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WE ARE THE PLANET! (includes attunement chakras, thought project, or align with, it really works!),


Suzan Caroll Ph.D

“I AM the planet EARTH, from the depths of my core to the top of my atmosphere.

My mountains lay heavily on my body, and my wind rushes across my vast planes.

I feel my long grass being trodden upon and eaten by my hoofed ones and sense the disturbance of air as my various winged inhabitants fly through my skies.

My waters pitch and roll as the life within them searches for food, adventure and procreation.

My cities are vast centers of differing polarities, whereas my wilderness lives in the Unity of Nature.

I KNOW each creature walking, swimming, and flying through my countries and cities alike.

All around and within me, my many creatures and life forms are born, live, procreate and die.

Time has no meaning to me as I AM only NOW.

My many plants decorate and nourish my surface and my crystal world forms the foundation of my land.

From the smallest pebble, to the largest mountain
From the first drop of rain, to the raging ocean
From a tiny sprout, to my largest forest
From a candle’s flame, to an erupting volcano

I AM there, and I AM here, for I AM NOW.
I AM Gaia,
I AM Earth.”

Now, dear Beings of my SELF, FEEL OUR Crown at Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Feel OUR mountain heavy upon the earth as WE unite OUR minds and thoughts with the Father-God and OUR hearts and emotions with the Mother-Goddess.

WE are NOW a conduit, a step-down transformer, of Spirit into Matter. We are a great mountain with the Power of Father Sky, the Wisdom of Mother Earth, and the Love that united them in Mystical Marriage to create their Divine Child—humanity.

WE Feel OUR Third Eye in the Himalayan Mountain Range, Tibet.
With our opened Third Eye we see ALL life through the Eyes of Soul.

WE Feel OUR Throat at Mt. Shasta, California.
We speak only the TRUTH and create only from our Highest SELF.

WE Feel OUR Heart in the Haleakala Crater, Maui.
We Love ourselves, so that we can Love ALL life.

WE Feel OUR Solar Plexus at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa.
We feel our Power Within and project it into our transforming world.

WE Feel OUR Navel in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil.
We carry our New Earth in our hearts and minds,
so that we can give birth to it TOGETHER.

WE Feel OUR Root at Mt. Sinai, Middle East.
We ground our highest vibration into the core of OUR planet
to create a firm foundation for our expanding reality.


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Why did our lifespan shorten after the Firmament was destroyed?

Why did our lifespan shorten after the Firmament was destroyed?

Greetings, I am Mikos, settled snugly in my bed in Porthologos, awaiting your call to begin. So here I am, and there are you, and here we are again together as One. One soul, and one heart, intertwined in the melody of Love that we permeate the Universe with when we connect like this at your computer.

Q: Why did our lifespan shorten after the firmament was destroyed in the Atlantean and Lemurian war?

A: Yes, it is true that the ice canopy protected the Earth from the radiation of the sun before the war, and the destruction of this canopy accounted for the increased radiation from our Sun which in turn shortened not only our life span but the height of humans living on the surface. Humans used to be 15 – 20 feet tall before the canopy fell, and now your surface height averages around 5 – 6 feet, and in many spots on the Earth it is even less. This is due to the chemicals you breathe and eat, the polluted water supply, and all the other factors that are laced with chemicals for the very purpose of destroying the natural regulation of your bodies and the Earth herself – thus giving the advantage of control over to the dark forces who can then manipulate you by controlling the weather and your minds all in one.

So, if your bodily functions are compromised, it stands to reason that your life spans would be off kilter, and not accessing the immortality gene that is embedded in your DNA. Because your body is not functioning at its divine blueprint, everything is mis-firing, including the gene for immortality. This created the shorter life spans on the surface and the necessity for you to have to re-incarnate over and over again, never remembering your past, and never being able to catch up with yourselves. Hence the futility and hopelessness you feel above ground, while our lives soar beneath you.

Yes, the destruction of the firmament was a backward step taking you backwards in time, to where you don’t know who you are.

Your environment plays a key role in your development, and without a supportive environment, you cannot develop in the Creator’s image, but in a dysfunctional way, negating who you really are as a species.

It is as in any science experiment…if the environment is hostile, the life form grows deformed. If the environmental conditions are perfect, the life form blooms into its fullness of potential. The same is true of Earth. This is why it is crucial now to rebalance all the eco-systems on the planet, for life to flourish, not decay.

Although this, too, is difficult without the crystalline ice particles that were once encasing the planet and protecting it from the radiation of the Sun. The radiation from your sun is harmful…but as your solar system moves out of its present orbit and back into its orbit around Alcyone, in the Sirius Star System, your firmament will be restored, and you will all gain in height and return to your tall statures and perfect health again. For with the firmament restored, so will your health be restored, and so will the pristine beauty of the Earth. All will be as new.

All factors account for your shortened life span, just as you said…such as the weakened life force in your food, due to the chemicals injected into the Earth purposely to destroy the life force, so that your lives will be weakened and their length shortened. The dark side has used this to their advantage, to further weaken you so that they can more easily manipulate you. It is easier to manipulate a weakened person than it is a strong person.

So yes, there are all these factors that have come into play but the main one was the demise of the firmament. After that the invasion of the negative ET’s and their destructive agenda, leading you all to where you are today. It is called sliding backwards in time. But it is all over now, and from this point you all move forward.

The Earth will regain her strength, just as humans will, and you will both be able to self-regulate your bodies, just as Anastasia does. So look forward to the times ahead, for they will be glorious indeed. I am Mikos, a self-regulating giant living inside the Earth.

So there you are. Move closer to my heart and you will feel my beat. You can use my heartbeat to synchronize yours into full health. This is how a 5th dimensional Universe works, all are synchronized into One. No one is out of beat, for it would throw the whole symphony into discordance, which is what happened on Earth. But the beat is returning, so step into it and you will thrive.

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Lady Quan Yin- Crystal Manifestation

Lady Quan Yin- Crystal Manifestation

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 18/01/10

I extend the peace that I hold so fondly within my being to you now, to flow into the depths of your body and soul, bringing forth the greatest manifestation of all, the presence of inner stillness and balance. I am Lady Quan Yin, chohan or overseer of the eleventh ray of light of a peach and pink colour of light. Within the eleventh ray ashram I tutor many light beings from the Earth and the inner planes to aid integration and the expansion of love to aid stronger links with the energy of the Creator. More souls are gathering within the eleventh ray ashram in order to accept embodiment of the energies and light of the Creator that they have been working to integrate and unite with. This increase of souls visiting my ashram is due to the forth coming energy shift in 2012.

I have seen and passed through many energy shifts and manifestations of the Creator’s quality and I have a special ritual or custom that I like to share with my students each time we draw close to a new level of the Creator’s light and love manifesting both on the Earth and the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. I feel that my technique allows a person to prepare their energies for their future experiences and to assist them in gaining the level of growth and awareness that they desire to achieve to coincide with an energy shift. I have named this technique Crystal Manifestation as it allows you to work with crystal consciousness in order to amplify your wishes and dreams.

As you are aware, the physical crystals in existence on the Earth hold the wondrous consciousness and energy vibration of the Creator’s soul. Each crystal has the ability to heal in many ways, retaining consciousness, amplify or calm energies and be programmed to aid manifestation. On the inner planes we have similar crystal except that we are able to see and work with the light and consciousness of the crystals, rather than viewing their physical shell or body. Both physical crystals and inner plane energy crystals are an aspect of the Creator’s soul and manifestation and so assist us greatly in our aspiration to align on a deeper level with and embody the Creator’s soul. Crystals have an ability of linking into the vibration that a person’s body pulsates at, merging their energies with the person to offer a new consciousness or a boost to their consciousness, thus anchoring required or needed energies. By merging and sharing Creator frequency, light, consciousness or energy the crystals can have healing or spiritual advancing affects. A crystal has an immense power because it holds the ability to accept energy, to be programmed and to transfer energy to others. I feel that this is very important because as soul aspects of the Creator we are constantly trying to accept light and energy, while also wishing to transfer our wisdom or inner light to aid the development or to heal the pain of others. We are also constantly trying to programme our energies and mind so that our link with the Creator may be the purest that we have ever experienced.

As a light body naturally reacts well to the consciousness of a crystal so the physical body is positively influenced by a physical crystal especially when chosen with care and programmed for the needs of the physical body. It is because of the soul’s natural bond with the consciousness and vibrations of crystals that I encourage my students to take time to anchor the crystal consciousness of the Creator into their energy and aura in order to intensify their manifestation skills. I will sit and meditate with my students to assist and support them in programming the crystal consciousness that they anchor. Allowing the energy to unite with their energy vibration, becoming a part of their soul energy. As we are drawing closer to a shift in energy on the Earth I am working with more souls to assist them in anchoring two sacred qualities into their energy from the Creator soul, of balance and grounding. These two qualities enable a soul to move through new manifestations or shifts of energy in their reality and atmosphere with ease, holding focus on their own spiritual development and soul purpose. Shifts in energy or new energies from the Creator’s soul can cause a person or soul to feel unbalanced, unsupported and unsure of their path ahead. By remaining balance and grounded one is able to naturally flow through changes of energy both within and around them without losing their focus.

The quality of balance allows transitions and rises in your energy vibration that you may experience due to growth, awakening and insights to occur smoothly without majorly influencing your life or your body. This allows you to accept and deal with change and alterations to your energy with greater ease, thus helping you to accelerate your growth further.

The quality of grounding is essential and assist in retaining equilibrium in your energy but while it is important to ground or anchor your energy into Mother Earth so that the light you receive filters into the Earth. It is also essential to ground your spiritual energies and the soul light of the Creator into your physical body and reality on the Earth allowing new aspects of your soul, monad and the Creator to become present within your personality and existence on the Earth.

With the consciousness, energy and light of both qualities being held within your aura and your own inner light you will naturally project balance and a sense of grounding on many levels into your reality therefore paving a smooth and easy spiritual journey for yourself to assist you in achieving all that you desire and to be prepared for the shifts in energy in 2012. Any upset that you feel in your energy or surroundings will naturally be stabilised by the presence of the Creator’s qualities of balance and grounding.

I wish to now guide you in achieving this technique that I have shared with many souls as a method of anchoring many qualities from the Creator’s soul.

Allow yourself to gain a deep meditative state in your preferred way, invoking me, Lady Quan Yin, to sit beside you, meditating with you and enhancing your ability to connect with your inner peace. I wish for you to then invoke the peach and pink light of the eleventh ray ashram to surround you in a cylinder of light, melting into your aura, body and soul. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light supporting, protecting and heightening your energies.

I then wish for you to invoke or ask for the pure and loving crystal consciousness of the eleventh ray of light to anchor into your being. Feel or sense the clear crystal light seeping into your crown chakra at the top of your head and down your spine until it reaches your heart chakra. Let the energy gather at your heart chakra it will form a source of crystal light.

Then simply ask for the crystal to hold the Creator’s and the eleventh ray’s quality, consciousness and energy of balance. The source of clear light will take on a colour, which will symbolise to you the feeling of balance. You may even notice the crystal forming a shape that is appropriate for this quality of the Creator’s light. I then ask you to place this newly formed crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct to you, where it will continue to radiate and emanate the quality, energy and colour of balance into your entire aura. Take a moment to feel your entire aura and body being bathed in the energy of balance.

I then wish for you to take your attention back to your heart chakra and the clear crystal light that is continuing to flow into your body and heart chakra. Ask for the crystal light to manifest into a crystal of grounding, anchoring your energy into the Earth and physical reality as well as anchoring your spiritual energies, enlightenment and light from the Creator, your monad and soul into your physical body. Imagine this crystal forming at your heart chakra noticing its colour and shape. Then place the crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct for you where it will continue to emanate its light and ensure that you are always grounded in the most appropriate way for your spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to bath in the presence of the two new energy crystals which are holding, anchoring and retaining the Creator’s quality of balance and grounding within your energy.

When you wish to complete the practice, then ask for the crystal light to withdraw and become aware of your surroundings. You can then activate the crystals each day or when you feel you are in need of their energies, by simply asking your soul or me, Lady Quan Yin to activate the crystals and energy of balance and grounding within your aura, imagining their light washing over you.

This is a greatly comforting technique and can help to bring healing, stability and equilibrium to your energy, mind, emotions and awareness.

I hope that you have found my insight beneficial, please remember that you can always call on me to anchor love and peace into your being as well as to assist you in embodying or integrating with new energies from the Creator’s soul.

May the peace of my soul be reflected in souls across the Earth,

Lady Quan Yin

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Bridging The Eternal - isn't this what we lived recently when reading the tree of life page?

Bridging The Eternal

From the instant I walked in, I knew that the reason for my embodiment was to assist people to have a direct experience of God. This is the underlying purpose of everything I do. As Rapture, I am the Force of connectivity within Divinity, a bridging function of All-That-Is.

Bridging The Eternal sessions are very different form the other Shefa Services. Within our unified fields and travel through the pathways into Spheres of the cosmic Tree of Life. After we have moved through the lower seven Spheres, we will bridge into the Sphere of Daat, which is The Void, but is also Understanding. Then, we will initiate Unity of the three highest Spheres, Binah (Insight), Chokhmah (Wisdom), and Keter (Crown) that will allow the Emanation of The Eternal to flow and fill Daat. We will bask in The Eternal.

You may feel your inner walls drop away or the opening of the places of separation within you preparing to be filled. This can make you feel quite vulnerable or emotional. Allow the feelings and sensations, knowing that they require no action or reaction on your part. I suggest that you do not try to visualize or analyze any of the experience. Surrender to the feeling and knowing of the connection with Source.

WHEN: Saturday JANUARI 16th AT 21:30PM EST

COST $ 25.00


SaLuSa 15-January-2010 about Haiti

SaLuSa 15-January-2010

Each week passes and you move nearer to seeing firm evidence of the changes, that regardless of how they appear are part of the plan for the cleansing of Earth. We obviously realize that the news of the major earthquake in Haiti, has caused much shock and great sympathy for those dear souls involved in it. Such an extremely poor country cannot cope with problems on the scale it has occurred, and it is another challenge for the more wealthy to generously help out. The numbers of dead and injured and the extent of the damage, will require a major rescue operation that is well within the capabilities of the major countries. How you respond is a measure of how far you have progressed, in accepting the Oneness of all life.

There are the inevitable questions as to why the earthquake was allowed to happen, and as we have often pointed out, there are karmic situations that we cannot interfere in. We do have immense compassion and love for those involved. Haiti has for centuries held a very low vibration, that in these times of cleansing has attracted the events that took place. Where the souls are concerned, they incarnated on Haiti for the very purpose of the experience it would provide them. They were also aware of the dangers but knew that their passing would be quick, and that once they were in the Astral Regions they would quickly be released from the effects of the trauma. Indeed, they would find themselves safe and surrounded by loving souls nursing them back to health. We know that many find it difficult to comprehend what is behind these events, but be assured all works out according to the Divine Plan.

Remember Dear Ones life is about learning from your experiences, and as an observer you cannot know what reasons are behind another souls choice. Few of you are actually aware of your own life plan, and that is closed off from you because you would most likely try to avoid some of the experiences necessary for your spiritual evolution. So although you have freewill, where you have already decided on what you need to progress, you are unlikely to change your plan. You are drawn into situations with people that are also tied to your experiences, and inevitably it will work out accordingly. As you must realize, there is a considerable amount of planning that goes into ensuring that you successfully complete your time on Earth. This particularly applies to this period you are in now; as for so many of you it is to be your last life in the lower dimension. Some of you have elected to have a busy life, clearing karma that has accumulated over many life times. Many of you will recognize yourself as one such Being, and as your delightful expression indicates, “your feet have not had time to touch the ground”. It is of course well worth the effort, and your reward for achieving higher consciousness levels is that you will be ready to ascend.

Life on Earth can be frenetic and draining, and that is partly the result of the myriad controls that confront you wherever you go. You cannot feel free in such circumstances, and you should really have ample time to indulge in activities that are for your personal advancement. Far too much time is involved in surviving and maintaining a reasonable standard of living. As we often inform you, this will start to change in the near future until eventually you will be free from all restrictions. You can hardly envisage what it will be like, but the advancements that are due to your civilization will totally change your life opportunities. To be able to follow your own desires, and more importantly have all the time you need to do so will bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

With your modern communications events are quickly brought to your notice, and where they are catastrophic it begs your response in a generous manner. Unlike a century or more ago, your television brings them into your living room and often you see it live. It has had the effect of bringing out the best in people, and is helping break down barriers that used to exist. Can you not marvel at the way your evolutionary path has developed, as in such a short time you have begun to accept that you are your brother’s keeper. If the money and energy spent on war and preparing for it were re-directed into such good causes, poverty and disease could be eradicated quite quickly. However, that level of change will not occur until we are working together, as your old regime obstinately holds on to their agenda for world control.

There are in fact a multitude of groups that have recognized the rising concern for others, and you are seeing the first signs of a movement that is bringing people of a like kind together. They are the first to respond to need, and by their example are catching the imagination of many others. The energies for change are moving in the right direction, and ready for our arrival. It is pleasing for us to note how aware many more of you are in this period, and we know it will gather speed as the consciousness levels increase exponentially. We tell you all is well and we mean it, even if there are minor setbacks.

We wait now for the inevitable announcement that officially acknowledges our existence, and the numerous occasions we have contacted your leaders. This is an important point to bring home, as we have not been left wanting when it has come to offering to lead you to peaceful co-existence. You may wonder why it has only occurred in recent times, and the reason is that with the discovery of atomic power, you held the potential to destroy yourself and the Earth. There has always been that possibility, but the plan for your evolution would have been seriously set back if it had taken place. Furthermore, there are the far-reaching effects that travel the Universe, and would have created problems for other civilizations. That is unallowable by Universal Law and it is our place to monitor you and ensure that it does not happen. No Dear Ones, that does not constitute interference, and instead it acknowledges the Divine powers that are responsible for the Universe.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that you are eager for us to get together, and will enjoy the satisfaction of restoring the Earth. Seeing how it is at present, clearly the sooner we can get started the better. You really do not have too long to wait as this year we will commence a program of instruction, so that you will know what is to take place. We bless and love you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Please do not use the above email address, it is one way only.
My address is michael.quinsey@mypostoffice.co.uk

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Physical Clearing of Stored Memories: Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Physical

Physical Clearing of Stored Memories:
Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Physical

We have been working very hard to be spiritual (spirit) and increasing our intelligence (mind). What we have not been doing is taking better care of the body. So we have our spirit and mind operating at a higher vibration while our body is operating at a lower vibration. Our body is carbon based and has stored many things in it over this lifetime. In order for our bodies to vibrate at a higher rate (one to match the spirit and mind), these memories or traumas need to be cleared from the body. Level nine is sweeping (defragging, scanning) the body, and clearing it from the memories, messages, traumas, etc. that have been stored in the physical body. The goal is to get the body, mind (logic and emotion), and spirit to the same vibration (triple point). It is as this point the body, mind and spirit can become light waves while still each keeping its own integrity.

WHEN: Sunday JANUARI 10th AT 15:30PM EST

COST $ 25.00

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE www.ascendedmasters.org

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Humaniy Healing Energy transmission with Dibarak tonigh 8-9 PM CET (10-11 PM Turkish)

You can join with visualization of the UFO lights image, centering-focus and/or meditation...it will be a giant transmission :)

Dear members of the Mother Earth Network,

It's now less than 24 hours until the historical interplanetary visualization meditation and energy transmission between earth and the multidimensional civilization "The Invincible Ones" (better translation of the name) takes place!

The meditation will take place at Thursday, January 7th 2010 and go on for one hour between 8 pm and 9 pm
[Swedish Time Zone (CET) - use www.timeanddate.com to translate to your time zone].

For those of you who haven't read our channeling where this meditation is presented, the English and Swedish versions are attached as documents.

The feedback of our channeling has been overwhelming! Our Mother Earth Network has doubled its members, and we are now more than 650 members globally, and the Facebook group has attracted around 1000 members so far! The message has been spread through blogs and websites in Sweden and around the world. Our text with the channeling has been translated to German, Turkish, Croatian, Hungarian, Rumanian and more. People have contacted us and told us that they will gather in groups all over the world.

We're finnishing off with a part of Dibaraks (the leader of the civilization "The Invincible Ones") message, where he introduces and gives instructions to the meditation.
"See you" in the meditation!

Light, Strength and Love

/Maria & Manne, the Mother Earth Network

PS. If you experience anything you wish to share during the meditation, please e-mail us your story at moderjordnatverket@gmail.com or post it the Facebook group (A channeled message to humanity about the "UFO spiral" in Norway).


From the channeling:

We would like to give you a gift. Our gift is of a very special kind. It is not of physical nature, you can't touch it, and you can't see it with your physical eyes in your threedimensional reality. We will make a collective healing session where all members of our civilisation simultaneously will send healing to humanity and your planet. It will be a gigantic energy transmission where we give you the energies that we have and that we think you will need as a part of your process towards this important leap you are about to take. We are inviting all of you that are reached by this message to participate by making yourselves more receptive to our energies, and to link your consciousness to ours for a moment. Additionally, we will send you inner images and visions to help you visualizing the new spiritual age that you are entering as an age of love, peace and harmony. We want to encourage you to take part in this visualization of a new world on earth, since its a very powerful way to create a desired future.

The energy transmission and the meditative visualization will happen during one hour, Thursday the 7th of January between 8 pm and 9 pm [Swedish Time Zone (CET), use www.timeanddate.com to convert to your zone]. You are welcome to participate the full hour or just a part of it, in other words, if you only want to participate for 15 minutes, that's fine. This will be the first official collective healing session between two different civilizations in the modern history of mankind. Please spread this message to as many as possible!

-Even internationally?


-Can you give us any instructions for the healing session?

Prepare yourself like you are preparing for a normal meditation or energy transmission. Visualize that you are making yourself receptive for the healing and opening up your heart chakra. Visualize the new spiritual age as a world full of love, peace and harmony. Focus on being completely present in the moment during the whole session.


If you're not already a member, just e-mail us at moderjordnatverket@gmail.com if you want to recieve the Mother Earth Networks newsletter (channelings, global healing sessions to the Earth, healing techniques and more..).

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A look into 2010 by Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

Weekly Message channelled through Natalie Glasson- Saint Germain

Wisdom of the Light


A look into 2010 by Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 04/01/10

It is a great honour to be granted permission to come forth to you my friends and offer an insight into the changes that are and will occur on the Earth. Change is the most common lesson that is anchoring into the Earth and lives of many but there is so much more occurring both on the energy level of the Earth and higher vibrations. In honour of the great transformations that are occurring and the larger volume of love that is anchoring onto the Earth we have named the Earth year of 2010, the Year of the Angels and the Year of Celebration. The energies that are anchoring and the situations that many will experience will bring forth a celebration, an awakening and a greater feeling of connection. I see in my mind’s eye fireworks exploding brightly in the sky as a symbol of realisation, in truth we on the inner planes are celebrating on behalf of humanity, you still have so much to achieve but it is in the year of 2010 that a great awakening will occur, similar to more people looking to the sky to honour the Creator and looking into their hearts to honour the Creator within. We feel that this is manifesting abundantly now and we ask that you unite with us in giving thanks to all the soul extensions of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes, let us give thanks for the ability to pull together and work as a greater whole to make the changes that are needed both in the energy of the Earth and on the inner planes. We are thankful for our connection with the Creator and this will become more evident as we travel together through 2010. I feel that as I state that we will see a significant rise in the amount of people connecting with the divine that I must also explain that we as your guides and loving friends are here for you more than ever. We are here not only to assist you but to lead, carry and travel with you as you go through your physical reality and valuable life lessons. I believe that this is the most important sentence in my entire communication, please accept this into your heart and know that we are with you, working through you and are becoming one with you.

While we perceive that the connection between humanity and the Creator is enhancing we also understand that this will expose many lessons on the physical plane of connecting and communicating with loved ones, friends, strangers and even the light beings of the inner planes. These lessons may be easy or difficult depending on the journey of your soul but bonds must be built in order to begin the integration process of becoming the mighty soul of the Creator once more. Through the ability of connecting and communicating we open ourselves up to greater volumes of support but we also learn to realise the energies that are needed in our reality and those that need our connection or transfer of energy but no more. Through connection with people and the inner planes we must rise beyond emotions and thoughts of a negative nature in order to love and respect unconditionally, dissolving the challenges of connections and communication, overcome them eternally. Humanity must learn that they can reach out to others without getting involved or compromising the lessons of another. Humanity can be united as one, each individual must find their own way to achieve this; I believe that the answer lies within unconditional love. Through the process of grasping and expressing unconditional love we are able to overcome fear, limitations, separation, selfishness and even pain, but this is a lengthy process which needs the combination of faith, trust and intuition to accompany this sacred energy and existence of unconditional love.

In the energy of 2010 the Energy Wave of Acceptance will still be very prominent allowing its consciousness to settle into the consciousness of the Earth, thus allowing humanity to integrate a new level of the Creator’s light into their beings from 10/10/2010. The Energy Wave of Acceptance and many other energy waves that are anchoring into the Earth will not only help us to adopt divine qualities of the Creator’s soul while on the Earth but will help us to overcome the negative equivalents of the Creator’s positive qualities so that we may exist as pure love. To remind you the qualities of the Energy Wave of Acceptance are unconditional love, acceptance, balance, detachment, integration, peace and discipline. The energy waves are simply different vibrations of love. As the energy of love from the Creator’s soul anchors onto the Earth and begins to remove old stagnant and negative energies so we see transformation occurring and awakening.

It is because of the Energy Wave of Acceptance and its tremendous power that we have named 2010 the Year of the Angels, this is because during 2010 you will feel the energy and love of the angels more intensely than ever before. Their power of healing and touching the hearts of humanity will be potent; this is because of the volume of love that has already anchored onto the Earth which has dissolved many limitations and blockages making it easier for humanity to feel the divine presence of the angels. It is deeply important to begin 2010 by asking the angels of healing, love, health and abundance to draw around you in a circle of angelic light. Ask them to channel their angelic light deep into the many levels of your being and to build your ability to connect with the angelic kingdom. To bathe in the light of the angels is immensely important as it is they who are holding the strength of the Creator’s light for humanity. The angels will share the most valuable wisdom and enlightenment with humanity throughout 2010 in the most discreet and silent ways so that essential information reaches the minds that need to listen. The angelic kingdom are drawing closer around the Earth, embracing humanity. In a year where transformation will occur on many levels the angels are here to hold your hands and love you unconditionally, so that you may exist on the Earth as an angel and love completely.

A shift in the Earth’s consciousness is becoming more evident now as we enter into 2010. This shift in consciousness and energy has been occurring since the manifestation of the Earth, humanity at a soul level is constantly aware of this shift that is ever flowing but its influences are beginning to melt into the physical world. Some people may feel as if they are being stripped bare of all they once knew and understood while others may feel as if they are trying to remain balanced while standing upon a small piece of wood in an unsettled ocean. In contrast many will feel as if luck is on their side and abundance is eternal, it all depends on the lessons that you have come to learn on the Earth. For those who feel unbalanced or exposed it is for you to find the truth within you and let it shine from your heart, while those experiencing the abundance of the Creator must learn to accept free from fear or feeling unworthy. This of course is a very general explanation.

The shift in energy that I am speaking of is the shift of moving through dimensions, moving from negative to positive and moving from physical to consciousness. I speak of one shift of energy with many effects, results, lessons and experiences. The highest vibration of light of the Earth is in a transition period of moving from the fourth to the fifth dimension, this could be seen as the higher aspect of the Earth’s consciousness ascending to a new level. One could say that this is the beginning of the Earth’s ascension from physical to spiritual energies. In order for the Earth and its humanity to exist in the fifth dimension, which is a level of energy and reality that denotes breaking away from reincarnation and the physical planes and accepting a higher vibration of spiritual consciousness, awareness and light, the Earth and its humanity must let go of the third dimension. The third dimension is the material world with material thinking that does not involve the awareness of the Creator. This doesn’t mean that you must discard all material objects but that you must honour the material and understand that it is simply a manifestation of the Creator’s soul, allowing you to learn and grow on the physical planes. In truth to let go of the third dimension is to place a greater focus on your connection with the Creator. The lesson of the third dimension is of understanding where your energy and focus must be placed. While humanity exists in the third dimension, you are also existing in and exploring the fourth dimension, which enables you to heighten you spiritual abilities and learn to exist as a spiritual loving being. Remember that you are not one dimension but that you are all dimensions because you are the Creator and All That Is. There is a great importance in explaining this to you now because it is essential that you understand that as you continue to focus on your spiritual development you are actually allowing the fifth dimension to integrate into the physical levels of the Earth. We are always moving through dimension because dimensions have numerous levels of energy and there for takes time to adjust to and understand, meaning that many people do not notice changes and shift in energy.

With the energy of love and the angelic kingdom anchoring onto the Earth and into humanity, during 2010 your heart will be awoken further which will in fact encourage you to inspect your thoughts because you will realise that the negative, doubtful and destructive thoughts of the mind limit the expansion of the heart. It is the heart and soul that must now lead the ascension process in order to bring forth purity and peace.

You can see that 2010 is expected to be a wonderful year of awakening for many, bringing forth many lessons and new experiences, we do not mean to put pressure of expectations onto you but wish to offer you and make you aware of our support and constant love. Let 2010 be a year of greater connections, awakening and integration. We are your friends and we are here to work with you.

With sacred love,

I am Saint Germain, Mahachohan

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SaLuSa 6-January-2010 related with vibrations and upliftment for everyone and life in higher dimensions

SaLuSa 6-January-2010

Dear Ones you ask do we ever tire in our work and the answer is “no certainly not” in a physical sense, as we do not have heavy bodies such as you carry. Ours are of a much lighter vibration and require little nourishment, and we can draw upon the energies around us, although we do have what you would call “light refreshments”. These are mainly in a liquid form, as we can maintain our bodies without the heavy foods you are used to having. We do not therefore experience hunger as you do, and replenish ourselves in a pleasurable way. Your bodies demand re-fuelling to keep your energy levels up, which is vital where you need physical strength and stamina. If you listen to your body you will know what is best for it, and this is why for example some have to eat meat whilst for others it is unnecessary. Generally speaking the higher your vibrations the more likely you are to eat less, and it will be the more wholesome foods that are fresh and unadulterated.

In the higher dimensions that are to be your new home, all of the restrictions that you presently experience will cease to exist. Aging will not be an issue at all and you will retain your young looks as in your prime, and it is not necessary to experience death. When you decide to move into a new experience that necessitates a different body, you will consciously leave your body and take a new one. Not through birth as you understand it, but a waking experience into a near adult body or one that is fully developed. In fact if it is necessary you can have two bodies and alternate between them. Life is simple and easy compared to your present one, and you have none of the personal concerns that involve you in the maintenance of your physical body. You will select your hairstyle or clothes by the power of your thought, and know that your body will keep clean and pure because of its high vibration.

Again we come back to those who cling to Earth and fear changes, and we ask if they can at least keep an open mind about them? Regardless as to how it appears on the outside, what is taking place is a magnificent cleansing necessary to allow the new to manifest. What no longer serves you will be removed, and in its place will come the beginnings of the new Earth. Would you seriously prefer to remain in the cycle of duality, when the opportunity to ascend is on offer to everyone? Perhaps only your Higher Self can truly answer that one, as very few souls are fully aware of their life plan. However, what you set your sights upon is where your energy is focused, and that will be your creation. Now more than ever, your power to create is increasing and you need to sure of what it is that you desire.

We are working hard to bring certain events forward, that will have a bearing on how long it will be before Disclosure is declared. The pressure is on the authorities to go ahead without delay, and that day is coming ever closer. Following it the whole process of Ascension will eventually be made known, and it will help those souls who cannot make up their minds as to what to do. For some, no amount of information will make any difference but that indicates that they are not ready to leave the 3rd. dimensional experience. It is in no way indicates a lack of effort, as each soul moves at its own pace. We encourage you all to make your choice to be part of Ascension, and that is a much as we can do. In the final reckoning it is your freewill that will determine how you proceed from thereon.

Let no one influence your thinking, not even ours unless you are certain as to where your future lies. If in doubt about anything you come across that you are not sure about, do not cast it aside but keep it in the background until you are absolutely sure about discarding it. You will find that things will often just drop into place where previously they did not fit in with your understanding. Be flexible and not rigid in your beliefs, and in this way nothing will pass you by that may have been of value to you. Life is continually one of re-assessing your position, and you have a wealth of experience behind you from all previous lives. What else Dear Ones is your measure of what you believe in and feel is for your greatest good.

As each one of you grow more into the Light, so you are helping raise the vibrations upon Earth. With that you are also lifting up every other soul around you, as the mass consciousness grows exponentially. We see it at the level where it is beyond being affected by the dark energies. It will continue to expand and at a future point will reach critical mass, and it will be the means by which upliftment will take place. It is of course ongoing, and the commencement of yet another cycle that will carry you ever higher in the dimensions of Light. Life is infinite and you will soon be free to experience it as you choose. What a wonderfully loving Creator we have that opens all of creation to us.

The Earth has been your permanent home to accommodate you through the cycles of duality, and served you well. Like you Mother Gaia is now gathering herself for the final thrust that will carry her into the higher realms. Together you have traveled a long journey and got to know each other well. It is fitting that you ascend in that way, and that your association still goes on. The Earth already has a reputation for its past beauty, and has been your Garden of Eden. Somewhere deep in your memory are visions of that time, which shall return in their full glory to your great delight and joy. Perfect harmony, and colors of great variety will heighten your happiness, as you rest in a dimension that fulfils your idea of Heaven.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and will confirm that the Galactic Federation has never been more ready, to move into the final phase of the path to Ascension. You will soon share our vision of the exciting times that are to lift you out of the chaos that still affects you. The dark Ones will still try to invade your peaceful disposition and distract you from the Light. However, you are now much stronger than you ever were, and should be able to easily prevent their attempts to unsettle you. Believe in your power and mental capabilities to protect yourself, and you will be beyond their reach. You are bathed in Love and Light and victory in the fight between the Light and dark is already yours, and you may complete your journey in full confidence.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

5 Ocak 2010 Salı

2010 Predictions and January's Energies Jennifer Hoffman

2010 Predictions and January's Energies
Jennifer Hoffman

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 4 January, 2010 (posted 5 January, 2010)

Archangel Uriel calls this the year of miracles and blessings and they will be there for us in full force. There will be quite a few powerful vortexes and energy openings, six in all and some are an entire month long. This will not be like what we have experienced in the past, so do not think that you will be going through the trials of 2009-or the period from 1997 until last year. Instead, these are powerful points of transformation where energies are available and those who can and want to accept them can do so.

The key word here is 'want to' because this is a year of accepting our path and being free to choose from the point of acknowledging our healing. Whatever we are willing to release, with an open heart, we will let go of. If not, we are not ready and the energetic portal will be available to us once we are ready. We have stepped into a powerful mastery paradigm that requires us to be aware of our responsibility for knowing that the choices are present and then choosing what we want, will determine how this year unfolds. By accepting mastery we step out of the initiate energy we have been living in and into a more powerful way of being.

The message for the first part of January is to take care of ourselves. We are tired, battle weary, energetically fatigued and in need of rest. We held the energy of 2009 until the last moment of that year and we need to take the first two weeks of January to take care of ourselves. This was made clear to me as I have laryngitis since January 1 and cannot talk at all. Uriel's message to me was to slow down, rest, and my voice would come back when I needed it. If you have readings scheduled for this week, they need to be re-scheduled and I will email you individually. There will be no healer's hour call this week as I can't talk!

The rest of January, after mid-month, is the time to start preparing the path for what we want, both personally and professionally. It is time to 'clear the decks' so to speak of any energies, people, situations, memories, beliefs and thoughts that are not in alignment with the reality we want to create this year. Start the process by deciding what you want, then look at everything that is blocking you from that and remember to start with yourself. What are you doing to block these situations, how can you change yourself to shift the energy in your life and what are your fears and beliefs creating? This is going to be a miraculous year and January is just the beginning. Have a wonderful month.
2010 Predictions

2009 was a year of closure and endings. Whatever we had not finished with since 2000 and before we had an opportunity to decide that we would be finished with it this year. And what a year it was. If we thought that previous years had brought the ghosts out of the closets, we were certainly surprised in 2009. Everything that contributes to the density of the third dimension has been brought to light, with more to come in 2010. The earth’s vibrational energy is now high enough that all support has been removed from these dense energies. They may still be active but they have little energy supporting them.

A Time to Choose

This is the time for us to decide whether we were going to be on an ascension path of expansion and new adventures or of healing and limitations. There is no pressure for the choice except that which we put on ourselves. As we release the dense energies we also release everything associated with them. This is the ‘end of the world’ which has been predicted, but it is not a physical end of the world, just an end to living in third dimensional limitation.

Everyone has to make these choices and they are presented every day, in all situations. Each choice for a higher dimension releases all aspects of the lower dimension. It will be difficult to see loved ones who cannot choose the same path we are on but everyone is sovereign in their life and this will be a strong theme for this year. We will be called upon to offer acceptance to others and be removed from their path or else be brought back into their healing journey.

New Portals and Energy Surges

There will be six new portals in 2010 and with them will come energy surges, which are great shifts in the energetic vibrations on the earth. These energy shifts will be concentrated in places where they are most needed but will be felt by everyone. As of this moment, the greatest shifts will be focused in Asia, Africa, parts of Western Europe and the eastern most part of Eastern Europe. These areas carry large amounts of karmic energy, hold many dark secrets and all of these will come to light in the coming year as well as into 2012. Some of these shifts will result in earth changes, such as earthquakes, strong storms with heavy rains and flooding, shifts in temperature and unusual weather. The purpose of these shifts is to re-balance the energies and the most disastrous of them can be avoided if people will learn to connect and work together. They are a message to learn tolerance, to heal, to accept each other, to

The new portals will be in the following months:

February is a strong action month, following the rest and healing of January. It is a time to be clear on what you want. While the opportunities to take action may not be fully present, it is definitely time to be prepared with a clear intention and focus.

March is a time for courage, because much courage will be required of those know that they can no longer continue on the path they are on but who have not yet decided on how to change it. Once the choice for change has been made, the shift will release the connections to all limitations and the path to change is opened and cleared.

June’s portal is more peaceful and calm and the shift between those who have done their work and those who have yet to realize that this is their purpose. At this time, there will be a noticeable difference between those who have completed their healing work and those who have not.

September’s portal is a shift into the new energies of 2011. While 2010 is not yet completed, many will be ready to move on into higher dimensions. And this portal will allow them to do so, not by leaving the planet although that will be a choice that some make, but by shifting completely out of the third dimensional energies.

November’s portal brings in both peace and chaos. This is the beginning of the portals that close the third dimension so it may not be felt by those who have already shifted out of that energy.

December’s portal is a final clearing for this year. It can evoke a mixture of feelings, from relief to anxiety to disinterest, depending on where they are on their path. All of the energies of 2010 have been focused on disconnecting from the third dimensional aspects and those who feel this shift with disinterest are those who do not need a reminder that it is time to disconnect. This portal sets new energies for 2011 that will be focused on the 5th and 7th dimensional energies.

New Partnerships

Many people left partnerships, both romantic and others, in 2009 and some found new partners in that year. More will find partners in 2010 because the clearing work that was necessary to have partnerships that resonated with a higher energy than that of the third dimension has been completed. Two things determine whether this can happen: to be open to having a relationship that is grounded in a higher energy and to be willing to receive a partner.

The Year of Miracles and Blessings

As the third dimension loses power it is replaced with dimensions that resonate at a higher vibration. For eons of time most of humanity resonated with a single dimension. At this time, those who are shifting out of the third dimension are moving into many other dimensions, bringing those energies into the earth’s vibrational matrix. This allows miracles and blessings to occur as the limitations that are part of the third dimensional energy are released and the possibilities that exist in higher dimensions become available. This is a time of powerful manifestation—ask for what you want and know that it will come to you in the highest and best way possible.

Happy 2010, and I wish each of you the blessings of your heart's desire and an abundant, joyful, miraculous year.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman and Archangel Uriel

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