8 Haziran 2010 Salı

detach from others and stay firmly on your path~from HILARION weekly message

This is of prime importance now, Dear Ones. There is a need to make a definitive choice to put you firmly on the Ascension Path and to stay firmly on this Path, no matter what transpires around you. There will continue to be many situations that arise that you may feel require your effort and input and we say to you that it is now time to lovingly detach from these and allow your loved ones to deal with their own "stuff". Your efforts each day should be focused on raising and keeping raised, your increased Light quotient. Now more than ever before, this is the effort and focus that needs to be maintained. Intend your Love and good will to each and ask that the Higher Forces help in their situations and then release and let go

Hilarion weekly message June 5-12, 2010

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