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The Breath of Life

Dear Sevgi,

� The Quickening Breath �

Breath is Life. You can't live without it, as every body knows. It is also a powerful spiritual tool used throughout the ages to deepen awareness during meditation and to cleanse, clear and revitalize the energy field. Most of the time we take it for granted but when we bring conscious awareness to our breathing a whole new realm of possibilities opens before us. It is the delivery system for so much more than oxygen. It is the animating Spirit of new life carried on the movement of chi, prana or pneuma We are now riding a wave of unprecedented cosmic energies washing us ashore on the threshold of a new world.

This wave is a mighty photon beam carrying stellar, solar and galactic frequencies essential to our transformation into a higher expression of life. Just as your first breath gave you this present life so can your breath, used consciously now take you through the gateways to a Golden Age.

The Quickening breath trains the body to withstand faster and faster oscillations of light until it mimics the particle spin the physical cells need to dissolve into light and reassemble at the frequency of the 5th dimensional light body. Quickening the particle spin an all our cells is ordained in order for us to pass through the great Stargates and light thresholds with our physical bodies intact and vibrating at a faster frequency.

Breathing in unison with one another unites us through our hearts and soul connections and stabilizes the ultimate ground of our being where we are one with God and our particular vibration within That totality.

There; we are part of a Buddhafield characterized by the morphic resonance transmitted by those Masters who have reached enlightenment and the Ascended State.

Feedback loops are initialized which open the way to our highest potential.
Choice points are highlighted. They guide and direct us toward the threshold horizon magnetically drawing us into the magnificence of the Golden Age Matrix.

Join us Friday August 7, at 8:30pm EST

The cost is $ 20.00

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