28 Mart 2009 Cumartesi


As you Remember your History,
you Create the Future

Greetings Dear Ones,

As you remember the past you create the future.

You came from source all the way down to the 3rd dimensional reality, the density where you knew you would lose your consciousness.

When you left Source you started dropping little breadcrumbs, to find your way back as you knew you would get lost.

These little breadcrumbs represent your consciousness, as they represent many lifetimes where you went through experiences, good or bad.

All the good and bad is gone and only the breadcrumbs, all that you learned is there for you to pick up on your way home.

As you have reached zero point, the point of return and you are on your way home to where you started, to what you were before you came here.
You pick up the breadcrumbs and become that whole being again.

To fully embrace your own history, not the history of men described in all your history books, NO, your own history, as you have lived it through all your lifetimes.

Through this history you find your way home and create your future.
You find your history in your own book of life, the book you wrote on your way here and that is being kept safe in the Akasha for when you were ready to return.

All these little breadcrumbs are written in your own book of life that is waiting for you, so you can restore to full consciousness on your way home.
So you can fully awaken on earth, while you stay on earth as you return consciously to your own God Self, becoming one with all that is and bringing heaven on earth right now.

All you have to do is pick up those little breadcrumbs that you left for yourself to find that way home.


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