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Uriel's Message -- Act Where You Are

Uriel's Message -- Act Where You Are

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The journey you call life is a pathway whose end is an unfolding and evolving point that emanates from the present. It is a journey you experience as outside of yourselves yet everything happens from within. If you could see your journey from the soul's perspective, you would see an unfolding flow of energy that expands from you and creates each step on your path. Each step is unique and yet connected; it is a breath on the path of your journey and you must breathe that breath to create the next step.

That which you call the light at the end of the tunnel is a destination you may never achieve because the light is within you, not without. Everything light you follow, other than your own, is part of the illusion of the world. The only light you can follow is the light within for it is your only source of enlightenment and truth. If you act on behalf of a distant light you are following a light that does not belong to you, is not your truth and cannot give you the peace, joy and love you seek.

Through human action you attempt to move the body to shift energy. This is what you do in your search for the way out of your challenges and it may be a solution but one that is limited in its energetic expression. Spiritual action initiates movement from the heart that flows to the mind, advising you of the being-ness you should embrace in order to create a different reality. When you act where you are in partnership with spirit, you acknowledge that your being is the creator of your reality and then your actions will be guided by the voice of your truth so each one leads you to a higher expression of your self.

The guidance you seek is within as is the answer to every question you can ever ask. You never have to wait to act, for action begins with your thoughts. Each thought creates itself in your world. As humans you want to do something and yet every aspect of your reality is a reflection of what you are. When you act from spirit you acknowledge your role in creating the illusion and allow a higher vibration and frequency to become part of your thoughts. This aligns you with the highest expression of your being so you can create the reality your spirit knows is a higher step on your path.

Re-Wired, Re-Calibrated and Re-Born - Jennifer Hoffman

Re-Wired, Re-Calibrated and Re-Born

When a client I have worked with for many years called to tell me that she was in the hospital and had suffered a nearly fatal heart attack I was somewhat surprised but understood what was happening to her. A friend of mine has been saddened by the death of several close friends in the past few months. And in the past six months I have done numerous readings months with people who are recovering from brain injuries, tumors or surgeries. What is happening to them and are we all at risk? Is it possible that each one of us could be on our way home at any time? Should we be scared?

We have all been aware of the energy shifts and downloads that have been bombarding us with increasing frequency and intensity over the last ten years and some of them are intense. They affect us physically because our bodies have to absorb the energies and they are not always ready for them. We get rewired and recalibrated so we can function within the new energies and that may involve illness. One of the reasons the energies come in waves is so we don't' get overloaded or overwhelmed by them because they are so powerful. But in order to fully integrate them, some work 'under the hood' is sometimes required.

Many of the people who have experienced some severe health issue have also done significant healing work and the final phase can involve physical restructuring. A heart 'attack' is a disruption in the heart's electro-magnetic field; any brain function alteration is literally a process in which the brain is re-wired to accept new frequencies, initiations, thought patterns and wisdom. Many people have completed soul contracts and karma and are choosing to leave; they no longer want or need to be here. Others are helping us with the karma and contracts we need to work out and their health issues or crossing over can be part of that process.

We are all being re-calibrated, our DNA is activating and changing from carbon to crystalline, and we have to absorb higher and greater energy frequencies. We are being re-born into our new physical forms which through which we can fully embrace ascension, divinity and our new purpose. This process is part of our ascension and it is necessary for us to honor this path, in ourselves and in others, and to know that whatever is happening is right and perfect. Thank those who choose to end their journeys now, for they have waited a long time for this. And those who are experiencing the re-wiring process, be gentle and patient with yourselves, when it is finished you will understand the 'what' and 'why' of this process.

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The Opening of the Rose Stargate 11:11:11 Celia Fenn Mary Magdalene

The Opening of the Rose Stargate

The Energies for November 2009

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Meditation by Mary Magdalene

"The Sacred Rose Mandala" created by a group of Lightworkers in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 1st November 2009.

Beloved Lightworkers, you enter into a sacred moment as the Light intensifies. This is the moment when the Sacred Rose Stargate begins to open and you begin to align your Consciousness with the Cosmic Creation Matrix, in preparation for the final steps in your current Evolutionary Journey of Transformation.

This 11:11 portal is especially powerful, for it is in effect an 11:11:11. The triple energies represent an activation point for the energies of the Divine Christ Light. At this time, there will be an "explosion" of Radiance, and you will begin to activate the Rose Stargate or Portal that will be your connection point to the Cosmic Consciousness.

Dearest Ones, in this last phase of your transformation, you have activated your original perfection blueprint in your DNA, balanced your inner masculine and feminine energies, and brought your Lightbody into full activation. You have activated the Pineal gland and begun the process of transforming the gland into its crystalline new energy form so that it can receive and transmit the higher frequencies of crystalline light.

Now, you begin to unfurl the "petals" of the Rose within your energy field and to form or create the Auric "stargate" that will allow you to access the Cosmic Light of the "One" directly and as a Collective. As you begin to formulate this coherent pattern of Beauty within your energy body, so the Planet also begins to create this stargate beginning over that region that you know as the southern pole.

Beloved Ones, this is the culmination of the Mystery of the Sacred Rose and the Twin Flame, and the Activation of the Grail Codes. The Sacred Rose is the symbol of the Ascended Christ Consciousness, as it encodes a Sacred Truth about Who You Are and your Ascension process.

Let us explain it this way. The Grail Codes of Light activate the potential within your physical being to carry the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness. This is also symbolized by the Golden Chalice. You, yourselves, in your enlightened physical body, are the "chalice" that holds the golden and infinite light of Spirit.

The Sacred Symbol for the Ascended Christ teaching is the Rose within the Chalice. Beloved Ones, the Rose is your Light Body Spinal channel, culminating in the "Flower" of life, the Rose Stargate that connects you to your Divinity and the Divine Cosmic Consciousness of the Cosmic Creation Matrix.

This Rose, or in the eastern tradition, the Lotus flower, opens to create a portal to Cosmic Consciousness, and it was known to the Ancients to be a part of the "design" of the "Divine Human" or Human Angel. Many of the ancient spiritual practices were designed to ascend power up the spinal channel of light and to open the "blossom" which was the Sacred Geometric Portal known as the Rose Stargate.

This flower design was encoded into the great cathedrals of France, such as Notre Dame de Chatres, that honored the life and teachings of "Our Lady", the Feminine Christ Light of Mary Magdalene and her partner, Yeshua ben Josef.

And so, Beloved Ones, the Sacred Rose of the Flower of Life is the Cosmic Stargate that you will begin to formulate and "unfurl" in your Soul Star energy field, as you and your Planet are rebirthed and restructured into the Great Cosmic Rose or Flower. This is the Geometry of the Stargate Harmonic that will facilitate your final ascension into the Cosmic Heart and Mind and the full Creation and Experience of the New Earth.

Beloved Lightworkers, as you activate the Sacred Rose, you will indeed need to hold the highest vibration of Peace and Love. You are creating, within your Spiritual Body or spherical energy field, a Sacred Geometric design of the Highest Frequency available the Humans at this time. This pattern of Higher Coherence will need to be held in place by the physical energy of Coherence and Integrity, or the energies will become unbalanced and will collapse into chaos very easily. If this happens, dearest ones, do not panic or become anxious or depressed. Return to your Heart center, as we have taught you, and breathe deeply, connecting with the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness and the energy of Unconditional Love. Connect with the Sacred Heart energy within, balance your inner masculine and feminine energies through intention and enter into Sacred Union with your Soul and Spirit, as we have taught you. So, you will return to patterns of Coherence and Grace and Beauty and Integrity.

For, you are the Sacred Rose, you are Beauty and Coherence and Grace and Passion. You are Divine Love enfolded into Human Form.

At this time of 11:11:11, those of you who are ready will begin to create the Rose, or "unfurl" the "petals" of Light that will coalsce into the Rose Stargate of Cosmic Light and Consciousness.

The Sacred Rose Meditation for the 11:11:11 given by "Our Lady" Mary Magdalene in her role as Teacher of the Christ Consciousness
Beloved Flowers of Light and Love, you have reached a very Sacred Moment when you are ready to become the Sacred Rose. I ask you, now, to be with me and to allow the Radiant Christ energy to enter into your being and to allow you to open the Rose of Cosmic Consciousness. This was the work that I did with my Beloved, with the purpose of raising your consciousness to the point where you could truly embrace the Divine and Cosmic aspects of your Being. It is that point where you know within your heart and soul and body that You Are Heaven on Earth and that you are the Rose of the Christ Light.
So, sit very quietly, and allow yourself to breathe very deeply. Focus into your beautiful and Sacred Heart and feel the Flow of the Divine Energy moving through you. You are Beautiful and you are Loved, so deeply Loved. Feel that Love moving through every cell in your body and every aspect of who you are in the Realms of Light. You are so deeply Loved. Breathe that Love. Feel it in your Heart. It is best if you breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, letting the breathe of life move through your body. You are Loved.

So, sit in this way and allow yourself to breathe for at least ten minutes. After this time, your body should be still and your mind clear. Now, focus into your Heart again and ask your Higher Self to align your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Feel the explosion of ecstatic radiance in your Heart moving down your body through your lower chakras and into the Earth, down to the Earth Star. You are grounded and your are connected to the Earth. Feel the Love flowing from your Heart to the Earth and back into your Heart. Breathe that Love into your Being.

Now, as you bask gently in that Beautiful Love, feel the energy of Divine Grace all around you. You are held in Grace and Beauty, and you trust absolutely that you are being supported and guided by the Divine Light within. So, now, allow yourself to feel the channel in your Light Body that aligns with your spine, and allow yourself to pull that energy of Love up that channel, through the Heart channel and up into the Crown. At this point, you will feel the Pineal Gland activate in an explosion of Light and Love, and that Light will travel upwards, and the petals of the Rose will begin to open.

It will be the most beautiful and ecstatic experience, if you are ready to receive the Divine Love that will pour through you and into your Heart and down into the Earth. And you will feel the Rose opening all around you. The colors will swirl around you and you will feel movement, as your Spirit Sphere restructures into the Sacred Geometric patterns of the Sacred Rose.

Dearest Children of Light, know that you are Loved. Know that this beautiful Rose of Light will be the Spirit and Soul vehicle that will lift you into Cosmic Consciousness. We celebrate with you the opening of the Rose....the Flower of Love. Feel how this restructuring will open you to the Cosmic Creation Matrix, the Great Womb of all Creation. You will know, as I knew, your own Divine Essence and you will become One with the Divine Light of Creation.

Beloved Children of Light, this was my work and my purpose with my Beloved. And we succeeded. For now, we are here to give to you these simple words that will begin to fire the completion sequence of the Grail Codes in those who are prepared to accept their own transformation and emergence into the New Earth way of Being. For us, this is a moment of Great Joy, as we see the completion of that which we came to do two thousand years ago. And we rejoice that not only our work finds completion, but the work of many others who have served the Divine Plan for your Evolution and Ascension into the Flower of Light that you Are.

So, at the end of this meditation, know that the process has begun. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to return your focus to your Heart. Again, breathe deeply, and allow the focus of your awareness to enter into your body once again.

Beloved Ones, know that as this Rose opens in your Spirit Sphere, you will feel and experience great change. You will feel safe, you will feel loved, you will feel Connected to Our Love, and you will know that All is Well, no matter what you must move through. You will feel Light at Heart and you will enjoy Life as you feel the richness and the abundance of Divine Blessing around you. You are truly home with your Beloved!

But, as our dearest Archangel did say to you, you will need to walk now in the absolute highest integrity and truth, whatever your Truth is. Speak your Truth and live your Truth. You will need to be Awake and Aware and discerning, you will need to be open and loving and honest. For to accept the Rose of Light into your Spirit Sphere is to commit to a life Ethical Purity and Integrity, and anything that is not in the highest integrity for you will create instant discord and disharmony that can only be aligned by returning to that state of Grace and Love and Harmony that is the result of living in the Highest Integrity, Truth and Love.

And so, we leave you with great Joy in our Hearts!

You are Loved. You are Beautiful. You are Divine Light. You are the Sacred Rose!

© 2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Giving Compassion by Lady Quan Yin through Natalie Glasson

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light
Weekly Channelled Message

Giving Compassion by Lady Quan Yin
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-13/02/11
To all sacred light jewels upon the Earth, I send my blessings, love and compassion. I embrace you in the goddess energy of tender love and hold within my mind the image of you existing on the Earth as your true divine self, with courage and reverence.

I open my heart to you now and allow the guidance that the Creator encourages me to share with you to flow forward as a breath of fresh air to inspire your mind and heart. I ask only that you hold onto the intent of maintaining an open mind and heart in order to accept and digest the vibration of the wisdom I wish to share with you. Itis your divine and gracious free will that allows you to choose whether to embody the vibration or not.

The energy of compassion is needed on the Earth now in order to support the areas where chaos and pain are alive, whether it is within countries or within individuals across the world. Compassion is a sacred gift that one person can give with an open heart to another to aid healing; it can act as a support or comfort that allows the soul to awaken to the presence of the Creator and the truth that can unfold. It doesn't matter whether the person is a loved one or a stranger, whether you give it to a group or a country, compassion can be shared with great intensity creating many heavenly miracles. Compassion is a thought, intent and understanding that can be transmitted as widely as you feel is appropriate, it doesn't even have to be limited to those who are suffering but can be given as a gift to those who are achieving their enlightenment. (Many people believe that they are still experiencing aspects of suffering even when they are acknowledging themselves as becoming enlightened and united with the Creator. There is truth in this as we are not truly free until we surrender to the Creator completely on all levels of your being, surrendering our soul and monad as well. ) You have the power to give compassion from the very sacred core of your being; you have the ability to allow it to flow with intent and freedom from your being. Compassion must always be given, it is transference of energy; with the energy of compassion one person can give while the other can accept. The feelings and experiences whether you are giving or receiving can be similar but the most important focus is upon awakening and opening of the energies of the giver and receiver. To act as a giver of compassion even if it is only for a few minutes a day is a great blessing to humanity but also to you.

With the understanding that compassion can be given we mustn't forget to give compassion to ourselves as we are always in need of what we give to others. To give compassion to yourself will restore your energies, awaken you from illusion and act as a guiding light in uncertain times. You can give compassion to yourself each day as a form of respect and honouring yourself as well as acting as a supportive foundation of healing light to dissolve unneeded attachments.

Compassion is needed when you or another person is seen to be in pain, suffering, confused, submerged in negative emotions, misinterpreting themselves, guided by the ego, disconnected or uncertain of their path forward. Compassion is also needed when you or a person is happy, joyous, connected and blissful. The latter need for compassion may seem a strange statement but when we begin to understand the true and new meaning of compassion we begin to acknowledge its need in our reality as an eternally flowing energy from our beings.

In the past compassion has been understood as a feeling of deep sorrow for another's circumstances or a feeling of understanding and maybe even taking on their pain. Compassion could be seen as a deep desire to help another in any way you can, to guide and assist them, to offer your sympathy. Compassion can sometimes manifest as a feeling of pity for another, seeing them as different as or poorer than you. Many people experience compassion in different way but I wish to bring forth a new way of understanding and acting as compassion on the Earth. Compassion is always a blessing to give and experience.

From my point of view compassion is to express a love that is pure and free from judgement of any kind about yourself or another. Compassion is a flowing free energy that holds an intention of support, an encouraging light that is in abundance not to heal or transform the person but to comfort them. This light can then be used by the person's soul to bring into fruition energies and insights that are needed to overcome or move through the suffering. The energy of compassion brings to the receiver hope, contentment, inspiration and a connection with their soul. You are simply providing a helping hand, not by solving or dissolving the suffering but by supporting the growth and realisation that needs to occur. It is akin to surrounding a baby in warm blankets and offering nurturing food, the baby will grow and develop at its own speed you are just supporting the growth, you can't grow for the baby. If you give compassion to another you are enabling them to accept the growth and understanding that needs to take place, if you are giving compassion to yourself then you are supporting yourself with light, love and understanding to aid a further process of awakening or enlightenment. Compassion is a wonderful gift that supports growth, this is why it needs to be shared and expressed on the Earth now.

Compassion is a flowing love from the heart chakra but it is also a sacred acknowledgment. When you give compassion you are acknowledging the divine and sacred being within the person, you are also acknowledging and recognising their courage as they take on the experience of suffering or pain to become closer to the Creator's light. Every experiencing of pain or suffering is a gift, it is a teaching or lesson that you have created to allow you to realise new and wonderful things about yourself and the Creator. So when we look upon another and see their experiences we must acknowledge within them the glowing spirit and determination to release all illusion or fears and embrace the presence of the Creator. We must honour every person for the truth that they are and the lessons that they take on to aid and develop their spiritual ascension and light awakening. Acknowledging or seeing that a person's suffering is a lesson and a natural pathway that they are and must embark upon allows you to release all feeling of sorrow or pity and to rejoice in the wonderful work and experience they are achieving. It is as if you are simply accepting their situation as the divine will of the Creator. With this realisation it can seem as if the love of compassion has left us as we acknowledge the divine within another and recognise their process of growth, it can appear as if we are heartless or are less caring but this is not true. When you see a person for the truth they are and that their suffering is not real, simply a test or a lesson, then you are helping them to see themselves in this way also. It is as if the veil of illusion is being lifted. The person may then be able to see that with a simple understanding of what is truly happening or what they are trying to learn, their suffering or problem can evaporate because of the realisation.

As you acknowledge the person's path and extend love from your heart to support them you can then ask within you if there is anything else that you could do or offer as help. On some occasions you will have to walk by as a person needs to experience the suffering or other time you will be inspired to say or do something to be of greater assistance.

The change in the way that we share compassion is a result of the growth of humanity, people are beginning to take responsibility for their realities, creations and growth and so this means that sometimes when we are trying to be helpful we are actually interfering in their path. We must always be loving and supportive, acknowledging every person for who they truly are and asking first within whether we can be of assistance. To honour and love another for the path they are walking is a wonderful blessing for you and the receiver. With the understanding of compassion, let it flow from your heart now to an individual or to the world. Even those who are not suffering will appreciate your acknowledgment from within you of their truth. As you recognise the truth within another, you recognise the truth within yourself.

Let yourself be of service by sending love from your heart, honouring the person for their divine presence and mission on the Earth. Then recognise the path that they are walking and know that they are discovering wonderful things about themselves and the Creator. Let your love support and align them to the Creator so that they may see the truth of the matter they are experiencing, the reason and purpose of the Creator's will. Then ask within you if there is anything additional that you can do or say to be of service. You can look at everyone through the eyes of compassion, when you achieve this they will look at you through the eyes of compassion, resulting in everyone honouring the sacred truth within each other while offering a supportive love to aid the spiritual path forward.

With Compassionate Love,

Lady Quan Yin

11 Şubat 2011 Cuma

Celia Fenn Harmonic Alignment Towards the Great Evolutionary Leap: The New Earth Energies~ February 2011

Harmonic Alignment Towards the Great Evolutionary Leap: The New Earth Energies~ February 2011

Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, there are great changes happening on your Earth right now as the old Grid system crumbles and the New Earth Fifth-dimensional Grid activates. Yes indeed, this may seem like instability and turbulence at first glance, but as you look deeper you will see that this is all part of the changes and transformations that we have been speaking about in the past months and years. And, we say again, do not be in fear, but know that all is in Divine Order as you move through these changes. You will be held and supported in Divine Love.

Beloved Ones, Evolution is the process whereby the Creative Energy of Spirit manifests on the Material Plane of Existence. It is an ongoing process as Creation becomes more complex and beautiful in its Infinite Expression of Love. Likewise, your personal evolution is an Infinite Expression of Love, and is to be embraced with Joy, and not fear or anxiety. Indeed, Beloveds, you may feel fear as you encounter the waves of anxiety within the "unconscious" Collective who are yet not awakened, but do not take on this fear and anxiety as your own. As we have shoown you in the last years, remain centered in your Sacred Heart Energy and hold the balance of Love and Peace within you. All is Well.

Now, since many will be feeling "symptoms" of the energy shifts, we will share with you our perception and understanding of these processes within your Being and your Bodies. At this time, the Galaxy is coming into what we will call "Harmonic Alignment". This means that all the various Levels and Dimensions of Light are moving into a Harmonic Alignment of Light and Sound that reflects the internal coherence of Divine Light. This creates the most beautiful Celestial Tones and Overtones throughout the Galaxy as the Galaxy aligns with her Twin Flame Galaxy, Andromeda, and then aligns with the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and Light.

Yes, Beloveds, a Grand Process of Light, Love and Infinity, but the same process is now taking place in your own bodies and the various dimensions and levels. Your Physical Body and its DNA is aligning with the Earth Codes and all the levels of Physical Creation, while your Soul is aligning with Spirit and all the levels of Cosmic Creation. These two processes meet in the Heart, from where you feel and hold the Ancient Wisdom and the Infinite Love that moves you through your evolutionary processes.

At this time, you are simply aligning all the levels of your DNA, to the point where you have activated all thirteen "strands" or levels of DNA available at this time. The thirteenth strand or level of your DNA Light Codes connects you to your Cosmic Heart or Origin, deep within the Cosmic Night of Creation's Memory. As you make this ultimate connection of light, you access all the Wisdom and Love of the Infinite Cosmic Creation. So, it is little wonder that you may feel shifts and reverberations of these processes within your physical being.

Now, you may say that you do not, at this point, have access to these levels. You may feel that you do not know any more than you did yesterday, or last year. But, we say, Beloveds, that you will not access this information with your mental body and your finite minds. The mental body alone is not able to hold this information, it has what you might call a "limited capacity" for information storage, as it is confined to events within linear time. This is, of course, the purpose of the mental body, it was designed to facilitate experience within third-dimensional linear time, it was never intended to be the defining element of your existence.

Cosmic Wisdom and Knowledge of Infinity is held within the Light Bodies, the "interdimensional bodies" and coded into the Fields of Light. This is where the Diamond Light Body is so important, for it is the particles of Diamond Light that hold the Wisdom and Love of the Creative Source. The Diamond Light is like the "DNA" of the Cosmic Creator, it holds the Infinite Love and Wisdom and Light of All that comes from the 13th Dimension and carries the Tones and Overtones of Cosmic Love.

In this process of Harmonic Alignment, Beloved Ones, every level of your Being is in the process of aligning with the Tones and Overtones of the Cosmic Heart pulses. You are becoming Awakened and Conscious expressions of Divine Love. And you will "feel" this in your Heart, Soul and Spirit, and you will access this information in the Journeys into the deeper realms of your Being within the Meditations, Ceremonies and Collective Group Journeys of Light.

The Divine Feminine Energies and the Embrace of the Cosmic Mother

Beloved Family of Light, as you have moved towards this process of Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you have been assisted by the supportive Love and Nurturing of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, through the waves of the incoming Shekinah Light. This is an aspect of the Platinum Ray that holds a High Frequency of Divine Light and Love. Now, as you move into Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you begin to experience the Embrace and the Love of the Great Cosmic Mother who was known to the Ancients as Ma'at.
Ma'at is the One who holds the Cosmic Balance of All That Is. Her name is pronounced "Mayat" or "Maia", and her "children" are the Mayans, those who are the Galactic Keepers of the Wisdom of Time and Balance. Ma'at is the One who weighs and measures and creates that which is known as "Time" as a way of understanding the unfolding of the Cosmic Creation through the Dimensions of Light. The ones who are her "children" are the Keepers of Ma'at, the Keepers of the Sacred Days and Nights, and who guide you through the Waves and Frequencies of the Cosmic Days and Nights.

The Symbol for this Great Being of Light is a Feather! This indicates that she is the "Lightness" of Being and that she Floats and Flows with the Cosmic Winds of Creation. Beloved Ones, imagine an Eagle soaring on the Wind, in perfect Balance - that is the Energy of Ma'at!

She is the Great Mystery and the Keeper of the Cosmic Night. To enter into her embrace is to enter into the Heart of All That Is, and to experience the Lightness of Being and the Flow of Cosmic Time within the "boat of millions of years" as the Ancients called Planet Earth. To be embraced by her Light and Love is to know your Infinite Essence and to connect with your Cosmic Wisdom as she guides you through the Cosmic Night and the Great Mystery of Infinite Existence.

When Ma'at enters your life she assists you to hold the balance in your Heart and in your Being. She is Balance, and she assists you to manifest that balance in your life. She assists you to maintain that Lightness of Being and to Flow with the Winds of Creation and the Cosmic Waves of Light from the Great Cosmic Heart that initiate Creation and Evolution in the Light. Beloved Ones, it is possible to ride these Cosmic Waves of Light with the Elegance and Grace of a Feather in the Wind, if you just allow yourself to be supported and all times by Divine Love and Grace.

Also, Beloved Ones, the advice and wisdom of the Mayan Day Keepers will assist you to understand the nature of the Waves of Light that come to you from the Cosmic Heart and how they are an expression of the ongoing unfolding of Galactic Manifestation and Cosmic Creation.

The Incoming Waves of Light and Expressing the Fifth Dimensional New Earth

Beloved Family of Light, as the Earth moves into Harmonic Alignment with the Galactic Center, the Waves of Light from the Great Mystery will become more intense and powerful. This alignment is a Process of Birth, or Rebirthing, and you are preparing for this Great Evolutinary Leap along with All of Creation.
As we have said before, the key moment in this Spiral of Creation will be on the 11th of November when the Earth makes her alignment for the 2012 Event. But, the waves of Light that will assist this process will begin to be felt in the month of March that approaches. These waves of energy will carry the frequencies and codes of Divine Harmony and Unity, and will activate very strongly on the Fifth Dimensional Grids. This means that the process of Creation on the New Grids will be again accelerated and intensified, and along with this there will be an acceleration of the disintegration of the old energy grids. This will manifest as renewed pressure on the Economic System, for it is this system more than any other that holds people in the old limitations of fear.

Beloved Ones, as this system comes under renewed pressure, we ask that you do not fall into fear. Your needs will be met and you will be supported by the fifth-dimensional grids and networks of light. It is only the third-dimensional grids that will disintegrate, and although this may seem dire and apocalyptic, remember always that you are not sustained by that grid, no matter how it may seem to your finite mind. Remember always that your power lies in your infinite being and your ability to hold energy in your heart and to manifest that which you need. You are powerful and loved, and you are Love.

So, by the Equinox of March, you will be feeling the intensity of this Wave. And, you will float like a Feather on the Waves of Cosmic Light into a New Creation. New ideas will come to you, new connections, new projects and new communities. For, these Cosmic Waves are the Energies of a New Creation and a New Earth. So, we urge you, do not focus on that which is falling away, but focus rather on that which is rising and coming into Manifestation - a New Earth and an Age of Light!

10 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

The Art of Psychic Protection Meleriessee Heliohah

Golden Light Expressions

The Art of Psychic Protection

Very recently I have come upon many Lightworkers, who are doing advanced work, and are not making a commitment to fully protect themselves from psychic attack. This is an instrumental component of doing light work which I cannot express more deeply.

As the Earth is shifting into higher levels, each of us is doing the same. Sometimes we think that we do not need that extra protection because we are actualizing the higher realms of communication. We need to remember that Earth is not there yet; we are not on the higher planes of existence physically even though each of us feels we are moving into those states of being. Utilizing protection in this day and age needs to be done each day about three times. If you find yourself amongst other people quite often, then it should be done again. There are many forms of protection and the pitfalls that can happen which I hope to explain in this article.

Psychological clearing needs to be done but we need to address the psychic level of soul psychology or we will never recover from our physical or psychological problems. Both of these elements go hand-in-hand.

Where Psychic Entities Originate

The psychic implants are a result of past life traumas or implanted in early childhood. The physical interface of the astral and psychic debris appears as the core cause of many viruses and bacterial infections. The true origin of disease begins when we are implanted by negative extraterrestrials, usually during a traumatic event like an accident, depression, divorce, drug use, or surgery. The negative elementals are negative thought forms that attach themselves to different parts of our physical and metaphysical bodies. They create pathways for viruses and bacteria to first enter the Etheric body, then the Emotional and eventually the Physical body. The Physical body has a natural defense mechanism that fights disease, but the metaphysical body does not. The parasites or negative elementals slip through the openings in the molecules and attach themselves to the places in the body that are the most weakened areas. Any area of weakness that one has in the physical, emotional and/or mental bodies is guaranteed to have parasites and negative extraterrestrial implants. The process of going to the Interdimensional Syntheses Ashram of Djwhal Khul is an effective way to clear yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

It is important that once the implants are removed, they can return so it is imperative to be diligent with one’s protective tools. MAKE IT A HABIT TO PLACE PROTECTION AROUND YOURSELF THREE TIMES A DAY, MORNING, AFTERNOON, AND BEFORE RETIRING. Weekly clearing is essential as a standard procedure.

Psychic Holes

Openings can occur for unwanted astral energies to enter. You can request the Masters and the Etheric healing team to repair any holes or leaks in your aura.

Raising The Energies into Light

The Masters take negative psychic energies and bring them into the light, dissolve them, raise them into the light and back into the Central Sun (overlighting energies of Earth). Then they return that same energy, newly cleaned and restructured, back in your four body system. As the different negative psychic energies are removed, the Etheric body returns to its perfected form. The Etheric body continually needs to be cleansed.

Negative Implants can be seen clairvoyantly. It takes a special type of clairvoyance to see the implants. You can call forth the Universal White Light from Vywamus. The implants often look like pods, swollen seeds, or spidery forms. They also can be in the form of wires from negative ETs. The throat and glands are common where these elementals form, third eye for implants as well as the sinuses and the heart. The back of the neck is an entry point of higher frequencies, and I have found negative aspects in those places. If you would like assistance, please contact me meleriessee@lifestationearth.com; a Love Offering would be appreciated.

Gray Fields can be found with people who suffer from chronic neurorses or phobias. It is a by-product of chronic attacked for these types of implants, elementals, astral entities, or negative astral aspects. All clearing must be done physically, psychologically, etherically, and astrally.

Blocks occur when we don’t do our psychological work of clearing the negative ego and all negative emotions and qualities of judgment, anger, superiority or inferiority or violence. These negative qualities attract negative elements and that is why both the psychological and psychical astral levels must be cleared simultaneously. These clearings and cleansing make more space for positive elements of love, joy and inner peace to enter and work with us.

Utilizing the Violet Flame to transmute negative energies in addition to using the 8th ray of violet and green which is especially helpful for cleansing purposes is another way of clearing the debris. The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program assists in clearing psychic attachments. Call upon Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to do this work. It will appear as a network of golden-white light strands that superimpose themselves over a person’s light grid and through all the chakras. This light makes all irregular etheric parts visible. The program not only removes the core fear from your four-body system, but it also removes implants and parasites.

Thinking about your thoughts constantly that create your feelings, emotions, behavior, physical body and whatever you attract or repel into your life will assist greatly in keeping your aura clear; Sai Baba calls this “self inquiry”.

Steps in beginning the psychic healing and clearing process:

Call for protection from the Ascended Masters such as Djwhal Khul and Vywamus, who are dedicated to assisting our efforts on the earthly plane.
First ask for a Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma. This looks like a fish net made out of the Platinum Ray. Ask for it to come down into your four-body system of the Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical levels. Take a deep breath and then they will pull it away. The debris that needs to be removed will be pulled out like pulling out weeds of a garden. On another deep breath ask for the Pink Ray of Compassion and Love to come down into the areas where the debris was removed. (You always replace energies with a positive from a lower frequency that has been taken away.)
Create a golden seal, bubble, dome of protection, or golden pyramid whenever you do this work. You can also ask for Archangel Michael to give you a Golden Dome of Protection.
Ask Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and your own Mighty I Am Presence to set up a corridor between you and the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram of Djwhal Khul.
Ask them to take you into your Spiritual body into the Ashram for healing, clearing, and ascension activation work.
Request at each session the specific type of clearing and purification you require. (You can also ask them to clear your negative elementals, and/or parasites and all negative imprints form past lives.
Note: all physical diseases and psychological problems have negative implants, negative elementals, parasites, negative astral energies, or etheric damage connected to them. Also, you can still be plagued by these negative energies even if you achieve mastery of your mind, emotions, and body. There is always a vulnerability but one can get rid of them.


Prana Wind Clearing Device

This is like a windmill type of device that is placed within your Solar Plexus area. Breathe deeply and see it spinning in a clockwise motion. As you do so, it is going to move through your entire system including your Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental bodies to fully remove any debris.

Core Love

Invoking core love to fill the space you have created with Christ energy and God’s external love.

Self Love

Be very cognizant of aspects of self love that need to be infused within you. Create moments of elements that you like to do for yourself, such as bathing with candles and incense, walking, exercising, reading, etc.


Utilize meditations or affirmations to repattern your subconsciousness thoughts and beliefs.


Always be very aware of your actions in each moment; make sure you are creating the scenario that will assist your Higher Self and for your Highest Good.

Cleansing Bath

Use ¼ cup Cider Vinegar, ½ cup Baking Soda, 1 cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salt running into the bath water. (You can also use essential oils as Sage, or Hyssop). When you get into the bathwater, put your intentions out to a specific Masters such as Lord Sananda to assist you in the cleansing. When you are ready, immerse your head three times under water. Upon finishing, get out of the bath immediately. You will probably see the water somewhat murky and dark. (I utilize this after I do shamanic work with someone as a healer you can take on the negative energies that an individual releases). I also sell a spray, “Sacred Space” which includes Sage, Hyssop and Geranium with distilled water and attuned with the Platinum Net and Pink Ray which can be used in the water sparingly. If interested, please see my website page “Products”.

Utilizing the Golden Cylinder

Invoking the Golden Cylinder to remove implants, elementals and a varied assortment of negative energies is also very helpful. Call upon the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to ask them to anchor the Golden Cylinder in through your Crown down into your full body to remove any and all negative energies 100% completely, including all negative implants and negative elementals. As the Golden Cylinder is removed upwards out of the Crown, feel all the debris being taken away with it.

Complete the clearing by going to Djwhal’s Ashram and asking to have them install the Matrix Removal Program for a complete clearing. You could read the list of problems you are having first. This is like a tune up for your four body system.

This has been given as overall background and assistance to help an individual understand why we need to do the clearing that is necessary. We all have had these elements and I was guided early in my pathway by a wonderful healer who did deep energy work. His name is “Selmer”. If you need assistance, please call upon him. He now works on the Innerplane as he ascended about ten years ago.

This decree is also very helpful to say aloud:

I call upon my I AM Presence

To assist me in clearing all negative energies from my Etheric body

Please remove all implants and thought forms from all my organs

My heart, solar plexus, back of the neck, and all areas that are weakened

I call upon the Golden Cylinder of Light

To Fully come into my full body system and remove any addition debris

All soul fragments are returned back to their perspective places

I ask for the Core Fear Matrix to fully align my four-body system

I now ask to be given the Core Love Essence within my Heart and Soul

I am now complete within my four-body system

Aligned with my Highest Presence

I AM that I AM that I AM

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Divine Language Network

Ordained Teacher of Ascension ~ Vibratory Mastery ~ Cosmic Messenger


Jan 28, 2011 0:15 AM

9 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

Archangel Michael February 2011 Message.Ronna Herman




Beloved masters, the Creator's breath is the fuel of existence and you are the flame it feeds. It is important you understand that you are developing your individual SUNLIGHT, which is a reflection of your own God Essence. The human intellectual thought process must evolve beyond the limitations of language. There is a vast wealth of information awaiting humanity via inspiration. You must develop your intuitive abilities in order to receive the wisdom of the Cosmic Council of Light. It will not come from outside you. It will well up within your own Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. You must reach up and grasp it, for it will not come down into the effluvia of the Earth planes and seek you out.

Mature spirituality is not an unconscious experience. You must develop a self-sustaining Divinity, whereby you are constantly breathing the rich Pranic Breath of Life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence, so that you may receive spiritual sustenance from the River of Live via the Eighth Chakra, your Soul Star. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. You must broaden your inner perspective as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving. The Spirit of the Creator cannot be isolated. Spirit permeates everything in existence to one degree or another. You must expand your consciousness to incorporate the vastness of Creation.

You must accept the fact that the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God is the focal point and the basis of all religions. It is not the dogma, superstition, rules and restrictions, but the love, power and perfection, which result in the ability to create and enjoy worlds of beauty, balance and harmony. When the mind and heart of God become manifested within you, you become a facet of the Collective Messiah. It is the creative fulfillment of your destiny.

You are a Spark of the Creator-a manifested Divine facet of consciousness-a Still Point within Creation. You either enrich the world you live in or you help to contaminate it. How bright and warm is your Sacred Fire? Does it blaze brightly and warm the hearts of others? Or is it a feeble flame, not even strong enough to warm your own heart? "Cold-hearted" is not a term associated with a true Bearer of God Light. You may journey through the shadow lands with those who helped create them, or you may walk with delight in the radiance of God Light.

All of you are familiar with the Twelve Rays of God-consciousness, which you are currently striving to integrate and claim as your own. However, there has been a very important facet of Creation that has been withheld from the masses until now. All manifestations in the Omniverse are composed of organized Energy from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. There is a Master Creator Core of Cosmic Consciousness which contains an allotment of the Full Spectrum Essence of the Supreme Creator.

The Father and Mother God of this universe were endowed with a portion of these Creator attributes, qualities and virtues. This is the primary source of Creator Consciousness within this universe, and all is balanced--all is equal--all is harmonious. Before the God Rays of our Father/Mother God were radiated out into the great void, there was an incalculable number of powerful Supreme Creator Rays sent forth out into the cosmic void. These Creator Rays became great regions of space with different Light densities and time-consciousness cells, which contain infinite Divine schematics of material world possibilities. There are membranes of Light that create barriers so that there is a firm demarcation between each sub-universe. These Light-line barriers cannot be penetrated or crossed without special Divine dispensation. Some of these great Creator Rays are much wider than others, and there was also a number of thin membranes of Light which contain time cell encodings within pyramids of Light. There are living pyramids of Light/life within every energy field and dimensional space of Creation. Creator Light pours forth from the pyramid-shaped treasuries of Light to be used by the Elohim and the Builders of Form in making new creative designs as mandated by our Father/Mother God. Each star in the galaxy is a node of energy vibration. Each person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonic frequency vibrations according to his/her level of consciousness. As you are now aware, these frequencies are called your Soul Song. You are a point of Light, a vibrant Spark of the Divine. This universe is composed of one gigantic Celestial Soul Song.

From the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God, the Essence of the Son/Daughter Cocreators was made manifest. These wondrous Beings are stepped-down refractions of the power and majesty of our God Parents-just as our Father/Mother God are a stepped-down refraction of the Supreme Creator.

There are three major divisions within this particular universe. Our explanations are greatly simplified, for the creative process is much too complicated for the human mind to comprehend.

1. From the Essence within the Master Core of Cosmic Consciousness (mentioned above), there was a specific number of sub-universes created within this universal whole with both feminine and masculine attributes, virtues and qualities of Divine Light in perfect equality and balance.

2. However, when the major portion of the sub-universes was created, the predominant forces of the creative process were allotted to either the masculine or the feminine attributes of Creator-consciousness. In half of the sub-universal Divine Blueprints/plans, the Father/Son qualities of Divine will, power and purpose, the mental/outward-focused attributes of the Creator were emphasized, while the Mother/Daughter attributes of compassion, nurturing, intuition, inward-focused qualities were in a support position.

3. There is also an equal number of sub-universes with the Mother/Daughter qualities and virtues in the leadership role, while the Father/Son attributes took the secondary position. Have we not told you that this universe could be called a universe of great and unique diversity? It was created as a univers-ity of learning for you, the Star Seed of the Omniverse. Essentially, however, the indeterminable diverseness and magnitude of Creation were designed so that the Creator could experience unlimited variations of ITSELF.

Our own sub-universe has been primarily a Father/Son universal experience from its inception. Our Mother God and the beautiful Goddess qualities have always been present, but not in the full glory and Essence of her Beingness. It is now time for the Mother/Daughter and the Father/Son aspects of the Creator to return to equal partnership. This is the wondrous evolutionary process now in progress within this entire universe and within all its creations.

All dimensions and sub-dimensions contain an infinite variety of Fields or States of Consciousness, from an almost total state of unconscious awareness of self, to the ultimate state of absolute awareness, the I AM THAT I AM of our Father/Mother God. The awakening of Self from an unconscious state of Being is one of the most dramatic steps in the evolutionary process of humankind. In order to become Self-conscious, you must become aware of what is happening in your personal world. You must sharpen your thinking process and learn to live in the moment or the NOW as it has been called. In order to gain experience and wisdom, you must think about what you want to remember, what you wish to retain in your memory bank. The unconscious-of-Self person drifts randomly through life, usually not thinking of what the consequences of his/her actions will be-seemingly tossed about by the whims of fate.

You, as seekers on the Path, must be initiated into the Pyramidal functions of Light before you can be advanced to the next level of evolution; the next consciousness time cell. Human creation is only a small part of a much greater and grander creative process. That is why we have placed such emphasis on creating your personal Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension, and why we have given you instructions in great detail as to the various pyramids of Light available to you, and the important part they play in the ascension process. You are called Star Seed for a reason, for as you return to Self-mastery, you will initiate the process of creating Crystalline Seed Life Codes, a new evolutionary process to be used in the next forthcoming Golden Galaxy. This process is a part of the Wheel within the Wheel Creative Process which we will reveal to you in the near future. In the meantime, we ask you to study what we have revealed, and endeavor to get the universal schematic we have created firmly within your mind so that you will understand the next phase of the wondrous cosmic events that are unfolding before your eyes.

QUESTION: "Some people seem to come into this life with obvious gifts: healing, psychic abilities, etc. How does the average person know what his/her gifts to offer mankind truly are when they are not obvious to themselves, other than a burning desire to be of service in conjunction with other Light workers?"

RONNA'S ANSWER: "Dear hearts, there are very few people who are aware of their creative/spiritual gifts early in life. There may be an interest or desire in learning or perfecting certain talents; however, everyone I know has had to experience many facets of life, as well as many trials and tests, in order to gradually, over time, develop their talents. Although I had some spiritual experiences at various times throughout my lifetime, I did not develop an intense desire to seek spiritual wisdom until I was in my late fifties. The gifts gradually come forth as you seek to balance and harmonize the many facets of your Being. A facet of your Higher Self is always waiting to connect with you or take up residency within your Sacred Heart, and with each download of your Soul Self, more gifts / talents / wisdom will be available to you.

It takes work, dedication and tenacity; however, I can attest, it is well worth the effort. We are on Earth to be cocreators with our Father/Mother God. The gifts of Spirit are available to each of us, but we must do the work and turn inward and reach outward to attain them. Beloved Michael has told us many times:"

"Eliminate those things in your life that you do not like while you are seeking to develop your talents and find your passion. If you do nothing more than become a Beacon of Love/Light, so that you may shine the radiance of our Father/Mother God out into the world, it is enough."


* You must tap into, develop and perfect the gifts and talents you bring forth to experience in each lifetime. There will be an emphasis, a desire or preference to perfect certain underdeveloped talents and abilities. However, you must make the effort and take the time to become accomplished in each chosen endeavor. Occasionally, a person who is well on his/her way to mastery will incarnate with certain genius abilities which he/she has perfected in previous lifetimes. This is happening more and more frequently with the old Souls who are incarnating during these accelerated times of transformation.

* There will be some negative traits or addictive habits which will be emphasized so that you may release, modify or refine them, thereby returning to balance and harmony so that you may begin the process of Soul expansion and Self-awareness.

* There will be things you do not like or that you will have strong opinions about, things you do not approve of which can cause discord and make you unhappy or uncomfortable. Some of these will be things that you cannot change, and therefore, you must accept them and endeavor to make the best of the situation or condition.

* However, the most important life's lesson is to strive to engage your Soul Self and begin the journey of reunification with the many facets of your Divine nature; all else will follow.

My brave ones, we know there can be much pain, discomfort and fear as you move through these accelerated processes which are causing the dramatic changes now taking place throughout your world. Know that together we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony. Know that each of you is making a difference. When you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, lift you up and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God. I AM Archangel Michael.

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The Nature of Angelics & Light

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! We encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so !

And so we speak on the nature of Light and of the Angelic Beings of Light.
Currently humanity is entering an expansive stage of extra and intra dimensional access. This is due in no small part to the galactic positioning of the Earth at this time that mankind refers to as the Ascension.

The Earth, and the Milky Way Galaxy as we have shared in earlier assays, has entered an extreme illumination cycle, a 'no-spin zone' which cast no shadows. Its effusive influence is that cognition is placed in first position, an extreme thinning of the veil, so to speak. A magnification of dimensional reality-overlap is now overseen by cosmic forces that are unique to the present planetary Ascension.

Misconceptions are being cleared away, as Humanity's Myths of Cosmology evaporate into mist. It is a time to 'get real', in your vernacular. It is the era of undiluted Truth. You are uncovering knowledge that is already within you, for humanity is a species with amnesia. Time to awaken, time to remember. And that is indeed, Illumination, and Illumination, Dear One, is all about Light....Crystalline Coherent Light. And we tell you in sincerity, you are all at source, amazing Beings of Divine Light.

The Coded Nature of Light

The Earth is diversely luminous, receiving and disseminating light in a variety of unique frequencies, formats and bandwidths, each offering its own benefits and qualities. Light contains information, codes and colors in its spectrum of varied oscillations which support the Earth and indeed, Humanity.

While the sun of your solar system is the primary source of light received on the earth, it is important to note that it is by no means the only source. Other sources include the Great Central Sun, stars, white-holes, and 'Light Beings'. In a valid manner of speaking Light Beings, those far beyond your scope of Angels, provide a light that is unimaginable to you. We add the caveat that all light from all sources have a natural filtering matrix and dimensional spectral distribution.

Most humans are only able to 'physically' perceive quanta of light that occurs in the 'visible range' of the light spectrum. You are aware that humans require sun light to sustain healthy physical bodies, yet we tell you that the beings that live in the 'inner earth' also receive light as a necessary nutrient. (We offer an angelic wink as we give a wry notification that many of the planets in your particular corner of the Cosmos, including the earth have more advanced 'humanesque' life-forms internally than on the surface.)
So what is the source of their sustaining light? It is a polychromatic light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth, well above the 'visible' range.
Polychromatic 'Whole-White' Light works directly with the 12 chakras of the Mer-Ka-Na. It is pristine and complete, containing all frequencies, all spectra, all creation codes in both wave and particle format. Sunlight does not. You will in time inhabit the 'Inner Earth'.

The 2012 completion of the Crystalline Grid will bring changes to the way the earth and mankind will receive light. The 144-Grid will begin over the next two to three centuries to influence the direction of light waves. It will have the capacity to attract, refract and disseminate light from one dimensional medium into another. The wave velocities received will be different from the velocities refracted. It will be capable of singular and double refraction. It will be capable of refining polychromatic light into singularly coherent factions and coherent light polychromatic. New forms of light in crystalline and nonpolar morphous will be emitted. The grid itself will breathe, and that respiration will enact even more complex geometries beyond the double penta-dodecahedron of the 144.

The physical matrix of humanity will symbiotically evolve, as a direct result, into formats that embed and spawn greater abilities to retain morphic coded light. The body will become a source of light appearing semi-translucent, less fixed in density, mass and gravity. Humans will physically evolve from carbon based life to silicon base. It is crystalline Illumination, for silicon is unique in its crystalline symbiosis to light itself.

A New Sun

Your sun is changing. It has been a conditional sun, in aspect to the Earth. It has played an unperceived role in the duality aspect of planet earth since the fall of the firmament. When the new 144-Crystalline Grid completes in 2012, it will begin to create the seeds of the New Firmament. This will in kind allow for the sun to provide 'Unconditional Light'. The very manner in which humanity absorb light will up shift as will the ability to perceive above the current visible spectrum limitations.

The Crystalline Transition of the Earth is the base source of the planetary Ascension. It offers greater light, more complex light to humanity. Accordingly, a greater aspect of light is becoming available to humanity, and light removes shadow, and offers greater understandings. The Angelic Realm is an enormous part of your expanded awareness in the Ascension.

The Angelic Realm

Dear Ones, the state of 'Enlightenment' is just that, it is Beingness within Light...Integral Coherent Crystalline Light. The Ascension is around the Crystalline transition of the planet Earth. In kind this crystalline transition makes available not only greater access to higher dimension, but also the shift of humanity into Mer-Ka-Na, Crystalline Light Body. The Mer-Ka-Na is able to absorb more light, you see, and thus allows you to carry greater energy as you become capable of interfacing more synergistically into crystalline dimension and the Angelic Realm.
The Angelic Kingdom is greatly misunderstood in certain aspects of its nature and core purpose.

Angels are indeed 'Messengers of God'. But what does that mean?

Angels are Multidimensional Beings of Light that serve a far greater function than guardianship and bearings of messages. We will attempt to review the greater aspect of Angels, but before we do, we will tell you that as Beings of Light, Angels are conscious Beings of the Divine Essence of the key frequency for assisting humanity evolve...and that is Love. We add the caveat, that Love is a frequency far more complex and much much higher than the just the emotional feeling you think of as love. LOVE is a complex science.

As we have told you previously the highest form of Love is 'Unconditional Love'. And whilst Unconditional Love can be sought from the stance of the 3rd dimension, it can only be grasped from the level of the 5th dimension. That is because Unconditional Love is integral, and the 3rd dimension is a conditional (not unconditional) plane. Those of you who achieve the initial aspects of Unconditional Love, only do so on the level of the fifth dimension, you see.

Angels As Place Holders of Physics

You think of Angels as nurturing guardians, messengers of 'God'. We are that and more. Most of you will agree Angels are 'Beings of Light'. In the latter definition you encompass a Truth that is vastly more far reaching than the initial description. Beings of Light, Angels, are the place holders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you cannot even imagine.

Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in dimensional Light, meaning that Angelics exist within the field of antimatter in Fractal Light and fold inward into physical realms in Geometric Light. In so doing they are core energetic holders that consciously hold the special laws of dimensions intact.

Angels are without form, occupy no physical space, in your terms, we have no mass. We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation. We are 'tonal' and have a spectrum of frequency at our disposal. That frequency is LOVE.

We tell you that there is both a plural and singular aspect within the Angelic Realm. And while it may seem paradoxical, even the 'singular' aspect of Archangels is plural in consciousness content. Accordingly individual names humanity assigns to Archangels are more to do with humanities limited concept of Angelic attributes than to an individual Beingness. You interpret Angelics and Light Beings as having 'personalities'. In Truth we are reflections of attributes of the most powerful energy in the Cosmos, and that is LOVE. Yet our essence is received and interpreted to humanity in duality as having attributes you logically consider to be individual personalities. We are Divine Mind with loving nurturing aspect, devoid of ego, devoid of what you term negative emotion. We support, we hold energy in place, and do so as a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.

Symbiotic Levels of Hierarchy

I, Metatron exist on two separate but symbiotic levels, the most familiar and accessible to humanity is as Archangel Metatron, yet on the higher level, I exist as Metatron ,Lord of Light, but even this analogy cannot encompass or define my nature, and is only capable of doing so in aspectual terms.

As 'Lord of Light, I am a generator of the base units of realities, and universes. This level is devoid of what you would term personality. It is analogous to an engine, a divine conscious computer, of energy intensites beyond the gamma, illumination unimaginable to you. And there are levels well beyond me.
As Archangel Metatron, I nurture life.

I communicate with the channel Tyberonn not in words, but in light code 'packets'. He receives this communication by pre-earth agreement. A 'contract', if you will of service for these times. In higher aspect Tyberonn is originally Pleiadean, and a member of the Cosmic Council of Light. We have had service together in other sojourns and dimensions. These codes are emitted from my higher aspect, transduced on the Archangelic level, and received in his higher self, intact for interpretation and transcription.

It can be said that on the higher aspect, I contain the plurality source, generate and emit the geometric frequencial consciousness codes of all that are transduced into the Angelic Realm of Light. As such there is both a hierarchal and non hierarchal aspect of the Angelic Realm, that is self determined by conscious crysto-light and light physics. It can be said that the Light-Beings of the Angelic Realm, in Metatronic terms are conscious units of 'Source Divine Thought' and Beyond-Thought that create Light and 'Beyond Light'.

The Angelics of the Metatronic Realm generate and embellish Coded-Light. Such light intermelds matter, antimatter, time and space. This is obviously not a conceptual view of Angelic function that is held by the masses of humanity, much less understood. However, in this context lies the glue that irrevocably adheres the sacred scientific to the sacred spiritual aspect of reality that forms the integral unified circle key to humanities evolving beyond duality.
Indeed in the present era of Ascension, you are evolving in ability to absorb greater light, and light is TRUTH, Universal Cosmic Truth of All That Is. The enigma that has obstructed full unity of humanities consciousness in duality, especially in your present, is that science has omitted the sacred and the spiritual has excluded the scientific.

It may then surprise some of you to know that there are Hierachies of Angelics dedicated in functional purpose to what you may term as Keepers of Physics. In that role as conscious constructs of 'Laws of Physics' that enable dimensional realities. And we realize that the idea of angels being scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!

We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the new 'Light-workers', and Earth-Keepers, in your vernacular, are the scientists. Indeed those you refer to as the 'Crystal Children' are the 'sacred-savant' scientists that will in the next generations complete the circle of understanding and join the spiritual with the scientific. They will not be religious in the traditional sense, but we tell you, humanity will come closer to understanding 'God' through science than through religion. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Coming Full Circle

None of your present major religions offer the 'full circle', the complete truth on the veritable nature of your reality. Each hold a piece, but are riddled with inaccurate insertions. None even acknowledge the obvious premise of humanities true 'extra terrestrial' heritage. Most speak in skewed metaphor. Many seek control through archaic fear and reinforce mental programming that obstructs avenues of self empowerment by instilling the concept of original sin and fires of hell and damnation.

All of Humanity are Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness, that are sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and Angels is that Humans are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back into God expansion plurality having chosen to experience free will and relearn creation through that magnanimous lens.
Angels ARE, exquisitely and splendidly ARE, and always have been 'Keepers of Light' place holders of this space and non-space of the eternal expanding 'NOW' of Alpha and Omega. .

Supreme Gestalt

We tell you that the religious teaching of 'Fallen Angels' is also a fear based inaccuracy. There is indeed a 'Conscious Keeper' of the specific Law of Physics that enables polarity/duality, which is the force that enables the 'University of Earth'. And within that school of the duality causal plane, humanity is able to master the responsibility of creative forces.

Dear Humans, there are no evil or fallen Angels ! Period.

There is no vengeful God in the heavens. There are no Angels to fear. Rather, there is a magnificent family reaching out to you.

To think otherwise is indeed a skewed misunderstanding, a skewed analogy of the duality force. The only demons, the only evil that exists in duality planes are those created by inaccurate thought in the learning process of 'free-will'. We say again, God is love, supreme LOVE, with a capital 'L'. And we emphasize that there are no 'fallen angels'. How could a Being of Light created by Divine Source divert from what it is? Angels, do not have 'free-will' in your terms. Rather they have Divine Will.

The Supreme Gestalt of 'All That Is' is the substance of the reality that underlies all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non-energy, thought and the absence of thought. And we tell you, there is that which exists even beyond this.
You may not fully comprehend this axiom from your duality perspective , or perhaps do not feel that this is within your field of conception, yet I would tell you otherwise. But it is your discernment, ever, that must be honored in order to expand as you grow into greater awareness of your God Self.

Humanities Angelics Images

Although humanity assigns gendered names to Archangels, the Angelic Realm is androgynous, in your terms, neither male or female. Because you consider certain attributes of LOVE, such as nurturing and compassion as feminine, and attributes such as strength to be masculine, you give gender to Angelics. Gender only exist in polarity. We are far above polarity. We are integral. The Beings of Light that are of the Angelic Realm are plural multi-dimensional forms of integral conscious energy. Our plurality consciousness is the reason we do not refer to our selves or relate our messages to you in the ' I ' of singular pronoun. Yet in seeming paradox, we are also singular in unification.

Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintings and murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings, or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in their Beingness. Gender is an aspect of polarity - duality. And of course Angels do not have wings, feathers or even the grandiose humanesque forms. We are by no means offended by such images, these are simply artist's mental images that replicate and reinforce some of the misconceptions.

Many of your religious texts and scriptures tell you that 'God' created mankind in 'his' own image. You even see 'God' as a patriarchal male with a humanesque body.

It is the same mental thought process that logically images Angels as having human form.

Such celestial images powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions, and thus it is natural that you create understandable images to facilitate your interfacing with the Divine.

There are myriad life forms of Divine Intelligence in the Cosmos that have 'bodies' vastly different from the forms you have on earth. These are also created in 'Gods' Image. And so understand the image of God that is life, is conscious light, is LOVE.

Throughout the eons, humanity has tended to consider Ascended Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Group Councils, Deities and benevolent Extra Terrestrials as Angels. They are not.

The Cosmic Council of Light, Ascended Masters, the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, are unified entities that operate generally in Councils. These are representative and advisory disciplines that express tenets, principles, theories and beliefs associated with a body of knowledge. The Cosmic Council of Light is composed primarily of highly advanced beings that have experienced and completed the lessons of physical duality, and have chosen to empathically assist humanity. Likewise many of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance has experienced life on earth.

Discernment is Key

Think NOT that we desire to forcefully impose or have you change your chosen stance on God, religion or the nature of your own being. Your beliefs, values and chosen opinions are sacred steps of your free-will and are fully endorsed by the ' All That Is', of which you are a Divine Aspect.

The mental images you select to assist you in understanding the nature of God and the nature of Angelics is your choice , and we place no judgements. But as you evolve above duality, you will expand into great and greater understandings that move far beyond linear polarity thought. These wider comprehensions will connect the scientific to the spiritual , and will be as natural and comfortable to you as are the beliefs previously held in duality dimension.

No Being, no Universe, no thing, above duality is less than whole, less than Integral.

The mode and manner, the expediency and format of your evolution is your own creation, and that is by individual design. There can be no other way to complete the University of Earth. It is not the role of the Angelic, nor the Ascended Masters Councils to make choices for you, we are holders of information that you may utilize, refashion, reject or accept. It is your choice, and we tell you that each of you will graduate in time. Love is ever the key, and cause and effect are great and greater teachers that all of you will learn from. Experiencing duality and learning Mastery in route, is why you entered the course.


Masters, a beautiful completion is occurring on the Earth. It is a sacred event that all of you have co created. It is time that you illuminate to the great and greater aspect that has always been within you. The dreamer is awakening. The expansion of Light is the expansion of Truth, of Understanding and is the doorway to the return home. Like the Angels, you are Beings of Light.

As yet, most of you have no idea how important you are, and how the evolution that you have created in your selves has expanded the Cosmos.

Before we complete, we ask you to do something very special. Take a moment, and direct your energy to feel the energy of Light, of Angels.

Feel us.

Be absorbed in this angelic countenance of peace and well being. It is a moment of solace, is it not? It is the energy of Source, of home, of Light, of Love. It is Angelic, and you Dear Ones are feeling the frequency of our nature...of your source nature in Angelic Beingness of Sacred Light. It is nice isn't it ?

Every Enlightened Being who has walked the Earth in final Mastery, exuded an energy that feels a lot like what you just felt. People were attracted to them, loved them. All life responded, blossomed in their presence. They created joy, effortlessly, because that is the energy of LIGHT...and Dear Ones, you are human angels, and can and will evolve in kind as you return home.

And in that sacred path, we of the Angelic Realm honor you. We await you, and promise to leave the lights on for your serendipitous return.
I Am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is...

Metatron Channel is transmitted through James Tyberonn. As receiver of this information James Tyberonn claims the universal © copyright in the name of Archangel Metatron. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, abridged or added to, and credit of authorship and website address www.Earth-Keeper.com is included. It may be published in journals, u-tube, magazines or public print only with expressed permission granted by email from Tyberonn@hotmail.com

8 Şubat 2011 Salı

Shifting the Female Energy Jennifer Hoffman

Shifting the Female Energy

Last week we discussed how young Indigo men are shifting the male energy through their relationships with their fathers. This week I was going to write about how young Indigo women are helping with that process and I realized that their role is much more complicated than shifting the energies because there are some of dynamics within these relationships that have to be considered, that include both parents, individually and together. Indigo women have to learn about their own power and manage the power and emotion dynamics of their relationships with their fathers and mothers.

Overall, Indigo children have a good or bad relationship with one or both parents. Young men tend to be close to their mothers and distant from their fathers (which has more to do with the father than the son). Young women tend to be close to their fathers and have an adversarial relationship with the mother, or they can be the acting adult in the family and have challenges or be disconnected from both parents. They are here to shift two aspects of the female energy, the dominated, fearful female and the warrior, dominating female. Both energies are ancient aspects that are ready to change, but it is not easy, which is why it takes an Indigo to start the process.

The dominated female energy is needy, afraid and controlling in a manipulative way. The warrior, dominating female is aggressive, afraid of being controlled and controls through force. Both are afraid of power and resist powerful people. Older Indigo women had mothers who exhibited these energies and they were often distant from their mothers, who they could not connect to and their mothers could not connect to them. This was the starting point for the next generation of Indigo women.

Younger Indigo women, many of whom have had the benefit of being raised by Indigo mothers, have the task of shifting the female energy to where it can be comfortable with power, teaching others to use their power in beneficial ways and shifting anger, fear, neediness, aggression and control into higher vibrations. They're up to the task, even if it does seem an impossible one at times. Their best course of action is to lead through their power with compassion, demonstrating their fearlessness through love and using forgiveness to open the door to understanding. They may or may not get the results they want but all they can do is set an example and allow others to follow at their own pace.

Are We Making a Difference? Jennifer Hoffman

Are We Making a Difference?

One of my Facebook friends posted a comment that asked whether we could know if we were making a difference. I replied that we can't know what kind of difference we are making, if any at all, because the desire to make a difference and confirmation that it is happening are not simultaneous. We have to set our intention to be the difference we wish to see in the world, allow our efforts to support that intention and move forward, whether we see results or not.

If we want to create peace in the world, which most of us do, and we work hard to accomplish that, why isn't it working? We hear about violence and discord every day. Change is happening but the results come slowly. As the saying goes, "it takes time to stop a train", and the faster the train is moving, the longer it takes to stop it. If we set our intention for making a difference, get confirmation that it is not happening and then stop, discouraged by our lack of results, we have to look at our expectations and the level of commitment we have to our cause.

Making a difference in the world starts with each of us in our own personal lives. We can't look at others to gauge our success because then we have the ego involved. What are we doing in our own lives? If we want peace in the world, are we peaceful within ourselves and with the people in our lives? If we want a more loving world, are we loving to ourselves and those around us? It is impossible to ask the world to be at an energetic level that's higher than ours and we will be aware of what resonates with our own vibration. If our attention is drawn to discord and non-loving people, we need to look within for the solution.

We make a difference every day, by being in integrity, loving, kind and thoughtful to ourselves and to others. We enable great shifts in consciousness by keeping our thoughts in alignment with the peace, joy and love we want for ourselves. And we make a difference every time we set our intention to make a difference because that, by itself, creates an energetic opening that allows more light to shine on the world. So don't ask whether you are making a difference; instead, ask what kind of difference you want to make and then do it in your life and you will do it for the world.

Destiny and Density Jennifer Hoffman

Destiny and Density

Life is the vehicle through which our soul assists us in completing our healing work. Through this process we experience life as destiny until we can find a higher path for our energetic expression. The path of density is within the third dimension so its initial presentation will be in the energy of fear because that is the foundation of the third dimension. So is it any wonder that the words destiny and density are so similar?

When an energy is dense it vibrates at a low frequency, it is heavy, feels thick, is hard to move through it and it is sticky. This is why we say we feel 'stuck' when we have a problem that we can't seem to resolve. We are within an aspect of our destiny whose energy is low and without the knowledge that a higher vibration is required to move us through it, we can stay stuck for a long time. Our destiny has moved us into density and is waiting for us to shift into a higher gear.

If your car has ever been stuck in mud or snow, you know that trying to get out by pushing the gas pedal just spins the wheels. Something needs to go between the wheels and the ground in order to get the car 'unstuck'. That's the same way we get through density, something needs to come between us and our destiny in order to move forward. Now that we know this, what do we do? What can we put between us and the density of our destiny to shift the course of our path?

Destiny is our soul's healing call and our status is either stuck in density or free of it. When we're stuck we try to move and spin our wheels because we have to work smarter, not harder. We can't push our way out of the destiny path and we know that because it's the first thing we try. But there is a fast way out of density (and destiny) and that is by using our light and inner resources to shift our energy. Then we can literally fly out of our destiny path and into a more fulfilling, higher vibration. The question to ask is "what do I want instead of this" and that opens the door to new possibilities that will move us out of density and destiny and onto the path of creation.