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Re-Wired, Re-Calibrated and Re-Born - Jennifer Hoffman

Re-Wired, Re-Calibrated and Re-Born

When a client I have worked with for many years called to tell me that she was in the hospital and had suffered a nearly fatal heart attack I was somewhat surprised but understood what was happening to her. A friend of mine has been saddened by the death of several close friends in the past few months. And in the past six months I have done numerous readings months with people who are recovering from brain injuries, tumors or surgeries. What is happening to them and are we all at risk? Is it possible that each one of us could be on our way home at any time? Should we be scared?

We have all been aware of the energy shifts and downloads that have been bombarding us with increasing frequency and intensity over the last ten years and some of them are intense. They affect us physically because our bodies have to absorb the energies and they are not always ready for them. We get rewired and recalibrated so we can function within the new energies and that may involve illness. One of the reasons the energies come in waves is so we don't' get overloaded or overwhelmed by them because they are so powerful. But in order to fully integrate them, some work 'under the hood' is sometimes required.

Many of the people who have experienced some severe health issue have also done significant healing work and the final phase can involve physical restructuring. A heart 'attack' is a disruption in the heart's electro-magnetic field; any brain function alteration is literally a process in which the brain is re-wired to accept new frequencies, initiations, thought patterns and wisdom. Many people have completed soul contracts and karma and are choosing to leave; they no longer want or need to be here. Others are helping us with the karma and contracts we need to work out and their health issues or crossing over can be part of that process.

We are all being re-calibrated, our DNA is activating and changing from carbon to crystalline, and we have to absorb higher and greater energy frequencies. We are being re-born into our new physical forms which through which we can fully embrace ascension, divinity and our new purpose. This process is part of our ascension and it is necessary for us to honor this path, in ourselves and in others, and to know that whatever is happening is right and perfect. Thank those who choose to end their journeys now, for they have waited a long time for this. And those who are experiencing the re-wiring process, be gentle and patient with yourselves, when it is finished you will understand the 'what' and 'why' of this process.

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