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Mariann Boda Toth The Cross of Light and note messages of the 11th

Mariann Boda Toth
The Cross of Light and note messages of the 11th

Dear fellows. I thought I would write a little bit about life in the fifth dimension, because I've noticed this would require. Unfortunately, I do not want anyone too much hope in this area kecsegtetni, immensely few people who pass through there. Ascended masters can then inquire about the following information. The four-dimensional Earth will be the next stage of humanity, where you will also be less, but much more will cross over as the fifth dimensional Earth. T
ervezem to be channeling a conversation with two fifth-dimensional beings, that conveys what they are talking among themselves. Currently there is not much they want to talk to each other, but I think both of them would be building this conversation, so I will continue to be pursued.

Come explore the fifth dimension. First of all, you should know that there are more people living consciousness. Not everyone is equally conscious. It is important to note that this dimension of the creative power of thought is so powerful that I imagine will soon materialize, is incorporated. Therefore, it is important to have the lowest level of awareness people living in an enormous gulf separates the people much of the third-dimensional, and understand all that this is an insurmountable gap between ordinary people, at least for now. Think everyone is sober, clean self-esteem wondered what would happen if all of a sudden in a place we would find ourselves. How we can control our thoughts? How we are able to focus on love, or even a flower. How many seconds it takes to thoughts wander? The average person is constantly approx. 3-4 seconds can concentrate in one direction, then the mind is disconnected. Think about what a disaster would result if someone afraid to embody and fear. Perhaps hatred, malice. How many times do we wish evil to others? We hit a number of times, or ourselves, szidva something is dropped, or damage caused to us. If we really think we can fly, you can figure out where we stand. The essence of sincerity.

As already mentioned, many people are living consciousness of the fifth dimension. Let's start at the lowest level. Such people live fully in line with nature. Engage in lifestyle is something like the natives. There are huts, but only a few, not really grow, I do not hunt, but rather some of the things produced, but not interrupted by a higher anyatermészetből the land, because they get all the space of a few days. Use the creative power of thought, but only that some plants grow, you can eat. In this case, create some seeds themselves, and he took food for them will be exactly the same when learathatják grown from seeds sown crops as is sufficient for a day or two for them. Few people are living in small communities. Rather gatherers, also because they can score enough subtlety to pull themselves from day to day. It is essential that it is not reserved. They accept what they get from nature. The huts preparation does not cut down trees, just picking up the fallen branches, use the fallen trees is a part of, but from not much because of fallen trees necessary to comply with the forest soil fertility can keep the worms are also food sources, and many pet Canaan, and way of life. Thus, even the fallen trees are just little use to stay in harmony with nature. I do not eat meat, so do not be forced to kill. We have everything, though not enormous needs. Much easier, but also more beautiful and cleaner off than we are. Eggs idea is very careful, because they are aware that whatever you think will appear. If someone thinks they have a negative or malicious intent, he bore steadily towards the others, hate, fear, and the like, it will eventually fall back to a lower dimension consciousness. It seems that even at the lowest level is not easy to survive. I'll explain later, is energetically the fifth dimension, but let the time being, the fifth-dimensional than Earth.

The next level of awareness of the people live in cities built from crystals. These crystals were not mined, but created. It is essential that all of these programmed crystals, it is a lot of information stored in them. These people do not consume any food, only water that are crystal clean and energized. These people have more contact with other dimensions. Those who reach these cities, major decision was made, it was decided to progress. They have undergone serious learning phase. These teachers work in pyramid schemes. Each center's initiation of a pyramid, as we know from our Earth. Everyone should be involved in some level of education, where much of the point is that according to what level of awareness you want to live, can learn some knowledge. First, it is very important for everyone to be able to deal with thoughts, able to handle his emotions. Of course, then there's nothing to learn. Those who live in these cities, crystal, the task has been chosen to help their fellow man in the lower dimensions. Able to join a man as a spiritual companion and suggest the choice of people to choose where to go hand in hand in order to perform életfeladatuk, or simply development. Everyone's path lead further up the ladder of progress, but we must be willing to do fejlődésünkért. These people know only one place themselves energetically to project, so they can connect to only one person at a time. What is even more important that their planet assume their only job is to help people in lower dimensions.

The third level is the level beings of light. It's worth knowing that the body works much differently in their case, as with us. Strong light in nature, quite airy. They are essentially immortal, but sometimes like to start their lives over again, to replace worn out their bodies. It is not even necessary that it should be forced to re-energize. Everyone can decide if you want to do as a child informed evening, or just replace worn out body. They really are very well developed, although there are egos. They also have the ability to connect to other planets spiritual beings attendant, or even another planet incarnate in other dimensions. There is a very strong connection with the Supreme Self.

But no matter how much of the sound as described, you will also want to know that this dimension is ego. Energetically, it is important that there are shady sites. It is true that soon everyone will meet the consequences of his actions, but still occurs in evil, manipulation, malice. There is great power in the hands of fifth-dimensional beings, as used, it will develop a future destiny. The more power is always associated with greater responsibility. It is easier to fall into the trap to help where they go, they manipulate the creatures, which is the curtailment of free will, which does not lead to good. They also have to develop, you have to learn, because there are more intangible dimensions. Different dimensions can be different things to learn. The sixth example is already way out is to have a very low-dimensional embodiment planet to be co-creating one. The fifth dimension, this is not possible, we still need to learn to be able to desire their thoughts, their reign.

Of course, the Earth can be obtained in this consciousness, but it is important that they are still someone there to rise, does not mean that you can stay here. As we increase our awareness level is increasing with the tasks we face. If someone is not able to solve the problem of your own choosing, a lower level you can start trying again.

I hope that's enough information at the outset.
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