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February 3, 2011

Beloved Ones,

We would like to have discourse on the quality of mercy. What does this quality of mercy encompass? Mercy is the ability to love another and forgive them even though they have hurt you in some way that you find hard to forgive. When the One who has wronged you shows contrition and does everything they can to make restitution for the hurt they caused you, extending kindness to them despite the hurt embodies the quality of mercy. Along with this, the quality of compassion – that softness, that tenderness of the heart also comes into effect, for mercy and compassion go hand in hand.

Mercy allows the energy of Love to flow freely and gracefully again and establishes a pathway to healing, of the people and the situation. Mercy is an attribute of a higher Love, a Divine Love, that comes straight from Source, our Creator. Mercy affords dignity and respect for all souls involved in an unhappy or unpleasant situation and can turn the situation around for the better when it is present within the intent and attitude of the one who was injured. Mercy comes from a place of response rather than reaction and for this, self discipline and restraint are needed and wisdom from a higher perspective is employed.

This quality of Love overlooks the transgressions of another and sees only that which is good within that person, with the understanding that we all make mistakes as we grow, learn and evolve into higher understanding. Within the heart is great energy to effect powerful change and growth and the quality of mercy allows this reat power to flow with greater ease and grace and makes it easier to be more accepting of each other. Often, the practice of putting oneself in the shoes of the other helps to generate this feeling of mercy and compassion and teaches us that we all come from the same Source and are deserving of another chance, another renewal of faith and Love.

Love is the most powerful force in all the Universes and when this power is employed with these qualities of mercy and compassion, many wonderful transformations can take place within people and situations that are in need of it. In order to feel and evoke these two qualities, a person must connect within their heart space and feel empathy towards another. Often, the recipient of mercy and compassion is transformed and shifted into a higher Love, feeling gratitude for being given another chance to make things right and for restoring Divine order in their daily life.

Those who employ the quality of mercy towards themselves and others can be said to be more highly evolved in their spiritual progress than those who react from a place of anger and the need for revenge. It takes a mastery of emotions to employ mercy in hurtful situations and requires coming from a place of stillness within. The practice of inner stillness or meditation is a very helpful tool and practice for keeping one’s equilibrium in such challenging situations. Remember, we are all in this together, Dear Ones, so be merciful in your interactions with one another in these changing times.

Ponder on these qualities until our next discourse, Beloved Ones, and know that we are ever near to assist, all you have to do is ask.

I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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