25 Eylül 2012 Salı

VERONICA Recalling Your Spiritual Awareness

A New Message From VERONICA

Recalling Your Spiritual Awareness

"You have to be willing to change your current moment to evolve. Otherwise, you continue to create the same dramas over and over again. It has been said in your culture that insanity is the creation of the same event, expecting a different outcome. The reason for this is that what needs to change is you, the creator of the moment.

By taking responsibility for your reality, there is opportunity for it to be what you desire. By sitting back and being victim to the drama, indeed it will repeat itself. Different participants perhaps, but the same energetic enactment.

The energy of your reality seeks a leader to redesign linear participation. Again, that is you. All reality is created by thought. A conscious thought creates awareness. Awareness allows your thoughts to take a front position instead of a rear position. Unconscious creation may not produce what you would prefer to expect.

We realize that it may appear to be overwhelming, especially if the drama is expanding out of control.

Seize the energy within yourself and slow it down. In a time-line, this may take a bit of "time". Remember that you are a powerful force, having a physical experience. You did not come here to be the victim of anything.

It is of course a choice. Victim? Creator? Bringing full awareness begets a creator. It is what your intended.

Recall your spiritual awareness and use it.

It is time."


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