30 Nisan 2010 Cuma

DNA-RNA-Genetic Codes Defragmentation & Recalibration

DNA-RNA-Genetic Codes
Defragmentation & Recalibration


Defragmentation Recalibration Sessions go after things at the effect level.

It is a three step process really. For example, if you wanted to run the Defragmentation and Recalibration Sequences for your aura and electromagnetic energy field, initially GOD and your God Self scan the energetic spaces of your aura and electromagnetic energy field for energetic gaps and anything and everything that is not divine ideally aligned with the evolution of your being at that time. Then after all the energetic gaps and misaligned points in the aura and electromagnetic energy field are identified, GOD and your God Self would then defrag your aura (closing the energetic gaps) and then recalibrate everything to align it with your divine ideal evolution of being.

WHEN: April 30 AT 9:30PM EST

COST $ 15.00


29 Nisan 2010 Perşembe


Lord Melchizedek Monthly Message


Greetings, beloveds. The energy you find yourselves in at this time is moving quickly. This is dynamic energy, which can shift in an instant, as quickly as an in-breath or out-breath.
Your ability to adjust and adapt to these energy fluctuations is dependent upon your ability to remain present in the moment in a conscious manner, as an observer. As a detached observer of the process, you will be more easily removed from the discordant interactions of others, as well as from a possible bias toward inappropriate actions by yourself.
It is important to remain centered and focused as these frequencies swirl around you, as if you are in the eye of a tornado, where there is stillness within, while chaos is spinning around you.
You can accomplish this by remaining conscious and centered during energy disturbances in your life, such as a minor frustration with traffic, an irritating sales clerk, a pushy telemarketer, being late for an appointment and feeling rushed, or anything else that pushes your "buttons" throughout your daily activities. The moment you feel anger, angst or frustration you are at a "fork in the road," where you can choose to take a habitual course of action or venture down an alternate route.
As you become accustomed to being an observer rather than overreacting to minor situations in your life, you will develop the habit of being calm and centered in the midst of discordant energy. Hence, when confronted with a major crisis, you will automatically adapt the same posture, one of an unruffled observer, remaining calm and detached from the situation, even as a participant. As you practice on small occurrences, pay attention to your breathing, your thoughts and your body. Remain conscious, continue breathing and allow your body to release tension created by the event, by placing your attention on the location of the tension in your body and allowing it to dissipate.
At first, you may find that you have already reacted, before you realized what happened. When this happens, we suggest that you replay the scenario in your mind as you take a different course of action, remaining a calm, centered observer. As you practice on daily situations, you will become adept, responding as an observer when confronted by a challenging situation. With practice you will notice that you are responding to an occurrence in the appropriate manner: centered, maintaining a higher vibration as it is taking place.
Dear ones, as you practice on minor occurrences in your life, you will become the proficient master you already are; it is a matter of remembering.
Ask for our assistance, and we will come forth to assist you as you take the appropriate action.
You are loved beyond your knowing.
I AM Melchizedek
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Artwork by Matia Michaelson
Image Copyright * Star* Quest * Ronna Herman

All rights reserved Randall T Monk, www.TimelyGuidance.com.
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lyn McClain, author of the Ascension Energy System and Michael Jaco will not be able to attend our May 1-2 seminar. Lyn will be with us for the October event. We do not have confirmation if Michael Jaco will be at our October seminar. He is on assignment out of the country. I will give a brief overview of the Ascension Energy System and we will be doing some exercises using the symbols at the May seminar. I will also talk briefly about Michael Jaco's book.




Held at the Atlantis Casino Resort

We have secured a block of rooms at special rates

4/29 - $59 * 4/30 - $99 * 5/1 - $99 * 5/2 - $59
Average $79 per night

4/29 - $49 * 4/30 - $79 * 5/1 - $79 * 5/2 - $49
Average $64 per night
Additional room costs: $10 per night resort fee (there are a lot of special extras offered), plus $13% room taxes
Friday OCT 1, 2010

Quest For Mastery Level II
Optional Teacher Certification
Held at the Atlantis Casino Resort

Live Lord Melchizedek Message

Ronna Herman * Archangel Michael
Randy Monk * Lord Melchizedek
Lyn McClain will talk briefly about the Ascension Energy System he received from Archangel Metatron, which is in Scripting Your Destiny at our October seminar.
A quote from Lyn McClain: "The first symbol received was Ascentia. My profession is medical sales. I was working outside of Jackson, MS, in October of 1997 when Metatron sat down next to me in my car as I was driving between sales calls. The presence of Metatron was non-third dimensional; I was familiar with Metatron's energy from meditating on Metatron. Basically, I was assigned this project because I am willing to experiment and write up the information."


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26 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

Universal Re-sequencing Profiles

Universal Re-sequencing Profiles

These are three new crystalline templates, one is to help people align with the Universal Heart, one is to help people align with Universal Mind and the last one is to align the genetics with the original Creator blueprints for the perfected DNA/Genetics for this world.

Universal Heart Resequencing Profile: When activated, I felt a not uncomfortable pressure in my heart chakra. I was immersed in hues of green, and then other colors that I have no reference for. Watched as streams of Light emanated from my heart outward and were met by streams of Light from the Universal Heart, and when these two streams joined I was aware of my own heart regulating it's beat to the Universal Heartbeat...a very timeless place indeed. Within this timelessness, diamond codes appeared and codes were being erased and new ones written, some were plugged into different places, different order. I felt very intense physical sensations in my heart. I understood this to be a clearing of that which had kept us from the Universal Heart, and being reconnected brings us the help/knowing to take us to the 5th dimension and higher.

Universal Mind Resequencing Profile: Shot out of my body and into the Universal Mind..then went back to my body. The top of my head was opened and a pyramid shaped form (had 36-48 sides) was placed inside. Then the resequencing began. WOW. A huge shaft of light connected with my crown chakra, and then opened up the higher chakras, clearing them of anything keeping me from REMEMBERING my connection/place in Universal Mind. Then I saw and heard as each particle/form/code making up the blueprint of my mind was put in different order. The tones were celestial ringing lines that resonated within me, changing the actual basis of my thoughts, aligning me with the pristine clearness of Universal Mind. Whew...

Universal Genetics Resequencing Profile: This one is wild! I felt as though I had been sucked into this vast tube, and within this tube were all my ancestors - planetary, solar, galactic, universal, cosmic etc. on all levels of all dimensions. I saw billions of lines connecting us all each of these lines being a 'gene attribute'--love, hate, violence, service, ill health, anger you name it - it was there. I saw that some of these attributes were engineered and alien to us. A golden spiral appeared in the tube and swept all of up in its swirling dance of life. Each movement along this spiral was both a release of unwanted attributes and an alignment with Christed genes. The amazing thing is that this was happening on all my selves on all levels. I was told that the golden spiral is 'life's decoder', hence the reconfiguration. Just a magical feeling inside of me, a very subtle movement of the fabric of life back to where it was meant to be.

Monday April 26 AT 9:00PM EST

Universal Heart Resequencing Profile

COST $ 20.00

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE www.ascendedmasters.org


Monday May 3 AT 9:00PM EST

Universal Mind Resequencing Profile

COST $ 20.00

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE www.ascendedmasters.org


Monday May 10 AT 9:00PM EST

Universal Genetics Resequencing Profile

COST $ 20.00

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE www.ascendedmasters.org

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Recent & Radical Cellular Healing-the Arcturian collective

Recent & Radical Cellular Healing-the Arcturian collective

Many of us have been going thru a sincere rough patch the last couple of weeks...well, really this has been in varying degrees since the equinox...but the last 2 weeks have been especially unkind. In light of the many emails I have been receiving about this exceptionally gooey and physically taxing integration period, I decided to call on the support of the unseens to answer a particularly heartfelt question that I feel many would benefit from.

I feel like I’m so lost and I suppose faith will see me through but I can’t help but feel like faith got me into this mess, I gave up everything, including my heart, soul and every breath I have ever drawn to partake in the transition and now as I witness the crumpled pieces of what’s left of my mortal life, I wonder ... is this all my fault, did I do something wrong, why do I find myself in this limited place where I feel like I have no choice but to continue on this path, that any plan I try to execute will be thwarted and I will have no choice but to come back to this place, where any kind of joy is fleeting but pain and suffering seem eternal.

I understand that we create our own circumstances, but I have never ever believed that me or my family deserved to live under such over-powering pressure, I feel like I can’t breathe, and I know that there are other light workers in similar situations, where it feels like we have given everything for this cause and we are left out in the cold, while others needs are meet, I just don’t understand?

I have always felt so clear about my destiny and who am I and where my path leads and now I cannot see the future anymore like it is blocked from me, I feel so alone and yet I feel many near me, but they are of little comfort when they are safe in divinity and I am here afraid.

Do you know why there are lightworkers like me who are in awful situations and lost places, my whole life feels like it never fit me, I am so uncomfortable, everything feels like a complete opposite to what I believe in and hold dear , it feels so traumatizing to wake up here every morning, it’s like ash in your mouth, there is no light here and nothing grows.


Blessed warrior, be at peace. This journey is not for the faint of heart, no, and we assure you that though there is nothing left in this dimension for you to explore, that it is in fact, designed to be that way.

We share that though you are contemplating the direness of your situation at hand, in truth, what you are experiencing is the total opposite of this...that is to say that every part of you has arrived, has passed through the portal to your new vibrational experience, but with mere threads of your physical self left to complete the reconnection. This discordance...the extreme differences between what is real and what you are presently experiencing, leads to the absolute conflict, confusion and frustration of your current physical circumstances.

You are not alone in this, by far...many who walk beside you on this timeline are experiencing similar isolation and disconnection from truth. May we suggest that when you are undergoing a period of disconnect...wading through the void as we say... that you instead look to your external environment for clues to what is already on its way to you.

Often in these situations, when you are seemingly cut-off from your higher vision and the source of your expanded self, it is near to impossible to see the bigger picture or the many layers of your reality that are in fact supporting your higher intentions. In these circumstances, when you feel disconnected from what feels good...which has been your main gauge for truth throughout this journey... we provide you with the guidance to instead look around you, to look for and SEE the physical events taking shape in your outer landscape of life that lend credence to your divine truth. Yes, you are that close now.

For what is truly happening is this:

The last energetic ties to the old paradigm, the old earth and its ways of creation, are being severed, unplugged and removed from your energy field and you are simultaneously being fully replugged into the new matrix. This severing period places you in an energetic holding space for two reasons... so that you are blocked (protected) from creating any further realities from the expired (karmic) grid matrix, and so that you take the necessary time out to nourish and support your body through this radical cellular healing initiated by the biological restructuring and mutation into the crystal vibration.

Your physical cells are undergoing a deep transformations at this time. This cannot be overstated...for the physical realms that you are soon to participate in require the complete and total clearing of all 3d dimensional reality constructs and their ensuing cellular imprints.

This part of the journey is very taxing on the physical body, yes, and when your vitality is low, your perceptions, your out-look, is at risk. To keep your head above the rising waters of biological purification, we suggest that you remain as present as possible with what surrounds you and to engage in those things that are still able to bring you joy...for those few things remaining are the intrisnic parts of you that are true, the essence of you that will always remain in tact. Immerse yourself so fully in any pleasure that you can call upon knowing confidently that the rest is taken care of for you.

We realize that there are few words that we could share that would lift the suffering of disconnect, for you are creators and so your natural tendency is to create. To be blocked from participating in the creation of your desires is nothing short of a living death, and so we assure you, even if it is yet again through words, that you will come through this cellular integration with a renewed sense of life, a renewed love, a renewed desire to create, and a renewed sense of confidence in your many abilities.

We don't pretend to to know the physical experience of your personal ascension process, but we do know that the only way around the process is directly through it. The intensity of your biological re-balancing and physical resurrection is contingent upon your ability to surrender to the changes fully.

This grounding period is indeed a very physical-based experience, and so the cellular rejuvenation has been nearly multiplied to allow for the full de-cension of your spirit body into form.

Be at peace with the end of life as you know it. Be at peace with the physical resurrection required to attain mastery. Be at peace with the unknown. But mostly, be assured that all of this is bringing to you exactly what you most long for.

We, the Arcturians, are a most proud and advanced civilization of the fifth density. We offer you a glimpse of the utopia that your future holds for you...an existence where love is the primary element of life.

We maintain unsurpassed love & deep abiding respect for all of you, as we honor the warrior in each of you. Your contribution to the overall plan is unrivaled, as is your ability to achieve your pre-planned & collective goal.

Farewell for now.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

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15 Nisan 2010 Perşembe

The Crown of the Planet is Opening

The Crown of the Planet is Opening

Dear One,

I have absolutely wonderful news for you!

The Crown chakra of the planet is finally opening.

For a long time, the crown chakra of this planet was sealed shut, in order to allow the game of forgetfulness / delusion to exist on this planet.

The "crown center" of a person or a planet is the golden region / magnetic plane / thought plane of the physical spectrum of reality, corresponding to the human brain in our bodies and to the magnetic field and outermost layers of the atmosphere of the planet.

When a planet has a fully active crown center, all people who dwell on that planet must have an active connection to their Higher Selves and be True to themselves and their purpose in life.

Since planet earth's crown chakra was sealed shut, the people of this world were capable of not having an active connection to their Soul / Higher Self and were therefore capable of forgetting their past lives and true mission in this lifetime.

But now that has all changed.

Two days ago, with the help of the Angels, I was able to open the seventh seal, the crown chakra of this planet.

Now Her crown chakra is beginning to blossom, and as this is happening, the planetary vibrations are beginning to rise dramatically.

As the planetary vibrations rise, you will feel more and more comfortable, as if protected inside a sun-like radiant globe.
As the planetary vibrations rise because the seventh seal has been broken and the crown chakra has been activated, you will see that the governmental and social structures of this world will change faster.

I assure you, all that you have been waiting for is very close to happening now!
How You Can Help
As you take care of yourself and continue to heal yourself, you are facilitating the crown awakening of this planet.
I highly encourage you to do this practice:

Rama's Crown Activation Technique
Focus on feeling deeply at the top of your brain, just beneath the center of the top of your skull.
As you feel inside of your skull, at the top of the brain, you are stimulating your Golden Element, your crown chakra.
As you do this to your individual body, you are facilitating the crown awakening that must now occur en mass, among all people..

For as the planetary crown chakra activates, so must the crowns / brains of all the humans on the planet.

Truly, all the joyous future pathways have been restored to you and to this planet.
The planet is recovering Her Divine Future and so are you.

Beautiful things are coming your way very soon!

Many new beautiful vibrations are already here!
Please realize that as vibrations of the planet rise, beautiful actions and thoughts of all people become the predominate expression of life on this planet.
So think beauty, live beauty, act in ways that are beautiful and loving, and activate your crown center daily.
Thus you facilitate the coming of all that you have longed for, for your life and the whole world.

Victory to You!
PS: Feel free to post this message to all you friends and on any internet forum that you like, I just request that you paste the whole message and include my website, http://www.evernewjoy.com

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

14 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

Archangel Michael: This is the Time by Marlene Swetlishoff

Archangel Michael: This is the Time
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
April 10, 2010

Beloved Ones,

We of the Angelic Realms are here in great multitudes at this time to give assistance as needed, when needed, to all upon the Earth. We are standing by awaiting your calls. We continue to do all that we are instructed to do by Prime Creator and are holding the Light steady as all energies swirl in eddies upon the Earth. Never has there been such a happening before, with the past, present and future intermingling together in this way. We see that many of you have experiences that can only leave you wondering what just happened. Did you really experience this or was it but a dream? This is an experience of the convergence of energies from the past and future into present time and it is difficult to explain as it occurs, for it seems so real to you when it happens.

Beloved Ones, long have we told you to learn to maintain your centers and now that training must come into play. Many strange, unusual and bizarre events and occurrences will continue to come forth into your lives and into the World scene. Some are so fleeting that you will feel that you imagined it rather than experienced it. Stay centered and be open to change in whatever way is asked of you. Trust that you have all the tools that you need to deal with whatever is presented in front of you. Stay centered in your heart space and trust in your inner guidance. Each of you is being assisted and guided in all that occurs in your lives. Talk to us and tell us your concerns and revelations for we can give assistance to help you discern what is indeed occurring.

As Lightworkers, you have taken on the task of transmuting the new energies and making them safer for all of Humanity to absorb, in order to uplift all into a higher vibrational level. This you are doing at this time. Many of you have high energy running through your brains and bodies at this time and it is rather uncomfortable as it happens. This is why we advise long walks amidst nature and breathing rhythmically, deep into your bellies and out through your mouth without a discernible pause for at least seven breaths. This helps to stabilize you as the energies run through you and assists in creating greater comfort for you. The importance of drinking pure, clean water, at least 8 to 10 glasses each day is of vital importance in order to facilitate the movement of these energies safely through your physical bodies. Daily adherence to your spiritual disciplines will help with this process also.

The energies are being stepped up in frequency level and many things will come forth that cannot be suppressed any longer. Each of you have been seeing and experiencing this in your own lives, at the same time as you do this, you are also assisting with the clearing and cleansing of the Earth's grids, for as you go through your experiences and realize what is occurring, you help to ground and stabilize these forces into the central core of Mother Earth, which assists Her in stabilizing Her forces. There is so much that you are doing that you are not consciously aware of and will only know of it through hindsight. Know that the Ascension process for the Earth and all upon Her is now occurring. It is not in a future time, the time is NOW. All that you have worked for is now beginning to manifest before your eyes.

Prepare yourselves with this knowledge and stand ready and willing to be of assistance. State your intentions to us to be of assistance each day, in whatever way is required for the Highest Good of all and trust that it is so. Each of you is being guided in each moment and never walk alone. You are safe, you are protected, you are guided in all that you do. This is a process that will unify the energies into one cohesive force called LOVE and this will create many wondrous changes upon the face of your Planet and within the hearts of all Humanity. It is time to unify with all fragments, aspects, parallel lifetimes, and soul extensions of your own Divine Self and this will continue to occur in each individual's Divine timing, for their Highest Good and welfare.

Know that we are with you always, that all the Legions of Light stand ready to assist you, do call upon us first thing each morning to guide you to your greater task for that day and know that it is done.

I AM Archangel Michael

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Distributing this message in other forums, etc. is encouraged, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author's credit, copyright and website: Weekly Messages from Hilarion * Angelic Gems of Light Messages * To Subscribe Details at: http://www.therainbowscribe.com *

Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Isis' Message of the Day

Isis' Message of the Day -

You are the grains of sand kissed by the ocean waves on the beach.
You are the stars, sparkling like diamonds upon the black velvet sky.
You are the wind beneath the wings of the great eagle as it flies.
You are the rays of the sun as it warms the earth,
And kisses the face of the snow covered mountains.
You are the Gifted One.

You are the birds, the trees, the flowers,
the animals and the fish in the sea.
You are the cotton candy clouds floating in the blue sky.
You are the lightning, the thunder, the rain, the snow.
You are your brothers keeper, because you are your brother.
You are One with all there is you see.
For you are the gifted One.
In this dream called "life."


I AM the Goddess ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.

~ Lady of the Light ~

Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation (tomorrow night we are getting this at sleep 4 AM in Turkey)

2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation


Rainbow Ascension Package

These are five Rainbow Ray Activations - one for the crown, one for the DNA/Genetics, one for the Love Bodies and one for the Aura. They are so pretty and sparkly and bubbly that I downloaded them immediately for myself. I felt quite high energetically for the rest of the day.

It feels to me like a cosmic dispensation of grace from the great masters who are responsible for the Cosmic Rays. I get that just by saying Run Rainbow Rays, it can be used to promote healing, clearing, transmutation, etc. of about anything you can imagine.

It feels like this series of rainbow activations focuses primarily on spiritual growth and heart oriented ascension.

1. Rainbow Crown Activation.
2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation.
3. Rainbow Love Bodies Activation.
4. Rainbow Aura Activation.
5. Rainbow Rays Profile

"I did the aura one first, and just felt my aura being rearranged, like tubules were being cleared that ran between the bodies themselves. This was an incredibly intense physical activation. I then activated the rest. I was taken out for the Love Body and part of the DNA one. I came back in to realize that my DNA was being reconfigured to open up to the frequencies of the Rainbow Rays, which ALREADY existed in my DNA. Very neat feeling. I kept 'slipping' in and out between dimensions. The Crown activation simply blew me open (again). I was merged with a very very clear wave. This wave flowed thru me, my chakras, my nadis, the meridians, strange flows... taking with it anything that blocked the Rainbow Rays frequency. I floated for a long time on this wave, at times 'attaching' myself to it and going into the chakras, nadis, etc. and watching them change so they resonated with this wave. I finally activated the Rainbow Rays Profile Activation. I became aware of both the frequency and the color of each ray as it poured into my crown and flowed throughout me. I BECAME the frequency/color and stored this resonance in my cells. I was also taken 'out' during parts of this activation, and rested in what I call the VOID. Incredible activations..."

2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation

WHEN: April 15 AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 20.00


You can order the first one Rainbow Crown Activation
right here

9 Nisan 2010 Cuma

Rainbow Body

Rainbow Ascension Package


I know I already sent out an email about the Rainbow Ascension package, but this was brought to my attention right after that by the masters.

Rainbow body -


The rainbow body is the physical mastery state of Dzogchen is the natural, primordial state or natural condition of every sentient being, including every human being. Dzogchen, or 'Great Perfection' is the central teaching of the Nyingma school The Nyingma tradition actually comprises several distinct lineages that all trace their origins back to theIndian master Padmasambhava (Sanskrit for "lotus-born"; Tibetan. Guru Rinpoche, "precious teacher"), the legendary founder of Tibetan Buddhism-and is considered by them to be the highest and most definitive path to enlightenment--of

The corporeal body of the realised which is now hallowed, returns to the pure primordial energetic essence-quality of the Five Pure Lights of the five elemental processes of which it is constituted through phowa and the Bardo of samadhi or Parinirvana. This is then projected as the mindstream through the process of phowa. The realiser of Jalus resides in the 'once upon a time' time out of time, timeless eternal state that is considered a mystery.[citation needed]

: "The realised practitioner, no longer deluded by apparent substantiality or dualism such as mind and matter, releases the energy of the elements that compose the physical body at the time of death", rainbow body," a phenomenon in which the corpses of highly developed spiritual individuals reputedly vanish within days of death,"And I was told that after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was left."

More specifically, the rainbow body is constituted by the Five Pure Lights.

The Five Pure Lights (Tibetan: 'od lnga) are a conceptual mystery in the Dzogchen tradition of Bön and Nyingma and are aspects of non-dual clarity and primordial luminosity of dharmakaya, Kunzhi and/or the Void. It is important to emphasize from the outset that their light-like essence-quality and their associated colours are oft-described according to the five coloured Himalayan Rainbow.[1] The Five Pure Lights are the Yoga of Clear Light (Od-gsal) are entwined.

The Five Pure Lights are the most sublime essence-quality of the classical elements ; namely: Space, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and constitute the Rainbow Body . The Five Pure Lights are essentially the Five Wisdoms (Sanskrit: ]

In the rite of the Ganachakra, all that is offered or within the chakra or mandala is augmented and purified by the Five Pure Lights of which it is constituted. There is understood to be a sanctification comparable to transignification and/or transubstantiation which instead of adding anything new to the substances, returns them to their primordial purity.

Trikaya is realised prior to the death-Bardo (Skt. antarabhava), the bodymind of the Nirmanakaya (Tib. sprul sku) Dzogchenpa enters samadhi (Tib. ting nge 'dzin)[1] and commences Phowa or the 'transferral of consciousness' into the constituent Five Pure Lights of the Sambhogakaya (Tib. longs sku)[2] to the Dharmakaya, sometimes leaving the non-living faecal elements of the bodymind such as hair and nails.

There have been a number of documented sightings of the Jalus process through the Bardo of death which may take a number of days to complete. The bodymind of the Nirmanakaya in samadhi, all the time decreasing its dimentionality as the constituent Five Pure Lights of the mindstream are transmuted into the 'glorious body' of Sambhogakaya.

Phowa (Wylie: 'pho ba; also spelled Powa or Poa phonetically) is a Tibetan term for aBuddhist meditation practice that may be translated as the "practice of conscious dying", "transference of consciousness at the time of death" or "mindstream transference". The chöd subsumes within its auspices aspects of phowa sadhana.

The main form is one of the six yogas of Naropa, although other transmissions also exist. Through this Phowa practice, one learns to transfer one's consciousness through the top of the head directly into a pure realm, buddha-field dimension, field, kshetra or loka, and in so doing, by-pass some of the typical experiences that are said to occur after death.

Some lineages of Phowa are also practiced which include a rite of incision, or opening of the sahasrara (see Artificial cranial deformation) at the cranial zenith, to assist with transferral.[citation needed]

Professor Pema Gyalpo, a Tibetan Buddhist scholar in Japan, says that phowa is the act of sending the spirit of a person on his deathbed to the Pure Land.

"One concept in Tantra Vajrayana is that referred to by Asahara as poa, in which the spirits of the dead are transferred to a higher status through secret rites based on the power of the guru. "Poa is a Tibetan meditative technique used near death to provide good karma in the cycle of reincarnation." poa meditation transfers consciousness from the mundane world of existence to a transfigured world of post-existence. This meditation is undertaken with the intention of attaining a higher state of consciousness in the next rebirth."

rainbow body," a phenomenon in which the corpses of highly developed spiritual individuals reputedly vanish within days of death,"And I was told that after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was left."
Those who have realised the rainbow body according to tradition

* Togden Ugyen Tendzin
* Khenpo A-chos
* In 1953 Ayu Khandro realised the rainbow body.

Through his Swiss contact, Tiso received the name of the monk whose body had vanished after his death: Khenpo A-chos, a Gelugpa monk from Kham, Tibet, who died in 1998. Tiso was able to locate the village, situated in a remote area where Khenpo A-chos had his hermitage. He then went to the village and conducted taped interviews with eyewitnesses to Khenpo A-chos' death. He also spoke to many people who had known him.

"This was a very interesting man, aside from the way he died," observes Tiso. "Everyone mentioned his faithfulness to his vows, his purity of life, and how he often spoke of the importance of cultivating compassion. He had the ability to teach even the roughest and toughest of types how to be a little gentler, a little more mindful. To be in the man's presence changed people."

Tiso interviewed Lama Norta, a nephew of Khenpo Achos; Lama Sonam Gyamtso, a young disciple; and Lama A-chos, a dharma friend of the late Khenpo A-chos. They described the following:

A few days before Khenpo A-chos died, a rainbow appeared directly above his hut. After he died, there were dozens of rainbows in the sky. Khenpo A-chos died lying on his right side. He wasn't sick; there appeared to be nothing wrong with him, and he was reciting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM over and over. According to the eyewitnesses, after his breath stopped his flesh became kind of pinkish. One person said it turned brilliant white. All said it started to shine.

Lama A-chos suggested wrapping his friend's body in a yellow robe, the type all Gelug monks wear. As the days passed, they maintained they could see, through the robe, that his bones and his body were shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume.

After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth, and no body remained. Lama Norta and a few other individuals claimed that after his death Khenpo A-chos appeared to them in visions and dreams.

Other Rainbow Body Manifestations

Francis Tiso remarks that one of is most intriguing interviews was with Lama A-chos. He told Tiso that when he died he too would manifest the rainbow body. "He showed us two photographs taken of him in the dark, and in these photographs his body radiated rays of light."

Because Lama A-chos emphasized that it was possible to manifest the rainbow body while still alive, not just in death, Tiso plans to return to Tibet with professional camera equipment to try to photograph this radiating light.

Other incidents of metanormal occurrences upon death are also being studied. For instance, two of Tiso's colleagues, were present for the postmortem process of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, who died eight years ago. "This man was a very large-boned individual," says Tiso, "and it was reported that seven weeks after his death the flesh was reduced. That could have been done by chemical substances, however, the bones also shrank."

Shrinkage of the body occurred with another guru, Lama Thubten. His miniature-sized frame is now kept in a monastery in Manali, India. Tiso has ascertained that incidents of bodies shrinking or disappearing shortly after death were documented centuries ago, such as in the classic story of Milarepa, a Buddhist saint from Tibet who lived in the 11th century. Milarepa's biography was translated into French by Jacques Bacot in 1912, and into English by Walter Evans-Wentz in the 1920s.

"In the ninth chapter of this literary classic," explains Tiso, who wrote a dissertation about the Buddhist saint, "It states that his body completely disappeared shortly after his death."

Even the earliest biographies of Milarepa, says Tiso, attest to this phenomenon. In addition, accounts exist about the great eighth-century tantric master Padmasambhava and how his body vanished.

This opportunity is present in the Nyarong region in Tibet, where several incidences of the rainbow body are said to have occurred. The research team is now studying their way of life, especially their spiritual practices.

Tiso has also obtained copies of spiritual retreat manuals, which have been particularly helpful.

Lama A-chos told Tiso that it takes sixty years of intensive practice to achieve the rainbow body. "Whether it always takes that long, I don't know," acknowledges Tiso, "but we would like to be able to incorporate, in a respectful way, some of these practices into our own Western philosophical and religious traditions."

bodily ascensions are mentioned in the Bible and other traditional texts for Enoch, Mary, Elijah, and possibly Moses. And there are numerous stories of saints materializing after their death, similar to the widespread phenomenon known as the "light-body."
Attainment of Rainbow Body

In Tibetan Buddhism there are teachings such as in the Bon tradition where the five elements of the body are being used to refine the physical body to support the state of clear awareness or meditation. Those teachings say that in turn the meditation practice transforms the physical body into the pure body. It is my understanding that when we use the body and its five elements in accord with the soul's intent of being of service and to learn the laws of creation such as the law of compassion and love, the physical body transforms to the degree that the very smell of the body becomes a fragrance. This is not to be confused with the magical appearance of beautiful fragrances which come and go and which would be called a Siddhi. What I am referring to is the result of true transmutation into pure love or compassion.

When I was traveling in India I visited several temples, which were built for enlightened Masters. What I liked about those places is the fact that they all had the peaceful vibration of enlightenment, but each of the temples had a different feeling like different fragrances. I am reminded of reading in the book "Love without End, Jesus speaks" (Ref.2) where Jesus says "Who you are is love" and "only you can love the way you love."

I have been drawn to the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of attaining Rainbow Body and truly believe that this is not only possible for select Tibetan Masters but it is the evolutionary potential of human beings as we grow into the love that we are. There is a study being conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Ref 3) by David Steindl-Rast and Father Tiso. The story is covered by the Snow Lion Newsletter (Ref 4) and it describes how at the time of death of certain highly evolved Tibetan Masters rainbows appear in the sky and that the body of the Master disappears into radiating light, often releasing a beautiful fragrance and sometimes accompanied by beautiful celestial music. Both Tiso and Steindl-Rast emphasize that these experiences are said to occur only in highly evolved individuals who are the embodiment of compassion and love. They speculate these qualities- conscience and consciousness- are a driving force of evolution.

It is my hope that the healing modalities of Sacred Transformation may be of help to those who wish to embody those qualities of conscience and compassion and want to live the purpose of the soul through their sacred embodiment.

by Sogyal Rinpoche

Rainbow Ascension Package

These are five Rainbow Ray Activations - one for the crown, one for the DNA/Genetics, one for the Love Bodies and one for the Aura. They are so pretty and sparkly and bubbly that I downloaded them immediately for myself. I felt quite high energetically for the rest of the day.

It feels to me like a cosmic dispensation of grace from the great masters who are responsible for the Cosmic Rays. I get that just by saying Run Rainbow Rays, it can be used to promote healing, clearing, transmutation, etc. of about anything you can imagine.

It feels like this series of rainbow activations focuses primarily on spiritual growth and heart oriented ascension.

1. Rainbow Crown Activation.
2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation.
3. Rainbow Love Bodies Activation.
4. Rainbow Aura Activation.
5. Rainbow Rays Profile

"I did the aura one first, and just felt my aura being rearranged, like tubules were being cleared that ran between the bodies themselves. This was an incredibly intense physical activation. I then activated the rest. I was taken out for the Love Body and part of the DNA one. I came back in to realize that my DNA was being reconfigured to open up to the frequencies of the Rainbow Rays, which ALREADY existed in my DNA. Very neat feeling. I kept 'slipping' in and out between dimensions. The Crown activation simply blew me open (again). I was merged with a very very clear wave. This wave flowed thru me, my chakras, my nadis, the meridians, strange flows... taking with it anything that blocked the Rainbow Rays frequency. I floated for a long time on this wave, at times 'attaching' myself to it and going into the chakras, nadis, etc. and watching them change so they resonated with this wave. I finally activated the Rainbow Rays Profile Activation. I became aware of both the frequency and the color of each ray as it poured into my crown and flowed throughout me. I BECAME the frequency/color and stored this resonance in my cells. I was also taken 'out' during parts of this activation, and rested in what I call the VOID. Incredible activations..."

This is a series of 5 and the first one is Rainbow Crown Activation

WHEN: Starting April 8th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 20.00


Rainbow Ascension Package

Rainbow Ascension Package

These are five Rainbow Ray Activations - one for the crown, one for the DNA/Genetics, one for the Love Bodies and one for the Aura. They are so pretty and sparkly and bubbly that I downloaded them immediately for myself. I felt quite high energetically for the rest of the day.

It feels to me like a cosmic dispensation of grace from the great masters who are responsible for the Cosmic Rays. I get that just by saying Run Rainbow Rays, it can be used to promote healing, clearing, transmutation, etc. of about anything you can imagine.

It feels like this series of rainbow activations focuses primarily on spiritual growth and heart oriented ascension.

1. Rainbow Crown Activation.
2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation.
3. Rainbow Love Bodies Activation.
4. Rainbow Aura Activation.
5. Rainbow Rays Profile

"I did the aura one first, and just felt my aura being rearranged, like tubules were being cleared that ran between the bodies themselves. This was an incredibly intense physical activation. I then activated the rest. I was taken out for the Love Body and part of the DNA one. I came back in to realize that my DNA was being reconfigured to open up to the frequencies of the Rainbow Rays, which ALREADY existed in my DNA. Very neat feeling. I kept 'slipping' in and out between dimensions. The Crown activation simply blew me open (again). I was merged with a very very clear wave. This wave flowed thru me, my chakras, my nadis, the meridians, strange flows... taking with it anything that blocked the Rainbow Rays frequency. I floated for a long time on this wave, at times 'attaching' myself to it and going into the chakras, nadis, etc. and watching them change so they resonated with this wave. I finally activated the Rainbow Rays Profile Activation. I became aware of both the frequency and the color of each ray as it poured into my crown and flowed throughout me. I BECAME the frequency/color and stored this resonance in my cells. I was also taken 'out' during parts of this activation, and rested in what I call the VOID. Incredible activations..."

This is a series of 5 and the first one is Rainbow Crown Activation

WHEN: Starting April 8th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 20.00


7 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

SaLuSa 7-April-2010

SaLuSa 7-April-2010

We look at you with love in our hearts and eyes, as you have excelled yourselves since the turn of the Millennium. It was seen that given more time, the Light would grow exponentially and safely carry you to Ascension. It was also realized that the dark Ones would increase their activities to hold you back, and you have had to deal with several major incidents in this century already. Each one such as 9/11 was meant to induce fear, based on false claims that you were under a terrorist attack. Consequently the reasons were found to exercise even greater controls over you than any previous occasion. You had a scenario where the battle between the dark and Light became intensified, and you were in danger of becoming overwhelmed. However, the dark Ones become overconfident and acted recklessly, and their true aims were beginning to be realized. At the midnight hour the Light suddenly broke through and penetrated the darkness upon the Earth, and ever since it has gathered momentum and is now an unstoppable force for good. You Dear Ones have won the day and progress ever nearer to Ascension, knowing that nothing can stop you achieving your goal.

Of course you have had help, but the impetus had to originally come from you before we could come to your aid. In your position you now have only to hold on to your focus to cross the winning line. The end of duality will bring a new beginning and you will firmly place your feet upon the path to Ascension. The dark Ones will continue with death and destruction believing that somehow they can alter your destiny. We tell you firmly that only the Creator has the authority and power to do so, and the manner in which the end will come has already been decreed. We will state over and over again that you are already victorious, and you will experience the most wonderful release from the darkness and all it holds. It will be swept aside in a wonderful show of Light and Love, and everything is set in place ready for your celebrations. Major changes are afoot and our allies are pushing for the first announcement, that will set the fall of the first domino. There will be no stopping the changes, and revelations that will clearly show you how your lives have been manipulated for hundreds of years by the Illuminati.

Naturally some of you are bemused by the thought that you have been fooled for so long, but the Illuminati formed a worldwide group whose tentacles stretched far and wide. That was largely achieved through the principal banking families exercising their power to control the world, by controlling the money supply. It expanded into powerful influences through companies in industries such as oil and pharmaceutical. The latter are still powerful but their days are numbered, and before long they will be forced to accept change. Also, with new sources of energy and new healing methods, their market will gradually cease to exist. All of these changes are just waiting to burst upon the scene, and their introduction has been carefully and meticulously planned. Once the details have been announced, we know that we will receive your total support, as it will clearly be seen how beneficial they will be.

As the old falls away it is understandable that you are concerned, because as yet you cannot see what will take its place. However, the fact that you see the demise of that which has proved inadequate and responsible for your present position means that you will not readily accept a resurrection of the same again. That is clearly desirable, as otherwise there would be a return to the old ways. It is planned to advance your civilization so that there is a natural progression to Ascension. That which has been denied you will quickly come into your lives, and provide the answers to the problems that confront you now. We can address all issues so that you take a quantum leap into the New Age.

We share responsibility for your future just as much as you do, and together we will have no difficulty in getting you prepared for the wonderful and exciting times just ahead. Already you have had sufficient information to understand the nature of them. Clearing away the result of years of pollution is high on our list, and although the size of the task is extremely large, with our technology it will be dealt with in next to no time. The environment has to be restored as first measure to lift everyone’s living conditions. Then shall the basic needs of the poorer people be provided for in full measure. Contented people are happy people, and the joys of living will be there for you all to experience.

Once your material, needs have been satisfied, there will also be moves to reach you all with details of the path to Ascension. Since methods of communication will have been advanced to levels that can put anyone in touch with whomsoever they wish, no one will miss out on information necessary to them. As we have stated, the whole mission has been carefully planned with you in mind, as we quite clearly know your full needs. The world’s population is vast, yet to the Galactic Federation it presents no problems when you bear in mind we have millions of ships at our command. So although time continues to pass by quickly, there is no real problem as far as we are concerned.

We are here in love and peace, and wish you to view each other the same way and see how quickly attitudes change upon Earth. You have been led to believe that you have enemies waiting around every corner, but in reality they are your brothers and sisters who seek a similar life to yourself. When Man allows others to express themselves and fulfill their desires, no longer will there be a threat to their beliefs. You have learnt that it is futile to force your views and opinions upon others, as it is non-productive and can lead to wars. When the truth is known to you all about the purpose of your lives, you will take a far different view of each other than you have held previously.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who work for the Light, as you are the Ambassadors who came to Earth for the very purpose of uplifting others. You can feel well satisfied with your dedication to your roles at this time, as you have achieved what you set out to do. Many souls trapped in the dark have found their way out with your help, and more will do so.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Please do not use the above email address, it is one way only.
My address is michael.quinsey@mypostoffice.co.uk

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6 Nisan 2010 Salı

martix removal and other spirited clearings...there's a playback link for previous class

Spirited Clearings
by Dr Margaret Hoopes

Spring Cleaning -
A Path to the New You.


Join the
April 7th, 2010 6:15pm (call opens)
Class Starts: 6:30pm - 8pm PT
Free entrance to All who choose to empower themselves,
Long distance charges are your responsibility
Phone: 712.432.0075 Access Code: 942540
class agenda
A Grand Review and Update on the past 3 months
Bring your personal issues to class, Meg will be assessing the needs of the class for clearing.
Class will open with an uplifting meditation by Elise, the call moderator

A Core Fear Matrix Release Exercise Fear has no place in the our lives at this time. The more you are able to clear the issues surrounding Fear the more Freedom and lightness you will experience in your life. You are either living in fear or love; clear what is in the way of being in love, Now. Make a list of the fears that are getting in your way
Removal of the Negative Programs and Dendrites and replacement techniques will be reviewed with your issues in mind. Repeated use of this process is like wiping a window clean; with each stroke, or each clearing your path gets clearer and more free. You become lighter. Bring your list of Your issues (stuckness) for Transformation that have been nagging you to be cleared.

Repeated use of this process is like wiping a window clean; with each stroke, or each clearing your path gets clearer and more free. You become lighter.

Other Class exercises may include the Compassionate Heart Exercise, the Present Life Cleanse, Muscle testing techniques, discussion of the Ascended Masters and Angels guided to help us, and music to amplify the heart felt clearing.

Question and Answer session
will follow the class.

Spring Clearning a path to the new you.
I am delighted to invited you to join us for our 23nd teleconference class utilizing these Divinely inspired clearing tools for freeing yourself of all that holds you from uplifing, Ascending and healing your entire being.
This is truly Freedom in motion.

This is an interactive class, so come with an open heart, the desire to heal; bring your issues, beliefs, and baggage that you no longer wish to keep in your being.
This is a Powerful process, you will be amazed how much “stuff” you are still carrying around. You will find that clearing the past is easier than you would have thought it could be.

Remember, we don’t have to struggle anymore!
Your pain and suffering comes from blockages, programs, and habitual thinking playing within your being which block you from being able to recieve more and more light from Creator Source Divine.
These Roadblocks can be removed by these Spirited Clearing Processes. This includes all of our bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and etheric and all our lives, past, present, and parallel. This is about our Freedom, as we remember our Divinity, and begin living it Now.


Dr. Margaret (Meg) Hoopes, is a delightful engaging woman of depth and wisdom, an accomplished spiritual journeyor, a master of the art of working with the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Her curiosity and her compulsion to find answers guide her into new paths of knowing. Meg’s playful sense of humor adds perspective and fun.

Meg has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has trained marriage and family therapists in a university context for 25 years. She is co-author of Uncovering Shame, a major textbook on dealing with shame issues in individuals and families, and Birth Order Roles and Sibling Positions, a book about birth order positions from a family systems perspective.

Dr. Margaret’s (Meg) Mission
* Ascend with Mother Gaia and to be fully in service to her,as we each clear and heal ourselves we also cleanse the planet. * To savor and share the gifts given to me for healing myself and others, and to cause no harm to anyone. * To live life fully directed by my compassionate heart and illumined mind.

Meg’s email: megglet@scattercreek.com
Please allow for some time for a response.

Did you Miss the last class?
You can review the previous class by listening to it again
or by phone: Playback number: (712) 432-1085
Participant access code: 942540

Please review some of the exercises on the website, and please bring paper and pencil for notes to class.

Next teleconference classes are
April 21st and May 5th & 19th 2010

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5 Nisan 2010 Pazartesi

St. Germain’s Message of March 23, 2010


St. Germain’s Message of March 23, 2010

"Good Evening! It is I, St. Germain. And I come to you to facilitate the great changes which are so needed in this world. I have a unique overview of the banks and the businesses. I have told you before, as have others, that I do myself own for you, because you are really the owners, the largest, richest bank on Planet Earth.

"And all of us at the Bank of St. Germain are so excited, because the abundance that you have so patiently waited for, Beloved Ones, is ready to flow to you. Oh yes, there are a few details, a few more papers to sign, messages to get out, arrangements to triple check, and so on, but the time is so close, we ask that you just spend your days remaining in glorious visions of all that is about to come to you, because it has your name on it.

"So, as to those details, there are still some programs running, particularly in the largest institutions that you call the banks, and in the corporations. Everyone is scrambling trying to wring the last ounce of gold out of each and every one of you, trying to take as many of your dollars. When a law is passed they immediately have an entire room full, or an entire floor in one of their skyscrapers, of attorneys, whose sole purpose and mission is to figure out ways around the law.

"How can they make more money? What loopholes can they find? How long can they ignore it without having to start paying fines; and that’s the only thing that matters to them. They will continue to break the law for as long as they can get away with it. What will make them stop will be when it is no longer profitable to do so, when it costs them more than they make by breaking the law.

"And this extends not only to the stealing of money, dollars, but to the flim-flam schemes, these derivatives, and the Ponzies, and all of these different ways that these very, very rich, very powerful people have stolen from everyone else. This includes the corporations who have been manufacturing. And first they've polluted the waterways, and the earth, and the air in this country of the United States and in Canada, and now they're moving into other countries.

"Think about all of those who have lost their jobs, honest hard working people, who have suddenly been fired from their jobs, because their job has moved south or east. Think about those who are doing those jobs now, working in sweat shops, making enough to feed themselves, but just barely; working long hard hours, because there are no laws there to help them to have decent working conditions, and living conditions.

"Think about the corporations who manufacture products that are not safe to use, the GMO, the toxic chemicals, the drugs, which the traditional medical profession uses, because that is all that they are given, that is all that they know. There are situations in which not only does the government shut down someone who has a humane and high dimensional answer for an illness, or a situation, but, they have even been known to terminate the lives of those inventors and gifted ones, who bring forth solutions which are healthy for all individuals, and for Mother Earth as a whole.

"So now we have painted the picture. And yet what we're saying is that they need Peace; they need reconciliation; they need resolution; they need to get those programs turned off. The banks and the companies need people of high integrity, heart-based people, to come in and fill the spaces where those who would not give up the dark programs have left, or shall we say more accurately, been removed from those positions.

"And so we are asking us, as Family, all of those who come in their Spirit bodies, all of those of you who are in your human bodies, and all of the Kingdoms, because this affects every kingdom upon Planet Earth, to join with us in holy Oneness, in sacred mission, and we shall be sending Peace. And when we are complete with this, let us just stay in the silence for a few moments, and then you’ll hear more about the mission that Ashtar has proposed.

"And so let us begin, Beloved Ones, let us begin. Breathe, breathe in the Love. Breathe in the Oneness of who we are. Breathe in your own Divinity, Beloved Ones, and as you do so, as you fill yourselves with it, let your brains relax into the messaging state, into the meditative state, if you wish to call it that, where you can travel and send messages around Planet Earth everywhere.

"And so we are going to ask that we fly together on this journey. And so how you fly, or what method you use, is up to you. For some of you, you may wish to step into your own ship. Imagine it, gleaming there in the sunlight. You are the pilot; you are in charge. Step up and into the ship, and walk forward into your comfortable captain's chair. Do whatever you need to do to get the ship ready for take off.

"Some of you may wish to simply unfold your wings, your beautiful, beautiful crystalline wings, and as you do so stand ready for take off. Some of you may wish to fly in the mothership. You are welcome to come aboard. Come aboard the 'New Jerusalem,' and let’s have a hug as you pass by and find your place. All of these are open and available to you, Beloved Ones. And some of you may wish to just rise up, and fly with your own energy fields, spinning and rotating, and carrying you at warp speed.

"So let us all take off together. And we are going to visit some of the centers of banking, corporations, and yes, capitalism in the world. So fly up and over the nearest city to you, first of all. That is an individual kind of a thing, but we shall name some. Let us name New York City. See the buildings, see the river, the rivers, the bridges, the autos, the great park, see it all, and see those buildings. Send them loving outpourings of Peace. All is well.

"These changes will bring Joy into these buildings, into these offices, and board rooms. These changes will beam Joy at the windows of the tellers, and those who give service in the banks. These changes will bring Joy to the board rooms of all of these places.

"And now having sent Peace, this joyful Peace, this change to Peace to those places in New York City, let us fly over some of the other major centers of business and commerce. Those would be your large cities, first in the United States of America, places like: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, yes, Kansas City is a banking center.

"All up and down the Pacific Coast are major cities. All up and down the East Coast are major cities. See them. You may be in one, or you may have been to one. Fly over it, all of these cities, and send this wondrous Peace throughout the entire land, to all of these corporate headquarters, to all of these additional corporate locations, to all of the headquarters of the banks, and spreading out, and be sure to send this Peace, this Love, to the offices, the headquarters of the Federal Reserve.

"So spread it all over the United States, and then go north to Canada to the great cities there: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and all of the places. And just fly over all of those buildings, all of those corporate headquarters, all of the corporate offices, and yes, the banks. And send this Peace to all who are there.

"And say, 'Stay in the Peace that is coming, that is now. And if you choose to leave, we can help you with that too. Go in Grace. Go with our thanks for showing us what needs to change, that we may implement it as the one we all are, as Family, and as Lightworkers.'

"And go south to Mexico, Mexico City, a great center of business and banking, and go further south down through Central America, all of the cities there with the buildings. And let us remember that there are corporate headquarters in rural locations as well, particularly in the countries which are called 'Third World.' And let us remember that the corporations often go into those countries and destroy villages and crops, and lifestyles for all.

"They literally invade, make war upon all who resist, and take over in order to access the resources of that country, its people, and the treasures of its land. Peace now, Peace to all of those, and go down to South America to the great cities, and to the rural locations where these corporations have taken over: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and all of those places, and the places in the countryside.

"Now, for those of you who have seen the movie 'Avatar,' you know what that looks like do you not? When the invaders come with their machines, and their armies, and they take over, unlike in 'Avatar,' this has been going on for a long time, and it is to stop now, and come to a peaceful conclusion.

"So send the Peace out in all directions of South America, Central America, North America, and move across the ocean, sending the Peace to every island, and yes, sending the Peace to the oceans where the oil drilling is going on, or where it is envisioned to start.

"And go across what you call the Atlantic Ocean to the continent of Europe, and again see the tall buildings, the Bank of London, Deutsch Bank, with its many branches, the corporations there, the companies, and all that is going on in the name of greed and conquest and power.

"And send the Peace there to literally transform and transmute all into Joy. I accompany you, by the way, and many of you have already seen that the Violet Ray is everywhere, as we spread Peace to these institutions - transmutation and transformation, bringing Peace, bringing honor, bringing integrity, into these worlds. Notify those who remain of the thirteen families, that it's done. The Central Bank of Europe is ready to go into an entirely different phase of operation. It will make a great distribution point for the Bank of St. Germain!

"Rejoice, see the Violet Flame spreading even more beyond the continent of Europe, as it spreads across Eastern Europe to Asia. Oh, there are so many centers now in what you call the Far East, in what you call India, the city of Mumbai, full, full of the corporate greed and the banks' empowerment. Send the Peace there. Send the Peace throughout the entire country of India.

"And move east - Singapore, another great financial center. Send the Peace everywhere, Hong Kong, Beijing, and all the cities of the East Asian continent, and all of the rural areas where the corporations have polluted and taken over - send the Peace, the peaceful resolution, the Peace of reparation, the Peace of Oneness.

"And now go across the ocean a bit to that great country of Japan, to Tokyo, and the other great cities there. And yes, the corporations reach out into the countryside as well. Land is scarce there, and it is somewhat difficult to find new places to build, so they keep going up higher and higher, and there is pollution from the industry. The Peace, the honor, the integrity is back - in honesty, and in service. Spread the word - spread the Peace.

"And to all of the islands of the Pacific, spread the Peace. And to Australia and New Zealand - yes, there are great centers in Australia too, particularly along the seacoast: Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and in New Zealand, Auckland, and there are other centers there too.

"And there are those of great integrity who are ready to step forward into the positions of responsibility for the corporations, and for the banking institutions, and the financial brokers. So send the Peace there, and send it strongly - the messages of Peace, the Violet Ray of Transmutation, to change it. To prepare for Ascension, there must be Peace in all corporations, in all banks, and financial institutions who keep their doors open. It is a new day.

"No, Beloveds, we have not forgotten Africa. Why do we go to Africa at this moment? Because Africa, more than any other continent, has suffered from colonialism, imperialism, corporate greed, financial robbery, plundering of its resources, killing by the millions of its children and men and women, wars, starvation - and for what? - for greed, for power, for control.

"Let your Love Lights shine there, Beloved Ones. Let the Peace flow forth from you to change forever the situations that exist there. Be generous with your Love Lights, be generous with this Peace, and help to fan the Violet Ray everywhere on this continent.

"Yes, there are great cities there as well. There is Cape Town, a great center of business and finance, and there are many, many, other places in Africa on the African Continent, for instance in the country of Egypt, so known for its ancient treasures, but at the same time full of business.

"To all the islands of the world, and yes, even to Antarctica, it has been touched by this greed. There are operations there to discover, and find ways to access, the riches that lie under what is left of the ice there. So complete your world tour Beloved Ones. Perhaps return to a place you want to emphasize, or that you feel as though you might have passed by too quickly.

"Get this Peace out and everywhere worldwide. Let the Planet shine with it. See the Lights of Gold. See the White Lights of the Christ, the silver platinum, the pink crystalline heart, and Violet Ray of transformation, transmutation and change. Spend some time within yourselves now, Beloved Ones. Take these final moments of this exercise to share the Peace even more.

"Literally let it blow out upon your breath. Push it to all, all places in the world, with Joy and Love and Gratitude, with which you are participating in such grand changes. Thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, for having the courage to be there, to stand forth and to bring the Peace to the institutions of this Planet.

"And I, St. Germain shall stand back and give you some moments to finish in what ever manner you choose. I thank you, and with me this entire company, thank you for your participation. And so we say unto you, 'Well done, and Mission accomplished!' We can already see the results.

"We Love you beyond words. Keep your Lights shining, Beloved Ones, and know that on this day, and in this time, you have made a difference to the world and the Universe beyond. And so it is! Namaste!"

Many thanks to Arnold Troeh for this transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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DVD Project Update
We are up to 10 percent of our intended goal of sending one letter and DVD of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story to each Senator and Representative, a total of 535. We have posted some wonderful sample letters as we received them. One of our family also located links to the Citibank Plutonomy Report that was mentioned in the DVD, if you're interested in reading it.

We have one member who wants to send a letter and DVD to Nancy Pelosi in California and needs someone in her district who will volunteer their name and return address and perhaps be willing to write the letter. Our understanding is that these messages should be from someone in the Representative's district to be most effective. If you live in Nancy Pelosi's district and are willing to participate, please email us at peace@wethepeopleforpeace.org You can identify your Representative by clicking on the link at the top of the "Senators/Reps List" page and typing in your ZIP code. Please go to our website for more information: www.wethepeopleforpeace.org

Also, we have a family member who wishes to donate a DVD to someone who will write a letter to send with it to a representative who has not received one yet. Check the list on our website for those not listed in white yet on the "Senators/Reps List" page. Please email peace@wethepeopleforpeace.org if you wish to volunteer for this.

Please join in, if you haven't already, to help us reach our goal and let us know the names of your recipients as soon as you commit to the project. Ashtar says that even supporting with your loving energies and just sending a personal letter if you can't afford to send the DVD will be a great help in the success of this project.

We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you.
Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

Celia Fenn March 28th : Easter 2010

Ascension and Transformation....and Coming into "Right Relationship" It is hard to belive that it is that time of year again! The Easter week-end is approaching. Here in South Africa it is a four day holiday when everyone "takes off" for the coast for a last celebration of relaxation in the sun before the cold weather sets in for Winter. Last year, at this time, I was in Brazil, and so much seems to have happened to me in the last year. We are certainly changing and transforming at high speed!

But, back to Easter. In the traditional Christian community, it is the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. But, in reality, it is a reworking of the ancient archetypal story of the death of the masculine principle and its miraculous rebirth and resurrection through the Feminine principle. This story is as ancient as the Sumerians, where the Goddess Innana descends into the underworld to rescue her mortal husband and return him to life, or the Egyptians where the Goddess Isis finds the scattered limbs of her murdered husband, Osiris and conceives a miraculous child called Horus who rebirths the masculine spiritual warrior principle.

So, how did this ancient story become a central part of the celebrations of the Christian year? In the case of the Christian story, there was indeed a masculine and a feminine principle incarnated in Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. They came to the Earth as Avatars to bring the seeds of the New Consciousness, that which we call the Christ Consciousness, to the western world. This was done through the work and teachings of both of them in Israel, and later by Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the Christ Light that are flowering now were laid down two thousand years ago.

So, how did Easter and eggs and rabbits get mixed up with the coming of the Christ Light. Well, Easter is a form of the name of the Goddess, Astarte, another form of the name of Innana, and she was celebrated as the Goddess of Fertility and Creation. The eggs and the rabbits are obvious symbols of procreation, and these were grafted on to the story by the Catholic Church, as it took over Pagan Europe in the name of Christianity. The Catholic principle was to merge the Pagan iconography and symbols with the new teachings. And so the ancient fertility celebrations were connected into the story of the death of Christ and the process of Ascension.

Ascension is the ability to move beyond the duality of the Third Dimension and into the Miraculous flow of Love and Miracles at the Higher Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension. This was taught by the Christ Avatars with their focus on the Heart, Unconditional Love and the Oneness of All Things. But, it also seems fitting that the ancient teachings of the redemption of the Warrior by the Goddess should become part of the Ascension story and that it should be brought into consiousness now. Everything has a purpose and a reason!

In the case of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, after the death of Yeshua in the Holy Land, it was Mary Magdalene as the Feminine principal who carried the Seeds of Light to France and nurtured the Christ Consciousness in the western world, until the time was ready for the "second coming" or the "Ascension" of Humanity to the level of the Fifth Dimension or the Christ Consciousness. The "Child" that was born of their Sacred partnership was a symbolic child, the New Earth Consciousness that would lift Humanity into the Fifth Dimension after a period of darkness.

So, for me, this time of Easter is always a time to give gratitude for the life of Yeshua as the Masculine Christ energy that brought the Seeds of Light. But it is also a time to celebrate the life of Mary Magdalene as the Feminine Christ energy, who took those Seeds to Europe where they were nurtured by those who carried the Light in their DNA and ensured that at the right time the "Child of Light" would be born in the Hearts of Humanity, and that the powerful energies of the "end time" cycles would ensure that the "Child" of the New Consciousness would be birthed as a New Consciousness of Love and Unity.

The Essence of this Easter time, and the story of the Christ energy, seems to me to also be summed up in the Native American term "Right Relationship" or what I would call "Sacred Relationship". This is where the energies flow in perfect Harmony and Balance with Divine Will, so creating Divine Harmony and Joy. As I wrote in an earlier Log, in our lives on this Earth, everything is a matter of Relationship and Partnership! Our lives and our creativity are connected with our ability to co-create with others. To fully enter into the Fifth Dimension means to bring those Relationships into Right Balance and create Sacred Relationship.

In this period from now until 2012, the focus will definitely be on this aspect of our Spiritual Growth and Evolution, finding Harmony, Balance and Right Relationship. This will especially be part of the way in which we create relationships that embody the interaction of the Masculine and Feminine principles.

In the past I have done much work with the Twin Flame energy, which is another way of describing the power of Sacred Relationship or Union between Soul Partners who embody the Masculine and Feminine principals within themselves and their partnership. I found that there was much misunderstanding and distortion in the way people perceived these partnerships. Firstly, many people seemed to think that a Twin Flame relationship was a Romantic relationship that ended in marriage and parenting and happy ever after in the surburban nuclear family image of pop culture. That is probably because our culture is so grounded in the nuclear family economic model that people find it difficult to conceive of a relationship that might go beyond these parameters. The whole idea of the "family" is a matter for the "parenting contract" between those who seek to have children and the souls that desire to incarnate through them, and it is not part of the Twin Flame or Sacred Union. The purpose of Sacred Union is to incarnate the Masculine and Feminine principles as a direct mirror of the Union of the Divine Energies in the Source. This creates a tremendous field of creative power that expresses the Love of the Divine and can bring people into the Awakened state of Higher Consciousness very rapidly. It is a gift from the Divine and should be treated with deep respect and great honor.

Of course, when you enter into a romantic relationship, or a parenting/family contract, these contracts need to also be honored and treated withy deep respect for the gifts within them, and being in Sacred Relationship extends to all levels of our lives.

Now, to return to the Twin Flame or Sacred Union Relationship. After people realized that the Twin Flame aspect of Sacred Union was primarily a merging of Soul Energy, there developed also an unfortunate tendency among awakening beings to get "high" on the soul merging energy and to desire to repeat this energy "merging" with as many people as possible. This is, of course, all in divine order. Awakened Beings enjoy merging their soul energies and experiencing the bliss of communion on the deeper levels, but this is also not Sacred Union. It is just a kind of Sacred Family Hug.

Sacred Union is when two Conscious Beings merge their energies at the Heart Center and then extend that energy into the Soul Sphere and Ground it into the Earth Sphere, so that they represent the merging of Divine Love, the Masculine and Feminine principles expressed as Divine, Unconditional Love. The "Flame" that is created, which is called the "Golden Rose Flame", is held in the High Heart of each individual and in the Joint "Heart of Hearts" that is created when the two energies become One with the Divine Heart and create a Sacred Union Light Body that is an expression of the Merging of Heaven and Earth within their partnership.

Yes, this is a wonderful experience! Yes it is becoming available to more and more Conscious Beings at this time of Change and Transformation. But, yes, it also requires commitment and focus and courage. It requires the courage to develop a deep intimacy with one person, and to forgo the "highs" of moving from one person to the next in a series of "non attached" energy mergings that are considered to be Sacred Union, but are empty of the depth and intimacy and grace of true Sacred Union when it is in Right Relationship.

It is not so much a matter of finding the "right" person, but a matter of having the courage and strength to surrender to the Process of Love as it finds you. Love is always seeking for you and asking for you to allow the deep surrender into Sacred Union. It is not something that is difficult and that can only be found by the fortunate. It is a natural process, like breathing, but breathing very deeply so that you expand and grow!

When we forgo the Hollywood/Bollywood formulas for the expression of love through Sex and youthful Beauty and Procreation, we will enter a new level of consciousness where we will flow into the Expression of Love as a Sacred Gift that merges Heaven and Earth in many ways and according to Sacred Contract. For those wishing to experience Divine Sacred Union, it is not a matter of searching for the right partner, but of being willing to "die" in the Will (the masculine principle within) so that you may be reborn through Love (the feminine principle within).

When the Will comes into Balance with Love as expressed through the Soul and Spirit, then you can be reborn to Higher Consciousness and experience Love on the Higher Octave of the merging of Heaven and Earth. You can ascend into Harmony with the Divine Will and express the Divine Love through Balance and Partnership.

So....here is to Easter.... that time of the year when Sacred Love, Rebirth and our Ascension into Divine Will and Harmony can be Celebrated!

3 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi





Greetings beloveds. We come forth this day with a message regarding the changes and challenges you are experiencing in your world and your life.

Your planet, according to your television and radio news programs, appears as if it is falling apart. The truth is that, in a sense, it is. It is crumbling so that something better can be manifested by your group consciousness, which comes after you have altered your individual thought patterns. You will continue to see your human structures of finance, government and big business as well become ineffective within the higher frequency patterns coming forth at this time. This is necessary so that institutions of a higher vibratory rate can be erected, structures that will be in harmony with the higher frequency levels of the fifth dimension.

Most of your current creations are of a third dimensional frequency pattern which, as you can see, will not withstand the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions. These energies of duality are archaic and will not be supported by the higher frequencies within the dimensions you are moving into. As your individual vibrational patterns and the collective pattern expand into a more refined vibration, structures will come into place at a suitable time and in the appropriate manner. First, you as individuals change your frequency patterns; then as a result, the group consciousness will move to a higher vibratory rate.

Planet Earth is in the midst of a transformational process as well, which is necessary in order to move from the third dimension through the fourth and into the fifth.

Many of you have heard the phrase "Out of chaos comes order" and that is what is taking place upon and within Gaia at this time. It is also happening to many inhabitants of Gaia. Life is in chaos and is being reshaped by an increase in awareness and frequency. Those who cannot make the shift this round will do so at another time. As an inhabitant of fifth dimensional Earth, it is necessary that you have compatible frequencies. You are being given the opportunity to change your consciousness while in your body. However, some may decide to discard their bodily form as they move to another expression of awareness. The demise of your physical vessel is merely a change in consciousness, for the essence of your being will never die. Either way, it is a good thing, dear ones.

The changes we talk about and that you see before you are opportunities to move beyond your current level of awareness to a higher state of consciousness. We encourage you to consider the challenges you face and will face as opportunities to move to the next level in your spiritual evolution, as you remember and embody who you truly are -- a facet of God.

This is what you have been waiting for, dear ones; you are in the midst of an auspicious event. This is a lifetime of rare opportunity. You are here at a pivotal time, on a unique planet, experiencing a monumental transformation into a new level of existence. We encourage you to step into your divinity and strive to become all that you can be. You have within you all the necessary tools, wisdom and knowledge to move though this with ease and grace. You have the means, dear ones, for you were created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Remember who you are and embrace your power.

Love is a powerful transformative energy that will help you on this journey, should you choose to use it. Love enables you to transmute lower frequencies, because it vibrates at an ultra high frequency. Higher energy patterns always override lower energies. Therefore, as you embrace the frequency of love, you raise your vibration and draw higher vibrational events into your life. And, as you do so, you affect the whole by raising the frequency of your group consciousness.

Appreciation creates a high vibration as well. You have the ability to shift your vibration from a low frequency to a high frequency by loving or appreciating the people in your life, nature or your day to day challenges, for example. That includes loving and/or appreciating yourself.

Another of your words that holds a high vibration is gratitude. As you feel gratitude, you increase your frequency.

As you walk the path of expansion, which is eternal, we will forever be there to assist you, at your request.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

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