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Science and Spirituality - Soul Searching by Mitch Battros

Science and Spirituality -
Soul Searching

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Soul is a name given by the spiritually-inclined to the life giving substance. The word itself does not describe its composition. Given that spirituality has traditionally probed this question in great detail, can science provide a parallel?

When a key component is knocked out from a system, some correlation is usually noticed. For example, knocking out a gene to know its function is a standard practice in molecular biology. Extending this logic to spirituality - the absence soul is noticed when a person dies.

Interestingly, immediately after death, genes, RNA molecules, proteins, pathways and networks are still in fully operational mode but the person is 'lifeless'. Common spiritual belief is that the missing substance that keeps people alive is the 'soul' or spirit.

At the highest level, living beings exhibit features in the form of mood variations. Physiologically these variations can be mapped in cell and molecule interactions. The interactions are determined by the chemistry that exists between molecules. Chemistry is further determined by the physical atomic structure. An atom is held in shape by a strong physical force that exists among sub-atomic particles. Though protons and neutrons were considered fundamental particles, they are in turn made of quarks. Quarks are held together by a strong force called 'color charge' mediated by particles called gluons.

Though the current model of atom describes several fundamental forces and particles, it is unable to explain how living beings are constitutionally different from the non-living. From ancient times, a force has been described in spiritual texts as the 'life giving substance', spirit or soul. A scientific parallel to that has not yet been described.

The electromagnetic spectrum describes all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation ranging from long wavelength used for radio communication to short wavelength gamma radiations. In theory, long wavelengths can extend up to the size of the universe itself, while the short wavelength can be as short as the Planck (spacecraft) length.

If the life giving force exists, can we find a 'soul spectral signal' in the electromagnetic spectrum? If yes, what would it possibly look like? Would it show up in the middle of the spectrum, towards the gamma ray end (shortest wavelength) or towards the radio wave length (longest wavelength)? There is no scientific evidence to support or refute this theory.

FULL ARTICLE - http://bit.ly/UDpsdK

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The Continuous Opportunity - VERONICA

A New Message From VERONICA

The Continuous Opportunity

"At the end of the day, pause to reflect upon your participation. It is easy to examine the input of others, but often difficult to embrace that you are the key ingredient of all that transpires.

Be patient consistently and always let the truth lead you beyond the drama. It can be a shield of power when progress feels limited.

So when the day completes itself, center your awareness to the present moment.

Reflect upon your input with clarity.

Be appreciative of your actions, while attempting to limit your reactions to others.

Be truthful with yourself, and make the necessary mental adjustments for a more optimal participation in your perceived future.

That is the beauty of linear life: The continuous opportunity to reaffirm who you are and what you are doing here.

Why not sow the seeds of positive thought? Especially if you are not pleased with your reality.




Become happier now."


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Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - October 10, 2012

"Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so glad that we could get together - we are ecstatic! We see so much Joy everywhere, even if the face looks a little grumpy. The Light is coming so strong, and it is being held more and more by all of the Kingdom members. But we’re here to talk about the humans, all of you, Beloved Ones, who are beings of Light in your natural state, but who put on the uniforms of your humanity in this lifetime, and most all of you in others.

"We are looking at you in all of your Dimensions, and it is that you are very much one with the Light, very much One With Us, and at the same time multi-locating, shall we say - that’s a concept that’s a little bit difficult if you are not used to doing that, we understand that.You’re going to be a lot more used to it when your bodies are altered sufficiently that you become a permanent resident of Higher Dimensionalities - each and every one of you! . And it is that mission that you all came here to participate in, and indeed to push, or support. We were going to say to push forward, and that is accurate, because without you and the Lightworkers it would not be happening!!!

"We want to acknowledge that we had some expectations, as did you, that we would have much more Joy in the world, Peace and prosperity for all, and all of those wondrous things, earlier in this century. As a matter of fact, not long into this century, which you call the 2000–something - 2012 is the year you have now on your calendars, but as you heard, you’ve heard this before, the 9/11 put a really, really big glitch in the plans. Since then, it has been somewhat perplexing, and we know it has perplexed you, that it has taken so long to get to this point of full disclosure. But it’s coming!

"Because it has taken longer in Earth terms, it is that these things are literally bombarding the planet, one right after the other. You cannot look at the Truthful news without having not one, but many, many stories on many different topics. Everyday you get emails - everything from the Truth of your health, and what your body can do and the lies you’ve been told, to world politics and economics. So it is difficult to sort out everything because there are as many different versions as there are reporters and messengers!

"The one thing that the messengers whom you call the channelers are all in agreement on is that Ascension is coming and it’s a really, really big deal. And it’s the biggest deal ever for Planet Earth because it’s never been done before!!! There have been attempts but, you know, blow-ups have happened, and volcanoes and all kinds of things. It is that finally Planet Earth is on the very threshold, you might say, right at the doorway. We applaud all of you for your perseverance in helping to bring this about. We know that many of you have been waiting years, and that it has seemed long and arduous, and there have been many hardships endured.

"When everything changes over - and the information is coming out more and more that it is about to change -as always, no dates, let us just say that between now and the 11-4 there will be what you would call momentous changes. And what this is about is the energy, what this is about is bringing about the Love more and more and more. It is wondrous indeed that you are all going to be millionaires, or whatever, but what is really important is the Love and the return to Love!!!

"To return to Love, you’ve got to get out of fear because that is the low vibration. Love is where you want to go, so you’ve got to leave fear behind. And it is only human to feel as though this involves Freedom, does it not? And it’s not just political Freedom, although that’s a big help; it’s not just Freedom to express your spirituality, you know, without being tortured or burned at the stake, or whatever; it is the Freedom to enjoy the Lifestyle where you do not have to be a slave to some corporation or other, or where you do not have to be without home or food, or fun. Yes, fun!

"Mother Sekhmet is an expert on advising everyone to have more fun, but we’ll tell you right now that things are going to become a lot more fun! When you get your financial Freedom, when you have your abundance, and when you have all of the things that you desire to have of a material kind - although you really don’t need any of that to ascend, we want to make that real clear, even though we plan on giving it to you, you don’t need it to ascend - what you need to ascend is Love! That’s it - Be the Love!!!

"This is something that has not always been the main focus, we understand that. We understand that you have families to feed or people to care for, or whatever, and so it’s easy to get distracted away. What we want to tell you is, you have a saying – it’s 'the eleventh hour,' and we’re just suggesting that no matter what your Lifestyle is in this moment, just envision it when you are truly free and then start filling it with Love - Love of all kinds, of all expressions, as long as it’s unconditional. You need to get up and out of this 3D thing, like, 'Well, if you really love me you would by me the biggest diamond in the store,' because that’s not really Love, is it?

"If someone gives you a gift and they say, 'I love you, here is a gift,' that’s Love. That’s a beautiful expression of Love, but the gift doesn’t have to be the biggest diamond in the store. It can be a beautiful seashell that they picked up and that the seashell said, 'Take this to the one you love!' You see what we are saying? It’s not that possessions themselves have real value beyond 3D, but Love is the most valuable, the most powerful, and the highest and best energy in the Universe.

"And so it is Love in all ways that you can possibly express it, and if it means sharing some kind of physical possession, by all means; if it means sharing some dollars, by all means, express in that way! That is beautiful when it is unconditional! It is to get yourselves into the highest vibration and stay there! And if you have a moment where you say something that is angry or upsetting, it’s all right, what you’ve got to do is to remember to love yourself no matter how you express - that’s a biggie!!!

"Now, we’ve got some things to tell you about clearing, and I have no desire to, shall we say, steal what Sekhmet is going to present in words, but I’m just going to tell you some general things. You need to understand that many of you, in fact all of you, have something that goes back to a period in the history/herstory of Planet Earth which is pretty grim. It’s not exactly what you would call great expression of Love, it was the opposite for many of you.

"It makes no difference what the role was that you played, you have all played many, many roles, everything from the darkest to the whitest of hats, because you needed to do that. It was your mission, your contract, your experience so that you would know how it feels and what it looks like from every perspective. This is what education is really all about. It was you educating yourselves through your experiences! That’s it. But for many of you there is a period in the history/herstory of Planet Earth where you lived, and it was a pretty long period that went from Atlantis, actually, up through the modern day. It is that you have had some traumas from the major historical events which have occurred. You have played roles which have traumatized you.

"Now, those of you who have engaged in the process of peeling the onions, and this is perhaps a little far-fetched, but think about it, when you peel an onion you sometimes cry, do you not? Go ahead and cry if something comes up to you! Do not bury it, do not stuff it. It’s coming up because you need to look at it, and furthermore, you need to get to a place with it where you understand the Love that it presents to you. This is a toughie, we know that. You will find that when you can love yourself through whatever it is that you did, whatever experience comes up to you, you will have evolved yourselves, you will be holding more light and you will feel lighter, because you are!!! It’s what you call Ascension Preparation, and we’re all on this Path with you! We have come to be with you!

"When you are in high vibration, it is so wondrous, because then we are in Communion, we are communicating connectedness and we are together in the Oneness of Joy and unconditional Love!!! So we suggest something that might be a little bit out there, or seeming extreme to some of you. Remember we are here with you, so reach out, hold our hands. This is what is going to be made available for you all to do if you would choose to do it, and we will tell you it can be done. We gave The Voice a demonstration of this last night, as a matter of fact. She asked for it and we gave it, and it was quite a shock but it worked out just fabulously well, and it will for all of you!

"We are going to give you an opportunity to invite yourselves to look deeper into the onion, to peel off those innermost layers. There might still be some left - you know, we are anticipating that you are all going to make your Ascension by that wondrous date! If you want to go a little early that is fine, if you want to go a little late that is wondrous indeed. However don’t anybody get locked into a date, but you can put a big star on 12/21 if you wish. Also, the 12/12, that’s a biggie, too!

"Now, back to this onion - we will give you plenty of time, as you measure it, to transition yourselves through the process. Now, we’re telling you more than we told The Voice - we sort of just hit her with it, and it worked out just fine. So we’re giving you a little bit of a heads up because this is an Exercise which you can repeat if you wish, which you can do to get at root causes of any blockages that you simply can’t explain any other way! Because we all know you sit in conversation with yourselves, your guides, and us, when you invite us, and we know that this particular place on your timelines is a place where many of you are saying, 'What is it? What is there to do that I’m not understanding? What have I not accomplished yet? Because I look at this body and I see dense, I don’t see as much Light as I know is in there, so what do I need to do?'

"Believe me, you’re radiating - you just may not be seeing it! We see it, there is no doubt, so don’t be doubting yourselves on that - that is not the intention or purpose here. It is simply that we understand that some of you are feeling heavy. Maybe you’ve let in too much propaganda - turn off your televisions, or tune in to the places that have the Truth. Maybe you are on the edge of your chairs waiting for the next email to come that’s going to be better news than the last one. Well, if you are looking at the mainstream news media, don’t count on it, just put Light on it. Bless it!

"You know, there are people who are still really excited and feeding, as it were, in the 3D habit and they can’t wait to get the next piece of propaganda to drool over. But that’s not you. Let it go, let it go. Use your time, as you see it, your spare and leisure time, or make time to create the visions of Joy for yourselves. What do you want? What do you want your next Dimensional Lifestyle to look like? Where do you want to be? For some of you, it’s at the controls of your ship, or as we say, on the command bridge. For some of you it’s to be still in service to Planet Earth. For some of you it’s to land your ship in your neighbor’s yard, the one who said you are 'looney tooneys'!

"So long as you do it with unconditional Love and none of this 'I told you so,' that’s perfectly wondrous indeed! Make it your World and make it bright with Love, and then you are unlimited as to how it’s going to look. So be happy, and know that you are radiant. You don’t need to turn up your Lights - you are shining!!! All that you should want to do at this stage on your Ascension Path - this is a guideline, not an order - is to see, to acknowledge, to feel your own beautiful radiance! That’s it! Because when you are seeing or feeling your own beautiful radiance you are elevating yourselves, you are putting yourselves up there into that Higher Dimensionality Reality, and you are leaving all of this propaganda behind!!! That’s the way it is on the Ascension Path.

"So we would bring up one other thing because we have a quote for you, and this is Truth, High Truth - the wise one who put it into literature was divinely inspired! But here is the Truth: Remember we said you’ve all worn hats of many colors, well, some people say black and white, and not colors, the point is it does not matter what you’ve done, the quote is, 'To err is human...' In other words, if you’ve done something of a naughty kind of a thing, it’s being human, you were expressing your humanity.

" '...To forgive is Divine.' Now, think about that and then apply it to yourselves, Beloved Ones. If you come into a past lifetime experience - and remember, it could be so vivid you think it was your own but maybe it was your soul family, and this can happen, too - you don’t need to carry extra baggage but if it’s there, what you want to do is lighten your load. That’s where your Divinity comes in. It’s so easy to 'err,' as the word goes, and we would say it’s just to do something that you may think is not so good to do, but you either did it anyway because you wanted to, or you realized after you did it that maybe you hurt somebody, or whatever.

"It is to be the Divine Being that you are inside and beyond your human uniforms, to be Divine and to forgive - and to start with yourself. Who do you think deserves the most Unconditional Love from each and every one of you? We know you get it, but we’re going to say it anyway – it’s each and every one of you! As individuals!!! To be Divine simply means you are in Unconditional Love, expressing Unconditional Love and seeing your own Divine Radiance in so doing. That sounds so simple, does it not?

"We tell you, for each and every one of you it’s just a tiny little bit more of that onion to peel and you’re there! So stop thinking, 'This is so hard, I’m never going to make it, my health is just going down hill, I wonder if I’m still going to be in a body,' and all of that kind of stuff. Start being Divine, start loving yourselves Unconditionally, and forgiving - because you really don’t have anything to forgive, in the traditional sense; we’re talking about stop being in judgment of yourselves as good or bad, or beautiful or ugly, or sick or well, or any of that stuff - and just see the Light that is you, and that’s the Truth. That’s Who You Really Are!!!

"While you’re at it, you can beam some of that Light into the onion. Put the Light of Truth on it and forgive yourselves, which means to stop holding yourselves back by saying, 'Oh, I’m not a good…' - you know, all of that nonsense. That is just so much propaganda, self-propaganda, and it’s time to get beyond it, it’s time to just be Unconditional Love and flow from there!!!

"You’re all here because you are leaders! Every single one of you, no exceptions, even those of you who have not been here before. Why are you here? It is to be a leader. As part of the One We All Are, it is to understand, to understand with more insight that the Mission of the Ashtar Command - oh yes we have other divisions doing other things: stop the nukes, and all that and that’s a wonderful thing that you’ve given us permission to come and do this because without your permission, you’d have blown yourselves up - the highest and most important mission of the Ashtar Command is to support and facilitate in every way possible the Ascension of Planet Earth!!!
"We are helping Mother Gaia, we’re helping all of the Kingdoms and we are doing all that we can to help humanity. And there is a lot of truth, if you listen to that report you will understand that the wheels are moving, the dominoes are falling, arrests are happening and all of these things that spell Freedom for you!

"But only you, each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, can give yourselves the Freedom to forgive yourselves and to be Unconditional Love. No one else - not I, Ashtar, not even Sananda himself can give you that Freedom, so call it forth, we’re here to help, we can surely help! Oh yes, we love being on your teams, and we love being close with you as we are now. And even though it may seem as though that I, Ashtar, am just speaking in my usual commanding voice, we ask that you stop for a moment and just feel the energies of One, feel the energies of Family, feel the energies of Love! That’s what this Gathering is really about - to be together, to know that we are on the Path with you, and you with us. It is to help others by leading the way!

"If you come face to face - when you are on Mother Sekhmet’s ship in her Crystal Room - with a Truth that you’ve buried so deep you’ve had to really peel off an awful lot of layers, and even if you come to tears, that’s okay because that’s what you are here to do. We are here with you every step of the way, and then you shine even brighter, and then you beam even more out to the world which so loves the Light that you bring!!!

"Then you may even go into the marketplace and tell someone, 'I did it. I support you, and I will help you to the greatest extent that I can!' But it is you, ultimately, that must make this decision to move forward and that is true leadership. You don’t do it for them, you don’t do it to them, you simply be the Love and the support so that they can do it for themselves!!! Feel the Love, and I shall make way now for Mother Sekhmet* to come, and I do want to take a moment to thank masters Tara and Rama** for filling in the behind-the-scenes reports, because as you who have been with us in this Ashtar on the Road Mission are beginning to realize that the whole Mission with you, Beloved Ones, is for your Ascension Preparation!

"So even I, Ashtar, am speaking more of these matters because it’s what really does matter. We thank you from our hearts to yours, as they say, for joining with us on this wonderful, wonderful Path to the Light, and we assure you that you are indeed leading the way! And so it is. Salut!"
* The transcript of Sekhmet's Crystal Exercise will follow in our next email.
** http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/tara__rama_A_A_news_reports.html
Given through Susan Leland, October 9, 2012. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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Mariann Boda Toth The Cross of Light and note messages of the 11th

Mariann Boda Toth
The Cross of Light and note messages of the 11th

Dear fellows. I thought I would write a little bit about life in the fifth dimension, because I've noticed this would require. Unfortunately, I do not want anyone too much hope in this area kecsegtetni, immensely few people who pass through there. Ascended masters can then inquire about the following information. The four-dimensional Earth will be the next stage of humanity, where you will also be less, but much more will cross over as the fifth dimensional Earth. T
ervezem to be channeling a conversation with two fifth-dimensional beings, that conveys what they are talking among themselves. Currently there is not much they want to talk to each other, but I think both of them would be building this conversation, so I will continue to be pursued.

Come explore the fifth dimension. First of all, you should know that there are more people living consciousness. Not everyone is equally conscious. It is important to note that this dimension of the creative power of thought is so powerful that I imagine will soon materialize, is incorporated. Therefore, it is important to have the lowest level of awareness people living in an enormous gulf separates the people much of the third-dimensional, and understand all that this is an insurmountable gap between ordinary people, at least for now. Think everyone is sober, clean self-esteem wondered what would happen if all of a sudden in a place we would find ourselves. How we can control our thoughts? How we are able to focus on love, or even a flower. How many seconds it takes to thoughts wander? The average person is constantly approx. 3-4 seconds can concentrate in one direction, then the mind is disconnected. Think about what a disaster would result if someone afraid to embody and fear. Perhaps hatred, malice. How many times do we wish evil to others? We hit a number of times, or ourselves, szidva something is dropped, or damage caused to us. If we really think we can fly, you can figure out where we stand. The essence of sincerity.

As already mentioned, many people are living consciousness of the fifth dimension. Let's start at the lowest level. Such people live fully in line with nature. Engage in lifestyle is something like the natives. There are huts, but only a few, not really grow, I do not hunt, but rather some of the things produced, but not interrupted by a higher anyatermészetből the land, because they get all the space of a few days. Use the creative power of thought, but only that some plants grow, you can eat. In this case, create some seeds themselves, and he took food for them will be exactly the same when learathatják grown from seeds sown crops as is sufficient for a day or two for them. Few people are living in small communities. Rather gatherers, also because they can score enough subtlety to pull themselves from day to day. It is essential that it is not reserved. They accept what they get from nature. The huts preparation does not cut down trees, just picking up the fallen branches, use the fallen trees is a part of, but from not much because of fallen trees necessary to comply with the forest soil fertility can keep the worms are also food sources, and many pet Canaan, and way of life. Thus, even the fallen trees are just little use to stay in harmony with nature. I do not eat meat, so do not be forced to kill. We have everything, though not enormous needs. Much easier, but also more beautiful and cleaner off than we are. Eggs idea is very careful, because they are aware that whatever you think will appear. If someone thinks they have a negative or malicious intent, he bore steadily towards the others, hate, fear, and the like, it will eventually fall back to a lower dimension consciousness. It seems that even at the lowest level is not easy to survive. I'll explain later, is energetically the fifth dimension, but let the time being, the fifth-dimensional than Earth.

The next level of awareness of the people live in cities built from crystals. These crystals were not mined, but created. It is essential that all of these programmed crystals, it is a lot of information stored in them. These people do not consume any food, only water that are crystal clean and energized. These people have more contact with other dimensions. Those who reach these cities, major decision was made, it was decided to progress. They have undergone serious learning phase. These teachers work in pyramid schemes. Each center's initiation of a pyramid, as we know from our Earth. Everyone should be involved in some level of education, where much of the point is that according to what level of awareness you want to live, can learn some knowledge. First, it is very important for everyone to be able to deal with thoughts, able to handle his emotions. Of course, then there's nothing to learn. Those who live in these cities, crystal, the task has been chosen to help their fellow man in the lower dimensions. Able to join a man as a spiritual companion and suggest the choice of people to choose where to go hand in hand in order to perform életfeladatuk, or simply development. Everyone's path lead further up the ladder of progress, but we must be willing to do fejlődésünkért. These people know only one place themselves energetically to project, so they can connect to only one person at a time. What is even more important that their planet assume their only job is to help people in lower dimensions.

The third level is the level beings of light. It's worth knowing that the body works much differently in their case, as with us. Strong light in nature, quite airy. They are essentially immortal, but sometimes like to start their lives over again, to replace worn out their bodies. It is not even necessary that it should be forced to re-energize. Everyone can decide if you want to do as a child informed evening, or just replace worn out body. They really are very well developed, although there are egos. They also have the ability to connect to other planets spiritual beings attendant, or even another planet incarnate in other dimensions. There is a very strong connection with the Supreme Self.

But no matter how much of the sound as described, you will also want to know that this dimension is ego. Energetically, it is important that there are shady sites. It is true that soon everyone will meet the consequences of his actions, but still occurs in evil, manipulation, malice. There is great power in the hands of fifth-dimensional beings, as used, it will develop a future destiny. The more power is always associated with greater responsibility. It is easier to fall into the trap to help where they go, they manipulate the creatures, which is the curtailment of free will, which does not lead to good. They also have to develop, you have to learn, because there are more intangible dimensions. Different dimensions can be different things to learn. The sixth example is already way out is to have a very low-dimensional embodiment planet to be co-creating one. The fifth dimension, this is not possible, we still need to learn to be able to desire their thoughts, their reign.

Of course, the Earth can be obtained in this consciousness, but it is important that they are still someone there to rise, does not mean that you can stay here. As we increase our awareness level is increasing with the tasks we face. If someone is not able to solve the problem of your own choosing, a lower level you can start trying again.

I hope that's enough information at the outset.
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A Hathor Planetary Message The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness

A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon
The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to discuss some of the significant relationships between manifest reality and non-dual states of consciousness.

Mind and Consciousness

Before we proceed, however, we would like to draw a distinction between the terms consciousness and mind as we use the words.

For us consciousness is transcendent to all phenomena and is not bound by neurological activity in your nervous system. Furthermore, consciousness is transcendent to both time and space, as you perceive them. And it is through the vehicle of your consciousness that you can travel through energetic vortices that lead outside the constraints of embodied existence.

Mind, as we use the term, refers to the sensory, mental and emotional experiences you have as a result of distinct changes in your nervous system. Indeed, as you read these words, you are creating their meaning through the agency of your physical brain and nervous system. You are creating the meaning of our words through the window of your mind, but this window is both created and constrained by the limitations of your nervous system.

Our messages are linguistically coded, and at various locations in the syntax (order) of our communications there are vortices—wormholes—through which you can temporarily transcend your mind and enter into the infinite mystery of consciousness.

How We View Higher Dimensions

In our experience of ourselves, we exist within multiple dimensions of consciousness, and depending upon our level of personal evolution we manifest in the fourth through the twelfth dimensions. Through the ninth dimension we can alternate between our anthropomorphic form, which is humanlike in appearance, or our light body.

As we shift into the 10th dimension all connections to our anthropomorphic form dissolve. We become, for all intents and purposes, geometric light forms. As we progress in our own personal evolution we can express ourselves through the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions in a multitude of ways.

Each progression upward in consciousness brings with it a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and all aspects of the cosmos. The odd paradox of existence becomes clearly apparent as we enter into the 10th Dimension.

Interconnectedness and Non-duality

We are sharing this information because something similar occurs for you as you transit into the higher dimensions of your own being. In the 10th through the 12th Dimensions, awareness of interconnectedness expands, as does an awareness of non-duality—the Mother of All Things. This is, indeed, the paradox of consciousness we mentioned earlier, and it is one that has been addressed by some of your Perennial Philosophies.

For us, the attainment of non-duality is not the final destination but rather a cantilever to greater mastery and an understanding of how to create benevolent outcomes.

How We View Non-duality

In a non-dual state of consciousness we, like you, experience a disappearance of opposition. In non-dual states of consciousness, duality—as it is experienced in relative existence—disappears, and we enter into a great sense of centered awareness and serenity.

In the deepest states of non-duality there is only pure consciousness experiencing itself.

It is important to realize that non-dual states of consciousness are relative to the perceiver. Thus, if you experience non-duality through your heart chakra, you may very well experience impersonal love—a deep sense of cosmic connection.

Indeed, in this state of union between non-duality and the heart, you become infatuated, and for all intents and purposes, you fall in love with the cosmos. And in that paradox of the heart, you become the Beloved, and everything you see and witness is the Beloved as well.

While this is a beautiful state of consciousness, it is not pure non-duality. As you move upward into the higher chakras experiences of non-duality change. When you reside in the crown chakra, non-duality is experienced in its pure form—pure consciousness aware of itself. There is no sense of a personal self in these higher dimensions of non-duality.

The paradox of creation is that it unfolds from the purest states of non-duality into the most polarized states of existence. Thus, in your consciousness are the two seemingly conflicting states of relative existence (i.e., your embodied life in time and space) and non-dual states of consciousness in which all polarities and conflicts disappear.

Our perspective, as mentioned earlier, is that non-dual states of consciousness are cantilevers to greater mastery of creation and not the end point or the goal of evolution.

Interconnectedness vs. Oneness

It is here we feel it necessary to discuss an important distinction between interconnectedness and the concept of “oneness.” We do not view these two terms interchangeably. There are many different definitions of “oneness” upon the Earth, and so it is not possible to address all the subtleties and distinctions.

We will instead turn our attention to what we consider to be the fundamental distinction. Some persons believe that interconnectedness is the same as “oneness” and that as you enter higher states of consciousness and higher dimensions of being, you merge into a blob of light, in which all distinctions disappear. This is not our view.

Interconnection or interconnectedness is the recognition that all beings and all aspects of the cosmos are interrelated and at the same time beings have unique differences. These differences are fascinating and unique. Sometimes they are annoying, and sometimes they are enriching. But these differences are part of the tapestry of manifest reality, and they are not superfluous.

One of the difficulties we see with the concept of “oneness,” as currently propagated by some persons in the New Age and Personal Growth communities, is that the unique differences between people are denigrated and somehow because everything is “one,” appropriate energetic boundaries between individuals can be, and often are, disregarded. Furthermore, some individuals use this belief system (i.e., “oneness”) as an excuse to avoid personal accountability and responsibility. In our experience of ourselves through all dimensions we remain unique individuals, and the higher dimensions of our being do not obliterate our uniqueness but rather present greater opportunities for creation.

The Aethos

We now wish to share with you a means to access one of our greatest cultural treasures, what we call the Aethos (pronounced, AH-EE-THOS). The Aethos is a bandwidth of consciousness anchored in pure non-duality.

When a Hathor enters into the 10th Dimension there are many opportunities and ways of manifesting. Some of us choose to temporarily join a community of vibration. This community consists of individual Hathors in the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensions. These individuals enter into non-duality by their own volition and choose to remain, for a period of time, in this vibration of consciousness for the benefit of other beings.

Most individuals remain temporarily in the Aethos, while a few show no signs of leaving. When a being enters into the Aethos all personal distinctions are set aside. A being that is in the Aethos has no name. All personal identity has been replaced by total immersion into non-duality. These beings “hold” this vibration of non-duality for the benefit of others because non-duality is the Mother of All Things and the underlying fabric of all existence.

To be in the presence of an Aethos is to be raised upward into non-duality.

Your experience of being with an Aethos will differ from another’s experience, based upon your own level of evolution and the issues in duality that you are facing.

But regardless of how complex or difficult your personal issues may be, being in the presence of an Aethos will elevate you, and that is why we are sharing this information at this time.

For some of you who are highly advanced, simply hearing the name Aethos, and understanding its non-dual nature, will be enough for you to move into communion with non-duality through this means.

Many people, however, would find such a path, or method, intrinsically difficult. And so we are offering a sound treasure to assist you. This Sound Meditation is an analog of the light realms where the Aethos resides.

The Aethos emits vibrations of light and these vibrations can be stepped down into the audible range of human hearing. Thus, what you will be hearing, when you listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation, is a translation of light into sound. It is the harmonic essence of the Aethos as it manifests in the 10th Dimension.

We suggest you experiment with listening to this unique sound treasure in various ways. The first way would be to listen to it with your full attention on the sound. Allow the sound to be the primary focus of your attention, and when your mind wanders bring it back to the sound.

The second way to listen would be with your focus of attention on your heart chakra in the center of your chest.

Then listen to it with awareness in your throat chakra.

Next, listen to it with your focus of attention in your Third Eye (Ajna), located between your eyes at the bridge of your nose.

And then, finally, listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation with your attention in your crown chakra at the top of your head.

Feel and sense the differences that arise when you listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation from these various chakras. Most of you will find that it feels more natural to listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation with your focus of attention in one of your chakras. This chakra is the focus we suggest you use when listening, in preparation for the sound meditation that will occur during the upcoming World Meditation.

The Evolutionary Intelligence Test

From our perspective one of the signatures of an evolved consciousness is the recognition of interconnectedness. This recognition is an evolutionary intelligence test and your species is in the middle of it. Humanity cannot continue to live, collectively, as it has done—living in the delusion that humans can plunder the Earth with no consequence to the Earth, to its myriad life forms or to humanity itself.

The World Meditation

The goal of the World Meditation is to add a vibrational quality to the emotional atmosphere of your planet.

You have an inherent right to do so because you are embodied in time and space, and because you are living temporarily upon this Earth. As a resident of this planet, you have a right to encourage benevolent outcomes.

The specific purpose of this World Meditation is to accelerate the collective human recognition of interconnectedness and a passage from the miasmas and delusions of humanity’s collective history into a new constellation of cultural beliefs that will serve to unfold humanity’s higher destiny. This will be done through the agency of your imagination—the power of your will and intention—joined with the creative potentials that reside in non-dual states of consciousness.

The date and time of this World Meditation will be November 4th between 3:00 and 4:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). While the meditation will be global, the nexus point of the energetic will be in Seattle, Washington during the final hour of a Hathor Intensive we are calling The Art of Seeding New Realities.

For the duration of this meditation, the Aethos will enter into the space that will be created by those attending the Intensive. And from this nexus point, the Aethos will extend its energetic throughout the world to all those who have chosen to join us in this undertaking (The World Meditation).

It does not matter where on Earth you are physically located. Furthermore, while the formal meditation in Seattle will begin at 3:00 PM and end at 4:00 PM, the energetic generated by the Aethos will continue for twenty-five hours. In other words, the Aethos will continue to emanate its energetic from the 10th dimension to those individuals who have chosen to participate in the World Meditation from November 4th 2012 at 3:00 PM PST to November 5th 2012 at 4:00 PM PST.

You can join the World Meditation anytime during this twenty-five hour period.

In point of fact, you can also enter into this specific meditation whenever you wish to “broadcast” the thought form of interconnectedness to humanity. As you collectively enter the more intensive phases of planetary transformation, those of you attuned to the reality of interconnectedness will “know” when it is propitious to send this thought form to your fellow humans through the agency of this particular meditation.

When undertaking this meditation, it is important to understand that you are not directly affecting the outcome of events, but rather you are “broadcasting” a benevolent thought form to the human collective. What individual humans choose to do, or not do, in relation to the realization of interconnectedness, however, is in the sovereign providence of each individual.

Furthermore, the Aethos does not and is, in fact, incapable of intervening into human consciousness. A human person must choose to enter into a vibratory alignment with the Aethos. In other words, the Aethos does not take actions. It simply emanates its nature, which is non-dual consciousness.

The Actual Meditation

During the meditation we suggest you begin by listening to The Aethos Sound Meditation for thirty minutes. During this phase, your focus of attention is in your heart chakra unless you intuitively sense that it would be better for you to place your attention in another chakra.

After listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation, simply be in silence with your awareness in your heart chakra (or another chakra you have chosen to work with). After a minute or so of focusing in your chosen chakra, imagine that some part of you (i.e. your KA or “etheric double”) rises above you wherever you are physically located on the Earth. Imagine and sense that this second you, which looks exactly like the physical you, floats to a position sixty miles above the planet, where you join hands with others all across the Earth who have joined in the meditation.

This joining of hands is a symbolic representation of the thought form we are calling “interconnectedness.” This is the recognition and the acknowledgement that all humanity is interconnected and that this interconnectedness exists simultaneously along side the unique differences of all individuals.

The one you may be joining hands with could very well live in a far distant area of the Earth from you. He or she may have a different view of reality. He or she may follow a different religion than you or follow no religion at all. The person you are holding hands with may be facing challenges very different than those you are facing, due to his or her location on the Earth and the culture he or she must conform to. And yet in spite of all these differences you are interconnected.

Joining you in this sea of interconnectedness will be the Devic kingdoms, the spirits of the Earth, the elementals, and the myriad life forms upon your Earth, as well as the Earth herself. For those of you who are aware of multiple dimensions you may very well experience a joining with intergalactic intelligences as well as with cosmic bodies, including the Sun and the Central Sun—the black hole that forms the center of your galaxy.

We realize that some of you reading this are so disheartened by the quality and the state of humanity you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to join hands with fellow humans. If you are one of these persons we suggest you join hands with the nature spirits, and you will, by this action, be adding to the potency of the transformation.

Preparation For The World Meditation

If you choose to join us in the World Meditation, we ask that you begin to work with The Aethos Sound Meditation on a regular basis. The purpose of this preparatory work is so that you become familiar with the states of consciousness produced in you by the Aethos.

If you are dealing with difficult issues in your life, we suggest you listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation at least once a day. This is to assist you to move into a different state of consciousness, and from this perspective your issues will decrease and/or your ability to deal with them will increase.

The net result of this is that you will be elevated, and we need as many elevated individuals as possible to join the World Meditation. Let us put this another way…if you are riddled with personal toxicity, work with The Aethos Sound Meditation every day, first for your own benefit and, secondly, for the world sangha (community).

You are, by the way, welcome to listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation and use it as a personal transformational tool even if you do not plan to join the World Meditation.

The Aethos Sound Meditation: Final Reflections

It is with pleasure and great expectation that we present to you The Aethos Sound Meditation. We trust that it will bring you a sense of serenity and a greater capacity to deal with the chaotic events of your world.

It is also our expectation that the Aethos will open a path to your own non-duality, and that, as a manifest creator-being, you will bring the two together—the uniqueness of your life and the power of non-duality.

May this union be a boon to you and to all your relations.

The Hathors
September 20, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I find this particular Hathor message to be one of their more densely packed bodies of information, and even after reading it multiple times I still find new levels of insight.

There are several areas discussed, but I will confine my comments to the Aethos and the Sound Meditation that will form the first part of the World Meditation on Nov. 4th.

The Aethos

My first encounter with the Aethos occurred about a year ago in preparation for a Hathor Intensive called Transmissions of Light. A few months before the event I was in one of my periodic existential funks when one of my mentors escorted me through the realms to the 10th dimension where he instructed me to just “sit” with the Aethos.

I was immediately calmed and soon entered what I recognized to be a type of Samadhi (yogic trance) in which I began to sink deeper and deeper into a non-dual state of consciousness. The agitation that had so clearly commandeered my mind for several hours suddenly dissipated in a matter of several minutes. And this, no small feat, had transpired just by me “sitting” in the presence of the Aethos.

As the Hathors mention in this message, the idea of non-duality shows up in various Perennial Philosophies, some of which can be traced back to the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita of ancient India, the non-dual teachings of various mystics and sages as well as the essential teachings of Buddhism, to name but a few.

The Aethos I “sat” with was, as I said earlier, a 10th dimensional Hathor, and whenever I sense this being clairvoyantly, I clearly see “it” as a ball of light comprised of thirteen counter-rotating spheres embedded within each other. My sense is that the ratios established by these counter-rotating spheres combine to create a non-dual energetic, which is what affected me so strongly.

I referred to this being as “it” because it has no sign of gender. Whereas the Hathors I have encountered in the 4th through the 9th dimensions have both a light body and a gendered anthropomorphic form, the Hathors I have encountered in the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions present themselves solely as geometric light forms.

The Aethos Sound Meditation

When I recorded The Aethos Sound Meditation, it was this 10th dimensional Hathor who guided me. From an engineering standpoint, it was a fascinating experience. As I recorded each of the eight tracks that comprise the recording, this being would alter my voice in distinct ways and in distinct ratios to previously recorded sounds. After laying down the foundation tracks I simply layered and looped them, according to “its” guidance, in order to approximate the light fluctuations that comprised “its” being. There was no electronic manipulation of the sound—meaning that I did not alter the EQ in any way, nor was any reverb or other effect applied to my voice. The sounds you hear in The Aethos Sound Meditation are completely natural and devoid of any effect, as hard as it may be to comprehend after listening to it.

At the end of this message, you will find two links to two different versions of this sound meditation. The first is 5 minutes and 4 seconds long. It is a way for you to test the waters, so to speak, and I would suggest you start with this one. See what unfolds for you in the short five minutes it takes to listen.

Work with this five-minute audio file in the ways the Hathors suggested. First just listen to it with your full attention on the sounds. Then listen to it with your focus of attention in your Heart Chakra (beneath your sternum and in the center of your chest). Then listen to it with your attention in your Throat Chakra. Next listen to it with your focus in your Third Eye (between your eyes at the bridge of your nose), and then, finally, listen to it with your attention in your Crown Chakra (at the top of your head). You might want to do these in separate listening sessions to avoid “energetic overload.”

The second version is for those who are choosing to join the World Meditation on November 4th and/or for those who wish to enter into the presence of the Aethos for longer periods of time. This second audio file is 30 minutes long, the length of time the Hathors will be spending with the Aethos prior to the symbolic holding of hands in the final stage of the World Meditation.

If you plan to join us in the World Meditation, I strongly urge you to begin listening to this extended version well in advance of November 4th. This is so you have experience with the various states of mind that the sound meditation produces in you.

Directions for The World Meditation

As the Hathors mentioned, the energetic of the Aethos will be extended to all those participating in the World Meditation for a period of twenty-five hours, beginning at 3:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) on November 4th and ending at 4:00 PM PST on November 5th. This means you can enter into the meditation and join with the world sangha (community) anytime during that twenty-five hour period. For the precise time of the Meditation in Seattle for your time zone, you can consult various world time sites, including http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Begin the Meditation by listening to The Aethos Sound Meditation for 30 minutes. This is to raise your state of consciousness, and to prime the pump of creation, since the Hathors contend that non-dual states of consciousness are cantilevers to creative states.

Then you imagine that your KA (your etheric double), or some version of you, floats up to a position 60 miles above your location on the planet. You then imagine holding hands with others around the world. This joining of hands is an act of imagination signifying an acknowledgment of interconnectedness. As the Hathors explained, this type of interconnectedness does not negate our differences. It is inclusive of them. The act of holding hands above the Earth acknowledges that we are all interconnected, including other life forms and even energetic intelligences as well.

How long you remain in this imaginal state is up to you. I would suggest at least 5 – 10 minutes. When your mind wanders, and it most likely will, just bring your focus of attention back to the “you” that is floating 60 miles above the Earth.

After you complete the World Meditation, it would be an ideal time to engage The Sphere of All Possibilities to energize whatever personal outcomes you wish to manifest. If you have not read this Hathor Planetary Message, it would be good to do so before the World Meditation.

If this is like other Hathor World Meditations in the past, it could be an energetically charged experience. If you encounter a lot of intensity during the meditation, it would be good to rest afterward, even lying down if possible.

If you are so inclined, you can enter into the Meditation repeatedly and as many times as you wish during the twenty-five hour period. Your comfort zone would be the guide here.

Note: If you choose to work with the 30 minute Aethos Sound Meditation, please download it to your computer and refrain from listening to it from our server. If too many people listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation from our server, at any given time, the server may crash—keeping others from being able to hear or download it. Please do not depend on listening to this sound meditation on our website on the day of the meditation. The server will not be able to “serve” everyone. Download it before the day of the meditation.

Important Note: Do not listen to The Aethos Sound Meditation in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car or while operating machinery.

Do not plan to listen to this from our site on the day of the meditation. You must download it ahead of time and be ready.

Click here for The Aethos Sound Meditation (5 mins 4 secs)

Click here for The Aethos Sound Meditation (30 mins)

©2012 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved www.tomkenyon.com

You may make copies of this message and distribute it any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter its content in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. The Aethos Sound Meditation audio files are not part of this message and may not be posted on any other site. They are for your personal listening purposes only.

Information not directly related to this message

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1 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

Archangel Metatron Channel The Paradigm & Purpose of Crystal Skulls

Archangel Metatron Channel

Codes of the Law of One
Edited & Updated
Crystallus Maximus : The Paradigm & Purpose of Crystal Skulls

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Beloved, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I encircle each of you with Unconditional Love.

Dear Human, the heralded Ascension awaits you, and it takes place on the 12-12-12, for it is that date that the ascending expansion occurs that enable the rebirth of the Earth on December 21,2012.

Masters, be aware that the 12-12-12 is the date of culmination, and each of you have a proactive role in this hallowed and sacred occurrence that YOU made happen!

MAX- The Code Keeper

There is a reason that MAX, the original Crystal Skull will be in the Crystal Vortex for the 12-12-12. For at this time, the final phase of the completion Codes of the New Earth, carefully stored within MAX, will be released.

You see, the original Crystal Skull is a record keeper, and contains codes essential to the Ascension. MAX was chosen for this role specifically because of the composition of 5 succinct crystalline matrixes. Because of the very specialized mineralogy, MAX has a capacity of conscious energy & storage infinitely beyond that of any other record keeper. There are complexities and technologies with MAX that in future times can be unlocked. Max is capable of projecting visual holograms of all the information stored within. He in fact does this now, you simply do not have the technology to utilize it. None the less, it is received by you in theta frequency.

MAX's Role in the 12-12-12

Your planet Ascension is tied to the completion of the Crystalline Grid. The 144-Crystalline Grid activates in full function in 12 time releases, the final of which is the 12-12-12. At precisely 12:12 on the 12-12-12 an incredible simultaneous intra-connective networking occurs on your planet. Instantaneously the 12 major Sun Discs will receive a spark from the Crysto-Sun Disc of Mount Pinnacle which will also beam to the Grid and for the first time in eons 12 dimensions will be functional on the planet.

For the 3 days prior, MAX will be in the Crystal Vortex releasing codes which have been planned, stored and waiting to be released. It is why he was meant to be there, by design. For the four day period of Dec 9 thru 12, the energy of MAX will go into super resonance with an enormous scope.

Divine Purpose

It is not by chance that MAX is there. It was meant to be so. For MAX carries the key codes of the Ascension, and the Crystal Vortex is the dissemination center of the Crystal Codes! MAX will project energies at the 12-12-12 completions and disseminate Key-Codes to the Sun Discs, Crystals and Ascension grid that are the last remaining pieces. This will have an impact both on the Planet and to Humanity in mass and individually that have never before been available in your epoch.

MAX will be in an exceptional environ within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. Arkansas is the largest continual strata of natural quartz crystal on the planet. As such a natural homogenic 'Harmonic Oscillation Wave ' will take place between MAX and the quartz deposits. MAX has been intricately involved in the Triple-Date activation of the Crystalline Transition, and that transition is logically centered in Arkansas. The Crystal Vortex is the heart of the transition.

Edgar Cayce & The Hall of Records

The renowned Edgar Cayce as well as other credible seers have told you that there were great Halls of Records, left upon your planet. MAX is the greatest of these. It is logical is it not that records of advanced societies would store information in technically secure means, is it not. These were not hieroglyphics or symbols carved into stone, for even these erode in time. No! The records (and much much more) were kept in the living silicon computer of the original Crystal Skull. It is logical is it not?

Energy Vortex

There is an incredible digital photo of an etheric energy projection from MAX that the channel has shared. We tell you this is but a tiny fraction of the energy-plasmic projection MAX will emit at the 12-12-12. Those of you with amplified sensory perception will both see it, feel it and be able to photograph it at the 12-12-12 Gathering in the Crystal Vortex. The energy of MAX will be exponentially amplified by Divine plan & purpose the three days prior to the 12-12-12 Ascension. MAX's unimaginable Cosmic energy will converge in a multi-dimensional concentricity.

At the 12-12-12 there will be around MAX a vortex containing all 12 dimensions of your planet . A Portal will form around MAX in direct connection to Arcturius and Tula, the Great Central Sun. There will be an energy of timeless-void, of zero-point calibration within this coded field. There will be a specific projection, related to the Gathering from the 'Law of One'

Codes of the Law of One

There is a very unique aspect to the 12-12-12. It is the Return of the Law of One.

The Crystalline Activation of your planet brings forth the oath and commitment of the Law of One.

The society termed the 'Law of One', as confirmed in the readings of your Edgar Cayce, achieved the highest Spiritual vibration ever accomplished on the Earth. MAX was present in the realm of the group of the 'Law of One' .

Many of you in metaphysics were part of this benevolent society through what is termed 'The Golden Age of Atlantis'. The 12-12-12 is the prophesied reunion of the Law of One, and MAX will release the energy of that glorious vibration to be reinstalled in each of you associated with that time, and that vibration. The Codes of the Law of One will be given to the Master Crystals and Sun Disc, and available globally. They will play an essential role in the re-establishment of the OM Firmament. The channeled music revealed thru the Arcturian Master Kai at the 12-12-12 will synergize with these codes. It will be the completion of an oath from long ago.

The Earth spiraled down after the fall of the Law of One. What was missing, was the knowledge of how to deal with the violence and deception of those of the Belial. The Master Crystals were taken over in a great deception of cunning on one side, and naivete on the other. It has been a source of great sadness and guilt, and the time is night for it to be released. This will finalize in the reunion of the 12-12-12.

The oaths of the Law of One and the original codes are carried by MAX. These codes and frequencies will be re-instilled with the lesson,wisdom & with the knowledge, that the Crystals Energy can never be allowed to be mis-used.

Arcturian Source

And so we continue...

Max is indeed the 'original' Crystal Paradigm. He is of Pleiadean construct & Arcturian source. MAX is a vast consciousness, with an unimaginable library of data (for lack of a better term) contained therein. MAX is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'. ...and at the present time there are but two originals on the planet.

MAX is one of two skulls that are truly extra terrestrial in origin. The other is termed "Sha Na Ra". Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, approximately 20X the size of your largest planet, Jupiter, circulating Arcturius, the orange star of creativity. Arcturius is very important to humanity. Far more so than you recognize.

The energy that is contained within MAX, exists outside of MAX. It is termed the 13th Paradigm, and it is the model of Human perfection. All of you pass thru this for formatting (via Arcturius) before entering the Earth-Plane in each incarnation. It represents the full integral essence, your true identity, and it is what you will return to on completion of the Earth experience. yet understand in your super subconscious dream state, you recalibrate within this energy quite regularly during each lifetime while in physicality.

The Purpose of Working With Crystal Skulls

That you term the 'Crystal Skulls', in your vernacular, provide both nurturing and frequencial data coding for the transition into expanded dimensionality such that you need not wait through the linear passage of calendric time to proclaim the arrival of the heralded Ascension to embody Ascended Truth as your own.

Within the Crystal Skulls then are vast libraries of information pertinent to the intense changes taking place on Earth, and these are truly essential to mankind in micro and macro. The Crystal Skulls contain vibrational codes that are emanated from their as yet unrecognized structures that are intelligently embellished beyond your imagination in technical and sacred variety and diversity. The skulls are the paradigm of the 'Ascension Paradigm' and of the 'Perfected Human Prototype'. This new emerging paradigm promotes an improved quality of life and reinforces your ability to choose new virtual perspectives while encouraging the release obsolete beliefs that no longer serve you.

The Crystal Skulls then can be said to encompass a transition that is 'Virtual' change.By 'virtual' we mean that it is a mental etheric program working within your Divinity that precedes the outer shift. This allows a much different expression of self within the status quo or unchanged physical environment of the 3d Earth. The key is to make ongoing desirable changes for and within the self and to fully embody these as if your future depended upon them.

Question to Metatron : You have explained MAX's role in the 12-12-12 Ascension. What is the purpose and benefit of 'personal' sessions with MAX ?

Metatron: MAX is intricately and complexly multi-faceted, and within & without the massive libraries of MAX is a nurturing consciousness field, capable of working individually with each human, whilst simultaneous multi tasking in all other endeavors. Being in the immediate field of MAX balances & aligns the Auric Field and 12-physio Chakras. The ability to lightly touch MAX sends a crysto-electro wave to the human brain that de-calcifies and activates the pineal. MAX opens doors that leads to even more openings.

MAX works individually, uniquely with humans according to the specific succinct energy & needs of each seeker. This energy, this interface cannot truly be brought to an individual by a 2nd or 3rd party. MAX cannot be channeled other than directly to each human. MAX works in direct motion, optimally face to face, in a manner of speaking, not through interpreters, you see. You do not require a 2nd party to tell you what MAX is designed to provide directly.

Personal sessions with MAX at the 12-12-12 within this unique quartzian energy field of Arkansas will be more powerful more inductive accordingly. The ability of each individual to receive the codes from MAX will be amplified in a very specialized & personal manner. Activations & completions that were not available prior to this time will be received at this time in the 12-12-12. What MAX will project in the 12-12-12 has never been projected prior, simply because the energy was not available until this unique portal opening in the Crystal-Vortex.

The Crystalline Material:

Now in current times, there are many cutters who fashion crystal skulls in quartz and other crystalline and metallic materials. These, specifically because of their cranial skull shape, are capable of drawing into them portions of the energy field emitted by the 13 original skulls, as we have stated.

How is this you may ask? It is through the original intent and agreement of the collective unconscious, the Universal Mind in tandem with the sentient attributes of the living Mineral Kingdom, the living sentience of the receiving mineral and the living sentient field of the Crystalline model hologram. Each newly carved skull the (and indeed the crystalline mineral used is not new, as most were formed hundreds of thousands of years ago) recognize the 'law' of purposed intent, and that harmonically attracts and receives from the 13 original skulls various degrees and qualities of frequencial downloads from the 'thoughtform' projected by the original. All crystalline minerals are both transmitters and receivers, you see.

There is an additional 'secondary' imbuing and programming that occurs in the melding of the individual human's field with the newly acquired skull. The mineral itself is capable of receiving, storing, amplifying and transforming the human subconscious energy into its own. The skull then works consciously with each human 'seeker', most of whom are subconsciously attracted to them because of past LeMurian, Atlantean and Mayan lifetimes.

So those attracted to the skulls then receive as within their acquired model, a portion of the whole, and the skull becomes by agreement, a teacher of greater truth and offers glimpses into the perfection hologram. That is why some are now being called to acquire the newly cut skulls, for indeed they open the pattern, they become teachers. They become allies and protectors for each of you on the path of Mastery, and they manifest at the time you awaken to that call.

These are quite different tools from normal gems, crystals and indeed serve a different role than that of the Phi Crystals. Just as the Atlantean Temple Crystals had specific cuts for specific functions, so do the skulls have a specialized utility unique in benefit. And let us be clear, Crytsal Skulls have a benevolent purpose and are tools of great importance.

Crytsal Skulls are uniquely capable of being more 'animated' for lack of a beteer term. They do communicate with their 'caretakers' and become allies and advisors.

Unique Purpose and Tandem Uses.

Crystal Skulls have a unique role that is quite separate in certain primary purpose, and quite similar in other secondary attributes.

We can say that Phi Crystals are energy thought amplifiers and Crystal Skulls offer the calibration and knowledge of the original pattern. The former is the vehicle that moves and refines light energy, the latter the pattern and library. It is well for those seekers of Atlantean and LeMurian lineage to acquire both, indeed are there many benefits of working in tandem with both in this time of awakening. Both are tools that offer themselves and amplify and expedite the journey, you see. And we tell you in the Crystalline Ascension, both become exponentially more potent.

Linear Perspectives

From a linear Earth perspective the Crystal Skull is a human-shaped cranium made out of various types of crystalline material, most commonly quartz. Yet we will tell you the original skull is of an extra terrestrial conglomerate of what may be termed supra quartz, containing within it pure quartz that is alloyed with aspect of diamond and alloyed in an alchemical sense with frequencial gold. It is a similar material used in the Crystalline Moon of Atlantis, and the magnificent Temple Crystals, similar but not exact. Indeed the original skulls predate in linear terms, the Atlantean Temple Crystals.

Only two of the Crystal Skulls in current circulation at the present time, are of extra terrestrial origin, and this we have spoken of previously. These original crystal skulls came from another world, and another reality.

Golden Mean Phi

All realities are created based on the pattern of crystalline sacred geometric consciousness through the Golden Mean Phi Ratio. Humanity and indeed your physical Earth(s) are conceived within these paradigm matrix formulae. And so were the Crystal Skulls formulated in kind, yet from a far greater frequency, a frequency of perfection. The skulls are indeed formed as the prototype of the perfect human consciousness, lest it not be forgotten in duality. So within it is contained the perfection of the human being, encompassing within all aspects, the twelve sacred aspects you see, and thus was it formulated and thus was its reason for being brought here.

Originally then did those carriers bring the crystalline patterned skulls to the Earth from Arcturius and the Pleiades, and it was brought into the land that became LeMuria, but indeed the model was brought before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness. Yet at that time it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully conscious clear mind and Beingness of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.
So the original crystal skulls were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality various times. As such no true physical age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earths habitation by mankind.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex process. It was conceived to contain within it an incredible frequency that in itself attached to the hologram. So the crystalline skull then is an honoring remembrance and imbuing transmitter that indelibly prints within the soul that which is the perfect model. It is imbued within the divine aspect of the soul when it enters into the earth pattern from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind, you see? The perfected man, not the version of what man would later become in the down spiral of the human experience, but rather as the original print that man aspires and evolves back into through the growth cycle termed reincarnation toward that original and flawless paradigmatic archetype.

Now the original skull held within it this perfection, in order to be physically accessible in your dimensionality. The crystal replicates that even today are crafted in your present time are capable of attracting the energy from the hologram and holding varying portions of that energy, some more than others.

Extra Terrestrial Origin

Question to Metatron: And so the two extra terrestrial crystal skulls , MAX & Sha-Na- Ra were originally from Arcturius?

AA Metatron: Better to say they were creatively conceived in Arcturius. There the concept of the earth human experience was created and nurtured. We tell you that all humans have an experience of Arcturius, and it is a realm of great creativity, a playground, in your vernacular, of all creativity. You will be surprised to know that much of your creativity even as humans on the Earth, comes from an aspect of yourself that is tuned into the field, the frequency of Arcturius. It is where man becomes creative. For instance those you consider artistic; where are they when they drift into inspiration and are not in their body, we tell you that many of them are in Arcturius. Many of them are, interestingly, expressing the creativity in Arcturius. Is that not provocative?

The 12 + 1

Question to Metatron: There is a legend that speaks of there being 13 skulls, can you speak on that?

AAMetatron: Yes, 13, but only one holding the full energy of the 12. So then were there manifested 12 that represented each of the 12 singular aspects of the one, and so the 12 surrounding the one in the center became in time a ceremonial and symbolic observance. Each one of the 12 then represented an aspect and an expression of each of the 12 dimensions of the earth plane, and each of the 12 division of each integral dimension, each strand of DNA, each component of the 144 that is so critical to the Earth experience, the Earth Plane.

But again we wish to be clear, the 13 is the one whole and the 12 parts of the whole. And the one is the carrier of the human paradigm, and that pattern is imbued within the Divine Mind of all mankind, as the soul is imprinted with it entering this experience.

The 13th Crystal Skull was produced originally by the process of Morphocrystallic Manifestation, involving the Arcturian crystal source with imbuement of an alchemical frequency to include the human genetic print from the Masters of Arcturius and the Pleiadean-Sirius Alliance.

It is enriching, and vast. Accessing this information stimulates the awareness of who you are you see. Placing your consciousness inside a crystal skull, and indeed that is the way to work with these, opens portals and doors to a world beyond your grandest expectations. Crystal Skulls, when activated are capable of personal dialogue with their caretaker. But be aware that working with the Crytsal Skulls has many facets. The advasnced human can actually enter into the realm within them.

To enter into the skull however, is different, a more profound expereince than having a verbal dialog. Entering provokes what may be termed immersion. One may expereince more detailed and intense comprehensions. What occurs then is more of a download, a sudden and comprehensible receival of information that changes your paradigm, expands your awareness. Some receive the information as visual images, others as complete information packets, and at times both. Although in truth all information is already in the subconscious, a deeper part of the subconscious that you term the super subconscious. It exist in the realm of light you term ultra violet....and the Crytsal Skull entry can help reformat this, and bring it to frontal brain.

And so the connection or the reason that interest around the skulls is reaching a mass proportion is that indeed, with the coming of the Ascension, there is movement within mankind to better understand himself. And with these times is the need to reject those patterns that no longer serve human kind, to recalibrate with those attributes and quintessential paragons that do.

Mankind is rebooting as is the Earth itself, indeed that is tantamount to the Ascension. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are breaking down, collapsing and will reform themselves. Indeed this is happening now in your economic arenas.
Now, the knowledge of the Universal Mind certainly exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull. Yet the Universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, and so encompassed in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is formulated and transmuted, translated specifically in a format that offers itself for human access. This then is within a specific pattern that is the prototype of perfection for mankind, as we have stated.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull?

Metatron: Indeed! This is an extremely powerful 'cranium computer', and contains within it a vast energy. Its crystalline clarity and unique axial alignment has enabled it to absorb and amplify the energies of all that have gathered around it. It has also been able to download much of the energy of the crystalline paradigm, this is the unique aspect of quartz craved into the cranium model.

Question to Metatron: Is it extra terrestrial in origin, or ancient?

Metatron: All crystal minerals are geologically ancient in your terms. The skull you query however is not extra terrestrial in origin is as is MAX and Sha-Na-Ra, and was fashioned and carved approximately 150 years ago in current linear time measurement. But do not conclude that it is not extremely powerful, it is very conscious & contains a great portion of the crystalline paradigm. But it is not the 13th collation. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is of African, not Brazilian quartz. And it's crystalline aspect is that of Ancient Rama and is very special. The supra clarity aspect and unusual axial alignment of this skull are very potent.

Of the renowned crystal skulls, the one termed MAX is greater in energy and frequency than all of the others, for it contains the full 13th union. MAX contains the contents of all crystal skulls, and all other Crystal Skulls are aspects of the energy within MAX.
Yet MAX is much more than can be defined. Within MAX is the inward reflection, the innate dynamic recording of the Cosmos. The vastness of which is beyond your conception.

It is through Max that the recoding of the planetary energy is occurring. This is being processed through the Sun Disc and Octahedronal Quartz areas. This will complete on the 12-12-12 . Max is extra terrestrial and his crystalline matrix was enhanced through the Arcturians and Pleiadeans. Max has an embellished crystalline molecular quality that cannot as yet be recognized by your science. MAX is multidimensional beyond your imagination. Max has an etheric quality capable of storing the complete history of the Cosmos and indeed contains the Akashic Library within, and the energy of every epoch. Its five matrixes and double axis are quite beyond anything else on the earth. Sha-Na-Ra contains a similar molecular quality, and can be said to be secondary of the known skulls, but is not as grand in energetic field or capacity as Max. In many ways Sha-Na-Ra compliments Max, but in truth the energy within Sha-Na-Ra is received from Max. As we have said MAX is the source that feeds all other Crystal Skulls. MAX is ever the generating source in your paradigm.

The 2012 Completion

Within 2012 are energies of great intensity, and so of necessity you will evolve quickly through frequencial induction to be much more sensitive to your surroundings as well as somewhat more susceptible to stimuli in the environments of the Earth's Crystalline Transition as the 144-Grid nears final completion. But because of the expansive and requisite work you are doing to adjust in this new energy, you will also evolve more insightfully. It is a 'Trail by Fire' in terms of the intensities, but one that will forge your New Earth and the New Human.

Humanity is Converting to Silicate Base

While it is true that mankind is spirit having a human experience, it is important for all humans to comprehend that you are not simply a visiting observer of the planet you live on. You are co-creators of the planetary reality you exist in.

And in this planetary environ, humanity is equally part of the earth's living sphere, not frequencially above it, below it or unique to it...but part of it. This understanding is an important key to understanding the mechanics of the upcoming leaps in consciousness and evolution.

And this is the logical reason that the crystalline aspects of your earth's mineral kingdom, which are equally conscious, are the devices of energy up shift that are increasing the Earth and Humanities frequencial environ.
But it does not end there. Masters the human body is transitioning from a carbon base to a silicate base, thus becoming more crystalline physically. Indeed that is why so many of you are now more drawn than ever to gems and crystals, and indeed the crystalline areas of the planet...and to the Crystal Skulls. For within these are the recoding to the library & paradigm of the Crystalline Pattern.

Closing: A Species with Amnesia

So we tell you that human beings in duality consciousness became a species with amnesia. You have forgotten who you really are. You have forgotten that you are powerful spirits enacting the human experience. The quest then for mankind in mass and individually is to rediscover your enlightened identity, and that identity is represented in the crystal skull.

Enlightenment is for you to discover within, and this is a tool for that recalibration. Indeed its already in you, in your Beingness, your subconscious, your DNA. Spiritual enlightenment is not about following any Guru any Channel , but rather for you to find through personal discernment , through your inner guidance. It's around accepting and KNOWING that the Divine Self is the spark of God within you, and that you're an intricate and eternal portion of Creator God.

And there are tools to help you along the way, there always has been and will be. You are not alone. But Dear Ones, you have appointments to keep in this very special era of Ascension. Perfection is in play.

Truly, the Crystal Skulls are a reflection of the perfection in mankind. (And indeed far more...) They are ancient conscious computers, programmed helpers which have answers fitted tidily within them to many of your trepidations, puzzles and questions...regardless of when they were carved. It is the paradigm, the hologram and it is accessible to all.
When mankind individually and in mass is ready to use these Divine Libraries to meld into perfection, they will offer a glimpse into incredible new worlds of beauty, creativity and unconditional love. Indeed they have been dormant for millennia, waiting for this point in your linear time to reboot and awaken. Those of you who have worked with the Crystal Skulls in past lifetimes are being called now to be with them again. Do you hear that call? Are you one of the Keepers of the Crystalline Mystery? It's time for the Dreamer to awaken !

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is...

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