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Greetings, beloveds. You came into this world as master creators. You were born in the image and likeness of your Creator and as such you too are creators, master creators. It is a matter of remembering dear ones - remembering the art and science of creation.

First you must be very clear about what it is you want to create. Then you must believe that you can create what you envision and are worthy of your creation. The next step is to let go of your creation and release attachment to the outcome. Allow the Universe to combine all the necessary synchronistic events in order to bring forth your creation into your physical world. When and if doubt arises because your dream is not manifesting quickly enough, recall the feeling of joy and satisfaction of having your desire, as if you already have it.
Financial prosperity is a vibration, dear ones. Financial prosperity is a vibration of financial prosperity. You are emanating a vibration at all times. The question we ask you dear ones is; are you sending a vibration of financial prosperity or something less? The key to bringing forth what you desire is in your vibration. Look within and consider this question? Are you going about your day emitting an energy pattern of confidence in your financial situation? If not, you will be receiving something less than the monetary abundance you seek.

Look to your feelings as you go about your day. Look to your feelings as you encounter a need to spend money. Look to your feelings, your thoughts and your vibration as you go about your daily tasks. Are you feeling good, are your feeling confident, are you feeling secure, are your feeling appreciative? Are you feeling comfortable with life? Are you content? If you are not sending forth positive frequency patterns via your emotions, you will not be manifesting that which you desire, because your vibrations do not match your desires. Your energetic signature will always match your life experience.

Your feelings must match your desires, as if you already have what you envision. These feelings cannot be contrived. You cannot fool the universe. Your vibration is what you are emanating to the universe and this cannot be faked. You can change your energy pattern in the blink of an eye by changing your thoughts and feelings, dear ones. You can change your vibration quite easily and by changing your vibration you change your circumstances. You can tell if you are sending a positive signal by how you feel. If you feel uplifted you are sending a positive signal and if you feel uncomfortable, bad or off-center you are sending a different signal to the Universe.

As you go about each moment of your day make a commitment that you will only embrace thoughts that enable you to send a positive supportive vibration to the universe and your life will change accordingly.

If you feel doubt arise embrace the feeling, then bring forth a feeling of confidence, a feeling of security, a feeling of being prosperous and a feeling of embracing life as you go joyfully and confidently about your day.

If you are experiencing ANYTHING less than prosperity and abundance in your life, then you have the ability to change this by changing your energy pattern, which can be changed with your thoughts and feelings.

Do you believe that you can do this? If not, you will not be able to do it. You must believe that you are capable of changing your circumstances, then take action and do it.

We encourage you to go about your day feeling confident, feeling prosperous and feeling joyful. It is a choice. It is your choice, and by making this choice you determine the quality of your life. You are in control dear ones, whether you know it or not. At this very moment you are creating your life and you can change your life by changing your vibration. How? Every thought and action creates a vibrational pattern, whether positive or negative. Change your vibration and you will change your life.

What do you want your life to look like? Be very clear about what it is you want; see it and feel it and continue doing so until it manifests in your life. Let go of your attachment to the outcome. Anticipate living the life you envision for yourself or even something better and wait for it to manifest without concern about how or when it happens. Just pay attention to your vibration, to the signal you are sending to the universe. That is all you need to do dear ones. By feeling good you are bringing good fortune into your life.

Ask for our help and we will be there as you travel along your journey.

You are loved beyond your knowing dear one.


Notes from Randy

Vibration: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced

Source: Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary

The topic of this month's message is about financial prosperity, but the same principles apply to anything you want to create in your life.

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Artwork by Matia Michaelson
Image Copyright * Star* Quest * Ronna Herman


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Archangel Raphael and New Healing Energies Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Archangel Raphael and New Healing Energies
Enhancing the Unity of Humanity- Part 2

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 30-03-09

I am Archangel Raphael and I bring forth the heavenly energies of the angelic kingdom to all, to aid a deep and new cleansing, healing and rejuvenating process that allows all to unite with the energy within them, with the energy of the Creator around them and energy of the Creator within physical form. Unity between people is the key to greater peace and harmony on the Earth but there must be a purpose or a reason for unity to manifest, it is the love of the Creator within you and the ability to recognise it within others that will aid the unity of humanity. When every person has different options and views this can seem very difficult but when you focus on viewing the love within every soul it will naturally become apparent to you wherever you go and whoever you meet. Unity, harmony and peace is something that we wish to develop on the Earth as it will soften the energies of humanity; when they look to any other person on the Earth and see a friend, this will allow the loving energy of the Creator to easily melt into the Earth and souls of humanity. When there is disagreement, violence and pain the energies of humanity are tough, almost as if some have metal shields that are hindering the love of the Creator in penetrating their souls. When humanity learns to be open to the energies of others understanding that they are completely safe and protected this will allow them to share the energy that they receive with another or simply think of another with positive thoughts free from judgment, hurt and negativity. This signifies that many more people will naturally become receptive to the energies of the Creator; it is as if all barriers are dissolved.
The energies that I spoke of last week have anchored successfully into the Earth and are beginning to emanate and radiate across the whole of the Earth linking many energies together and dissolving many blockages. We must remember that not only is the energy assisting the spiritual growth and development of humanity but it is aiding the cleansing of the Earth, shining light and love into areas where there is no nutrients and all energy has been drained. As the energies that have been anchored into the Earth, overlap spreading across the land, they will create a powerful healing affect which will aid humanity and Mother Earth in raising in energy vibration, if they so wish. When many people on the Earth invoke the energy through their body to channel into the Earth and then send it to other people on the Earth this will manifest a powerful unity, creating bonds of love that tie humanity together in the love of the Creator. Feeling connected to the energy of the Creator and then recognising the energy of the Creator within the souls of humanity and all around you is a process of mastery which will allow further integration. I wish to encourage you to accept the divine energy flows that are being anchored with the purpose of healing and unity, allow yourself to act as a valuable link that unites humanity in the love of the Creator.
I now wish to make you aware of where the other energies are initially being anchored so that you may add them to the list previously made.
The Silver Light of Courage is being anchored into the United Kingdom to assist the people of this area and the entire world to accept that courage can come from purity and love and is supported by the Creator. The silver light is a pure energy of clarity and precision; it can appear quite harsh but is of high vibrations and intense love. The silver light’s purpose is to energise courage and confidence that comes from the place of love within your heart. The silver light can be empowering when you are focused on love and wish to share the love of the Creator with all, also assisting in dispersing fear and negativity. Every light being needs to hold courage and confidence in their hearts and soul as a driving force to aid their spiritual advancement on the Earth.
The Orange Petals of Life Force Energy are being anchored into India and the entire world to aid the natural flow of life. Similar to blood flowing naturally within a physical body we wish to enhance and heal the natural flow of light within and through the Earth, creating a network of light that covers the entire Earth, seeping through the physical and spiritual layers that manifest the Earth so that the Earth and its humanity can be aglow with light, gaining nourishment and greater support. The colour orange symbolises wholeness, unity and the manifestation of the greater soul while the petals symbolise fertility, nourishment and the manifestation of the beauty of the Creator.
The Violet Light of Divinity is anchored into Europe and Australia. It is the energy of hope, of sacred memories and wisdom, of new beginnings by accepting the spiritual importance of the past and allowing them to draw forth into the minds of many. The violet light again brings forth healing to allow the truth and holiness of the Creator to unfold whether it is inspired from the past experiences and wisdom collected within the souls of many or the present energies that flow with devotion onto the Earth.
There are teams of angels overseeing each energy that anchors into the Earth and you can call on these angels to aid your integration and acceptance of the light. Ask that the angels help humanity and the Earth in accepting this sacred light with ease. Remember that you can always call on my energies, Archangel Raphael to assist you in accepting the light and anchoring it deep into the Earth while sharing it with humanity. If you desire to experience these energies we would be happy to assist you in anchoring each light energy into your being individually so that you can benefit from the qualities of each energy, boosting your light and love quotient. You may wish to follow the instructions given in my last communication or you may wish to simply sit peacefully gaining a meditative state. Choose an energy that you wish to integrate with and note the country or place of origin that the energy is anchoring into. Then invoke the team of angels connected to this light energy and I, Archangel Raphael, to draw close to you. Ask us to assist you in experiencing and anchoring the energy into your being, allowing it to flow through you into the Earth. Allow yourself to bathe in the light and when you are ready let it flow from your body to where it is needed on the Earth. This will allow you to anchor new energy into your being gaining healing, assisting Mother Earth and aiding the healing of humanity. This is a wonderful service to all and I hope you will take this opportunity of healing the Earth, its humanity and building bonds of unity to allow the energy of the Creator to anchor with greater ease on to the Earth.
With many blessings and much love,
Archangel Raphael

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie
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As you Remember your History,
you Create the Future

Greetings Dear Ones,

As you remember the past you create the future.

You came from source all the way down to the 3rd dimensional reality, the density where you knew you would lose your consciousness.

When you left Source you started dropping little breadcrumbs, to find your way back as you knew you would get lost.

These little breadcrumbs represent your consciousness, as they represent many lifetimes where you went through experiences, good or bad.

All the good and bad is gone and only the breadcrumbs, all that you learned is there for you to pick up on your way home.

As you have reached zero point, the point of return and you are on your way home to where you started, to what you were before you came here.
You pick up the breadcrumbs and become that whole being again.

To fully embrace your own history, not the history of men described in all your history books, NO, your own history, as you have lived it through all your lifetimes.

Through this history you find your way home and create your future.
You find your history in your own book of life, the book you wrote on your way here and that is being kept safe in the Akasha for when you were ready to return.

All these little breadcrumbs are written in your own book of life that is waiting for you, so you can restore to full consciousness on your way home.
So you can fully awaken on earth, while you stay on earth as you return consciously to your own God Self, becoming one with all that is and bringing heaven on earth right now.

All you have to do is pick up those little breadcrumbs that you left for yourself to find that way home.


Our upcoming workshops
this weekend

Saturday, March 28 at 4:30pm EST,

we are having our first

Akashic Records Workshop

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Sunday, March 29nd at 4:30 pm EST, we are having our first Cosmic Axiatonal workshop through conference call.


Ascension series - I AM MAHATMA


Dear Sevgi Ozer,

This Saturday, March 28th at 9:00 pm EST, will be our eigth transmission for the I AM Mahatma series.
"The Source, our Creator, has given us this exciting contact called the Avatar of Synthesis, Archangel Metatron, and the divine orchestra and Sanat Kumara and Vvyamus, the MAHATMA, so that we may use it as a tool to become a clearer participant within the overall pattern of Existence, which is termed the Plan. The Source, in recognition of your need to integrate, has given you this help with synthesis and unity, to recognize the cosmic aspects of yourself beyond your own individualization that leads you to the awareness of the support, the expansion, and the overall participation you have within the Plan." "Mahatma I & II, The I AM Presence" by Brian Grattan. It is both individual initiation and major world service, opening the pathways and providing what has been missing for expansion into your I AM presence. This allows for full, open expression of your core identity and essence.

The cost for this conference call is $ 35.00
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27 Mart 2009 Cuma


This coming Sunday March 29 at 9:30pm EST,
we are having a new workshop

The Goddess within has many names. She is the Great Goddess, the Mother Goddess, and the Star Goddess. She is the ground of all existence.

She is the pregnant void that exists in the blackness between the stars and beyond the subatomic particles. She is the quantum field of all potentiality, and the mother of everything that has taken form in this universe.

She is also the Divine energy that lives within each human body, known as the Kundalini.

Reawakening Her is the Great Work of this millennium . . . the spiritual act which can save the physical world.

And we awaken the Great Goddess not only "out there," but within each of us.

This is how she regains her place and power in the world.

Have You Met The Goddess Within?

It's not enough to think about the Goddess. It's important to meet her, to know her intimately.
This is the complement to spiritual enlightenment.
And it's also indescribably wonderful to know the Goddess personally. It's the wellspring of joy, of love, of meaning.
How do you bring this to life within you? There are lots of ways to invoke the Goddess Within, worship Her, and become aware of Her existence within you.

Through guided mediation we will connect to our own DIVINE GODDES, after this we will again through guided meditation build a stronger connection and ask our own DIVINE GODDESS what she represents and what her gifts are for you.

The cost for this workshop is $ 49.00
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Why should I know about Goddesses?

For women, understanding the long tradition of Goddess religion strengthens your connection with your own spiritual essence, regardless of what faith you belong to. Seeing the Goddess within, helps women to appreciate their own power, skill, heritage, and beauty. Honoring the Goddess can teach us to celebrate all the stages of life. An awareness that the Goddess lives in you, can strengthen inner knowings about life, love, nature, nurturing and creativity. Women who are deeply connected with their Goddess essence are better able to make desired changes in themselves, their communities, and the world. For men, a connection with the Goddess allows them to accept and acknowledge their desire and need for nurturing, protection and the acceptance of a loving female presence. Claiming the Goddess energy within himself, helps a man to be a more balanced lover, companion and father. It also frees men from the cultural pressure to always be in control.

What makes the Goddess important?

Today, our world is getting smaller and our actions have the power to effect more and more people, (as you well know being on the Internet.) Our environment is threatened by too many years of human carelessness. In the past fifteen years scientists have started to call the earth Gaia, after the Greek Goddess, because they have realized that we are all connected to the earth and we are all dependant upon each other for survival. Calling the earth Gaia, reminds us all that She is our ever- bountiful Mother. A reverence for female principles and Goddess consciousness helps to put us all in touch with the beauty and magic of nature and her creatures. Understanding the nature of the Gaia, and other Goddesses, is a way of expanding our respect for the environment, and balancing the male and female energies of the Universe.




Dear Sevgi Ozer,

On Saturday, March 28nd at 4:30 pm EST, we are having
our first Akashic Records workshop

The Akashic records are like the DNA of the universe. They are the soul's journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the Akashic records. Each soul has its own Akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys.

They way we receive information from the Akashic Records is in encoded Light language, which is Sacred geometry of words encoded in fire, so learning how to interpret the information is crucial. We start learning to use our inner senses to give words and interpretation to what we receive; we also start getting fine-tuned to
this new energy.

The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. At the time we make the decision to experience Life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is
the Akashic Records.

By opening the Akashic Records we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). The Prayer works with energetic vibration to "key in" to the specific "name" of the life form, and carries with it God's protection through the Masters, Teachers and Lords of Akasha.

The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future in to the "now". By accessing the Akashic records, we can identify and release anything that we have created, that has become a block to our present realization of our oneness with God.

'We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of re action.

The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separate from

It is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today, to help us remember our oneness with God/Spirit/Source.

Learn how to read the Akashic Records level I.
The purpose of this class is to open your heart to your God Self and receive access to your own Akashic Records. In the Level I class, we focus on how to open and access the Records for ourselves, we start with an attunement that fine-tunes the information as it is being given to us by the Masters and Teachers of Akasha, and we start to learn how to translate that information.

With this Loving & Illuminating Process you May:

* Receive Positive Spiritual Guidance from YOUR Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

* Learn your Souls Purpose.

* Access Past, Present & Potential Future Information.

* Release Limitations, Patterns & Beliefs through Grace.

* Empower Yourself to Transform Relationships, Career, and Other Life Aspects.

The cost for this Level I workshop is $ 99.00
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Be prepared for at least 2 hours and have a pen and paper ready.




Dear Sevgi Ozer,

On Sunday, March 29nd at 4:30 pm EST, we are having our first Cosmic Axiatonal workshop through conference call.

What is Axiatonal Alignment?

Humans have a field of subtle energy which is often referred to as the auric field, aura or etheric body. This energy is made up of emotional, spiritual and mental particles. We also have Axiatonal lines, which are energy pathways that supply our physical bodies with vital energy.
This energy extends from the ground, into the atmosphere and out into the universe.

An Axiatonal Alignment is a simple yet powerful "tune up" of the energy system. It is a powerful healing tool that works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body, to enable your energy system to function smoothly, and rejuvenates all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Benefits of Axiatonal Alignment
Opens and aligns your meridian channels, and remove any blockages
Balances your chakras and the polarity of your body
Shields the energy system from negative energy
Releases any physical, emotional or spiritual limitations
Balances, centers and focuses your mind
Clearing negative emotional patterns
Deep relaxation and sense of well-being
Facilitate deeper meditation
Powerfully boosting the effects of other therapies such as Reiki, Massage and Reflexology.
Improves physical mobility and mental alertness
Enhances your intuitive abilities
Helps to resolve issues through vivid dreams and memory flashbacks.

At one time our own Axiatonal lines were connected to the cosmic, however, over time we have become disconnected from these lines.
There are a lot of different reasons why we could get disconnected from our energy field and get unbalanced and out of harmony. Stress, worry, emotional issues, physical injuries or conditions, MRI's, radiation, chemotherapy or surgeries are common reasons.

During this workshop, you will be guided through a meditation to connect you back up with the original energy flow. Once your axiatonal lines are connected again, there will be another guided meditation assisting you in activating all the lines, looking at blockages and assisting in getting the flow of energy going through these axiatonal lines while they are being changed into a crystalline structure.

The cost for this workshop is $ 99.00
You can sign up here

More new workshops coming up in April!!

Clearing, Protection and Reconnecting
with your Divine Heritage

These workshops are all about connecting with your Higher Self, Soul, Over-Soul I AM Presence and God Self. We will work on protection and reconnection with all of these into all higher dimensions.
Read more here.


Messages from Sirius SaLuSa 27-March-2009

SaLuSa 27-March-2009

You are prodigious when it comes to survival, and you have an inborn instinct that carries you safely through the most punishing ordeals. It has never wavered, and it is similar to your self-made challenges that are created through your sports and other activities. It is an indication of your powerful willpower, and it has helped you survive when the odds are stacked against you. This is why we have no doubt that you will not only face the dark head on, but will overcome their insidious plans for your enslavement. You know you are meant to be free, and no amount of pressure will suppress or negate your powerful intent to win this battle. There would be no gain or lesson for you, if we simply stepped in and acted on your behalf. Nevertheless, we stand ready to support you and offer our help when it is called for, or directed by higher Beings than ourselves. Be assured that the Cosmic plan reaches far and wide, and Planet Earth and her people are as important as any others.

In fact you get far more attention and interest shown in your progress than you imagine. We of the Galactic Federation are not alone in monitoring you, as the events that are unfolding upon Earth are bringing many other civilizations into your Solar System. The stage is set for the last few years of your present cycle, and the very nature of your Ascension is the focal point for interested Star Beings. We guard you against unwelcome visitors, and none may land on Earth without our permission. Contact is a different matter, and often that has been pre-arranged prior to your birth on Earth. Behind each one is a special reason, and often it is associated with your relationship to them. You become their link with Earth, and meet many times through out of the body experiences – although you may not necessarily have a waking memory of them.

Your ancient history is littered with references to contact with extraterrestrials and their craft, and there are quite a number to be found that took place in the last few centuries. In days of old superstition was rife and contacts were misinterpreted, and sometimes attributed to the devil. Even now there are such beliefs, but with our coming they will be swept away. Some of our non-human members may be odd looking to you, but they certainly do not look like your ideas of devils. Mankind has a long held fear of the unknown, and so often explains it away as the work of some evil entities. It is for this reason that our initial contact with you will be through civilizations like our own, who are very human looking. We understand your feelings, and have gone to great lengths to ensure that we approach you in an acceptable way. First Contact will largely comprise of civilizations that have been closely linked to you for eons of time. Ask your selves Dear Ones, why should you look so similar to us in your stature and general features? The answer is that many other Star civilizations have had a hand in your genetic evolution. Humans are not the result of some chance happening, but deliberate planning to raise your levels of consciousness.

As part of your growth in readiness for Ascension, your DNA strands are being restored and in time you will become a fully-fledged Cosmic Being. We are what you are to be, and when you attain our levels you will be able to rejoin your Space families. You have been away from your true homes for a long, long time, and with your awareness of us your yearning to return is growing. We try to open people’s minds to their true past, and understand that we are in reality one big family of God’s children. Yes, we have the same God no matter what names you conjure up, or attributes you place upon God. If only you could accept such a fact, it would eliminate the fighting over whose God is the right one and bring you so much closer together. The Truth will always remain, and whatever your beliefs they will eventually come to it. That which is not the truth cannot survive, and will only put off until the day that it will be seen for what it truly is. Our coming will allow for much that is presently unknown to you to be revealed, and our word will be seen to be supported by the Master’s who are also destined to return.

You are so near to experiencing one the greatest periods of your lives, and it only remains for the right opportunity to start this epic rolling. The foundation and all of the material requirements have been catered for, and once we get the go ahead we shall spring into action. The shift in your consciousness is more pronounced than at any other time, and this is good news as it establishes energies on Earth that mean you are on the road to success. First the cleansing of the old and undesirable, and then the new will arise and set the scene for the final thrust towards Ascension. It is not quite in your grasp yet, but comes silently like a bird on wing to suddenly be in your midst.

The Earth is a beautiful jewel in the firmament, and will brilliantly shine forth as a message to the Universe that it has returned to the higher realms. With it shall be the Shining Ones who have found their true selves. That is you Dear Ones as Ascended Beings, a state so natural to you because you will have returned home at last. Can you envisage just for a minute or so what that means, because by then you will have become your God selves. Not the end of your journey, but your elevation to higher dimensions where another one begins. There is so much you can do in readiness, and a good start would be by accepting that you are more than your physical body. You have a God spark within you that is indestructible, no matter what your experiences. Start to live in the higher vibrations, and become your highest interpretation of what you are as a Being of Light. You will find that you can work from your heart centre, and calmly take all things in your stride. You will be a rock amongst the shifting sands of life, and others will cling to you just to be part of your experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy these moments in touch with you. I too have my visions of another future that offers such wondrous opportunities to discover more of the Creator’s Kingdom. Have your dreams, and let your imagination take you far and wide knowing there is no end to the adventures open to you. One day soon you shall be planning your next ones, and as a Lighted One. Know that you are continually blessed and loved.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

23 Mart 2009 Pazartesi

Messages from Sirius SaLuSa 23-March-2009

SaLuSa 23-March-2009

Do you know that your Guides and Angelic protectors have contact with you all of the time? Not in any intrusive way, but ready to come to your aid if you ask for it. They also join you when you have those quiet periods, when you are contemplating life and perhaps the problems that beset you. Michael is realizing that we often talk to him, and pearls of wisdom that seem to come from out of nowhere are from us. We find that if you do not make a point of remembering them they are soon forgotten. Often these take place shortly after you have risen in the morning, when your mind is free from the clutter that you normally collect during the course of the day. Our presence is one of continual contact with those who are our allies, or have a vibration that is sufficiently lifted to ours to make it possible. Think upon these points and perhaps you too may find it possible to link with us.

When you finally move into the higher dimensions, you will openly work with those Beings that are linked with you. They are one and the same that have followed you through many lives, protecting you and guiding you on the path of Light. Such service to others is something that you will apply yourself to quite easily when you have ascended. Time will be yours to follow exactly what you desire, and life is therefore much more fulfilling. Having to toil for a living will be behind you, as you will be able to use your power of creation to cater for all of your needs. Nevertheless, your needs are little as in your new lighter body you have the ability to live almost entirely from the energy of Light. You will come and go from your home planet as you require, and use various modes of transport freely available. Life becomes a glorious adventure as you move around unfettered and free from restriction.

Matters move on to our approval and will lead to all of the benefits you have been promised. There is no longer any alternative as you have reached a point of mass consciousness, that has established the levels of energy that are required to enable it. Remember also Dear Ones, that there is still a specified date by which you must have progressed to First Contact. If by any chance it has not commenced in good time, there will be intervention on our part to ensure it can go ahead. That has been divinely decreed and is our authorization to do so. We would say that this year is going to be intense where energies are concerned, as it is planned to take many opportunities to uplift your consciousness at a far quicker rate. With it will come a greater awakening, which will take Humanity to a new level.

Our contact with you is gradually being accepted as a friendly gesture, and we have won over the hearts and minds of many of you. Our patience has been never ending, and we have maintained a dignified approach to you at all times. Our friendly approach has helped remove those fears of the unknown, and it is being seen that we are in no way a threat to you or your way of life. We offer you an introduction to life as it will be for you, and we have many visitors to our ships. You do not always remember your trips, but subconsciously have a feeling of acceptance and friendliness towards us. It is something we have nurtured for a long time, knowing that we needed to win your confidence and trust. When you first stand in our presence, it will be the final proof as you will experience our energy which is quite different to yours. It is of the finer vibration and creates a feeling of harmony, love and balance.

After First Contact we will be able to freely come and go from Earth, and you will see us involved in many projects. All of this will be agreed with your official representatives, and we have no intention of overwhelming you with our presence. However, since you are destined to join us it is only natural that we shall work together. Our coming is to change your lives, and you shall adopt many of our ways. As we have told you already, we are your future selves and at some stage we shall become as One. Let go of attachments that you know will have no place as the real you comes back into being. The greatest changes are being made at consciousness levels, as these are so important to your successful Ascension..

Dear Ones, regardless of which stage of evolution you are currently at, you will always receive help and be accompanied by your Guides. Never feel that you are alone, particularly in your times of need as that is when they come closest. We of the Galactic Federation are charged with looking after Mankind, and your upliftment and safe journey through to Ascension. For us that is a great responsibility, and one we take very seriously. We would rather work openly with you, but for the time being that is not an option. However, open contact gets ever nearer, and we look forward to a wonderful time as we get to know one and another well.

Our craft are as ever becoming seen on a more regular basis, as we monitor your Earth. The threat of war has diminished, but we are well involved in keeping a watchful eye on your planet as it badly needs our help. The cleansing is well overdue, but once we start it will not take long to start seeing welcome results. Our technological knowledge can overcome any immediate problem, and there are times when we have to intervene where human lives are at risk. That does not mean that we can help out on every occasion, as Mother Earth carries out some changes herself.

We liaise with other galactic groups as there is co-operation between those of the Light. In this Galaxy we are the biggest single grouping, and it is dedicated to maintaining peace throughout it. There will be many opportunities for you to become Ambassadors to other planets, and your experience of duality will be eagerly sought. You were already Light Beings before you set out on your journey into the lower realms. Therefore, the idea of returning to them should seem quite natural to you, and not in the least strange.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speak for all of my companions when I say that we have the greatest admiration for you all. Regardless of how you see yourselves, or whether you are ready to return to the higher realms, we have an undying love for you all. How else could it be when we are all from the Source of All That Is. We are All One, seeking out the answers to all of the mysteries around us that extend into Infinity.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

20 Mart 2009 Cuma

Messages from Sirius SaLuSa 20-March-2009

SaLuSa 20-March-2009

We know the waiting is the hardest part of the coming changes, but all has to happen when the time is right. We see a sequence of events that need to follow each other, if there is to be a smooth transition from the old to the new. The suddenness of changes so far should convince you that you are really facing the beginning of a new era, which is quite remarkable bearing in mind that just a few years ago the dark forces were in control. All credit to our allies and those of the Light who have dedicated themselves to opening up the path of Light. Clearly there is a lot of cleaning up to do, but first the hiding places of the dark need to be opened up to public scrutiny. It is important that you come to know the truth, as in the bigger picture there is a lesson for Humanity.

Realize Dear Ones, that you never stop learning or expanding your consciousness, and all experience has valuable lessons to impart. There would be no gain for you if we came along and lifted you off now. It is part of your end time experiences to see this cycle out. Of course some of you will leave beforehand, and that will have been planned purposefully for you. Let us assume that like most souls you find yourself in the astral regions, where you will still have your links with Earth. You will not therefore be totally cut off from what is happening, and you will certainly become aware when Ascension takes place. Numbers of you would move forward into the new vibratory pattern, and join those who had ascended.

The choice of every soul is respected where his or her evolution is concerned, and no one would interfere with it. Naturally you can always consult others before you make a decision, and they will give you the benefit of their own experience and wisdom. There is so much caring and love that is showered upon those who are on the upward path. It is also there for souls who have fallen into the lowest vibrations, as soon as they lift their eyes up to the Light and seek help. On Earth you are only just becoming aware of how life evolves, but many already see how Mankind is linked in such a way that all are as Brothers and Sisters. It is this realization that will bring you together more than any previous time in this cycle. Imagine what responsibility you have to each other, as what you do to one you do to all.

It is quite a challenge for you to break out of a mould that set you apart from each other, as you have got used to keeping yourself insulated from outside influences. However with the advances in travel and communications, you have been able to intermix and there is an appreciation of those aspects of other peoples lives that make them different. The colors of peoples skin is far less of concern, and with inter marriage you have changed the face of society. These developments were foreseen and out of it has emerged your multi-cultural societies. Many times you have had lives in various countries, and inwardly you are no strangers to the different religions and social differences. See how in these final years integration is becoming much easier because of your familiarity with them. If you can come together in Love and Light, there will be more of you likely to ascend, but in any event you must still desire to ascend, it must be your choice.

We put a lot of emphasis on Ascension, because that is what everything has been working towards. The energy of evolution has to have a goal, as otherwise your efforts would be aimless and non-productive. Fortunately that inner drive towards something many know not, is now becoming clear and we hope to have been part of the source that has clarified that information for you. The truth is something you measure against your own intuitive feelings, and that will remain so until a greater truth is found. We would say that when so much is in turmoil you do not know what to think but hold fast to your beliefs, and as the Light grows stronger it will enlighten those of you who are awakening.

You have gone through some remarkable experiences since you came into this century, and fortunately you have woken up to what has been happening. Through your remarkable resolve to change the path of Mankind, you have successfully overcome the advance of the dark forces. Not only that, you have set the dark back so that they cannot retrieve their position. From now on it is all change and the restoration of Man to his rightful standing as a free soul. For our part we are present wherever your future is being discussed, and we ensure that proceedings are open and above board. We can and will overshadow our allies if necessary, to direct the outcome in a beneficial way to you all. This is vital where your military are concerned as the dark influences are harder to remove, and complete success will not be achieved until world peace is announced. Be it known that we are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you. There are plans to utilize the forces of war, so that they can be used in peaceful pursuits.

Our presence is the controlling force that operates from a distance to keep you heading towards Ascension. Be quite certain in your minds that the Dark Ones are no respecters of your rights, and would trample all over them to achieve global power. However, do not dismay or be fearful as the situation is within our control, and we shall with your help emerge victorious to claim the victory for the Light. Get behind those who represent you and show a leaning towards the Light, as they will be your chosen ones to move into positions of authority when the right moment arrives. The Heavenly Lords of Karma have not been idle and have weighed events, so that you can safely rise up and enjoy the remaining years of this cycle.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and emphasizing the point that you are far from alone in your battle for your freedom. It will be a gradual reversal of what has gone before, and President Obama is already busy arranging the legal presentation that is necessary. It cannot be undone overnight, but will gather momentum very soon. There is now more Light shining into high places, and it will energies many people into action that will feel safer to come forward. Your media has not yet been freed from control, and your best source of news is your Internet. However, beware of disinformation sites, as the dark will always try to confuse you. I leave you with my blessings and energy of love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

19 Mart 2009 Perşembe

Isis, you have a choice and now is the time to make that choice

Isis, you have a choice
and now is the time
to make that choice

Release all fear.
Release all judgment.
Open your heart and receive fully all that is offered to you.

I am here today to be the truth, to be the one explaining to you about what you do not want to hear.

Do you really want to ascend?
Is it your hearts desire to ascend?

So many say yes, I want to ascend with the earth.
So many are not willing to do the work. It is almost funny to see how this 3d consciousness around your planet is influencing you all in such an enormous way.
But in reality it is not funny, it is sad that so many are still tied up in this old 3d consciousness.
Many of you light workers are still caught up in this 3d consciousness. We see the truth behind it all and our wake up calls are being read and ignored.
You are being told by many what you want to hear. I am here to tell you what you do not want to hear.

You do not want to hear it because it is easier to stay in a world where not much is required of you but stay alive. You live your life, you work, you make money, you buy food, you do some classes maybe, and all that you do is staying away from the real truth.
You go with the energies coming in, you know and read some things about what is happening. Many of these messages have been there to support you, to tell you that everything is going according to the plan.
You are a magnificent being of light and just be the love and light that you are. Really strokes your ego, doesn't it? And you are a magnificent being of light, and you have already ascended in the past and future.
What many are forgetting is that if we do not fulfill the plan that is here right now, the future is changed in many ways.

So we wait until the time is there, no we don't, we do the work that has to be done.
Why do you think so many masters are here right now to assist you.
Why do you think so many new energies are being released unto your earth and into your universe.

The plan is bigger than you think, and that is why I am here.
To tell you the part you do not want to hear.
How many of you have awakened to the truth completely, do you not want to know the truth completely?
Yes, you can be the love and light that you are right now, but what if that is all that you are?
The plan, that has been made and prepared for your earth millions of years ago is now coming in to play.

This is what you need to wake up to right now.

The plan is to ascend the earth, you all know that. You also might have heard that the earth has become a very important planet in many other universes. Yes, in other universes they are waiting for you to fulfill your mission.
They cannot ascend fully until the earth has returned to the frequency it should have been a long time ago. This is your mission, this is why you have to fulfill your mission.
Your mission is to complete cosmic ascension. Not just planetary, no, cosmic ascension. This is why you came here, many of you from other universes as well.
To assist your universe and while you do that accomplish the fulfillment of the plan that was made for the earth and your universe millions of years ago.

Some of you have heard, and know about the battles that have been going on behind the scenes, as well as on your earth. The battles on earth are there to distract you from fulfilling your mission. Many things on earth are there to distract you from fulfilling the plan.
Even work is a distraction, taking care of yourself, making enough money, is meant to distract you from becoming who you truly are meant to be.

It is time to realize this and time to make a choice for you.

It does not matter what is happening on your planet right now, it is meant to distract you. So let it go. The news, the media, they are all distractions. They are meant to make you think that it is almost impossible to change this world. But we do not need to change this world.
Once we can ascend the earth, this world as it is right now will disappear.

The choice is yours to be in this new world, or to be moved to a planet similar to your earth right now and continue the way you are right now.
This is what is meant to happen to your earth. We want all to ascend, now we need a momentum to make this possible. With enough humans completing cosmic ascension we can ascend the earth.

Each human has to make their own choice, and you have that choice right now. Many will have this choice in the next two years. Yes, even third world countries will be involved in this process. In a different way they will be assisted in waking up and making the choice.
We do however need many making the choice right now, so we can raise the frequency of the earth enough to give others, that are way behind you, the opportunity to make that choice as well.

This is why we say, release all thought about changing your earth, the only change we need is the raising of the frequencies on your earth and inside your universe.
We need to start dissolving the 3d consciousness that is still around your earth, as we have already placed a new consciousness grid around your earth that will come into full play once we have dissolved the 3d consciousness grid. Another good reason to raise the frequencies.
It requires a lot of energy from you on earth to dissolve this 3d consciousness. Yes, from you, we can only guide you, we cannot interfere because you have free will to choose your destination at all times. We can only give you the information of what is needed for you to do at this time.

Ascension is part of your evolutionary process as a human.
Some might see it as a desire, it is not, it is the basis for all evolution that is inside of you, inside your DNA, inside you being.
Ascension is needed to progress, to evolve. Ascension is not something that we can just give to you. It is a choice, a complete surrender, complete devotion, and a complete commitment to yourself. It is the evolution of your soul, all that you are, the light being you are in truth.
Your human existence is nothing more than an opportunity for your true being to ascend, to evolve on its path to oneness.

This year, 2009, is the beginning of a new ascension path that is being allowed under the Law of One. It is your opportunity to ready yourself for cosmic ascension.
All that we are allowed to bring in, that will be available to you, is for this purpose only.
And yet, many have not made the choice.
Disconnect from your 3d consciousness, disconnect from the 3d world, connect with the new grid around and inside your earth.
Get ready, do the work.
The universe works by cause and effect.
It requires action and will react to this.
This can only be done if you take the steps.

So why are you waiting? Or is this world so comfortable that you would like to stay here ?
We can only provide the means, you have to use them.

This is the year of possibilities never seen before, and we are stepping into a new territory of something that has never been done before.
Everything is planned, but we continuously adjust the plan according to your steps.
This is the year where many rules will be set aside, it is the year where everything can happen. The rules that were set for the ones fighting the battle behind the scenes have been set aside as well.
This means that they are allowed to interfere and they will do so.
This also means that you are allowed to leave many rules behind and complete cosmic ascension without going through many of the life experiences previously needed to ascend.
You can evolve beyond this dimension and become the multi-universal being that you are right now.

You as humans are in charge right now. You make the choice.
Will you go for your hearts and souls desire and fulfill your mission to assist earth while you complete your cosmic ascension?
Or are you waiting for more proof, more events, that will tell you what is needed at this time.
Or are you waiting and thinking, no need to do anything, like she says everything is planned, we do not need to do anything.

Let me tell you the part you do not want to hear.

If you do not do the work, you will not ascend with the earth. It is your choice, your free will. What happens if you do not do the work to complete cosmic ascension?
Your earth will ascend, you will not have the frequency needed to ascend with your earth. You will be taken to a planet similar to earth at this time, where you will be allowed to work on your ascension as you have done in many lifetimes, under the rules that were there for many lifetimes.

Your choice, is your choice.

You will still evolve, much slower, but once you have reached the frequency needed you are able to join the new earth in its new path of evolution.
Like I said, it is your choice.
Do you want to ascend now, do the work.
If not, you will be given a new chance on the earth the way it is right now.
The ascension of earth will pass and go and you will be here waiting for it.
This is what you do not want to hear, and it is what you need to hear.
It is not a threat as many will say, it is your choice.

Let me summon it up for you.

The earth is going to ascend to its original ascension path, many are working on this from earth right now. This year is the year of the opportunity for you to be ready for this by completing the path to cosmic ascension.
It is your choice and yours alone.
Are you ready to make the choice to ascend with the earth, or are you waiting and staying on this part of the earth, this third dimension, while the other part of your earth is going into the higher dimensions.

Not what you want to hear?

Make your choice, it is up to you now!!

In the Law of One we are waiting for you.


Through Petra Margolis
January 13, 2009

Isis, Planetary or Cosmic Ascension

Planetary or Cosmic Ascension

Planetary and Cosmic Ascension and what is the difference.

I see so many people say and think, oh I have completed Ascension, so many people have completed their Ascension and are Ascended Masters walking the earth.

I would love to see all of them, but have not so far.

I don't know what anyone sees as an Ascended Master walking the earth, but I see it as someone that can actually change their physical body into a light body and the other way around.

Have not seen anyone like that, I know I can't do it.
So when we talk about Ascension, and many have done this, they have done Planetary ascension.

That is the easy part, many have done that in previous lifetimes and it's only the beginning. Yes it's a big step, but why stop there. Why is everyone so convinced that this is ascension? When we look back in history and one of the biggest stories out there is of course Jesus. He Ascended; he changed his body into light.
Why does everyone think that what they did is the same?

This is all part of the disinformation that is been given at this time.


Because someone out there does not want you to look any further, someone out there wants to prevent cosmic ascension. Have you ever thought about that? Why does someone want to prevent you from actually changing your physical body into light? Why would anyone want to do that?

It s all about, you're going there, and it's going to be different in the 5th dimensional energies once you get there. You are already Ascended Masters walking the earth.
Do not do anything, just wait and it will all happen.

Just focus on love and peace, do not concern yourself with anything else, it will all disappear once you are in these 5th dimensional energies.
Many say they're in 5th dimensional energies. Let me ask you, did everything disappear?

No it didn't, so why is there someone out there telling you, do not worry, the change is happening, just send your light, be the love that you are. You are an ascended master already here on earth.

Why would anyone want to prevent you from really becoming that ascended master walking the earth? And we mean a real one, walking the earth in your light body. Being completely who you are in spirit and be that here on earth.
Why would anyone want to do that?

There are Masters that have done Cosmic Ascension; we know that, we also know it took them a long time. For example, Saint Germaine, Kuthumi, Sananda, just to mention some of them.

Funny we can only come up with the male ones at this time. There were not many female masters that we really know that much about as these masters at this time. But there were, Mary Magdalene completed her Cosmic Ascension in that life.
So why do we settle for Planetary Ascension at this time.

Why not just go for it and do Cosmic Ascension when we have the opportunity to do it in this lifetime.

Isn't that what we came here for?

That leaves one question, why does someone want to prevent you from completing Cosmic Ascension? Why are you letting someone interfere with your Cosmic Ascension?

There are many messages out there, and some of them actually do give you some clues, but many are saying you are already there. Why is this?

Just remember you have choices, and your choice is what matters.

In the Law of One


through Petra Margolis

18 Mart 2009 Çarşamba

Ascension series - Violet Fire Disc of Light

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

As we have just finished up the Ascension series - 18 rays, both Cosmic and Planetary, I have been led to have a couple of calls with a few discs of light.

These discs of light are very powerful and work on clearing many layers of our bodies and higher aspects of self.
As we are working on many layers and dimensions of ourselves the technologies that work are different than before. Many of the rays are cosmic energies that can clear blockages on many levels.

The first class will be working with the violet fire disc of light and the Christ consciousness disc.
The second class we will be working with the sapphire blue disc of light and the orange sherbet disc of light.
There may be a few more. I will see what Creator has in store for us.

Love to everyone, Sherry

The cost for this conference call is $ 35.00
sign up here

16 Mart 2009 Pazartesi

Choosing the Energy Jennifer Hoffman-Uriel Heals

Choosing the Energy

The cycle of completion we are entering is the end of the era of the 'human human' and the beginning of the 'spiritual human'. And we are here because we collectively chosen to raise our vibrations and become open to new and higher energetic levels. There are many alternatives available to us, to end karma, create closure with soul group relationships, allow new soul group connections and manifest with intention instead of karma. This is a quantum leap forward in how we interact with and manage energy that allows us to consciously choosing our completion cycles, how they will transpire and where we will focus our energy.

The dense energy of the past and low vibrations limited us to creating our reality at the karmic level. Each new energy shifts creates an opening into higher levels that brings us to this exciting moment in our evolution where we can interact energetically with others and with the Universe in ways that have not been accessible to us before. Now we have choices as to how we will direct our energy and use our co-creative abilities in ways that serve our ascension, becoming masters on the human and spiritual levels.

At these higher vibrations we become managers of our energy, setting its course and direction and where we will put its focus. We can choose how we will participate in our own healing, whether we will help others heal, who is part of that process and when it is finished. The cycles of completion occur when we are ready for them and closure occurs when our intention has been realized. It is our intention that creates the template for the completion process and we are in control of every step of this journey. Our intention is foundation for the conscious and deliberate use of our energy to manifest our reality, into the past for healing or grounded in the present moment, to create miracles.

We can wait for direction and guidance from the Universe but at this energetic level, we are free to do whatever we choose to do with our energy. Our ability to manifest our personal heaven on earth has never been greater. We are complete with ourselves, our karmic ties, our healing promises and soul contracts. These are exciting times, full of promise and new beginnings, which are created from the endings we allow to happen. Step consciously into the completion cycle you are creating, knowing that each ending creates an opportunity for a brilliant new beginning and the manifestation of your dreams.

The Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show
The next Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, March 18 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. We will discuss the latest newsletter and I will give free short readings to callers, call in at 718-664-6504. Click
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I am a guest on the Spiritual Pilot show on Tuesday, March 17 beginning at 4:30PM US Central time. Join us for an Archangel Uriel channel and information from the Council of 12.

Messages from Sirius SaLuSa 16-March-2009

SaLuSa 16-March-2009

It helps your spiritual progress if you can accept that you live an illusory life, that is far removed from your true reality. Duality is the result of lowering your vibrations and dropping into the denser realms, where your consciousness becomes dimmed. Although still of the Light you find it difficult to create, but nevertheless you do attract to yourselves that which you envision and desire. In the lower levels there are also influences that encourage you to think of yourself as separated from your Higher Self. As a result, for many their Light becomes diffused and they come to believe they suffer from lack, and are cut off from God. However, once you realize that you can never lose that link, you can make your own way back by creating a pathway to the Light. Teachers can help with their guidance, but it is up to you to decide exactly how you bring yourself back into it.

It is only natural that when you become “lost” you seek help, but often those who you approach do not themselves have the answers. There is also the possibility that organized groups that teach you their way, are not always taking an honest approach, and would rather keep you captive to their beliefs. Regretfully, this can also mean creating conditions that make you fearful of leaving them. However, it must be borne in mind that wherever you find yourself, it has been by your choice and therefore lessons are there for you to learn. At various times in past lives you have moved from one group to another in your search for the truth. Gradually your consciousness has moved into a state of awareness where you are able to be more discerning, and begin to find your own path to the truth.

What you begin to grasp is that there is only the One Truth, and that all truth is within. Having reached that point you begin to create your own reality, which is projected into your future. Outer happenings cannot interfere with your new found confidence, to which you can be a bystander if you so desire. Your future is in your own hands and you will gravitate to others who share your vision. There is certainly gratification in finding that you are not alone in your views. A prerequisite to understanding the truth is a belief in a Creator, as without acceptance of the existence of a higher intelligence and creative force, you can hardly begin to move onto a spiritual path. Therefore it does not matter if you believe that you were made in the image of God, thus assuming God has a human form. It is important to understand that life is the creation of a super intelligence that is the source of All, and essential to your development of an understanding of the Oneness of All Life.

Next will come your realization that life is infinite, and that you have many lives experiencing for the benefit of your spiritual evolution. They take you along many paths as you meander through different sets of beliefs. On an ongoing basis your consciousness continually grows, until it is clear that you have become enlightened. The mysteries of life become understood and experiences in the physical realms are seen as simply stepping-stones to an even greater understanding. The great awakening comes with the realization that if you are of God, then you are also a god in the making. Suddenly the whole vista of opportunity opens as you claim your sovereignty, and intuitively come to know that you have creative powers.

There may also come the realization that your home is not on Earth, but with your family from the stars. That will grow and become clearer as you embrace the messages of the many Space Beings that come nearer to Earth with each day that passes. Clearly there is intent and reason behind such contacts as this one, and you will find a common thread that links them through the approaching end of this cycle. It is but the beginning of another journey through Ascension that will take you back into the higher dimensions from whence you originally came. The suggestion that you are far greater than you imagine will come to be accepted by you, and without any egotistical feelings. This is natural as your sub-consciousness holds deep memories of the different times, when you were what may now be known as your future selves.

What is unfolding on Earth is an awakening process that enables you to comprehend the importance of these times, when you are being offered the opportunity to ascend. You are in no way bound to Earth inasmuch that you can still lift up into the higher dimensions. The Earth has its pull as after all you have lived through many lives where you have been perfectly happy. You have also had your share of different experiences, and many mixed feelings. Ascension will by far exceed them, and even your most exotic dreams of Utopia. The higher realms are not some heavenly abode of non-action, but ones that are very much alive and reverberating with energy. It is not clouded by the lower energies because they cannot exist at such levels, and life is therefore constantly fulfilling and magical compared to anything you have known.

It cannot be a difficult choice to make between your present existence, and the promise of all that is represented by the higher dimensions. Each of you has that choice to make, and no one is denied it or disadvantaged in any way. Set aside your fears and calmly consider the great importance of the next few years. As they progress, so it will become very clear as to where Humanity is heading. Certainly with our coming, you will learn of our link with you and your past history. Also of our continuing presence through the comparatively short period before Ascension, when we shall assist you in many ways. It does not stop there, as together we will in some instances journey back to our homes amongst the stars, or commence another cycle of experience that will open up the Cosmos to us. Again such decisions are yours, and we will be on hand to guide you in accordance with your evolutionary plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and you will understand that our mission has many facets, and First Contact is a vitally important part of it. Before much longer we expect a declaration that will enable disclosure of our presence. Once it can be acknowledged officially, we can then set about more open contact. The dark will oppose such revelations about us, as in so doing you will learn how they have suppressed our presence and the love we came to offer.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

13 Mart 2009 Cuma

Messages from Sirius - SaLuSa 13 March 2009

SaLuSa 13-March-2009.

Dear Ones you are edging along as the coming changes become more apparent, and this year will see the outworking of a number of them. The financial situation will settle into a new system but it will be in stages, and proof of the inadequacy of the old one will become quite clear. As has often been said, you cannot go back to the earlier systems with all of their flaws and lack of unaccountability. In many sectors of industry there will have to be much more openess and honesty than previously experienced. There will also have to be adequate regulations in place to ensure fair-trading, and control over grossly unnecessary profits. All these coming changes are in the pipeline, but just cannot be applied without sensible and correct timing.

Meantime you will have to prepare yourselves for some uncomfortable periods of adjustment and inconvenience, that are unavoidable in the circumstances. Therefore, keep your focus on the reasons that changes are occurring, and know that it will all work out to your best advantage. They will ensure that your sovereignty is restored to levels you have not experienced. If you reflect on what has happened in the past, you may be astonished that you allowed others to take over your governments and the key institutions. However, the dark have long worked at their plan for control, without you hardly noticing the gradual loss of your power and freedom that has gone on for several centuries. Now your understanding is growing, as more details are being brought to the surface that shows where and how your trust has been misused. The dark forces are being revealed for what they are, and cannot now take back their power. People power remains the most potent weapon against the dark, and you are beginning to come together in a concerted effort to have them removed.

The fact is that all of your experiences are invaluable as far as your evolution is concerned. Nothing is ever lost, but nevertheless you do not have to carry forward the precise circumstances of them. Each of you has had lives where you have dropped into the lower energies. There are times that you would rather put down to experience and will erase the actual memory of them. There is no judgement of times where you have gone astray, and that is reserved for your consideration. Thus allowing such experiences to benefit you, so that you can lift yourselves up and put those periods behind you. Duality has been all about the battle between the Light and dark, and therefore you will have touched both sides many times.

Some Dear Ones still struggle to rise up from the lower vibrations, and rather than condemnation they need help to see beyond what they are experiencing. Sometimes they look outside of themselves for guidance, but they cannot always find the right solution to move out of the mindset they are in. They are held in old beliefs that were deliberately put out to achieve that very purpose. Be sympathetic and compassionate, remembering that you too have passed through a similar period. Nothing can take away the God spark that resides within each soul, and that Light can be rekindled. The awakening of their awareness may be slow but once it opens up their mind to new concepts, a true understanding of the purpose of life will emerge.

Certainly in these present times, much emphasis is put on making information available to any seeking soul. There is so much available, but not all is accurate and it does require care to select your reading very carefully. Intuition is still your best guide, and true information will resonate with you. However, an open mind is essential as you may find yourself at odds with it. Remember that your consciousness is the total product of many, many lives and it cannot just change overnight. If you follow your intuitive feelings, you will find that you will be led to those people, books and literature that will set you on the right tracks. Those of you reading these messages are seeking the higher truth, and we view these as vital in the preparation for First Contact. It is an event that will take place regardless of any other happenings, and is a very important step in your progress towards reunion with your Space family.

2012 will remain a key date in the process of Ascension, and highlights a point that will see a great upliftment. Evolution does not of course simply stop as a result, as everything is in a continual flow, but it is the beginning of another stage of your journey into the higher realms. These are you true homes and befitting of the Cosmic Being that you are becoming. Life and everything associated with it will be completely at One with you, and provide you with all of your needs without the necessity to labor for them. Your powers of creation will by then have developed exponentially, and you will exercise your right to use them as you desire. By then, you will also have the level of understanding and responsibility that will ensure that they are not misused.

In reality, what are a few more years even if they are uncomfortable to go through, when compared with the prize that awaits you. Time is in any event continuing to speed up ever faster, and you will look back and acknowledge how quickly those years will have passed. Live now as you would see your future self, and let your love and Light fill the space around you without any restrictions. Each soul it touches will be uplifted, not that they would know from where it came. In so doing you will be helping immensely in increasing the Light upon Earth. Mother Earth also deserves your kind thoughts, and particularly your gratitude for her part in carrying you through this evolutionary period.

Unless you allow it nothing can really hurt you any longer, so face every problem with the strength of your knowing that all is progressing as planned. This interim period is for everyone’s benefit, and even those who are still oblivious to what is happening that affects each of their futures. You cannot be present as such a time without the surrounding events making a difference to your thinking. Even if you are not participating, you will still be an observer and those experiences will carry with you. It is hoped that what will register is the way in which the Light has worked its wonders, and overcome the dark forces ranged against it. We are never far away from you, and will ensure your final glorious victory. My friends, bear with us for a while as matters sort themselves out, and we will blanket you in our love to ease your concerns.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

11 Mart 2009 Çarşamba

Archangel Michael: The Portal of the Rose Transmitted Through Elanthra

Archangel Michael: The Portal of the Rose
Transmitted Through Elanthra
6 March.2009

Greetings dear Kindred Ones. It is I, your brother and comrade Archangel Michael, and I have come to you today to relay that The Portal Of The Rose has been anchored on the Earth. And know that this is a Throughway to Higher Dimensions and Higher Dimensional Frequencies, and A Portal Of Opportunity, Unconditional Love, Light, Magic and Beauty. All that is of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is housed here, and can be accessed through The Portal Of The Rose. Know that this is a Portal for Re-new-al of Hearts and of Lives and Souls. It is a Cosmic Wonderland that holds within it’s bosom treasures beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. The Portal is simply and easily accessible to those who are Open To It and Will It. One can access The Portal by Set Intention and Beckoning, and what a Merry-Go-Round adventure it will be! The New Earth is Ripe and Pregnant with Promise, Possibilities and Probabilities, and oh how palpable this energy is! Can you feel it?

Roses, manifesting in red, white, yellow and pink, come what may, have always represented Sacred Divine Love, and Love Manifests In Many Forms. The rose represents Fluidity, Flowing and Metamorphosis, and cycles from it’s seeding and budding right through to it’s manifestation of Divine Beauty, and when one passes or disseminates the rose, this energy is passed on and multiplies. Further to this, as it is a Law of the Universe, the initial sender is ultimately blessed, and the energy returns to them many-fold. The rose also symbolizes the Magical Cycle of Life, and the petals each represent a part of The Whole in all of their fragrant sensuality and floridness.

The Circle of Light/Life permeates this portal, and it contains the Divine Crystalline Energies of The Divine Heart of God and All That Is. And you already use the Circle of Light/Life for protection by visualizing it around yourselves and your homes as White, Golden, or Blue, etc. Flames or Rays of God. The Circle of Light/Life is represented throughout your Galaxy, appearing around planets and solar systems. It is a continuation of the Divine Sacred Love out of the Heart of One, the Unconditional Golden Love that is continuous and never-ending.

Are you ready to Awaken and Claim Your Divine Birthright – The Birthright to Peace, Health, Abundance and Prosperity, Mastership, Grace, Joy, Divine Love, and Creative Manifestation of All That Is To Your Highest Good As A Soul and Collective? Are you ready to Take The Centre Stage of Your Life?

The Universal Crone is here to relay that it is time to Emerge Out Of Your Cocoons And RE-SIZE. She invites you to Resize, Revamp, Rearrange and EXPAND Your Horizons.

The time for The Picking and The Harvest is nigh, and the opportunity is at hand. What works for you? What serves you? Retain that which works for you and Focus on What Serves You, and that which no longer serves you can be sent on it’s way. Are you ready to Choose and Focus on What Your Experience Will Be? If there is something in your world or your experience that you no longer want, then we suggest that you thank it and the Universe for the lessons that it has brought to you and move on. You may transmute the energy with St. Germain and The Violet Flame of Transmutation, and then Re-Create and Manifest That Which You Desire. It is that Simple. The time for claiming your Mastership is now, and the manifestations will occur that much sooner with the accelerating portals that allow the magical energies to vibrate that much quicker and become even more accessible to you all.

Many of you will be called to take the helm or the wheel of ‘The Ship’ in hand and steer, and know that the waters are florid and magical. What will you contribute and bring to the table? What effect will you make? What creative skills will you provide for the Team of One? We suggest that you provide that which comes readily to you, and that which gives you bliss. Are You Ready To Mount and Soar With Ease To Your Next Level of Evolution? And know that there are no right or wrong answers, only that which resonates or stems from your gut feeling and your Highest Self. We urge you to Go For It and Go For Rich. Let the new ideas be born, and let them emerge as a newborn babe upon the shore – ever-evolving and ever-flowing. And spirit will approach many of you, because many of you have already successfully and marvelously created these Projects Of The Light in the future – your creation already exists in the ‘Probable World.’

We are aware that many of you continue to undergo the ascension symptoms, such as extreme exhaustion, waking up during the night, digestive upset and sensitivity to lower vibrational energies as the cells of your body continue to transmute and cleanse and purge you of that which no longer serves you. We urge you to continue to use The Violet Flame of Transmutation to help with this process.

Many a songwriter, musician, painter and poet has tapped into this Portal and accessed what is known as IN-SPIR-AT-I-ON, and know that the possibilities are endless. We invite you to utilize the Universal Rainbow, which consists of the Divine Spirals and Rays/Flames of God.

Let The Portal Of The Rose serve as A Cosmic Offering. We invite you to receive your gift of Magic and Alchemy from the Universe Of One and yourselves, and oh how it is DE-SERVED! Come feast and thrive on the delights at hand, and there will be Many A Magical Moment. And just as the chipmunk tucks and stores away it’s chestnuts and seeds throughout the winter to retrieve them in the spring, so too you have endured the Winters and Dark Nights of Your Souls, and we are here to tell you that It Is Time For The Emerging Of The Springtime of Your Golden Hearts! And the dawn has sprung in full bloom with the offering of The Age of Aquarius.

It Is Time For Change, and we suggest the acronym of:

C – Clear and Focused

H - Hearts of Gold

A – Angels of the New Earth

N – Nation of One

G – Go 4 It!

E – Empowerment/Enlightenment and Enjoyment

May the Rays of the Rainbow permeate and bless every aspect of your lives, and the Rose Petals of Your Hearts multiply and flourish in bounteous, magical ways. Spread your wings and soar to the newest and untapped heights, and know that the future is rosy. May you enjoy your unique journey, and, yes, know that you are Courageous, Tenacious, Resilient and Strong.

Blessings and peace be to you always.
I AM, Archangel Michael

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Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *

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Call from Spiritual Hierarchy with Jesus & Mother Mary

Jesus and Mother Mary

Marlene Swetlishoff

March 9, 2009

Beloved Ones,

We wish today to speak to you about our request that the Dear Beloved Lightworkers of Earth begin to work in unison with us, from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are stepping up our activities upon the Earth and we need those who are based upon Earth to join with us to bring forth the changes that are required in the days ahead. We and you, Dear Ones, are the CHANGE that we want to be in this world so we are issuing the Call to all Lightworkers to join with us, working with us in decreeing to bring forth the changes in all facets of the Earth. This is how it will be accomplished, Dear Ones! There will be no miraculous intervention coming from outside this Earth. We ARE being assisted, yes, but the Will has to come from the Earth and the Will has to come from each Lightworker.

There is a Great Call now, Dear Ones, from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we ask you to heed this call. Look for those decrees that will accomplish many, many objectives of great change upon the Earth. There are several very excellent current focuses on this channel’s website and she will be posting more in the future. We need the Lightworkers to join with us in Unity by being willing to give of their energy each day to repeat these decrees with us. As you do this, because you are such powerful entities, as you join with us, as above and below, we create wondrous changes upon this world. The time of preparation is now over. The time for Action has begun. We ask you, Beloved Lightworkers, to join with us, we ask you Beloved Lightworkers, to heed our Call to Action in whichever way is most comfortable for each of you. We ask you to join with us to create the change that we want to see in this world.

It is very heartening to us to see all the Lights that are turning on upon the Earth plane, as those who are listening to their hearts connect with the Truth that lies within the decrees. They see the great possibility that exists within those decrees, they see the inherent power of giving of their Life energy to this each day and this in turn, is creating great good will between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Earth members, the Lightworkers. We are working in unison and the more of you who join with us, the more powerful of a Force we will become in the days ahead.

Do consider joining with us, Dear Ones. It is ALL a matter of choice. We can only state to you where we are in the Divine Plan and ask for your assistance, but you, Dear Ones, have the Free Will to choose.

We Love you and we are with you always, Dear Ones.

Jesus and Mother Mary

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Messages from Sirius - SaLuSa 11 March 2009

SaLuSa 11-March-2009

Events are speeding up, and although they will be impeded by those with an inferior plan for Man, their attempts will prove futile. It is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm, and it shall be vastly different from the old one. The energies of Light are now too powerful to be overshadowed by the dark, but they may achieve limited success. At worst we visualize stalling tactics, and mainly in the area of legality where progress is far too slow. As your President gathers more support around him, there will be a sharing of his beliefs where changes are necessary. It is early days to make any conclusions as to what will happen, but clear statements have been made as to the new direction you are headed. Those who hold onto the old ways are becoming agitated, and speak of remaining in the past which is no longer an option.

Note how a new enthusiasm is sweeping the world, and hopes are raised that souls of the Light can at last move into positions of authority. It is not easy to penetrate the web of collusion and corruption to remove those who stand in the way of change. Change there must be to restore the principles and rights of the people to be free. Undoing the shackles of the last century will take time, but at least you see the initial moves that will lead to positive and lasting changes. These will not favor any particular groups, but are intended for everyone regardless of color or creed. Freedom means the gift of freethinking and choice to follow your own path. We see it resulting in many groups coming together in their desire to lift Man up.

With the understanding of Oneness, and your recognition of the Creator Source, there shall be the breaking down of those barriers that have kept you apart. Instead of playing on your differences, a new approach will look for all that is common to Man. In a great unification of souls, they will acknowledge that there is only the One God of consuming Love and Light. You need not seek outside of yourself as all answers are within, and each of you is more than mere physical bodies. You are souls of Infinite Love and everlasting life, from the higher realms.

Now is the time to reach within and discover your true self. Release your fears, and trust in the Almighty Creator and the divine decree that offers you the opportunity to permanently leave duality. It is not your real home, but a holographic impression that has served your desire to experience outside of the Godhead. It has been for your gain, yet will also serve others who will follow your path. Those who by choice will decline the chance to ascend will continue in the lower dimension. Some of you will follow their progress because of your links with them, and may also act as guides to aid their spiritual advancement. Service to others is normal in the higher realms, and why we now stand ready to assist you in your time of need.

As the changes take effect, the physical aspects of life are the first to be addressed. It is largely up to you to put your spiritual understanding in order, and enlightened Beings are around you to give help. Seek out those who are on the Ascension pathway and have already found the answers, and use their knowledge for your benefit. However, follow your own intuition in all you do, with your Higher Self as your willing partner and Guide. The Light has never been as plentiful as now, and will continue to be beamed to Earth in more powerful waves. It is your golden opportunity to draw it yourself, and speed up the level at which your evolution progresses. There is just so much being done for you all, so that no one shall be able to say in truth that they did not have the same chances as anyone else. Believe in your invisible helpers, as there are many with you on your journey just waiting for you to acknowledge their presence.

If you feel weighted down by the pressures of life always try to set aside time for yourself. It is in those moments of release from them that you can contact those who are around you. Note any change in the energies that may signal their presence, and see if you can sense any meaning to them. Sometimes you need lifting up, or perhaps are unwell and this will attract their attention. You could be carrying a problem around with you that is difficult to solve, and they will impress you with a likely solution if you are receptive to them. In future times as your consciousness rises up the “invisible” will become visible to you, and you will glimpse those Beings who are close to you. Already some of you are beginning to see more clearly, and not with your physical eyes but through the lifting up your levels of consciousness.

Dear Ones, we more than understand your difficulties in coming to terms with the changes, but come they will and far better if you can allow for them. The old ways are not in alignment with the vision you have created for a better world. You have by and large experienced all that duality has to offer you, and it is time to move on. Why prolong it when such a wonderful opportunity is being presented to you, which will lift you up to astonishing heights? You all dream at times of a heavenly existence, where there is ever-present joy and happiness. What else could Ascension be but Heaven on Earth, yet beyond your wildest expectations? We speak of course of the new Earth after the cleansing and its restoration, ready for a new breed of Man who has become spiritually imbibed with Love and Light.

For those who have not yet experienced spiritual enlightenment, it is hard to convey in words how it affects the psyche. Difficult to explain what it is that instills a calmness and peace that is a delightful energy to experience. It is not just the knowing, but also its application in your life. Can you accept that all souls are equal in the eyes of God, and that all are loved beyond measure? Dispense with fear, and replace it with a faith that has the strength to carry you through the most testing personal traumas. Know that all will turn out satisfactory regardless of your experiences, and it will be in accordance with your life plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and most happy to be your contact at this time, Call on me mentally if you feel the need to do so, and I shall be pleased to help in whatever way I can. I will close with my loving blessings to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

10 Mart 2009 Salı

The Power of Will-Master El Morya and Archangel Michael through Natalie Glasson

The Power of Will-

Master El Morya and Archangel Michael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 09-03-09

As the will of the Creator becomes of greater influence in your life you feel a deeper unity and connection with the soul of the Creator, experiencing new feelings of stability and security, as if a divine hand is steering you to achieve magnificent accomplishments. The will of the Creator extends from the mind of the Creator. To be able to understand the thoughts of the Creator would be a magnificent experience; all would be able to truly accept the meaning of life on the Earth and the inner planes. In truth this is achievable but we will always only be able to access the most appropriate thoughts, ideas and understanding from the mind of the Creator for our own personal growth, this is because of the volume of light that we hold within our beings. Light is the essence of the Creator it can also manifest as a feeling, sensation and energy of love which holds within it a vast source of understanding, wisdom, enlightenment and awareness. The more that we expand our awareness the easier it is for us to accept the Creator’s divine intervention within our lives and minds. When we are open, holding a greater awareness, the will of the Creator can seem extremely obvious because we have accepted a greater volume of light and love within our being and have gained a greater unity with the Creator’s soul. In truth anchoring the will of the Creator and realising the guidance of the Creator within your being is to simply accept greater volumes of light and open your soul and mind with the intention of receiving guidance that will direct you along your correct path. Your correct path is the path or personal experiences that lead you to greater unity with the Creator’s soul, with the ability to hold higher vibrations of light within your physical body and soul; accepting your divine essence which is the Creator’s soul.

The lessons of the physical Earth school can seem so difficult at times but the Creator wishes everything to be easy and enjoyable for you and so when you open your mind, heart, body and soul to the Creator and accept the Creator’s light and love into your being, holding it within your being and allowing it to emanate from you, the Creator is able to assist you in the most perfect and appropriate way, incorporating the larger picture of the entire universe. You may then notice that situations that at first seemed impossible now manifest or are overcome with ease. To accept the will of the Creator is to open your being and reality to the influence, love and light of the Creator, allowing this powerful light and energy of love and wisdom to manifest within your soul. It is to diminish your controls and restrictions on your life and to follow the intuition, insights and instinct of your soul; which is a manifestation of the Creator.

We have established that by anchoring the love and light of the Creator into your soul you can allow the will of the Creator or the thoughts of the Creator to manifest and divinely intervene in your life but there is also a need at this times of accelerated evolution to hold the intention of anchoring the guidance for your reality and purpose onto the Earth into your being, it is akin to anchoring a higher accept or energy of the Creator into your being. With the focus of intention you will manifest the guidance that you desire from the Creator and your soul. When you invoke our energy, Master El Morya and Archangel Michael to assist you and align you to the first ray of light you are holding the intention that you wish for the guidance of the Creator to manifest within your reality and powerfully guide you to achieve the goals of your soul. The red ray of light is an representative and essence of the will of the Creator and so by invoking this energy, anchoring it within your being and emanating it into your aura and surroundings you are symbolising to the Creator that guidance on many levels is needed and that you are ready to embody the energy of the Creator in greater capacity. The energy of the Creator will then powerfully surge into your being and reality, dissolving all negative energy and blockages, drawing positive and needed energies into your being to add your advancement or anchor the will of the Creator into your life. Throughout your evolvement on the Earth and the inner planes you will be trying to decipher the will of the Creator, this is because every time you accept a higher vibration of energy, light and love you also receive a new source of wisdom which you must understand and integrate into your awareness, actions and reality. It is a constant process that will at times manifest confusion but will always and continuously bring forth clarity in new and exciting ways.

The will of the Creator holds many levels, for instance there is the level of accepting guidance which many are now trying to master, gaining small amounts of wisdom to build their faith, connection and understanding of the energy of the Creator within their lives. There is the level of contemplation, trying to contemplate the meaning of the Creator guidance, purpose and existence, at this level you are able to receive wisdom with greater ease but must devote more time to deciphering the many meanings of the information you receive, discovering how to integrate it into your reality. Then there is the level of complete understanding which simply means that you hold the will of the Creator within your being, understanding it, enacting it within your life and feeling at one or at peace with the Creator’s divine influence within your reality and existence within your soul.

As we have explained the first red ray of light can act as a focus and an intention for anchoring the will and guidance of the Creator into your being, it is therefore vitally important to anchor the will of the Creator into everything you do, constantly asking to be aligned with the red ray of powerful light to surge through your being, into your soul and reality. The red ray of light will not only powerfully nourish your soul but will activate new energies from within your being and create new positive alignments with appropriate energies of the Creator’s soul. The red ray energy will offer you the confidence that you need to achieve your goals, to fearlessly accept your purpose as a beacon and anchor of the Creator’s light and to courageously achieve more than you can ever imagine. The red energy not only opens your eyes to the possibilities within your own reality but the possibilities and abilities that you can amplify from within your being. The red ray will of the Creator unlocks the truth. We believe that this is extremely important now on the Earth within the realities of many; it is to discarded unneeded energies, beliefs and habits and open your eyes to new challenges that are now achievable because of your greater unity and connection with the Creator’s soul and guidance. It is important now for the will and guidance of the Creator to be a powerful influence in your life now.

With a simple intention you can anchor the will of the Creator into your being, ‘I am the will of the Creator, the will of the Creator positively and lovingly influences every action I make in my reality.’

As you ask for this alignment, imagine or acknowledge the red energy flowing into your body at the top of your head, flowing and melting into your entire body, soul, aura and surroundings. Allow yourself to bathe in the most appropriate vibration of red first ray will light for you and know that while you are doing so you are anchoring the consciousness of the Creator deep into your mind, the courage and positive thoughts of the Creator as well as the insights and idea of the Creator for your reality and the greater evolvement of the Earth. Experiencing the red ray of light can empower your being, create a sanctuary for greater wisdom and enlightenment to pour from your soul and allow new opportunities to manifest within your life and reality. It is important to accept the energy of the Creator and hold the will of the Creator within your being and mind, lovingly acting as a beacon of love while accepting the divine plans of the Creator. This can bring forth a greater inner peace, allowing many negative habits and energies of the personality to fall away allowing the soul to exist in greater manifestation.

Next week we will bring forth a special meditation to further your acceptance of the first ray energy and the will of the Creator, for now we wish for you to devote your time to bathing within the first ray light with our assistance.

With much love and blessings,

Master El Morya and Archangel Michael

Best wishes and blessings,


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