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Ashtar Surfing the Wave of Change


Ashtar's Preview of the February 8th Teleconference
Surfing the Wave of Change

"Greetings, Beloved Family! "Freedom is what most humans in the so-called 'civilized world' take for granted. Yet, the truth is that almost all humans everywhere have been enslaved. Some have the obvious chains of bondage, for example, those living under harsh dictatorships. Others, such as those in the United States and Canada, are just now beginning to realize what they have allowed.

"The ultimate Truth is that it is up to each and every human to take full responsibility for bringing forth freedom for himself/herself, as well as to the entirety of Planet Earth!

"Freedom is essential for evolvement into full Ascension status. It is a state of being which is a spiritual gift and right. From there it becomes a mental attitude and an emotional feeling. Finally, it must be claimed in the physical 3D world, thus making it possible for those who choose Ascension to move up into the higher dimensions, along with Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms who are evolving as well.

"Now is the time for Planet Earth to peacefully, yet powerfully, demand Freedom in all areas!!! These areas include everything from individual blockages of diseasement, financial lack, unhappiness, and so forth, to freedom for all from all oppressive tyranny by those who would control, and from the fears they have created. And, let us remember that those who have been in the control seats have themselves been slaves to the programs they have been running.

"The world has had enough of the rule of the tyrants, and humanity is joining together in a great chorus. 'FREEDOM NOW!' is the song, and there are wondrously courageous people lighting the way and leading the chorus all over the world. We, as your starseed brothers and sisters, stand with you in service to facilitate this great invocation! We see your triumph as the definite outcome, and it is only for us to continue to empower this calling forth of Freedom for All!

"Thus, we shall be performing an Exercise of Peace during our upcoming Gathering,* with a Special Guest Speaker who has stood for Freedom throughout the ages. We ask you to join us to add your loving voices to our invocation! Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, February 7, 2011. www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.


We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar Teleconference on Tuesday, February 8th. The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PST and the program starts promptly at 6:30 with 5 minutes of late-breaking news from Tara & Rama*, followed by Ashtar and the Masters.* http://www.2013rainbowroundtable.com/

Please register here by NOON PST on February 8th: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/catalog/item/2497194/2108034.htm or click on 'Conference Calls' here: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/productsservices.html

All information about the call, including the pin number, will be sent to you after you register. If, after registering, you do miss the call, you can still "join in" by emailing Fran at ashtarwebmaster@msn.com to send you the audio recording link and playback number which enable you to listen either by phone or computer.

We remind you that Jim Gow has kindly put together REVISED step-by-step instructions for downloading and using Skype voice-over-internet to join our teleconferences. If you have a high-speed internet line and follow his clear instructions, you will experience a clear connection and free long-distance:

Please take a look at our new home page on WeThePeopleForPeace.org (link below). You are invited to send in your inspiring news stories of groups of people anywhere in the world coming together in unity to support lightworkers anywhere.

Let's make this a place to connect with all lightworkers of the world standing up for freedom, peace and unity! Please send your stories to Fran at peace@wethepeopleforpeace.org


We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you!
Namaste, Susan, Fran and Elise

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