30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

Messages from Sirius--Salusa-dimensional shifts and earth changes

SaLuSa 30-October-2009

Is there not a distinct feeling amongst more and more people that time is speeding up, as here you are already approaching the end of the year? If you ever needed confirmation that changes were taking place, you could hardly find better. The vibrations continue to increase and you are being lifted up into a higher dimension. It will rapidly reach a point where anything of the lower vibrations, will no longer be able to remain within them, and for the souls involved everything of a higher vibration will disappear from their view. This is a natural result of such a change, and ensures that only the more evolved souls move into the 4th. Dimension. This continues to happen as you move even further into the next dimension. It is a beautiful experience to find your selves with like kinds, and there is a great coming together in purpose and understanding.

Knowing what is to come which will transform your society, so take everything in your stride and you will sail through the last months of chaotic happenings. Outwardly you are beginning to see some pointers that are emerging, and are showing that the new plans for you and Earth are in place. Together we are a formidable force for good, and we have not followed your progress for millennia of time to fail at the crucial point of change. Indeed, we cannot fail and whatever we need to do to adjust to changes on Earth is carried out immediately. Like you, we await the developments that will indicate it is time for us to make our move, and to set a whole sequence of events into motion. Be assured you are looked upon as most precious and loved as the beautiful souls that you are, and we wish you would accept your high status as gods in the making. You are very special and you have a wondrous future before you, as you take your place in the cosmos.

Your presence on Earth at this time is important to those who flounder in the darkness, and your Light will bring a clearer vision to them. It will also give them a lift and a feeling of hope in the midst of their confusion. Caring for others is a sign of spiritual maturity, and an inner knowingness that you are all One. Treat others as yourself, and Humanity would change overnight into one that acknowledged the god in each other. Without that understanding, you tend to judge others by outer appearances which can be totally misleading. Remember that each one of you is equipped to play out your roles in life, and therefore wealth or position does not make anyone a better person than another. You all have your own challenges to deal with yet you cannot help but mix with all types, and often you have no idea where their soul evolution has reached. Trust is therefore a matter of intuition that is your personal protection.

Every one of you is on Earth at this time by freewill choice, and you are privileged to be present at such a momentous time. You have chosen which side you wish to be on, and so the Light and dark play out their last roles to see out the final days of duality in this cycle. The result has always been known as the Light is supreme, but it is up to you as to exactly how it achieves its victory. If for example you did not welcome the Galactic Federation, then by Universal Law we could not force ourselves upon you, and your final days would be vastly different to what you envisage. Fortunately you have made it clear that you desire our presence, and that is what we have worked for over many, many years. We have gradually eased our way into your consciousness, and in such a manner that you have accepted us as your friends and fellow travelers of the Universe. You were never going to be bound to Earth in the lower dimensions indefinitely, and you are already cutting your ties and releasing all that no longer serves you. The cleansing affects everyone and everything, and you could view it as the great sorting out of souls and all life forms.

When you think about how well and orderly the Universe runs, you can hardly fail to appreciate the magnificence and power of the intelligence behind it. It operates on a scale unbelievably large, and you have galaxies and solar systems all moving in absolute perfect cohesion. Even we are ever in awe of such powers of creation. We naturally understand the greater picture and it is far ahead of yours. That is not meant to be boastful and is simply how it is for us, whereas your consciousness levels do not allow for such depth of understanding. Wisdom is acquired as you evolve, and it would achieve little if you were brought on too quickly. One of our first tasks is to set you right where your spiritual origins are concerned, and remove the dogma that clouds your ability to see true. Once you all know the truth, it will clearly be easier for people to come together and have respect for the different cultures. You can learn from each other as all experience carries its own lessons.

We notice that because of the imminent changes, you have become bold and confident about speaking your truth. We applaud those of you who feel that the time is right to do so. As long as it is spoken in kindness and not forced onto people, it will ignite a new level of thinking that will light up their minds. It will be extremely hard for some people to change their rigid thinking that has become a way of life, but the truth must fully come out before Ascension takes place. You are the most important part of the plan for your upliftment. Mother Earth could if necessary take care of herself, but the transition and cleansing will be far easier if all participate in it. If Mother Earth started now you could not remain on Earth, as there would be changes of enormous magnitude threatening your existence. However, that is not in the plan as there is co-operation between us all to make the passing as gentle as possible.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you all well with blessings for your well-being. Whatever happens you will be safe, and our ships are ready to aid you should you be in danger. It does not mean in all circumstances, as some relatively minor changes will see souls leaving Earth and this will be in their life plan. You have to get used to the idea that death itself is nothing to fear, and once in the higher levels you will quickly throw off any vestiges of trauma. The vibrations alone are healing, but you will be attended by those who know how to help you quickly recover. We are all love and it is our way of life, and if you can do the same you are leading the way for others.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

29 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

Awakening With the Arcturians - Suzan Caroll - 10/26/09

Awakening With the Arcturians - Suzan Caroll - 10/26/09

Good Day, we are the Arcturians,

We have come to remind you that you are one of the many who has made a
pact with us. You made this pact while you were in the sixth dimension
writing the hologram for your present incarnation. You agreed to
download, ground and integrate your fifth and sixth dimensional
Soul/SELF into your current third dimensional body and to allow your
Soul to become Captain of your earth vessel. You further agreed to merge
your higher vibrational SELF with Gaia to assist in the process of
Planetary Ascension.We are calling you NOW to remind you that it is
"Time" for you to fulfill your agreement.

We are, and always have been, the gentle nudge and the loving "feel"
that has always urged you forward in your journey of "return to SELF."
While you were in the sixth dimension, you knew that this reality would
afford you a great opportunity for the expansion of your consciousness.
On the other hand, you also knew that it would be a life in which it
would be easy to get lost in the illusions of the third dimension. You
knew that you might forget your pact, or doubt that you had ever made
it. Hence, you asked us to contact you as soon as you could possibly
hear, and believe in, our call; which we are now doing.


We are also reminding you that you promised to be a vehicle through
which we, the Arcturians, could share our resonance with the physical
plane. We wish for you to KNOW that we are within you, as we in
"community" with your sixth dimensional Soul Essence. As you Awaken, we
ask that you keep us in the forefront of your consciousness. Feel us
down to your toes, out to your fingers, and up to the top of your head.
Most important, feel us in your heart. In fact, feel us within your High
Heart. Your High Heart, just above your human heart, is the holder and
guardian for your Atma, your Threefold Flame of Life.We, as well as all
other higher dimensional beings, enter through the portal of your opened
Crown Chakra, but we enter your consciousness via your Atma.

Your Atma holds your Three Fold Flame of Life, which protects your first
eight cells. Your first eight cells are the DNA blueprint for your
present incarnation, and where your transformation into Lightbody
begins. Please allow our Essence to join your Soul's Essence, which you
are currently downloading, so that we may enter your Atma and assist you
in your transformation. FEEL our Essence NOW as it blends with yours and
flows throughout your physical body. Recognize our Unconditional Love
and Everlasting Peace deep within your heart.


Close your eyes to recognize this Love and Peace, as you accept, ground
and integrate it into your present day consciousness. Permit us to
channel our Essence, our thoughts and our words through your body, so
that you may you radiate our Unconditional Love and Everlasting Peace
deep into Gaia's Earth, and high into Her aura, the atmosphere. HEAR our
Arcturian Group Mind in your every thought, and FEEL our Unconditional
Love with your every emotion. KNOW our face when you look into the

RECOGNIZE our step as you walk through your life, and SHARE our Essence
with all that you touch. We are you, and you are us. We are over, under,
around and through you.With our Essence within yours, you are aware that
Gaia is approaching Her "time of ascension." You also know that we
Arcturians are to be Her protectors during Her vulnerable time of
re-birth. We have been chosen by the Galactic Federation to be Gaia's
"re-birthing coach," as we are best suited to assist Gaia in fulfilling
Her Divine Plan of becoming a "Planet of Love."

The Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Antares are also very active in
assisting Gaia and Her inhabitants.All of us are here now to remind you
to remember that the key to your success is to download, ground,
integrate and project the higher dimensional, "unconditional
emotions"—Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and
Unconditional Forgiveness. It is through these unlimited emotions that
you can return to Detached Compassion, which is the perspective of your


Unconditional emotions are free of all judgments or opinions. The giver
of the unconditional emotions, loves, accepts and/or forgives without
conditions or limitations. Since these emotions are free of judgment,
they hold a neutral charge, in that they are beyond polarity. There is
no good/bad, dark/light, love/fear, as these extremes are merged into
the Oness of the higher worlds. Hence, there is no "bad" or "dark" or
even "fear, for these extremes have merged into the center of the ONE.On
the other hand, polarized emotions are a product of the third and fourth
dimensional worlds, where the Laws of Separation and Limitation reign.

In your 3D world, spectrums are "separated" into extremes and illusion
hides what is "in between" the edges of the spectrum. For example, the
spectrum of emotion is separated into "love" and "fear," the spectrum of
illumination is separated into "light" and "dark," and the spectrum of
behavior is separated into "good" and "bad." Therefore, your
consciousness is split between your "light side" and your "dark side,"
and your reality is split into "you" and "me." Since people are "good"
or "bad," you are "afraid" of a bad person and "love" a good person.

Until you raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies, illusion
hides the "in-between," the place of Detached Compassion.This separation
into "you" and "me" also limits your ability to feel unconditional
emotions, as you have to discern between the enemies that you
fear—and—friends that you love. This discernment is not that
easy, as a "loved one" can also be your enemy.

Furthermore, when love is conditional, you are only loved if you are
"good enough." On the other hand, in the higher worlds, you are all one.
Therefore, there are no enemies, for if you hurt someone "else," you
also hurt yourself. In fact, if you cannot hold your consciousness to
the resonance of Unconditional Love, you cannot maintain your conscious
connection to that reality, and they only experience a polarized
reality, such as the third/fourth dimension.Unfortunately, in the third
and fourth dimension there are those who would hurt others, no matter
what the cost to themselves. They do so because they live in fear and
feel separated from love.

When your consciousness has expanded to embrace the higher dimensions,
you know that love and fear are merged into the spectrum of EMOTION;
just as good and bad are merged into the spectrum of BEHAVIOR. This
knowledge allows you to rise above your own fear, for you understand
that the "harm" of the lower vibrations cannot touch you while you
resonate to the higher vibrations.From your "higher" Self, you are able
to see through your Eyes of Soul and clearly perceive the "in-between"
that joins all life into ONE. From that perspective, you neither judge
nor fear.

Instead, you realize that that reality is not YOUR reality, and you
allow the beings of the lower world to learn their lessons, just as you
have already learned yours.As your Planetary Ascension progresses, you
will be increasingly aware of those who are choosing to ascend and those
who wish to remain in the third dimension. It is important that you
remain above the conditional quality of judgment and maintain your
position of Detached Compassion. In this manner, you can merely
"observe" the process of choice and not allow your resonance to be
lowered by engaging in the illusions and dramas of the 3D Game.


We ask you now to Unconditionally Love your earth vessel,
Unconditionally Accept it exactly the way it is, and Unconditionally
Forgive it for any limitations it may have. If you cannot have
unconditional emotions for your self, how can you have them for others?
It is important that you appreciate that your earth vessel is the
vehicle in which this fragment of your Soul/SELF, your present ego/self,
is housed so that you can participate in the 3D Game. You chose to enter
this time/space as you knew what a marvelous opportunity it would be to
experience the processes of transformation into Lightbody and Planetary

Therefore, honor, your present physical body which has allowed you to
walk the Earth, experience the "schoolroom Earth," think your earthly
thoughts and feel your earthly emotions.As you download your Soul, you
will become conscious that it is YOU who creates your reality, YOU who
choose your thoughts and YOU who choose your emotions. Your ego/self
does not have this ability, for it is living from the core belief that
it is a victim to the world in which it lives. On the other hand, your
Soul/SELF realizes that you can calibrate your consciousness to rise
above the victimizations of the third/fourth dimensional realities.

When your downloaded Soul becomes Captain of your earth vessel, you will
KNOW that your experiences, thoughts and emotions are actually a product
of the brainwaves to which you have chosen to calibrate. For
example:When you choose to calibrate your consciousness to Beta
Brainwaves your primary experience is the third dimension and below.
This reality appears to be "outside" of you, and you experience it
through your Individual Consciousness.On the other hand, when you
calibrate your consciousness to Alpha Waves, you perceive both the
"outside" and "inside" worlds simultaneously. While in Alpha, you are
able to experience Collective Consciousness, as you are using "whole
brain consciousness."

In Theta Waves, you experience only your "inside" world but have a
constant awareness of your physical vessel. With practice, you are able
to connect to the Planetary Consciousness and KNOW the Heart of Gaia, as
well as the messages of all Her inhabitants.Finally, when you choose to
calibrate your consciousness to Delta Waves, you experience only your
inside world and have very little conscious connection to your 3D earth
vessel. You are then able to experience Galactic Consciousness and are
primarily attached to your higher dimensional bodies as you travel the
Universe in your Essence.


The emotional experience of happiness and joy is the ability to
calibrate your brainwaves to your highest possible frequency.
Unhappiness, on the other hand, is a result of falling out of
calibration with your higher brainwaves. You can have the same
experience that made you "unhappy" while in a lower brainwave but
maintain your calibration to the highest brainwaves and still feel
"joy." When your "physical consciousness" is calibrated to the Light of
the fifth and sixth dimension, you naturally function with Theta
Brainwaves and beyond.

Furthermore, once your "physical body" has been recalibrated to
integrate and project fifth and sixth dimensional Light, you can
experience Theta Brainwaves while interacting with your external
reality. In this manner, you can share your joy with others.Then, if you
merge your calibrated higher consciousness with Gaia, the consciousness
of Earth, you can serve as a step-down-transformer through which the
fifth and sixth dimensional Light can be downloaded through your body
into to Gaia's body, Earth. As your resonance rises, you assist Gaia
further by merging your higher vibration with Gaia to assist in raising
the resonant frequency of Earth. In turn, as Gaia's resonance rises, She
further assists you by grounding your Higher Light to protect your earth
vessel from overload. In this manner, you and Gaia are in partnership to
expand the 3D Matrix.

Your service is:

First, you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions.Then,
you consciously perceive the higher dimensions.Then, the 3D Matrix of
your body expands to integrate these perceptions.Then, you integrate
your expanded 3D Matrix into Gaia's 3D Matrix.Then, Gaia's 3D Matrix
expands.The original "3D Matrix" of separation and limitation is created
and maintained by THOUGHTS of a polarized world," then fleshed out by
the collective EMOTIONS of separation and limitation, and subsequently
activated by the collective INTENTION for "extreme individuality."

A "5D Matrix" is created and maintained by THOUGHTS of Unity and
ONENESS, EMOTIONS of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and
Unconditional Forgiveness, and the INTENTION of Planetary Ascension.As
you expand your 3D Matrix to encompass fifth dimensional thoughts,
emotions and intentions, it will "stretch" it, much as you would stretch
a rubber band. As you, in partnership with Gaia, expand your 3D Matrix
into a 4D, then into 5D Matrix, you prepare for Planetary Ascension.

In fact, you have already transformed much of your 3D world into the
fourth dimension, which is why there are so many changes in your body,
as well as in Gaia's body.Just as downloading new programs into your
computer changes and expands the operations of your computer, the
downloading of your Soul/SELF changes and expands the operation of your
earth vessel. With your download you may need to add more "memory," or
you may need to get a more powerful "modem" for communication purposes.

Your earth vessel must also alter itself in order to accommodate the
higher operating frequencies and abilities of your higher dimensional
SELF.When your consciousness expands beyond the confines of the third
dimension, the vessel in which that consciousness resides must also
expand. This process is much like the hermit crab who outgrows its shell
and must search for a larger one. In Earth's "past," when humans
achieved the state of consciousness that many of you are now
experiencing, they would individually ascend. That is, the physical
vehicle would "die," because the vibratory rate of their consciousness
was too high for that body to accommodate.

Fortunately, Gaia, as well as a great many other humans, cetaceans,
animals and plants, is also expanding Her consciousness. Even the
mineral kingdom is raising its consciousness. Due to this vibrational
shift of the planet, you all have the opportunity to "ascend" into the
higher dimensions without "dying."


The shift from the third to the fourth dimension is not too difficult,
as you experience this change every night when you fall asleep and go
into your "night body." However, the shift from the fourth dimension,
which is still polarized, to the fifth dimension, which is beyond all
polarity, demands a greater adaptation for your consciousness and a
total transformation of your body into Lightbody.

Once you have entered the fifth dimensional realities, it is an easier
transition into the vibrations beyond the fifth, as there are no longer
the polarities of "separation" and "limitation."In sixth dimensional
consciousness you have an intimate awareness of the body of your Divine
Child, who can easily combine imagination with creation. It is in the
sixth dimension that you, in conjunction with your Divine Child, can
re-program any, or all, of your fifth through third dimensional

From your sixth dimensional perspective, you KNOW that surrendering to
the Flow of the ONE is what allows you to be a Conscious Creator of any
"body" or reality that you wish to experience.In the seventh dimension
you rejoin your Oversoul and become the body of your Soul Family. In
your Oversoul form, you serve as a transporter of higher frequencies to
the lower dimensional realities, as you guide and direct ALL the bodies
that ALL your Soul Family has chosen to wear.The eighth dimension is the
Archetypal Energy level. On this dimension, your body is no longer an
individual form but is, instead, an archetype, a prototype of the
original version, for all the "forms" of All the realities with which
your entire Soul Family has decided to experiment in ALL the lower

In the ninth dimension there is no sense of individuality, and you live
primarily as pure consciousness. However, if your greatly expanded group
consciousness desires to have the experience of a physical form, nothing
less than an entire planet can serve as your "body." In the tenth
dimension your group consciousness has so expanded that only an entire
Solar System can serve as a physical "body."

By the eleventh dimension, your group consciousness has so expanded that
only an entire Galaxy can serve as your "body;" and by the twelfth
dimension you have returned to Source and are in Unity Consciousness
with the physical form of your Local Universe.There are also
non-physical, multidimensional beings, such as Devas, Elohim, Angels,
and Archangels who exist primarily as pure consciousness and easily
traverse the dimensions in service of others.

These beings are able to create any form in any dimension and then
return to pure consciousness with no effort. They may even choose to
"wear" a human form if they feel that is the best manner in which to
fulfill their service. However, they usually choose to channel their
resonance through those who are already physical, much as we are asking
you to do.


As you expand your consciousness to embrace your full SELF, the mystery
of creating your fifth dimensional Lightbody is as simple as tying your
shoes. Can you remember when you were a child and looked upon that task
as awesome and too difficult to attempt on your own. Fortunately, you
now remember that you aren't "on our own" and you never were. You are,
and always have been, with your SELF, your Planet, your Solar System,
your Galaxy, and your Universe.

All of these expanded forms of All That Is are an expression of YOUR
Highest SELF.It was this "SELF" that chose to send a fragment of its
total Essence through the 3D Matrix of forgetfulness to see if it could
"do it on its own" as an "individual body." You did this to experience
the process of contracting your consciousness into an individual form
and then expanding it consciousness back into a multidimensional group

However, this "new" group form is not a "herd mentality" but is,
instead, a group mentality in which the sense of individuality is not
lost. Instead, "individuality" lives in "unity" with the Oness. Now you
can awaken, each and every ONE of you, to the knowledge that you have
completed your task, and you can release the illusion that an individual
must be "separate" from others and "limited" to one reality in one

In closing, we The Arcturians, welcome you to the Integration Door in
which you shall be instructed in downloading and integrating your fifth
and sixth dimensional SELF into your third and fourth dimensional
ego/self. This process began while you were in the Violet Fire in the
Illumination Door.
we refer newcomers to that location.

Once you have completed your process of integration, remember to daily
recalibrate. Just as a musician must tune the instrument before playing
it, it is important that you tune your instrument, your earth vessel,
before you begin your day. Would an artist begin a painting with a dirty


Each morning find the highest frequency of your magnificent
multidimensional SELF that you can embody for that day. Take a moment to
commune and reintegrate your Soul/SELF into your physical "body." In
this manner, the higher dimensional channel of communication and
guidance can remain open throughout your day. Keep your mental channel
attuned to the fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies, as these
frequencies cannot be clearly accessed until your consciousness has been
calibrated to receive them.

We recommend that you then ground these high frequencies in Gaia so that
they can be accessed and used without harm to your physical vessel.
Until you have completely merged with Gaia, do not attempt to open the
messages that come in on these higher dimensional frequencies. Your
earth vessel is accustomed to functioning at a very low vibration.
Hence, you will have to retrofit it before you call upon it to make such
a huge leap in resonance.

At the completion of your grounding process you will be fully "Awake,"
and your earth vessel will be updated with the necessary mechanisms to
download, integrate and use transmission of higher dimensional
Intelligent Light.We are very pleased at your/our great progress. We say
"your/our progress" because we are ONE with you. Therefore, you are ONE
with us. We are your Command Station; hence, we are invaluable to you.
We surround you with our Light and support you in our Web of Life. It
would be impossible for us to let you down. Know that your Mission shall
be completed.

You are a brave Spiritual Warrior as well as representative of the
Goddess.The male and female within you is being blended in preparation
for your Mystical Marriage with your Divine Complement and return to
your androgynous Lightbody. Realize that any yearnings you have for Home
are beacons of light that your energy can track to return Home in your
consciousness. You "Home-sickness" is not your enemy.

It is your friend that guides you.You will now begin the process of
Downloading your Multidimensional SELF. IlliaEm will now educate you
regarding this process. Again we commend you and remind you that we are
dedicated to supporting you throughout your ENTIRE process.

Blessings on your journey,The Arcturians

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Metatron: Merging Into Completeness

Metatron: Merging Into Completeness
Telepathic transmission thru Lauren Gorgo
October 22, 2009
============ ========= ========= ========

It is a day of new beginnings. It is the dawn of a new era. It is the light of hope shining brightly to restore your faith in the path that has led you through the mire of human mis-creation.

I AM Metatron, greeting you in your vibrational home, that of the 5th dimension.

Welcome warriors.

We, the holders of light and keepers of the flame, come forth this day and on this unprecedented occasion to present each of you with your well-earned robes of honor!

You, those who read these words and take them deep into the inner recesses of your lighted heart flames, step forth in the name of oneness to herald the new day.

Our beloved countenance has fallen upon you and you have risen to claim it. You have held your composure in the name of adversity & great human strife. You have sown the seeds of new life. You have healed the great divide in separation consciousness, and you have worn your dignity well.

You, the first wave warriors, are the new leaders, the bright lights that will shine upon the darkest hours. You are the fallen angels, resurrected and reborn into your rightful place as forerunners, path-pavers and pioneers of a new earth.

Brothers and sisters of light, pray tell.

We are your family... we are the realm that you now inhabit and we come with you, to walk hand in hand into this familiar, yet foreign land. This new territory that you have dutifully claimed as your own now holds you in vibrational alignment with all that is God's glory.

You have presented an opportunity for all of earth's inhabitants to grow toward the light, to reach out and claim what rightfully belongs to each and every one of God's children. You are those who have made this journey possible for all.

Praise yourselves and come together now to praise each other, to hold each other up and to share your love for and with one another... for this magnificent adventure could not have been made possible without your divinely-human strength and blind endurance in faith of a better world.

We cry tears of joy and dance in fields of greater potential for earth's people, and we come together this day to celebrate with you, in honor of you and to show you that you are the ones we have all have been waiting for!

We are your co conspirators in creation of the higher way, but it is you who has made this journey possible.

We share that darkness is soon to fall on your planet once more, yet again to shake the foundation of those who are still deeply steeped in the depths of greed and hate.

We say this to you not to heed warning, but as a reminder that in this coming transition, you are the keepers of the christed flame, you are those who others shall turn to in their darkest hour. You have been well prepared for this role and you are about to exercise your mastery most profoundly.

In the light of the next full moon, there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle.

This new galactic cycle is a pivotal step in consciousness that will again expose the outworn ways and disrupt the flow of any system based in separation. We assure you that no stone will be left unturned in the coming days, months and years. For this reason it is paramount that each of you, the masters of light, remain diligent in your thinking, anchored in truth, and that your actions stem forth from a place of love.

Stay in your space of hopefulness and joy and regard those who begin to awaken as the same shimmering radiant beings of light that you have heartily become. For deep down, beneath all of the calamity and chaos passing thru the heart of every soul, is the flickering flame of eternal goodness which never ceases to burn.

My friends, stand tall and proud. Your efforts have marked the most significant and magnificent transformation ever to have been achieved on this beautiful planet of love.

Yes, Love is the new standard now that you have achieved it. Love is the action that you have put forth in remembering your worth...love is the action that you have put forth in remembering your power...and love is the action that will heal every wound, feed every mouth and reunite the world under one God, indivisibly, with liberty and justice for all.

Let these words seep deeply into the core of your divine essence, your sacred blueprint, for Love will soon become the common denominator for all fellow lifeforms on this planet.

Love is the potion, the elixir of all miracles. Love is the feeling of completeness, the experience of overflowing fullness, of having it all and sharing it all... for anyone in Love knows that there is always more to be had.

The lives and experiences that each of you knew were yours to have are now attainable.. .not by your wanting them, but by the love that has filled you up to replace all wants, all needs. In the purity of divine love there is no want, no lack, only that which is whole can exist in pure love.

Have you never wondered why the human body exists with little sustenance.. .food, water, rest....when in the throes of new romantic love?

Think on this dear ones, and know that the physical release of endorphins activated by new romance results from the rapid increase in vibration that sustains you in love, reminding you of what it is to be home again.

Waves of love-filled bliss will surely overcome you here, as you adjust to the new heights. These waves will continue to pulsate through every cell of your eternal being-ness, altering your genetic and physical makeup, resurrecting all in its lighted path and releasing those same endorphins that sustain you in Love.

And in this space you will want for no longer. It is not as if you will be without, for you will undoubtedly have it all...but the difference.. .the important difference my friends, is that you will not need it all. You are merging into completeness within yourselves, that which activates the universal source of abundance to fulfill you in all ways.

Surely you knew where this path was leading, now lets observe how you fare! Surely it will take some getting used to...yes?

We will be with you to guide you to use your newly acquired powers and we will continue to offer you ways to grow and to attain higher and higher levels of mastery... but in truth, you already have all you need to live & dwell in grace.

Our love for each of you is unending and soon you will understand just how and why you are revered so dearly as humans of sublime virtue.

Stay tuned for many life changes arriving to carry you into the glory land. All is divinely orchestrated and only a force greater than God could alter the path that each of you have selflessly paved in love of humanity.

Sacrifice and commitment to the service of ALL will never go unnoticed or unrewarded, so we join with you now to celebrate, to dance, to sing and to praise all the warriors of the way!

It is now.

With great reverence, and in union with our lighted family on earth, I AM Metatron, guardian of the kingdom of heaven, keeper of the christed flame.

Again, we are one.

In gratitude,


Lauren C. Gorgo is an Interdimensional Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, MultiDimensional Mentor, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner and Author of 12 Essential Steps to Discovering Your Divine Blueprint: A guidebook for the soul. Well known for her ability to cut through extraneous esoteric details, Lauren is adept at communicating complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a grounded, easy-to-understand and articulate way. For more information, free articles, channeled messages and e-courses visit: http://thinkwithyou rheart.net/ *

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Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

28 Ekim 2009 Çarşamba

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha- Anchoring Peace

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha- Anchoring Peace
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-26 /10/09
Greetings to all souls of the Creator on the Earth, I extend a wealth of love to you my friends as I come forth to share with you this week’s message from the spiritual planes.

I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Earth and unite with the souls of humanity and Mother Earth; I am working within you, alongside you and leading you to access your truth and inner body or realisation of enlightenment. It is my mission and purpose to share the sacred energies and qualities of the Creator with you to ignite the all knowing, wise and loving aspect of the Creator within you. I am integrated as one with all and so experience your existence on the Earth as well as the situations and circumstances of every soul on the Earth. I understand the uncertainty and fear that some of you are experiencing due to the powerful energies of love surging onto the Earth at this time of the Earth’s evolution. I also understand that many people feel a renewed determination to achieve discipline and mastery over their being but I feel that there is one quality from the Creator that needs to be anchored in greater abundance into every soul on the Earth. This quality is the energy and vibration or intention of peace. The quality and light of peace will bring forth a renewed connection for all with the Creator, while acting as an immensely supporting and balancing, activating an ability to see and view your reality and actions with greater clarity. The teachings of the Creator for 2009 and 2010 are to hold the discipline of remaining balanced and focused in your own sacred energies whatever occurs around you. This may sound difficult but it is almost like detaching from the influence of your situation in your reality and holding faith in the energy of the Creator that everything in your reality will always flow with ease and precision, so that you may walk a positive path of love on the Earth. The Creator is asking you to practice remaining balanced and at peace with yourself and your reality so that you can aspect a lesson and level of mastery, progressing to understand greater teachings to aid growth and ascension. Remaining balanced is to not succumb to fear, worry or negative emotions and to exist in the middle of the extremes of happiness and depression so that you are content, stable and at peace.

It is my belief that the quality of peace needs to be anchored into the souls of humanity to assist in soothing their energies which may seem a little turbulent at the moment as old energy patterns, situations and blockages are coming to the surface to be released. To assist in a greater wealth of peace anchoring into humanity and into your being I wish to share with you an Ascended Master practice that I teach to all who visit and study within my Planetary Logos Ashram at the planetary white level of the Creator’s universe. This practice is not usually taught on the Earth but I feel that it may benefit many people in accepting a greater stillness, tranquillity and equilibrium to aid their acceptance of the Creator and comprehension of their existence on the Earth. I will now take time to guide you through this process of anchoring and accepting peace.
I ask that you sit peacefully, focus on your breathing to gain a deep meditative state of being.

Say ‘I invoke my divine guiding light and overseer Planetary Logos Lord Buddha to embrace me in your sacred and pure soul light charged with enlightenment and a wealth of spiritual inspiration. Let your loving planetary white light surround my entire being, protecting me and awakening my energies so that I may be open and receptive to your light and the vibrations that you share with me. Please prepare my energy for anchoring a greater wealth of peace. Let it be.’

Imagine that you are surrounded in pure white light, creating a sacred sanctuary of light for you to exist within.

‘Overseen by Lord Buddha I ask for a divine alignment to the energy of peace within the soul of the Creator and ask that the circular lattice of peace descends from the soul of the Creator to exist around me.’

Imagine a peach ball of light descending from the soul of the Creator and forming around you, the lattice of peach light encapsulating your body and aura. You can see the light and quality of peace from the Creator’s soul flowing continuously through the network of light manifested around you.

Imagine a beam of light descending from the soul of the Creator and travelling directly through the centre of your body, anchoring the peach lattice of peace into your energy and the Earth. As the beam of light flows from the soul of the Creator into the top of body it will draw on the light held within the circular lattice permitting it to flow down the centre of your being. Some of the light will then continue to anchor into the Earth while the rest of the light of peace will integrate with the bottom of the circular lattice of peace, creating a continuous flow of light anchoring into your body and flowing up from below your feet around and through your aura, until it reaches the top of your head. This means that the consciousness and qualities of peace are penetrating your entire being and are continuously renewing and building in vibration within your person.

The energy of peace is centring and balancing your being while increasing the flow of the Creator’s light into your energy systems and physical body. Allow yourself to experience the continuous flow of peace that the circular lattice manifests.
‘I ask for the Creator and the planetary level to integrate the energy of peace from the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters, Venusians, Sirians and Andromedans into the sacred light of peace held within my circular lattice. Assist me in accepting the most appropriate consciousness of peace for me now.’

Feel the energy and light of peace intensifying and flowing with a quicker vibration and speed as it circulates through the centre of your body and into your aura. Relax and enjoy this integration and repeat to yourself for as long as you wish,
‘I am peace.’

When you wish to complete the process of anchoring and accepting peace imagine the energy you have absorbed descending down into the Earth almost like roots or a ship’s anchor grounding your energies into the physical planes and your current reality.

Throughout your day when you feel as if you are unbalanced or if your emotions are going to extremes or your mind is not acting in a productive way, take a moment to imagine or acknowledge the lattice of peace and the energy flowing around and within you. The lattice of peace will remain with you always and will hold a greater influence if you remind yourself of its presence each day. This is a practice that many Ascended Masters within the Planetary Level Ashram sit and experience for hours on end, but you need only experience this practice for as long as is appropriate for you.

I hope that you will find this exercise from the Planetary Logos Ashram beneficial and helpful.
With the love of my soul, I am united as one with you now and eternally,
Planetary Logos Lord Buddha

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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27 Ekim 2009 Salı

Uriel's Message -- The Atlantean Guilt

So many of you who are teachers, healers and Lightworkers today held those roles in Atlantis, and you retain the energies and the memories of the work you did there, including the end of that era. For it was an era, a time when humanity was provided with an opening to experience their divinity and they misused this energy and destroyed themselves. You know that you are on the threshold of yet another cycle of the experience of divinity and the fear you feel is related to your Atlantean experience and its guilt.

The guilt you carry is from your feeling of responsibility for destroying your world and watching it end, from knowing that you were trusted by many and you betrayed their trust, from your association with those you trusted and whose objectives were hidden from you. Even today many of you are reluctant to use your gifts to their fullest extent because you fear that when others are aware of what you can do, they will take advantage of you, as happened in Atlantis. As you approach the end of this cycle the memory of your guilt is creating fear, hesitation and doubt.

In Atlantis there was an opportunity to create heaven on earth but it was done by attempting to manipulate the earth's energies to create heaven through the material world. In this new cycle you understand that there is a partnership between spiritual and material, and you are preparing the earth to receive spirit. This is as it should be for the transition to occur without destruction. But what happened in Atlantis was the manipulation of your energies to accomplish the desires of the ego's need for domination.

You were not responsible for Atlantis' destruction, even though you were present and contributed to those energies. Your powers were misused by those whose purpose was to create a human and ego focused transformation. You willingly participated in the work that was done, not understanding how you and all of humanity were being misled at that time. It is time for each of you to accept the fullness of your power and to trust that it will not be misused. You have spent lifetimes preparing for this moment and are at the point of transition, as you were in Atlantis. This is a new era, with new energies, vibrations and you have the wisdom and knowledge learned from your previous cycle. Release your guilt, accept your power and gifts, and allow the new earth become the partnership of heaven and earth that you have worked so hard to create.

22 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

Belief Systems REMOVAL at Soul Level

Belief Systems - Soul Level

Part One
Belief Systems - Soul Level

Belief Systems around the soul are quite a different process (and level) than has been worked on previously. It is all about "soul's insecurities" and negative beliefs.

What is present around soul is a white mist with many colors, diamond-like shapes (energies) that are interconnected like snowflakes (or look like molecular structures found in a biology book). They show that soul hasn't completely accepted itself and its own true nature and needs. Soul has lost its original identity and thus soul is confused.

They (the energies) appear as ruminations that soul allow in - that aren't of soul or a part of soul but which affects soul. Soul becomes the ruminations and acts out what we call false self, false ego, false personality in which the soul identifies itself as one with these ruminations.
It happens over many lifetimes in which no actual physical beings implant these - but it is, instead, like "brainwashing" on a spiritual basis or level. They (the ruminations) get locked in when two souls (individuals) are talking and somehow one disempowers the other, the second soul or individual lets something the first on says in, not just on one level, but all levels. It is the opposite of "as above so below" and becomes "as below so above".

So what happens - lifetime after lifetime these ruminations (belief systems) store up, many contradicting the other, the result being "soul's confusion or insecurities". So what you have is soul surrounded by many, many, many belief systems, so that soul becomes these ruminations.
What needs to be done is to "stabilize" these configurations, remove them, and free soul. A person must be ready for change, because this does strip one of many lifetimes of stored belief systems and allows soul to again be "that spark of God" as it was when it was created. As these belief systems are broken down and taken away, it isn't always in your highest good to dwell on exactly what each belief system was.

It is like going to the dump to go through discarded garbage. It a person continually goes over the past, they can recreate old negative beliefs, sometimes feeling guilt and shame over past lifetimes and past decisions. It is best to be open to letting things go without drama - you know, "the easy way".

There are times when the universe will present you with pictures of what the beliefs were, if this happens it usually is because you've learned (or are into) the lessons. The same situation occurs here, acknowledge the lesson and then let it go with "ease". Some common beliefs of this lifetime are: feeling not deserving, having no value, can't be abundant and be spiritual at the same time, etc.

Past beliefs could include killing or being killed in the name of God (Crusades, Inquisition, early Christian Days), be sacrificed for crops..... The list goes on and one.
After the removal of old beliefs, there may be a time afterwards where old thought patterns, decisions, and situations come to mind. What is happening is your mind asking you if that is the belief you have deleted. You just say yes, and your "computer" (mind), will just erase it. Do not make this process difficult. People have described an incredible inner peace after the old negative beliefs were released.

Saturday October 24 at 3:30pm EST
COST $ 25
Register here

Part Two
Matrix Work

Ok, so what is matrix work?

I'll start out by defining what a matrix is: a matrix is an energy pattern or vibration.
As you emerged from Source, you had one matrix in place, the Matrix of Self. This matrix had all the aspects, patternings and vibrations complete for you as soul. As you went into the various dimensions, you picked up a Matrix of Polarity. This is not just 3rd dimensional polarity...polarity exists in some form in most dimensions.

The polarity matrix carries the curses, hexes, good, evil, traumas, etc. As you were "born" into families, you picked up two more matrixes.. the Matrix of Male and the Matrix of Female. These Matrixes contain all the mother (female) idiosyncrasies of every generation before you; the Male Matrix does the same.

So what this means is that, perhaps, you may act and react in ways that really don't belong to you, but to the female or male lineage. (To confuse you even further, add to the lineages of all the lives you have lived) So... what, where, or who is the real YOU?

So what needs to be done is to remove the matrixes that don't serve you.... the male, female, and polarity. Many times the Matrix of Self is still in embryonic state and its vibration will be dull, it has never been allow to be born or if it is born hasn't been allowed to grow strong and develop fully or completely in this lifetime constantly interfered with by the other three matrixes.

Sometimes the Male and Female Matrixes (could be mother, father) that we inherit through our parents can/have overshadowed the self so much that it really appears not to exist. Add to that everything carried in the Polarity Matrix... it is no wonder individuals have trouble figuring out who they are. The Matrixes all start from a particular place in your lower spine.

The Male and Female Matrixes will be removed first. The Polarity Matrix many times will be extremely intertwined in the spine... and will be the most difficult to dis-attach. As it is removed, the Self Matrix will be free to grow, expand and be realized. As one processes this work, you may feel disoriented for awhile, but this shouldn't last long.

The real YOU will vibrate at a higher level and you will be able to channel more light. Through the expansion, development and maturation of your Self Matrix, you discover who your real self is and how your are able to express this in the human form.

Saturday October 31 at 3:30pm EST
COST $ 25.00
Register here



The light that carries you beyond your imagination is ever present within your coding and this has been there since the beginning of time. There has been experiences you may have encountered during your incarnations, which has dimmed this light and deactivated the coding that creates abundance within your bodies and at times it has damaged the coding due to mis-use of power and loss of power. Through these sessions, your coding will be repaired, resequensed and finally activated.
This is a powerful time where Grace has stepped in to create opportunities for humanity to return to co-creating abundance and remembering gratitude.

The Planetary Abundance Grid Alignment and Activation sessions are powerful sequences that will clear, repair and activate your four body system and the coding within your four body system. Abundance comes in many forms not just money, abundance of opportunities, love, friendship to name a few are also facets of the abundance we can create on planet earth when we are aligned with the Planetary Abundance. The Planet is abundant unlimitedly, she creates an abundance of food and water, when we are connected with her grid of abundance we begin to co-create the unlimited abundance she continuously creates for all life forms on earth.


Level 1 - scans your Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Spiritual Bodies for all contracts, vows, oaths and promises which block you from activating your codes and releases them. A cleansing and purification takes place for your four body system to clear out everything and anything blocking you from activating your codes of abundance and activation. Its an extremely powerful
purification and clearing session, you also receive an upgrade after the purification and cleansing is complete which will prepare you for level 2.

COST: $25

Friday October 23 at 8:30pm EST
Register here


Level 2 - scans your four body system and begins repairing your coding, if there are codings which are beyond repair they will be replaced. This is an extensive session which will leave you feeling very strong, even your energy field will feel a lot stronger.
The coding is also resequenced and reconnected to perfection. The Magenta Ray is used in this session.

COST: $30

Friday October 30 at 8:30pm EST
Register here


Level 3 - activates the coding that was repaired and resequenced in Level 2. After this is complete the Planetary Abundance Grid Alignment and Activation will take place for you.

COST: $35

Friday November 6 at 8:30pm EST
Register here

19 Ekim 2009 Pazartesi

Uriel's Message -- The World is Ending

Uriel's Message -- The World is Ending

The world as you know it is coming to an end. This is not an end of the physical world, which you fear may bring earth changes that will disrupt your life although some of the physical world will change. But your material world is an illusion that you create, it is a manifestation of the collective consciousness. This is the end of the world that Jesus spoke about, where the lion and lamb would lie together, the end of duality and polarity and the end of the world which reflects it.

Every beginning requires an ending and the world as it is in this moment must end in order for a new one to manifest. Rise beyond the limitations of the physical which creates fear because you believe that the world of your five senses is the only world that exists. There are many worlds beyond what you can see in the third dimension through your physical presence. To not fear the end of the world you must expand your thinking beyond what you can see and remember what you have been taught, that the partnership with ego and spirit, the blending of material and spiritual, the creation of heaven on earth, is the next step on humanity's journey.

What do you do when that which you have been working towards finally arrives? For some this is the end of a long journey. For others their work will take on new aspects and for many, the work has just begun. There are people who are hungry for new knowledge and understanding, those who are ready to take a leap of faith and need to know where they will land. The new world is being birthed at this moment and you are part of its creation. It is a new life, waiting for your guidance because the new world is your creation, it is your gift to the Universe, the creation of new hope and potential for humanity.

You have brought the human experience full circle, which includes the Earth's experience as an ego-based energy, and all ego-based structures are ending because they have fulfilled their purpose. The ending allows an expansion into higher vibrations of spirit, encompassing all you have been and creating new potentials. The earth will not die, as it is necessary for the next part of this unfolding journey. Be in joy for the new world is being created and you will create a smooth transition through your learning, guidance and love. Celebrate the end of the old world, be glad for the proof of your efforts and bring the new world in with love, gratitude and joy.

16 Ekim 2009 Cuma

KARMIC MATRIX REABSORBTION/DIVINITY ACTIVATION we are getting this energy on sunday night


Have you experienced:
· A severe illness, accident, or deep depression
· A choice of whether or not to stay on the planet
· A nagging feeling that you may be very ill or dying
· Feeling like you are in the Void
· Feeling directionless
· Feeling abandoned or betrayed by Spirit
· Everything is over stimulating
· Feeling like you cannot cope
· Feeling like you need to run away
· Feeling like you have gone backwards
· Slogging through karmic stuff
· Reliving childhood traumas or decisions
· Dropping people and situations out of your life
· Feeling like it's time to make a major shift and feel stuck
· Feeling a need to clear all the old stuff

If you are having most or of these symptoms it may be time to have a Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion/Divinity Activation.(KMR/DA) If you are having the first four symptoms you may have experienced a "Reincarnation in the Same Body" where your soul contract has been upgraded.
* This technique reabsorbs into The Source specific and general karmic energy patterning from all of your lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all of the third dimensional experiences
· Your Spirit decides which patterns are to be removed and which orientations of Divinity are to be infused.
· This technique powerfully affects every person you have ever known, in this incarnation and in any lifetime, Often, your personal relationships shift immediately
· Having a KMR session does not mean you can avoid engaging in your emotional transformation work. What it does is it accelerates and deepens it. So, meditate carefully about whether this work is right for you

Effects from this work, which may occur, are:
· Freeing up of specific and general karmic patterning that is holding you back from moving to your next step
· Major shifts in personal relationships. If a relationship is karmically based it is likely to dissolve
· Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen
· Complete and sudden life shift, any relationship or situation can suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear
· Experience of an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time
· Sudden personality/identity shift as a lot of the released matrix is self-karmic
· Breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional reality
· Descensions of Spirit, very common after a KMR, often very intense, lots of physical manifestations as Spirit shakes out a lot of density, stuck emotions and closed systems
· Deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of separation from source, with a whole new level of vision and determination emerging as your old reality disappears and a new world is simultaneously born
complete Cosmic Ascension this lifetime as well.

The cost is $ 25.00

Sunday October 18 at 3:30pm EST

Sign up here wwwiascendemasters.org

13 Ekim 2009 Salı

3rd Level of the New Energy Wave of Acceptance – Lord Melchizedek

3rd Level of the New Energy Wave of Acceptance – Lord Melchizedek
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 10/10/09

Much love and many blessings are sent to you from all existing and vibrating at a universal level of the Creator’s universe. I, Lord Melchizedek address you now with some valuable information concerning the New Energy Wave of Acceptance which was anchored onto the Earth in 09/09/09. Since the point of alignment the energies of the Wave of Acceptance have been increasing and developing, the energy of love is anchoring with greater force into the Earth and souls of humanity to aid the era of love, due to manifest in 2012. We have and are experiencing the energies and qualities of unconditional love, acceptance, balance, detachment and mastery directly from the Creator’s soul. These sacred qualities enable us to understand and enact different aspects of the Creator’s soul and loving qualities on the Earth. From the 3rd to the 8th September 2009 the New Energy Wave of Acceptance prepared for alignment with the Earth. It was from the 9th September that the energy wave climaxed and humanity felt a greater intensity of the loving qualities of the Creator and the teachings that must be adopted. It was from the 9th to the 19th September that we truly felt the feminine aspect of the Creator anchoring and present within the nature kingdoms on the Earth. From the 19th September until the 8th October the New Energy Wave of Acceptance has been integrating with the energies of humanity and the Earth, this has allowed many people to realise how the new energy wave is influencing their life and the lessons that it brings forth to enable them to practice existing as unconditional love, connecting with the divine balance within their being and detaching from the unneeded energies in their reality. In truth this can bring forth many challenging experiences or it can encourage you to exist as your truth. If you approach your day accepting love from the Creator, emanating unconditional love to all and allowing yourself to remain balanced and centred then you will easily overcome the lessons of this period of growth and will be able to fully anchor the qualities of love that the Creator’s now expresses.
It is from the 9th October that the New Energy Wave of Acceptance has increased in vibration and intensity with the purpose of offering new lessons and understandings from the Creator’s loving soul. You may notice that as you invoke the New Energy Wave of Acceptance to channel and surge into your being that its vibration is slightly different, there is a greater volume of the quality peace and tranquillity anchored into the energy wave. Peace has been anchored in order to encourage humanity to take time to comprehend the experiences and situations in their life, how they are affecting their spiritual development and to realise any changes that need to be made. The energy of peace also allows a period of rest and synthesis of the Creator’s qualities of love. The intensity of the energy of love anchoring into the Earth and humanity can bring forth many processes of cleansing, releasing and change. Many people have felt their attitude and personality change, some feel light and brighter while others feel the negative ego coming forth in rebellion of the powerful loving energies anchoring. Now is a time of reflection on your progress and to evaluate whether you have learnt or comprehended any new understandings concerning your personality, actions, thoughts and emotions. It is now a time to rest before a higher vibration of the energy wave anchors and then remains continuously connected with the Earth until 10/10/2010.

The quality that comes forth from the New Energy Wave of Acceptance is the teachings and energy of Love of a Neutral Disposition. Love of a Neutral Disposition is a very powerful energy and state to adopt and exist as, on the Earth. It is to exist as love and to share love while accepting a balanced temperament. This draws on the qualities of being clam, composed, unflustered, fair minded, open minded and flexible. It is from this existence that a new inner strength will develop within each person, a strength that stems from love rather than fear. We must also realise that as the energies of love anchor onto the Earth it can remind us of mistakes that we may have made and to realise that every soul is now learning new lessons of love and most importantly accepting love. It is because of this great period of learning and growth that we must be forgiving and supportive to ourselves and those around us. Many souls on the Earth through their awakening process have experience intense high emotions and energy as they align with the love of the Creator and realise their truth, while also plummeting to intense lows in their energy and emotion as they try to resolve old karmic issues and negative emotions that need to be realised in order to aid spiritual development. Now is the time to gather your energies, to allow healing to occur and to accept love as you remain balanced and centred. The Creator offers all a challenge of expressing and accepting love during their daily routine while also remaining calm and collected whatever occurs around them. It is to remain in a neutral disposition of love, experiencing love but not allowing your emotions to bounce from negativity and fear to extremely high blissful emotions. If you access a happy joyous vibration of light then there is a need to maintain it throughout every second of the day. The Creator realises that this may be difficult and it is important to experience emotions fully without dwelling, but the key is to bring your attention and vibration back to the level of happiness and joy or peace and stillness that you previously accessed.

From the 9th November 2009, a new quality will emerge from the Energy Wave of Acceptance and this will be Love with the Ability to Detach. This quality may seem the same as the quality that is now evident of Love of a Neutral Disposition but it is all a process of growth. The Creator asks you to focus on remaining in a place and existence of love at all times without wavering, it is to remain in the middle of the Creator’s love, experiencing its constant energy. The 4th realisation and energy wave is to assist you in achieving the action of detachment when it is needed while remaining in a place of love, forgiveness and equilibrium.
This is definitely something to be aware of as you go about your daily routine and life on the Earth. There are many small experiences that help you to grow, if you become aware of your growing frustration, anger or impatience, this is a time when Love of a Neutral Disposition should be accepted and put into action. It is also needed in times when you feel yourself judging another for whatever reason, it is important to remain collected and calm and to decipher the lessons that are being brought to your attention.

It is important to realise that as the Energy Wave of Acceptance intensifies and new qualities anchor or emerge, they are not only available between the time frame given but are available to align to and to comprehend throughout the entire year from 03/09/2009 to 10/10/2010 so there is ample of time to integrate the energies and their qualities of love.

I encourage you to continue to align with the Energy Wave of Acceptance each day with this simple invocation,

‘Overseen by my loving guides, I now anchor the most appropriate vibration of love, light and consciousness from the Energy Wave of Acceptance into my being, soul and reality. Allow me to accept the Creator’s qualities of unconditional love, acceptance and balance in order to anchor a reality of love into my life, exist as love and align on a new level with the soul of the Creator. I ask the Energy Wave of Acceptance to support and inspire me throughout my day. Let it be.’

Take a moment to imagine the light flowing over and into your being.

‘I now wish to align with and anchor the qualities, teachings and vibrations of Love of a Neutral Disposition from the Energy Wave of Acceptance. Allow me to exist as love of a balanced temperament on the Earth now. Thank you.’

Take a moment to imagine the light flowing over and into your being.
Throughout your day I ask that you repeat the affirmation,

‘I am Love of a Neutral Disposition,’

‘I am Love of a Balanced Temperament.’

This will aid the anchoring process and assist you in remaining balanced while experiencing and accepting the love of the Creator.
I hope that the information I have shared with you today is of value to you.
With universal blessings and vibrations,
I am Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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8 Ekim 2009 Perşembe

Melchizedek on what is really happening and going to happen in 2012

Have you made your choice yet?

Melchizedek on what is really happening and going to happen in 2012

There is a lot of information going around about the coming ascension in 2012 and much of it is exciting and some of it is scary.

I, Melchizedek would like to give you some explanations and information of what is going to happen.

Yes there is going to be a ascension of consciousness for every human on earth whether they want to or not. The earth is ascending and will be going into a higher dimension. She will however go higher than the 5th dimension most of you have heard of. The earth will move beyond the 13th dimension, which means the earth will not be physical anymore.

There are stories that once the earth ascends, many will die. Some of them will tell you that if your physical body is not ready it will be destroyed during the ascension of the earth. This is not true, there will be a safe place created for those who are not ready to move on with the earth in the higher dimensions, and we expect this to be most of the earth population at this time.
The ones that have made the choice to complete planetary ascension and move into cosmic ascension will be the new teachers coming or staying on earth after the ascension and they will have full knowledge of the pathways to return to source.

At this moment your earth is preparing for her ascension and many are assisting her as she moves forward on this path. Some will try to interfere as always and this is mostly done through misinformation.

There is a time frame for the ascension of the earth and it is at the end of the year 2012, the beginning of 2013. But do not forget, the earth is already ascending at this time. Her frequency is being raised.

The time frame is where many will be present to open the gate, portal or doorway that will allow the earth to move beyond this dimension into a new timeline and release her of her physicality.

At this moment the merger has begun of the earth with her non physical part and this will continue until she has been completely merged with her non physical part. Her energy, spirit or soul part so to speak. Just like humans are becoming one with their spirit, their soul, so does the earth. You have to become the whole before you can completely ascend.

Some lightworkers have now been disconnected from the cycles of time, meaning they will be able to work on themselves and the earth from a space without time. This allows them to stay out of time and they will not be influenced by time frames, sun cycles and many more of these earthly 3d influences. They are preparing for Cosmic Ascension and with that they are preparing to hold the energies for humanity to go through the process of the ascension of the earth in a safe way.

They will be the ones holding the energies for the safe return of all that have not made the choice at this time to complete Cosmic Ascension.

Once the earth has passed through the portal a new set of dimensions will be created. Actually they will already be there since these dimensions are being created at this time by the ones that have stepped out of the cycles of time. All humans that have not chosen the Cosmic Ascension path will be returned to a planet earth that will be similar to the one you are on right now. The only difference will be that you will start in the 5th dimension (which is still physical) instead of the 3rd dimension. From there you will be able to step onto the path of completing Cosmic Ascension.

Now we do need many to hold the energies for this process and this is why your universe is in a "no rules" time cycle at this time. Many of you are here to be part of this and some have heard the clarion call, many have not. Many are still thinking of only planetary ascension and all that they are doing is following the energies that are coming into your universe. I would like to remind you that you have already finished planetary ascension in a previous lifetime. And in this lifetime only one simple process is needed to complete it again for this lifetime to have the physical body ready to step onto the Cosmic Ascension path.

The energies coming into your universe are ready to be integrated; all that most people are doing is accepting them and letting them flow through. You have to become one with everything, every part of you, and every part of you in this universe and beyond. This is not accomplished by just accepting the energies coming in. I would like to remind you about the path of many of the masters you are looking at for answers and guidance. They spend many lifetimes learning and becoming one with all that is. Integrating each and every part on themselves to finally ascend within the light body. At this moment we are aiming for complete cosmic ascension beyond the dimensions, beyond your universe. This means ascension with the physical body, which means bringing in each and every part of you into the 3rd dimensional physical body. Your 3rd dimensional physical body will become one with all that is. Your 3rd dimensional body will become the lightbody for ascension.

So here is my question for all of you at this time. Have you made your choice yet? What are your plans for the future?

I know times are hard; many distractions have been placed upon your path, as you chose to do so. Now it is time to step beyond this and create your own future. Leave the distraction behind you; find your place in the 3rd dimension without distractions, or without being influenced by the distractions. This is a real possibility for all of you.

The only way to change the world, and we cannot say it enough, is to change it from within. This means you are the ones that need to change; you are the ones that will have to create a new future for you. Don't let yourself be pulled down by all that is happening around you. Yes, these are hard times, yes many are living on the edge, and yes you can change the world one by one. This means look inside for the change. Do not look outside for the change. You have to change from within.

There are many teachers out there and many will be able to assist you on the Cosmic Ascension path. But discernment is needed as many also do not know what is needed for this path, they are still attached to the old teachings, or will try to find new teachings, but if they are not the path of Cosmic Ascension they will not find them. Some will tell you about Cosmic Ascension but they are in fact still working on planetary ascension. This is why discernment is needed. You will have to find your path among the many paths that are available. This is why you follow your heart. But you can only follow your heart if you have made a complete commitment to your heart, yourself and the path of Cosmic Ascension.

You are all a very important part of this process as the earth is preparing for her ascension and can use all the help she can get to raise her frequencies. And you are also very important for the ones that have not chosen the path of cosmic ascension at this time, as they will need a safe place to stay when the earth ascends. Only the ones ready for cosmic ascension will be able to hold the energies for that safe haven.

Then for the many healers out there, you are important in many ways as you have chosen a path of healing for many. Do not forget that the most important part of healing is to heal yourself first. Raise your frequencies as many of the healing modalities now available will require that from you. And do not forget the path toward Cosmic Ascension as you focus on healing. The only way a physical body can completely heal is by moving it beyond the physical dimensions.

2012 is near and we are already at the end of the year 2009. This is your opportunity to step beyond the physical and become the creator of your own life and future.

I am Lord Melchizedek

Through Petra Margolis
October 6, 2009

4 Ekim 2009 Pazar





Greetings beloveds. Today we are going to talk about the essence of your soul, but more importantly we will be asking you to tune into the essence of your soul. Your soul is the true you, rather than the physical self you see when you look into a mirror. Your soul communicates to you through your feeling nature, and it is forever there to guide you through the maze of life. The essence of your being has divine wisdom within it, the wisdom of the ages. It is that wisdom that we are asking you to connect with this day and on a consistent basis, for when you do, you will be guided through or around the obstacles that life presents.

SOUL CONNECTION: (may be done with eyes open as you read)
We ask that you close your eyes and go within as you breathe slowly and rhythmically. Allow your attention to move to your heart center, your heart chakra area. Sense, see or imagine a radiant white light within your heart center, like a beacon, radiating out in all directions at once. Now watch as the color turns to an emerald green, but still containing white light as well. Allow your consciousness to move into your heart center; feel the love therein. This love is unconditional, pure love - divine love. Now, state your intention to connect with your true essence, your soul. State your intention to connect with the wisdom of the essence of your being. You can say something like: "I hereby attune to the wisdom of my soul." Now, take a few moments and feel your soul connection. Sense or see the light emanating from your heart area. Feel the warmth emanating from deep within as it permeates your being. Feel the unconditional love within your heart.

Notice and remember this feeling, this soul connection, this soul awareness.

We encourage you to embrace the feeling of this soul connection as often as possible, ideally at least once a day for three to four weeks until it becomes a natural connection. Eventually you will be able to recall this connection, this feeling, at will.

Dear ones, your soul is there to guide you at all times. We invite you to tune into the wisdom of your soul for it too yearns for this connection.

Once again notice the light emanating from your heart area, notice the love within your heart. Remember this vibration as you go about your day radiating light and unconditional love from your heart area.

Dear ones, your soul is calling you; we invite you to tune in and listen, feel the joy of your soul as it lifts you to higher and higher vibrational patterns.

Whether you are five, ninety five, or more, you can tune into the wisdom of your soul.

We are forever available to you.

I AM Melchizedek

2 Ekim 2009 Cuma

12 Pyramids with Thoth

New Series the 12 Pyramids with Thoth

I am happy to announce that i have been asked by Thoth to work with him and the 12 Pyramids. It is going to be an exiting journey for me and for everyone that will join us during these meditations.
You can read about the pyramids below and there is more on our website.

We are starting this series on Monday evening October 5 at 9:30pm EST

The cost is $ 15.00 per evening and you can sign up here

The 12 Pyramids of Thoth

The writer of these pages is I, Thoth The Scribe, who moves through many realities as teacher and author.
I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force having come here through the Gates of the 12 Pyramid Matrix to create realities. Many will remember and quote my teachings in texts, scrolls, stone tablets, keys of knowledge, or encoded genetic memories to be found at the end of each cycle.

I have entrusted my original teachings to those who were my priests and priestesses who must one day restore this knowledge in full definition.

At that time they shall incarnate as the teachers and healers of their timelines.
These readings shall be found at the end of a cycle which transcends time and space.

And they shall remember.
And I shall help and guide them.

If you have come to this place you have come to the temple that will take you to twelve pyramids of light.
I am here to tell you a story of 12 pyramids that came through that which you call the void to enter this world
and create a physical reality in which souls can experience.
At the time of my writing these 12 pyramids stood on the physical planet placed there by design.
Though each pyramid may appear to the human eye to look like the others ... remember that each one is
unique in frequency and purpose.

Within each of the 12 pyramids were 3 entities for a total of 36 creational forces.

And these 36 forces set down upon the Earth life forms of different shapes and designs.
They used energies of light and the tones of crystals to create

When the 36 were complete they left the surface of the planet in their pyramids and remained outside of the
physical planet where they created a grid system which linked together all things on and off the planet.
This was in the form of a matrix, web.

At that time, I, Thoth, who would be a scribe and teacher within the matrix, came to this place and
wrote this book for you to find at this time.
Within the book are your keys.

A great pyramid was built by my design on the surface of the planet.
It would be a duplicate of that which is above and would link to it.
And I would come through this pyramid many times in many forms, to guide and teach the souls who would come to this place.

Your coming here has unlocked the door for those who were the priests and priestesses of
a time once entered in the story of humanity.

We shall now journey to the first of 12 pyramids that waits beyond this reality, yet holds its creation in place.

You can read more about all 12 Pyramids on our website here http://www.ascendedmasters.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=351&Itemid=163

Crystalline PLATINUM LightBody DNA Activation - We are getting this tonight starting around 3.30 AM :)

Crystalline PLATINUM LightBody DNA Activation
(Clearing, Activations and Attunements)

We will activate the Crystalline Platinum Light Body to you and five very powerful attunements. This DNA activation sessions includes a clearing of anything and everything that would adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate the crystalline platinum light body and the accompanying attunements. After the clearing is done, the activation of the crystalline platinum light body will take place and between 75,000 to 150,000 strands of your DNA will be activated. There are five accompanying attunements to this powerful light body and DNA activation. The first attunement upgrades the physical body organs to accommodate the newly awakened and activated DNA. The second attunement is for the circulatory system; the third one is for the lymphatic system; the fourth one is for the kundalini energy channel and the fifth and final one is for the tantric energy channels.

Friday October 2 at 8:30pm EST
Cost $ 30.00
You can register here www.ascendedmasters.org