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Mother Mary - Shine Your Light

Mother Mary - Shine Your Light

sheryl pedersen

I have asked to speak to you today and my scribe has agreed, although a bit reluctantly because she knows that something is up with us in the spirit realm today.

All of you who are reading these words are amazing beings of light and yet, so many of you do not know this to be true. You are hiding out, staying out of sight and keeping yourselves small. My message to you today is that you need to stop doing this. Your planet needs your light right now – and I mean NOW.

So much energy was released to planet earth with the 10-10-10 opening and the download of light to the planet, yet this energy has not yet been fully anchored in. Until it is anchored it, it can not be emanated from you, the receptors of this light energy and shared with the world that is in need of this energy today.

This is a somewhat urgent matter as there are forces at work with the intent to keep things exactly as they are, the people who hold the purse string so to speak. When people stay afraid, powerless and hidden, it is really easy to control the masses. This balance of power is shifting and as it shifts some people will scramble to take back power.

To balance this, more light is needed in every corner of the globe. It’s not about doing anything special, it’s about being the specialness that you already are. This shift is knowing your light and letting it shine out into the world.

Shining light can be helping you neighbour with a job that needs doing, it can be smiling at the child who looks distressed, it can be giving a thank you and a compliment to a clerk in a store, it can be letting the car get into the line ahead of you. All of this is spreading the light. And as you shine light on others, they tend to pass it along, making the world energetically lifted up.

It starts with you acknowledging that you are connected to the source of light, to God, the angels, the universe, your spirit guides or however you choose to call having a connection with the divine. Just knowing you are connected and being open to acting as a channel for this divine energy is the first step.

Step 2 is bringing this light out into the world. You do this through your everyday activities. It’s as simple as acknowledging this connection each day by doing a prayer, meditation or ritual that reminds you of this connection.

Step 3 is taking action based on the knowledge that you do have this connection, doing what a divine being would do at all times, sharing the light that you are.

This simple change in how you face each day will make a huge difference in the world around you. What you are in fact doing is being the eyes, voice and hands of the divine here on earth. This is what you are all here to do, to bring the light of the divine into your world.

Where we are seeing one block is that many of you are not making a conscious connection daily and many of you are hiding out, staying small, acting shy and limiting what you do to make a positive impact in the world. Many of you are so afraid to stand out by doing things differently, that you just stay hidden.

It is like the old sunday school song about hiding your light under a bushel. Now is the time to say, “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine.” for that is the need of the planet, every one of you doing your part to shine. This will make a difference, not only for you, but for everyone and everything around you.

Let go of the fears of being seen or standing out in the crowd for in a world of pain and sorrow, being happy and kind and bright is not usually the norm. We are asking you to help create a new norm for your world by modeling what it is like to live life with a connection to the divine, sharing the love and the light that you are.

So consider making these small but important changes to your daily routine. Tune in to the divine and share the energy of the divine with those around you through everything that you do. Simple and yet profound.

Thanks to all of you who choose to do this simple work for that is the role of a lightworker.

Blessings, Mary, your divine mother

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Message From Archangel Michael, November 2010..."A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation" through Michelle Coutant

Message From Archangel Michael, November 2010..."A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation"

Michelle Coutant

Message From Archangel Michael, November 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation”

Dear Ones,

In these magnificent times of great change, always remember that we are here with you. Those of the higher realms are here with you in every Now Moment. We have never left you. It is the illusion of the third dimensional frequency that leads you to believe that you are alone. In each Now Moment, when you stray from the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and return your consciousness into your Sacred Heart. Return to this love, beloved ones. It is here in your heart that you find your deepest connection to your God Self. It is within your heart that you will find your deepest connection to all of the beings of the higher realms who are here to assist you. Never doubt that we are with you. We are all One. We are the All That Is. Every soul on earth is the All That Is. Let us assist you with a meditation to bring you into this consciousness and this awareness. When you are feeling lost and struggling and disconnected, as many of you are experiencing in these changing times, sit down in meditation and bring yourself to the oneness of your connection with all life, your earth and above all your God Self and the Cosmos, the Cosmic Heartbeat.

Dear ones, prepare yourselves and breathe deeply. You may enjoy lighting a candle and listening to soft music to prepare yourself for the ease and grace of this connection. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Bring your awareness into your Sacred Heart. Feel this love, feel the beauty, the harmony, the oneness. This is you, dear ones. This is the love of your Sacred Heart. It is the All that Is; it is your God Self and your connection to all Creation. Sit quietly and feel the glory, the wonder of this love….. Now, allow your Sacred Mind to meld and expand and become one with your Sacred Heart. Expand your Sacred Heart until the two are one. There is no separation. It is only an illusion to you dear ones, that they are separate. Blend them into one. Blend your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your superconscious mind into one, with your Sacred Heart. Breathe and be, simply allowing this oneness of Self to permeate your being…..

And now, dear ones, expand your Sacred Heart and Mind, as one, expand to fill yourself, your field, breathe and take the time you need..… Now breathe and expand your Sacred Heart/Mind, to include, and fill mother earth, and all life forms upon earth….. Your Sacred Heart/ Mind, you, are one consciousness with the earth and all life forms. Your consciousnesses have no separation. All are one, all connected.

Now, as you breathe and take the time to feel the blessedness of this connection, feel the love, as One, with earth, every soul, every life form. All is consciousness, all is love…..

Breathe deeply and expand this awareness. Gently expand this awareness, to include your solar system. You have expanded from your Self on earth to the solar awareness, of your divine Oneness. Sit quietly and be aware of the planetary bodies all around you. Be aware of the sun, be aware of the love, of the consciousness, of the beings who fill your solar system with love, Your solar system is teeming with life dear ones, the love, and the joy and the abundance of the God Source. Feel this love, connect in with your sun, both the etheric and the physical sun, connect in with Helios and Vesta, your Solar Logos….. Connect in with the planetary bodies, and their etheric bodies…..

It is a grand expansion of love, and when you are ready, expand this love into the Galactic core, as Melchior, your Galactic Logos, stands ready to receive you. You are the expansion of all Creation, and we ask you to feel this love, this expansiveness, the Heartbeat of God. Sit quietly and feel the pulse of your heartbeat. Attune to it, begin to feel it pulse with mother earth and all life forms on your planet. Feel this Cosmic Heartbeat attune to your solar system, your planetary bodies, your sun, all consciousness….. Feel this pulse, beat within your galaxy. Attune to the Cosmic Heartbeat, as you expand…. Breathe deeply dear ones, and be this oneness, this attunement to the Cosmos and all Creation. Breathe deeply as you come home to this knowing.

Now breathe deeply and expand into the Universal core, as your beloved Universal Logos Melchizedek greets you, and you begin to attune to the universal pulse. As you attune to this pulse which is now one with your heartbeat, your solar expansion, your galactic expansion, feel this love, the wisdom, the radiation of good will, peace, harmony, abundance….. Feel this expansion of you, feel the oneness with all creation, as you incorporate the universal and now expand into multi universal levels….. All is One. All is the God Source. Breathe and feel this knowing. Be this knowing. Feel the pulse, the heartbeat of the Cosmos, the wisdom of the cosmos….. You are the Cosmos, you are this wisdom, you are one with all consciousness.

Expand once more dear ones, to include all levels of awareness, to include all levels of Source, to include the Mahatma. Feel the light of the Mahatma….. Feel the light of your I Am Presence….. Feel the light of, and the love of the angels, of the Archangels, of the Ascended Masters, the Council of Light….. Reaffirm and strengthen your Oneness, with these beings, that you have felt separated from. Draw your connection, and your understanding and wisdom of these beings, into Your Heart/Sacred Mind. Meld your consciousness, your very being, every aspect and facet of you, with these blessed beings, and the God Source…..

Now, allow the flow of you, to expand, and fill all creation….. This is you. There is no separation; there is only the One, the One Heart, the One Mind, the All That Is, all Creation, the Source. You are Source, as is all Creation….. Fill yourself with this knowing, this light. Draw in strength, courage, perseverance, wisdom, peace, harmony, and above all, unconditional love…..

Draw in the personality of God. Draw in just the right amount of the twelve Rays, for ease and grace, for you. Bask in the light of the Rays, bask in the unconditional love of the Sacred Heart/ Mind, the God Source, bask in the oneness with all Creation…..

Breathe and be home, dear ones….. Right where you are is home. It is Heaven. You agreed to bring Heaven to your beautiful planet earth, Heaven is within you. Expand it, be it, know it, and move into the state of beingness, of the One. Breathe, love, be in joy, and above all, remain in this One consciousness, remain in your Sacred Heart. This One consciousness is within you always, in the love of your Sacred Heart.

We of the higher realms are here to assist you, in the One consciousness, the Cosmic Heartbeat and Wisdom. Go within, and merge with us dear ones. Allow us to assist you.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to: www.transformingradiance.com.

Visit Michelle’s website at: www.transformingradiance.com

Email: michelle@transformingradiance.com

All my Love and Blessings,


White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

My daughters of the light - my sisters of the stars. Unbuckle the
humanness that keeps you so strapped in to all the roles that you once
played. The vibration and the energy of your light dazzles the
constellations that look down upon you. The wind is envious as it
blows through your hair and your life for it sees your beauteous
nature. It sees what you once were and what you yearn to become. Know
at this time and this vibration and this intersection of light and
life you are worthy of grandness that you have failed to become in the

You are a conjunction of all of your fears, of all of your dreams, of
all of your desires. You are conjunction of time and space and heaven
and hell. You are the destiny of this beauteous planet that you stand
upon. You hold the vibratory key that escorts so many into a portal, a
place of safety and it is in this place of safety that you will lift
them so they do not stumble. You will lift them by drinking for them,
by sleeping for them, by praying for them, by holding the fire light
for them. You will lift them in your song, in your laughter and in
your playful manner because that is what you have always done.

This life is a time of great joy, and for all of you in this room this
is your last time on earth as you know her. She is on her way to
becoming stellar of countenance, stellar of nature.

We ask you to embrace all those shortcomings that you try so hard to
cover and prevent others from seeing. We ask you to embrace and love
all the stupid things you do throughout the day and all the
imperfections that you wear so well, for all of nature is beautiful as
are you. The intertwining of the leaves, of the grass, of the wind and
of you is the most beautiful of dances. Your worth is priceless and in
that priceless vibration you need to embrace all the dreams within
your heart. Do not cut yourself short. Do not put on the brakes when
you yearn so deeply in your heart to fulfill desires that are a but a
tiny seed of creation waiting on being birthed.

The time to address all your fears is now. The time to move forward
wearing a badge of courage is now. The time to dream big is now. Do
not be afraid of the predictions, of prophecy, for the vibratory level
that you live in a safe place that is beyond the reach of what makes
others so fearful. You must believe without a shadow of doubt; look at
your shadow and embrace every part of her for you wear her because you
have earned her. Every valley of woe, of death and demise you have
walked through now comes to a point of reflection and in this
reflection there will be a collage of mirrors. Every angle you look at
you will see yourself differently and that is your gift.

You are every role that you have ever played and it comes together in
this place and this time. Do not be embarrassed by what has happened
to you in the past no matter what form that took in this life or
others. Fully clothe yourself in all the remnants of what once were
for they make you the multi-dimensional woman you are at this moment
of time.

You are not one flavor of She - you are every aspect of She. The next
three years bring you to a planetary situation that you have never
experienced before. There were no humans on the earth in the last
galactic conjunction and this is the first time a planet will go into
stardom with inhabitants upon her. Every role you have played serves
you well now. Every badge of courage, every fear, every power, every
shame is wrapped up in a cocoon of feminine light. Honor it and
understand it. The physical body must move forward to these shifts. It
will scream, it will kick and you will feel like you are dying. This
is all a game to keep you less than. You will walk through the fears,
the panic attacks, the angers, the devastating dreams and come to a
point of complete clarity. You will be the first people to do this.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I leave you in Honor.

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Complete Planetary Ascension NOW!!!!!

Complete Planetary Ascension

Dear Sevgi,

I had some questions from people in Europe to make this available in their timezone so here it is.

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We will be assisted by of course Kuthumi, but also Isis, Sananda and many more of the Ascended Beings of light.

This will be a personal experience for everyone, we are not going to look at how far you are and what is needed, we are going to finish it NOW!!!!

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22 Ekim 2010 Cuma

The Star Elders: Cleaning The Slate

The Star Elders: Cleaning The Slate
Channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Friday, 17 September, 2010 at Peru
============ ========= =========

The following is the first message that we received, during our most recent journey to the PERU, in Sept 2010. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Andes.

I will tune in now to see what is going on . . . (Pause)

What the Andean Masters are showing me is that we are now experiencing a huge blast of pure energy that is going to push us through a new door. We are walking in this new energy now. This energy is going to open us up to a new world. It is super quiet, subtle, and indefinable, so it is really hard to describe what I see that is going on. Last year, it was so completely clear what was going on. We had the invitation to make a Tipon Abundance Essence last year. The energy which we are feeling this year is brand new and something we have not experienced before. This is why we don't know how to label it.

The Andean Masters say that we have gone through a new door. This door opened about two to three weeks ago (late August). We have all shared about this shift and how we felt everything shift about two weeks ago. I was so pleased, because I knew that we were going to be in Peru in the first few days of this new energy. This new energy acts as a clean slate, and we must become clean slates to receive it.

When we walked into the site, we were welcomed by a condor flying overhead, and now four Lemurian healers that I work with have now shown up. They are tall, winged-like masters. They look somewhat extra-terrestrial- like with tremendous heart energy. I met them in Lake Titicaca in 1997 on the Island of the Moon. I had slipped into the Golden City. Once I realized that I was there, I surprised myself, and suddenly I came back out; but they followed me. So, every so often, when I work with people, and they see that they need heart work, they will come and work on people's hearts.

What they do is that they stretch our heart energy, so we can contain more of this new energy that is the pure expression of divine love. What they want to do is clean our slates, because we have entered a new door as of a few weeks ago, and we are still carrying some of the old world with us. What they would like to do is clean away all that belongs to the old world, if that is OK with you. All you have to do is go inside and invite them in to clean your slate. They don't say anything. They just work on stretching our heart energy out. You might feel this happening, or you might not. It doesn't matter; the work is being done. They want to clean out the old things that we are still holding on to; not that we intentionally wanted to hold onto them. Two to three weeks ago, in that old reality, all of your hearts were in good shape. But now, because we are in this new energy, we have another layer to clean up, so we can hold more of the higher frequency.

And there is something else they are showing me as they are cleaning us up here. They are asking if they can anchor us and help us put our feet down really strongly in this new world. From my view, it does not look like we are floating, but to the Lemurian healers, they say we are not anchored here in this new world . . . this new door way. We need to put our feet down here. We really need to anchor this new energy, and they want to help us with this today. You have to give them permission to do this inside your heart. They will not do anything against your free will. If you don't like the way it feels, you just tell them to lay off. They won't be insulted the slightest bit. It is up to you.

What they want to do is to integrate the vibration of the new world, which we are now stepping into, to match where we are now. In other words, they are going to make us a clean slate so as to imprint these new frequencies. This will raise our frequencies. I know a lot of you came with things that you wanted to let go off. It looks like this is an opportunity to get some assistance with this surrender of old patterns and memories.

OK . . . (pause) something else is coming in . . . I see a valley . . . a deep valley. Energy is pouring into this valley. I do not understand what they are showing me here. I need to sit and watch it a moment. OK . . . this valley is inside of us. It appears that the Lemurian healers are emptying us out, and have made our hearts into sacred chalices. In this valley, they are going to start pouring the new energy in, little bit by little bit, during our journey (and the next few weeks). They are going to start filling us up with this light.

So . . . first they clean our slates. Second . . . they assist us in putting our feet on the ground. Then they make a chalice inside of us, and start pouring in light. I am going to say it looks like water, and we are in a water site, but it looks like . . . how do I say this . . . liquid light inside of us. Each drop is like an entire universe . . . with stars, and the knowledge of the universe, and wisdom, truth and great compassion. I am going to follow this river back and see where it is coming from because that looks really incredible. It looks multi-dimensional. Part of this liquid light, that holds the knowledge and wisdom of the new world that we are stepping into, is coming from the Earth. It is coming from the world that we are in, but it is also coming from the stars, and it is also coming from our soul family . . . our star families. It is not very linear, so it is hard to describe. It looks like it is coming from the same place, but it is not. It is coming from many places . . . the stars, the Earth, our Star/Soul family.

This river of light is also coming from the ones that have been calling us. This might feel like a beckoning, like a need to go someplace or a need to do something. A lot of you came on this pilgrimage for this very reason . . . you had an inner calling. This calling came from your ancestors. But they are not ancestors of the past, because they are still here. They have been waiting for us for a long while, and they have been paving a road for us to follow. But they can only do so much for us. There is a little, tiny trail that, when we become aware and awake, we start becoming very aware of. It is that little, tiny fine line of energy that you call your flow. That is a little path that they left. But it is going to be our job to widen that path, and make it bigger so others can follow after us. We need a super highway to the new world, and we are the builders.

This river of light will awaken humanity in waves. There were many waves before us, and now we are immersed in a powerful wave, and there will be many waves after us. So our job is to receive everything that this new world has to offer, while we are walking in these lands (and those reading at home), while we continue to fill up our sacred chalice, anchor our feet on the ground, and keep our slate clean. This will keep us open . . . and to keep our hearts open to receive. When we do this, we will be paving the way for those that walk this path after us. Does that make sense?

Now back to the valley inside of you . . . . There is a chord of light coming from source, that is going right down through the top of our heads and through our hearts, and it is going to anchor to the center of the earth. This offers us a particularly safe space to open our hearts further. They are now offering a lot of heart healing in the group (and to those who are reading this). They are not letting me see who they are working on. I am glad they don't, because this is private. They are working on certain people to replace pieces of your heart that you had given away, or that were broken, or that you had sacrificed. Some of you sacrificed pieces of your heart, and they are giving it back now, because we need ALL of you here at this time. The Andean Masters say that it is time to stop giving away yourself. We need to become aware and awake and whole in ourselves, so we can be a living example for those that are to follow on this path after us. If you are missing pieces of your heart, you are not whole and complete. It is really difficult to be an effective example of this new energy, to be truly of service to anybody else, until your heart is whole, and you are anchored. Does that make sense? Ask now for your heart pieces to be returned to you through ALL . . . Time - Space - Dimension .. Body - Mind - Spirit . Past - Present and - Future. You must ask to receive this.

When we arrived here at Tipon, I also felt Lord Meru welcoming us and is also assisting us in cleaning up our slates. I didn't have time to mention this before. He is still here. He has been watching over us (Lord Meru is the head of the brother/sister hood of the Seven Rays of South America. This is related to Saint Germaine and the Great White Brother/Sisterhood of North America).

About a week and a half ago, Lord Meru came to me, and I felt that he was watching over all of us. This is why we have had such a smooth landing. Everybody is doing really, really well with the energy and the altitude and the food and the change of culture. It is obvious that we are getting some really divine help. It is the smoothest landing we have ever had. During this last week, Lord Meru had his back to me. I thought "OK, am I not supposed to be going to Peru? What is going on with you having your back to me?" And then he just said, with a wave over his shoulder, "Come on." He is going to show us something in the coming days while we bathe in this new energy. I don't know what it is yet, and I expect that we will probably all figure it out together.

OK . . . now they are shifting my vision . . .

I am hearing our soul families speak, and they are saying that we are carrying a higher vibration than we had last year or the year before. The energy is rising up at a multiplying rate of speed. So we are now more capable of integrating the new intense energy that is coming in now. We have prepared well, even though some of you might think that you did not take enough time to prepare. They say you did. Your soul family is here, yet they are from the future; but it is not really the future, it is really here. There is no future. There is only NOW. So, time is weird when you look into the next dimension. It is not linear. Does that make sense to you? They are really excited to see you all again, and they are welcoming you with indescribable gratitude and excitement. I think if I allowed myself to feel all of that, I would explode right here on the spot. It is big.

OK . . . now they are shifting my vision . . .

The Lemurian healers are going around the circle (and around those reading this) and checking everybody's slate to make sure you are nice and clean. They are going to want to keep doing this with you every step you take throughout your journey . . . if you have given them permission to do this. Sometimes there are side effects to these healings, but I am not getting that there are going to be any side effects at all. Looks like it is going to be real easy, because I always ask, "OK, this all sounds really nice, but what does it really mean while in a physical body?" It looks like it is going to be a real easy transition. OK . . . Archangel Michael pops in here . . . He has a big chalk board inside each of you, and he is going to keep erasing things as they appear. These are things are part of our mechanistic mind . . . the things that roll around like an unending tape recording. Archangel Michael and the Lemurian healers are going to make sure that those things get erased. These tapes are from the old world. So it might help if you start imagining that the world that you left is behind you now. It is just a dream. Just imagine that the world that you just now left is no longer the world that you go back to. It is gone. Now, in reality this in not true, but energetically, it is truth. You are not going to go back to the same world that you left. It is going to be very different . . . in a better way.

So they say that they got permission from everyone in our group for keeping the slate clean. They are going to continue to fill up this valley that is inside of us that is centered right in the heart. Eventually this river of light it is going to trickle down through that central chord and will travel all the way down and to the center of all that is.

(On this day, Tipon was full of kids). Lord Meru says that he planned the child energy today. Even on the bus, there were busloads of kids coming by us and waving, and the whole place is just full of kids today. I have never seen this many kids in this place. Usually we are here by ourselves. So there is a reason why this fresh, new, youthful energy is here while we are getting our slates cleaned, and while we are absorbing our first bit of energy going into this chalice inside of us. So we are getting like an essence of childlike innocence put back into us, because a lot of us know that that childlike innocence has been pretty beaten out of us for the last ten years . . . particularly the last year was really rough.

OK . . . I think that this is what they wanted to do for us in this place. The Andean Masters, the Lemurian healers and Archangel Michael are going to follow us throughout our days here, along with your soul family. To help this inner work along, keep inviting them in. Just imagine that they are walking with you. This will make the connection stronger. Just imagine that you have a group wandering around with you. Act as if they are here with you. This tells the universe that we desire this healing, and the universe will help open this channel so you can feel it. Does that make sense? You pretend at first to tell the universe what you want, and then the universe has to comply to give you what you are acting as if you have. The universe responds in the present moment. So if you want to feel more connected to your star family, just keep acting as if they are right here with you. What you act on is what you receive more of.

About the sacred site of Tipon . . .

If you look with your eyes, you see many terraces. You imagine that maybe they farmed here. But I don't know if it is necessarily true. Even at Machu Picchu, the terraces are thought to be used for gardens. I think they were for flowers and for pretty things, just because they just wanted to have beauty around them. The Andean Master had no need to eat food for energy. They only ate for the entertainment. We do that now. A lot of times we eat, because we want to entertain ourselves, but we are really not hungry. Do you notice that we are starting to do that more and more lately? It is because we probably don't need to be eating. You know all this is going to happen naturally. People in the last twenty years have been pushing it trying to be breath-airians, and sun-gazers, which I totally agree with. I do sun-gazing myself. But I think that the Earth is going to naturally evolve where we will go back to these ways of the Masters without the stress and struggle. Awakening was never met to be a struggle . . . but boy we sure make it one, don't we? If we just love ourselves, stay in the NOW, and have patience, it will all unfold. We try too hard. When we do that, we push what we desire away.

So . . . in closing . . . What is before us is a clear, empty canvas. I think this is for us to create together. The vases in Tipon that we saw last year, which were formerly holding energy, have now been moved into our hearts' chalice. I can't see the buried vases anymore.

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Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

17 Ekim 2010 Pazar

What is Divine Love? - ISIS

What is Divine Love?


I come today in the capacity of Divine Love.

What is Divine Love?

Divine Love is but a human expression as within spirit it is not named.

I am only here to give you the explanation as the words being used are human.

Divine Love can be described or felt as an all-encompassing feeling of being one with all that is there.

This includes the rich and the poor, the good and the bad, any and all being, every little particle of energy that is present within Source.

This is the feeling of Divine Love; it does not exclude anything as it is everything.

As I said before we do not use words within spirit, so the words Divine Love are made up as a reality within your universe.

Similar or different words are being used within other universes.

All over the earth, different words are being used to describe the feeling of oneness.

Many different languages, many different expressions.

Many humans see Divine Love as the end of what needs to happen, it is only the beginning of the experience to feel the oneness.

Oneness can only be described as oneness.

You cannot say oneness is one thing as it is everything.

The Divine Love that many use as a description is just that, a description. You are caught up in the wording as you as humans need words to describe to others what you are feeling.

Within Spirit you do not need words, as you are one and can feel the other as the other feels you.

Words are limited and can limit you in many ways as you give them so much power.

The feelings you are looking for as humans is only one feeling and this feeling is oneness.

This is why we ask you to move within, while moving within you will find yourself moving outside as well.

The oneness within you is the oneness outside of you.

Do not limit yourself by words, as you limit yourself to finding the oneness.

Use words to express yourself, but realize that the only real way of expression yourself is found within the oneness.

Let this be the guidance within your messages to others.

Too many have been misguided as they are being taught that the only true way is Love.

This is not the truth as the only true way is oneness.

An all encompassing oneness.

Within the oneness, I am one with you.


October 16, 2010

Petra Margolis


16 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Clearing Depression-Ships Over NY! - Oct 19th Call

Sananda addressing the October 5, 2010 teleconference:

"Greetings Beloved Family! It is I Sananda, and I come to be with you, and I assure you that we are all here with you in this moment, in this moment of coming together for single purpose, which is to empower Joy and Love and safety upon the Planet, and most particularly upon the Humans, who are not feeling those high feelings that we share. And so it is for us to share with them, and for us to send the Light of Love, indeed the Light of the Divinity We Are, coming together in Beauty, in Service, and in the Love, and the connections of the Heart that we share with each other.

"And so Ashtar has given you the picture, the overview, and all of the helps that you, together, as one and as individuals, and as the One We All are can give to these ones who either don't know of their own Divinity, or who have some fears, and some fear-based programs going on within them. And so we ask that you take a breath or two. Just relax. And come together. Join hands in a circle. And we are all here. And there is such a Light coming up that it becomes impossible to say who's who in this circle. You are truly in your Light Bodies now, joining with us as one great Light.

"And we are above the Earth in one of the ships, the silver birds. And know that there is a grand window in the floor, and as we soar above Planet Earth, and indeed go around and around, so that we can see all of the Planet, the Light we are shining, shines down and is magnified through this window as a lens, a crystalline lens of magnification. And so our Hearts are willing, and we give intent together to lift up everyone who are experiencing the vibrations which are low, of depression, and upset, and anger, and fear.

"And let this Love Light shine down upon the entire Planet, and all upon the Planet. And let it be a signal, a beacon to the Light Workers who are there, that they may turn up their own Lights, that they may hold out their hands and join us in this grand circle of Love, and that we may together totally Light up anywhere that is dark.

"Anywhere there is despair, anywhere that does not seem loving or safe - let the people in the countries which are at war feel the Peace of this Love in their Hearts and in their minds, and let them be reprogrammed with Peace - evermore. And let those leaders who have worn the dark hats see and feel the warmth and the Joy of this Love, this Light. And invite them to take off those hats, and be One with the people, and to stop leading them into senseless wars.

"And let the churches join together in acknowledgment of the Divinity of all, all life. And let them stop saying that only they are the true believers. And let them all join together and rejoice at finding their own Divinity. And let those who have been blocking the abundance flowing forth from the Bank of St.Germain, let them stand down. Let them join the Light, and let them join the Love, and put a new message out, a program, the Light is invincible! The Light of Love shines over and within all! Nothing can stop it! And the Light brings a new way, a new lifestyle to Planet Earth. It is the way of the ancients. It is the way of Lemuria. It is the way of Peace and Love, Compassion and Kindness; the hands reaching out to help others to lift up in Joy; the giving without thought of receiving, just the giving, and the Joy that it brings.

"And the lifestyle of the higher dimensions comes into more of the consciousness of Planet Earth with this Light, with this Love. And those who have been experiencing such deep unhappiness, let them open their Hearts, and open their Crowns, and open their entire fields of energy to receive this Light, and let them lift up with it, because we are calling it forth.

"We give full permission from our Divine selves; we call it forth; we co-create it so. So now we are joined with all of the Planet, with all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, with all of the realms of the Angels, and the Elementals, and the Masters, and the Ascended Ones who have gone before, and the Beings of Light. And we come together in this grand gathering.

"And we welcome each other, and we know in our sacred Hearts, in the depths and heights of our being without a doubt, there is no, no more of these programs that will influence those who allow the Light to shine throughout, that there is Joy to experience, and that we have opened the path for those would come up onto the road of Ascension. They have free will, of course. Everyone whom we are addressing in this gathering has free will, but we have sent the Love Light everywhere. We have shown them, and asked them to open to feel and receive the blessings of their own Divinity.

"And so as we stand in circle joined, observing the Earth, see how much brighter it is. See how well lit it is. See that there is no dark place anywhere. And feel the Love and the Light within yourselves, Beloved Family. For we have come together, and we have created together this great shining, this great outpouring, this great sending of the Light. And now like so many candles, the Lights burn all over Beloved Planet Earth, and many more have already come onto the high road of Ascension. And many more will come as this Light continues to shine.

"Thank you, Beloved Ones! My Mother stands with me, and we offer you the Roses of Kumara to take once more into your hearts. Notice that these are a special color, notice that these are of Light, and how brightly they shine for all, all of us, Beloved Ones. And you who have come to participate in this mission, and those who will come and join, take your Roses, smell them, feel their velvety softness, and take them into your heart, and let the entire Universe know that you were here, and that you have risen to this occasion as you have been asked to do. You are so wondrous! You are so loved! And we all thank each other. Feel the Love, feel the hugs, and continue to shine bright. And so it is! Namaste!"


"Well, I'm still feeling the Love, and the Lights of all of you. It is I, Sekhmet, lower in volume than usual, but nevertheless high, so let's just take a moment or two to breathe in all of this Love, all of this Light. We're going to end on a real joyful note.* So you might want to get your dancing shoes on, because we're going to be there in a moment. Thank you, arrrh, Beloved Ones, for the empowerment that you brought to this mission! Thank you for those yet to come and let us thank each other with lots of hugs. And let us return to this circle whenever we so desire. The circle is perpetual. The circle is Light, and Love, and Divine.

"Well, let's start feeling the Joy, shall we? I've got my dancing shoes on, and I've got my favorite partner with me, you know the Froggie.* So we're just going to turn it over. And thank you all for being with us in this grand outpouring of Heart and Mind and Divine Love. And so it is! We Are! Namaste!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh.

Given through Susan Leland, October 5, 2010. www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
* The song Joy To The World by Three Dog Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2wutEzjy_E

We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar Teleconference on Tuesday, October 19th. The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PDT and the program starts promptly at 6:30 with 5 minutes of late-breaking news from Tara & Rama - http://www.bbsradio.com/galactichealing/ , followed by Ashtar and the Masters.

Please register here by NOON PDT on October 19th: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/catalog/item/2497194/2108034.htm or click on 'Conference Calls' here: http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/productsservices.html

All information about the call, including the pin number, will be sent to you after you register. If, after registering, you do miss the call, you can still "join in" by emailing Fran at ashtarwebmaster@msn.com to send you the audio recording link and playback number which enable you to listen either by phone or computer.

For those of you who participated in our "4 for 3" special offer, your free call was October 5th. If you have any questions about how many, if any, credits you have, please email Susan, Ashtarontheroad@aol.com .

A Family member asked about the NYC sightings on October 14th to which Ashtar replied, "This was a deliberate peaceful demonstration in a highly populated area! This shows that people will stop and stare, speculate and allow their belief systems to expand, but they don't stampede in panic. All is well and will be continuing. Keep your eyes on the skies and stay tuned!"

Thank you all who joined us on our first Ascension Energy Tools Teleconference Call this past Tuesday. Our purpose is to assist in the understanding of these Quantum Energy Tools and how they can benefit you in rebalancing yourselves, clearing blockages and allowing the healing to take place within, by your own empowerment. You are the director of these tools. They are a multidimensional bridge, and when used with your sacred intent they have immense potential.


Listening to this call, you will hear an introduction by Sekhmet and learn briefly about the value of Zero Point, Scalar, Far-Infrared, Negative Ions, Magnetic, Sacred Geometry and Crystalline Energies that are incorporated within these tools. We hope you will enjoy the Q & A provided and the insightful testimony and experiences of some of our family members.
Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

15 Ekim 2010 Cuma

Halpern Newsletter
Notes on Music as a Carrier Wave for Consciousness, Audible and Subliminal Affirmations
© 2010 Steven Halpern

One of the more esoteric concepts that I introduced to the world in l973 is that music can act as a "carrier wave of consciousness" of the composer and performer. Now that the concepts of quantum physics have become familiar to many of you, it's not as far out as it seemed back then.

The world of music was quite different back then. There was no genre of new age music, no field of sound healing. I based my understanding on the discoveries of leading edge scientists that I had met as a result of my biofeedback and bioenergy field research. I presented this idea as a partial explanation of why my music was evoking such radically different responses than traditional classical music.

If you read the article that I highlighted in last month's newsletter (An Insider's Guide to Choosing and Using Healing Music) you know that I also discussed the unconsciously manipulative effects of rhythm, melody and pattern recognition. (If you haven't read it, you can do so here: http://www.innerpeacemusic.com/healingmusicguide.html)
So I'll leave those alone for now, and focus on a topic that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

Over the past 30 years, a number of companies, therapists and other individuals have marketed guided meditations in which their voice is accompanied by music. A lesser number have also released subliminal versions, in which all you hear is the music.
In the latter case, it stands to reason that if the music were a turn-off--for example you didn't like the music, or worse, the music gave you a headache--it wouldn't matter if the affirmations were properly scripted. You wouldn't be able to listen long enough to get any benefit.

This is also true with music accompanying the spoken word. I've had several profound experiences listening to programs that are currently being widely promoted. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, I've had several profoundly disturbing experiences as I listened. At this moment, I won't tell you which ones they are. But I've compared my reactions with several other professionals whose expertise I value, and we've all had the same response.

Codependency and Taking Better Care of Yourself

Why do I mention this? Because I've met so many people in my workshops over the years, and through emailed questions to my website, who thought something was the matter with them, rather than the program. This is a classic form of codependency and lack of self-esteem. I'm here to say, "If it doesn't feel right, don't listen any more." Trust your innate wisdom to keep you safe. You deserve to take better care of yourself.

When I mention this to folks, I point out that most reputable companies have a "satisfaction guarantee". You usually have the right to return a product that doesn't work for you. It is also true that what doesn't work for you may work for someone else....And it is also true that there are simply some programs out there that are so poorly produced that I wouldn't think they'd work for anyone.

Relaxation and Receptivity to Positive Affirmations

Research has shown that we are most receptive to positive input when we are in a state of deep relaxation. Whether you are listening to a spoken or subliminal program, this enables the information and affirmations to go deeper into the subconscious mind.

Recently, I was listening to a relaxation program, but the music was causing my stomach to tighten up in knots. I was breathing shallowly. I realized it was a waste of my time, and ejected the CD.

Why is this important? When you buy a program to support your health and well-being, it's not just the words, but the entire soundscape. This includes, of course, the music, but something more.

Music as a Carrier Wave of Consciousness

What do I mean by a carrier wave? It's a term from physics, which describes how the state of mind, body and spirit of the composer and performer rides on the coattails of the music. It's an energetic imprint that goes beyond the notes themselves.

Put another way, it's not just the notes, but the energy that comes through.

And that's why I've chosen several extraordinary new compositions as part of soundscapes on several of my latest releases. I think you'll see what I mean if you give them a listen.

Soundscapes for Breast Health and Prostate Health

Relaxing music has always been the foundation of my SoundWave2000 ™ subliminal self-health series of recordings. In the process of producing our new programs, Dr. Eva Selhub and I recognized that there were times we wanted to move, dance and exercise, while simultaneously getting the added benefit of the "subconscious empowerment™"

You'll find the three up-tempo tunes that were born during the recording of my new album, Paradigm Shift, namely, "First Kiss", "Quantum Leap", and "Hip Pocket". Each has a great groove, of course, but I believe there's something much more significant at play here. I can't prove it yet, but something very wonderful channeled through as I was so totally attuned to the quantum field. I'd like to open up the research opportunity to all of you as well. Let me know if you can feel the added dimension of the "carrier wave phenomenon".

Affirmations that Move Body, Mind and Spirit

To my surprise, I enjoyed listening to the audible affirmations as well as the silent affirmations as I moved. She did, too. That's why we are including both the relaxing and the more energetic songs on our programs, Breast Health and Prostate Health.

Breast Health AudibleWhich versions are most effective? There's no definitive answer to that. Typically, as I've said, relaxation is the key. But I believe in some cases, additional factors can create a highly effective outcome as well.

If these two programs are not of interest to you just listen to the music-only versions on Paradigm Shift. It will be a while until I'm able to set up a suitable research study, and that's why I'm inviting anyone who wants to participate in the real world research to listen and share you feedback with me.

What else makes these songs so appropriate for body-centered healing? Pay special attention to the great bass players on these songs. Michael Manring and Marc van Wageningen are two favorites I've had the honor and pleasure of recording with. Their sound, and the notes they play, make it easy to get your lower chakras moving and grooving. The lower frequencies of the bass, of course, automatically resonate that part of your body, so it's a double bonus.

Audible vs. Subliminal: which is better?

In my opinion, it's not a matter of "better than". There's a time and a place for both. Each has its own perfection. Personally, I usually don't listen to a lot of spoken word guided meditations and audible affirmations, but I found that I continue to enjoy listening to Prostate Health. I'm sure many women will have the same experience listening to Breast Health.

When Dr Eva and I began working on this project, we didn't have a firm street date. We allowed the project to unfold in its own time.

We take it as more than a coincidence that both programs are being released in October, which neither of us were aware of when we began, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We believe these programs can make a positive contribution to the field, and encourage you to forward this newsletter, as well as the relevant sections of last month's newsletter, to your friends, family and colleagues.

Here are links to each:
Breast Health Audible: www.innerpeacemusic.com/BreastHealthAudible
Breast Health Subliminal: www.innerpeacemusic.com/BreastHealthSubliminal
Prostate Health Audible: www.innerpeacemusic.com/ProstateHealthAudible
Prostate Health Subliminal: www.innerpeacemusic.com/ProstateHealthSubliminal

With the program available as individual tracks available for MP3 download, you can choose whichever versions you prefer. These tracks are available exclusively on my website at this point in time, but will soon to be available on Amazon.com as well. They will not, however, be available on iTunes, because I was recently informed that iTunes is not currently offering any subliminal affirmation programs.

On a final note, related not to music but to sound: Have you noticed the sound of your computer lately? All computers (and their cooling fans) are not created equal. Some are much noisier than others. I find these very difficult to use. Many others do, also.

Recently, my associate, Diana, discovered through our wonderful computer technician Jon, a water-cooled computer case called the Sonata III 500, manufactured by Antec. Of course, I had to check it out. It was love at first hear. If you've been looking something like this, you might want to check it out yourself. http://www.amazon.com/Antec-Sonata-III-500-Quiet
(Please note, this a computer case only, and does not include the processor, motherboard, etc.)

Until next time, stay tuned with healing music. I hope to meet many of you as I'm out on tour this month.

Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern created a paradigm shift in modern healing music, and that's why his latest major release is entitled Paradigm Shift. He has also just released guided meditations with Eva Selhub, MD which he discusses in this newsletter, as well as Lake of Souls with Jeff Baker, an extraordinary medical intuitive and psychic healer. Visit www.stevenhalpern.com to hear samples and order.

2 day intensive You will be talking to your Higher Self as well as you guides

2 day intensive.

After this 2 day intensive you will be able to receive the answers from your Higher Self, your I Am Presence and your Guides Clear and with confidence.

You will be working on creating a new reality within you to reach the highest possible outcome for abundance in every area of your life within this lifetime.

This is a great time on the planet for anyone to seek greater wakefulness, deepen their alignment with the Source of everything within, expand consciousness and raise their vibration by aligning with the earth's mission of ascension. Times of great chaos are the greatest opportunities to impact the new ordering of things and future directions-both on a personal and global level. The biggest challenge for most people will be to disengage the mind from reacting to outer conditions with fear, and to remain centered and able to create from visions of goodness and beauty within. These activations were developed to address the great challenges that many people are facing with the current upheaval and uncertainty in financial markets as well as the many personal challenges being experienced in these times of tremendous change.

This 2-day intensive is focused on receiving guidance as how and what to do to create your own reality, find your own path and to clear and activate your own divine blueprint as to become a clear communication channel for your own Higher Self, I Am presence and Guides. We will also work on activation the higher chakras and light bodies as well anchor many of the light codings that are available at this time.

After this 2 day intensive you will have a clear connection to your Higher Self, I Am presence and guides.

You will reach a higher awareness and the frequencies of your physical and energy bodies will be raised to the highest level possible at this time.

We will work on releasing any blockages that create a stop in the flow of abundance in every area of our life as well as we will be opened up to create a new reality within ourself with the assistance of our Higher Self, I AM presence and guides.

This is a 2 day workshop and will start on Saturday October 16 at 2:00 PM EST till about 6:00PM EST, and Sunday October 17 from 2:00 PM EST till about 6:00 PM EST

The cost for this 2-day Intensive is $ 999.00

You can register here

These are some of the things we will be working on as well as channeling and receiving complete answers

Physical and Spiritual Grounding and Alignment

Being physically grounded in earth energies will help you stay present with the tremendous changes that are occurring. Grounding will prevent reactions of wanting to escape in fear, while presence will enable positive transformation...This activation will support you to move from panic and resistance toward welcoming the changes and ensuring movement within, disallowing frozen energies that are necessary for the experience of fear...

Stopping Unconscious Replication of Chaos & Fear from Mass Consciousness

There is great fear on a global scale due to the current economic crisis-now more than ever we are witnessing how interconnected we all are and how chaos in one area affects all areas of life. Mass consciousness is gripped in visions of doom, scarcity, recession, or even depression-and it is easy to get caught in the drama, especially when one's own asset base is dwindling and job security is gone. And while you may personally be attempting to apply methods of conscious creation and increase your faith in a positive future, if you are unconsciously replicating mass consciousness patterns you will feel it's an uphill battle. Most people are not sufficiently conscious that they can easily sense the deeper negative influences they are picking up. Replication is an automatic process that serves us well when the environment is beneficent and all is rooted in love; but it is imprisoning otherwise. This activation prevents all fear-based replication that is not aligned to your highest good. It also clears all energetic allowance and weaknesses that enables a person to be impacted by the destructive and chaotic thoughtforms and forces of mind-control and manipulation.

Ability to Embrace Major and Continuous Change and Perceive the Positive Potential Within

The planetary changes are accelerating and the intensity will be with us for some time. This activation will support you to new ways of perceiving things as your familiar world continues to shift before your eyes. Many people are experiencing personal upheaval as the possibility for accelerated purification and evolution in consciousness is now possible. It is a time where all aspects of the false self are being exposed, and while it may feel uncomfortable, you will move through with far greater ease if you can keep focused on where you are headed.

This activation supports you toward new ways of perceiving things by connecting you at deeper levels of understanding, to the resolutions toward which you may move. In this manner, the immediate fearful effects become transparent as you can now see past to the wonderful transformations that exist as potential within the events. When you perceive or sense from a higher vantage point, you no longer will dwell on the immediate discomfort of change, but will already resonate with the new reality now. So not only will you move through with greater ease, but also by your openness, new opportunities will come that could not when in a state of mind that was negatively influenced by outer conditions.

Your conscious mind is the instrument of evolution in this dimension-how it responds to events and conditions impacts on the possibilities that may unfold for you. So long as your inner state of being is emancipated from outer conditions, you are a powerful agent of change in your reality. This activation provides deep support for you to think from the absolute rather than from outer conditions.

Being Fully Awake and Moving in Synchrony with the Times

This is a time of consciousness expansion in which we each have the opportunity for greater empowerment and responsibility in terms of what we are co-creating on the planet. Whether we like it or not, manifestation is accelerating and so greater accountability toward life is now necessary. Responsibility is not a burden, but rather it is the ability to respond to life. Each one of us now has the opportunity to expand and follow the path of ascension into a new world order.

This activation will support greater wakefulness in these important times. It ensures inner motion, disallowing stagnancy that translates into complacency and sleepiness. As you work with this activation, you will be assisted to see more clearly-to see the lies, the concealment or manipulation, and the ignorance and misguided practices going on around you. You will have much greater clarity and discernment, so that you can more easily choose what supports the highest good of all. With greater understanding and insight comes greater choice and ability to positively impact on life, choosing alignment with truth and positive evolution in all that you are and do.

Establish acceptance of current condition

· Necessary step to allow movement and change

·Increases self-understanding so can leave unwanted conditions

·Clears, guilt, shame, blame, judgment

·Give you your 'bearings' in life so you can know your direction and game plan

Clearing of hooks and identification with current dysfunctional conditions

·Emancipation from past and new level of empowerment

·Opens up new options

* Seeds impulse to reach for better

Resolve hidden agendas and neediness

·Clears unhealthy etheric connections to external surrogate sources of fulfilment

·Plugs you into true sources of fulfilment

·Vibrating wholeness and energies of all needs fulfilled so they will manifest in outer form

·Imparts clarity and directness

* Attracting even grander potential than you are able to imagine

Purify and align desires to Creator intent

·Alignment to true Self and Creator intent

·Harmonize with divine universal laws

·Sense of fulfilment

·Empowerment and enlightenment

·Desires activated in all dimensions

* Ability to wield the power of the universe

Clear resistances to desired reality

·Mental/emotional allowing of what is for your highest good

·Ability to reach for and receive the new

* Perception of current conditions as gradations of joy-firmly anchored on path of growth

Accept and Immerse in desires in their fulfilled state (Ability to hold new desired reality

·Propensities, capacities, and structures programmed into the body, to be able to hold and sustain the new reality

·Infusion and enforced anchoring of energies of desires in their fulfilled state

* Radiating a vibrational match to desires fulfilled

Ongoing guidance and energetic support

·Guidance to most optimal pathway to desires

·Magnetic tracking system to optimal future

·New insights, capacities, energies to support you toward your desired creation.

* Monitoring and reprogramming of opposing thoughts and negative self-talk

·The effects will be subtle at first; but in time you will notice many changes, such as:

·oOld behaviors and limiting patterns simply fall away

·oYour thinking and emotional state become more positive

·oIncreased self-assurance and self-acceptance

·oSense of inner guidance and intuition about purposeful action

·oGreater ease in life

·oEnhanced vitality and passion for life

·oFreedom to express and pursue your desires

·oPhysical and emotional healing

·oLatent capacities begin to feel accessible

·oGreater compassion and understanding of others

·oPeople treat you with more respect and interest

·oGreater happiness and joy
·oSense of personal power

Would you like to support our work and make more attunements and activations available for everyone?

Right now we have 22 attunements available for free in our store.

I would like to make this a lot more.

We are working under the Law of One, The Law of one is about balance.

The balance of the energies, as everything is energy.

So under this Law we have decided that for every $ 10.00 we receive in donations, we will make another attunement or activation available for free in our store.

In this way we all help each other to receive and gift freely.

You can find the free attunements here

11 Ekim 2010 Pazartesi

Sananda's October Message, 10-10-10 Messages From Archangel Michael And Sananda

Message From Sananda, October 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"The Wisdom Of The Cosmos Is Within You"

Beloved Ones,

In the Now Moment, the Cosmic opportunity is here for every soul on this planet to ascend. It may not seem, to many of you that this is possible, yet it is possible, and all your help is needed at this momentous time of awakening and ascension. We ask you at this time, to listen to your inner wisdom, to listen to your inner guidance. It is a time for you to become more autonomous, to rely less upon others for your wisdom. This wisdom which is perfect for each one of you is within your Sacred Heart, and it is easily accessible to you. Go within your hearts, Dear Ones. Go within your Sacred Hearts, through meditation, and through pausing in the moment during the day, and breathing deeply. You will be able to recenter yourselves, if you will only take this moment to breathe deeply. The wisdom of the Cosmos is within you.

You now know that you are the heartbeat of the Cosmos. We tell you that not only are you the heartbeat of God, but you are the wisdom of God. Every thought that has been thought throughout eternity is within the Cosmic records. Every concept brought forth through eternity is within the Cosmic records. It is available to you, but you must go within your Sacred Heart to access this wisdom. There is no greater wisdom than that of God. You must believe and know that you are this wisdom.

Go into meditation, Beloved Ones. Go into meditation within your Sacred Heart. Feel the pulsing of your physical heart and know that this is the heartbeat of God, pulsing through your body. Sit quietly and feel this pulsing. Expand gently and slowly, as you begin to feel the pulsing of the Cosmos. The pulsing within your heart and the Cosmic heartbeat are one and the same. Now feel the Cosmic flow, feel this expansion, as you begin to feel the flow of Divine wisdom. This wisdom flows freely through the entire Cosmos, throughout all Creation. Allow yourselves to expand into this wisdom. You have, recorded within your Cosmic banks of wisdom, all the knowledge of Creation. Access this wisdom. Gain the knowing, the understanding that it is available to you. You need not rely upon another. Claim your personal power and regain your direct connection to the Cosmos. You are the Cosmos, now and always.

It is a time of great expansion. You may choose to grow upon the wave of this expansion, or you may limit yourselves and remain with the lower dimensionalities of pain and suffering. Dear Ones, take this Cosmic opportunity. Expand your awareness, expand your consciousness, and all that no longer serves you will fall away as if it had never been. In the expansion of the Cosmos and the light of all Creation, there is no room for lack and limitation, and pain and suffering.

It is a most wondrous time of expansion for you, on earth. Pay close attention to the areas of your life where you are limiting yourselves, through the thoughts that you think. Dear Ones, what you think today, you will live in the near future. As the light upon the planet increases, your manifestations are coming to you much more quickly. What do you wish to live in the coming months? Choose the expansion into the Cosmic wisdom where all is available to you for the asking. Harness this power, this heartbeat, this wisdom, and create within the love of your Sacred Heart, for your highest good and the highest good of all Creation.

Do not limit yourselves, Beloved Ones. There is no limit to the Cosmos and all Creation. God is ever expansive. The love of God is within your Sacred Hearts, wise and all knowing, pulsing through you. This unconditional love flows to you and through you, if you will allow it, and as you expand into the heartbeat and the wisdom of the Cosmos, you are in the flow of the River of Life. This Dear Ones, is what we ask you to focus on in the coming months. As you focus on this awareness, the teachings and wisdom offered to you though the many blessed teachers upon your planet, will be able to be incorporated so much more easily. Breathe deeply and allow the flow of the River of Life to radiate through you, as you shine your God light and radiate it out to the earth and all life forms. If you breathe the expanded awareness of the Cosmos, you will increase your light and your assistance for mother earth and all life forms.

Start the day in love, live the day in love, and end the day in love. Your expanded Cosmic awareness and your state of beingness in unconditional love, is the elixir of life. It is the substance of all Creation. It is that which you seek. It is within yourselves.

I am here, to assist you and guide you in your return to the higher realms. Go boldly, dear and Beloved Ones. Go boldly. Your success is assured, and I am here to assist you, in the love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda.

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All my Love and many Blessings,


Special Messages from Archangel Michael and Sananda, for the 10-10-10

Message From Archangel Michael, October 10, 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"A Message For The 10-10-10"

Dear Ones,

The request has been made for a special message for you, on the 10-10-10, this momentous occasion, as you move forth into the ascension. The occasion for celebration continues to occur as each new triple date brings forth new wonders, opens new doors and pathways, for you to experience great cleansings, great progress on your path, and the achievement of the greatest levels you have available to you. You are aligned and in position with the planetary bodies, the activations have and are occurring on mother earth, with the assistance of the blessed ones who are drawn to do these activations, as their divine service. All is in place for you now to come into final preparation for the incorporation of your light body.

What does this mean, dear ones? It means you have the potential and the ability to bring forth more light into your physical body than you had thought possible, than you have been able to do in the millennia you have been mired in the third dimension. Now is the time for you to concentrate and focus your efforts on working within the latitude and the parameters of all that is being presented to you through the divine teachers who are in place around your planet. It is no accident that those who are in the forefront are working in planetary service to bring forth this information. The agreement was made in the higher realms before they incarnated, for them to do this. You agreed before you incarnated to bring forth as much of your Divine I Am Presence, in this lifetime, as you are able to hold, with ease and grace. You must integrate and use the light that you bring forth, and more will be given to you, and you are to radiate this light out to the earth and humanity. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourselves, each other, mother earth, all life forms. This is the gift that you came forth to anchor on the planetary level.

You came forth to experience the full light of your God Presence in the physical expression. Keep your focus on the light and continue to ask for ease and grace as you release, release, and continue to release all the negativity that has accumulated within your field from the beginning of your sojourn upon planet earth. Spend time each day, dear ones, in the conscious releasing of all that no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of all. You must do this daily, as you release in layers, all that no longer serves you. As you do this daily, you open the cells and every facet of your body and your field, to incorporate new light and new wisdom and new growth. Your light quotient will increase dramatically. You will be building your light body.

You must remain in honesty as you, dear ones, each day, go into self inquiry. It does not serve you or any who are in relationship with you, for you to deny, and blame, and judge, and refuse to accept responsibility for that which is of your creation. Accept responsibility for that which you have created. Understand that you must live that which you have created, and then forgive yourselves. Forgive yourselves, forgive all others, and release, release, release. Transmute with the Violet Flame all that you have released, and fill yourselves with the God light of the Mahatma.

The Mahatma presence is here upon the planet to allow you to tap into the highest levels of the God light, to assist you in returning to balance and harmony, and to assist you in drawing forth your light body, your Divine I Am Presence, the Mahatma energy. They are all one and the same. When you invoke the Mahatma, you are opening your vision to the expansiveness, the limitlessness, the eternal Cosmic Fire of all creation. It is available to you, and you may bring the light of your Divine I Am Presence into your physical vessel and you may incorporate your light body. It is time, beloved ones. It is what you came here to do, to be joyous creators, as you experience the wonders of the physical expression. Embrace it, be passionate for life, savor every moment of your blessed journey. It is a most magnificent time here upon planet earth.

Many are lined up in the higher realms, waiting for physical incarnation. You, blessed ones, agreed to incarnate, you agreed to be the full Divine expression in the physical. You knew you were capable of this most magnificent feat, and you are, dear ones. We delight in sharing your joys, your successes, as you become and be, the glorious light beings that you are, and radiate your light to the earth and humanity, and out to the cosmos. You, dear ones, are lighting up the cosmos. Your light is wondrous, your dedication, your diligence, your perseverance, which take you to heights that you are only now beginning to remember. It is all within you, within the wisdom of your God Self.

We are here to assist you in this time of great joy, this time of great progression of your evolution. Embrace this time, and allow us to enfold you in the unconditional love of the higher realms.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

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All my Love and Blessings,


Message From Sananda, October 10, 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"A Message For The 10-10-10"

Beloved Ones,

As you move into the coming times, we ask you to be aware of and work more closely with your chakras and the twelve Rays, as you release all that no longer serves you. All that you have lived is within your energetic signature. It is the light which you radiate out to all others. It is the love of your Sacred Heart; it is the very essence of who you are as you express your Divinity. Your energetic signature may be light and bright or it may be filled with darkness and blemishes. As you release each day, you will lighten your density and you will become the light of your Divine I Am Presence. Assist yourselves in this transition, and use the twelve Rays as you bring in the personality of God, your I Am Presence. The twelve Rays will help you cleanse and clear and bring forth the balance and the harmony which you desire. The twelve Rays will assist you in bringing balance and harmony within your charka system and they will assist you in bringing forth and anchoring your light body into the physical.

The five higher Rays have been brought forth to give you even greater assistance, as you integrate the love of your Sacred Heart. Beloved ones, call on the Eight Ray, this sea foam green with violet Ray, to clear and cleanse your four bodies. Clear and cleanse your physical, emotional, and mental, and spiritual bodies, through the calling in of this Ray. As you release in layers, each day, call upon this Ray.

Call upon the Ninth Ray for the love and the joy to assist you to stay within your passion for life, your great desire to become and be your light body, your Divine I Am Presence. The Ninth Ray of luminescent light green and blue, and the light of God, will help you to further cleanse and release layers which no longer serve you. This Ray will assist you in attracting your light body.

It is the Tenth Ray of pearlescent luminosity and God light, which will code your light body into the physical. Cleanse and clear, beloved ones, cleanse and clear, so you may make way for your light body to fill the very essence of you, to fill your physical body and every aspect of you with the unconditional love, will, power, and wisdom of the Cosmos. Intentionally draw in your Divine I Am Presence, and freely call on the Tenth Ray to assist you. This Ray is of most great importance to you at this time.

The Eleventh Ray, of peach luminosity and God light, is the bridge to the New Age. It will further help you clear remaining patterns which no longer serve you; it will help you bring into balance the remainder of the masculine and feminine polarities, as you integrate your Divine I Am Presence.

The Twelfth Ray is the glorious, luminous, white gold, God light. It is the light of the Cosmos, the Cosmic Fire of all Creation. It is the Heartbeat of God. It is the Wisdom of God. Draw it in, beloved ones, draw it in, incorporate it, ask for ease and grace in all that you do, and ask for ease and grace as you work with these Rays. Call upon the amount of each Ray that is perfect for you in the Now Moment so that you will move forward in the love of your Sacred Heart, with full ease and grace.

Your beloved Michael and I, and all those of the higher realms, are most willing to assist you in every endeavor, but you, dear ones, must do the work. Call on us, you are loved and supported by all of the higher realms. I am here with you, in the love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda.

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Hello Dear Ones,

Archangel Michael and Sananda have guided me to share with you, a practical application for drawing in and integrating your Divine I Am Presence, and the Mahatma.

Each morning, go into meditation. A morning meditation sets the tone for your day. You want to recenter yourself in the physical body, from your night time activities. Between soul travel, classes on the inner plane, and our dreams, we are very busy while we sleep! Breathe deeply, and bring yourself into your Sacred Heart.

Now, just as you get dressed physically each day, you want to get dressed spiritually.

Place your golden sphere of protection (a gift from Archangel Michael) around you. Once you have done this, you only need to reinforce it each morning, and before you go to sleep at night. You may also place a pillar of divine light around you, the white light of God, tinged with gold.

Put on your spiritual, white robe of love, wisdom, and power.

Put on your blue flame spiritual armor, a gift from Archangel Michael.

Take up your Sword of Michael, and claim your personal power, today and every day, in service to the Divine.

Call on the Mahatma. It is as simple as saying "I Am The Mahatma". You may say the affirmation often, during the day, as you draw in, and feel this expansive light.

Call in your Divine I Am Presence. Breathe deeply, and ask your divine spiritual light body, your I Am Presence, to take dominion in every aspect and facet of you. Ask your I Am Presence to think through you, feel through you, speak through you, and act through you, today and every day, in every Now Moment. Feel this presence within you.

Visualize, and see your light body. How does it feel, what does it look like? What do you want to look like? You are drawing in eternal youth. Visualize yourself as you desire to be, and visualize yourself in perfect, vibrant, health.

Call upon the Twelve Rays. Use your inner wisdom to determine which Ray or Rays to call in. In regards to the five higher Rays, spoken of in Sananda's message, you could call in the Eighth Ray for a cleansing of your four bodies. You might call in the Ninth Ray for an infusion of joy, to begin your day. Freely call on the Tenth Ray to assist you in coding in, and anchoring your light body into your physical body, or the Eleventh Ray to further assist you in integration and cleansing. Call on the Twelfth Ray, for an infusion of the glorious God light. Always ask for ease and grace, and ask for an infusion of a Ray, that is just perfect for you in the Now Moment. Remember, more is not necessarily better, so use your discernment and inner wisdom as you call upon the Rays, so that you may experience ease and grace.

You may recenter yourself within your Sacred Heart and reinforce your light body, and the Mahatma energy, as guided, during the day.

Finally, express gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings in your life. Do this throughout your day. See, and focus on what is good in your world, and on the earth, and see the God Self in all others.

Once again, ask for ease and grace in every aspect and facet of you, and all that you do, each day.

With great love and blessings,


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8 Ekim 2010 Cuma

Message From Archangel Michael, August 2010 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Message From Archangel Michael, August 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"Each Moment Is A Moment Of God"

Dear Ones,

When you find yourselves in moments of indecision, know that you are in a perfect Now Moment, a moment in which a spiritual test and lesson is being presented to you. In each Now Moment, you have the choice to make the most of this Now Moment and choose the path of highest light and make the choice to learn the lesson and pass the test. Each day lessons and tests are presented, large and small, and it is in the passing of these tests and lessons that you make spiritual progress on your path. Progress is slow and steady when you do this. You may see it as being a turtle slowing moving along on the path, while the hare runs around, bounding from side to side, without focus and direction. It is the turtle which ultimately wins the race, through dedication and perseverance. This, Dear Ones, is where the analogy ends, as you are not in a race to win, you are on a sacred journey. Your spiritual path will take you all the way to the God Source, and then you will begin a new and glorious undertaking. Let us focus in your Now Moment, so that you may begin to recognize that your spiritual growth occurs every moment in the Now Moment. You must be vigilant and monitor your thoughts and actions, treating all others with kindness without exception. You must remain to the best of your ability in your Sacred Heart Center.

You are here, Dear Ones, to create heaven on earth. Creating heaven on earth begins with creating heaven within your Selves. You must be right with your Self. You must be right with your relationship to your God Self, and you must balance your four bodies, so that you move into harmony and experience ease and grace, in your day to day life. When you have accomplished this, your world will change dramatically as each one of you radiates the Love of the Sacred Heart, joy, peace, and harmony. You cannot have peace upon your earth until each of you holds the vibration of peace with your Self. You cannot have joy and harmony upon your Mother Earth, until each of you holds these vibrations within your Self and radiate these vibrations out to Mother Earth and all life forms. As more and more of you hold the thought forms for peace and harmony and radiate unconditional Love to the earth and all life forms, your world will transform in the "blink of an eye". This, Dear Ones, begins in the Now Moment, in every thought form you hold and send forth. Every thought form affects all life and Mother Earth. In every Now Moment you have the ability to radiate thought forms which lift up all life or you have the ability to radiate thoughts forms which lower the vibration of collective consciousness. You are more powerful than you know, Dear Ones. You must be mindful, and increase your dedication and your diligence, your vigilance.

Each moment is a Moment of God, and those who understand and incorporate the knowing of this are able to more clearly see the overall expansion of consciousness, as each moment is a moment of eternity. Each moment is The All, it is the eternal past, present, and future, it is the All That Is, it is God. Every step you take physically, every thought you think, every action you perform, are all activities in service to the Divine. When you are at your daily job, when you are cooking dinner, when you help a child with homework, every moment is a Divine Moment, in service to God. When you approach life this way, you are living in your Sacred Heart Center every moment and every moment is a Holy Moment. It is a Moment of God. You do not stray from your God consciousness, no matter what you are doing.

There are those of you who believe that you are in connection with God only when you are meditating. You are in connection with the God Source, your inner Divine Self, in every Now Moment. Strengthen this connection, Dear Ones. No matter what activity you are performing, see it as a Moment of God. See every encounter with another being as an encounter with the God Source. You must understand that every soul on the planet is an incarnation of God, even as most are not aware of it. Each soul is on their path and all will ascend. You cannot know what path each soul has chosen, but you can interact with each being in Love and compassion, yet you must hold your personal power and maintain your boundaries. You must use your spiritual discernment at all times. See all life forms as incarnations of God, and honor them. In this way you will become harmless and will greatly lift up the vibrations of all around you, your community and the earth.

You are in a great cosmic moment of opportunity. You have each chosen to incarnate at this time so that you could assist in the ascension process and bring forth the piece of the puzzle that is unique to you. As you clear and harmonize your four bodies more and more, you will find that your inner wisdom and knowledge will become more and more easily available to you. You will find that you are radiating your piece of the puzzle forth to the planet as you become strong and secure in the knowing of your Divine service, your piece of the puzzle. Your Divine service will make your heart sing. It is unique to you, Dear Ones.

We of the higher realms are here to guide and assist you, as you each bring your Divine mission to the earth and create heaven on earth, as you have been waiting to do for so long. You must ask for our assistance, as we cannot help you unless you ask.

I am Archangel Michael, and I bring you this truth.

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All my Love and Blessings,


Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 5, 2010 "More On Relationships" Via The Akashic Records Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Hello Dear Friends,

Here are the September messages from my Cosmic Blog, Wisdom From The Ascended Masters. Enjoy, in Love and Light,


Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 5, 2010

"More On Relationships" Via The Akashic Records

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

How can you assist us to see conflicted relationships as supportive relationships?

Blessed Ones, your relationships offer many pearls of wisdom and many spiritual tests and lessons to both you and the ones with whom you are in relationship with. For you to have a supportive relationship with another, you must approach each relationship in this way. Every relationship is a supportive relationship. Every relationship will assist you to grow in your understanding, your wisdom and your personal power, if you will allow it. Each relationship is a mirror of the lessons and the spiritual growth you are in the process of integrating. For the other person, it is so also, as you will each mirror to the other, the lessons and tests which harmonize within the relationship to enhance your learning experience. Each relationship may become supportive for each person when you will understand this, and you will approach each interaction in the allowing and acceptance of your lessons and tests.

You must have the understanding that you are also assisting the other in gaining wisdom and spiritual growth. Allowing this relationship to present these lessons and tests will bring you clarity within the relationship, and harmony where there may have been none. You have the responsibility to be supportive to the other person, as many are in victim consciousness. When you are aware of this, as you hold a higher vibration, you must stand in your integrity and you must intentionally hold the higher vibrations. It is your responsibility as a Master to be in truth, and assist the other, when you are aware they are in victim consciousness. Sometimes, it is as simple as giving no response, as a response which "pushes their buttons", is a response which continues their belief in their status as a victim. Hold the vibration of love and you will assist them as greatly as you are able to, and you will have responded in the way of a Master. You will have enhanced your spiritual growth also.

How can you assist us to remain in love and neutrality, rather than judgment?

Dear Ones, when you are in judgment, you are not right with Self. You are projecting onto another that which you are out of balance with, within Self. Practice through deep breathing, and repeating the word, "neutrality". This practice will assist you into peace and harmony, all being of much the same vibration. Neutrality is a great gift to assist you as you interact with another. Holding the intention to remain in neutrality will allow you to set aside your own beliefs. You are more able to remain in the love of your Sacred Heart when you are able to hold the vibration of neutrality. This, Dear Ones, is a great tool to assist you in your relationships.

Beloved Masters and Teachers, what other wisdom would you like to offer at this time, to assist us in our relationships?

Dear Ones, see the potential within another. See this blessed potential within each soul you are in relationship with. See the potential for each person to be the Master Soul they came here to learn how to be. See them as already having achieved this, as you see yourself already having achieved this. You are each a Master Soul, realizing this potential within you now. Each soul is an incarnation of God. Approach your interactions with others in the way. See the God Self in all others. See the God Self in yourself. It can be most difficult to see this in others that you have the closest relationships with, as these relationships are so "charged" with your beliefs about yourself and your beliefs and preconceived thoughts about how the other will respond and act. Release these preconceptions, and open to the new potential of allowing the other to respond from their God Self. Hold the vibration of Love and you will assist them to respond in this way and you will assist yourself to respond from your highest potential.

Your relationships provide you with the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. You may achieve and integrate a renewed understanding, wisdom, and belief in your own potential to expand into the Master consciousness, when you allow the vibration of this potential to permeate into your relationships. Set aside preconceived beliefs and expectations and see yourself and all others, as God assisting God, to know God.

And finally, love each other, Dear Ones. It is what you came here to do. You came here to love. Within this love you will, within your intentions of releasing negative, low vibrations, achieve the mastery that you came here to realize. Embrace yourselves and all others, the earth, and all life forms in the vibrations of love. It is your potential. It is the potential of all life forms. Every life form on earth responds to the vibrations of love. Be this vibration, Dear Ones, you will transform yourselves, the earth, and all life.

We are the Ascended Masters. Our love surrounds you and we are here to assist you to be Love. Call on us. We will assist you to raise your vibrations to the vibrations of Love.

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All my Love and Many Blessings,


Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 19, 2010

A Dialog Via The Akashic Records

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

What wisdom can you offer to us to assist us, when we feel "stuck" in all areas of our lives, and unable to move forward?

Blessed Ones, The challenges are coming to you so quickly, it is most understandable that many of you are discouraged, and many of you are feeling unable to move forward. We ask you to "stop and smell the roses", stop and bring yourself back into your Sacred Heart. Cease what you are doing that is distressing you and simply take time to allow forgiveness. Allow forgiveness for yourselves. We cannot stress this enough. When you are so hard on yourselves, and unwilling to forgive yourselves, you only perpetuate more of what is causing you to feel "stuck" in the first place. Forgiving yourselves will release so much of the distorted vibrations that are causing you to be unable to move forward. As you forgive yourselves, you are able to return once again to the vibration of love. Self love, Dear Ones. We cannot tell you enough, that you must keep returning to self love and you will find that all solutions will be found to what it is that is keeping you from moving forward. The vibration of judgment and lack of forgiveness for yourselves, are vibrations which hold you in your ego body. You raise your vibrations as you return to the vibration of love of self. The vibration of love is the vibration which will most greatly assist you in finding solutions. You have been told often, that the solution is always found at a higher vibration than the problem which you are seeking to solve. This is great wisdom for you to remember and will assist you in once again moving forward Apply this to all areas of your lives, Dear Ones, and your path will once again be cleared and lightened and your way will be clear to move forward once again.

As we ask you to "stop and smell the roses", you will find you will be able to do so, when you have returned to the vibration of love. Seek joy, Dear Ones, seek joy and love and remember that this lifetime will be completed in a short moment of eternity. Do you want to live this life in pain and suffering or do you want to live it in love and joy? It is a choice that each of you must make and we give you this information to guide you in accessing love and joy.

Take the time to be in nature, as the grounding influence of your mother earth and the nature spirits will assist you in returning to the love within your Sacred Heart. Lie down upon your mother earth and feel yourselves sink within her loving embrace as she allows you to let go of all that does not serve you, and she absorbs it within her loving embrace. Feel yourselves sink down into her soil and release all that has brought forth your feelings of being "stuck". Release it, and lay in the embrace of mother earth and become aware of the nature devas and spirits all around you, loving you, assisting you, embracing you, if you will let them. Quiet moments in nature will do much to refresh you in your daily lives.

Take this time, Dear Ones, take a salt bath, light a candle, take a long walk, do what pleases you, when you find yourselves unable to move forward. For those of you who feel you do not have the time to do this, we ask you, how much time are you wasting being in your lack of forward movement? We assure you, you do have the time. You will renew and refresh yourselves, and rejuvenate yourselves. And finally, take particular time to meditate within the love of your Sacred Heart. Feel this love, be this love. You complete the circle as you had moved away from the love of your Sacred Heart, and now you will be able to move back into the love of your Sacred Heart.

How can you assist us to clear repetitive behavior patterns which we see in ourselves, but have been unable to change or transmute?

Dear Ones, this messenger has an analogy which was given to her, to assist her in recognizing behavior patterns which did not serve her. It is an analogy which also allowed her to see the humor in these situations. When you find yourselves repeating a behavior pattern which does not serve you, see the visualization of a juke box, and you may assign a number to the particular behavior. When you find yourself bringing forth the behavior which does not serve you, see the juke box in your mind, see the button associated with this behavior being pushed, and you may see the juke box jumping up and down and side to side as its "buttons" are pushed. We hope this bit of humor will assist you in seeing behaviors you would like to change, as they come forth in your life. And the humor may assist you in the moment, to lighten up and shift the behavior.

Dear Ones, you take yourselves so seriously. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would not be so serious. You are divine, glorious, beings of light, of a magnificence that you are unable to see, or comprehend. We ask you to know that it is so, and you have all the gifts, talents and abilities to transcend all that does not serve you.

What other wisdom would you like to offer regarding clearing repetitive behavior patterns?

We ask you to intensify your use of the Violet Flame. Identifying the patterns that you choose to release is such a great stride toward moving forward. When you are honest with yourselves and do the self inquiry work needed to help you move forward, you are living in the truth and integrity which will assist you toward forward movement. Self inquiry is of great importance in moving forth. Identify the behavior patterns which are keeping your from a higher truth. Call on the Violet Flame, call on St Germaine, Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst, and call on all the angels of the Violet Flame, who are here to assist you in working with the Violet Flame. Call forth your I Am Presence, to active the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame will come forth from the higher realms, and it will come forth to you from within the earth. The Violet Flame will then blaze forth through your Sacred Heart. It is as if you are surrounded in a whirlwind of this cool and transforming flame. You will not be given more than you are able to use, and when you intensify your use of the Violet Flame, you will be given more. Daily, use the Violet Flame. Each time you find yourselves in one of the repetitive behavior patterns you would like to change, transmute it with the Violet Flame. Throughout the day, breathe the Violet Flame, send it down into the earth as a gift, and bring it back up and out through your Sacred Heart center, front and back, in the form of the infinity sign, as you exhale. Breathe it out to the earth, humanity and all life forms. Fill yourselves with the Violet Flame and intend that you carry the Violet Flame in your field at all times, and as you breathe in and out, that you send it out to earth and al life forms. You will be given more as you use the Violet Flame to transform yourselves and assist all others around you.

There is an ebb and flow, as you integrate that which you have learned and that which is being presented to you, to learn. Allow yourselves, to move within the ebb and flow. Your ebb and flow is also affected by the planetary bodies and astrological events. As you become aware of this, it will assist you, as you understand that there are greater forces at work in the Divine plan, and the Divine blueprint has many intricate workings which affect each and every one of you. Know that you cannot always be aware of the nuances of that which is occurring in the ascension process. Return to the love within your hearts, always, Dear Ones, and you will be able to flow in the divine timing, and the ebb and flow of the universe.

We are the Ascended Masters. We are here with you, to assist you. Ask us to radiate love to you, ask us to be with you, and assist you in bringing balance and harmony into your lives.

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All my Love and Many Blessings,