OM. Feel and project the attributes you receive, of JOY, of well-being, of HOPE and Unconditional Love.

And know Dear Ones that this energy will collect in mass, and become a thought form collective that will reach critical mass and be reborn on the full moon lunar eclipse of June 26 and again on the solar eclipse of July 11. Well to continue participation in rebirthing the Om Wave on both eclipses. Each eclipse will exponentially reboot the OM Wave on the planet in great and greater potency.

Maters, we urge you to Consciously Create the world you desire on these special gateways. Sainte Germaine and the Cosmic Council have materialized onto your EarthPlane to be very close to humanity and the Earth , actually in your dimensional fields to facilitate this wave of Love. We tell you that even now, as the Cosmic Council cluster within Mt Shasta , hologramic refractions of their group-entity co exist in true presence on every Powernode on the planet, on every continent and over every body & stream of water. Indeed the waters exude this energy as they become pools of OM.

On the Lunar eclipse , identify and release your obstacles and fears. On the solar eclipse, visualize the creation of the New Earth and of your optimal desires of pure joy, in being who you became to be. Unify the chakras in the Gateway of OM.

Many of you have become despondent and although you are of high light quotient, are giving in to doubt and confusion, and thus are operating from the lower chakras, and your optimal auric circuitry is ruptured. You can and must reconnect the chakric field and reestablish 13-20-33 circuitry and flow into Mer-Ka-Va Field. No better opportunity exists for you.

Indeed the Triad of the Diamond Octave, will lead you into refurbished Joy, and be the path to the incredible energy that awaits you on the September Equinox and the Triple Date Portal of the heralded 10-10-10.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is!


Lines Open at :
5 pm - Pacific Daylight Time
6 pm - Mountain Time
7 pm - Central Time
8 pm Eastern Time
1 am - UT London

Program ( Times Shown - Pacific)

5 pm (PDT) - Open Lines
5-15 pm - Brief Intro from Tyb & Randy
5:30 - Tyb Review of Intent
5:35 - 5:50 Crystal Bowls - Beverly Ann Wilson
5:50 -6:20 Tyb - Global Med & Live Metatron Channel
6:20 - 6:50 - Ronna Herman - Live Channel - AAMichael
6:50 - 7:05 - Closing Meditation - Tyberonn

Ani Torch

Beverly Ann Wilson

Beverly Ann Wilson from Mt. Shasta lives with quartz singing bowls and not only activates them to give us sublime sounds but she also knows how they can help us find our true inner self and learn to live in the eternal NOW. On June 21 2010 she will be a special guest of the Earth-Keeper Global ' Gateway of OM' Telecast, playing Celestial Sounds from Mt Shasta to assist Humanity in opening to the OM Wave.

Bev w bowls

AAMetatron refers to Beverly Wilson as an 'Arcturian Holographic Sound Master'

Truly a Walking Master, of great wisdom and humility, Beverly Ann Wilson has orchestrated and participated in giving workshops and retreats since 1965. She has been involved in the Wellness side of Medicine since 1974. She has lived and worked within the Mount Shasta Community since 1979, where she owns and operates 'The Crystal Room' at Mount Shasta. She was active in community organization during The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 which heralded the Cosmic Impulse to assist us in raising our vibrational frequencies. These Impulses and our Response set in motion our path to 2012. While she was achieving her degree in Structural Engineering in late 2001, she was given stewardship of over 4500 kilos of crystals and minerals and The Crystal Room was born. Early in 2002 she was introduced to Crystal Tones' Crystal Singing Bowls and all of her paths converged into one. As a Master Alchemist, she works with Crystal Tones in creating the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls: marrying the consciousness of the transmitting aspects of quartz with the vibrational essence of each mineral or metal and our Body Consciousness. She believes that 2012 and the paradigm shift it brings begins in this moment, and with each of our conscious choices in each moment we are in. She uses her crystal singing bowls and crystals to dramatically demonstrate this understanding within our body consciousness so our cellular body can teach our mind what this really means.

We honor Beverly for her integrity, stewardship, humility, leadership, wisdom and assistance in todays Global OM Wave.

n Wilson -
Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth,
The Crystal Room

109 W. Castle Street
Mt. Shasta, California 96067

phone: (530) 918-9108
toll free: (888) 918-9108

email: crystals@crystalsmtshasta.com

Earth-Keeper Event Updates
Met-Keys Level 2 - July 10-11

10-10-10 Arkansas Oct 8-11
Rate Changes to $444 on 7-July

10-10-10 Voy

10-10-10 Speakers & Healers
Still limited spaces available to attend- We will sell out soon!
Special Solstice Issue JUNE 2010

Two Very Special Channels In This Special Solstice 2010 Issue of the Earth-Keeper Chronicles:

(1) ) The Om Crystal of Mount Shasta ( The 2010 Solstice of OM )
(2) The Magic of Mount Shasta
(3) Free Global Webinar on the Solstice - Details TBA

The 2010 Summer Solstice will be a mega-event in the Transformation of the Planet Earth. In North America, the solstice transformation will be centered in Mt Shasta, as Sainte Germaine and the Ascended Masters/Cosmic Council of Light will gather on Mt Shasta in enclave from June 19th thru June 23rd, 2010 to emit a multi-dimensional wave of Unconditional Love via the Crystal of OM.

The Holy Mountain - SHASTA
Retreat of the Ascended Masters-Cosmic Council of Light

St germain
Join Earth-Keeper for a Free Global WEBINAR Meditation on the Solstice to Tap Into the OM Wave. Details TBA

The Solstice of OM
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM

Shasta 1
"Greetings beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so again we speak of Shasta. Indeed its importance is tantamount to the expansion of the Crystalline Field.

Masters the Solstice of June 21, 2010 is an incredible gateway, and this Solstice may be termed the 'Gateway of OM'. For at this time, the Cosmic Council of Light, the Ascended Masters will gather at the multi-dimensional etheric portal of Mt Shasta and cluster in enclave around the heralded Master Atlantean Crystal of Om located beneath the masiff of Mt Shasta. The beloved Sainte Germaine along with The Cosmic-Council of Light and the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will host the opening of an extraordinary portal during the Solstice Phase.

The Cosmic Council gather within Shasta on June 19th and remain thru June 23rd. Sainte Germaine and the heralded Council will generate and faciliate a wave of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE frequency of OM that will be transmitted to all powernodes on the planet via the OM Crystal of Multidimensionality. This energy is a sacred and potent beacon of energized hope and encouragement for humanity and for the Earth.

We encourage all of you to tune in to this wave, this magnificent energy during the'Gateway of OM'. Meditate in mass, gather where you may. Take part and you will indeed receive an incredible download of energy sent from the Cosmic Council of Light, and this will fortify you, one and all.

Dear Ones, this is the most potent solstice expereinced on you planet in aeons. And for this reason the Council of Light will employ this energy to shower you in LOVE and HOPE. It is a demonstration thatyou arenot alone, and despite what you may see in the turmoil of 3d around you, the Ascension is in place and on track.

By participating in the Wave, you will not only be transformed, you will amplify the OM Wave as it spreads across your sacred Earth. All thru the OM!

The Om Crystal

Masters, we tell you that far beneath the expanded massif of the mega portal of Mt Shasta, stands an amazing crystal of Atlantis, a crystal of Arcturian origin. It glows in a silveresque hue of argentum, emitting the frequency of crystalline platinum and etheric gold. It once stood in the great Temple of One on the Atlantean Isle of Poseida, and was formally called the Crystal of Om. The Atlantean scientist- priest, the Atla-Ra referred to it as the Crystal of Multidimensionality. Indeed, this sentient crystal is omnipotent in its frequency and holds within its structural alloy of platinum, gold and hyper-quartz , the ability to fold, concentrate and amplify that which you term light, space and time.

The Platinum Ray

The Om Crystal draws to itself and emits what is termed the Platinum Ray, an omnipotent energetic beam of multidimensional resonance. The Platinum Ray is essential to the balance of the coming Ascension. It holds within it what may be termed the code of Universal Law, of the Cosmic Axiom. It holds within its frequency Universal Truth, multidimensional Truth that expands and migrates into every aspect of the Cosmos. It has the nurturing feel of the femine frequency, yet it is in fact the optimal balance of both the female and male vibrancy. The Platinum Ray is one of unity and balance that in fact lessens the differential between left and right aspects of the brain. It unifies consciousness and helps create a great synchronicity of mind within duality.

The magnificent crystal of Om is one of nine enormous and potent Templic crystals that were saved from the deluge of Atlantis before the fall and crash of the crystalline spherical satellite, termed the second moon of Atlantis. The Crystal of Om was and is the most complex of all of the Atlantean Crystals, second only to the great crystalline satellite in its omnipotent capabilities and technical intricacy. Indeed it was the most prized and first of the magnicient Templic crystals to be sought and relocated in the chaotic final days of Atlantis.

The Crystal of OM

The crystal masters of Arcturius constructed and fashioned the Om crystal in an alchemical process that involves a liquid conglomerate of synthesized quartz and diamond, termed hyper-quartz, amalgamated into a silvery clear alloy with crystalline platinum, gold and mercury. The living composite was fused with life force and manifested into a stunning geometric form, whose crystalline structure encompassed the golden spiral of all within the Metatronic Cosmos. Accordingly it is in harmonic oscillation with every dimension, every universe, and every parallel in the Cosmos. It operates both in carbon-based life systems and in bio plasmic systems, tying together and existing as both matter and anti-matter. It has 144 facets fashioned in equitable concave and convex indentures around the circumference of its cylindrical length. Its dual points are angled at precisely 51.6 degrees. Indeed this specific angle is significant, and was utilized in the construct of the Great Pyramid. This pyramid indeed represents the a frequency of the earth plane, intended to be a representation of the spherical Earth, the height corresponding to the radius joining the center of the Earth to the North Pole and the perimeter corresponding to the Earth's circumference at the Equator.

The number 144 is a very complex frequency as well, it represents the code within the golden spiral of all the geometrical base units, termed atoms, in your universe. Your universal matrix contains within it, a living geometric constant that has always been, it expands and contracts both in matter and antimatter in regular measures. The very geometry produces a distinct tonal quality , which is tuned by the mathematical proportions of all celestial spheres.

The Golden Phi

The golden ratio is a constant ratio that offers the key to the Cosmos, it contains within it the vibratory resonance of all matter, and indeed propels the doorway into parallel dimensions and planes of anti matter. Your own scientist have proven, seen and experienced, that the developing in a fractal manner of the golden phi spiral is a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale, from a cell to a star. Simply put, the golden ratio is where the ratio of the small to the large is equal to the ratio of the large to the whole, so it is in your universe. As above so below applies. It offers many doorways that have not yet been explored by your current level of knowledge.

The great crystal of Om, beneath the matrix portal of Shasta, incorporates the golden mean,and the universal frequency. It does so by the resonance of its intricate faceting and angular design. It exist in the now and is contained within that termed the past and the future. Can you imagine that? It does so to a large degree, from your reference, by its utilization of the golden mean and its frequential pulse.

Now, the earth plane, your planet as you know it is a specific focal vector for consciousness. At your level you think your planet is divided into areas of land and water, continents and oceans. The awareness faculties of humankind, indeed your consciousness, are tuned into frequencies of perception that give you that impression. But from a Metatronic perspective, your planet is also faceted into frameworks of time and probability areas, termed parallels. So all time, all parallels co exist in greater reality. As such all of your epochs, all of your time eras, all of your many civilizations co-exist at once. Indeed, from this extraordinary panorama, time is simultaneous, so all eras of earth history are embedded in time and clearly exist in the eternal NOW along with your current time vector. Within the golden mean, within what you term portals there are certain bleed-throughs, certain apertures that allow for movement. The Om Crystal is capable of tapping into these and harnessing their utility.

In the truest sense, your now, your present moment is a psychological platform. This is true whether you can grasp the concept or not, and we realize it is an enormous leap of understanding. Accept it as an axiom, and indeed so doing will assist you in managing the understanding of your true multidimensional nature.

The Crystalline Network

So clearly was the Om Crystal among the most complex in its construct and utility of all the magnificent Temple Crystals in Atlantis. This is not to say that the other Atlantean crystals are not of enormous capability, complexity and purpose, indeed they are, for the magnificent Emerald Crystal of Healing located beneath Mt Maga in Arkansas serves as the manifold Crystal, that activates the initial surge of all of the Mega-Nine Crystals of Atlantis.

We have told you that nine utilitarian Atlantean Temple crystals, stunning specimens of Arcturian and Sirian construct, were transported through the hyper dimensional capacity of the inner earth tunnel system and relocated to specifically chosen areasin thefinal days of Atlantis.

We have also told you that the Blue Crystal of Knowledge, located in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, would be the first activated. Indeed it has been rebooted, and surged into the first tier step-up on the frequencial triple date portal of the 8-8-8 . It now is in network thru the Emerlad manifold. Four more of these came on line on the 9-9-9, September 9th, 2009. These are the Om Crystal of Multidimensionality in Shasta, the Emerald Crystal of Healing in Arkansas, the Golden Crystal of Healing & Regeneration in Brazil, and the Sun-Moon Crystal at Lake Titicaca.

All of these will be involved in the OM Wave of the June 2010 Solstice, and will transmit hope, love and strength to all that tune in during the 5 Days of OM, June 19-23.

Indeed, what may be termed the new Crystalline Network is tuned to the Soltice of OM and will inkind provide further activation of the 144 Grid .

The Master Atlantean Crytsals, as we have told you, activate as follows, and increase every year in function on the Triple Date Portals and Solstices.

Arkansas :
Blue Crystal of Knowledge 8-8-8
Emerald Crystal of Healing 9-9-9
Platinum Crystal of Communication 11-11-11

Bimini Bank:
The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy 12-12-12

Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 9-9-9 (Mineas Gerais)
Violet Crystal of Sound 10-10-10 (Bahia)

Mount Shasta:
Om Crystal of Multidimensionality 9-9-9

Tiajuanaco-Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:
Sun-Moon Crystal of Light 9-9-9
Crystal of Thoth 12-12-12

These crystals are of tantamount importance to the Crystalline Transition of the Grid and Planet. They serve as the blueprintof thenew Earth and each serves a succinct role in the Mer-Ka-Na of humanity These have been reprogrammed to assist in this transformation. And indeed many of you areproactively involved in this process. Dear Ones, the Law of One is returning, and this time the crystals will not be misused.

The Atlantean Temple of ONE in Atlantis

Now, near the Temple of One was what may be termed a center for advanced learnings, an exclusive university of sorts, for the select of the initiates of the scientist priest. It was called Atla-Ruum. Ruum is a word from the sacred frequencial semantic of the Atlantean Golden race, a term meaning 'Mystery Initiate School'. The tonal qualities of this term will open memories of many of you who were among the Poseidans, especially those of you who were among the Atla-Ra. This wisdom school taught advanced mathematics, physics, sacred geometry, hyper dimensional geometry, crystalline chemistry, alchemistry, energy dynamics as well as the disciplines of astral travel and achievement of multidimensionality. Most of the faculty were of the Golden Race, yet included Ascended Masters such as Thoth, and Masters from the Pleades, Arcturius, Andromeda and Sirius A and B. The Golden Race were tall beings, ranging in height from 9 to 12 feet by todays measurement. They were direct descendants of the Pleiadean Masters, and were very gentle, peaceful beings of an extremely high intelligence and resonance.

The Temple of One itself was located on a granitic mound located at the northern portion of Poseida in the sanctuary of the scientist priest, the Atla-Ra. The Temple of One was built to a very unique dynamic of sacred geometry, and the location was carefully and specifically chosen for its natural energy field, and celestial grid alignments. The Om Crystal was situated in the center of the amazing Temple. It did not set on a base, indeed both ends of the Om Crystal are angled into points. It was held in suspension within a series of spinning rings that spherically surrounded it. These were of a metallic alloy, which condensed an antigravity field that suspended the crystal. The entire apparatus could be angled for specific celestial alignments. The crystal itself attracted and emitted the plasmic anti gravitational plasma field. Sound, pure tones were used to both activate desired aspects of the Crystal as well as to calibrate the requisite density of the plasma. Differing tones and their correlating plasmic densities created specific oscillating colors within the antigravitational field. The crystal itself glowed in a silver hue that at certain angles and intensities changed to a white platinum violet shade.

The Atla-Ra adepts were able to utilize the Om Crystal for what is termed dimensional travel and time-travel. It served as a celestial cosmic port. Indeed it will amplify the ability of humans to seek travel in the astral and well beyond. Mount Shasta is already quite prolific in that capacity. Indeed the Om Crystal will exponentially increase that potential for all who seek such experience there.

Base Twelve Mathematics

While the cylindrical body of the crystal has 144 altering convex and concave facets, the two points are different. The base point has 1728 facets and the upper point 12 facets. Thus the sequence of 12 , 12 squared and 12 to the third power, as Atlantis and the Atla-Ra used the base 12 system of mathematics.
It may surprise you to know that the conversion to base ten mathematics, which occurred in most societies after the fall of Atlantis, was chosen because humans count with their ten fingers! The exceptions were the Sumerians and Mayans who used base 60 and base 20 respectively. It is interesting to note that human's still measure time within the duodecimal remnants of the Atlantean Base 12. Do you not count hours in phases of 12, as well as the months of the year?

We will tell you that in the future mankind will change the base system of mathematics to more closely align to the changing cycles of time. We have told you previously that time sequence is speeding up due to the altered ratio of inner core counter-spin to the earth's rotation. The time unit cycles occur more rapidly now, and are no longer in alignment. Your cycles are faster, but your measurement has not shifted as yet.

Now, as we have spoken about time cycle acceleration and the need to convert to a base twelve duodecimal mathematical system, the channel has queried as to the current validity of the triple number dates, which we have told you before are numerical portals that activate the major dodecahedronal facets of the 144 grid.

Activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid

Before we answer, let us review the activation process of the 144-Crystalline grid. The grid is a complex geometry, the double penta-dodecahedron, which by specific design includes 144 pentagonal and triangular facets in a symmetrical crystalline matrix. The double penta dodecahedron is stellated, which means that each of the major twelve facets are raised in the center to form five sided pyramids. Thus there are 12 pentagonal pyramids. Each facet in counted both on the base and pyramidally raised portion. So if you consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles triangles and one pentagon, you have 72 facets. Additionally, each of the twelve stellated aspects have 5 triangles and one five sided pyramid, thus you, combine the surface and stellated portions to achieve the Master Number frequencial of the twelve squared-144. Do you understand?

Now the aspects of the triple dates, is quite interesting. After the millennia, there is a unique sequence of dates that occur from 2001 to 2012. The triple dates are numerical frequencies that uniquely occur in this abbreviated format, occur sequentially for twelve years as :

· 1 January 2001, 1-1-1
· 2 February 2002, 2-2-2
· 3 March 2003, 3-3-3
· 4 April, 2004, 4-4-4
· 5 May, 2005, 5-5-5
· 6 June 2006, 6-6-6
· 7 July, 2007, 7-7-7
· 8 August, 2008, 8-8-8
· 9 September, 2009, 9-9-9
· 10 October 2010, 10-10-10
· 11 November, 2011, 11-11-11
· 12 December 2012, 12-12-12

The grid significance is that the frequency of each triple date portal is designed to be the 'activation trigger' of one of the 12 major dodecahedrons surface base plates of the grid. Accordingly this axiom infers that the 144-Crystalline grid is launched into functionality by one twelfth each year from 1 January 2001 up through 12 December, 2012 when it achieves full programming input. In the interim between 13 December and 20 December, it integrates full programming, and reboots into full launch on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, the heralded and prophesied Ascension. In aspect, a key piece of what takes place on the triple frequencial portal dates is around the 'human - grid' alignment to the Crystalline 144 grid. That is why these dates are being recognized by empaths as important dates for spiritual alignment gatherings across the planet. Indeed it is not specific astrological alignments that specialize the triple date portals rather it is the vibrancy of the numbers themselves that correlate to the 144 grid.

This kinetic is also impelling the renewed 12-strand helix of the Sun Disc to furbish a design schematic into the 144 grid, that provides, what may be termed the DNA programming of the pentagonal facets of the double penta dodecahedron.

Now, we have not forgotten the question raised by the channel, as to the current validity of the triple number dates, when talking into account the acceleration of time cycles and the need for a base 12 duodecimal measurement of mathematics. The answer is this, your measurement of the annual solar return is already in an approximate base 12, twelve-month system. And the count of the triple days is a 12 count, there are twelve of them. So in brief, yes the triple day portals are indeed valid.

The Speed of Light is Increasing

But we will add the caveat, that the full throttling of the 144 grid itself, on December 21st, 2012, will in fact increase the disparity , the difference between the quickening time unit cycles and your measurement of them. For not only will the new grid, upon its completion accent the time sequence ratio between the inner spin and outer rotational spin of the planet, it will also enable a greater velocity of light to bath the planet. Light will increase from its current approximated speed of 186,000 mps to well over 210,000 mps.

Part of this light acceleration will be contributed by the activation of the Atlantean crystals. Particularly will the Om Crystal of Shasta and the Sun-Moon Crystal of Light of Titicaca effect light velocity. Both of these were initially activated in 2009. When all of these crystals are activated and networked in 2012, the effect will be prolific. We tell you that this cycle will not reach its pinnacle until your year of 2020, because certain of the crystals activated in the twelfth phase of the 12-12-12, specifically the Fire Crystal of Bimini, will require up to eight years to fully activate.

The Crystal Network will serve as patterned modulators projecting the DNA for and of the Ascension on Earth, by connecting all dimensions with the new paradigm of Integral Wholeness and Crystalline Consciousness. Indeed this will be the blueprint that the enlighted human may integrate within thru the Mer-Ka-Na light body.

Now we will add, that while there were nine omnipotent crystals relocated from Atlantis, there are others that were already in specific locations, and did not require movement. These have been in a state of semi dormancy and some in states of disfunction. These will come into full power in 2012, triggered by the rebooting of the Crystalline Network. Now these, with the exception of the crystalline units in Roslyn, Sri Lanka and Tibet, are not as large, technically complex or omnipotent as the nine originally located on Poseida. The major of these are located as follows:

· Tibet
· Lake Baikal, Russia
· Roslyn Scotland
· Araphat Turkey
· Giza
· Montserrat Spain
· Sri Lanka
· Bali
· South Pole
· North Pole
· Hawaii
· Japan

There are also secondary, or what may be termed satellite crystals in many other locations including, Tasmania, New Zealand, Glastonbury, Argentina, Canada, Himalayas, Tanzania, France, Greece, Capetown, Chile, Arizona, Easter Island, Moscow and Greenland. To name a few. These are less in size dimension and capacity yet none the less are connected to the major crystals and an intricate part of the network. These receive energy from, and are somewhat dependent on the axialtonal radionic frequency broadcast from the major crystalline units.

Mega-9 Function & Further Activation of the Crystal of Om :

In a manner of speaking, these great crystals are akin to your computer systems, of course exponentially far more complex and potent, but there are certain similarities in their function. The great crystals will each go through something similar to a reprogramming and rebooting. This process of programming and reboot, are specific to the increase of frequency and dimensional access of the earth matrix. It is not occurring to the aspects of the crystals and their higher networking that exist in other aspects of multidimensionality you see. In a sense what is occurring is a reformatting for the changing earth matrix. The earth is coming into Crystalline-Function, as the electromagnetic gridis reduced in prominence. The Crytsalline Energy begins at the dimension of 5, the EM Grid in essesnce does not function above the polarity/duality dimension of 3.

The new moon of August 30, 2008 began the formatting and programming of the Om Crystal. It launched into 25 percent power on the triple date portal of 9-9-9.And begans a forward thrust again in 2010, beginning in June and extending to the 10-10-10.

On the June Solstice of 2010 The Om Crystal will host, within the complex massif of Mt Shasta, the Cosmic Council of Light. An incredible crystalline light will be emitted from Mt Shasta, via the OM Crystal toward the multidimensional merging of higher crystalline dimensions onto the Earth-Plane with specific emphasis on sending a wave of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE throughout all dimensions.

The initial trigger impulse will occur thru the Emerald Crytsal of Healing in Mt Maga, via the Crytsal Vortex,and extend directly to Mt Shasta to the OM Crystal on June 19th. The OM Crystal will then surge with energy emanations to all multi-dimensional powernodes on the planet , surrounded by the Cosmic Council of Light.

The benevolent Masters of the Ashtar and Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will assist in the transmission.

What in essence will occur is a wave of support will be given to boost humanities evoltion into the Unconditional Love (Crystalline Transformation energy, of non duality wholeness, merging from dimensions 5 thru 12.

It is not for mankind to align or anchor the crystal per se, rather to align themselves to the energy of the crystal through the process of visualization and the sending of the vibration of love.

Tapping into the Crystal of Om

Now many of you may ask what is the effect the Om Crystal, indeed the Ascension itself, will have on me? How will the change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension effect me? The effect will be one of a sense of unity. There will not be a tangible sense of differentiation between the planar frequencies of the 3rd and 5th dimensions. It will rather be a blending. You will have a greater sense of well-being, a feeling of being more supported, and indeed of supportiveness within the self. Is this notrequired now, more than ever?

By 'tapping' into the Om crystal, and the OM Wave of June 2010 Solstice, you will feel a greater sense of balance; you will feel more joined to aspects of your multidimensionality, and indeed within physicality. The mind will access more freely its own compartmental aspects as the dimensions become melded. There will be less of doubt, less of feeling lost and fragmented, less of the internal questioning of what is right and what is not. The mind will become unified, more integral.

There will be less polarity per se, within duality. But it does not mean no duality, no polarity. Those that say the Ascension will end wars, will end hunger, will end fighting and greed, no that is not the case. But Dear Ones, all of those will lessen to visible degrees, the arc swing of duality extremes will be shorter. The pendulous movement between extremes will somewhat vacillate. Choices will be clearer, pathways more succinct. The way of impeccability for each of you that choose to tap into the Om, to actively and fervently seek your own Ascension, will be more obvious to you than it is currently. In a sense a new paradigm, a new system of Knowingness will become available to you and will offer itself to all that seek it.

The effect then, is that you will find it easier to be fully present within the NOW. And always, the NOW, the eternal moment of the present NOW is the fulcrum of power. It may seem to be paradoxical from a 3rd dimensional perspective that by merging the many facets of multidimensional aspect, one is afforded greater focus within duality. But it is so. It is so because it is the wholeness of multidimensionality that brings the integral nature of your true self, and within that wholeness is ones true causal self and therein exist more clearly Universal Truth. Within the Now of multidimensional time and geometric consciousness you are more creative, and you are more empowered and less at effect. In that geometric field you are not at the effect of untoward issues, of stress, of problems. You are in the field of solution, of resolution, you see. You are at the control panel of your experiences.

Is there work to be done? Yes, of course. But tuning into the Om, into the higher dimensions, into multidimensionality offers the tools of mastery. Many of you have the notion that the soul is at 'rest' on the other side of what you term, the veil. Your epitaphs are inscribed with 'Rest In Peace'. Dear Ones, there is peace, but it comes through work. Ascension to the celestial realm, Jacobs Ladder, in your metaphor, is not static! Dear Ones, you are either moving up or you are sliding down, its one or the other. By design consciousness swims upstream, or it gets moved downstream by the current. Consciousness is not stationary! And so, we offer no hope for the lethargic, so you see your pillowed concept of eternal rest is somewhat erroneous. However, through traveling within yourself, you will discover the unity of your consciousness within higher layers of consciousnesses. You will discover that multi-dimensional love and energy charges consciousness with dynamic exquisite energy and movement to all things. This will invigorate the SELF; it will not lead you to want to sleep on the proverbial marbled steps of Heavens Gate. It will, instead, inspire you to take a better hand in the job of creation. For indeed there are 'energy packets' that offer extraordinary impetus to you as you ascend to each new level.

Consciousness is ever expanding, and so at every level, there is still another one higher to ascend into. And while from your 3rd dimensional stance within duality this may appear burdensome, it is not. That could not be further from the truth. Growth in consciousness is in fact embellished in vital streams of vigorous joy, such is the nature of consciousness, such is the complexion and disposition of 'First Cause'.

Indeed there are points of review, points of recharging, but these are not stagnant, indeed there is great activity and profound validity within them.

Dear Ones, the great crystal of Om, of Multidimensionality offers an incredible energy, that will have myriad effects on the Crystalline Grid and on the Ascension itself. The ability to 'tap - in ' to its energy will depend to a large degree on the light quotient of each individual. Its initial effects will be subtle, and graduate each year. It will indeed be in full motion by the 12-12-12.

What will occur on June 19-23 is a gift, and is offered in LOVE, via the Cosmic Council of Light. Masters, go to a sacred place and meditate and you will indeed feel the Wave of OM . And remember, themost sacred of all sites, you carry with you...it is your heart!

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved! "

And so it is.

This channel is copyright protected to Earth-Keeper.com . It may not be published or reprinted without expressed permission from Earth-keeper.com. For permissions email : Tyberonn@hotmail.

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Marcel Joseph Vogel, born in San Francisco in 1917, was revived after being pronounced dead at the age of six from pneumonia. At this time, Vogel encountered a near-death experience (NDE). It caused him to question the meaning of life. Every day, from the age of six, he walked to early morning Mass to pray and questioned the purpose of his existence.

At age 12, an answer came as a "voice" that told Marcel he would be a "phosphor chemist" doing work in luminescence. Majoring in chemistry and physics at the University of San Francisco, Vogel found little written, or taught, in the field of luminescence. So he translated articles he found written in German on phosphors. Due to deteriorating health, he left college and completed his education privately, with Dr. Peter Pringsheim, a German professor. he was later awarded a doctorate.

Pringsheim and Vogel published a book, The Luminescence of Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application (1943). Vogel published other papers and formed his own corporation, Vogel Luminescence. The company pioneered in the manufacturing of fluorescent paints, oils, crayons, chalk, Day-Glo colors, invisible ink, and tagging and tracing powders-used to detect bacteria and disease, including cancer. He worked part-time for IBM and he became a senior research scientist in 1957. He remained with IBM until 1984, when he founded his own lab, Psychic Research, Inc.

Vogel's work with human-plant communication experiments led to his discovery of an intelligent matrix existing in crystal/liquid crystal with an ability to store, amplify, and transfer information, and that crystal can be altered during its growth stage. Seventeen years of research in this area led to his faceted crystal inventions, useful in laser applications. Vogel was also working on the structuring of water for purification purposes, and the structuring of wines to rapidly age them.

Many scientists and physicians who worked with Marcel Vogel were well aware of his scientific achievements: his extraordinary work with phosphors, bioluminescence, luminescent paints and the design of magnetic disc coatings in computers. He was one of the most prolific scientists in IBM history with over 100 patents in his name. Yet he made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity, which seemed to be visionary, beyond genius in his application, his seemingly driven compulsion of understanding the vast mystery of crystal energy.

He worked specifically with a group of 16 physicians privileged to work with him over a number of years with body energies, especially the capacity to focus healing energies with crystals in the treatment of illness. All of the medical team had an extensive background in acupuncture and appreciated the ability to manipulate body energies.

Under Marcel's guidance, some of the medical team began to learn the process of transmitting thought, especially loving thoughts, unconditionally, to patients, thru the use of 'Vogel Crystals'. It was an amazing epiphany for all of them. It brought an even greater capacity to appreciate the power of the mind to influence illness, the power both to heal and exacerbate disease. And, most important all, to appreciate the incredible presence of unconditional love and its capacity to trigger transformative shifts in a patient's psyche.

Marcel served for many as a spiritual mentor. He embraced with a deep understanding the teaching of the Eastern religions with an especial love and admiration for the Lord Buddha.

So what is a crystal?

The word crystal comes from the Greek word "krystallos", meaning frozen light. A crystal is generally considered to be a systematic, orderly and repetitious patterning of molecules or energies. From a more metaphysical point of view, some consider that Light is stepped down through many levels of density before the physical form of the crystal manifests through the dynamics we understand in crystallography and geology.

It is the forming aspect of Light that patterns the highly ordered array of energies we call a crystal. Should this light pre-form be altered in any way, the completed crystal will be altered from its original "intended" form. In fact, while viewing the growth of a liquid crystal, Marcel was able to alter its final form. Instead of maintaining the normal shape that an oleate of cholesterol would take, the outcome was a configuration clearly recognizable as the Madonna. Marcel had been focusing on an image of the Blessed Virgin in his mind's eye while viewing the growth of the crystal under the microscope, uninterrupted, for one solid hour!

The conclusion was clear, crystals not only amplify thought, they can assist in manifestation of thought itself.

Marcel witnessed and photographed the precipitation of Light into crystal in his IBM laboratory while growing liquid crystals and subsequently wrote:

"When cool, if a liquid crystal state exists, the melt goes into a birefringent state under polarized light which can be readily seen under a polarizing microscope. From this state the sample will then crystallize into the solid state.

In the course of the study of this state under the microscope the team noticed a remarkable event, namely that before the melt went into the liquid crystal state, a blue flash of light took place and then immediately after that, the sample transcended into the liquid crystal state.

This state was videotaped and, after one year of effort, a picture was taken at the moment of transition. What appeared on the film was the prefiguring in space of the crystallographic form the system was to assume. The blue flash contained information which formed into a geometric form. This geometric form was the source of the crystallographic form from which the crystal grew and developed.

The flash of blue light witnessed through the microscope was the transfer of information from the level of light-coding to the physical plane. This is discussed in metaphysical literature, but had never before been witnessed and photographed.

Vogel in time developed a precisely cut crystal using phi geometry that was given to him in vision, from what he termed Atlantean dreams. These magnificent Vogel wands, Master cut according to the specifications are truly rare and powerful instruments. They are tools that connect us to higher dimension, and transform higher dimensional light into a focal beam.

The large, female end of each of these healing wands is cut precisely to the interior angle of 51 degrees ,the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Universal Life Force Energy (also called prana or chi) enters the female end of the wand, spirals down the body of the wand, and is amplified every time it encounters a facet. The super-charged energy stream coalesces at the male end of the wand, and is emitted as a highly coherent laser-like beam for use in meditation, vibrational healing and subtle communications.

There is simply no other crystal in natural form or otherwise that emits the power, the perfection of the phi crystal.

Energy flows in spirals thru phi crystals , and in the process is greatly amplified. Vogels are capable of clearing energies, removing negative energies & increasing healing capabilities. Additionally the sacred geometric faceting can serve
as dimensional libraries of the celestial realm. The effect is enhanced access to higher dimension and increased ability to communicate with the Gaic realm & Angelic realm.

We all owe a great deal to Marcel Vogel.
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Portal grids

The Magic of Mount Shasta
AA Metatron - Previously Channeled in 2007
Portal grids
Now the greater massif, the greater parameter of the Shasta mega vortex-portal complex is capable of folding space and time within its field. It condenses and 'zips' space more potently than any other area in North America. Its capacity in doing so will expand as the Om Crystal goes into activation.

You see, currently a cubic measure of space in the upper meadows of Mount Shasta holds upward of 36 dimensional frequencies, at certain times as many as 44. It is the blend of folded energy, varied by celestial alignments and terrestrial magnetics that trigger the variation. Shasta is far more active in some periods than others for this reason. Dimensional gates open and narrow accordingly. When one learns through intent and determination to increase vibrational frequency into the merkabic realm of crystal resonance, then the doorway is open, or accessible, in your terms. Do you see? Not everyone who visits Shasta will access these portals and doorways, but all those who are capable of increasing their vibratory rate to that of the crystalline frequency, will indeed. It has always been such in infinity points, stargates, if you will.

Now, Mt Shasta anchors a very complex multi-dimensional over- fold, and does so through its very conscious geometric grid, complex frequencies & unique electromagnetic field. These allow light portals from many higher dimensions to coexist within the Earth dimensions precisely in the massif of Mount Shasta. Among those are the ones from Sirius B, the Pleades, Arcturius as well as many others, and we repeat, many others. That is correct. Mount Shasta is quite prolific in the higher dimensional communities that are accessible to seekers, you see.

Now, Mount Shasta, as all with all infinity points upon the planet, has a geometric projection, that defines, to a degree its nature and purpose. The overlay of Mount Shasta is an octahedron, the double pyramid: "As Above, so Below". This is the geometric crystallization found in many of your diamonds. Understanding this can assist you in the experience you seek at Shasta.

So you see, if you seek to communicate with the infinite nature of sacred sites. Then it is suggested that you make an effort to understand the multidimensional, geometric and geological aspects of them. You must understand and accept that each infinity point is aware of itself, fully conscious, in your terms. Your indigenous people always asked permission to enter such places, sang songs of prayer and made offerings. And Dear Ones, we tell you, it was appropriate. The Earth will respond. The Spirit of Place will open itself to you. Now truly, the Living Earth does not necessarily need the offering you bring in a material sense, but the very spirit of giving you thus demonstrate is one that opens you and creates the resonance of the gifts the higher Consciousness of Place, will return to you in kind. Do you understand? Make it known why you are here, and what you seek, and you will indeed feel a tingling of energy rise up your spine, and a direct connection will occur.

The resulting experiences will open to you in ways that are beyond, perhaps, what you expect. Trust them. They are perhaps far more valid, far more revealing than you even imagine. Bring forth your greater awareness to the forefront, quiet the questioning mind.

The channel has spoken of many incredible experiences and visions he expereinced within the energy of Mount Shasta in his articles. We ask the channel, "Do you doubt your experiences?" These were indeed, quite real. We tell you dreams and visions are indeed actual, they are real, and often the catalystic means for dimensional travel. Do not doubt them, rather learn to navigate within them.

You see most experiences in such dimensional doorways at Mount Shasta will occur in one of two ways. Either one passes thru the doorway that reveals itself into other dimensions, to see and feel what is on the otherside of the gateway...or one simply waits at the threshold for manifestations of 'the other side' to appear. The former seems to be a vision, held in the mental eye, the latter an incredible manifestation of a Teacher or Master into what you would term the physical world, albeit for a brief period. In both cases, the initial tendency among humans is to dismiss the valid reality of what occurs.

Dear Ones, you must allow the expanded paradigm to exist as more than simply a possibility. You must allow it as a valid expression of multi dimensional reality. As REAL! There are far more parts to you, Dear Human, than you truly realize, and upon the Earth Plane, you are far far more than the sum total of your parts! Allowing yourself to expand is only a piece of what Shasta gifts to you, Dear Seeker, the other part is up to you, and that is to accept and believe what has occurred. When Mount Shasta offers you an experience that is far removed from your daily accepted reality, you are simply being shown a piece of the greater reality. It is understandable that you might initially doubt it, but you were shown the greater truth because you expanded, through greater effort than you may realize, to the point where you could perceive it. What does that tell you? It tells you that within your expanded perception lays the field of all probability, of all possibility, some you inhabit, and some you do not. Some of the realities have never known biological life as you know it, some contain more advanced life beings, etheric in nature, but not physical, yet human in heart. There are no regimented rules that will limit the potential of such travel, other than the blockages you would create for yourself in non acceptance. In truth many of these realities are closer to your true home than is your physical experience upon the Earth. That is why the removal of fear is an essential graduation to the higher dimensional reality validity of what one experiences in this very real system of growth potential.

Now, we will add, that often is the case where when humans first step into this wider reality, that they temporarily or permanently, can lose their 'grounding' on the Earth Plane. To remain grounded, the human must learn to manage the integrity of the Human EMF ( electromagnetic field). One must learn how to open and to close the awareness centers, the chakras. Was this not the lesson of the LeMurians? Having an out of body experience may not be appropriate when one is being chased by a tiger, or setting in an office doing accounting work! Learn to manage the system, as you are on the Earth for certain valid purposes of the Earth, and through discernment utilize your ability for chakric, merkabic travel, when it is appropriate to do so. Do you understand? Do not become so ungrounded that you are not capable of operating within physical dimensions. There are times when it is appropriate to have both feet solidly on the ground, even in this Ascending New Age of the Earth.

Now, the channel asks of the origin and significance of the energy body of Mount Shasta. We confirm that he, Mount Shasta, is Lemurian, but also Atlantean. And although the volcano itself is somewhat dormant at this time, in terms of what you consider volcanic activity, in dimensional terms it is very expansive, very active. Currently, Shasta is in commissioned transition, in the task of balancing energy harmonics that exists between Atlantis and Lemuria. And for that reason it is a Lemurian area and yet an Atlantean, masculine volcano, twinned with parity to the feminine.

Do you understand? It is significant for both Atlantis & LeMuria. You see Mount Shasta transfers energetic excesses from one to the other, seeking equilibrium within integral dimension. That is what creates such dynamic charge in this area. It is why one becomes dimensionally enabled & energized upon that mountain, you see?

Now while the lands of LeMuria and Atlantis co existed for over 800,000 years, in your terms of time measurement, their civilizations co existed only some 50,000 years. One projected heart the other mind. One was excessively male one excessively female, in a manner of speaking. Can you see why these must be brought into BALANCED alignment for the Ascension? Do you understand that in a very valid sense, all time on your planet co exists in multi dimension? So we tell you that Mount Shasta is in a special role to blend these, to attune these in multi dimensionality, and accordingly Shasta is very specifically in harmonic oscillation with your islands of Hawaii, and Mount Fuji in the Pacific areas, and with Santorini in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, the former hold aspects of LeMuria, the latter of Atlantis. Do you understand why it is volcanoes, specific ones, that are capable of such commissioned undertaking on your planet? We tell you it is because of the dimensional expansion capabilities of their electromagnetic fields.

Now it is not every volcano that is so endowed, we will say that this varies according to their placement, geo magnetics and consciousness embellishment. There must of course, first be the correct frequencial potential of sufficient raw energy there, and it must be of a specific blend. Now, as the channel has an affinity for gems, we use this analogy: one can find a rough diamond that appears to be a mere carbon deposit, but if it is burnished, and proves to contain clarity and symmetry, it can be polished and faceted into a gem of luminous beauty that refracts light and energy in wondrous ways. As such do volcanoes and other sourced power points evolve into the awareness of dimensionally expanded sacred sites. But the energy potential was there first.

Now indeed when what you might refer to as a great historic event occurs in a field or valley or mountain, and multitudes of people are thereafter drawn there to visit the location of the great event, the energy they amass can also polish the location to a higher frequency, and a sacred site of sorts will evolve by amplification.

But it is not just the raw telluric energy, not just the geometry, it must also be embellished with the sacred. And that is so misunderstood. Your mainstream physists, mathematicians and scientist currently have many concepts, many systems of thought, of belief, of paradigm that are being applied to physics as simply a complex mathematical challenge, but they omit the sacred. The two must be coupled for human kind to truly understand the nature of the living Earth and consciousness of the Cosmos.

Now, many have experienced the inner dimensional, etheric city located within Mount Shasta that is referred to as Telos. Dear Ones, we tell you it is indeed real. It is inhabited by an advanced cycle of those you term LeMurians, the blue skinned, ones who have obtained full consciousness. Some of your explorers and writers have experienced this inner world and referred to it as Agartha. These beings originally escaped into the inner hollow chasms of your planet some 25,000 years ago, in your measurement. Indeed, these beings of LeMurian descent are far more highly evolved in spirit than you are at this time. There bodies are, as I have said, less dense, but are indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue of green and in some cases a green blue, because the water they drink is highly mineral in content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in a higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing no religion other than the love of source, and an understanding of what is termed great tranquility. They are quite aware of you, but have no desire to intermingle with the masses of humanity. Why you may ask? Because of several reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your violent nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development. They are aware of your physical diseases that would infect them, and are quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let us say they have evolved into beings that have set a unique course, and are close to completing their sojourn. There bodies are sustained by a crystalline magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted from your planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and spiritual sustenance. Their mental capacities have adapted to emit an internal light into the external, and as such the chasms they create are as bountiful in beauty and light, etheric light, as the most beautiful of your mountain valleys on the exterior.

In dimensional terms the Agarthan city of Telos has its existence in both the physical and etherical realm. In physical it exists just above the level of the third, and measures some 20 miles in length, 3 to five miles in width, with a ceiling of approximately 2 miles. Thus it has been experienced by many of your adepts in human biology, through the mechanism we will refer to as 'lucid dreaming'. We will add that such experience is by invitation only.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of the coming changes. Those of the inner world are primarily on a set course, a different cycle, and one that is close to completion.

Now above the dimension of four exist the light city above Mount Shasta. Within this realm are many of those you refer to as the Ascended Masters and certain of the benevolent extra terrestrial beings, such as the Pleadeans and those of Sirius B. Now would it surprise you to know that many of you have co existing lives within all of these realms? Would it surprise and overwhelm you to know that many of you are extensions of omnipotent consciousnesses that you call the Ascended Masters. Your biology in its dual nature separates you from this knowledge until you learn to operate the 'back brain' or subconscious nature of your or subconscious nature of your being. Has this not been the way taught by your Buddhist and other adepts for millennia, to quiet the conscious mind and thus find your true nature? Those of you that have chosen to evolve with the planet in human biology have done so on an exercise of choice, to fully grow and master the experience of Planet Earth. You are much closer to do so than you truly realize. And when you pass into higher dimension, you understand that a physical existence upon the Earth is just a heartbeat of time from the higher realm.

Beloved Saint Germain has chosen Mount Shasta as one of his homes of interface with your planet. His presence is easily accessed upon the peaks and in the Valley of Upper Panther Meadows and surrounding slopes. He is indeed an Ascended Master, and one who can be termed as 'modern' in many of his expressions. Modern in that he has had a variety of lifetimes manifested on your planet within the past centuries. Some known as such, and others not. The Ascended Masters are a group dedicated to assisting humankind achieve Mastery on the Earth, and have anchored light cities in specific points on the Earth Plane for the dissemination of their energies. Mount Shasta is one such point. As we have said in the beginning of this communication, it is the magnetic nature of Mount Shasta that provided the raw template to enable the dimensional fold for higher dimensional influx into your terrestrial template.

The channel has asked if it is necessary to physically be in such infinity points on your planet to access these Masters. We tell you that it is not. The most potent infinity point you carry within your heart Dear Ones. But let us say, that access can be more easily obtained within these points.

So you see, what is made available to you on Mount Shasta is a glimpse into the infinity of who you really are. Shasta opens the dimensions as a peacock opens its fan of blue green feathers, and for an eternal moment shows you the depth of your true beingness, at the time you are ready to see it. And Dear Ones, it takes desire, desire and work to truly see who you are. You chose to Master the experience of Planet Earth, and you are well on your way to doing so. Open you heart to what it can reveal to you.

We tell you that Mount Shasta is among the most powerful sacred site, the most omnipotent vortex-portal complex in North America. Few locations on your planet have equal capacity of multi dimensional expansion alloyed in divine synergy. You are Beloved"

and so it is

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