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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and Ronna will guide you through a beautiful meditation taking you into the higher realms of consciousness. They will explain the various pyramids in the fifth dimension: what they are for and how to use them. You will leave an Etheric Replica of yourself in your personal pyramid, which will constantly be infused with the appropriate frequencies of the fifth dimension. These Light frequencies will gradually filter down into your physical vessel, which will assist you to create a fifth-dimensional environment around you. Thousands of people are creating miracles in their lives by using the techniques/wisdom teachings Archangel Michael has given us....................$11 plus S &H12-2 *USING THE UNIVERSAL LAWS OF MANIFESTATION * LIVING EACH DAY AS A MASTER * MEDITATION: INTEGRATING YOUR HIGHER SELF * ..$11. Plus S & H.
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Archangel Michael's Monthly Message


Beloved masters, it is a worthwhile endeavor and often a great adventure to visit the ancient Sacred Sites around the world; however, the most powerful source of the White Fire Essence of Creator Light is within your own Sacred Heart chamber. As you move beyond the distortions of the third- / fourth-dimensional reality into the higher planes of consciousness, your human auric field will once again begin to blaze forth with radiant, purifying Light. Many of you are well on your way to achieving the radiance of an en-LIGHTEN-ed Self-master. When Sacred Love is present, all is in harmony.

There has been some confusion as to the location of what we will call your Sacred Heart chamber, or the Temple of the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart, your Soul and your Diamond Core God cell are all composed of etheric Creator Essence. The location of this inner temple of Light can vary slightly depending on a person's physical structure. It is located at a central point within the body, a little to the right of the physical heart, and situated toward the back of the body, close to the spine. It rests against the etheric Rod of Power that runs from the root chakra, up to the crown chakra, where it connects with the Source column of Light, sometimes called the Silver Cord. Remember, the Sacred Mind and Sacred Fire of the Supreme Creator reside in all things formed and unformed.

The question has been asked: "What is the difference between unconditional love and Sacred Love?" Within all levels of consciousness there is an accepted range of vibrational frequency patterns that you will experience, or the range of duality that has been designed for that stage of development. We call this the SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS, which has a balanced frequency range running through the center. The vibrational frequencies increase with each higher sub-dimensional level you achieve. There is a range of frequencies created especially for the mental body, another range for the emotional body, and a more refined range for the etheric body that must be achieved before you may move to the next higher level. As you move into a more refined, vibrational frequency level, a fragment of your Higher Self, which is attuned to that level, will take up residency within your Soul Star. The Higher Self that has been your OverLighting influence for the last phase of experience will move into your Sacred Heart chamber and merge with your Soul Self.

When we say, "you must seek to express unconditional love to those around you," we mean the highest frequencies of love attainable for that level of Self-expression. The frequencies of love will increase in power and perfection with each more refined level of Self-consciousness you attain. Remember, we have often told you, "pure perfection is only possible within the Essence of the Supreme Creator." Every individual, fragmented Spark of Divinity from the greatest to the smallest will embody and project vibrational patterns that are less than total purity and perfection. Your goal is to integrate the highest frequency patterns achievable at each level of consciousness. When you tap into the wellspring of SACRED LOVE within the Seed Atom of your Sacred Heart Core, you will know without a doubt that the Essence of your God Parents dwells within.

Your Sacred Heart contains a precious Seed Atom of Divine Love from the Goddess so that the Sacred Love of our Divine Mother is always present within, while deep within the Soul is your Diamond Core God Cell containing the White Fire Essence of the Creator so that Divine Will and all the qualities, virtues and attributes of our God Father are available to you. True joy and adoration spring forth from the Sacred Heart and the Soul, where UNITY prevails. From a human perspective it may be difficult to imagine that your Sacred Heart, your Diamond Core God Cell and your Soul are all an intrinsic part of your true Essence. When you focus on the Sacred Heart, it will seem to take a predominant position; when you focus on your Diamond Core God Cell, its power and majesty will come to the fore; and when you seek to connect with your Soul, it will become the blazing Light of Creator Love within your Solar Power Center. So please, dear hearts, do not try to compartmentalize the components of your Essence, for they make up one UNIFIED WHOLE.

It is important that you draw forth the maximum amount of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light into your physical vessel so the Sacred Fire of Creation may be ignited with your pure intention, and so you may then radiate this wondrous gift out into the world. However, ponder this: when was the last time you sought to experience the exquisite feeling of Sacred Love by turning inward into the sanctity of your Sacred Heart? Radiate love to your Mother/Father God inwardly, and feel your Solar Power Center expand with the most profound feeling of love that you have ever experienced. Go inward, beloveds, for your God Parents await you there. In actuality, it is the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God that activates/ignites the Adamantine Particles of God Light that you draw forth from the River of Life.

You are now aware that you have inner-dimensional levels within your brain structure which are attuned to the frequencies of your outer-dimensional world. As you raise your frequency patterns, called your Soul Song, you gradually gain access to the higher frequency levels within your brain structure, your Sacred Mind, as well as the outer-dimensional worlds of the cosmos. All of the memories of pain, suffering and the negative memories stored within your brain structure are gradually being transmuted into higher frequency Light substance. Therefore you will not remember the majority of the negative aspects of your journey, only your successes and the joy and satisfaction you derived in your adventures throughout this Sub-Universe. It is important that you understand this concept that you are on an upward spiral; however, you are now in the process of going back through the past, healing the negative, imbalanced energies and memories as you journey forth into the higher realms of the future. Your journey of ascension is as much an internal journey as it is an onward and upward march in the multiple realms of the physical world.

As a Spiritual/Human Being you are learning to make responsible choices, for you are now aware that your thoughts, feelings and words are the building blocks of your future reality. Moment by moment, YOU are creating the personal reality you will experience in the days and years to come. A responsible person always takes into consideration the consequences of his/her actions. To create a world of balance, peace and harmony, you must learn to expend your allotment of Cosmic energy with purposeful intention and focused detail, which is always directed toward the most beneficial outcome.

When the ego desire body is in control, you easily become a victim of circumstances and of those around you, for you are always seeking validation of Self-worth from the outside world and from other people. Accomplishment, wealth and status are measurements of worthiness in the third- / fourth- dimensional reality; however, a true sense of Self-worth comes from within as you open your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind to the Divine Love / Wisdom / Will-power endowed upon all sentient Beings by our Father / Mother God. Love is the centrifugal force that creates harmony. Hate and fear separate, scatter and destroy the harmonic resonance around you. Gaining spiritual wisdom and understanding the universal laws of Creation will free you from being a slave to fear and will release you from the bondage of superstition. You must be willing to face your imperfections and have the courage to change them or the wisdom to accept them. It is only when you become aware of the ego self and its excessive desires and distorted concepts that you are able to begin the process of returning to wholeness. Are you cultivating the strengths and qualities of your Soul or the wants and weaknesses of your ego? Your attitude determines the altitude and the refinement of your vibrational patterns.

Many of you, the Star Seed, who have been on the Path for a good part of this lifetime, are growing tired of the drama, chaos and suffering in the world, even though you are not directly involved. Your Divine discontent may now include a strong desire to walk away from your responsibilities, toss aside the job that was so important earlier in your life, but which now seems quite meaningless and no longer provides a sense of accomplishment. Your hard-earned, prized possessions have become more like a burden instead of a pleasure. This too is part of the ascension process, beloveds. The term "walking between two worlds" is certainly applicable for many of you at the present time. You are releasing many outmoded concepts and even drastically changing your lifestyle; however, this should not include shirking your responsibilities. You are striving to focus on the good, the positive aspects in any situation, person or circumstance. You are also learning to radiate love and harmony whether you are with a group of spiritual brothers and sisters who project unconditional love and joy, or whether you are in a situation where fear, rejection, jealousy or power struggles are present. It is easy to display or maintain the traits of a master while sitting on a mountain top in the tranquility of nature. However, it is much more difficult to keep your sense of serenity and control in the everyday situations of life. Those who cause you discomfort and dis-ease within are your best teachers. They mirror to you that which needs to be released from deep within so it can be healed. As you change your perception and begin to radiate Love/Light in all situations, those around you will slowly change or they will gradually withdraw from your life. You will have learned the lessons they offered; therefore, they will no longer have an impact on your reality.

However, now that you have resolved many of the external imbalances around you, the healing / harmonizing challenges are now of a more personal nature. So many of you are experiencing bodily distress, strange symptoms and illnesses that vary from mild disturbances to sudden chronic or critical conditions. Your OverSoul senses the level and mode of experience you are ready for at each stage of transformation. These conditions were / are not created as a punishment but are what was determined was or is needed for you to clear and release the deep-seated imperfections which are keeping you from moving forward to the next level or state of Being. Minor accidents, sudden chronic conditions which are difficult to heal, fevers, congestion and so on seem to be rampant among the "budding masters of the world." Therefore, we are bringing to your attention a wondrous healing facility which has been waiting to assist you through these times of physical stress and dramatic change. It is also the reason we encouraged our messenger to compile the booklet outlining some of the major Ascension Symptoms so that you would have a better understanding regarding the radical changes that are taking place internally, along with the more evident outer world changes.

Beloved Bearers of Light, those of you who have earned the right to once again be designated as cocreators of a glorious world to come, must be aware that on the other side of the tests and trials you are now experiencing are the gifts, virtues, qualities and attributes which will supply all you need to become masters of the Living Light. We, your brothers and sisters of the higher realms, await you. You have been sorely missed. The radiance of our Father/Mother God shines down upon you, now and forever more. You are loved most profoundly, I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : E-mail:RonnaStar@earthlink.net

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and Ronna will guide you through a beautiful meditation taking you into the higher realms of consciousness. They will explain the various pyramids in the fifth dimension: what they are for and how to use them. You will leave an Etheric Replica of yourself in your personal pyramid, which will constantly be infused with the appropriate frequencies of the fifth dimension. These Light frequencies will gradually filter down into your physical vessel, which will assist you to create a fifth-dimensional environment around you. Thousands of people are creating miracles in their lives by using the techniques/wisdom teachings Archangel Michael has given us....................$11 plus S &H12-2 *USING THE UNIVERSAL LAWS OF MANIFESTATION * LIVING EACH DAY AS A MASTER * MEDITATION: INTEGRATING YOUR HIGHER SELF * ..$11. Plus S & H.
BOTH 12-1 & 12-2 CD'S:.................................................................... $20. Plus S & H.

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Irelands' Devic Lucidity,Ireland & The Kingdom of Fae,ELEMENTALS,FAIRIES James Tyberonn


Irelands' Devic Lucidity

Ireland produces the most tangible interface of the Elemental Lifeforms than any other place I have as yet examined. Charles Leadbeater - UKTheosophic Society 1913

Ireland & The Kingdom of Fae
The belief in the existence of Fairies, Elves & Pixies most prominently surfaced in the period writings & folklore of medieval Western Europe.

Many notable channels such as Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (Seth Material), Charles Leadbeater ( Theosophical Society) spoke of the validity of the Devic (Fae) Kingdom. Gaia & Metatron have also spoken on this topic.

Elemental beings are of the fourth dimensional Nature World. What we call a fairy is actually an elemental of the air. They take on this appearance only to be recognizable to those humans who have clairvoyant abilities. As they are vibrating at a much higher rate than us we cannot see them. They are invisible to the eyes of the majority of third dimensional beings. When Earth begins her ascension into the 5-12 dimension many will be able to see and communicate with these loving entities. Certain pockets of energy, such as those found in Ireland, are already in this field, and indeed have been for quite a period. The Ascension will further enhance the unique light spectra of parallel and higher dimensional aspects specifically in energies such as Ireland.

** Authors Note Insert - There will be a full channel from Archangel Metatron on the topic of The Kingdom of Fae next month....


Elementals are spiritual entities of a different dimension who tirelessly toil unseen by most of us in the Third Dimension. The elementals of the plant kingdom care for the development of all plant species that spring to life from the soil of Mother Earth. Just as the human body possesses spiritual life energy of love and light, so too does inanimate forms of one kind or another undergoing growth upon or within this planet called Earth. For instance, quartz crystal grows slowly deep within the earth over many millions of years. This growth is nurtured by a loving consciousness of an elemental nature.

Elementals are a fourth dimensional life form attached to anyone of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Elementals of the Earth element include those who assist the Plant Kingdom and those of the Mineral Kingdom.

Greenman is considered by many to be the head of the elemental 'plant' Nature Kingdom and is often depicted in carvings, paintings and glyphs. Other elementals include Ondines, Nymphs or Sprites of the Water Kingdom, Gnomes of the Earth Kingdom, Sylphs of the Air Kingdom and Salamanders and Dragons of the Fire Kingdom. Sylphs of the air sometimes show themselves to humans in the guise of tiny winged creatures we call fairies. They often 'appear' to humans in this form in order to be recognized, but in truth they are light orbs of plasmic bio-electrical nature.


Charles Leadbeater's book, The Hidden Side of Things (1913) described nature spirits, including gnomes, fairies, elfins, sprites sylphs, and elementals in an entire chapter devoted to their energies and nature. Analogies between material, Devic parallels and spiritual evolution literally pepper Madame Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled (1877).

Leadbeater goes on in further lectures and works, to say that certain parts of the world have a somewhat differing type of elementals. He also said that the 'full-spectra energy field' of found in certain areas determined the quantity of the Fae Kingdom as well as the ability to see them. He noted that certain areas of Britain and Ireland were among the richest in Devic energies.

Leadbeater expressed that Ireland, more than any other area he had visited or reviewed, was home to the greatest variety and populace of the Faerie and Elfin Kingdoms, and that those in Ireland were far more willing to interface with humans. That is precisely why so many rich folklores of the Devic exist in Ireland.

There are indeed rich pockets of Devic Beings that timelessly inhabit the green hills and river valleys of Ireland. The Devic Kingdom in Ireland is more tangible, more lucid, than in other places of the planet, and can thus be more vividly experienced.

I experienced this first hand in a trip to Ireland a few years ago. I literally saw blue-green transparent orbs containing visible faeries in several locales, including the Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park and Skellig Michael. It was quite amazing and serendipitous, an unexpected and delightful occurrence. Although I had 'seen' such aerial Devics in other locations including Arkansas, England, Brazil, Canada and Scotland, these were comparatively brief glimpses that did not last long enough to provide certainty that I had truly seen what I felt I saw. In Ireland, the elementals did not appear and disappear in a quick flash, I was able to view them for up to 30 minutes on Skellig, before they dimmed back into total transparency.

Edgar Cayce explained the Devic Kingdom, as being a very real, form of nature consciousness, relating directly to and somewhat projected from the elements of air, water, earth and fire.

While my life-partner Anne & I did have a 10 minute consistent visual of an amazing Devic in the Trossachs of western Scotland, in 1982, I had not experienced the clarity visual since then, until visiting Ireland. And what was presented on Skellig Michael was simply amazing. Literally dozens of orbed faeries and elves flew and scrambled about in small flower gardens and pools at the top and along the slopes. The Faeries in several instances, seem to be aware of me, several particularly attracted to a large Vogel Phi Crystal I had placed on a grassy, flowered patch of land atop Skellig. Two appeared right over it and exuded a delightful energy that made me laugh, instantly & contagiously in pure delight.

One of the differentiating aspects of experiencing Ireland is this unique visual interfacing with incredibly light and delightful beings.

There is available the experience of not only seeing the Devic in lucidity for confirming periods of time, there is also the absolutely awareness of a communication, a knowledge that they are interacting with you. An undeniable sensation of pure bliss.

There is certainly a unique combination of telluric energies and Cosmic alignments at work, that are unique in effect in the amazing synergy of enabling Spiritual opening and lucid tangibility of parallel dimension in the Land of the Emerald Isle.

James Tyberonn

Irelands very unique 'cocktail' of energies include gravity anomalies, ley energies, and telluric blends of rare mineralogy. These symbiotically combine to allow a very lucid visibility of full-spectra life. There are varieties of the Devic in Ireland that do not occur elsewhere, these include the gnome like elementals lorically referred to as the Leprechaun, as well as the 'White Unicorn' often reported in mythology.

The Faeries exist as aerial devics and are extremely lucid in Kerry and Skellig. These are benevolent in nature, very positive in resonance.


" The function of the nature spirits of woodland, meadow, and garden ... is to furnish the vital connecting link between the stimulating energy of the sun and the raw material of the form. That growth of a plant which we regard as the customary and inevitable result of associating the three factors of sun, seed, and soil would never take place if the fairy builders of the Elemetnal Evics were absent" Arthur Canon Doyle - 'The Coming'

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April 8, 2012
ES Ascension News - April 2012


Dear Family,

During the course of entering the current Astrological year, which commences around the Equinox on March 21st, we have been host to a variety of explosive energies and important shifts in the planetary body and its relationship to the Solar, Galactic and Universal bodies. The result of that change in the planetary architecture has a great impact on the future of humanity and the ongoing management of various resources, such as "energy" or power sources at many different levels of usage. For those of us paying attention during this Ascension shift, we are remembering how to return to inner balance and to place a priority on personal and inner spiritual development. As we return to inner balance, a result of spiritual initiation and soul embodiment, we are learning to manifest within a parameter of balanced energy exchanges, which is a necessary new skill. This means the inner light manifests its will, through guided energetic containment and clear purpose that harmoniously interacts with others resonance by respecting the life force of all of its creators. ("Harmoniously" is used within these terms to mean, not generating karmic loads, however, harmony may need to be balanced through conflict, as we observe the discordance existing between the "spiritual light" and the "dead light" creating destruction or completions. This is the credo of the "polarity integrator", whose synthesis of these polarities is the alchemy which creates embodied neutrality.)

This recent planetary shift will (shortly) become a demonstrated support system that impacts how future resources and their energy fields are used to manifest in this physical reality. To create worlds in balanced manifestation, is by placing true value on energy exchanges, by valuing life force, and the original source of that life force, as held within the natural laws of creation. The architecture records all memory as to what energies are sourced from each being, and how all energies are being used, at individual, planetary, and beyond levels. There is no faking this energetic accounting and it is being settled at the end of the cycle, as it is now. This is not a judgment. What it means is that every being must come to terms with their own energy source and draw upon it from within to manifest their will. Since the inner light will not energize shadow manifestations, one must learn to align to their true self in order to manifest.

The power of the ego and its shadow body to manifest physical structures through the superimposition of force on other bodies or hitchhiking on group energies, is crumbling. This is the end of consumptive modeling, which means humanity is in the transition to end parasitic relationships that push ongoing karmic loads onto the backs of others. The "free ride" is coming to an end for the hidden agenda of enslaving others energies through manipulation or vampirism, which creates incredible loads of "dead energy" and phantom spaces.

As we are well aware, the point of external power and how that energy source has been directed (and stolen) has long been the crux of an ancient heated Extraterrestrial dispute, among those shadow selves that intentionally exploit and enslave others on this planet. We are reliving the pinnacle of these disputes now. As a result, the shadow and its energetic imbalances existing in our own lives (and relationships) are being brought blaringly into surface view, as now is the time of Settling Accounts. This shift in the larger field is starting with us, and many of us will undergo these "return to energy balance" corrections, as well as face to transcend the shadow selves, in the months to come.

Desperate Means for Desperate Measures

We all are becoming accountable for our own energies and how we direct them in this physical world, at a level of energetic responsibility that has immediate repercussions. This change has resulted in "desperate means for desperate measures" because the majority of people, and the energies and/or entities controlling them, feel backed into a corner. This creates a lot of desperation in people, and that does not generate good behavior. This also means we have to really discipline ourselves to not feed or reinforce that bad behavior by losing our cool or calm in high pressure situations. If you succumb to feed the bad behavior, and engage with a drama designed for interference, the result at this time is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy. That desperate sensation existing in the external energy field may feel like a wild or feral animal, looking for any vulnerability to pounce and find a way in to extract your light. As one understands the power of the light source and the consciousness that you carry, you become equipped to defend that light, and to direct it (as a divine vessel) to multiply goodness into your life and the lives of others. This prevents the shadow selves from consuming it, thereby energizing its hidden or selfish desires. This is a period where we must find discernment to exercise "tough love" over "idiot compassion", as many desperate beings will attempt to destroy what you are creating in order to consume it, from their blindness or judgment to the larger overview.

Interdimensional Chess Game

As we are literally thrust with great intensity into this new cycle, it comes with quite the "game change" being made to the playing field. Most people are not quite yet aware of that changing playing field, however, many sense the intensity behind the scenes that "the shoe is gonna drop". There is an explosiveness and intensity that is electrifying in the collective fields now. Behind the scenes, with multiple agendas operating on this prison planet, it is similar to an inter-dimensional chess game. If one allows themselves to be in flow as a neutral witness, and act accordingly when the moment is clear to take action, one may note the incredible orchestration of a smooth, yet, complex and deliberate strategy. This strategy in no way sources from your conscious mind, as it is immediate and spontaneous, never pre-meditated.

It is easier to see the incredible patterns of people playing out their respective roles to complete and contribute some part of the orchestration that is completing this dark cycle on planet earth. As within the Art of War, this deliberate strategy is required to play out each part fully, and yet this at its highest causation, is not a game of human ego. It is a game existing between the most immense and powerful forces imaginable. Yet it is our human being that is the game piece directing these forces on the chess board. As we are held out as the pieces to play the game out on the interdimensional chessboard, that allows for two choices. One may act from the wisdom and clarity to be consecrated as the divine vessel of God Spirit, or be jacked around by the ego domination of its shadow self, to be pushed around the board like a lifeless pawn.

Casting Judgment Destroys

These forces are immense and without an inner spiritual rudder, can throw you to the wall and to your knees with an effortless swipe. Without the ego checked at the door and the superficial masks removed, this is a very difficult time to get entangled and be wound up with the perceived wrongs, injustices and brutal betrayals that are around us at this time. This time has a similar energy as a "witch-hunt", trolling for something or someone to take the blame for your pain and be the symbol of "wrongdoing". This time forward will bring many of these life circumstances to the surface, for many it is perceived as a "wrong-doing" from the ego mind of the shadow self. For many people this is an unconscious (or conscious) playing out of lifetimes of unresolved karmic memories. This sense of "injustice" and the need to extract some kind of justice through personal vengeance or self-righteousness, will become increasingly common in the external world. This dark overlay makes people desperate for a sense of meaning in their lives and to feel justice in this world. Some people will believe it is their job to extract justice from others in whatever way their shadow mind and their manipulators tells them is real. Some people will think it is their job to preach for others to repent their sins to some angry god. Others will believe it is their job to correct others life path and attack their efforts or projects. Unfortunately in all cases with dark manipulation, no one wins, even if it is believed to be just, as everyone can get hurt. This is a grave mistake of ego, to condemn through judgment, destroys, rather than saves.

However, as these explosive circumstances rear themselves, conflicts and tensions are designed to bring the clarity required to see the circumstance and the players accurately. This is the positive opportunity hidden within these challenges. What has existed as imbalanced power exchanges, false friends, false priorities and other superficial or hidden motivations are being brought to your personal attention. Where there is something or someone that has access or influence to your life, (your personal energy field), if it is hidden and not declaring itself in transparency, its hidden motive will explode on the scene of your life to make immediate "corrections". Bang! Now that's divine protection! You see the weakness of interference, and are able to make corrections to secure your field immediately.

The Law of Concentric Circles

Imagine you can see rings of energy spheres surrounding your core consciousness that exist within many layers of concentric circles, all fitting easily and moving in fluid harmony within each other. As you become aware of your energy body, you start to realize that these concentric circles are liquid light rippling outward from your core, and that is your inner life force, comprising your spiritual light bodies and consciousness. This is your energy reservoir, an intrinsic part of your spiritual being, to create and experience your life stream throughout many lifetimes. Like a serene and placid lake, rippling out circles of light, you note how the colored rings directly travel and easily attract an exchange to a vast One Concentric Circle that flushes pulses of pure liquid light into your heart centers, of which then circuit the pulsing life force throughout your entire being. The sensation is of being fully alive, and is blissful, connected, safe, secure and loving, you know that you are an abundant child of the Universe. You realize God Creator is exchanging with your light body massive amounts of life force nourishment that allow you to continually expand your consciousness and express your highest creation, while dancing with all other creators in harmony. Every cell in your being pulses with the inner will to do so, to create, to love, to express. The inner knowing is aware that there is plenty of life force for everyone that seeks it, as it exists from the inside of your heart, which connects directly to the heart of God Source.

Moving through many life experiences on earth the energy ripples in your field constrict and many energy colors are now missing. As you scan your energy body you see many people lodged in your energy body located in various levels and layers of the concentric circles. You see that some light bodies are even gone, as they were consumed and used by others that thought that they could take your energy body without asking you. From tracking your missing light body you find other people abundant, successful and that they have been using your body as the light source to manifest, rather than accessing the God source from within their own being. You start to not feel well, as the life force has been drained from your personal light body. The drain is so rapid, the vast One Larger Concentric circle, the God Source, has been fully disconnected from your heart and energy body. There is no longer any portion of your light body left in order to exchange or connect with the One God Source. The pain of disconnection is felt, your heart shuts down, and the lack of nourishment and the depletion of creativity become apparent. You are starting to feel lifeless and depressed. From the inner knowing, you realize you have to take action, reclaim your energy bodies again, and evict those beings that had inhabited your light body for their own personal gain or ignorance. You also check yourself to see where you may have taken others energies that did not belong to you, and you ask for forgiveness for its return to the rightful owner. As you reclaim your light bodies and reclaim your energies, those people that were living in your energy field, were happy manifesting their desires, and now they are not. Their reality is falling apart. They cannot manifest anymore what they want. They believe it is your fault and get very angry. Some people will listen when you tell them that they can access the living energy of God from inside themselves, they do not need to take your energy, and they happily change their focus, while others do not. The others do not want to change as it requires they stop manifesting from their lower desires. From this experience you realize you have to take better care of your light bodies and be responsible for all of your energies. This strengthens your energy core as you return to energetic balance. Now, with your returned light, you are able to manifest the highest potential of your spiritual expression in partnership with God Source. Filled with the wisdom these experiences have brought you, happiness and fulfillment are returned in the joyous moment, knowing that you are fully connected and always will be, with the eternal sustenance of the Source Light.

Through the Return to Rightful Owner, the Law of Concentric Circles is that which define the energetic source signature (life force) and return it back to the energetic body or to the "original creator" for its direct use for spiritual expansion, creative expression and manifestation. Conversely, all energy that one has taken from others energetic bodies, (that have not been appropriately exchanged in balance), must be given back. This is the benevolent action being applied in this cycle, that require we learn to self-source our own manifestations. Anything one puts forth into the world, their consciousness and energy signature is present, their unique spiritual inspiration is imbued within it. Whether it is energetic life force or a manifestation of your life's work, manifest or unmanifest, if it is connected to you or through you, and has been taken or used from imbalance, it is returning. And vice versa. (However, one must learn to behave in accordance to the Law and not continually steal energies that are not theirs to use. In this case penalties and suffering will ensue.) All energetic exchanges must be settled, and in this way, within the Law of Concentric Circles, there are NO DISPUTES. The Universal Laws of Creation are this "just", there is no mind involved to determine it. It is what it IS, as the Law of Creation, without judgment. The life force is tracked, the energy signature is known, the energy is measured and the Great Universe dispenses its ruling as it Returns to the Rightful Owner. As this cycle accelerates and many people are dismantled from their manifestations, naturally without context, this creates a ball of energetic confusion and chaos in the collective. Practice participating with aligned energetic exchanges (where a personal resonance is present) and giving energetic value to life force, in whatever form the energy takes, when it shows up in present awareness. One will be way ahead of transcending the rampant collective poverty consciousness, by understanding that this change is present in the planetary architecture, which will continue to enforce this change in the laws of manifestation in the future.

Overcoming Self Doubt

By now most of us that have taken the intermediate to advanced pathway in the Ascension, have been flung into the frying pan to "learn as you go". At this level of experience, we in the light family know they "crucify the Christ" on this planet. Regardless of that fact, we came anyway during the end cycle to change that event and help transition this world by bringing God's promise of freedom and eternal life to all. This is the hidden light to be revealed inside our own bodies. Before we are capable to be this divine chalice, we must find God existing within our own image and restore energetic balance to our bodies through inner spiritual sustenance. As we face the created shadow and compare its reflection to the eternal light that radiates from inside us, the radiated light consumes the shadow reflection. From this experience, of facing the shadow to find God, we become knowers that there is nothing else in this realm but the radiated light of this eternal truth in Source. No Light can come from the perpetration of evil, while evil can be vanquished by the propagation of Light.

While in this spiritual process of energetic mastery, (of which some of us have no other choice but to participate) we are placed in the throes of extremes. During these end times, extremes are coming at us from every direction, which is similar to learning how to be an energetic "kung fu master", staying in your core, locking down your field, no matter what. This is the "dark arts" discipline. Know that self-doubt takes you out of your core, and allows weakness to overtake you. Dark entities (shadow) know this very well and will jump on any vulnerability to weaken effectiveness and clarity. There is a progression of learning that is "exacting" in these mastery stages. First stage, you will need to overcome the weakness from believing in yourself, and overcoming any self-doubt by calling upon "Faith". Without overcoming self-doubt, you will not get to the stage of having strong and immovable "Faith". As one places all of their consciousness power in faith, faith in yourself, faith in God, faith in the goodness that is present, one will be exploited for weaknesses created by any place of lingering self-doubt. When in Doubt, Apply Faith. One cannot get to the sensory ability (present in the spiritual body) of "direct knowing" through the process of self-doubt. Never will doubt lead to knowing.

As one masters the application of faith to replace self-doubt, as one pays attention to life lessons to strengthen the core and rid the body of shadow, the process of "knowing" begins. Through strong faith overcoming self-doubt, the spiritual body can anchor into the core, to which the experiences of direct cellular knowing occur. As one shifts from learned "faith" to direct "cellular knowing", there is nothing anyone on the external can say, through harassment, or criticism, to move you away from the core truth living inside of you.

Until one reaches the place inside themselves to experience "direct knowing", practice applying strong faith. Make an effort to eradicate self- doubt. Look within to the places where you do have knowing and apply all the faith you have there. Faith strengthens, while Doubt weakens.

Gridworker Update

As we entered the new cycle, the week of the March Equinox, this time was very difficult for many people that are sensitive, empaths, or gridworkers. In this year and ongoing, there are anticipated and accelerated frequency shifts creating portal networks specifically in the Four Corners Area of the United States'. This is an area of Hopi Prophecy and Hopi protection, which include both human and Extraterrestrial Guardians working together to protect these areas of the planet from destruction and infiltration. That dedication has been a long, hard and painful existence, for the many that have held the portal open for these times, they are nearing the primary reason they have incarnated here for many eons. During that week many Starseeds, (and Indigos) were called to protect this area from an invasion attack concerning a black hole technology being used to destroy the area, destroy the nature and destroy the portal from communications and spiritual access. When attempts like this are used by the Negative Alien Agenda, they will almost always use patterns of destruction present from other timelines to hijack those fields to be directed "en masse", into the current time field. This was exactly what happened the week of March 21st, and into March 26th.

That week was the anniversary of the first use of a negative alien technology, which is designed to reverse black holes on the horizontal grid networks, placing huge rips in the time /space fabric. Visually it looks similar to a large circular cone, a "portal vacuum", where it sucks a massive amount of life force, including plants, animals, and nature elementals, into its "black hole" leading to dead energy or phantom spaces. When it operates it renders the earth landscape, "energetically dead" and barren. For sensitives or beings that can see this happening, the pain is excruciating. The anniversary of that date was March 23rd , it was used to create the same event again to attempt to destroy the Four Corners Network from opening communication portals that allow more benevolent E.T's, Blue Star Families and other Christed intervention to access this dimension and help the planet at this time. They were not entirely successful, albeit created damage. Many of us in contact with ET's were contacted during that week (or earlier weeks) by Benevolent's for various reasons, such as preparation, introduction, contact and support. Others that were not consciously aware of this event, felt a dark, black cloud of despair, either in the planet, near them or around them, and it was very difficult to endure. The depth of the dark cloud of melancholy depression, for most, has lifted by now. However, we now have a tremendous amount of shadow debris and astral gunk to filter out and move away from this active portal network, and other areas, as we work with the benevolent teams in partnership, to clean up this mess. This shadow debris is landing on people and ( without clearing tools) making them act out the negativity of its energy impact.

The Four Corners Area is to be an area of accelerated Extraterrestrial contact, a communication hub and interdimensional port, which will become more prevalent this year and ongoing. Contact is personal at this time due to the extreme fragility of the human mental bodies and explosive dynamics present on earth. However, as mentioned last month, guidelines for positive contact and preparation for those communications, is suggested for Starseeds, that have not been contacted already. Overcoming fear, self-doubt and the tendency to glamourize E.T.'s is critical for successful contact. Some contact will be applied through dream state, telepathy, virtual realities, computer technologies, ufo sighting and some dark arts training is needed to discern and enforce who you allow to communicate with you. Do not accept blindly what anything is telling you, use your 12 D shield, employ boundary testing and appropriate guidelines for establishing rules (on your terms) for contact.

Additionally in the human 3D realm, because of this aggressive feral energy, the patriarchal mind and its energy distortions, as they apply to these structures, are extremely amplified to the point of total chaos and utter insanity. Software programs (mind control) around the archetype of "False King of Tyranny" and "Crown of Thorns" (a type of crucifixion implant in the logos) are both false constructs tied into the legal, financial, religious, and corporate operations, with those male dominates (women also polarized in male tyranny or enslavement) who drive division through war and economies, through the use of force, fear, control, insanity and terrorism - is off the charts.

The pressure is so great to the weakened body and mind, for the unprepared person who has been heavily brainwashed, that insanity and spinning out of control through these software programs are very present. It is very saddening, however staying in observer mode is necessary to not be pulled into the abyss created by those that are floundering, or attacking, without the inner rudder. We are most effective as embodied beacons of light, the Lighthouse, and we must protect our boundaries and know our limits. To our planetary stewards and leaders, it is not effective to let anyone take you out, hijack your mission, or drain your blood. Defend yourself and stay clear of idiot compassion. We are in the crux of the heated conflict and in some cases, it calls for triage measures.

We are in the best of times and worst of times. We sit in the timeline of where every single moment counts, there is no other place in the Universe where we can do what we came here to do, like we have the opportunity to accomplish RIGHT NOW. Remember who you are, and that you came here for this, because you wanted to help, because you valued life. Know we are in this together, and you are never alone.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.
Love Always, Lisa
© 2012, Lisa Renee
This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human's to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love - We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification - The Christ Principle - as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!
And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
© 2010-2012, Lisa Renee
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2012 Network of Consciousness by Archangel Michael through Natalie Glasson

2012 Network of Consciousness by Archangel Michael
22-04-12- Channelled through Natalie Glasson

With angelic love I come forward to connect with your energies, uniting the Creator aspect within us as one source of light. I am Archangel Michael; I come forward to you with a sacred message about the unity between your land and the Archangels at this special time of transformation upon the Earth. I wish for you to know that the Angelic Kingdom are supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity whole heartedly and that we are ready to truly be of service to you, lending our energy to create such tremendous change on the Earth. The energy of the Angels and Archangel is deeply appropriate to support the Earth as the vibration needed upon the Earth and within each being is a selfless love, which we can assist in activating. In order for the Earth's ascension a greater volume of love is needed on the Earth but this love must flow from the hearts and souls of humanity. It is now time for you to take responsibility of your own ascension and that of the Earth and its civilisation. In truth the energy and expression of love is the only way to activate and achieve further ascension, this is why we, the Angels, known for our loving vibration are stepping forward to be of greater service.

We wish to share with you some important information about the coming time upon the Earth. Many of you are, have and will visit what you know as sacred sites upon the Earth, places of sacred energy, power points or energy vortexes. There isa need for many of you to anchor your high vibrational energies into these areas as you will change the vibration of the sacred sites from the old energy to the new energies of ascension. Many of the sacred sites were aligned to assist ascension in the past but as each person or group visits the sacred sites they are altering the vibration and alignment of the sites so that the presently needed alignments and energy vibrations can manifest. In truth I am saying that your sacred sites are changing from old energy to new energy. This doesn't mean that you will lose your heritage or the past wisdom or purpose of the sacred sites, you will always understand and remember this knowledge within your being but the sacred sites will change to hold an alignment and purpose that is appropriate for this current era. Sacred sites will activate but they may not activate into their original purpose but will be activated to give to humanity what is needed. It is a great time of transitions as the energy portals and even the chakras transform to achieve a new purpose for the Earth. The sacred sites will always remain sacred but may begin to offer a different service to humanity. The Earth is letting go of the past also, but humanity is also remembering the sacred energies and skills of their past allowing for the sacred past energies to be anchor into the Earth in new appropriate ways for your times. The purpose for all energy points upon the Earth will alter as their alignment with the Creator shifts. Please do not hold any fear because of my message, the Earth is simply transforming and realigning in the same way that you are at this time. Many people when visiting sacred or energetic sites upon the Earth in 2013 will notice the difference in the energy and purpose of these sites; each will be unique but a greater power and radiance will be expressed. Some sites will be reformed into their original purpose but with different energetic and vibrational alignments.

Another piece of important information that I wish to share with you is the fact that an Archangel has been assigned and aligned to each of your sacred or energetic sites upon the Earth. Each site will be aligned to a different Archangel so that the diverse qualities of the Archangels can be anchored into the Earth. A quality will be expressed into the sacred and energetic sites from the Archangel allowing the energy to flow with abundance into the Earth and around these special sites. A different Archangel has also been assigned to each of the Earth's chakras to ensure that a wealth of the most appropriate qualities is expressed from the Archangel into the Earth. This means that the sacred qualities of the Archangels are merging and integrating with the Earth but more importantly we must remember that these qualities are of the Creator's mighty soul. The Archangel s are working to allow the energetic sites and chakras to truly embody their quality. This will mean that much negativity from the past and present will be dissolved allowing for a deep healing, cleansing and energising to take place.

In areas where there are a number of sites in one area an Archangel will oversee the entire area. If you are visiting a sacred or energetic site you may wish to connect to discover the Archangel overseeing this site so that you may also embody the quality and assist the Archangel by allow the quality to be anchored through your being while you are present at the sacred site. It is a most beautiful achievement as when you travel away from the point of anchoring for the quality you will be radiating the quality into and across the land. With many people travelling all over the world or even to their local energetic places we see that the qualities of the Archangels will be begin to merge and so the quality of one Archangel will be taken to another energetic point and so further integration of the Creator's light will occur. You may also find that you are inspired to connect with a place upon the Earth whether it is physically or in meditation as a connection with a certain Archangel is needed. Through this process of realising that Archangels are working with sacred energy centres on the Earth we will also allow for new Archangels to be discovered that will assist in leading the way in this time of transitions. Please be open and receptive if you find that an Archangel that you connect with is unfamiliar to you, welcome this Archangel, its mission and devotion to the Earth.
Around the time of 12/12/12 for a period, the Archangels will align themselves with greater intensity to the sacred sites of the Earth and will anchor a new level of consciousness for humanity to accept into the Earth. The sacred, energetic and chakra sites of the Earth will overflow with this new consciousness being channelled from the Creator through the Archangels and into the Earth. This will create a continuously flowing network of light and consciousness linking all the sacred sites into a vast network of energy. The new consciousness anchored by the Archangels will continue to flow creating a rise in the vibration of the Earth, humanity will be able to open their heart especially as well as their minds to receiving this consciousness. If you are near an energetic point or the network that is built you will be able to feel the intensity of the consciousness being anchored or you can simply connect through meditation. The consciousness may be extremely intense when you accept it wholeheartedly into your beings, cells, body and spiritual body, it may create an overwhelming sense of deep meditation within your being as the consciousness of new wisdom, light, codes and vibrations create transformation. Some may feel as if they need to rest, that their mind isn't working as it was or a feeling of a quickening vibration overtaking their entire being. This experience will pass and you will return to your normal state but you may feel a deep transformation within your being. As the new consciousness flows many people when connecting with the consciousness could experience great visions, inspirational guidance and enlightenment. The wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will be fed into the consciousness network will be immeasurable.
This process of a network of consciousness flowing for many days across the entire Earth will be felt by all, there will be a need for many to act as anchors to maintain the network upon the Earth, others will be guided to act as a cleansing source of light to ensure that the network isn't harmed or destroyed in any way. Many people will be guided together to achieve this purpose supporting the great network of consciousness that will unfold creating much transformation on the Earth and within the souls of many.

It will be important at this time to allow yourself to be receptive to the consciousness anchoring as many will be able to grasp wisdom and inspiration that they have been waiting to receive. Please keep my words within your mind; many occasions such as the one I have spoken of today will occur regularly in the future.
Please remember that now is the time for preparation, clearing and empowering the positive energies within your being so that they can be magnified by the energy of the Creator, you will then be able to accept new consciousness from the network of consciousness created by the Archangels upon the Earth.

In love,
Archangel Michael

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22 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Golden Dolphins Easter Message

Dear Friends, How do you play? To view a movie about how “play” disappears in our lives watch or re-watch Big (1988) with Tom Hanks. It is the story of how a boy wishes to be “Big.” He is transformed into a 35 year old. Hank’s character takes on the rules of being an adult and looses “play” in his life. He decides to go back to where “play” was part of his life and he makes another wish. Nina describes play as “An esoteric, supramental state of infinity (bliss) consciousness which allows for the quantum leap of electrons to create possibilities that are outside of conditioned memory. These new possibilities are gifted by the Divine Creator, who is the only one, the One behind the one, who can gift new possibilities. Pure delight, abandonment. The most esoteric of all esoteric words. A state of being in the Now.” In the Easter message from the Golden Dolphins, we were reminded again of the importance of play in personal and collective evolution: “We wish to convey the importance of this statement by sharing that is how we live our lives. Each precious moment we experience is in the light of play and joy. Look to us as an example, as a model of this way of being. You ask so often, what is play? How can it be that we are to play at all times? How do we get our job done? How do we drive the car safely when we are playing as we drive? These are all appropriate questions, and we come to you now with the answers. Play is being in the “Now.” That is the definition, dear ones. Play is being in the “Now.” When a child “goes out to play” do they have worries about the expectations of others? Do they think about the past? Do they think about the future? When a child is at play, they are in the moment with whatever it is that they are doing. Why has this joy for the experience of the moment disappeared in the lives of the adult? Where is the joy, the laughter, that was so present in childhood? Why did it disappear? You know the answers. We have told you often, “You take yourself too seriously.” The constraints and the vice of the collective consciousness have suppressed joy, laughter and play. We are here today, on this day of resurrection, to share with you that play is returning to the planet. As the energies of the golden dolphins return, so is the energy of play, joy and laughter. They are the same.” Read the full message here. Blessings to all as we rediscover play and embrace it joyfully in our lives. We hope you’ll come “play” with us soon! With great appreciation, The Golden Dolphin Team

16 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

A Message From VERONICA Purpose


"What is my purpose?

Who am I?

I forgot.

I thought I knew once but so many events blurred exactly what it was.

The confusion envelops you as the circular motion of blocked life force attempts to proceed on its course to a preconceived heaven.

What is heaven anyway?

...An often asked question about the utopia of the soul as it succeeds in its perceived tasks necessary for its evolution.

We venture to state that heaven is more of a state of soul accomplishment rather than a place of existence. It is a notion in the mind's eyes of the physical that dangles like a carrot in front of you on your way to salvation.

From a spirit perspective every moment of existence is a heavenly moment. Each event, death, birth, choice and conclusion is a gift and reward.

Your purpose universally is to evolve and be more than before. The details range widely through all experiences.

Individual purposes are revealed when you are ready to hear the truth. The truth resonates within you whether you choose to accept it or not. We have often relayed the personal truths of those who have asked, however, acceptance is not a natural given for most.

So if you are driven to reconnect with your purpose be prepared to accept the potential of it being a surprise that will later resonate within you.

Give it some thought.

As you connect, revelation will be imminent.

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon Entering the Solar Storms

A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon
Entering the Solar Storms

Entering the Solar Storms

A correction to the latest Hathor message

For the sake of clarity I would like to bring to your attention an error in the last Hathor message (Entering the Solar Storms).

The error occurred in a section called Micro-Wormholes, in which the Hathors discuss a relationship between the mitochondria and the KA body.

The mitochondria are the energy producers of the cells and are located in the cytoplasm of the cells, not the nucleus of the cells. This was an editing error on my part, and I do apologize for the confusion.

While most people wouldn’t notice this difference in location when working with the technique, some people with advanced understanding and sensitivity would notice a difference.

For the sake of accuracy, please refer to the corrected version on our website by clicking Entering the Solar Storms.

Tom Kenyon

Please be advised that Tom and Judi are transiting through Oceania into Asia and will not have good communication until after April 23. They read and appreciate every single email you send, but cannot answer questions or respond until they have Internet re-established in Asia.

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Note:This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique energy-body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity. For those unfamiliar with the KA—your KA body is an “invisible” second body that is the same shape and size as your physical body. This energy body both envelops the physical body and interpenetrates it. This body is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. The KA shares similarities with what is called the Chi body in some traditions (Taoism) and with the pranic body or etheric body in certain yogic traditions. By its nature, the KA can draw to itself and then into the physical body, highly benevolent energies that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution.

As we indicated in an earlier message on January 3, 2011, you have been entering a period of increased solar activity for some time. We strongly urge that you read that message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, in order to understand the deeper levels of what we will be discussing.

You are now entering a more heightened period of solar and galactic activity in which the magnetosphere of your Earth is being struck by erratic and increasingly strong streams of solar energy.

You will be seeing an ever-increasing number of solar flares and fluctuations that are highly unusual. These fluctuations in the sun are being driven by internal forces, as well as by streams of energy from the central sun of your galaxy. Adding to this complexity of interactions are high intensity streams of energy from deep space. The magnetic field of your sun is being affected, and in point of fact, it is being twisted, contorted, and all of this is having an effect upon the magnetic field of your Earth and the magnetic fields of your bodies. With increased solar activity of this type, you will see an ever-increasing intensity of weather anomalies, as well as increased earthquake and volcanic activity.

The focus of our message here is not on the physical aspects but the emotional and spiritual aspects of this solar activity. As we said in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, these types of solar fluctuations increase emotional volatility and irrational behavior. Many of you are, no doubt, finding yourselves irritable for no particular reason. Sleep disturbances are also a common aspect of this change in solar activity.

As you enter this heightened solar storm phase we have two suggestions that will allow you to navigate through these increased levels of energy. The first is the simplest and is thoroughly discussed in our message, Partaking From the Solar Winds, so we will not discuss it here. A second method allows you to soothe your physical body through the water element. We are referring here to another previous message, called Medicines of Light. In this method you charge water with intentionality from your BA or Celestial Soul. The original message dealt with protecting yourself from viruses, bacteria, and radioactivity. We would refer you to that message so you understand the method clearly.

In this use of the Medicine of Light, you will charge the water with the intention of soothing your physical body, so that it is able to adjust to the erratic nature of the solar energies more efficiently and with greater grace. An ideal time to create this type of Medicine of Light is just before going to sleep. Then the Medicine of Light, through the water element, will communicate with the intracellular and intercellular fluids of your body, which will impart a calming and balancing effect.

Introducing this Medicine of Light before your rest cycle will have a very beneficial affect upon you while resting and during the next cycle of activity. We are saying “rest cycle” rather than sleep because for many of you, sleep is a highly questionable activity, as it is increasingly disturbed or disrupted. We suggest during these resting cycles you let go of your attachment to sleep as you have known it. As you become more at peace with the situation, you will find that you can regenerate yourself in shorter periods of deep relaxation.

When you awaken at night, or whenever you are resting, we suggest you use the method we suggested in Partaking from the Solar Winds to charge your KA body. Since you are awake you might as well take this opportunity to charge your KA.

As you work with this you will find that you can regenerate and re-energize yourself in shorter periods of time than you have been able to in the past.

There is a third method we would like to offer those of you who have an advanced understanding of your KA.


Your KA body interpenetrates your physical body and is the same shape and size as your physical form. There is no part of your physical body that is outside of your KA, and by its very nature when you charge your KA body with energy, the overflow of excess energy goes into the organs of your physical body, which increases your health and vitality.

Your KA body is composed of innumerable particles of etheric light, and within this body of light there are nexus points. These nexus points within your KA link to the mitochondria of your cells. Mitochondria are the energy producers, the power plants in the nuclei of your cells. The only cells that do not have a nucleus are your red blood cells. It has been estimated that you have more than one trillion cells in your body, thus there are over a trillion mitochondria. These mitochondria are linked to your KA through a multitude of micro-wormholes.

It is possible to bring your awareness into this level of your body so that you are aware of your mitochondria and can sense the wormholes into your KA. These wormholes are intracellular portals into the higher vibratory nature and reality of your KA. By opening these portals through intention you can greatly affect the flow of excess energy from your KA into your physical body.

This allows your physical body to more easily attune itself to the more rapid vibratory reality of your KA. It is through your KA that you ascend into higher vibratory realities. Through the portals of your mitochondria you can assist your physical body to adapt more easily to this rapid acceleration.

We now wish to turn our attention to the emotional quandary of your situation. By its very nature, both the acceleration of time and the increase of vibratory realities purge your unconscious mind.

As we said previously, you will note a general increase in emotional volatility and impulsive irrational behavior. If you are not experiencing these effects yourself, you have, no doubt, noted this occurring among your fellow humans.

You are living in a paradoxical duality. As the old energetic realities fall apart, new energetic realities are being birthed. But it is human nature for people to be attached to the way things used to be, to the ways they expect. Yet much of the way things have been is coming to an end. The world as you have known it, is ending. And a new world is being birthed.

The Quandary of the Human Heart

One of the greatest casualties in this process is the human heart. We recognize and sense a deep sadness and despair in the collective human heart. Part of this is due to the disintegration of realities and your attachments to them. After all, what do you build your dreams on when the foundations of your world are crumbling?

Another aspect of this difficulty in the heart has to do with the toxic nature of your planet’s emotional atmosphere. As the solar energies increase, the tensions between polarities become ever more apparent. The polarization of human consciousness between those who would imprison and those who would free the human spirit are becoming clearer and clearer.

We would offer two suggestions as a means to deal with these challenges to your heart.

It is through your heart that new realities are birthed—by this, we mean realities worth living. Our first suggestion may seem overly simplistic, and yet as is often the case, the simplest things are frequently the most powerful. However you do this is not important. What is important is that you create an emotional antidote in yourself to the toxic poisoning of your planet’s emotional atmosphere.

As hatred and intolerance increase, you must find a passage through this darkness. The simplest and most efficient way we know is for you to find the smallest things in your life that you appreciate, and to take a few moments to dwell on these feelings of appreciation throughout your day. It does not matter how small these feelings of appreciation may be. From the tiniest seeds of appreciation great things can arise. The vibratory state of appreciation, or gratitude, is an extraordinary antidote to emotional poisoning. We strongly suggest you cultivate this ally as you move through this next cycle of solar storms.

Finally, we are offering a sound meditation based on the heart chakra. This is from a previous Hathor Intensive. The first phase of this sound meditation rotates and activates energies within the heart chakra for the purpose of clearing. The second phase of the meditation is calming and nurturing. We believe you will find this sound meditation to be another helpful ally.

As you enter this new phase of solar storms understand that they are extraordinary opportunities for evolutionary advancement. They are also, paradoxically, fraught with dangers for devolution due to their intense nature. If you resist the energies of acceleration, you will experience great difficulties in this passage. If you embrace these energies and master them—finding a way to navigate through them with appreciation and a good dose of humor—you will find greater freedom. This freedom of which we speak is a freedom of the human spirit, mind and heart. It resides in a level of consciousness untouched by the dualities of your earthly existence.

The Hathors
April 1, 2012

Tom's Thoughts and Observations

First of all, I would like to acknowledge that there has been quite a bit of time between the last two Hathor messages. Whenever I went to them and inquired about the lack of a new message they said that they had already communicated everything that needed to be said up to that point. And when the time was ready—meaning poised for another shift—they would give a new message.

The fact that they have come forward with a new message at this time indicates to me that the proverbial shit is getting ready to hit the fan—yet again.

Medicines of Light

I have found their method for creating Medicines of Light to calm and balance the physical body during sleep, or as they call it, sleep cycles, to be quite helpful. And the more I create these Medicines for myself, the better I get at it. I suspect the same will be true for many of us. The method is definitely worth the effort, and if I am reading the Hathors’ tone correctly, this Medicine of Light will become increasingly important as we enter more deeply into this next phase of the solar storms.


I was quite intrigued by their comments about the existence of micro-wormholes between the mitochondria of our cells and the nexus points of light in our KAs. I asked them about this after the channeling session, and they said that this was a very complex and rich field of information, which they planned to discuss in future messages.

I, however, wanted more information about this sooner than later and suspected that many readers would want the same. When pressed, my mentors said that these micro-wormholes are bridges between dimensions of vibration, meaning between the density of matter (our bodies) and the less-dense light realms of our KAs.

The Hathors experience all dimensions as one continuum. In other words, the lower vibratory realities of our physical bodies are intimately connected to the higher vibratory realities of our consciousness. The demarcations between matter and consciousness are largely a self-limiting concept according to them. By working with our own mitochondrial micro-wormholes, we can more consciously bridge dimensions as they express themselves in our bodies.

Finally, according to the Hathors, holding an awareness of these mitochondrial wormholes while residing in a state of appreciation or gratitude will greatly amplify their energetic effects.

The Quandary of the Heart

I often find myself in the midst of many conflicting emotional states during the course of a day, or even in the passing of an hour…sometimes within minutes to be honest.

One minute I can be surfing the waves of cosmic energy with a detached amusement and at times, even bliss. The next moment I can be falling head over heals into the “waves” of self-created emotional turmoil.

I have noticed that my emotional “wipeouts” occur when I have lost my center, and it has become crystal clear to me that it is not so much what happens around me as it is my reaction to what I “think” is happening that determines my emotional state.

The point that the Hathors make regarding the increasingly toxic nature of our planetary emotional atmosphere is right on in my opinion. Their simple recommendation for cultivating an emotional antidote to this collective toxicity by taking time to appreciate the small things in life is disarmingly effective. I have tested this suggestion on numerous occasions, and I can honestly say that it works exceedingly well.

The Heart Chakra Sound Meditation

The heart chakra sound meditation that they refer to is posted in the Sound Gifts section of the website (www.tomkenyon.com).

When you click on any of the sound links below, you will be taken to the Listening Agreement in the Sound Gifts section of the website (www.tomkenyon.com). After you read and click on the Agreement, you will have access to all the free audio files in the Sound Gifts section. By the way, I have added three new lecture excerpts to the Sound Gifts section including one titled My First Experience With the Hathors.

The meditation the Hathors refer to in this message is titled Heart Chakra Sound Meditation: A Shamanic Hathor Sound Exploration. There are some listening suggestions in the main body of the text, and at the end of that copy there is a link to the audio file, which you can listen to and/or download.

For those of you who have been following the Hathor Planetary Messages for some time, this sound meditation is energetically quite different from the Heart Dimensional Attunement, which they gave in a previous message (see Sound Gifts). That Heart Attunement was created to “attune” the Heart to future possibilities and timelines.

However, this particular Heart Chakra Sound Meditation was created to bring into conscious awareness patterns of emotional response that you hold within your own heart. From this perspective, emotional freedom arises out of clarity, not denial. Thus the first part of this sound meditation is quite catalytic in that it vibrates and rotates locked energy patterns within your heart chakra. For some people this phase can be a little like breaking through armament while for others it can be a fairly gentle process of letting go. The last phase of the sound meditation imparts calming, healing and restorative energies to the newly cleansed heart. I personally find this sound meditation to be a helpful ally, and I listen to it on a somewhat regular basis especially when I feel emotionally overwhelmed or blocked.

If you have the time and the inclination to explore your heart chakra more deeply, you might experiment with listening to this sound meditation two or three times in the same listening session. I have personally found that listening to it a second or third time in succession often reveals deeper levels of insight and, at times, deeper levels of healing as well.

According to my Hathor mentors, it is not generally a good idea to listen to the two meditations (the Heart Chakra Sound Meditation and the Heart Dimensional Attunement) in back-to-back listening sessions unless you are prepared to deal with major emotional and energetic phenomena.

Links to the previous Hathor messages mentioned in this posting are also noted below. If you are reading this online you can just click on the link. If you were forwarded this message or you are reading it in some other format, you can find the Hathor Postings in the Hathor Archives of the website (www.tomkenyon.com.) The audio files are on the web site under the Sound Gifts section.

Click here for the Heart Chakra Sound Meditation (located in Sound Gifts)
Click here for Partaking From the Solar Winds (located in the Hathor Archives)
Click here for Medicines of Light (located in the Hathor Archives)

Information Unrelated to this Message

This year there are three Hathor workshops planned—a one-day Hathor Intensive in Munich, a one-day Hathor Intensive in Vienna, and a three-day Hathor Intensive in Seattle. I will also be doing a one-day sound exploration workshop in Zurich. To contact the organizers directly for the events in Europe, you can click on the links below or copy and paste them into your Internet browser.

Munich: www.tomkenyon@momanda.de or email: tomkenyon@momanda.de

Vienna: www.prana.at or email: burgi.sedlak@prana.at

Zurich: admin@crystalsun.ch or book this event directly online:

For information about the Seattle Hathor event, The Art of Seeding New Realities, go to the Calendar at www.tomkenyon.com or email tomkenyonoffice@yahoo.com

A Rare Appearance on the East Coast

I rarely appear on the East Coast of the US, but on July 7th I will be in Manhattan (N.Y.) at the Peter Norton Symphony Space doing a one-day Sound Intensive called Ascent. I believe this will be a particularly profound transformational experience due to the fact that I will be using a great deal of catalytic sound as a means to enter into the subtle energetic worlds of our chakras for the purpose of healing and releasing untapped potentials.

I feel particularly drawn to bring this specific workshop to your attention, because I will be presenting new material regarding the chakras and their relationship to both the djed of classic Egyptian alchemy (sometimes called the sacred pathway of the chakras) and the sushumna or pathway of kundalini shakti.

The ascent of life-force (sekhem) up the djed or the ascent of kundalini up the sushumna transforms consciousness and opens the doors of perception to realms of consciousness unbounded by time, place and circumstance. This transcendent space is a potent reservoir of healing and deep insight that can only be accessed through non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In the course of this workshop, I will show you how to enter this deeply transformative realm of consciousness even if you have never meditated or have no background in either yoga or alchemy. This is because we will be entering these non-ordinary states of consciousness primarily through the agency of celestial sound, which is a type of toning whereby I vocalize (in audible tones) the ineffable sounds of the celestial words.

For me, personally, this particular event will be highly significant, because in terms of my teaching it is a marked Turning of the Wheel, meaning that I will be publically presenting, for the very first time, a new level of understanding in regard to the primal forces called sekhem (or life force) and kundalini shakti (the primal spring of transcendent consciousness).

Specifically, I will be presenting a different philosophical view as well as practical methods beyond the traditional path and ways we have inherited from various spiritual traditions.
If I were asked to describe this understanding in a nutshell, I would say that it is a shift from the patriarchal way of working with our chakras to a feminine-based way of working.

In this approach we do not force our internal energies to conform to our personal will, but rather we pay homage to a feminine archetype I simply call the Unseen Healing Goddess Within. Through this honoring and recognition of our own innate feminine potency and primal intelligence, we allow Her to rise upward, making the Great Ascent through our own chakras. It is through this inner journey of personal liberation that She imparts the nectar and gift of renewed life.

It is my observation that in the course of spiritual and transformational teachings, the Turning of the Wheel is always a potently charged spiritual event. To be physically present when the Wheel is turned is a rare boon to personal transformation. If you can possibly attend this event, I do believe you will be deeply touched and transformed.

Tickets for the New York workshop are only available from the box office of the Peter Norton Symphony Space. Go to their web site, www.symphonyspace.org and click forward on their calendar on the top left-hand side until you reach July and then click on July 7. The box office for Tom’s workshop will come up when you click on July 7. Or you can copy and paste this link into your browser or click on it: www.symphonyspace.org/event/7392-tom-kenyon-ascent

The Peter Norton Symphony Space is located at 2537 Broadway at 95th. Street.

You can read descriptions of all these workshops, as well as others, by viewing the Calendar at our website (www.tomkenyon.com).

Please be advised that Tom and Judi are transiting through Oceania into Asia and will not have good communication until after April 23. They read and appreciate every single email you send, but cannot answer questions or respond until they have Internet re-established in Asia.

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14 Nisan 2012 Cumartesi

Ascension through Unified Oneness.

Ascension through Unified Oneness.

Ascension is still something that is very unclear to many as ascension is happening at all levels and yet we have different forms of ascension.

We have heard some stories of physical ascension, the story of Jesus appearing in his light body, while his physical body was gone from the cave.

This for many is the ultimate of ascension as it takes you out of the physical body and/or actually transforms the physical body into light.

With all that is happening on earth we see another type of ascension happening as well where a large group is moving into a new dimensional reality.

As it seems to me this large group is all of humanity, but it also includes all animals and every other living being upon earth including plant life.

The earth herself is like us a spiritual being that took a physical appearance, the only difference is that the earth took on the physical body of this planet and became one with this planet.

We took a physical form by actually changing our own energy to have a physical appearance.

The earth was built through many meteorites/asteroids/spacedust actually slamming into each other forming a greater and greater mass until it was about the size of what we see as the earth at this moment. It took a long time for this mass to cool off, and actually the only things that really cooled off is the outside shell of the earth as the inner earth is still very hot and the core itself is a mass of fluid metal that is still at a very high temperature.

Every physical property has a spiritual property or spiritual energies, so the earth has her own core source energies just like us, but she assigned a different spiritual property to her energies than we did. We can already see this in the fact that the earth does not really regenerate her energies, her physical energies move but that is it.

Everything living thing that is on the surface of the earth is growing upon her, it is not a part of her energy, but moves in balance with her energy.
We as human regenerate our physical cells, just like every other living being upon earth, plants grow seeds that make new plants for example.

In this way the earth is in fact a lot of energy put together that at one point formed the earth and became one conscious being.

Rock, sand and water occur naturally within the surface of the earth, the small microbial beings that were the beginning of life upon earth were already within those meteorites that made up the earth.

The atmosphere around the earth was formed through the cooling of the outside surface of the earth. All the planets that are surrounding the earth are actually all held together by magnetic fields, it is these magnetic fields that keep the earth connected to the sun.

The largest magnetic field is just below the surface of the earth, while the core is also magnetic but in a different way and the mass of fluid metal flows in a different direction than the mass on the outside of the earth. This is why we have plate shift and the buildup of the mountains and rocks at certain places, while we have other places with just sand.

You can actually see this when you look at the pieces of land on a map and you can see that probably at one point those pieces that are now forming different landmasses, at one point were one big landmass.

The water that is on the surface of the earth is also part of the cooling of the surface as the heat was released through the water, the water is the condensation of all that water that assisted in creating the atmosphere and started to cool off and fall back on earth again, while the lighter particles, not just water but also other chemical particles started forming the atmosphere around the earth.

The leylines within the earth are the grid system of energy within the earth, as the earth has many smaller grid systems as well.

The crystals within the earth are naturally formed crystals, many think the crystals within the earth were used to form a grid work for the humans to stay connected to their spiritual part but the crystals were actually formed through manifesting them and none of the crystals were taken out of the earth.

As humans we took on a more physical life in stages, it was like we just took on this physical body we have now, we adjusted it over time to what it is now, and some of the adjustments were made through the control system and sometimes with the assistance of groups that were not from the earth.

The control system that we have now was started slowly over time as well. It started with just a small not really control system but a rule, one rule, the law of one, to live in balance with the earth and all other living beings upon earth.

This was easy in the beginning as everyone was connected to their spiritual part and able to see and be one with everything, every energy.

When we became more physical and the connection to the spiritual became less important, some rules were added and a new support system was built, this system is what we now call the mass consciousness. This was still outside of the earth.
The mass consciousness was used to align the thought system and to stay within the law of one and balance upon and with everything on earth.

There was at all times a small group that stayed connected with their spiritual part fully and this small group was in charge of the balance upon earth, they were capable of making slight adjustments and changes to the energies to keep the balance under the law of one.

When we look at the fall of Atlantis, we see the change, the shift that happened as this small group was changed, the power that this small group has was seen by some and members of this small group became attached to this power over all others as they were able to control the reality of these others.

At this time humans were only using the crystal grid system and the mass consciousness to create the reality and experiences that allowed for a balance upon earth while we as humans went through the experience of living a human life.

When the fall of Atlantis happened, it was more a takeover of the control system and this is when the large crystals were either removed or destroyed. This was also the time the crystal skulls were manifested to record history by the ones that belonged to the group that was in charge of the crystal grid and consciousness.

The crystal skulls were manifested by the ones that were forced out of the group that was in charge and the ones that wanted power took over the creation of the reality upon earth. This was done by creating a new grid within the earth to also bring in a connection or greater attachment to the physical reality.

All that we had left at that moment was the mass consciousness, and the grid system within the earth was added by using the crystals within the earth as well as other devices that were used to keep the energy of the human connected to the earth.

The energy was used to fuel the grid, to change the energies and make a sort of rotating system where the energy of humans was brought into the grid system in the earth, change it through the devices in the grid system and bring in emotions like fear and anger to get more control as the energy was fed back to the humans and brought into the mass consciousness.

Sort of a closed system of flowing energies, almost like within our physical body, only our physical body does the clearing of what comes in and this system actually brought in denser energies instead of higher energies.

As time went by more control came into place as the earth was going through shifts like we are approaching right now and the ones in charge of the control system did everything they could to keep control.

Although some over time changed their mind and returned to the system of balance and the law of one, we still have some of the original souls that are in control at this time.
They have incarnated upon earth at times and used large groups to keep control, as they also used the assistance of groups not of the earth at times.
Groups of humans have been able to get away, or out of the control system and this is why we have some civilizations that seem to have disappeared from the earth completely.

As the earth moved through the spiral motion within our universe some that were in Atlantis have been back and we can see this by looking at the groups that ascended and the more evolved spiritual civilizations that we find in our history.

They have been involved several times in returning the spiritual connection for humans but never at such a great scale as we are experiencing at this moment.
We have reached the lowest density, or frequency possible for the human body and this time the shift is being used to sort of force the control system to allow for a change back into a less dense and higher frequency, the 5th dimension.
Now I know many see the dimensions as present everywhere, but this is not the case as the dimensions we have around the earth and within our earth reality are specific for the earth as us as humans.

The reason this is only done at certain times is that just like what we have now at this point in time, the energy surrounding the earth as the earth is spiraling through our universe brings in the opportunity or thinning of the veil between the human and spiritual reality.

At these specific times it becomes easier to access the spiritual reality for us humans, as we move through the galactic core where the energies are at a zero point, so no dimensional frequencies, no time and a change to either step out of the control or move the system into a new reality.

Now many would say, why don't we completely destroy, or take away, or change this control system back to what it was in the beginning where everyone was aware of the physical and spiritual reality.

When you think about this, you can also imagine the chaos it would bring as many are not aware there is a spiritual reality, they belief in a spiritual reality, but cannot see or feel the spiritual reality to an extent that makes them connect with it. It is a belief and not really a part of their reality.

So bringing it up to the 5th dimension is one step in the right direction and at this point the control system is sort of forced into that direction as more people than ever have been able to wake up to a certain point.

Of course the reality is still controlled but there will be more that are awake than ever and it will allow for more teachers to step forward and allow for more and more people to start connecting again to their spiritual reality.

We see that the civilizations that were able to move out of the control system have left us many buildings, and clues to what happened and what can be done.
We are assisted by some of the ones that were there in Atlantis as they opened our eyes to what is really happening.

We also still have the control system that is giving us information to keep us attached to the physical reality, and of course we have some of the groups out there that are working for the control system to keep us within this physical reality.

We have the spiritual teachings and as always some of it is truth and part of them are fiction. This is being used to control us as well as many of the teachings do keep us attached to the physical reality, even though they allow for an exploration of the spiritual reality to a certain point.

What most of the teachings do is keep us within certain dimensions and they allow us to feel and see those dimensions, but they don't take us beyond actually seeing what these dimensions are and what lies beyond the dimensions.
Many talk about the feeling of oneness with everything, but seeing the oneness is different.

When you really see the oneness, you also see everything that is created and present within the oneness, you see that the earth dimensions are created, the physical body is a creation, the physical reality is a creation, but you also start to see beyond the earth, beyond our universe and get a greater understanding of how and what creation is within source, within the oneness.

Now of course as we know it is not meant for everyone at this time to actually see all this as most human are only meant to move into the 5th dimension.
It is however important to see part of what is happening as we are all part of the process of making this shift happen.

The problem lies within the fact that to keep control the reality we live in is adjusted to what many want at this time, change, but we cannot really decide what the change actually is.

To keep control the system has adjusted over time and the best way to control a large group is to give them part of what they want, but make sure they are not looking too far outside of their reality they belief in at this moment.

So as we are moving toward another cycle and the zero point, the natural awakening in many is happening and more have become aware of the spiritual world again.
What better way to control this than through giving information about the spiritual world, but information that is partly truth and most of it not truth.

When we look at the channeled messages you have to realize that a lot of what is channeled is coming through the mass consciousness and the belief system of each channel.

There are very few channelings out there that are in fact coming through the way they are supposed to be coming through as many are so within the spiritual belief system and the untruths that are within the spiritual belief system that it is hard to really separate truth from fiction.

Many of the channelings have information but they are still very focused on the physical reality and only limited as far as connecting to the real spiritual reality.
For myself I have noticed going through that process as well when I look back at the messages I received over the years, but I have noticed a difference in the last two years or so as the messages and experiences they have brought me have taken me more and more out of this reality into my spiritual reality.

It has not been easy and it still is a lot to go through of trying to understand the spiritual reality, but with each passing day something new becomes more clear and the most important part is that my human part is understanding more and more of the spiritual reality.

I do think that some of us that came here at this time already came in with a stronger connection to our spiritual reality as we have already gone through some of the adjustments needed to step out of this controlled reality or at least be the wayshowers to assist others to awaken to the fact that we are moving through this shift toward a new reality and to assist with this shift.

We have choices at all times, although choices are limited according to what we belief our reality is, or what we see as our reality and of course what our belief system is.

At the moment toward and during zero time we have a chance to make our own adjustments to the reality and the control system.

This is why it is so important to be aware not just of the spiritual reality, but also understand more about the spiritual reality and how everything fits together as we work on bringing in a stronger connection to our spiritual reality.

And of course and understanding of what is happening during this shift and how we can create a different reality at this moment.

Now this is all completely separate from what is happening with the earth.

We have been taught that we are connected to the earth, but as we look back in history we can see we were never connected to earth, except for the control system that keeps us connected to the earth.

The earth is going through an ascension all on her own and what happens to the earth does not have an influence on anything within our reality as it is the spiritual part of the earth that is ascending and the physical part is only moving up in frequency, or dimension into the 5th dimension. This is happening no matter what as the earth is not controlled through the control system.

We remain upon earth, either still within this reality or within a new reality as it can go different ways as the adjustments will take place upon what is being created by us at this moment as far as we bring in our view of what we would like to see happening on earth.

There is the reality of even a more controlled system as well when we look at what is being brought through now by certain messages and groups that are part of the control system.

Many see this as fear and the control is something that can be taken care of by just not admitting there is a controlled reality in place, but to me it is important to understand why we are within this reality, how this reality works and how we can bring change in the reality for everyone at this time, not just close our eyes for what is happening, but see through what is happening and make sure we can bring in the change.

Balance and harmony is one of the most important parts of this process as this allows you to see without attachments, it assists you in staying within balance to find a deeper balance within as you work on releasing the form of control that is related this this physical reality within creation.

Love is something that is universal and many see this line of questioning as not being loving, oneness is everything.

Many feel the oneness, but as they feel it they only see or feel a static picture of oneness, there is no movement as they are only focusing on one specific detail of oneness, being love and light.

When I see oneness it is a constant movement of creational energies that happen in an instant and yet seem to be eternal as well. Infinite realities are being created within the oneness and sometimes beings can get stuck within their created realities as they stop seeing the movement that is there within creation at all times.

This is what is happening to many souls upon earth, they are stuck within the created reality, they stopped seeing the movement and don't see the movement that they are themselves as well.

The reality upon earth has anchored our energies into the earth and this is what makes us stay connected within this reality, stuck within this reality, incarnating over and over within this reality, as the death of the physical body does not release us from this reality as part of our energies are anchored within the earth at all time.

It's almost like we have an anchor around our feet that stays upon earth, the death of the physical body does not have any influence on it as the anchor is made of energy that is not physical.

Now many are not ready to move beyond all this, so everything that is written down here will sound like fiction with a little hint of truth.

For the ones that are ready, there will be more truth than fiction.

We have been told too many stories about ascension and what can be done to ascend to even start to comprehend part of it unless you have some experience of it. The problem is that even the experience is being influenced through what we have heard, what we know and what is being released through the control system.

This is a simplified version of all that is happening behind the scenes as I just wanted to explain the overall view of what can be seen at this moment.

In the next couple of days I will be working on explaining the ascension process as it happens on all levels within us and I will try to explain why it is that our ascension process is in fact not related to anything outside of us.
Petra Margolis
April 1, 2012