7 Eylül 2010 Salı

The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness. Expand your awareness!

The 9-9-9 Gate of the Diamond Cosmic Consciousness

As we approach this significant date in time where the earth will start merging with her counterpart, we have a special celebration planned.

This is the first time in 14.400 years that the New Earth is so close that it will merge again with ours.

The New Earth is already on a Solar Galactic Level as the merging will allow our own earth to start raising her frequencies to the Solar Galactic Level.

Many of the new frequencies have already slowly been released onto the earth, coming from the sun and other planets in our universe. The 9-9-9 gate allows for a release of all the codings needed for the earth and our own cosmic ascension to come to earth fully.

Once our earth started merging with the new earth, we are in the final process of ascension for ourselves and our planet earth.
The 9-9-9 Gate will remove the veil that has been present for so long and allow us to look far beyond the 3rd dimensional realities. Some have already experienced this view with the limited coding that was available. Now we can start to fully access the inter-dimensional, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic views in and beyond our universe.

The celebration is about the merging of our earth with the new earth, the opening of the 9-9-9 Gate into awareness beyond our imagination and is there for us to start receiving the light code packages that will be released through this opening into the new earth.

Come join us on as we will be with the earth and experience the beginning of the merger with the New Earth. We will be there as the veil is being removed and we will start receiving the first wave of light codings that will come through this gate.

The new light codes will remove the veil in us as well as we get a glimpse of the new earth while it starts the merger with our own earth.

This conference call celebration will be held on
Wednesday September 8 at 10:30pm EST as the Gate opens.
The cost is $ 25.00

We would like to do something special for those that cannot afford it at this time, so for every 5 people that sign up we will accept 2 people for free. Just email us at petra@bluelightstar.comand we will add you to the list in the order we receive them.

So for everyone that would like to sign up, please sign up early so we know how many people can join us for free.

You can register here

Would you like to support our work and make more attunements and activations available for everyone?

Right now we have 4 attunements available for free in our store.

I would like to make this a lot more.

We are working under the Law of One, The Law of one is about balance.

The balance of the energies, as everything is energy.

So under this Law we have decided that for every $ 25.00 we receive in donations, we will make another attunement or activation available for free in our store.

In this way we all help each other to receive and gift freely.

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