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Greetings, beloveds. You came into this world as master creators. You were born in the image and likeness of your Creator and as such you too are creators, master creators. It is a matter of remembering dear ones - remembering the art and science of creation.

First you must be very clear about what it is you want to create. Then you must believe that you can create what you envision and are worthy of your creation. The next step is to let go of your creation and release attachment to the outcome. Allow the Universe to combine all the necessary synchronistic events in order to bring forth your creation into your physical world. When and if doubt arises because your dream is not manifesting quickly enough, recall the feeling of joy and satisfaction of having your desire, as if you already have it.
Financial prosperity is a vibration, dear ones. Financial prosperity is a vibration of financial prosperity. You are emanating a vibration at all times. The question we ask you dear ones is; are you sending a vibration of financial prosperity or something less? The key to bringing forth what you desire is in your vibration. Look within and consider this question? Are you going about your day emitting an energy pattern of confidence in your financial situation? If not, you will be receiving something less than the monetary abundance you seek.

Look to your feelings as you go about your day. Look to your feelings as you encounter a need to spend money. Look to your feelings, your thoughts and your vibration as you go about your daily tasks. Are you feeling good, are your feeling confident, are you feeling secure, are your feeling appreciative? Are you feeling comfortable with life? Are you content? If you are not sending forth positive frequency patterns via your emotions, you will not be manifesting that which you desire, because your vibrations do not match your desires. Your energetic signature will always match your life experience.

Your feelings must match your desires, as if you already have what you envision. These feelings cannot be contrived. You cannot fool the universe. Your vibration is what you are emanating to the universe and this cannot be faked. You can change your energy pattern in the blink of an eye by changing your thoughts and feelings, dear ones. You can change your vibration quite easily and by changing your vibration you change your circumstances. You can tell if you are sending a positive signal by how you feel. If you feel uplifted you are sending a positive signal and if you feel uncomfortable, bad or off-center you are sending a different signal to the Universe.

As you go about each moment of your day make a commitment that you will only embrace thoughts that enable you to send a positive supportive vibration to the universe and your life will change accordingly.

If you feel doubt arise embrace the feeling, then bring forth a feeling of confidence, a feeling of security, a feeling of being prosperous and a feeling of embracing life as you go joyfully and confidently about your day.

If you are experiencing ANYTHING less than prosperity and abundance in your life, then you have the ability to change this by changing your energy pattern, which can be changed with your thoughts and feelings.

Do you believe that you can do this? If not, you will not be able to do it. You must believe that you are capable of changing your circumstances, then take action and do it.

We encourage you to go about your day feeling confident, feeling prosperous and feeling joyful. It is a choice. It is your choice, and by making this choice you determine the quality of your life. You are in control dear ones, whether you know it or not. At this very moment you are creating your life and you can change your life by changing your vibration. How? Every thought and action creates a vibrational pattern, whether positive or negative. Change your vibration and you will change your life.

What do you want your life to look like? Be very clear about what it is you want; see it and feel it and continue doing so until it manifests in your life. Let go of your attachment to the outcome. Anticipate living the life you envision for yourself or even something better and wait for it to manifest without concern about how or when it happens. Just pay attention to your vibration, to the signal you are sending to the universe. That is all you need to do dear ones. By feeling good you are bringing good fortune into your life.

Ask for our help and we will be there as you travel along your journey.

You are loved beyond your knowing dear one.


Notes from Randy

Vibration: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced

Source: Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary

The topic of this month's message is about financial prosperity, but the same principles apply to anything you want to create in your life.

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