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The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness

The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness

As we approach this significant date in time where the earth will start merging with her counterpart, we have a special celebration planned.

This is the first time in 14.400 years that the New Earth is so close that it will merge again with ours.

The New Earth is already on a Solar Galactic Level as the merging will allow our own earth to start raising her frequencies to the Solar Galactic Level.

Many of the new frequencies have already slowly been released onto the earth, coming from the sun and other planets in our universe. The 9-9-9 gate allows for a release of all the codings needed for the earth and our own cosmic ascension to come to earth fully.

Once our earth starts merging with the new earth on 9-9-9, we are in the final process of ascension for ourselves and our planet earth.
The 9-9-9 Gate will remove the veil that has been present for so long and allow us to look far beyond the 3rd dimensional realities. Some have already experienced this view with the limited coding that was available. Now we can start to fully access the inter-dimensional, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic views in and beyond our universe.

The celebration is about the merging of our earth with the new earth, the opening of the 9-9-9 Gate into awareness beyond our imagination and is there for us to start receiving the light code packages that will be released through this opening into the new earth.

Come join us on 9-9-9 as we will be with the earth and experience the beginning of the merger with the New Earth. We will be there as the veil is being removed and we will start receiving the first wave of light codings that will come through this gate.

The new light codes will remove the veil in us as well as we get a glimps of the new earth while it starts the merger with our own earth.

This conference call celebration will be held on
Wednesday September 9 at 10:30pm EST.
The cost is $ 25.00

We would like to do something special for those that cannot afford it at this time, so for every 10 people that sign up we will accept 2 people for free. Just email us at petra@bluelightstar.com and we will add you to the list in the order we receive them.

So for everyone that would like to sign up, please sign up early so we know how many people can join us for free.

You can register here

Uriel's Message -- You are the Hands of God

Uriel's Message -- You are the Hands of God
Transmitted through Jennifef Hoffman

Each of you is the expression of the divine light of Creator, a spiritual being in human form and the physical embodiment of a singular and perfect aspect of the Divine Will for heaven on earth. Your creation is the result of an agreement, made before time, to bring your soul's voice to the family of humanity, to fulfill your purpose of healing and reconnection. Each of you is powerful and divine, and you are the hands of God in your mission as you work your spiritual purpose through your human form. You fulfill this mission in every moment and it is time for you to create a partnership with your humanity.

The physical body provides spirit with the vehicle for movement and action. And it can be directed by the ego or by spirit. Your journey can be one of domination by ego and its connection to fear or in partnership with Spirit, which will never dominate you and is the voice of unconditional love. You can respond to the ego's need for approval and recognition through fear or love, reminding it that you are the hands of God and your purpose is not to conquer the world but to reconnect it, to re-member it into the spiritual realm.

There is nothing in your reality that is beyond redemption and you are powerful manifestors when you remember that you are the physical manifestation of the divine, that your hands are the vehicle through which you express Divine Will. The ego asks what it can do in the face of fear, Spirit knows that it is by being your Divine Self that you express Divine Will as your own. As long as you focus on your partnership with Spirit and your divine purpose you are using your internal power. It is when you see the reality you have created as fearful and powerless that you express the ego's will to dominate.

It is the desire of the world to have dominion over spirit and the ego is the force through which that occurs. The ego is very powerful but its power is based on fear and the belief in polarity and separation. It will resist partnership with Spirit because it wants control. But you are both ego and Spirit, a combination of spiritual and material, the expression of the Divine whose purpose is to lead humanity through the ascension. These energies are waiting for you to acknowledge them and by recognizing that you are the hands of God, that gives physical expression to the Divine, you will re-member yourselves to Spirit, reconnect to your Source and become the expression of your soul's voice to create heaven on earth.

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Lord Buddha and the Twelve Planetary Buddhas through Natalie Glasson

Weekly Message channelled through Natalie Glasson- Lord Buddha and the Twelve Planetary Buddhas

Lord Buddha and the Twelve Planetary Buddhas
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 24/08/09

The multicoloured energies and light vibrations of the planetary level descend over and into the Earth now from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Rich and vibrant colours weave like ribbons through the dimensions of the Creator’s universe, encapsulating the Earth and humanity in the most beautiful and glorious colours of the Creator’s soul. We wish for you to feel the abundance of the Creator. To see, hear and feel the golden shower of love from the Creator’s heart cascading over your being, allowing you to manifest as an abundance of light and colour, inspiring and activating all aspects of your being.

The multicoloured light vibrations of the planetary level surges onto the Earth, allowing us to flow forward to create a deeper connection with you. Sitting crossed legged on golden discs of light we descend floating graciously through the atmosphere of the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, lead my team of enlightened and loving twelve Buddhas towards the Earth. We travel in a large sacred sphere of light which encapsulates our high vibrational energies and a vast volume of consciousness from the Planetary Logos Ashram. Expanding our bubble of light, the twelve Buddhas sit as beacons or candles of light in a circle around the Earth. I, Lord Buddha, sit at the very top of the Earth emitting the purest light and love vibration. We are encircling the entire Earth in the sphere of light that we have travelled to the Earth within. Imagine, sense or acknowledge this wonderful vision as we allow the light, love and consciousness of the Buddha and the high vibrations of the planetary level to seep into the Earth. This is an immensely healing process as this sacred and essential energy for the Earth now, melts into the Earth’s aura, body and the soul of Mother Earth as well as into the auras, bodies and souls of humanity. A full and meaningful inhaled breath is taken by all anchoring these sacred energies deeper into the Earth in order to allow all old and stagnant energy and energy patterns to be released. Colours of golden, orange and green abundantly flow into the Earth, the energy is anchoring through the twelve Buddhas and I, and we share these vibrant colours allowing them to pour from our souls into the Earth. The light creates a golden, orange and green circle or ring around the centre of the Earth. The energy like a wave gradually encapsulates the Earth extending from the centre upwards and downwards. As the golden, orange and green light reaches the top centre of the Earth where I am currently residing, I send a beam of the light down through the centre of the Earth to connect on a deeper level with the soul of Mother Earth, while allowing the our light and consciousness to be held within the centre of the Earth emanating brightly.

The golden, orange and green energy that we are anchoring into the Earth now is akin to a preparation for the anchoring of the new energy wave for ascension on 09/09/09. This preparation energy holds the qualities of love, expansion or development and balance. Its purpose is to assist all on the Earth as well as the energies of the Earth to anchor the appropriate volume of love to support the new energy wave and its anchoring process; this is the purpose of the golden light.
The orange light is to aid expansion or development, which signifies that this light will assists you in accessing the most appropriate consciousness, understanding and energy vibration so that you are most receptive to the positive influence of the new wave of ascension anchoring onto the Earth. The orange light will assist in any confusion being dissolved and will assist you in bringing completion to certain experiences or challenges in your life that are no longer necessary or needed. The orange energy will aid a spiritual growth spurt which may not even be recognisable within you but will allow you to be able to open in a new way to the energies, qualities and teachings anchoring onto the Earth and within your being.

The green light is the energy of balance, harmony, peace and centring. It is bringing the energies of the Earth and your being to a specific vibration, balancing your past and current energies in order to embrace new vibrations of light and consciousness. It is helping to restore and heal you so that you may exist as a centred beacon of light. When you are able to experience an inner equilibrium you allow your energies to soften and so you are able to accept new energies vibrations without feeling fearful or placing blockages up because of the new challenges that may manifest. In truth by anchoring these three light qualities as colours from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram, we are activating these qualities from within you so that they may materialise as your being and existence, thus ensuring that you are supported and stabilised as the new energy wave anchors onto the Earth.

The energy wave of 08/08/08 carrying the qualities of abundance was a powerful but nurturing energy which supported and enhanced the lives of many while also offering challenges that allowed and still assists many in dealing with issues of accepting and manifesting abundance in all forms. The energy of abundance is a very soft and gentle energy although it is teaching us to accept the energies of the Creator. Acceptance was the key to the 08/08/08 energy wave, this key is still extremely evident within the energy wave that is coming forth now in 09/09/09, but the energy wave holds greater power and new lessons for us to overcome. The energies are so strong that they may create an unbalance if Earth and its humanity are not sufficiently prepared. These preparations have been occurring for some time now, the cleansing and healing that both Lady Nada and Lord Melchizedek have introduced were to prepare humanity’s physical bodies for accepting this new energy vibration.

More will be explained about the new energy wave over the next few weeks but for now there is a need for you to focus on cleansing and healing your physical body by anchoring or asking for healing of the most appropriate vibration to anchor into your being each day to dissolve and disperse negative energies.
There is a need for focus or concentration to be placed on balance. I advise you to adopt the most simplest of practices and allow yourself time to meditate, focusing on your breathing and repeating to yourself in your mind,
‘I am balance, peace and harmony; I align with the energy of balance from my soul and the Creator.’

There is also a need for you to create a deeper connection with my energy and that of the twelve Buddhas. We ask that during meditation each day that you invoke us to surround you and channel our energies deep into your being.
‘Beloved Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, I invoke your presence and soul light to draw close to me now. I ask that you allow your twelve Buddhas to surround me in a circle of sacred and wise light vibrations. Lord Buddha, please sit before me now and allow me to accept your deep and divine meditative state to assist me in aligning with the balance, harmony and peace vibrations of my soul.
Lord Buddha, I ask that you allow the preparation energy that extends from the Creator’s soul and the Planetary Logos Ashram to channel into my being now. Allow the golden, orange and green light to wash over and through me, assisting me in advancing to the most appropriate vibration of light and consciousness so that I am able to accept the new energy wave of 09/09/09 with ease. I am balanced, grounded and centred; please assist me in manifesting this most sacred stable existence now. Let it be.’

You may imagine the golden, orange and green light flowing through your being as we sit encircling you or you may envisage the vision that we brought to you at the beginning of our communication, of our energies surrounding the Earth.
It is our wish that you focus on practicing these three tasks that we offer to you of connecting with our energies, affirming your balanced existence, while asking for healing for your physical body each day. You will find that if you dedicate yourself to these simple practices that we will assist you in preparing for your acceptance of the new energy wave, ensuring that you gain the wisdom and guidance that is appropriate for you and your reality.
We are here to support you always; you may call on our energies to channel into your being.

With the abundance of the Creator,

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha and the Twelve Buddhas

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie
Last Few Places remain!
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5th September 2009, book now at- www.wisdomofthelight.com
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Encounter with a Crystal Skull

Encounter with a Crystal Skull
Hannah Beaconsfield and the Pleiadian Light
============ ========= ========= ========= =

I had read references to crystal skulls from time to time, but I really didn't know much about them. I saw a notice about a lecture and an opportunity to interact with one of the best-known skulls, and I decided to attend. The skull was Max, whose caretaker is Joann Parks.

Before I attended the lecture I asked the Pleiadian Light to give me a preview of some of the skull mythology.

The skulls are artifacts that were created on Earth according to ET-channeled designs and programmed by the ETs, either directly or through channeled energies. The skull form represents the humanoid design carried by Earth humans, as well as several other world cultures who are linked through similar body types. This form/design houses the intelligence of the humanoid individual.

The skulls are data banks of information about your origins, your place in the expanded cosmic family, and about future developments from an "elevated" perspective. When you tune into these data banks you are in a position to tap their data and be altered by their vibrations in terms of growth, healing, enlightenment, etc.

The crystal skulls are similar to crystal balls and other crystal forms that are energy and communication tools on Earth. In the very beginning of the development of your communications technologies, from the earliest radios to the more recent silicon elements in computers, it is quartz and other crystals that have acted as communication conductors.

The design of the crystal skulls is intended to represent the container for the human brain. As such, it symbolizes its functions and capacities as being brain-like. The crystalline container houses computational capacities and a resonating communication transmitter. And, like the brain, the crystal structure can hold a whole world more than these capabilities.

The original multifunctional skulls were Earth-made and have been preserved by ancient civilizations predating your recorded history. Crystals and other stones were also shaped to represent other functions. These were used prominently in the Atlantean civilization and before that the Lemurian inception culture. The use of these tools continues today in many "native" cultures that still resonate this ancient understanding. They include animal totems and geometric power symbols.

There is an aspect of these tools that is very Lemurian. It is the simplicity of a form reflecting its nature and function. Atlantean technology was more akin to your current level of development. It was complex, multifaceted, and specialized with intricate interconnections. Although different laws of physics supported some of their technology, their development was very intellectually structured, like yours.

Lemurians, on the other hand, developed a more intuitive interaction with the material world. At its basic level, it was more a matter of consciousness working in harmony with the natural energies of Earth that provided them with their needs and influenced their cultural development. Their culture favored integrative endeavors and could even be guileless in its simplicity. The crystal skull, as an example, despite the complexity of its functions, sends the simple message: This structure can do what a brain can do. The packaging defines the content.

Returning to my encounter with Max:

Before the lecture, Joann Parks was selling small crystal skulls that had been entrained with Max's energy. I bought one and named it Baby Max.

The lecture was interesting. I learned a lot about the skull phenomenon, the many different skulls that are known to exist, and the effects they have had on people. At the end of the lecture, all members of the audience were invited to place their hands on Max and sense the energies.

I'm very sensitive to subtle energies, so I was not surprised to be knocked off balance by the experience for a couple of days. Three days after the encounter I had a vivid dream. In the dream I had a skull much like Max, but my skull was very clear quartz tinted pink. In my dream I referred to it as Rosie Max. I had the skull on display and then put it in the refrigerator, where I apparently kept it.

When I woke up, I asked the Pleiadian Light for information about this dream. They said that the pink skull was not a dream variation of Max, but actually another member of the "family" of skulls. These skulls have been programmed with data and vibrational energies to be of service to the Earth on many levels. They will surface and become known on a public level as the Earth progresses and needs the data they carry.

The Pleiadian Light said the pink skull is one that resonates female energy. They wouldn't tell me where she is located or when she will surface, but they did say that a clue to her location was symbolized, in the dream, by the fact that she was stored in the refrigerator. I assume that means that she is hidden in some frigid area of the world (and perhaps, multidimensionally, a reference to her energy being nourishing, on some level). The Pleiadian Light added that she has already been "awakened" and can be contacted intuitively, telepathetically, and by channels.

I channel in automatic writing, and when I finished bringing through this information, I thought I'd stop until I could research and learn more about crystal skulls. My hand, however, took off and wrote in an uncharacteristicall y large writing style, " This is Rosie."

Channeling by Rosie:

We are one of the skull family members placed for the purpose of providing information at important points in the Earth's evolution. Our energy has access to all the other skulls and, beyond that, to the data bank of All That Is. Our form and color, however, filters the source data through a more feminine frequency.

We will define our essential being as a data bank of information encased in a shell form that you recognize as a repository on your world for holding and processing data: the skull that holds the human brain. Our form does not, as many seem to think, represent death or force you to confront your mortality; nor does it have any other negative attributes that you associate with skulls. It is the vital representation of a form that absorbs, processes, calculates, and releases data.

Our energy is a force of divine love. We spin the crystal skull energy, as it flows through us, with the feminine characteristics of nourishment, forgiveness, mercy, and the light that guides you home.

We have been awakened in our holding space, but not brought out to interact with individuals on the Earth plane yet. We can be contacted, and the more intuitives with which we interact, the closer we will come to emerging from our resting place.

Our energy is Pleiadian in origin and was given form through Earth elements to contain information and an energy control center that has the capacity to generate and project effects and alterations to physical reality. This capacity is activated by the intent and request of one interacting with us.

As an individual skull in the family of skull-shaped energy units on the Earth world, we refer to ourselves in the plural. This is because our family acts as a unit, and the Pleiadian source involved in our programming is also a highly integrated spiritual force. This Pleiadian energy is from what you would consider your future. However, we are multitemporal and simultaneously outside of time.

This paradox gives us access to all your temporal levels: linear (past, present, future), multidimensional, parallel, probable, and time-free. Those who work with us and learn how to interact with us can also tap these temporal levels.

We wish to speak about the skull project. This project is an aspect of the transformational process of Earth. Part of this transformation of human consciousness is the opening to acceptance of otherworld cultures. Prior to the acceptance of ETs on a level of public recognition, more members of the skull family will be activated. The skulls and their extended family of crafted and entrained imitations will help prepare the Earth for some of the changes and reactions that will occur when the presence of ET energy is openly accepted on Earth.

The vibrational force of the unified skull energies will have the effect of unifying and balancing Earth's energy and preparing it to accept the level of change that open interaction with ETs creates. Making these communications public is a "small step" for humankind to enable the world consciousness to take a "giant leap" into cosmic consciousness.

The mythology of twelve skulls placed around the world, with a thirteenth central skull, symbolizes the reuniting of the twelve original DNA strands with which Earth humans were seeded and reconnecting them to the One Source, the God Source.

The skull family has "slept" through much of the descent of the Earth species, the times of challenge, which were driven by the two-strand DNA pattern. Through much of the last century on Earth, souls have been coming in who have had important life experiences in other world cultures. These other world cultures have been created by beings with complex multistrand genetic patterns.

These souls have brought their energy in one-way or another. They have been born into Earth bodies, walked in, braided in or blended in to assist Earth's transformation. And the crystal skull family is an energy gestalt that is playing a similar part in this co-created project that is life on Earth.

After receiving Rosie's message, I asked the Pleiadian Light for some more information about Max.

As we access Max's programming, we perceive that a strong element of his data bank is dedicated to healing energies. These particular healing energies are couched in a concomitant extension of perceptions and expansion of consciousness. Or perhaps, more correctly, the healing is accomplished through these extensions and expansions.

Max resonates Lemurian energy. The programming of his data bank was a joint project by the ET groups who were the original founders of the Earth world culture. An important component of the skull-programming process is the downloading of data into the stones using holographic technologies. This secures the information in case of disasters that could damage, even shatter, the skulls over time. In such an event, even the tiniest fragment would still retain all the programming of the whole stone.

It is possible for other stones, especially those carved in the skull likeness, to be entrained with the energy of the seminal skulls. This is another means of preserving data. These entrained stones will resonate the same energy as the originals and can be used to access the information and the effects available from working with the original skulls.

As I began to research more information about crystal skulls, I came across a reference in Jaap van Etten's book CRYSTAL SKULLS to a report of the appearance of a pink skull, which then disappeared. I wondered if this was a confirmation of Rosie's existence. And I also realized that my investigation into this curious phenomenon is just beginning.

© Hannah Beaconsfield 2009 - Material may be reprinted with appropriate credit. hbeaconsfield@ yahoo.com *

**Excerpted from: THE BEACONSFIELD REPORT (8-eReport-09) - An eLetter of Channeled Metaphysics Publisher: Hannah Beaconsfield * Editor: Laura Christensen

Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.

BOOKS BY HANNAH BEACONSFIELD: WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH * A Guide for Walk-ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers * Light Technology Publishing * ISBN 0-929385-98- 5 * Order: 800-450-0985 *

RIDING THE PHOENIX: Surviving the Global Resurrection (Revised Edition) * ISBN 1-4208-1806- 6 * Order: 888-280-7715 * ALSO available as an Ebook from: www.authorhouse. com - $2.95 *

New Humor Book: THE SWAN WHO WANTED TO BE A BALLET DANCER * ISBN 987-1-4259-8659- 9 * Order: 888-280-7715 * ALL BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON.COM *

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Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

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Violet Flame Affirmations for August/September

Michael's Monthly Message

Please go into your Personal Pyramid of Light and lie on your crystal table. See the Violet Flame surrounding you as it blazes up from beneath the table. During the day, see the Violet Flame blazing up from beneath your feet so that any discordant energy is constantly transmuted and you can remain centered within your Sacred Heart. Love and angel blessings, Ronna















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The Harmonic Energy of 9-9-09 and the Activation of the Planetary Citys of Light.

The Harmonic Energy of 9-9-09 and the Activation of the Planetary Citys of Light.

ThePlanetary Cities of Light

The Tibetans and 5th dimensional masters have told us about the appearance of a great City of Light in these times. Some light workers refer to a planetary city of light as the "Shamballa" city energy manifesting in the physical.. In the Bible's Book of Revelation, John saw the descent of the "Holy City" coming from invisible realms of light. In Kaballah the ancient rabbis referred to the “heavenly cities of light.” Other spiritual prophecy foretells of the great Cities of Light that will make their physical emergence as the vibration of the planet has been raised.

Many people are now seeing, experiencing and receiving a greater deal of information on the Cities of Light . The Arcturians call these cities of light: Planetary Cities of Light. They contain blueprints for the New Earth structure. These Cities of Light already exist in their higher dimensional template. The Arcturians say that the Cities of Light will make their emergence in several locations of the world and all will be linked and operating as one. The “spirit” of planetary awareness is now uniting with the 5th dimension. These 5th dimensional energy patterns form the basis for the Planetary Cities of Light. They can come to activation in locations where typically “actual” cities exist on Earth. This is probably because these locations have been places of high energy since the beginning of time.

Now the Group of Forty project has the opportunity to activate manyPlanetary Cities of Light!

To accomplish this we are coming together on 9/9/9 at Mt. Shasta. We will be consciously linking into the Arcturian Etheric Crystals and the Mt. Shasta Grid to align more deeply with the 5th dimensional 9/9/9 harmonic that represents the New Earth frequency. We will use this harmonic energy at Mt. Shasta to activate many Planetary Cities of Light in this workshop.

15th Annual Arcturian Workshop

The Harmonic Energy of 9-9-09 and the Activation of the Planetary Citys of Light.
to be held at Mt. Shasta, CA

Tuesday, Sept 8-Wednesday Sept. 9th, 2009
When: Sept 8, 2009- Sept 9 2009 Tues. and Wed. 9:00 A.M.- 5:30P.M
Where: Best Western Motor Inn at Mt. Shasta, CA 1-800-545-7164 Cost : $200.00
Presenters include: David Miller, author/ channel
Gudrun Miller, visionary artist,
Linda Wurts, Health Educator in Yoga & Ayurveda,LCe 8-8-8 Harmonic Doorway

David has been a student and channel of mysticism for over 18 years. He works with the energies of the Arcturians, Kaballah, the ascension, shamanism and higher dimensional forces. David a coordinates a world wide meditation group know as the Group of Forty which has over 1000 members. David works with spiritual masters, such as Juliano, Sananda, Vywamus, the Arcturians, the healing energies of the Archangels and a fifth dimensional Native American guide known as Chief White Eagle . He has published numerous metaphysical articles from these masters. His published books include: Connecting with the Arcturians and Teachings from the Sacred Triangle volume one and volume two and three. His new book Spiritual Technology for the New 5th Dimensional Earth will be coming out in 2009 and will be published by Light Technolgy.

This channled workshop will be an opportunity to explore: yUsing New 5th Dimensional Spiritual Technology to accelerate a worldwide harmonic Energy. The harmonic energy of 9-9-9 will be used to activate the Citys of Light on the Earth

This workshop will also help participants bring their lives into spiritual harmony and flow with the 9-9-9- energies. New spiritual technologies will be explored focusing on the Arcturian energy and the energy of the 5th Dimensional Ascended masters. The concept and activation of the “Cities of Light” will be explored. A special Arcturian Recognition session will be held to honor members who have made special contributions to the GOF project Registration will be limited to 100 persons. ________________________________________________________________
davidmiller@groupofforty.com use paypal, or send check or money order to:
Send registration form and fee to : call for more info: 928-776-1717 David Miller ( No refunds after Sept1, 2009)
P.O. Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

your name and phone number:

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The Ascension Accelerator with Kuthumi and Hilarion

We get all of these transmissions...this is quite similar with an Arcturian crytsal. I am instantly connected...so please let it be placed on your heart/chest area if you are interested.
much love

The Ascension Accelerator with
Kuthumi and Hilarion


The Ascension Accelerator By Kuthumi and Hilarion.
This is an etheric device placed inside your heart center that will exponentially raise your frequencies at all level and will work through all levels.
It will expand throughout the entire process of Cosmic Ascension and become part of your Cosmic Light body as it supports your physical and energy bodies to hold higher and higher frequencies until you are ready for Cosmic Ascension.

The Ascension Accelerator is now offered by

Kuthumi and Hilarion
this Saturday at 4:30pm EST
The cost is $ 49.00
you can sign up here

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The Breath of Life - ascendedmasters.org

The Breath of Life

Dear Sevgi,

� The Quickening Breath �

Breath is Life. You can't live without it, as every body knows. It is also a powerful spiritual tool used throughout the ages to deepen awareness during meditation and to cleanse, clear and revitalize the energy field. Most of the time we take it for granted but when we bring conscious awareness to our breathing a whole new realm of possibilities opens before us. It is the delivery system for so much more than oxygen. It is the animating Spirit of new life carried on the movement of chi, prana or pneuma We are now riding a wave of unprecedented cosmic energies washing us ashore on the threshold of a new world.

This wave is a mighty photon beam carrying stellar, solar and galactic frequencies essential to our transformation into a higher expression of life. Just as your first breath gave you this present life so can your breath, used consciously now take you through the gateways to a Golden Age.

The Quickening breath trains the body to withstand faster and faster oscillations of light until it mimics the particle spin the physical cells need to dissolve into light and reassemble at the frequency of the 5th dimensional light body. Quickening the particle spin an all our cells is ordained in order for us to pass through the great Stargates and light thresholds with our physical bodies intact and vibrating at a faster frequency.

Breathing in unison with one another unites us through our hearts and soul connections and stabilizes the ultimate ground of our being where we are one with God and our particular vibration within That totality.

There; we are part of a Buddhafield characterized by the morphic resonance transmitted by those Masters who have reached enlightenment and the Ascended State.

Feedback loops are initialized which open the way to our highest potential.
Choice points are highlighted. They guide and direct us toward the threshold horizon magnetically drawing us into the magnificence of the Golden Age Matrix.

Join us Friday August 7, at 8:30pm EST

The cost is $ 20.00

You can register here