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Call from Spiritual Hierarchy with Jesus & Mother Mary

Jesus and Mother Mary

Marlene Swetlishoff

March 9, 2009

Beloved Ones,

We wish today to speak to you about our request that the Dear Beloved Lightworkers of Earth begin to work in unison with us, from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are stepping up our activities upon the Earth and we need those who are based upon Earth to join with us to bring forth the changes that are required in the days ahead. We and you, Dear Ones, are the CHANGE that we want to be in this world so we are issuing the Call to all Lightworkers to join with us, working with us in decreeing to bring forth the changes in all facets of the Earth. This is how it will be accomplished, Dear Ones! There will be no miraculous intervention coming from outside this Earth. We ARE being assisted, yes, but the Will has to come from the Earth and the Will has to come from each Lightworker.

There is a Great Call now, Dear Ones, from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we ask you to heed this call. Look for those decrees that will accomplish many, many objectives of great change upon the Earth. There are several very excellent current focuses on this channel’s website and she will be posting more in the future. We need the Lightworkers to join with us in Unity by being willing to give of their energy each day to repeat these decrees with us. As you do this, because you are such powerful entities, as you join with us, as above and below, we create wondrous changes upon this world. The time of preparation is now over. The time for Action has begun. We ask you, Beloved Lightworkers, to join with us, we ask you Beloved Lightworkers, to heed our Call to Action in whichever way is most comfortable for each of you. We ask you to join with us to create the change that we want to see in this world.

It is very heartening to us to see all the Lights that are turning on upon the Earth plane, as those who are listening to their hearts connect with the Truth that lies within the decrees. They see the great possibility that exists within those decrees, they see the inherent power of giving of their Life energy to this each day and this in turn, is creating great good will between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Earth members, the Lightworkers. We are working in unison and the more of you who join with us, the more powerful of a Force we will become in the days ahead.

Do consider joining with us, Dear Ones. It is ALL a matter of choice. We can only state to you where we are in the Divine Plan and ask for your assistance, but you, Dear Ones, have the Free Will to choose.

We Love you and we are with you always, Dear Ones.

Jesus and Mother Mary

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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