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VERONICA Recalling Your Spiritual Awareness

A New Message From VERONICA

Recalling Your Spiritual Awareness

"You have to be willing to change your current moment to evolve. Otherwise, you continue to create the same dramas over and over again. It has been said in your culture that insanity is the creation of the same event, expecting a different outcome. The reason for this is that what needs to change is you, the creator of the moment.

By taking responsibility for your reality, there is opportunity for it to be what you desire. By sitting back and being victim to the drama, indeed it will repeat itself. Different participants perhaps, but the same energetic enactment.

The energy of your reality seeks a leader to redesign linear participation. Again, that is you. All reality is created by thought. A conscious thought creates awareness. Awareness allows your thoughts to take a front position instead of a rear position. Unconscious creation may not produce what you would prefer to expect.

We realize that it may appear to be overwhelming, especially if the drama is expanding out of control.

Seize the energy within yourself and slow it down. In a time-line, this may take a bit of "time". Remember that you are a powerful force, having a physical experience. You did not come here to be the victim of anything.

It is of course a choice. Victim? Creator? Bringing full awareness begets a creator. It is what your intended.

Recall your spiritual awareness and use it.

It is time."


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AA Metatron Resolving Negativity: The Nuances of Mass & Individual Relations

AA Metatron Resolving Negativity: The Nuances of Mass & Individual Relations

James Tyberonn
Archangel Metatron Channel

Resolving Negativity: The Nuances of Mass & Individual Relations

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in an vector of Love, Unconditional Love !

And so it is a powerful time, and there is much movement on the planet in this month of the September Equinox within 2012. We tell you the energy of this Equinox has brought specific astrological conditions that allow for a deep review of whom you are, and where you are going. The profound aperture provided by the planetary and stellar conjunctions paired within the period of the Equinox began 5 days before the actual Equinox and will extend for 5 days, through September 27th.

It is a time to consider relationships, purpose and mental contents. This is to be considered on an individual level, and also applied to the mass consciousness, group events occurring on your planet.

Many of you may not be fully aware of the expansive reach of your relationships in mass. Each of you has ties to group events and group energies that play key roles in your choices of reincarnation. You often have such ties to groupings that entire 'Nations' and Epochs reincarnate together.
This is logical, as it is the interactive relationships you have with others that are one of your greatest springboards of growth. Therefore there is a natural magnetism to the people you have spent time with in other epochs.

Six Degrees of Separation

It has been said that there are only six degrees, six levels of separation between every soul incarnate on the planet at any given time. In other words, each of you knows someone, that knows another and so on, such that taken to six threads of networking encompasses connections to everyone on the planet. The point being, you are all connected far more intricately than you may realize.

Dear One, each human, each and every one of you on the planet co-creates the mass experience of the Earth. Every thought you have absolutely influences the manifest physical reality of civilization as it exists in your time frame. Your individual thoughts combine and blend with the projected thoughts and beliefs of all others on the planet to form a massive group thought form that manifests into the reality you experience.

This also occurs on the level of the individual family, nation and time epoch you are in. And accordingly is the glue that brings back entire worlds within time & space, to reincarnate together. This 'connective interactive force' allows you to continue the unified progress in achieving the harmonic goals each of you are born to accomplish individually and in mass together.

Opposition & Attraction

Warring groups in fact reincarnate in masse in order to try again to resolve their differences. The emotional energy involved in such massive conflicts is enormous, and is repeated until resolution and harmony is found. We will tell you that your current conflicts in the Middle East are a re-occurrence of the Crusades, and your World WarII a continuance of the Atlantean conflict between the Aryan and Poseidon groups. In duality opposites occur, and you will end war only when you realize the destruction of hatred. You will end war only when you focus on peace and consciously choose it. You will not end war by hating war, rather by loving peace, loving harmony.

Group Dynamics

In the realm of duality, massive group dynamics (and in individual) are chosen for lesson, but not in the traditional sense of what you terms 'karma'. Rather it is a balancing that is the driving force, not repayment of a 'debt'. That is important to understand. In your terms karma is always balancing within the self, chosen by the higher self...it is not a debt owed to another. Accordingly balance can be achieved in achieving a deep mental understanding of what error has taken place, as well as through action. And while in most cases, action is chosen, especially for 'Group Karma', it can be equally b balanced in mental comprehensive and the deep desire to move into harmony. Do you understand?

Each of you participate in the Global Dramas, each of you contribute on some way to what happens on the planet. You provide the 'thought energy' from vast mental projection through which physical events are formed.

But be aware that individual responsibility is the true factor. Although you may be part of a group, and be drawn into the mass reality created, you will are spiritually responsible on the individual basis. If you disagree for example with a war your nation is involved in, and you refuse to support it by loving peace, those actions help move the group to a higher level. You must always then be your judge, and seek sovereignty. Your thoughts, feelings, and expectations are like the living brush strokes with which you paint your corner of life'slandscape. If you do your best in your own life, then you are indeed helping to improve the quality of all life. Your thoughts are as real as any physical object you can see and touch....and they do make a difference. Ascension, enlightenment occurs one heart at a time, even if the physical reality seems to be caught in lower frequency.

Strength as an Aspect of Love

Remember developing strength is part of creatorship. As we have told you: When the love of power is replaced by the power of love, mankind will make a quantum leap. But understand love without strength is incomplete. Consider this complexity carefully. It is perhaps a seeming paradox, but in its wise and careful contemplation is offered a great Truth.

Negativity: Energy of Destruction versus Energy of Creation

Now, we will speak on the topic of negativity. But perhaps better descriptions for the polarity electric aspects of energies within duality that are termed positive and negative, are creative and destructive.

Love is the ultimate creative force, hate/fear are the ultimate destructive degenerative forces. In terms of the Auric field, hate and fear are the primary disruptive forces that create Auric imbalance.

Dear Ones, it is absolutely true that there is no human who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and there is no human who loves but that love is reflected outward and made physical.

You are conscious creatures, and what you focus on is energetically attracted to you. Therefore it is essential as you advance in wisdom to become the monitors & responsible guardians of your thoughts. You must be constantly aware of the contents of your conscious mind. The self awareness of recognizing the nature of your 'mental contents' is an essential aspect of becoming a fully conscious Spiritual Being.

And indeed, the full content of your mental thoughts and beliefs are quite accessible to everyone. It is all available. Your beliefs are not buried unless you believe that they are. The thoughts and feelings and emotions that guide you day to day are not locked away in a remote recess of your mind. Indeed they are readily reviewable if you are willing simply to look. It is all available and it is there for you to see and consider. Consideration should lead to reconsideration, by reviewing what is constrictive and what is destructive. Dear Ones take time to calibrate your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

It is not a difficult action. The 'evil-bogeyman' that you may feel sets on one shoulder and influences you into wrong action, is simply incorrect belief. Right actions are what you are here to discover, and obstructions(incorrect beliefs) are to be recognized and rectified. rectify. Negative obstructional beliefs are really not hidden from you so remotely locked away in the sub-conscious that they cannot be discovered. Therapy is a valid helper in some cases, but it is beyond the financial realm of many of you. And so we tell you that the determined human is absolutely able to find the answers within. Your obstructions are not so deeply buried in your childhood or in any other lifetime that you cannot find them. You are not bound into compromising scenarios by past experiences, promises given or commitments that seem to tie you into untoward behavior.

Relationships as a Mirror & Catalyst

Relationships will come and go in your sojourns. And the complexities and intricacies are complex. Often the drama of a relationship ending is the springboard of a vast renewal although it may not feel so at the time of the emotional hurt and seeming trauma. Yet this is in truth a scope and lens into the self.

In a true sense hate is the other side of love, the opposite end of the same spectrum in terms of the emotional aspect.

There are so many lessons that are afforded when duality relationships end. In relationships that are ended by one and pursued by the other, there is often a sense of betrayal that results in an emotionally charged chasing of rejection that initially occurs. This then may convert to anger of seeming rejection and can spiral downward into attack and hatred.

In time you will learn that all negative energy emitted comes back to the source of the projection. It is not a case of who was right and who was wrong, rather of what energy was projected. As long as you carry hurt, anger and hatred, these energies will shatter your auric field, taint your world and poison your emotional stability. As long as you focus or dwell on hurt, anger and hate, you will absolutely draw to you more of the same. Period, no exceptions... It is simply the Law of Attraction.

Yet some of you become immersed in such destructive negativity for years and even lifetimes, before you learn that it is the energy of destructive emotion (hate, fear, anger & hurt) , that is the culprit.

The hurt that is often felt when relationships end, will in fact, in the higher aspect lead you to the Truth of your own sovereignty.

Relationship Purpose

Relationships are a method of reflecting the affectivity of your belief system, and giving you feedback on what, simply stated, is working, and what is not. The completion of a relationship equally offers growth. Even if it ends harshly, as many do, there is a flurry of emotion that can lead to understanding through the very detachment that one of the partners perhaps did not consciously desire.

Detachment requires the individual to explore the self, to reacquaint with the inner horizon, and this facilitates and necessitates sovereignty. Sovereignty is the prepotency of Mastership.

A relationship of two sovereign nondependent humans has greater balance, greater creativity, and greater longevity than a pairing of two beings co-dependent on one another. Do you understand? One way relationships, pairings on any level, in which one seeks the pairing more than the other, or one seeks to control the other, can never last. It is no error that great numbers of you on the finals steps of the path of enlightenment are alone in this period. Now is the prelude to the coming Ascension. If you are among these, we tell you that perhaps your solitude is appropriate. Perhaps it is as it should be. You see it is how many of you planned it.

Sovereignty as a Path to Mastery

Ultimately each soul must clearly define SELF in order to gain Mastery. Self Mastery is embodied in periods of planned detachment. It is that period in which impeccability is crystallized. And we tell you Dear Ones, crystallization; through impeccability is a necessary phase of Self- Mastery. It is a calibration juncture in the multidimensional sojourn. One enters the void, the great mystery in the quest for fortitude and sovereign vision, alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And in the process, one discovers sublime wholeness and self completion.

Do not misunderstand our meaning; there is great validity in coupling, in the natural aspect of soul mate. But conclusively one walks the path of Mastery in sovereign detachment.

One becomes enlightened when one learns to transcend the physical self. Each of you must endeavor to the final conquest of what we term as 'impeccability'. Impeccability is the crystallization or uniform clarity of the soul, and it is a necessary virtue of Mastery. This involves release of dependency, the release of all that does not serve your divinity. It is a rebooting and reprogramming of all you are.

Relationship Set Ups & Opposition

There are certain specific set ups that may be chosen in duality, in which souls are in apparent opposition for a greater purpose. It may occur for example, that advanced souls are in a state of 'purposed competition' in order to drive or motivate one another toward goal achievement. Certain of your well known scientist have incarnated in pairs in which the edge between them drove one another to greater effort. There are also cases in which political leaders took advanced stands to drive a common goal. An example of this is Dr Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, who advocated polar opposite means to promote the civil rights of minorities. One advocated non-violence, the other aggressive means. Yet the two had a common goal. In truth the one who advocated aggressive actions, actually brought the masses to the methodology of the one who taught non-violence by displaying the two choices.

Rose Colored Glasses

There are cases in which Spiritual leaders are in opposition. Particularly when one may delve into ego and power seeking. Such opposition in higher aspect creates reconsideration on both sides. There are many who profess spiritual leadership merely to gain following. There are scenarios in which turning the other cheek is inappropriate. One does not apologize when another steps on their foot. It is wrong to attempt to control the will of another, and equally wrong to allow another to control you. Free will and discernment must be with the individual. You need no guru other than self. The idea that Spiritual seekers must wear rose colored glasses is not necessarily the best path in certain situations. No one is served when injustice is tolerated. No one is served by allowing charlatans to continue unabated. We are not speaking of violence, that is not the right path, but rather standing in ones Truth. Being nonjudgmental is also confusing. Burying ones head in the sand does not work. Discernment of what is your right path does involve judgment.

Some religious texts include fear-based distortions and false actions that can lead to great conflict & destruction. The texts themselves teach people that total 'blind' acceptance of even flawed doctrine and dogma is required as a tenet of faith.

Understanding these nuances is one of your greatest challenges. Learning how to deal with violence has been an unresolved issue in the Group Consciousness of many civilizations.

Discernment & Individual Free Will

Dear Ones, you are not and should not be bound by false beliefs. You are now and always free conscious beings. And discernment is requisite.

Masters, each of you were born with a powerful awareness, recognition of your own Divinity and wholesome goodness.

Dear Human, we assure each of you that you have an innate inner recognition of your integrity and knowledge of your true and righteous place in the Cosmos. This cannot be taken from you, unless you allow it to be.

So always know that you were born with a desire to fulfill your purpose in each lifetime, to achieve your goals and maximize your talents and abilities. Those are tenets and principles of what may be termed 'Inherent Law'. You are born compassionate and loving. It is absolutely your benevolent nature as Spiritual beings, having a human experience to be curious about yourself and your world. You are here to unravel the mysteries of life, to find purpose and meaning.

Inherent Law

These are attributes of your integral sovereignty and equally belong to 'Inherent Law'.

Every soul that chooses physical life enters the Earthplane with an absolute knowing that every human possesses a beautifully unique, intimate sense of being that is succinctly itself. And that it is appropriate to discover fulfillment on both an individual basis (first) and in so doing contribute by example to the fulfillment of the group. You are born seeking the actualization of the ideal of love, in its great and wonderful complexities.

We encourage each of you to add value to the quality of your life, to add your own talents, experiences and abilities to enrich life in a path and method that only you can individually contribute to the Cosmos. In so doing you will attain a state of being that is uniquely yours, while adding immensely to the value and fulfillment of the world itself. You see the energy of a creative positive soul, brightens not only your Earth, but the 'All that Is' in is symphony of Harmony through all spheres of Reality.

We understanding the difficulties you face in achieving your goals, in Mastering the University of Earth. But do know there is indeed great purpose in all that you do here. Never forget it is a purposed dream that you are dreaming. The lessons, the myriad training received in Mastering 'University Earth Duality' will serve you for existence in a variety of other realms, of myriad interrelated systems of reality. And reality is the key phrase, for it is a dream, but very very real. And it is not easy; nothing of value is easily achieved. But understand that if the pains, hardships and agonies within your 'University of Earth' were not truly experienced as real, the lesson would not be learned, the growth could not occur. And we tell you the joys and sublime passions experienced here are also very real.

Purposed Illusions

Masters in your 'hidden' realities, in the vast validity of your multidimensional selves, humanity in plurality dreams the same dream at once, and you create all you see around you. The 'purposed illusion' is a meaningful drama. It is from higher aspect an educational creation, a movie set if you will, in which you are producing, directing and acting on different levels of consciousness. You in higher self are the producer and director, in physicality you are the actor, taking silent intuitive direction from the higher self. You are acting so completely on the 'set' of linear time and space that you do not know it is a drama. But understand, Dear Ones, that the drama and the intricate process of its enactment truly have great and profound meaning, and the actions within each scene, each lifetime, are vitally significant. The whole self is the observer and the physical incarnation is the totally focused actor in the roles. Each role has a meaning and offers a lesson. The lesson is that of creatorship, of creating joy and harmony and gaining true wisdom in the process.


In this way, through your sojourns you will learn how to be joyful conscious beings. And when this major step is achieved ( and each of you will in time get there) you will not be afraid of the inner self, and you will freely experience life on the Omni Earth in all its frequencies with a knowingness of your secure in your position in the Cosmos. You will know through experience that positive desire for creativity and love over destruction and hatred is a quantum leap. When this is learned, the cycle is near completion and New Worlds await you in Mastery.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved....and we honor you, each of you.

And so it is...

The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines, U-Tube, or public print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested from Earth-Keeper Admin by emailing Anne a the following address : Tyberonn@hotmail.com

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Dream with Integrity, Intention and Imagination to Create - 9/15/12 (new moon)

Dream with Integrity, Intention and Imagination to Create - 9/15/12 (new moon) Posted by admin108 on September 18, 2012 Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, today we come to you in the frequency of the new moon, with new information. As the moon begins to grow and unfold its image to the planet over the next few days, so too will our information grow in the hearts of those with a remembering of why they incarnated at this time in the evolution of humankind. We speak about coherent light, the light that is entering the aura of Gaia and through her is available to you. The light is no longer transduced. It is available to all in its purest state. This light of creation is gifted to you now so that it can be integrated into your subtle and gross physiology to transmute density, wounds and blocks. With this alchemical process will come a crystalline clarity of being, remembering and acting. The information that we share now is that the frequency of each particle of light has the ability to simultaneously bring into coherence all the light for all of your past and future lives as well as all aspects and expressions of your soul signature. With the crystalline clarity that will be generated, you become the radiant, divine human that you have always been, but have forgotten. We will walk you into a dream with integrity, intention and imagination to create a platform by which this transmutation may occur. We ask that you stand under the star system that holds the most light for your expression on planet earth. Identify in your mind’s eye the sacred space which resonates with those stars. Create an enormous medicine wheel surrounded by infinity space and call to the center your oversoul. In the north, south, east and west positions, and all those in between, call in all of the expressions of your oversoul. From the Great Central Sun, through your sun and into your oversoul will flow the purest particles of creation known on the planet. Radiating out through the heart center of your oversoul to all of the heart centers of each expression will be transmitted, with love and compassion, these highly vibrating particles. Hold the intention that the light transmission between each heart be coherent, clear and of the highest potential of that of the divine Creator. As you imagine this medicine wheel located in the space of your unique star system represented on planet earth, see what you have called into being. Expand the medicine wheel, and the unified you, up to the new 144 crystalline grid, as a pillar. Each one of you reading this message becomes a clear pillar of expanded light connected to Gaia and to the crystalline grid, that will ignite on 12/21/12. You are the enormous being of light come to planet earth to bring this light to the world. As you vision the brilliance of who you are each day from now going forth until the winter solstice, the image will grow in your awareness to become your reality. All of your past lives, all of the aspects of you will become unified, exchanging coherent light emanating from the center of the enormous medicine wheel, which is being transmitted from the sacred heart of your oversoul. All becomes one in crystalline clarity. This is your gift to planet earth. This is why you have chosen to return, to be the pillar of light, to radiate that coherent light of creation to all of humanity and beyond, to the cosmos. And so it is. With our deep love, The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B

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Golden Dolphins You are Becoming a Crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman

‎9/8/12— You are Becoming a Crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman

The light, dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, is what we wish to talk about this radiant morning. You look outside the window and see clouds or you see rain, and we say that this morning is radiant. We speak about the quality of light that is entering the planet and through the pranic field into your physical temples. The quality of light does not depend on the presence or absence of clouds. It is permeating all of the weather that you believe is effecting its reception.

We have sent a message of such clarity to this messenger on this topic that it is beginning to spread afar. The message comes from the beings of crystalline vibration, from the Golden Dolphin Avatars and beyond. The message is being received in numerous locations around the planet and being transmitted in numerous ways. It is as if we are shouting from the cosmos so that all can hear. The mess...age is this, and it relates to light.

The particles of creation, the adamanatine particles, are no longer being received by humankind in a stepped down vibration. The pure, crystalline frequencies are now available to all. The harmonics of the divine Creator, within the sacred heart, are being activated by this transmission.

Open your hearts and hold the intention that the new light, the ascension codes that it carries, will be fully integrated into your quantum DNA field, that the veil of amnesia be shaken loose and that you, each one to whom we are speaking, allow the light to raise the frequency of each cell in your body.

All it takes is the knowing of your human divinity and the intention to receive this life force. It is available to you now after eons of years. We tell you also that the light will be blocked by some, those who feel themselves to be unworthy to receive. When this occurs, and it is noticed, accept the light for the divine. Accept the light for the divine that is you. In time the light will transform the feeling of unworthiness to a love for self, which is the same as a love for the divine Creator, which is also you. To love the divine Creator is to truly also love yourself.

Know that this message is entering and traveling around the world on which you have incarnated, but means of many messengers and many methods, for it is part of the ascension process that you are experiencing. We are here for you. We are you. Call on us. Merge with the aspect of you that is us. Together we will guide you through the awakening to your perfected self with the full awareness that you are a divine human taking in and giving off the highest frequency of the particles of creation. You are becoming a crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman. We honor you.
With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B (http://www.goldendolphins.com/

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Message from the Golden Dolphins

Dear Ambassadors of the Golden Dolphin frequency,

Some time ago, a friend and pod member had a question for Nina regarding a dream-vision she had received. The vision was of playing a type of organ with colorfully lit crystal keys, which played the elements of light, sound, scent and color. To the right was a platform where recipients would sit to recieve the energy that was played. She was told at the time that there was another crystalline key element, not yet revealed, and she asked if Nina knew what it might be.

A recent transmission from Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn recently helped to solve the puzzle. It seems the pod member's vision is related to what is wanting to manifest through the Fall S.T.A.R. Clinic! Essentially, AA Metatron stated that until now, humanity has only been able to receive transduced (stepped down in frequency) adamantine particles (particles of creation also called "akash"). As of 2012, these particles are being transmitted in their pure crystalline state.

Excited by an "aha moment" of clarity from AA Metatron's transmission, Nina shares, "This is the missing element from the vision, what will be transferred by the Sirian Triad, a transmission of crystalline ascension codes, adamantine particles of clear frequency! We will be putting together light, sound, scent, color AND crystalline clear akash at the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. clinic!"

Unless you are familiar with the Earth-Keeper community and work of the Sirian Triad, you may be asking what is, or more approriately, who are the Sirian Triad? During this time of the inter-dimensional shift, three beings of expanded light and energy have reunited on planet earth to assist with the inner alchemy of incarnated starseeds for the remembering of who they truly are, divine humans. As the Sirian Triad, Nina Brown, CJ Walker and Raquel Spencer have facilitated code transmission in the physical and in the etheric working to receive, transmit and integrate the mathematical and geometric instructions of ascension codes.

Raquel Spencer shares, "The frequency coming through us will be at the highest level. The Sirian triad, representing the frequencies of Love, Light and Purity, blend together to be a unified vehicle/portal for transmitting clear pristine transformational energy/codes onto the planet."

Here you can see Nina delivering a code transmission at the first S.T.A.R. Clinic held last spring.

At the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. Clinic this Fall, which is right around the corner, they are expected to share their most powerful transmission to date!

To quote the inspirational and visionary Norma Tarnago, "Join your breath with ours as we Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive (S.T.A.R.) our heritage of Light!"

With great appreciation,
The Golden Dolphin Team

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Beloved masters, there has been much discussion about the right and left brain integration of humankind as part of the evolutionary ascension process. It is important that you understand that as long as you are in the vibrational fields of duality or separation, you will not totally unify the right and left brain areas of expression. However, when you tap into your Sacred Mind, which is located at the upper, back portion of the head, you will tap into a fifth-dimensional environment where there is unity consciousness. In that etheric area of the brain, all is unified; there is no separation. The Goddess-inspired right brain is forever seeking loving, emotional interaction and creative expression via the Soul's consciousness. The left brain, masculine mind is more interested in concrete facts established via the material plane of consciousness, which creates a push/pull duality consciousness. Your Soul and Higher Self function within a reality of no time or space limitations, while the ego consciousness is limited by time and structural boundaries. The Divine blueprint/plan of the past and present is quickly coming to a conclusion. The experimental experience of duality and separation is either being modified, harmonized, integrated or eliminated.

You cannot judge that which occurs in the negative arena of duality without stepping out of the narrow path of balance, thus placing yourself in the scene of action you are judging as immoral or bad. Remember, the ego-mind is entrapped in the denser levels of polarity, and judgment is a result of a polarized mind. There are vibrating energy fields of consciousness within every dimensional level which will always accommodate and validate a person's state of awareness. Low level vibrations weaken the physical body, for there is less Light / Life Force energy available.

You must continuously endeavor to control your ego-desire body personality. Your third- / fourth-dimensional existence is an altered-state of consciousness-a diminished state-which represents only a very small portion of your powerful and magnificent Divine Self. In the beginning stages of Self-awareness, the control of the ego-personality is very strong. Your desire and willingness to follow the nudgings of the Soul Self must be even stronger. As the path of righteousness grows more narrow, you must strive for the highest choices in all decisions.

Those of you who are firmly on the Path of Light are clearing not only all of the distorted negative energy stored within your physical vessel but also any lower astral plane energy you still have within your auric field. The three lower astral planes hold the collective consciousness belief system. You are disconnecting from and moving beyond that area of influence as you strive to achieve more balanced, harmonious energy patterns. While you are doing so, it is important that you become an observer of the process. You must watch and wait patiently until your opportunity to serve is made very clear to you. You must also adjust your priorities to match your dreams, and you must have faith in yourself and in the Divine Plan that awaits fulfillment. It is an important milestone when the fear of change develops into excitement and anticipation of what the future holds. Are you daring enough to choose the life you yearn for?

As you move higher on the path of illumination, you will no longer be interested in the small dramas of those around you, for you no longer embody the lower frequencies of attachment. Your lofty vantage point of a Self-Master allows you to view the on-going third- / fourth-dimensional drama as an observer-not as a participant.

The beginning process of ascension or raising your vibrational patterns is a critical factor in accessing the higher-dimensional fields of consciousness. First, you reconnect with your physically embodied Soul Self, then with your OverSoul Higher Self and your Etheric Replica, which resides within your personal pyramid of Light. Once you have accomplished these three stages of en-Lighten-ment, you are ready to step onto the fast-track of ascension.

Staying centered within the Sacred Heart / Mind allows spiritual/intellectual growth to accelerate. Every Soul will ultimately tap into their genius potential, which is stored within the Sacred Mind. This treasure trove of wisdom is located in the higher frequency levels of the brain. Genius quotient is the capacity to act and react in an individual, original way through the choices you make. It determines how you adapt to circumstances and how you express your individuality. You are to seek emotional stability and the planes of the higher mind in order to express intelligent love. A Seed Atom of pure Creator Essence resides within your Sacred Heart. Revelations of great import are revealed and your connection with the Source of All becomes more intimate when you begin to feel this Essence of pure love within your Sacred Heart center.

Remember, you magnetize energy to you, and you radiate energy from your Solar Power Center (front and back). As your Energetic Signature becomes more refined and is attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will still draw forth a portion of the half-spectrum, Primal Life Force substance as long as you remain in a third- / fourth-dimensional environment. However, it will mix and meld with the higher frequency Adamantine Particles of Light, and will be automatically transformed by your loving intention into higher frequency energy as you align your free will with the Will of our Father/Mother God.

The different-colored, luminescent Rays will assist in integrating and balancing the higher frequency patterns of galactic consciousness. The more you balance, harmonize and strengthen your chakra system, the more Divine Light you will be able to absorb. The spinal column will eventually become a Rod of Light/Power through which the streams of White Fire Essence of the Creator can flow unimpeded, whereby the process of ascension will be greatly accelerated.

The Supreme Creator is pure Love-the ultimate State of Being. Each Divine Spark of Light contains a Seed Atom of undiluted Creator consciousness, the Adamantine Particles of Light. These Sparks of Divinity contain the Love, Divine Will and Wisdom to create everything in existence-past, present or future. This Seed Atom was placed within the center of your Diamond Core God Cell for this Sub-Universal experience. The inner Seed Atom of vision and intuition must be gradually opened and brought into sharp focus. Atoms and molecules are miniature solar systems with a central nucleus and orbiting electrons, but are mostly composed of space. The nucleus and electrons are not solid matter, but forms of energy, energy which takes on form. All shapes and geometric patterns have an energetic signature.

The Supreme Creator has supplied the raw material and the formulas for every imaginable creation. Along with the Elohim creator gods, the angelic realm and the great builders of form, you, as Self-conscious cocreators, were given the command to go forth and create worlds without end. There is a major theme for each Sub-Universal experience; however, the execution of the Divine Plan is left up to the God Parents of each Sub-Universe.

The first impulse as a Divine Spark of individualized consciousness was the WILL/desire to create. Each Divine Spark was /is given a conscious awareness of Self, as well as the creative abilities to manifest within the material planes of consciousness, and the right to choose what to create. However, along with this wondrous gift came the requirement that each Soul must experience Its own creations, whether positive or negative. In the beginning, all new creative endeavors are open-ended. However, after the Divine plan has been played out in all its magnificent variations, the ascension process for en-Lighten-ed Souls is initiated. You are in the midst of one of those extraordinary times.

TIME is defined by units of major and minor pulsations which are sent forth as waves of energetic thought patterns: crystallized seed thoughts that originated within the mind of our Father/Mother God. These waves and pulsations are experienced as periods and cycles of time. They are sent forth as great bursts of Light which radiate forcefully out into the great cosmic womb of space, where they are cradled and nurtured by the loving Essence of our Mother God.


If you have followed our instructions, you have created your Pyramid of Light/Power in the fifth dimension, and you are a regular visitor to the Pyramid of Light which contains a holographic replica of the Earth. Many of you have also joined in creating group pyramids for specific purposes, and you have also created various Pyramids for special projects in order to draw forth the Essence of Creation needed to bring your visions to fruition. Know this: in each one of these pyramids you have left an Etheric Replica of yourself which is constantly integrating the specific geometric patterns of Light needed to create your new reality on Earth, and also to lay the groundwork for your new existence in higher, more refined realms. You are active not only in the physical world; you also have many facets of your God-self in the higher realms with whom you are interacting. Have we not told you that you are becoming multidimensional Beings?

We gave you specific instructions and step-by-step techniques for accessing the frequencies from the City of Light in your area via your personal Pyramid of Light. By practicing the Infinity Breath, you fill your Etheric Replicas and physical vessel with Adamantine Particles / God Particles of Light. We will now refine and add more components to the process.


Envision this: during meditation or your quiet time, preferably twice a day, morning and evening, take twelve full Infinity Breaths, and after the twelfth one, pull in your abdomen and hold your breath for a moment or two. Now, as you take the next (or thirteenth) breath (or you may start over at the count of one), see it flowing forth from your Solar Power Center (Sacred Heart Core) into the front of your body. The Infinity pattern is now in a horizontal configuration instead of vertical. On the in-breath, the first flat loop extends outward in front of your body and on the out-breath, the second loop extends from the back of your body, completing the Infinity sign. Breathe in and out SIX INFINITY SIGNS, and as you do, they will automatically create a pattern of twelve loops that completely surround you like the petals of a flower. As you breathe out the last loop, again hold your breath for a moment before returning to normal breathing. Then breathe in and out consciously as you envision the Essence of Creation flowing forth from you out into the world. Also, envision spirals of Light connecting you to the World Pyramid and the multiple Pyramids that you have created in the higher dimensions, thereby sharing your Particles of Love/Light with the world as well as fueling your visions with the Divine Life Force substance of all Creation.

Take a few moments to complete this sacred process by focusing on your Sacred Heart Center so that you may feel the fullness there and the overwhelming love that pours throughout your body. You are now connected to the River of Life, which contains an inexhaustible supply of Adamantine Particles. It is tangible, beloveds. It is real, and it is the most wondrous, blissful feeling you will ever experience while in the earthly vessel, for you are experiencing the pure loving Essence of the Creator.

My brave ones, do not fear the future, for when your heart and intentions are pure, you are sheltered within the radiance and protection of Creator Light. We will not tell you that there will not be stressful times ahead, for you must traverse the path of polarity and duality in order to reach the plateau of peace and harmony. There will always be challenges, lessons and opportunities to expand your consciousness as you integrate more of your Divinity.

Know that the situations or problems that come your way for resolution cannot be solved at the level in which they were created. You must rise above the conflicts of the ego-self and view each situation through a filter of love and from the vantage point of a Self-master. Envision within your mind's eye a wholeness that has never been distorted, a world that has no imperfections and a radiant, perfected YOU residing in this paradise. It is not a time for the faint of heart, for indecision or denial; for your world is radically changing whether you believe it or not. Isn't it time to accept the gifts we are offering so that you may move gracefully and joyously into the future? It is our greatest joy and honor to assist and serve you; and never forget, you are loved unconditionally. I AM Archangel Michael.Transmitted through Ronna Herman * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : E-mail:RonnaStar@earthlink.net

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2 Eylül 2012 Pazar

Who Wrote the Amazing Mayan Calendar - AAMetatron Channel

Who Wrote the Amazing Mayan Calendar - AAMetatron Channel

www.Earth-Keeper.com Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 4:49 PM
Reply-To: tyberonn@hotmail.com
To: ozer.sevgi@gmail.com

In This September 2012 Earth-Keeper Newletter

Archangel Metatron Channel - Updated- The Mayan Calendar & 2012

12-12-12 Information - John Major Jenkins

Sacred Chile Pilgrimage - Easter Island & Patagona - March 2013 - Register -Below

Archangel Metatron Channel

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The Mayan Calendar & 2012

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The Mayan Calendar

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Lower Rate Extended thru 1 Sept - But Do Register Soon to Obtain Lower Rate

Registration Links for the 12-12-12:
$495 - Full 4-Day Attendance

$495 Entry is by check from USA Bank for the full 4-Day Event December 9 -12, 2012 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Entry enables attendance for all 3 days in the conference centre and day 4 at Pinnacle Mt State Park. Events begin on 9 Dec at 08:30. Each day afterward is from 9 am - 9 pm. Dec 12 includes the 12-12-12- ceremony at Pinnacle Mountain. Onsite rooms are sold out, but we have reserved rooms at 2 beautiful 5-star hotels , within a 5 minute walk, literally next door, to our venue. You must be registered to obtain one of the blocked rooms. Credit Cards & PayPal add 5% processing fee. Tickets are nonrefundable.

Questions or to register by credit card call Anne at 936 522-8804

Please Note - We will be out of the country from Sept 3 -Sept 15 for our 'Sacred Ireland' Pilgrimage. We will have email access while away, but responses may be slightly delayed.

The Most AMAZING and prolific researcher and author on the Mayan Calendar

John Major Jenkins - Featured at the 12-12-12

We are pleased and honored to announce that Internationally acclaimed "Mayan Cosmology & 2012 Calendar' author & researcher, John Major Jenkins, will be a featured speaker at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 Gathering.

His work has been acknowledged, honored & featured by such notables as Oprah Winfrey and Shirley MacLaine.

Shirley MacLaine writes, " John's careful scholarship and cutting-edge insights into why the Maya chose 2012 to end a great World Age cycle have been endorsed by the most progressive thinkers of our day."

John Major Jenkins is a pioneering voice in reconstructing ancient Maya astronomy and spiritual teachings for cycle endings. He has taught at many accredited venues and gatherings nationally and abroad, and is a co-founder of the non-profit foundation, " The Maya Conservancy". He has been featured numerous times on 'Coast to Coast AM ', interview program with the renowned and respected Art Bell and George Noory. His breakthrough books include Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1998), Galactic Alignment (2002), and The 2012 Story (2009). His latest work on 2012 was presented at The Society for American Archaeology and will be published with the University Press of Florida. His work has been featured in numerous documentaries and book anthologies. Website - www.Alignment2012.com

At the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12, John Major Jenkins will present the latest findings about 2012 .In addition John will discuss the magic of Maya numbers and how they relate to astronomy and the Maya calendar.

New York Times Magazine Writes :

" John Majoe Jenkins is the most lucid figure in the culture of 2012 prophets" .

Jenkins does not support the idea of an apocalypse in 2012. "Personally, I think it's about transformation and renewal. It's certainly nothing as simplistic as the end of the world."

...And he should know, few are as academically qualified or as well researched on the topic as Jenkins, author of nine well received books on the 2012 and Maya subject matter.

John Major Jenkins phrases it this way: "A lot of people ask me if the world is going to end in 2012, and I've come up with the best way to address that. The short answer is yes. The long answer is no."

John Major Jenkins - Featured Speaker at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12

About John Major Jenkins

John Major Jenkins is an Internationally acclaimed independent writer and celebrated researcher who has devoted himself to studies and reconstruction of Ancient Mayan Cosmology and philosophy. Considered one of the worlds most knowledgable sources on interpreation of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, John has traveled to Mexico and Central America many many times in his research.

John Major Jenkins was interviewed and appears in the film Manifesting the Mind a film by Andrew Rutajit, executive producer of Bouncing Bear Films. Jenkins is featured in the documentary/film 2012: Startling New Secrets, hosted by Lester Holt. The film explores the interpretations of the ancient Mayans predictions and Jenkins is speaking about the ancient Mayan site at Izapa, Mexico.

John Major Jenkins is also featured speaking in the film 2012: Science or Superstition, a documentary describing how much of what we're hearing is science and how much is superstition

Since beginning his odyssey of brilliant research and cutting edge discovery with the Maya, John has authored dozens of articles and best selling acclaimed books, including:

Journey to the Mayan Underworld (Four Ahau Press, Boulder, CO: 1989)

Mirror in the Sky (Four Ahau Press, 1991)

Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Garberville, CA: 1992/1994)

Mayan Sacred Science (Four Ahau Press, Boulder, CO: 1994)

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (Bear & Company, Santa Fe, NM: 1998)

Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions (Inner Traditions International (Rochester, VT) 2002)

Pyramid of Fire, co-authored with Marty Matz, Bear & Company, 2004

The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History (Tarcher/Penguin 2009)

He also facilitated the translation of The Key to the Kalevala by Pekka Ervast, editing and writing the introduction for it. This classic text on Finnish mythology was published with Blue Dolphin Publishers in 1999. In 1995 John was appointed literary executor for Eino Friberg, Finnish-American poet and translator of The Kalevala, the national epic of the Finnish people.

As a visiting scholar, Jenkins has taught classes at The Institute of Maya Studies in Miami, The Maya Calendar Congress in Mexico, The Esalen Institute, Naropa University and many other venues both nationally and abroad. He has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows, including the Art Bell show, the Laura Lee show, Dr. Patricia Hill's The Changing Paradigm, and has appeared in documentaries on Native American prophecy and the millennium such as The Fifth Gate (Milton Media, Denmark) and Earth Under Fire

Jenkins considers secular, scientific approaches to cosmology a byproduct of limited thinking. In Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, he writes, "I primarily wish to promote a visionary approach to these matters, as there is much more to the Sacred Calendar than can be seen with the rational intellect," and that these visionary perspectives "can more closely touch the spirit of the calendar" than does the anthropological literature.

He maintains that a higher state of consciousness and universal understanding exists, and that it is subconsciously present in modern humans through a primordial memory, but that these higher planes of thought were more easily accessible to humans of the remote past, such as the ancient Mayans.

Jenkins accounts for this access in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: "From studies in iconography and ethnobotany, we know the ancient Maya radically altered their perceptions in order to have visions of the underlying nature of reality. They achieved this heightened awareness through the use of hallucinogens."

Further, Jenkins points to players of the little understood ancient Mesoamerican ballgame as enacting a sacred drama in which they took on the role of "heroic semi-human deities" who, "through a kind of sympathetic magic" maintained the cosmic balance of the universe. Jenkins also maintained that, in order to accept and understand his cosmological theories, one must also accept the premise that the Mayan kings journeyed to "distant places," and continuously "renewed" their kingdoms at specific points in the Mayan calendar. Jenkins is also a supporter of "The Lost Star" theory which extrapolates the existence of a binary companion of the Earth's sun based on mathematical discrepancies in "earth wobble."

The History Channel, National Geographic Television, the BBC , Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel feature John's work on episodes of the "Places of Mystery" and Ancient Aliens series, which continue to be broadcast regularly . John has also l appeared in a documentary on the Maya that is be broadcast on the History Channel . John's careful scholarship and cutting-edge insights into why the Maya chose 2012 to end a great World Age cycle have been endorsed by the most progressive thinkers of our day.

Please note that the views and interpretations expressed in the below channel in reference to the Mayan Calendar and 2012 differ in many places from the opinions of academics, and are not representative of of any researchers interrelations, nor are they intended to be.

Channel Message

Republished by Request

2012: The Mayan Calendar

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I embrace each of you in Light,

in love. I know each one of you, far more than you may realise. And we savour these moments we share.

Dear Humans, the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of

any interpretation or perception of it. In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others. And so with these words, we begin this

most interesting discussion.

Question to Archangel Metatron:

According to one modern Mayan Calendar interpreter, we are experiencing

an acceleration of consciousness like no other. In fact, the researcher says that the rate of consciousness will speed up by a factor of 20 . If this is so, what does it mean exactly?

Archangel Metatron:

The potential for increased consciousness is indeed taking place as a pre-set quickening of the Ascension. However, the 'rate' of shift varies with each individual, and as such a fixed factor of the acceleration cannot truly be

given per se.

Before we comment further on the acceleration of consciousness, we wish you to know that the remarkable calendar that you currently refer to as 'Mayan', was not developed nor originally written by the Mayans in the manner that you suppose. It predated the Mayans by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance, and stored by means of crystalline technology, termed 'the Crystal Skulls'.

Even your more creative anthropologist considers that the earliest Mayan society only began around 2,000 BC. We assure you the calendar was in place and effect, in a much more expansive format, long before the Mayan society came into existence. What you now refer to as the Mayan calendar is but a small remnant of what pre-existed the Mayans.

The area inhabited by the predecessors of the Mayans in the Yucatan area of Mexico and Guatemala was connected by a land bridge to the Atlantean island of Poseida before the quakes and the final deluge of Atlantis submerged it. Highly technically advanced cultures from Atlantis inhabited Central America and Egypt long before the final demise of Atlantis. The Central American, South America (OG) and Egyptian colonies and cultures emerged from and were one with the highly spiritual Atlanteans of the 'Law of One' for many millennia before the destruction of Atlantis.

These societies contained within them an élite and highly advanced group of what might be termed 'scientist/ priests'. These sages of the Atla-Ra were highly adept at the science of mind over matter. These Masters operated through mental physics and operated in full consciousness in countless subtle degrees of multidimensionality.

So while the untrained masses of humanity in the era of Atlantis lacked such skills, and indeed utilised land bridges and other less advanced forms of transport to and from the colonies of Atlantis, Og, Yucatan and Egypt, the inner circle of scientist/priests had the means to etherically bi-locate and physically manifest - not just on Earth, but also universally and galactically. They interacted with the extraterrestrials of the Pleiadean/Sirian Alliance, and were the original source of the cyclic calendar you presently term 'Mayan'.

Small enclaves of these scientist/priests flourished for millennia after the deluge, and retained the knowledge of the calendar as well as the supervision of the construction of the various pyramids, with assistance from the afore-mentioned extraterrestrials.

Yet these scientist/priests did not represent the society of the Mayans as a whole. That is why the Mayans are an enigma to you today. Some of the accomplishments attributed to them reveal great technical advancement, and yet the society as a whole was vastly campestral and given to unseemly ceremonies involving human sacrifice and other aberrations under ruthless misaligned dictatorships.

So it follows that the scientist/priests of OG, Yucatan, Egypt and other 'forgotten' cultures before and after them, understood both the science of mental physics and had knowledge of astronomy and dimensional cycles. Only those of adept and austere initiate traditions and societies knew this, although very little evidence of any significance remains today, and what does remain is not recognised nor is as yet truly understood. The 'Mayan' priests did indeed re-write & interpret the pre existing calendars (to a certain degree) in order to make them more applicable, more understandable for the society of their era. Thus the symbolgy in the surviving calendars, you see?

But again, the highly advanced inner circle of 'Maya' savants were not representative of the society as a whole. These were indeed masters, who played the p[rimary role in the establishment of the Meso-American Pyramids and Observatories. These were beings who mastered 'mental physics'.

Understanding the science of mental physics and having the ability to utilise such knowledge is what defines the gap between what today's academics know and what the advanced societies of the past knew. The influence of precise thought upon matter is not yet understood by humanity, and is a forgotten science.

The scientist priests knew well the art of dematerialisation and re-manifestation. It was by means of travel through bi-location, and of the translation of physical matter from location to location that the greatest of the pyramids were constructed.

This technology remains a mystery to you today. The Atla-Ra and their descendants had the ability mentally to shift matter from the 3rd dimension into fields of what might be termed anti-gravity; to dematerialise and re-form and re-manifest as substance without density. In certain circumstances they were even able to alter their own reality and dimension.

The significance of this is that neither the masses of the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan, nor the Meso-American peoples retained the mastery that certain aspects of their culture exhibited. Our point is that the Atla-Ra developed the calendar, and segments of the Mayans retained that knowledge and recreated records and texts to preserve it. But just as in Atlantis, the scientist/priests, while highly respected, were not the governing body nor the decision-makers as to how the society as a whole developed.


Is this the reason why the changes seem to be happening not only faster and faster but with more intensity?

Archangel Metatron:

It is the increase in resonance that is escalating the potential of each individual to shift upward into great and greater conscious awareness. The Ascension is underpinned and indeed defined by the dimensional expansion of the Earth, including the crystalline realms.

The Ascension is characterised by the 'new' input of life-force consciousness units, termed by your ancients as 'Akash' or 'Adamantine Essence' that are in themselves the potent light particulate of reality manifestation. (In our terms - Consciousness Units.) The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension and extends to the 15th in terms of the Omni-Earth.

What has been available to mankind prior to the dimensional expansion of the Ascension, has been a transduced or 'stepped-down' version of Consciousness Units in what would be termed electromagnetic energy units that are able to function in the physical polarity field and linear space/time aspects of the third dimension.

Crystalline consciousness units operate in a much more rapid frequency, and are spurred into creative manifestation of reality through the higher aspect of mind, in the realm you refer to as the subconscious. Accordingly the intensity of energies, of consciousness shift and quickening of time pulse are all attributes of the resonance.

The event you refer to as 'the Ascension' is in truth the expanded ability of 3D humanity to rise into a 'higher' dimension, the crystalline dimension, that has for many millennia been unavailable to you. Yet having the expansion of energies that make Ascension available, does not mean that each individual will immediately utilise the opportunity again being offered. Indeed the choice to do so remains with each person. Ascension is thus a personal option, depending on the readiness, the pure intent and indeed the Light quotient of the individual. Ascension occurs one heart, one mind at a time. It was ever thus.

Earth is a free will, free choice environment by design. 'Ascension' is not a magical star-dust that immediately transmutes all that it touches - rather it is a newly-opened frequencial doorway that the individual may choose to pass through when ready.

It is important to bear in mind that the Mayan Calendar, while accurate in

its determination of cycles, can be analysed differently according to the perspective, stance and Light quotient of each interpreter. Accordingly, it is more accurate to say that the degree of 'shift' or greater consciousness is determined by the awareness of the individual, and not by any pre-set numerical factor.

We must add that certain 'Mayan' texts that were destroyed by the Spanish priests provided information that would have given far more expansive views of the calendar. Also, many centuries before the Maya, other texts that were vital components of the calendar were lost - a loss that has severely impaired a broader understanding of the information originally presented.

Permit us to stress once again that the rate of an individual's Ascension is determined by and actuated by his intent, and his ability to rise into and absorb the enhanced energy available.


Could you talk about this aspect of acceleration and what it offers humanity ?

Archangel Metatron:

Dimensional reality on Earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence

you perceive as linear. It is, to use your computer terminology, a program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the 144-Crystalline grid. Through the 144-Grid the sub-programs of 'time' are inserted as holographic realities. There are epochs and eras, entire civilisations that are inserted into the Grid Server as programs. That is why certain civilisations such as the Mayan can seem to have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere into the vast 'sea of Creation' within the flow of the collective unconsciousness, the consciousness grid that enables created realities.

Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion. In truth, all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore on the level of the oversoul, you are experiencing many civilisations, and all lifetimes at the same time in the Unified Field of the Crystalline Multiverse.

One aspect of the Ascension is the centering of all time, and in the greater overview, the time acceleration now being experienced on Earth is occurring because an aperture in the hologram programs of simultaneous time is allowing all holograms to complete themselves in this cycle. As such, that which you term 'Light' is itself accelerating, and this is affecting every aspect of your present experience.


How does it affect time, and will time itself disappear?

Archangel Metatron:

We have said that time as you know it, is accelerating. Time and space are different aspects of the same energy. Both are aspects of Light, and the speed of Light around Earth is accelerating. Indeed, your planet is reformulating. But remember, it is not merely the pulse-flash of time sequencing that is increasing, indeed, it is humanity that is increasing in vibration.

As we have said, the world remakes itself now as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday. Accordingly 2012 will continue to expedite Light acceleration and your expanding consciousness. But be clear Time will not disappear, nor will the 3rd dimension. Time is quickening within the expanded dimensionality of that termed the Crytsalline Shift.

With this acceleration , your life itself will shift into a higher tempo. You see, the speed of Light has increased. It is already evident to many of you that all is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. Your moments, hours and days flash by much quicker. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of Nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

You must understand that each dimension above the 3rd, beginning at the 5th, has its own unique laws of physics and its own time pulse. Light becomes crystalline coherent light at the level of the fifth dimension, (thru the 12th) and increases in velocity and frequency in each successive higher dimension. And time itself eventually disappears, above the 12d, but not in 3d you see.

At the time of the Ascension, when Earth and her inhabitants enter the new Crystalline era, the major power crystals will not be taken from you and misused, as occurred long ago, precipitating the demise of Atlantis. Never again will they be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this. It is a sacred oath that will indeed be kept. And the Gathering in Arkansas on the Ascension of December 12, will be a factor in this commitment and oath.


Are the Pyramids symbols of the Cosmos?

Archangel Metatron:

'Gateways' would be a more accurate term. In a manner of speaking the Pyramids were tools for opening portals into higher dimensions, both vertically and horizontally, inwardly and outwardly.

The Mayan Pyramids were constructs of the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance. They were, formulated, engineered and manifested by means of mental mastery of physical matter. They were specifically fashioned in order to create a network of multidimensional energies and frequencies that served many purposes.

One was the specific alignment of certain pyramids with specific latitudinal and longitudinal alignments, in order to create a 'field of resonance' for the planet.


Why did so few people understand this calendar? The Christians missionaries, for example, considered these stories to be metaphors for different categories of hell.

Archangel Metatron:

The interpretations of the Spanish Christian priests were limited by their preconceived notion of the Mayans as infidels and pagans, beyond the pale

of their own narrow Christian doctrines and fear-based indoctrination and programming.


I understand that only the first part of the calendar has been discovered;

the second is still hidden, or lost. If this is so, what is there still to discover?

Archangel Metatron:

Written portions of the original Atla-Ra calendar, which became known

as 'the Mayan calendar', were lost, not only because of the depredations of

time, but were further dissipated by various interpretations, since it was first brought into the lands of the Yucatan. The full information is still retained within the 13th Crystal Skull, known as 'Max'.

There are Halls of Records yet to be found that contain vast stores of information, including world histories. Although Edgar spoke of these as being in three separate locations, and predicted that they would be revealed prior to the new millennium, they have still not yet been discovered.

The comprehensive records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within 'Max'. Yet the retrieval technology of this data is not yet available to you. In the future you will develop crystalline receivers that are capable of playing back in 3-dimensional holograms the data therein, but this advance lies some way ahead.

Just as you now store information in computers through digital files, and

no longer transcribe lengthy text on paper, the Atlantean historians stored such information using crystal technology. Max is of Pleiadean and Arcturan construct and origin. He is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a huge library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining ancient crystal skulls.

Within Max are the complete records of not only the original Mayan calendar, but the complete history of the Earth and of humanity - and beyond. The original crystal skulls came from another world, another reality. They are the prototype of perfect human consciousness, the perfection of the human being, encompassing all his aspects and potentialities. That was their prime purpose, and why they were brought here.

Originally the crystalline skulls were brought to Earth from Arcturus and the Pleiades, and to the land that became LeMuria, but the original model arrived before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by an androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness.

Yet even then it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve, and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull, would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully-conscious mind and being of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them all that you were before the human experiment, and all that you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.

They were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality at various times. As such, no true age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earth's habitation by mankind.

Max is not of the Earth. His origin is the Pleiades, but his construction was more of the Arcturian Crystal Masters.


Obviously the Mayans knew that their own society would decline and disappear. How did they protect their knowledge, and where did they go when their civilisation started to dissolve?

Archangel Metatron:

As already stated, the full records are available in the 13th, via Max. Max is

an extraterrestrial Crystal Skull, a vast conscious crystal computer, and was/is

the 'living data archive' used for storage of the complete information of

the calendar. There are other such libraries, but Max is the only one on the Earth plane at present in the 'cranium format'. The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it - the infinity circle.

The Atlanteans worked with the original crystals skulls, the most important

of which, the 13th, contains the full energy of the other 12, and was safe- guarded by the High Priest of the Mayans.

The 13th skull not only gave access to the higher dimensions, it was an

incomparable source of information and data relevant to the Mayans, as it contained information regarding the complete calendar, the complete map of the Cosmos as related to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and beyond. It also contained the Laws of Physics for each dimension, and the cyclic codes.

This conscious recorder, the crystalline cranium, is an immense databank

and an invaluable tool. Certain High Priests of the Mayans, with Sirian assistance, maintained the knowledge of how to 'read' it. It existed for them in a dimension that may be termed semi-physical, and was manifested through theta level thought. Within this crystalline, conscious computer, Max, are the codes for the reprogramming of the Earth. That is why it is in a manifested form in the present time.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex manner. It is imbued with the divine aspect of the soul when it enters the Earth-Plane from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind. The perfected man, not the version of what Man would later become in the downward spiral of human experience, but rather as the original model to which Man aspires, and gradually returns to his original, flawless archetype.

Max is one of two skulls that are truly extraterrestrial in origin. The other is 'Sha Na Ra'. Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, some twenty times the size of Jupiter, circulating Arcturus, the orange star of creativity.

Hence the interest that surrounds the skulls is rapidly increasing with the coming of the Ascension, and mankind's desire to better understand himself, and to reject whatever no longer serves humankind. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are collapsing, and will reform themselves.

To put it another way, mankind is rebooting, just as is the Earth herself.

The knowledge of the universal Mind exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull; yet the universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is available for human access.

The Ascension

The Ascension is, in geo-mathematical terms, occurring in base 12. The Atlanteans utilized base 12, as well as other mathematical bases depending on the dimensional application.

It is perhaps more accurate to say that the Crystalline transition, which is the core essence of the Ascension, is occurring in 12 waves, from the 01-01-01 through the 12-12-12, base 12 you see.

The expansive earth of the Ascension has 12 dimensions. 144-Crystalline Grid is activating in 12 stages through the phenomena of the 12 triple date portals. Both then utilizing the base 12.

The base-12 , twelve- wave scenario is frequencially appropriate to the resonance of the Ascension. There are 12 major 'Sun-Disc' on the planet, Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and are receiving new crystalline codes. Each of the 12 primary apparatuses feed 12 satellites...the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry that is suited to the base 12 of the Earth and indeed also is the Crystalline 144-Grid formulated in base-12 mathematics.

The Mayan's had vigesimal numerical system, which used base 20. Unity consciousness is indeed a noble aspiration, and is very appropriate, but it is not truly specific to or limited to the dates chosen in the ninth wave initiative.

The conscious divine energy behind what you term the Mayan Calendar is independent of and vastly predates the Maya. It is in its core a potent living energy field that is by no means dependent on what is contained in the calendar or interpreted from the remnants of the calendar. It is far more than what you imagine it to be. It is dynamic and ever expanding. While it is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed, that very composition is merely one aspect of this dynamic gestalt.


Were the Atlantean Law of One Crystals stored in Arkansas and Brazil a major part of the technology of Atlantis?

Archangel Metatron:

A major part of everything, especially the high level of spirituality with the Law of One. But it is important to note that spirituality took precedence in their application during the Golden Era. The technological applications were then applied through a spiritual entreaty of non-linear mental physics with the use of crystals in what may be termed the 'sacred sciences'. The crystals were viewed as living entities and were not used in any untoward manner, only for betterment within highest good.

You see, before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryans in its final destructive stage, a beautiful, peaceful and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the 'Law of One' presided in extraordinary harmony for over 20,000 years in what is termed the 'Golden Age of Atlantis'. The era of the Law of One in the incredibly harmonic Golden-Age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of Love ever actualized on planet Earth. The crystals were a key part of the energy that allowed for their harmonic society and enlightenment. They are now re-emerging.

At the time of the Ascension, when Earth and her inhabitants enter the new Crystalline era, the major power crystals will not be taken from you and misused, as occurred long ago through the Aryan deception, precipitating the demise of the Law of One Golden era of Atlantis. Never again will the Crystals be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this. It is a sacred oath of the 'Law of One' that will indeed be kept. The Law of One then is re-emerging in spiritual grace within the crystals of Arkansas and Brazil.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...And so it is...And it is so...

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Did the Atlanteans know this? What does this mean?


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AAMetatron on MAX

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"Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'.

The Sacred Oath of the Atla-Ra- The Atlantean Law of One

Before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryans in its final destructive stage, a beautiful, peaceful and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the 'Law of One' presided in extraordinary harmony for over 20,000 years in what Edgar Cayce termed the 'Golden Age of Atlantis'. The era of the Law of One in the incredibly harmonic Golden-Age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of Love ever actualized on planet Earth. They are now re-emerging. The 12-12-12 is the prophesied reunion of the Law of One.

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