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Awakening With the Arcturians - Suzan Caroll - 10/26/09

Awakening With the Arcturians - Suzan Caroll - 10/26/09

Good Day, we are the Arcturians,

We have come to remind you that you are one of the many who has made a
pact with us. You made this pact while you were in the sixth dimension
writing the hologram for your present incarnation. You agreed to
download, ground and integrate your fifth and sixth dimensional
Soul/SELF into your current third dimensional body and to allow your
Soul to become Captain of your earth vessel. You further agreed to merge
your higher vibrational SELF with Gaia to assist in the process of
Planetary Ascension.We are calling you NOW to remind you that it is
"Time" for you to fulfill your agreement.

We are, and always have been, the gentle nudge and the loving "feel"
that has always urged you forward in your journey of "return to SELF."
While you were in the sixth dimension, you knew that this reality would
afford you a great opportunity for the expansion of your consciousness.
On the other hand, you also knew that it would be a life in which it
would be easy to get lost in the illusions of the third dimension. You
knew that you might forget your pact, or doubt that you had ever made
it. Hence, you asked us to contact you as soon as you could possibly
hear, and believe in, our call; which we are now doing.


We are also reminding you that you promised to be a vehicle through
which we, the Arcturians, could share our resonance with the physical
plane. We wish for you to KNOW that we are within you, as we in
"community" with your sixth dimensional Soul Essence. As you Awaken, we
ask that you keep us in the forefront of your consciousness. Feel us
down to your toes, out to your fingers, and up to the top of your head.
Most important, feel us in your heart. In fact, feel us within your High
Heart. Your High Heart, just above your human heart, is the holder and
guardian for your Atma, your Threefold Flame of Life.We, as well as all
other higher dimensional beings, enter through the portal of your opened
Crown Chakra, but we enter your consciousness via your Atma.

Your Atma holds your Three Fold Flame of Life, which protects your first
eight cells. Your first eight cells are the DNA blueprint for your
present incarnation, and where your transformation into Lightbody
begins. Please allow our Essence to join your Soul's Essence, which you
are currently downloading, so that we may enter your Atma and assist you
in your transformation. FEEL our Essence NOW as it blends with yours and
flows throughout your physical body. Recognize our Unconditional Love
and Everlasting Peace deep within your heart.


Close your eyes to recognize this Love and Peace, as you accept, ground
and integrate it into your present day consciousness. Permit us to
channel our Essence, our thoughts and our words through your body, so
that you may you radiate our Unconditional Love and Everlasting Peace
deep into Gaia's Earth, and high into Her aura, the atmosphere. HEAR our
Arcturian Group Mind in your every thought, and FEEL our Unconditional
Love with your every emotion. KNOW our face when you look into the

RECOGNIZE our step as you walk through your life, and SHARE our Essence
with all that you touch. We are you, and you are us. We are over, under,
around and through you.With our Essence within yours, you are aware that
Gaia is approaching Her "time of ascension." You also know that we
Arcturians are to be Her protectors during Her vulnerable time of
re-birth. We have been chosen by the Galactic Federation to be Gaia's
"re-birthing coach," as we are best suited to assist Gaia in fulfilling
Her Divine Plan of becoming a "Planet of Love."

The Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda and Antares are also very active in
assisting Gaia and Her inhabitants.All of us are here now to remind you
to remember that the key to your success is to download, ground,
integrate and project the higher dimensional, "unconditional
emotions"—Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and
Unconditional Forgiveness. It is through these unlimited emotions that
you can return to Detached Compassion, which is the perspective of your


Unconditional emotions are free of all judgments or opinions. The giver
of the unconditional emotions, loves, accepts and/or forgives without
conditions or limitations. Since these emotions are free of judgment,
they hold a neutral charge, in that they are beyond polarity. There is
no good/bad, dark/light, love/fear, as these extremes are merged into
the Oness of the higher worlds. Hence, there is no "bad" or "dark" or
even "fear, for these extremes have merged into the center of the ONE.On
the other hand, polarized emotions are a product of the third and fourth
dimensional worlds, where the Laws of Separation and Limitation reign.

In your 3D world, spectrums are "separated" into extremes and illusion
hides what is "in between" the edges of the spectrum. For example, the
spectrum of emotion is separated into "love" and "fear," the spectrum of
illumination is separated into "light" and "dark," and the spectrum of
behavior is separated into "good" and "bad." Therefore, your
consciousness is split between your "light side" and your "dark side,"
and your reality is split into "you" and "me." Since people are "good"
or "bad," you are "afraid" of a bad person and "love" a good person.

Until you raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies, illusion
hides the "in-between," the place of Detached Compassion.This separation
into "you" and "me" also limits your ability to feel unconditional
emotions, as you have to discern between the enemies that you
fear—and—friends that you love. This discernment is not that
easy, as a "loved one" can also be your enemy.

Furthermore, when love is conditional, you are only loved if you are
"good enough." On the other hand, in the higher worlds, you are all one.
Therefore, there are no enemies, for if you hurt someone "else," you
also hurt yourself. In fact, if you cannot hold your consciousness to
the resonance of Unconditional Love, you cannot maintain your conscious
connection to that reality, and they only experience a polarized
reality, such as the third/fourth dimension.Unfortunately, in the third
and fourth dimension there are those who would hurt others, no matter
what the cost to themselves. They do so because they live in fear and
feel separated from love.

When your consciousness has expanded to embrace the higher dimensions,
you know that love and fear are merged into the spectrum of EMOTION;
just as good and bad are merged into the spectrum of BEHAVIOR. This
knowledge allows you to rise above your own fear, for you understand
that the "harm" of the lower vibrations cannot touch you while you
resonate to the higher vibrations.From your "higher" Self, you are able
to see through your Eyes of Soul and clearly perceive the "in-between"
that joins all life into ONE. From that perspective, you neither judge
nor fear.

Instead, you realize that that reality is not YOUR reality, and you
allow the beings of the lower world to learn their lessons, just as you
have already learned yours.As your Planetary Ascension progresses, you
will be increasingly aware of those who are choosing to ascend and those
who wish to remain in the third dimension. It is important that you
remain above the conditional quality of judgment and maintain your
position of Detached Compassion. In this manner, you can merely
"observe" the process of choice and not allow your resonance to be
lowered by engaging in the illusions and dramas of the 3D Game.


We ask you now to Unconditionally Love your earth vessel,
Unconditionally Accept it exactly the way it is, and Unconditionally
Forgive it for any limitations it may have. If you cannot have
unconditional emotions for your self, how can you have them for others?
It is important that you appreciate that your earth vessel is the
vehicle in which this fragment of your Soul/SELF, your present ego/self,
is housed so that you can participate in the 3D Game. You chose to enter
this time/space as you knew what a marvelous opportunity it would be to
experience the processes of transformation into Lightbody and Planetary

Therefore, honor, your present physical body which has allowed you to
walk the Earth, experience the "schoolroom Earth," think your earthly
thoughts and feel your earthly emotions.As you download your Soul, you
will become conscious that it is YOU who creates your reality, YOU who
choose your thoughts and YOU who choose your emotions. Your ego/self
does not have this ability, for it is living from the core belief that
it is a victim to the world in which it lives. On the other hand, your
Soul/SELF realizes that you can calibrate your consciousness to rise
above the victimizations of the third/fourth dimensional realities.

When your downloaded Soul becomes Captain of your earth vessel, you will
KNOW that your experiences, thoughts and emotions are actually a product
of the brainwaves to which you have chosen to calibrate. For
example:When you choose to calibrate your consciousness to Beta
Brainwaves your primary experience is the third dimension and below.
This reality appears to be "outside" of you, and you experience it
through your Individual Consciousness.On the other hand, when you
calibrate your consciousness to Alpha Waves, you perceive both the
"outside" and "inside" worlds simultaneously. While in Alpha, you are
able to experience Collective Consciousness, as you are using "whole
brain consciousness."

In Theta Waves, you experience only your "inside" world but have a
constant awareness of your physical vessel. With practice, you are able
to connect to the Planetary Consciousness and KNOW the Heart of Gaia, as
well as the messages of all Her inhabitants.Finally, when you choose to
calibrate your consciousness to Delta Waves, you experience only your
inside world and have very little conscious connection to your 3D earth
vessel. You are then able to experience Galactic Consciousness and are
primarily attached to your higher dimensional bodies as you travel the
Universe in your Essence.


The emotional experience of happiness and joy is the ability to
calibrate your brainwaves to your highest possible frequency.
Unhappiness, on the other hand, is a result of falling out of
calibration with your higher brainwaves. You can have the same
experience that made you "unhappy" while in a lower brainwave but
maintain your calibration to the highest brainwaves and still feel
"joy." When your "physical consciousness" is calibrated to the Light of
the fifth and sixth dimension, you naturally function with Theta
Brainwaves and beyond.

Furthermore, once your "physical body" has been recalibrated to
integrate and project fifth and sixth dimensional Light, you can
experience Theta Brainwaves while interacting with your external
reality. In this manner, you can share your joy with others.Then, if you
merge your calibrated higher consciousness with Gaia, the consciousness
of Earth, you can serve as a step-down-transformer through which the
fifth and sixth dimensional Light can be downloaded through your body
into to Gaia's body, Earth. As your resonance rises, you assist Gaia
further by merging your higher vibration with Gaia to assist in raising
the resonant frequency of Earth. In turn, as Gaia's resonance rises, She
further assists you by grounding your Higher Light to protect your earth
vessel from overload. In this manner, you and Gaia are in partnership to
expand the 3D Matrix.

Your service is:

First, you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions.Then,
you consciously perceive the higher dimensions.Then, the 3D Matrix of
your body expands to integrate these perceptions.Then, you integrate
your expanded 3D Matrix into Gaia's 3D Matrix.Then, Gaia's 3D Matrix
expands.The original "3D Matrix" of separation and limitation is created
and maintained by THOUGHTS of a polarized world," then fleshed out by
the collective EMOTIONS of separation and limitation, and subsequently
activated by the collective INTENTION for "extreme individuality."

A "5D Matrix" is created and maintained by THOUGHTS of Unity and
ONENESS, EMOTIONS of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and
Unconditional Forgiveness, and the INTENTION of Planetary Ascension.As
you expand your 3D Matrix to encompass fifth dimensional thoughts,
emotions and intentions, it will "stretch" it, much as you would stretch
a rubber band. As you, in partnership with Gaia, expand your 3D Matrix
into a 4D, then into 5D Matrix, you prepare for Planetary Ascension.

In fact, you have already transformed much of your 3D world into the
fourth dimension, which is why there are so many changes in your body,
as well as in Gaia's body.Just as downloading new programs into your
computer changes and expands the operations of your computer, the
downloading of your Soul/SELF changes and expands the operation of your
earth vessel. With your download you may need to add more "memory," or
you may need to get a more powerful "modem" for communication purposes.

Your earth vessel must also alter itself in order to accommodate the
higher operating frequencies and abilities of your higher dimensional
SELF.When your consciousness expands beyond the confines of the third
dimension, the vessel in which that consciousness resides must also
expand. This process is much like the hermit crab who outgrows its shell
and must search for a larger one. In Earth's "past," when humans
achieved the state of consciousness that many of you are now
experiencing, they would individually ascend. That is, the physical
vehicle would "die," because the vibratory rate of their consciousness
was too high for that body to accommodate.

Fortunately, Gaia, as well as a great many other humans, cetaceans,
animals and plants, is also expanding Her consciousness. Even the
mineral kingdom is raising its consciousness. Due to this vibrational
shift of the planet, you all have the opportunity to "ascend" into the
higher dimensions without "dying."


The shift from the third to the fourth dimension is not too difficult,
as you experience this change every night when you fall asleep and go
into your "night body." However, the shift from the fourth dimension,
which is still polarized, to the fifth dimension, which is beyond all
polarity, demands a greater adaptation for your consciousness and a
total transformation of your body into Lightbody.

Once you have entered the fifth dimensional realities, it is an easier
transition into the vibrations beyond the fifth, as there are no longer
the polarities of "separation" and "limitation."In sixth dimensional
consciousness you have an intimate awareness of the body of your Divine
Child, who can easily combine imagination with creation. It is in the
sixth dimension that you, in conjunction with your Divine Child, can
re-program any, or all, of your fifth through third dimensional

From your sixth dimensional perspective, you KNOW that surrendering to
the Flow of the ONE is what allows you to be a Conscious Creator of any
"body" or reality that you wish to experience.In the seventh dimension
you rejoin your Oversoul and become the body of your Soul Family. In
your Oversoul form, you serve as a transporter of higher frequencies to
the lower dimensional realities, as you guide and direct ALL the bodies
that ALL your Soul Family has chosen to wear.The eighth dimension is the
Archetypal Energy level. On this dimension, your body is no longer an
individual form but is, instead, an archetype, a prototype of the
original version, for all the "forms" of All the realities with which
your entire Soul Family has decided to experiment in ALL the lower

In the ninth dimension there is no sense of individuality, and you live
primarily as pure consciousness. However, if your greatly expanded group
consciousness desires to have the experience of a physical form, nothing
less than an entire planet can serve as your "body." In the tenth
dimension your group consciousness has so expanded that only an entire
Solar System can serve as a physical "body."

By the eleventh dimension, your group consciousness has so expanded that
only an entire Galaxy can serve as your "body;" and by the twelfth
dimension you have returned to Source and are in Unity Consciousness
with the physical form of your Local Universe.There are also
non-physical, multidimensional beings, such as Devas, Elohim, Angels,
and Archangels who exist primarily as pure consciousness and easily
traverse the dimensions in service of others.

These beings are able to create any form in any dimension and then
return to pure consciousness with no effort. They may even choose to
"wear" a human form if they feel that is the best manner in which to
fulfill their service. However, they usually choose to channel their
resonance through those who are already physical, much as we are asking
you to do.


As you expand your consciousness to embrace your full SELF, the mystery
of creating your fifth dimensional Lightbody is as simple as tying your
shoes. Can you remember when you were a child and looked upon that task
as awesome and too difficult to attempt on your own. Fortunately, you
now remember that you aren't "on our own" and you never were. You are,
and always have been, with your SELF, your Planet, your Solar System,
your Galaxy, and your Universe.

All of these expanded forms of All That Is are an expression of YOUR
Highest SELF.It was this "SELF" that chose to send a fragment of its
total Essence through the 3D Matrix of forgetfulness to see if it could
"do it on its own" as an "individual body." You did this to experience
the process of contracting your consciousness into an individual form
and then expanding it consciousness back into a multidimensional group

However, this "new" group form is not a "herd mentality" but is,
instead, a group mentality in which the sense of individuality is not
lost. Instead, "individuality" lives in "unity" with the Oness. Now you
can awaken, each and every ONE of you, to the knowledge that you have
completed your task, and you can release the illusion that an individual
must be "separate" from others and "limited" to one reality in one

In closing, we The Arcturians, welcome you to the Integration Door in
which you shall be instructed in downloading and integrating your fifth
and sixth dimensional SELF into your third and fourth dimensional
ego/self. This process began while you were in the Violet Fire in the
Illumination Door.
we refer newcomers to that location.

Once you have completed your process of integration, remember to daily
recalibrate. Just as a musician must tune the instrument before playing
it, it is important that you tune your instrument, your earth vessel,
before you begin your day. Would an artist begin a painting with a dirty


Each morning find the highest frequency of your magnificent
multidimensional SELF that you can embody for that day. Take a moment to
commune and reintegrate your Soul/SELF into your physical "body." In
this manner, the higher dimensional channel of communication and
guidance can remain open throughout your day. Keep your mental channel
attuned to the fifth and sixth dimensional frequencies, as these
frequencies cannot be clearly accessed until your consciousness has been
calibrated to receive them.

We recommend that you then ground these high frequencies in Gaia so that
they can be accessed and used without harm to your physical vessel.
Until you have completely merged with Gaia, do not attempt to open the
messages that come in on these higher dimensional frequencies. Your
earth vessel is accustomed to functioning at a very low vibration.
Hence, you will have to retrofit it before you call upon it to make such
a huge leap in resonance.

At the completion of your grounding process you will be fully "Awake,"
and your earth vessel will be updated with the necessary mechanisms to
download, integrate and use transmission of higher dimensional
Intelligent Light.We are very pleased at your/our great progress. We say
"your/our progress" because we are ONE with you. Therefore, you are ONE
with us. We are your Command Station; hence, we are invaluable to you.
We surround you with our Light and support you in our Web of Life. It
would be impossible for us to let you down. Know that your Mission shall
be completed.

You are a brave Spiritual Warrior as well as representative of the
Goddess.The male and female within you is being blended in preparation
for your Mystical Marriage with your Divine Complement and return to
your androgynous Lightbody. Realize that any yearnings you have for Home
are beacons of light that your energy can track to return Home in your
consciousness. You "Home-sickness" is not your enemy.

It is your friend that guides you.You will now begin the process of
Downloading your Multidimensional SELF. IlliaEm will now educate you
regarding this process. Again we commend you and remind you that we are
dedicated to supporting you throughout your ENTIRE process.

Blessings on your journey,The Arcturians

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