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Uriel's Message -- Leave Room for Miracles

Uriel's Message -- Leave Room for Miracles

Now that you are aware of your role as co-creator and how you create your life you are intent on embracing your power to create the reality you wish for yourself, one that mirrors your divinity and connection. Through your willingness to partner with Source and the light you have opened the doorway to instant manifestation, where you can experience the results of your intention as you move with the flow of Universal energy. But leave room in your creation for miracles, the things you cannot see with your eyes but know within your hearts are possible for you.

Creation is not hard work, it is an effortless flow that occurs when you are working through intention in the present moment. The past cannot be changed and it is an important aspect of your journey. When you create from the point of not wanting to re-create the past you are not acknowledging your power and miss the beauty and gift of each experience. Each level of creation exists at your energetic vibration. When you shift your vibration you move into new energetic levels that allow more light to be present in your reality.

As you flow into manifestation you allow Spirit to reward you with blessings you cannot know are possible. These are the miracles which confirm your transformation and are within the highest levels of your field of potential. They acknowledge your power and respond to your beliefs about what you deserve, are prepared to receive and allow in your reality. Are you prepared to live a joyful, fulfilling, abundant life? Then you need to allow Spirit to be your partner in bringing to you the things your heart desires that your third dimensional thinking cannot imagine.

Your role in co-creation is to set forth your intention, believe in their possibility, know that you deserve all you ask for and be willing to receive it and more. The "more' part is where Spirit takes action, creating the fulfillment of your ego-based desires and responding to those of your heart. When you leave room for miracles you allow Spirit to bless you beyond your imagining and trust that it is aware of your soul's deepest desire for the fulfillment of your dreams. Then let Spirit work with you and for you so you can know the joy of living a miraculous life.
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