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Mother Earth and her ascension path.

Mother Earth and her ascension path.

The earth is changing as we all know and she is on the path of Cosmic Ascension just like some of us are right now.

This means she is going through many of the activations and clearings that we go through toward Cosmic Ascension.

She is clearing and activating many parts of herself as she is also bringing in her spiritual parts.

I have asked Mother Earth what her needs are at this time so here is her message.

I am the Earth and we are one as always.

As I am going through the many changes, there are activations needed within me that require your assistance.

I have been here to support you and work with you and my support will be there as always.

The support was always done through many of the crystalline grids that are running through me at this time. As I move further there is a change that needs to be made in the way I support you.

These crystalline grids are not of my energies and as I move toward further clearing these grids will be transmuted and disappear. A new grid will be placed after I complete my process of ascension. But at this time I cannot hold these energies within me.

My support will be through your connection within the earth crystal, or core crystal as this place has already been transformed and has merged with all my other parts of being.

Many will see this as strange, but I do remind you of your own process as you clear anything that is not of your own energies to move further on your path.

Once the time is there, the portals that are needed for my ascension will be fully open and you are invited to join me in this journey at that time.

These Portals have been placed upon me, not within me as they are energetic portals that have been built for this specific purpose.

The many crystals placed within me, will be moved outside of me into our universe where you will be able to access them as you raise your own frequencies.

The Cosmic Ascension is a personal path and each and every one will have to follow this path on their own.

You can use my support for as long as you think you need it, but there will be a time where you will be standing on your own two feet, will be able to stand on your own two feet as you will be able to be within the oneness without the support of others including myself.

After my ascension there will be the support within me for those who have not completed the Cosmic ascension.

At this time the support has been made for you outside of me as well. There are grids made of crystalline energies, and are available to connect with as you are moving forward on your own path.

These grids are of the highest frequencies and will be adjusted as needed for you.

I leave you with the knowing that we are all one and I love you all.

Mother Earth.

Petra Margolis

September 24, 2010


As I was receiving this message I felt Mother Earth and it was like she feels she knows many will feel this as though she is abandoning us. She has a sad feeling, but also a feeling of she has to make her own choices at this time. And as she is making these choices she is taking into consideration what it means to the people that live upon her and their path. I think she has the right to make her choices as she has supported us for trillions of years. It is now our time to support her and do it in a way that is loving and caring and without judgment as she is right that we have to learn to stand on our own feet.


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Entering the 12 Gates with full conscious experience

Entering the 12 Gates with full conscious experience

We have been doing Gate Openings for some time and have had different sessions with them.

As tomorrow the opening of the energies of the equinox occurs there is an opportunity to go through many different levels of each gate.

The first Gate calls were focused on opening the Gates for you.

With the New Gate calls we are going to explore the many levels of consciousness that are available in these Gates.

The Gates are connected to many other levels and frequencies, such as the crystal skulls, the 12 tribes and the 12 Elohim.

We will be connecting with many of them as we move into the fully open gates and start the process of integrating many of these connection that we all have fully within the physical and spiritual bodies.

For now we have 12 Gates scheduled and the 13th Gate will be done when the energies are there to support the opening.

The classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at 22:30PM EST

The cost is $ 25.00 per Gate.

The initiations into the 12 Gates.

People have been going through these Gates for many eons, but it would take several lifetimes to even enter one Gate and several lifetimes to work through the Gate itself.

Now time is speeding up and the final Gate, the 13th Gate is almost being re-opened.
Every Gate offers you a view and experience in a Higher Consciousness.
The 13th Gate is the experience of reunion with your Source, your God Self.
It will give you a view into what Source is and you can experience Source when stepping over the threshold.

The initiation process of the 12 Gates is part of the ascension you are working towards in this lifetime. Entering the 13th Gate is the completion of a process and will reconnect you completely with your God particles.

Each of the Gates has a certain vibration and energy and is connected to one of the Crystal Skulls. The Gates are also connected to the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Egypt, this is where the 13th Gate will be re-opened in the physical.
Isis is the main Guardian and as of this moment she will be overseeing the process of every one entering the Gates.

Many of you have raised your physical and spiritual vibration enough to make the process of entering and going through the Gates an easier process.
The frequency of your planet Earth has been raised enough as well to make it possible to keep all gates open once you have entered them.

This is something new.

Before this people would go through one Gate and the previous Gate would be closed.
Now that your planet is in a higher vibration or frequency it is possible to keep all of the Gates open at all times. The advantage of this is that the process of the initiations can be faster and will be easier than in previous times.
Remember that in previous times it took usually more than one lifetime , and in every lifetime the previous experiences and teachings were lost to the human mind.
The process of going through each gate is done in many different phases, as the first Gate openings were a step into the Gate, we now are stepping fully into each Gate.

The First Gate exploration takes place on Wednesday September 22
at 22:30PM EST

Cost $ 25.00

You can register here

For anyone who would like to attend but has not done the previous Gates, this is not a problem as you feel you are ready for this then come and join us. The Gates will be opened for you, as you are ready to take this step.

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The Omnipotent OMM Wave- Earth-Keeper Equinox - Free Global Webcast

Sainte Germaine & the Cosmic Council of Light are gathering at Mt Shasta Sept 20-25. The Holy Mountain is Pulsing!


- Free Earth-Keeper Equinox Global Webcast -

The Cosmic Council of Light Are Gathering

Sainte Germain and the Ascended Masters of the Cosmic Council of Light are again Gathering in masse between the period of September 20 and 25th, anchored in Mount Shasta. The energies of the Council will be to assist Humanity in the 2nd Omm Wave on the exceptionally potent September Equinox of 2010, occuring in less than one week. The Equinox occurs at 3:09 am (Sept 23rd) Universal Time (London) , and in North America on the night of Wednesday ,September 22nd at 11:09 EDT, 10:09 CDT, 9:09 MDT and 8:09 PDT.
(All times listed for the 22nd of September are PM - Night Time)

The coming Equinox is indeed 'The Gateway of the 10-10-10'. It opens the energy beyond the scope of an ordinary Equinox. This date has three major power influences, the Equinox, the Full Harvest Moon and an extraordinary Jupiter opposition.

We coordially invite you to join the Family of Earth-Keepers in a free Global Webcast meditation on the Equinox.

We will conduct a Global OMM Wave meditation, inviting in the Cosmic Council of Light with Sainte Germain and the Ascended Masters. There will also be an opening to the energy of the Sacred Dolphins and Whales of Sirius B.

Earth-Keeper will present the 'Gateway to 10-10-10 on the equinox, James Tyberonn will host & provide a Live Channel from Archangel Metatron. Special Guests will include Master-Channel Ronna Hermann and Matisha. Ronna will channel Archangel Michael live, and Matisha, will share the messages of the Sacred Dolphins.

In the Global Meditation we will participate with the Cosmic Council of Light, Sainte Germaine and the Ascended Masters and the Sacred Dolphins and Whales of Sirius in co-sending an Omnipotent Wave of Crystalline Energy in toning the Sacred OMM .

This OMM energy will surround the planet and envelop all of Humanity & The Cosmos in the Resonance and Sacred Heart Energy of Unconditional Love.

We cordially invite each of you to share this message and join us on the Equinox !

The OMM energy of this wave will be for highest good of mankind, of the Earth, and the Sacred Cosmos as the Earth and Humanity take the benevolent graduation into the next step of the Ascension, the Crystalline Transformation and Crystalline Light Body.

On the Equinox Gateway the Cosmic Council will shift their energies from the anchor point in sacred Mt Shasta to the Crystalline Vortex of Arkansas, triangulated between Pinnacle Mountain, Mount Maga and Queen Wilhelmina, anchors of the Crystal Vortex. This will be transcended into the Crystals across the planet into and including Minas Gerais and Bahia, Brazil, Banff, Glastonbury, Titikaka, Capetown, Andean Patagonia, Giza, Roslyn, Montserrat, Mt Fujii, Mongolia, Lake Baikal, Ural Mountains, Switzerland, Kilamanjaro, Sedona, Machu Pichu, Mt Kalesh, Java, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Himalayas, Gobi Desert, and many many others as it circumnavigates the Planet and feeds back into the Crystalline Grid and to the Great Central Sun.

During this extraordinary opening the Ashtar Group will encircle the Earth and Jupiter.

Please join us as this OMNIPOTENT Wave offers energy of Highest Good to ALL.
Wednesday - September 22nd -


Scroll Down for Free Link

To Attend the Earth-Keeper Equinox Global Meditation:

Gateway to the 10-10-10 and Trinity Triad

Earth-Keeper Equinox TeleWebcast

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5:30pm Pacific (San Francisco, CA)

6:30pm Mountain

7:30pm Central

8:30pm Eastern

1:30am London (Sept 23rd following day)

2:30am Central European Time (Sept 23 following day)

12:30pm Auckland, New Zealand (Sept 23 following day)

10:30am Sydney, Australia (Sept 23 following day)

If you are not sure what time this event is in your area follow the link below.


Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)




Phone-Number to Dial: 408-490-3078

Backup Phone Number: 703-344-2171

Use Conference ID: 278730#

USA Local Access Numbers:http://nconnects.com/Local/

The Earth-Keeper Equinox OMMM WAVE Web-Telecast is facilated by Our Brother- Rank Monk - www.TimelyGuidance.com

Special Equinox Web-Telecast Guests:

Below - The Beloved Ronna Herman

Saturday - Sept 18th - Tomorrow - Join Ronna & Randy

Ask Archangel Michael Monthly TeleWebCast

Please join Ronna Herman,Channel of Archangel Michael and Randy Monk for the FREE monthly Ask Archangel Michael TeleWebCast this Saturday-18 August,2010.

Ask Archangel Michael TeleWebCast

Saturday, September 18, 2010

11:00am Pacific (San Francisco, CA)

12:00pm Mountain

1:00pm Central

2:00pm Eastern

7:00pm London
8:00pm Central European Time

18:00 GMT

If you are not sure what time this event is in your area follow this link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)




Phone-Number to Dial: 408-490-3078

Backup Phone Number: 703-344-2171

Use Conference ID: 278730#

USA Local Access Numbers: http://nconnects.com/Local/

Earth-Keeper Announcements:

Visit www.Earth-Keeper.com - The AAMetatron Channerls are now available under the Chronicles Tab in 12 Languages. If you would like to volunteer translations, plse email us. We are pleased to announce the "Metatronic Keys" are being published in Russian, Portugese and Dutch and will be available in paperback in 2011 in the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Holland. Any Earth-Keeper subscribers living in these areas that are interested in receiving publisher contacts for this book may email for contact information.

Tyberonn's 3rd Book, "The Alchemy of Ascension" will be available for the 10-10-10 Gathering in Arkansas, pre purchases will be available.

The 10-10-10 Re-Activation of the Sacred Crystals is Occuring
Via the Functions of the 144-Crystalline Grid
Through TheCrystal Vortex of the ARK

Scroll down for 10-10-10 Agenda

- Join the 10-10-10 By Live-Stream Video -

Fully Particpate In this Historic Activation from your Home, and Hear & See All of the Amazing Musicians & Speakers !

The 10-10-10 is an extraordinary gathering. It is not 'just another seminar'

The 10-10-10 in the Crystal Vortex offers a Mer-Ka-Vic download within the Energy of the Emerald Crystal for each attendee.

At some point, per Metatron, in this life, you will be able to enter the Crystal Vortex to converge & transform to the Crystalline Mer-Ka-Va, whether etherically or physically, each are invited into this magical and sacred energy matrix.

In this gathering you will further activate:

* 12 Strand DNA
* 6 Strand RNA
* The Sacred Trinity of matter/antimatter glands: pineal, pituitary and thymus
* Navigate the Time Holograms and center in NOW Time
* Increase Your Crystalline Light Quotient thru direct download in the Crystal Vortex

We will present a free Global Webinar on September 22nd , the Autumn Equinox to energetically masse & prepare for the 10-10-10.

You will feel the energy of the Living Master Crystals in the Crystal Vortex, Mt Maga ( Mt Magazine) is a Living Crystal a transformation living Emerald.

At Mt Maga, each of you will have a special Crystal Activation download uniquely form atted for your light quotient frequency.

It is not just the awesome speakers at this gathering, it is the very energy of the place, that will make this an incredible moment in your life. Sooner of later, all souls will converge & transform in the Crystal Vortex. Join us there en masse, in physical or by Live-Stream Video. Tyberonn was the first to speak of the potent Triple Dates and their relation to Crytsallization of the Grid, Planet and Humanity a decade ago, and now as we enter the final three phases, the Trinity Triad takes form oin the 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. .

The Triple Dates are about the Crystalline Transformation ...where better to experience this than the Crystal Vortex.

Earth-Keeper Events:

Free Global Gateway to 10-10-10 Telecast - Sept 22

Arkansas 10-10-10 - Live Stream Video-$199
( Join us from your home)
Click Below Link to Register


10-10-10 Attendees

The amazing event is gaining momentum and we will soon be gathering in the Crystal Vortex.

We want to kindly mention several points :

1) As you are aware, we have expanded our 10-10-10 program, and registration is now set for 8-30 am on Friday morning, October 8th. The expanded program is presented at no additional charge.

2) Our event will be on live stream inet-video.

3) Plse be kindly reminded that cancellations are accepted thru 10 September with a $125 cancellation fee. There are no cancellations accepted after 10 September. If u need to cancel, please consider transferring to live-video.

4) We have an array of excellent, hi-integrity therapist and healing practioners with varying modalites available at the event. Plse do review the list, as u may want to prebook sessions.

5) We will have Hopi Dancers from the Hopi Mesa Water Clan attending the 10-10-10 event to offer blessings, songs and dance. Bring your drums !

6) Plse review the requested regulations and protcol listed below.

7) We will have a free Global telecast on Sept 22 (Equinox) to Meditiate, discuss the relevance of the 10-10-10 and bring in the first wave of energies of the 10-10-10 - Tyb will also provide a channel from Archangel Metatron. Details for log in will be announcedin September.

Tentative Agenda - 10-10-10

The Agenda is tentative, but is very close to the actual final schedule. It may be subject to minor change. The event is open only to registered attendees. Badges must be worn at all events .

Friday October 8th

8:30-9:30 - Registration

9:30 - 10:15 - Intros & Welcome - TYB
10:15-10:30 -Blessing Songs- Hopi of the Water Clan

10:15 - 11:45 - Adrienne Goff- Healing Gems & Crystals

11:45- 1:30 - Lunch Break

1:30 - 2:45 - Tyb

2:45 - 4:00 - Keith Smith - Auric Polarity

4:00 - 5:00 - The Crystal Path of Hoshindo - Voyce Durling- Jones
5: 15 - 6 pm - Marilyn & Frans Baars- Messages from the Archangels

6:00- 7:30 - Dinner Break

7:30 - 8:15 - Matisha- The Dolphins

8:15-8:45 - Terri Peterson - Soul Breathing

Saturday - October 9th

8:30 - 9:30 - TYB-The Crystalline Light Body

09:30 - 10:45 - MIKA

10:45 - 12:15 - Maya Massar - The Wisdom of Crystal Skulls

12:15- 2:00 Lunch & Book Signings

2:00 - 3:45 -Dr Semir Osmanagich - The Bosnian Pyramid Discovery

3:45 - 4:00 Break - with Music

4:00 - 5:45 - Mark Amaru Pinkham - The Sacred Dragon -Gnostic Cosmology

5:45 - 7:30 Dinner Break

7:30 - 8 :30 - Music with Fred & Ron with Guest - Suann

Sunday - The 10-10-10

9:00 - 9:30 Music with Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose & Suan

9:30 - 45 - Crystal Bowls with Aurelia Taylor

9:45 - 10:15 - 10-10-10 OM Meditation for the 10-10-10

10:30 - 11:15 - The Hopi Eagle Dance with Blessing Songs
11:15-11:40 - Anaya-Ra - Hathor Meditation

11:40 - 12:30 - Live Metatron Channel

12:30 - 2:30 - Lunch

2:30 - 3:00 - Music

3:00 - 4:00 - Mark Pinkham - Gnostic Wisdom

4:00 - 5:00 - Walking in Integrity - Crystal Star Walker

5:00 - 5-30- Closing Toning, with Music - Tyb

Sunday Nite - Music ! Fred-Ron-Matisha-Suann+ Guests

Monday - October 11

09:30 - Gather for convoys to 'Crater of Diamonds'

12:00 - Cluster at Crater of Diamonds

12:00 - 1:00 Ceremony - Nina- Che Xel Ra - Crystal Star

1:00- 1:30 - Metatron Channel

1:30- 2:00 Closing Ceremony

2:00 - 5:00 - Digging for Diamonds

10-10-10 Protocol & Guidelines:
We encourage 'Hugs" We ask that the standard greeting each day be a hug. You are among true soul family, family from many lifetimes, family of your true Soul-Guild.
Our gathering is about LOVE and Spiritual Growth. Please come with open and nurturing hearts, and be ready to have fun amidst true 'Soul-Family.'

The conference hall and meetings, as well as the accomodations at the Mt Magazine Lodge are fully reserved for the use of registered attendees only. We will be at fire-code full capacity for this event, and every chair will be used.
You must have attendee registration badge to enter conference hall. Plse wear it at all times through out the Triple-Ten weekend.

Plse do not bring items to sell or solicit services at event.

Because of the large attendance, lunch break will be 2-hours

Please try to be on time for all events.

Bring your drums !

Weather in Arkansas will normally be in the mid 50's to 70's F during mid October. Hoiwever, we are on a mountain top so bring light autumn clothing, as well as a wind or rain jacket for the mountain breeze. Our venue is on the edge of the mountain and the vista behind the hotel overlooks the river valley below. The fall foliage will be entering its renowned & beautiful red and orange phase , so bring a camera.
Please support the musicans & featured healers

Plse treat one another with utmost courtesy and kindness, our gathering is about Love and Light, and the healing that will result from our collective Group Energy.

Plse register at 8-30 am Friday morning, October 8th.
On Monday, Oct 11th, we will hold ceremony at the Crater of Diamonds State Park . Transport and admission to enter the mine is not included in the registration fee, and each will need to arrange their transportation and entry fee. You will also be allowed to 'dig' for diamonds. The mine is an open surface field, and diamonds and other semi precious gems are found by digging thru the plowed kimberlite soils on a daily basis.It's a lot of fun, and a magical energy. Maps to the diamond mine will be given, and we will assist in organizing a convoy and go in individual cars. It is about a 2 1/2 to 3 hr drive from Mt Magazine

We have many wonderful practioners and readers available for private sessions during the 10-10-10 at specially reduced rates for the event. . We encourage you to prebook your sessions, as most will sell outduring the gathering. We do not charge an overhead or commission from healers, 100% of the abundance exchange fees are retained by the healer.

Please nurture and respect one another. We are Family !!!

Earth-Keeper Staff Team - Arkansas 10-10-10

Anne Meiklejohn - Event Director
Ken Landis-Staff
Denise Troyer-Staff

Aloa -Staff
Vinny Romaguolo

Becky Hannah-Staff

Carolyn Johnson-Staff
Karen Seabaugh-Staff

Julie Rainwater- Staff
Bruce Durward - IT & Video Team
Randy Monk - Video Team

"The Diamond Field in Arkansas is a satellite vortex & major contributor to the energy of the emerging Mega Crystal Vortex. The 'diamond ' area promotes well being and exudes a very special, very unique n energy of balance, and indeed harmonically softens the amplification of the enormous Master Quartz Crystals. The energies produced within the diamond vortex are extremely multidimensional, opening a stargate aligned with the Pyramids of the nearby Toltec Mounds. The Atlanteans were well aware of this area, and tunnels from that era are indeed still active below the mountains of Arkansas."


Digging for Diamonds

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only diamond-producing site in the world where the public can search for diamonds. It is located in the peaceful and beautiful hills of the Ouachita Mountains and lush with crystal clear rivers...and diamonds ! And the Arkansas Diamond mine is open to the public, with a policy of "finder's keepers." The diamonds you find are yours to keep. In fact it is the only diamond mine in the lower 48, and is the reason the diamond shape is dipicted on the Arkansas state flag.

Visitors search atop a 37 1/2-acre plowed field, the eroded surface of an ancient, gem-bearing volcanic pipe. Prospectors enter the field through the Diamond Discovery Center that offers exhibits and an A/V program explaining the three most popular methods of searching for diamonds. The park staff provides free identification and certification of diamonds. The gem bearing 'Kimberlite Pipe' not only yields diamonds, it is a virtual cornucopia of gemstones, yielding amethysts, topaz, garnet and citrine as well.

The first diamond was found here in 1906 by John Huddleston, the farmer who owned the property at that time. The park is open throughout the year except for New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The park features a 37 1/2-acre field of diamond bearing soil plowed periodically when weather allows. Diamond mining tools are available for rent or purchase. A basic digging kit including spade, bucket and wash screen is available for daily rent at $8.00 per day with returnable deposit. The fee to enter the Diamond Crater is $7.00 for adults. Admission is good for the entire day. Visitors may come and go throughout the day on the same admission fee.

Although thousands of people have dug and sifted through the greenish volcanic "kimberlite" soil, there are still plenty of diamonds waiting to be discovered. Since the park opened in 1972, more than 19,000 diamonds have been found, many of which are of gemstone quality. Tom Stolarz, the park's superintendent, says about 800 diamonds were found last year, with a daily average of 2 to 3 diamonds are found by visitors to the park each day. "Most of them are about the size of a match head , and the delighted 'finders' usually keep them for souvenirs," he adds.

The big find -- nicknamed "The Uncle Sam Diamond," the largest diamond ever discovered in North America -- was later cut down to 12.42 carat and sold for $165,000 in 1971 (About $900,000 today).

But his wasn't the last valuable rock dug out of that Arkansas soil.

In 1964, "The Star of Murfreesboro" was discovered at the same site, weighing in at 34.25 carat. Then, in 1975, came the 16.37 carat "Amarillo Starlight Diamond."

The 6.35 carat "Roden Diamond" was found in 2006.

And the crown jewel of the park has been the "Strawn-Wagner Diamond," a comparatively small 3.09 carat diamond, that was dug up in 1990, and expertly cut down to 1.97 carat. Despite its smaller size, the Strawn-Wagner stands out because it was given a "Perfect" rating by the American Gem Society -- the first diamond to ever receive such a high grade. It is valued at over $45,000!

Crater of Diamond Museum Examples of Arkansas Diamonds Found on Site.

Other notable finds include the the "Star of Arkansas," which was 15.33 carats and the 8.82-carat "Star of Shreveport." The 4.25-carat "Kahn Canary" diamond was found here in 1977 and was worn by Hillary Clinton during the presidential inaugural balls as well as two gubernatorial inaugurations.
Geologists believe these diamonds were formed millions of years ago and shot to the earth's surface during a violent volcanic eruption. The portion of the crater that is known to be diamond bearing is about 35 acres and is the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic pipe. Test drilling at the crater has shown that the reserve is shaped like a martini glass; it is believed to be the eighth largest diamond reserve in the world. Most Arkansas diamonds are yellow gold in hue, although some white diamonds have been found.

7 Eylül 2010 Salı



by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

September 1, 2010


For just a moment, take a deep breath and enter the Divinity of your heart. Feel the elation pouring forth from the Company of Heaven in response to the unprecedented Victory in the Light the God Selves of Humanity have cocreated during the miraculous summer of 2010. Never in the history of time has the collective energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity taken such a quantum leap into the frequencies of Light.

Through the unified efforts of millions of Lightworkers who participated in hundreds of activities of Light, and the rare celestial alignments that opened Heavenly Portals allowing monumental influxes of Divine Light, we have succeeded beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven. Through the cooperative endeavors of Heaven and Earth, we reached a critical mass that allowed the God Self, the I AM Presence, of every man, woman, and child to burst the oppressive bonds of our human egos.

Every single person on the planet who turned his or her attention to a Higher Power and invoked the Light of God in any way this summer was instrumental in bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to God Victorious fruition. What I will share with you in this article is just one part of this unified effort. This is what occurred at the 24th Annual World Congress on Illumination which was held within the forcefield of Washington, D.C., August 14-19, 2010.

The 24th World Congress on Illumination began with our Opening Ceremonies on August 14th. There were over 500 people in attendance from 22 countries. Twenty-two is the master number that reflects power on all planes and the ability to change the course of history. There were also hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers consciously joining with us from around the world. This event took place in the embrace of a rare Grand Cardinal Cross which involved the planets aligned in Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. These astrological signs represent the elements of fire, air, water, and earth which comprise Humanity’s Earthly bodies. This alignment was a very important factor in raising the frequency of our physical/earth, etheric/air, mental/fire, and emotional/water bodies into a vibrational tone that would burst the bonds and transcend the grasp of our human egos.

Spiritual astrologers around the world reported that they had never seen a Grand Cardinal Cross alignment with such a large number of planets involved in such a tight mathematical degree. Those investigating this alignment could not find a similar Grand Cardinal Cross for 500 years before or 500 years after this event.

It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of what has occurred for Humanity, but to demonstrate the assistance we received from On High I will share with you that this activity of Light drew the attention of the entire Company of Heaven. During our Opening Ceremonies the Mighty Elohim, the Builders of Form, created an colossal amphitheater of Light that encircled the planet and extended into the Heavens as far as the eye could see. Then our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light serving the Earth invoked the Legions of Light throughout Infinity to join us by projecting their luminous Presence into the amphitheater. The radiant Presences of the Legions of Light throughout the whole of Creation filled the amphitheater. These selfless messengers of God empowered our efforts a thousand times a thousand fold and assisted us every step of the way throughout the entire week.

August 15th, was Mother Mary’s Ascension Day. This is always a powerful day when the Feminine Aspects of Deity assist Humanity with the process of integrating the Love Nature of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, into every person’s Heart Flame.

After aeons of separation, our Mother God began her return to Earth during the initial impulse of the Shift of the Ages which took place during an activity of Light called Harmonic Concordance. This event took place between very powerful Lunar and Solar Eclipses in November 2003. Since that time, our Mother God has been gently integrating her Love into the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in every person’s heart. This Flame consists of the Blue Flame of Divine Will and Power from our Father God, the Pink Flame of Divine Love and Reverence for Life from our Mother God, and the Yellow-Gold Flame of Wisdom and Enlightenment from the Sons and Daughters of God. It is the true reflection of the Holy Trinity.

In the beginning, our Threefold Flames were balanced, but after our fall from Grace we lost awareness of the Love Nature of our Mother God. Since that fateful time, we have been using our masculine power without the balance of our feminine love. This has wreaked havoc on Earth, and it is the main reason we developed the fragmented, fear-based aspect of our consciousness we refer to as our human ego.

On August 15, 2010, our Mother God was at long last able to integrate effectively enough to permanently balance the Pink Flame of Divine Love within every person’s Heart Flame. This miraculous event catapulted the frequency of every person into a higher vibrational tone than we have ever experienced. This allowed the I AM Presence of each person to take more control of their Earthly Bodies.

When the Flame of Divine Love expanded through every Heart Flame, the I AM Presence of every person on Earth breathed this Divine Love into the Heart Flame of every other person’s I AM Presence. This created an enhanced and extremely powerful grid of Transfiguring Divine Love around the planet. This grid of Love extends from the lowest frequencies of Humanity’s miscreations into the highest frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light. This grid of Divine Love is the Bridge to Freedom over which this planet and all her Life will Ascend out of the darkness into the Light. This wondrous event paved the way for the next step of the unfolding Divine Plan.

On August 16th, oceans of our Mother God’s Divine Love flowed through Humanity’s newly balanced Threefold Flames into our newly established grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This unprecedented influx of Divine Love flowed in, through, and around every particle of Life on Earth and penetrated into the core of purity in every electron of Humanity’s misqualified thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. As the Love of our Mother God bathed every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life, a fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential was created upon which the patterns of perfection for a Higher Order of Being would be imprinted. With the guidance of the Company of Heaven, this event would take place the following day.

August 17th, 2010, was the 23rd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. On that very powerful day the Beings of Light who abide in the Complex of Etheric Temples above Washington, D.C. took their strategic positions around the planet. The Goddess of Liberty projected her luminous Presence to the Cardinal Point at the North. The Goddess of Divine Justice took her position at the Cardinal Point to the East. The Goddess of Freedom took her position at the Cardinal Point to the South, and the Goddess of Victory took her position at the Cardinal Point to the West. When that was complete, Saint Germain directed his Regal Court of Violet Fire Angels to take their positions within the energy fields of every person, place, condition, and thing in Washington, D.C.

Saint Germain said that Washington, D.C. is modeling the microcosm of the macrocosm for this planet. He said that from its inception until this very moment Washington, D.C. has reflected everything that is right with the world and everything that is wrong with the world. It reflects the Divinity within every person, the Oneness of Life, and the innate ability for Humanity to reach our highest potential as Sons and Daughters of God through Love and Reverence for ALL Life. It also reflects the epitome of the abuse of power, greed, corruption, and selfishness that our fear-based human egos have manipulated us with for aeons of time. We were told by Saint Germain and the Company of Heaven that on that sacred and holy day the Lightworkers at the World Congress on Illumination would be escorted throughout Washington, D.C. by the Violet Fire Angels associated with the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. With the assistance of these precious Angels, our I AM Presences would imprint onto the newly created fluid field of unmanifest Divine Potential the archetypes for a Higher Order of Being for Humanity and all Life on this planet.

In deep humility and gratitude the Lightworkers in attendance at the WCI accepted this awesome responsibility and traversed Washington, D.C. North, South, East, and West. We surrendered to our I AM Presences and offered our Heart Flames as the Open Door through which the Light of God would flow to imprint a Higher Order of Being into the physical plane of Earth. Through this activity, the Light God was Liberated into every physical and chemical interaction within the people, places, conditions, and things in Washington, D.C., thus healing and restoring all of the distorted and mutated energy bonds between atoms and within atoms that were miscreated by Humanity’s human egos.

Then, through the willingness of the I AM Presences of the Lightworkers joining in consciousness from all over the world, and the assistance of the Legions of Light throughout Infinity who had projected their luminous Presence into the amphitheater of Light encircling the planet, this activity of Light expanded from the microcosm of Washington, D.C. to the macrocosm of Planet Earth.

Contained within the archetypes of a Higher Order of Being, was the necessary Divine Light to raise the vibrational tone of Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies high enough to burst the bonds and transcend the paralyzing grip of our human egos. This Light was able to set straight the orbit, spin, and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on Earth in preparation for the activity of Light that would take place the following day.

On August 18th, we were blessed with the luminous Presence of the Directors of the Elements. These selfless servants of Light took their positions at the four Cardinal Points of the planet. The Directors of the Air Element, Thor and Aires, joined the Goddess of Liberty at the Cardinal Point to the North. The Directors of the Water Element, Neptune and Lunara, joined the Goddess of Divine Justice at the Cardinal Point to the East. The Directors of the Earth Element, Pelleur and Virgo, joined the Goddess of Freedom at the Cardinal Point to the South, and the Directors of the Fire Element, Helios and Vesta, joined the Goddess of Victory at the Cardinal Point to the West.

When all was in readiness, Mother Earth sent her clarion call to the Mighty Elohim and the Elemental Beings who sustain the elements within the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Humanity, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of the Earth. In an unparalleled activity of Divine Healing, the Elohim and the Directors of the Elements guided the Elemental Beings who cocreate the earth, air, fire, and water elements to purge the dross that had been created by Humanity’s human egos. In an act of amazing Divine Grace, this cleansing occurred through the bodies of Humanity and Mother Earth with the maximum intensity that Cosmic Law would allow. This was the final step of preparation before the activity of Light that would liberate Humanity from the manipulative grasp of our human egos.

On August 19th, the Cosmic Moment had arrived. The I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth, and the Legions of Light throughout the whole of Creation were standing in readiness. Saint Germain and the Beings of Light from the Etheric Temples over Washington, D.C. were ready to receive from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God the most intensified 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, and the Divine Qualities of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory that the Earth could withstand. These were the Divine Qualities that would complete the process of raising Humanity’s four Earthly Bodies into a vibrational tone that would transcend the reach of our human egos.

When our Father-Mother God sounded their Cosmic Keynote, the Mighty Elohim began their descent into the Center of the Earth. On the Holy Breath, the Builders of Form magnetized into their Heart Flames the full Divine Momentum of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. When the Mighty Elohim entered the Sun of Even Pressure in the Heart of Mother Earth, they knelt before the shaft of Light that forms the axis of this planet. Then as one unified force of Light, the Elohim breathed the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection into the axis of the Earth. The Violet Flame merged with Mother Earth’s Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame and expanded through the Crystal Grid System of Earth like a tremendous starburst. The Violet Flame blazed into every acupuncture point in the body of Mother Earth and was securely anchored there. The Lightworkers joining in consciousness from around the world absorbed this Sacred Fire into their Heart Flames and breathed it into the Heart Flame of the I AM Presence of every person on Earth.

When this facet of the Divine Plan was complete, the Goddesses of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory inbreathed these Divine Qualities from the Heart of God into their Heart Flames and projected them through the 5th-Dimensional Portal of Light above Washington, D.C. This glorious influx of Divine Light opened the portal to full breadth establishing a permanent flow of these precious Gifts from our Father-Mother God in, through, and around every particle of Life on Earth. The 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory, which were beyond anything Humanity or the Earth had ever experienced, expanded through the Heart Flame of every person’s I AM Presence and radiated through the greatly enhanced grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that is now enveloping this planet.

Once this facet of the Divine Plan was complete, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth breathed this Healing Light into the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies that have been controlled and manipulated by the fragmented, fear-based human ego since our fall from Grace. The Divine Qualities of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory were then projected into every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. This influx of Light created a critical mass, an unstoppable shift, that allowed our I AM Presence to emit the vibrational tone that was needed in order to raise the energy, vibration, and consciousness of our Earthly Bodies into a frequency that transcended the grasp of our human ego. As this vibrational tone reverberated through the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of ALL Humanity, the oppressive bonds that our egos have used for millennia to keep us hostage and trapped in fear were burst asunder and our egos dropped away.

Our I AM Presence then gathered this wayward aspect of our personality into its loving arms, and escorted our ego into the schools of learning in the Inner Planes. This is where our ego will be transformed into a higher expression of Life, and eventually returned to the heart of our I AM Presence.

This miraculous event God Victoriously liberated the Earthly Bodies of Humanity from the grip of our human egos. What that means for each and every person evolving on this planet is that... We are FREE! We are FREE! We are Eternally FREE!

Now comes the critical next step for each of us. Our Etheric Bodies are known as “the seat of all memory.” Everything we have experienced through all of our Earthly sojourns is recorded in this vehicle. That means that the memories of our human ego’s devious schemes and deceptions are recorded in this vehicle. Since we are all creatures of habit, if we do not stay focused on our I AM Presence, it will be easy for us to have a reflex response to our life experiences that imitate our ego’s behavior. That will occur, simply because that is the way we were used to acting in the past. It is our responsibility to be PRESENT in every moment of our lives. Daily and hourly, we must think and feel aligned with our I AM Presence BEFORE we respond to a situation. Move away from any trace of fear, and say to yourself, “I AM my I AM Presence. From this level of Divine Consciousness, how will I respond to this situation? How will I add to the Light of the world with my thoughts, words, feelings, actions, beliefs, and attitudes in this instance?” Then with listening Grace, respond to the Divine Guidance of your I AM Presence.

Without the interference of our human egos, we will hear the guidance of our I AM Presence in new and profound ways. This has been extremely difficult in the past, but that is over. Everything has changed! Listen and Trust yourself.

An easy test to be sure you are responding to the guidance of your I AM Presence and not merely connecting with the etheric records of your human ego, is to ask yourself “Is this response free from fear? Is it the most positive way of handling this situation? Does this response involve the highest good for all concerned? Am I adding to the Light of the world by responding in this way?” If your answer is “NO” to any of these questions, the guidance is not coming from your I AM Presence. You are responding from a residual habit of your ego from the past.

Instead of acting out of that old habit, center yourself and ask your I AM Presence for guidance again. Do this as many times as you need to until you are able to answer “YES” to all of the questions.

Many people are not aware on a conscious level that their I AM Presence has succeeded in bursting the bonds of their human ego and that they are now free from their ego’s fear-based manipulation. They may not even realize that they have an I AM Presence. Consequently, they will not know about asking their I AM Presence these important questions before responding to the situations in their life. These people are going to be more prone to act out of the old habits and the obsolete behavior patterns of their human ego. But, fortunately, their is an answer to this problem, and the Company of Heaven is asking for our assistance in resolving this situation.

Since we are One with ALL of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity, we can invoke their I AM Presence on their behalf. Everyone still has the free will to ignore the inner guidance of their I AM Presence, but without the interference from their human ego they will hear this guidance much more easily. The important thing to remember is that our I AM Presence is very practical, therefore, the guidance always involves viable options and solutions that will enhance our lives and the lives of others. It is hard to keep resisting this kind of guidance. As we perpetually invoke the I AM Presences of our sisters and brothers around the world and ask THEM to intervene in their lives, eventually even the most resistant person is going to respond to the heart call of their I AM Presence. Then that person will see the life-enhancing results of their actions, which will motivate them to listen to that inner guidance on a regular basis.

It is impossible for us to truly comprehend the magnitude of what it means for all of us to be free from the manipulation of our egos, but our lives have been transformed. Instead of feeling like we are struggling to accomplish our goals by walking through tar with gale force winds blowing in our face, we are now empowered in new ways by our I AM Presence and the Divine Intervention of the Heavenly Realms. The patterns of perfection we focus on for our individual life and our collective lives as the Family of Humanity will manifest much more quickly. Through the newly created template of Unity Consciousness and Humanity’s newfound freedom from our human egos, we will cocreate the New Earth in a very tangible way sooner than we ever dreamed possible.

Day by day, things are going to get better on this planet. Pay attention, and empower only that which reflects the Higher Order of Being associated with your I AM Presence. Then you will automatically empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth through your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

KNOW that through your I AM Presence, you are the Divine Qualities of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, and Victory freeing Humanity, and all of the energy bonds within Humanity which include the relationships and the interactions of all people, all races, all religions, all organizations, and all nations. You are your I AM Presence liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, thus expanding the influence of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth. You know this Higher Reality within your heart and mind, and through your I AM Presence you are a calm ocean of these Divine Qualities flooding the Earth.

We have God Victoriously made a quantum leap up the 5th-Dimensional Spiral of Evolution. There is no turning back! Be at Peace, and enjoy the ride. Your time has come. And so it is.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that will help you to assimilate your I AM Presence now that the human ego has been released.


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This book answers the questions you have been asking for lifetimes!


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

You are here for a reason, and everything you need to accomplish your purpose and reason for being is already within you. All you have to do is remember. In order to help you do this, the Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth have come through the veil to meet you halfway.

The amazing Truths that these selfless messengers of God have given to Humanity are contained in this powerful book. They are life transforming, and will awaken within you the remembrance of who you are and why you are on Earth during this auspicious moment.

The Divine Intent of this book is to share this priceless information with you. It will also teach you how to go within to the Divinity of your own Heart Flame where you will directly access this Sacred Knowledge from the Realms of Truth for yourself.

Contained within these sacred Truths are incomparable tools and viable solutions that will help you heal the maladies that are surfacing in both your individual life, and in the collective lives of the Family of Humanity.

This is a beautiful 280 page, hardback book.

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The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness. Expand your awareness!

The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness

As we approach this significant date in time where the earth will start merging with her counterpart, we have a special celebration planned.

This is the first time in 14.400 years that the New Earth is so close that it will merge again with ours.

The New Earth is already on a Solar Galactic Level as the merging will allow our own earth to start raising her frequencies to the Solar Galactic Level.

Many of the new frequencies have already slowly been released onto the earth, coming from the sun and other planets in our universe. The 9-9-9 gate allows for a release of all the codings needed for the earth and our own cosmic ascension to come to earth fully.

Once our earth started merging with the new earth, we are in the final process of ascension for ourselves and our planet earth.
The 9-9-9 Gate will remove the veil that has been present for so long and allow us to look far beyond the 3rd dimensional realities. Some have already experienced this view with the limited coding that was available. Now we can start to fully access the inter-dimensional, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic views in and beyond our universe.

The celebration is about the merging of our earth with the new earth, the opening of the 9-9-9 Gate into awareness beyond our imagination and is there for us to start receiving the light code packages that will be released through this opening into the new earth.

Come join us on as we will be with the earth and experience the beginning of the merger with the New Earth. We will be there as the veil is being removed and we will start receiving the first wave of light codings that will come through this gate.

The new light codes will remove the veil in us as well as we get a glimpse of the new earth while it starts the merger with our own earth.

This conference call celebration will be held on
Wednesday September 8 at 10:30pm EST as the Gate opens.
The cost is $ 25.00

We would like to do something special for those that cannot afford it at this time, so for every 5 people that sign up we will accept 2 people for free. Just email us at petra@bluelightstar.comand we will add you to the list in the order we receive them.

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6 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Uriel's Message -- Leave Room for Miracles

Uriel's Message -- Leave Room for Miracles

Now that you are aware of your role as co-creator and how you create your life you are intent on embracing your power to create the reality you wish for yourself, one that mirrors your divinity and connection. Through your willingness to partner with Source and the light you have opened the doorway to instant manifestation, where you can experience the results of your intention as you move with the flow of Universal energy. But leave room in your creation for miracles, the things you cannot see with your eyes but know within your hearts are possible for you.

Creation is not hard work, it is an effortless flow that occurs when you are working through intention in the present moment. The past cannot be changed and it is an important aspect of your journey. When you create from the point of not wanting to re-create the past you are not acknowledging your power and miss the beauty and gift of each experience. Each level of creation exists at your energetic vibration. When you shift your vibration you move into new energetic levels that allow more light to be present in your reality.

As you flow into manifestation you allow Spirit to reward you with blessings you cannot know are possible. These are the miracles which confirm your transformation and are within the highest levels of your field of potential. They acknowledge your power and respond to your beliefs about what you deserve, are prepared to receive and allow in your reality. Are you prepared to live a joyful, fulfilling, abundant life? Then you need to allow Spirit to be your partner in bringing to you the things your heart desires that your third dimensional thinking cannot imagine.

Your role in co-creation is to set forth your intention, believe in their possibility, know that you deserve all you ask for and be willing to receive it and more. The "more' part is where Spirit takes action, creating the fulfillment of your ego-based desires and responding to those of your heart. When you leave room for miracles you allow Spirit to bless you beyond your imagining and trust that it is aware of your soul's deepest desire for the fulfillment of your dreams. Then let Spirit work with you and for you so you can know the joy of living a miraculous life.
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The September Equinox Jennifer Hoffman

The September Equinox

This month marks the autumnal equinox, which happens on September 22, a time when we once again have an opportunity to balance the energies in and around us. Right after the equinox is a full moon at the Aries point, which is 0 degrees of Aries. This is a powerful transformational force that will give strength to whatever intention you set for yourself. Use the period leading up to it, beginning now, to pay attention to what is coming up in your life to be balanced and then do the inner work that is revealed to you. This is a wonderful opportunity for completion if we are willing.

I have noticed in recent readings that the issue of energetic balance is very strong. What do we need to do to be balanced, how do we stay balanced and what throws us off balance are questions that arise with clients. While we all have the intention for balance, it is interesting how easily we allow others to throw us off balance. An unkind word, a deliberate action or a perceived slight are often enough to throw our good intentions to be powerful out the window and we are off balance, wondering what happened and why these people hate us.
With balance comes a reminder that others do things in spite of us, not always to us, and for their own reasons. Jealousy is an emotion that we never attribute to others often enough, when assessing their actions. Why should we since we don't always think we're that special, why would someone be jealous of us. But often their actions or words are inspired by their jealousy or envy. Will you allow it to throw you off balance? It's up to you.

Make a commitment this month to gain balance in your life, where the energy that flows out of you is matched by what you receive. Where the people in your life give to you from their heart and treat you with love, respect and consideration. Set your intention for and insist on being with like-minded people who appreciate you for who you are and release those who do not. Then allow yourself to know what it means to feel the peace, joy and clarity that comes with being in balance with your own energy and claim the miracles that are yours for the asking.
Step into Your Miracle Mastery...

2 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

I wanted to complete cosmic ascension.

I wanted to complete cosmic ascension.

More questions than answers at that time. Information was coming but never complete.

I was guided to start teaching different classes, like the J-seal removal, the cosmic Axiatonal.

Activation and changes within myself as I went through bringing in all 12 chakras, changing them into electrons, changing that into a crystalline tube. Slowly everything that I needed was revealed one step at the time. And this is still the way it is happening, even though the information is now coming from my own source being. It has not been easy, there were times where I just wanted to leave, give up. Sometimes I would be so sick I thought I was going to die. Other times it felt like someone had taken out my brain put cotton balls in its place. The headaches were not fun. The changes to the physical body, releases of energy are hard sometimes. The emotional pressure of working through them is depressing and I have had many times that I was at the point where I was going to kill myself

I pulled myself through, cursing the masters many times for letting me go through all of it.

For not helping me, for everything that went wrong, no matter what.

I know, I had said I would completely dedicate myself and what I did to teach others, to assist the earth with her process and everything else that was need of me. But there were times I gave up. It was too hard, too much to go through, and it still is sometimes.

But I moved forward while I was guided to bring in my higher self, my soul, my I am presence and so many more pieces of me that seemed to be out there. Every time I did I felt like I had changed into another person, not knowing who I was, looking in the mirror and seeing someone I didn't know.

I dealt with some of the changes by changing my hair color, driving my hair dresser crazy, going from pitch black to blond in one try. He never complained and it helped to integrate the new parts of me.

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Right now we have 4 attunements available for free in our store.

I would like to make this a lot more.

We are working under the Law of One, The Law of one is about balance.

The balance of the energies, as everything is energy.

So under this Law we have decided that for every $ 25.00 we receive in donations, we will make another attunement or activation available for free in our store.

In this way we all help each other to receive and gift freely.

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What are the 12 tribes, who are the 12 tribes and what is the connection to Source?

What are the 12 tribes, who are the 12 tribes and what is the connection to Source?

I was thinking about it this afternoon, and suddenly the answer was clear.

But how to explain it was not.

So let me just give it a try.

Let's say Source is music, a symphony of instruments playing together.

So you have instruments, and you have the sheet music for all instruments.

Something happens and the instruments get of tone and the sheet music is shredded into a million pieces.

How do you get the symphony together again?

12 Ani He Yar were created before this event happened, all carrying the whole symphony, but all 12 focusing on just one twelfth of it.

They were able to start assisting the million pieces, and were able to bring some of them back to carry one twelfth again.

So we have twelve groups, each carrying one twelfth of the symphony.

Now the symphony is two parts, the instruments, and the sheet music.

So each group carries their own instrument, and starts to learn about the other instruments to assist in bringing the sheet music back together.

As humans we see the 12 tribes as groups of people, but we forget that a human body has a life span average of say about 80 years. So I don't think it really started as 12 human civilizations incarnating.

I do think certain civilizations carried certain instruments and incarnating within that group would allow the soul to start learning a new instrument. It is also connected to certain places upon earth. The earth is our connection; we are physical as the earth. The whole process of returning to the symphony is just as important for the earth as for us.

Now the earth, which has supported us, is also supported by us. We are as human beings one with the physical earth and the process is to change the physical manifestation into nonphysical.

All the experiences, things we learned along the way are added benefits to the bigger plan.

The bigger plan is to bring the symphony back together, this includes the earth.

So the story of the 12 tribes is not so much a physical story with a physical location, it starts with 12 groups of souls incarnating on earth to assist in returning the symphony.

There are groups of souls spread out over the earth right now, carrying all 12 instruments, assisting and teaching as many souls as possible to carry these instruments. But their main goal is to bring back together the sheet music to play the symphony needed to transform the physical into nonphysical. Bringing it back to the Source symphony.

Now I don't see it as moving back into the Source, as Source is already everything. We are not moving into a different part in space or the void. We are returning our universe to the Source frequency.

The many souls that have incarnated with these groups will greatly benefit from this at it will allow them to have access to all instruments and the complete sheet music.

Petra Margolis

August 26, 2010

Clearing Energetic Spaces Of Blocks To Abundance

Clearing Energetic Spaces Of Blocks To Abundance

The Clearing the Energetic Spaces and Templates sessions work on recalibrating people's energy fields so that the energetic doorways, openings, portals and gateways on the planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels across time, space, dimensions, angles, directions and vectors, etc. are closed down. These templates go after these core patterns and recalibrate at the planetary, solar, galactic, universal and multiverse levels.

It is a two step process really. For example, if you wanted to clear the energetic spaces in your aura and electromagnetic field, initially God and your God Self scan the energetic spaces of your aura and electromagnetic energy field through the planetary, solar, galactic, universal and multiversal realms identifying and tagging energetic weak points or openings for less than love frequencies to come in. Then after all the weak points in the aura and electromagnetic energy field are identified, they would be divine ideally recalibrated and re-sequenced so that the weaknesses no longer exist.
Tonight Wednesday September 1st at 10:00PM EST

4. Clearing Energetic Spaces of Blocks to Abundance

Cost $ 15.00

You can register here