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Archangel Michael: The Portal of the Rose Transmitted Through Elanthra

Archangel Michael: The Portal of the Rose
Transmitted Through Elanthra
6 March.2009

Greetings dear Kindred Ones. It is I, your brother and comrade Archangel Michael, and I have come to you today to relay that The Portal Of The Rose has been anchored on the Earth. And know that this is a Throughway to Higher Dimensions and Higher Dimensional Frequencies, and A Portal Of Opportunity, Unconditional Love, Light, Magic and Beauty. All that is of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is housed here, and can be accessed through The Portal Of The Rose. Know that this is a Portal for Re-new-al of Hearts and of Lives and Souls. It is a Cosmic Wonderland that holds within it’s bosom treasures beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. The Portal is simply and easily accessible to those who are Open To It and Will It. One can access The Portal by Set Intention and Beckoning, and what a Merry-Go-Round adventure it will be! The New Earth is Ripe and Pregnant with Promise, Possibilities and Probabilities, and oh how palpable this energy is! Can you feel it?

Roses, manifesting in red, white, yellow and pink, come what may, have always represented Sacred Divine Love, and Love Manifests In Many Forms. The rose represents Fluidity, Flowing and Metamorphosis, and cycles from it’s seeding and budding right through to it’s manifestation of Divine Beauty, and when one passes or disseminates the rose, this energy is passed on and multiplies. Further to this, as it is a Law of the Universe, the initial sender is ultimately blessed, and the energy returns to them many-fold. The rose also symbolizes the Magical Cycle of Life, and the petals each represent a part of The Whole in all of their fragrant sensuality and floridness.

The Circle of Light/Life permeates this portal, and it contains the Divine Crystalline Energies of The Divine Heart of God and All That Is. And you already use the Circle of Light/Life for protection by visualizing it around yourselves and your homes as White, Golden, or Blue, etc. Flames or Rays of God. The Circle of Light/Life is represented throughout your Galaxy, appearing around planets and solar systems. It is a continuation of the Divine Sacred Love out of the Heart of One, the Unconditional Golden Love that is continuous and never-ending.

Are you ready to Awaken and Claim Your Divine Birthright – The Birthright to Peace, Health, Abundance and Prosperity, Mastership, Grace, Joy, Divine Love, and Creative Manifestation of All That Is To Your Highest Good As A Soul and Collective? Are you ready to Take The Centre Stage of Your Life?

The Universal Crone is here to relay that it is time to Emerge Out Of Your Cocoons And RE-SIZE. She invites you to Resize, Revamp, Rearrange and EXPAND Your Horizons.

The time for The Picking and The Harvest is nigh, and the opportunity is at hand. What works for you? What serves you? Retain that which works for you and Focus on What Serves You, and that which no longer serves you can be sent on it’s way. Are you ready to Choose and Focus on What Your Experience Will Be? If there is something in your world or your experience that you no longer want, then we suggest that you thank it and the Universe for the lessons that it has brought to you and move on. You may transmute the energy with St. Germain and The Violet Flame of Transmutation, and then Re-Create and Manifest That Which You Desire. It is that Simple. The time for claiming your Mastership is now, and the manifestations will occur that much sooner with the accelerating portals that allow the magical energies to vibrate that much quicker and become even more accessible to you all.

Many of you will be called to take the helm or the wheel of ‘The Ship’ in hand and steer, and know that the waters are florid and magical. What will you contribute and bring to the table? What effect will you make? What creative skills will you provide for the Team of One? We suggest that you provide that which comes readily to you, and that which gives you bliss. Are You Ready To Mount and Soar With Ease To Your Next Level of Evolution? And know that there are no right or wrong answers, only that which resonates or stems from your gut feeling and your Highest Self. We urge you to Go For It and Go For Rich. Let the new ideas be born, and let them emerge as a newborn babe upon the shore – ever-evolving and ever-flowing. And spirit will approach many of you, because many of you have already successfully and marvelously created these Projects Of The Light in the future – your creation already exists in the ‘Probable World.’

We are aware that many of you continue to undergo the ascension symptoms, such as extreme exhaustion, waking up during the night, digestive upset and sensitivity to lower vibrational energies as the cells of your body continue to transmute and cleanse and purge you of that which no longer serves you. We urge you to continue to use The Violet Flame of Transmutation to help with this process.

Many a songwriter, musician, painter and poet has tapped into this Portal and accessed what is known as IN-SPIR-AT-I-ON, and know that the possibilities are endless. We invite you to utilize the Universal Rainbow, which consists of the Divine Spirals and Rays/Flames of God.

Let The Portal Of The Rose serve as A Cosmic Offering. We invite you to receive your gift of Magic and Alchemy from the Universe Of One and yourselves, and oh how it is DE-SERVED! Come feast and thrive on the delights at hand, and there will be Many A Magical Moment. And just as the chipmunk tucks and stores away it’s chestnuts and seeds throughout the winter to retrieve them in the spring, so too you have endured the Winters and Dark Nights of Your Souls, and we are here to tell you that It Is Time For The Emerging Of The Springtime of Your Golden Hearts! And the dawn has sprung in full bloom with the offering of The Age of Aquarius.

It Is Time For Change, and we suggest the acronym of:

C – Clear and Focused

H - Hearts of Gold

A – Angels of the New Earth

N – Nation of One

G – Go 4 It!

E – Empowerment/Enlightenment and Enjoyment

May the Rays of the Rainbow permeate and bless every aspect of your lives, and the Rose Petals of Your Hearts multiply and flourish in bounteous, magical ways. Spread your wings and soar to the newest and untapped heights, and know that the future is rosy. May you enjoy your unique journey, and, yes, know that you are Courageous, Tenacious, Resilient and Strong.

Blessings and peace be to you always.
I AM, Archangel Michael

Universal Copyright ©2009 – Elanthra, Live with Light – Please feel free to duplicate and distribute, provided that this channeling is duplicated in it’s entirety, nothing is altered in any way, all links are included, and no money is exchanged.

Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *

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