16 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

A Message From VERONICA Purpose


"What is my purpose?

Who am I?

I forgot.

I thought I knew once but so many events blurred exactly what it was.

The confusion envelops you as the circular motion of blocked life force attempts to proceed on its course to a preconceived heaven.

What is heaven anyway?

...An often asked question about the utopia of the soul as it succeeds in its perceived tasks necessary for its evolution.

We venture to state that heaven is more of a state of soul accomplishment rather than a place of existence. It is a notion in the mind's eyes of the physical that dangles like a carrot in front of you on your way to salvation.

From a spirit perspective every moment of existence is a heavenly moment. Each event, death, birth, choice and conclusion is a gift and reward.

Your purpose universally is to evolve and be more than before. The details range widely through all experiences.

Individual purposes are revealed when you are ready to hear the truth. The truth resonates within you whether you choose to accept it or not. We have often relayed the personal truths of those who have asked, however, acceptance is not a natural given for most.

So if you are driven to reconnect with your purpose be prepared to accept the potential of it being a surprise that will later resonate within you.

Give it some thought.

As you connect, revelation will be imminent.

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