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This coming Sunday March 29 at 9:30pm EST,
we are having a new workshop

The Goddess within has many names. She is the Great Goddess, the Mother Goddess, and the Star Goddess. She is the ground of all existence.

She is the pregnant void that exists in the blackness between the stars and beyond the subatomic particles. She is the quantum field of all potentiality, and the mother of everything that has taken form in this universe.

She is also the Divine energy that lives within each human body, known as the Kundalini.

Reawakening Her is the Great Work of this millennium . . . the spiritual act which can save the physical world.

And we awaken the Great Goddess not only "out there," but within each of us.

This is how she regains her place and power in the world.

Have You Met The Goddess Within?

It's not enough to think about the Goddess. It's important to meet her, to know her intimately.
This is the complement to spiritual enlightenment.
And it's also indescribably wonderful to know the Goddess personally. It's the wellspring of joy, of love, of meaning.
How do you bring this to life within you? There are lots of ways to invoke the Goddess Within, worship Her, and become aware of Her existence within you.

Through guided mediation we will connect to our own DIVINE GODDES, after this we will again through guided meditation build a stronger connection and ask our own DIVINE GODDESS what she represents and what her gifts are for you.

The cost for this workshop is $ 49.00
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Why should I know about Goddesses?

For women, understanding the long tradition of Goddess religion strengthens your connection with your own spiritual essence, regardless of what faith you belong to. Seeing the Goddess within, helps women to appreciate their own power, skill, heritage, and beauty. Honoring the Goddess can teach us to celebrate all the stages of life. An awareness that the Goddess lives in you, can strengthen inner knowings about life, love, nature, nurturing and creativity. Women who are deeply connected with their Goddess essence are better able to make desired changes in themselves, their communities, and the world. For men, a connection with the Goddess allows them to accept and acknowledge their desire and need for nurturing, protection and the acceptance of a loving female presence. Claiming the Goddess energy within himself, helps a man to be a more balanced lover, companion and father. It also frees men from the cultural pressure to always be in control.

What makes the Goddess important?

Today, our world is getting smaller and our actions have the power to effect more and more people, (as you well know being on the Internet.) Our environment is threatened by too many years of human carelessness. In the past fifteen years scientists have started to call the earth Gaia, after the Greek Goddess, because they have realized that we are all connected to the earth and we are all dependant upon each other for survival. Calling the earth Gaia, reminds us all that She is our ever- bountiful Mother. A reverence for female principles and Goddess consciousness helps to put us all in touch with the beauty and magic of nature and her creatures. Understanding the nature of the Gaia, and other Goddesses, is a way of expanding our respect for the environment, and balancing the male and female energies of the Universe.

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