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Rainbow Body

Rainbow Ascension Package


I know I already sent out an email about the Rainbow Ascension package, but this was brought to my attention right after that by the masters.

Rainbow body -


The rainbow body is the physical mastery state of Dzogchen is the natural, primordial state or natural condition of every sentient being, including every human being. Dzogchen, or 'Great Perfection' is the central teaching of the Nyingma school The Nyingma tradition actually comprises several distinct lineages that all trace their origins back to theIndian master Padmasambhava (Sanskrit for "lotus-born"; Tibetan. Guru Rinpoche, "precious teacher"), the legendary founder of Tibetan Buddhism-and is considered by them to be the highest and most definitive path to enlightenment--of

The corporeal body of the realised which is now hallowed, returns to the pure primordial energetic essence-quality of the Five Pure Lights of the five elemental processes of which it is constituted through phowa and the Bardo of samadhi or Parinirvana. This is then projected as the mindstream through the process of phowa. The realiser of Jalus resides in the 'once upon a time' time out of time, timeless eternal state that is considered a mystery.[citation needed]

: "The realised practitioner, no longer deluded by apparent substantiality or dualism such as mind and matter, releases the energy of the elements that compose the physical body at the time of death", rainbow body," a phenomenon in which the corpses of highly developed spiritual individuals reputedly vanish within days of death,"And I was told that after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was left."

More specifically, the rainbow body is constituted by the Five Pure Lights.

The Five Pure Lights (Tibetan: 'od lnga) are a conceptual mystery in the Dzogchen tradition of Bön and Nyingma and are aspects of non-dual clarity and primordial luminosity of dharmakaya, Kunzhi and/or the Void. It is important to emphasize from the outset that their light-like essence-quality and their associated colours are oft-described according to the five coloured Himalayan Rainbow.[1] The Five Pure Lights are the Yoga of Clear Light (Od-gsal) are entwined.

The Five Pure Lights are the most sublime essence-quality of the classical elements ; namely: Space, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and constitute the Rainbow Body . The Five Pure Lights are essentially the Five Wisdoms (Sanskrit: ]

In the rite of the Ganachakra, all that is offered or within the chakra or mandala is augmented and purified by the Five Pure Lights of which it is constituted. There is understood to be a sanctification comparable to transignification and/or transubstantiation which instead of adding anything new to the substances, returns them to their primordial purity.

Trikaya is realised prior to the death-Bardo (Skt. antarabhava), the bodymind of the Nirmanakaya (Tib. sprul sku) Dzogchenpa enters samadhi (Tib. ting nge 'dzin)[1] and commences Phowa or the 'transferral of consciousness' into the constituent Five Pure Lights of the Sambhogakaya (Tib. longs sku)[2] to the Dharmakaya, sometimes leaving the non-living faecal elements of the bodymind such as hair and nails.

There have been a number of documented sightings of the Jalus process through the Bardo of death which may take a number of days to complete. The bodymind of the Nirmanakaya in samadhi, all the time decreasing its dimentionality as the constituent Five Pure Lights of the mindstream are transmuted into the 'glorious body' of Sambhogakaya.

Phowa (Wylie: 'pho ba; also spelled Powa or Poa phonetically) is a Tibetan term for aBuddhist meditation practice that may be translated as the "practice of conscious dying", "transference of consciousness at the time of death" or "mindstream transference". The chöd subsumes within its auspices aspects of phowa sadhana.

The main form is one of the six yogas of Naropa, although other transmissions also exist. Through this Phowa practice, one learns to transfer one's consciousness through the top of the head directly into a pure realm, buddha-field dimension, field, kshetra or loka, and in so doing, by-pass some of the typical experiences that are said to occur after death.

Some lineages of Phowa are also practiced which include a rite of incision, or opening of the sahasrara (see Artificial cranial deformation) at the cranial zenith, to assist with transferral.[citation needed]

Professor Pema Gyalpo, a Tibetan Buddhist scholar in Japan, says that phowa is the act of sending the spirit of a person on his deathbed to the Pure Land.

"One concept in Tantra Vajrayana is that referred to by Asahara as poa, in which the spirits of the dead are transferred to a higher status through secret rites based on the power of the guru. "Poa is a Tibetan meditative technique used near death to provide good karma in the cycle of reincarnation." poa meditation transfers consciousness from the mundane world of existence to a transfigured world of post-existence. This meditation is undertaken with the intention of attaining a higher state of consciousness in the next rebirth."

rainbow body," a phenomenon in which the corpses of highly developed spiritual individuals reputedly vanish within days of death,"And I was told that after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was left."
Those who have realised the rainbow body according to tradition

* Togden Ugyen Tendzin
* Khenpo A-chos
* In 1953 Ayu Khandro realised the rainbow body.

Through his Swiss contact, Tiso received the name of the monk whose body had vanished after his death: Khenpo A-chos, a Gelugpa monk from Kham, Tibet, who died in 1998. Tiso was able to locate the village, situated in a remote area where Khenpo A-chos had his hermitage. He then went to the village and conducted taped interviews with eyewitnesses to Khenpo A-chos' death. He also spoke to many people who had known him.

"This was a very interesting man, aside from the way he died," observes Tiso. "Everyone mentioned his faithfulness to his vows, his purity of life, and how he often spoke of the importance of cultivating compassion. He had the ability to teach even the roughest and toughest of types how to be a little gentler, a little more mindful. To be in the man's presence changed people."

Tiso interviewed Lama Norta, a nephew of Khenpo Achos; Lama Sonam Gyamtso, a young disciple; and Lama A-chos, a dharma friend of the late Khenpo A-chos. They described the following:

A few days before Khenpo A-chos died, a rainbow appeared directly above his hut. After he died, there were dozens of rainbows in the sky. Khenpo A-chos died lying on his right side. He wasn't sick; there appeared to be nothing wrong with him, and he was reciting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM over and over. According to the eyewitnesses, after his breath stopped his flesh became kind of pinkish. One person said it turned brilliant white. All said it started to shine.

Lama A-chos suggested wrapping his friend's body in a yellow robe, the type all Gelug monks wear. As the days passed, they maintained they could see, through the robe, that his bones and his body were shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume.

After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth, and no body remained. Lama Norta and a few other individuals claimed that after his death Khenpo A-chos appeared to them in visions and dreams.

Other Rainbow Body Manifestations

Francis Tiso remarks that one of is most intriguing interviews was with Lama A-chos. He told Tiso that when he died he too would manifest the rainbow body. "He showed us two photographs taken of him in the dark, and in these photographs his body radiated rays of light."

Because Lama A-chos emphasized that it was possible to manifest the rainbow body while still alive, not just in death, Tiso plans to return to Tibet with professional camera equipment to try to photograph this radiating light.

Other incidents of metanormal occurrences upon death are also being studied. For instance, two of Tiso's colleagues, were present for the postmortem process of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, who died eight years ago. "This man was a very large-boned individual," says Tiso, "and it was reported that seven weeks after his death the flesh was reduced. That could have been done by chemical substances, however, the bones also shrank."

Shrinkage of the body occurred with another guru, Lama Thubten. His miniature-sized frame is now kept in a monastery in Manali, India. Tiso has ascertained that incidents of bodies shrinking or disappearing shortly after death were documented centuries ago, such as in the classic story of Milarepa, a Buddhist saint from Tibet who lived in the 11th century. Milarepa's biography was translated into French by Jacques Bacot in 1912, and into English by Walter Evans-Wentz in the 1920s.

"In the ninth chapter of this literary classic," explains Tiso, who wrote a dissertation about the Buddhist saint, "It states that his body completely disappeared shortly after his death."

Even the earliest biographies of Milarepa, says Tiso, attest to this phenomenon. In addition, accounts exist about the great eighth-century tantric master Padmasambhava and how his body vanished.

This opportunity is present in the Nyarong region in Tibet, where several incidences of the rainbow body are said to have occurred. The research team is now studying their way of life, especially their spiritual practices.

Tiso has also obtained copies of spiritual retreat manuals, which have been particularly helpful.

Lama A-chos told Tiso that it takes sixty years of intensive practice to achieve the rainbow body. "Whether it always takes that long, I don't know," acknowledges Tiso, "but we would like to be able to incorporate, in a respectful way, some of these practices into our own Western philosophical and religious traditions."

bodily ascensions are mentioned in the Bible and other traditional texts for Enoch, Mary, Elijah, and possibly Moses. And there are numerous stories of saints materializing after their death, similar to the widespread phenomenon known as the "light-body."
Attainment of Rainbow Body

In Tibetan Buddhism there are teachings such as in the Bon tradition where the five elements of the body are being used to refine the physical body to support the state of clear awareness or meditation. Those teachings say that in turn the meditation practice transforms the physical body into the pure body. It is my understanding that when we use the body and its five elements in accord with the soul's intent of being of service and to learn the laws of creation such as the law of compassion and love, the physical body transforms to the degree that the very smell of the body becomes a fragrance. This is not to be confused with the magical appearance of beautiful fragrances which come and go and which would be called a Siddhi. What I am referring to is the result of true transmutation into pure love or compassion.

When I was traveling in India I visited several temples, which were built for enlightened Masters. What I liked about those places is the fact that they all had the peaceful vibration of enlightenment, but each of the temples had a different feeling like different fragrances. I am reminded of reading in the book "Love without End, Jesus speaks" (Ref.2) where Jesus says "Who you are is love" and "only you can love the way you love."

I have been drawn to the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of attaining Rainbow Body and truly believe that this is not only possible for select Tibetan Masters but it is the evolutionary potential of human beings as we grow into the love that we are. There is a study being conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Ref 3) by David Steindl-Rast and Father Tiso. The story is covered by the Snow Lion Newsletter (Ref 4) and it describes how at the time of death of certain highly evolved Tibetan Masters rainbows appear in the sky and that the body of the Master disappears into radiating light, often releasing a beautiful fragrance and sometimes accompanied by beautiful celestial music. Both Tiso and Steindl-Rast emphasize that these experiences are said to occur only in highly evolved individuals who are the embodiment of compassion and love. They speculate these qualities- conscience and consciousness- are a driving force of evolution.

It is my hope that the healing modalities of Sacred Transformation may be of help to those who wish to embody those qualities of conscience and compassion and want to live the purpose of the soul through their sacred embodiment.

by Sogyal Rinpoche

Rainbow Ascension Package

These are five Rainbow Ray Activations - one for the crown, one for the DNA/Genetics, one for the Love Bodies and one for the Aura. They are so pretty and sparkly and bubbly that I downloaded them immediately for myself. I felt quite high energetically for the rest of the day.

It feels to me like a cosmic dispensation of grace from the great masters who are responsible for the Cosmic Rays. I get that just by saying Run Rainbow Rays, it can be used to promote healing, clearing, transmutation, etc. of about anything you can imagine.

It feels like this series of rainbow activations focuses primarily on spiritual growth and heart oriented ascension.

1. Rainbow Crown Activation.
2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation.
3. Rainbow Love Bodies Activation.
4. Rainbow Aura Activation.
5. Rainbow Rays Profile

"I did the aura one first, and just felt my aura being rearranged, like tubules were being cleared that ran between the bodies themselves. This was an incredibly intense physical activation. I then activated the rest. I was taken out for the Love Body and part of the DNA one. I came back in to realize that my DNA was being reconfigured to open up to the frequencies of the Rainbow Rays, which ALREADY existed in my DNA. Very neat feeling. I kept 'slipping' in and out between dimensions. The Crown activation simply blew me open (again). I was merged with a very very clear wave. This wave flowed thru me, my chakras, my nadis, the meridians, strange flows... taking with it anything that blocked the Rainbow Rays frequency. I floated for a long time on this wave, at times 'attaching' myself to it and going into the chakras, nadis, etc. and watching them change so they resonated with this wave. I finally activated the Rainbow Rays Profile Activation. I became aware of both the frequency and the color of each ray as it poured into my crown and flowed throughout me. I BECAME the frequency/color and stored this resonance in my cells. I was also taken 'out' during parts of this activation, and rested in what I call the VOID. Incredible activations..."

This is a series of 5 and the first one is Rainbow Crown Activation

WHEN: Starting April 8th AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 20.00


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