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Shifting the Female Energy Jennifer Hoffman

Shifting the Female Energy

Last week we discussed how young Indigo men are shifting the male energy through their relationships with their fathers. This week I was going to write about how young Indigo women are helping with that process and I realized that their role is much more complicated than shifting the energies because there are some of dynamics within these relationships that have to be considered, that include both parents, individually and together. Indigo women have to learn about their own power and manage the power and emotion dynamics of their relationships with their fathers and mothers.

Overall, Indigo children have a good or bad relationship with one or both parents. Young men tend to be close to their mothers and distant from their fathers (which has more to do with the father than the son). Young women tend to be close to their fathers and have an adversarial relationship with the mother, or they can be the acting adult in the family and have challenges or be disconnected from both parents. They are here to shift two aspects of the female energy, the dominated, fearful female and the warrior, dominating female. Both energies are ancient aspects that are ready to change, but it is not easy, which is why it takes an Indigo to start the process.

The dominated female energy is needy, afraid and controlling in a manipulative way. The warrior, dominating female is aggressive, afraid of being controlled and controls through force. Both are afraid of power and resist powerful people. Older Indigo women had mothers who exhibited these energies and they were often distant from their mothers, who they could not connect to and their mothers could not connect to them. This was the starting point for the next generation of Indigo women.

Younger Indigo women, many of whom have had the benefit of being raised by Indigo mothers, have the task of shifting the female energy to where it can be comfortable with power, teaching others to use their power in beneficial ways and shifting anger, fear, neediness, aggression and control into higher vibrations. They're up to the task, even if it does seem an impossible one at times. Their best course of action is to lead through their power with compassion, demonstrating their fearlessness through love and using forgiveness to open the door to understanding. They may or may not get the results they want but all they can do is set an example and allow others to follow at their own pace.

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