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"Flower Of Life Meditation" Message From Sananda, August 2010 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Hello Dear Ones,

Here is some information to assist you in understanding the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. The center circle of the Flower of Life symbol represents the Creator. From the innermost point of the circle, the Creator formed another circle of It's Self, then returned to the center of the first circle and created a third circle of It's Self, until there were six circles surrounding the first circle of the Creator. This initial pattern represents the formation of life, created in six days, as the Creator rested on the seventh day. This first pattern of seven circles can also be called the Genesis pattern. This pattern may be created to infinity. The Flower of Life symbol has been found in ancient Egyptian culture, and God within the circle has sometimes been depicted as the right eye of Horus.

May you flow in the River of Life in the Love of your Sacred Heart.


Message From Sananda, August 2010

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

"Flower Of Life Meditation"

Beloved Ones,

One life, one heart, one ascension. This, in truth, is the reality of the experience you are having in the Now Moment, there is only one ascension. You are all connected to each other, there is no separation. You are One. There is only One and it is the God Source. It is the All; it is the Divine Mind, the Divine Heart, the Divine Oneness of eternal Creation. It is the Divine Blueprint from the inception of the All That Is, the moment when the Creator chose to experience It's Self, and create each one of you. You are each a perfect and Divine Blueprint, an exact replica of the God Source. You have all the qualities, aspects and virtues of the eternal Creator within you. Separation is only an illusion. All that God is, you are, and it is so for each and every soul incarnate on this planet and for each and every soul throughout eternity. You are in the process of realizing this vast truth, this Oneness, and experiencing the unconditional love, the joy, that comes with this deep, deep, knowing.

Sit down in meditation, Dear Ones. Deepen this knowing, this oneness with all life, with your brothers and sisters, with mother earth, and above all, with your Divine God Self within you. Sit down in meditation and place your consciousness within the center of your Sacred Heart and allow the expansion, to open your heart as a flower. You may visualize this expansiveness as the opening of the many petals of a lotus blossom, a rose, any flower which ignites your visualization, and provides this expansion for you. As you expand upon the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and visualize the Flower of Life symbol. Sacred geometry ignites fire letters and key codes, symbols which assist you in making the transition to your crystalline light body of the fifth dimension. Sacred geometry will assist you in activating your Merkiva, your light body which will be your vehicle for travel in the fifth dimension. As you breathe and meditate upon the opening and the expansion of the sacred flower in your heart, allow the transition to the symbol of the Flower of Life. Allow the Flower of Life symbol to overlay your Sacred Heart, to overlay the flower you have opened. Feel the expansion. Allow the activation of the Flower of Life to integrate into the love of your Sacred Heart.

Expand the Flower of Life to fill your auric field, and slowly expand the Flower of Life symbol to encompass what you perceive as your extended field. Then breathe and expand the Flower of Life symbol to encompass mother earth. See the Flower of Life as large as mother earth, filling mother earth, encompassing all that she is, enfolding all life within the sacred geometry of this Flower of Life. Breathe deeply and feel the magnificence of this activation, of this one life, one heart. Feel the activation of the key codes and sacred fire letters. Feel the activation of the Oneness with your brothers and sisters. And now, breathe and expand the Flower of Life to the Oneness of your solar system. Breathe deeply and feel this expansion. Now breathe deeply and expand the Flower of Life to enfold your galaxy, your universe, and the Cosmos. You are this Flower of Life, as is every soul incarnated, every life form, your brothers and sisters, as is God. This is the first cell formation, the beginning formation of the cells of God, as God choose to experience It's Self. This Flower of Life is the One Source, the initial split off cells of God. It represents the formation of all life. Breathe deeply and experience this Oneness with God, this Oneness with the Cosmos. Plant the Flower of Life deeply within your Sacred Heart Center.

Breathe deeply and plant this code of the One Heart, firmly and lovingly, into your Sacred Divine Mind. Feel the activation of the sacred fire letters and key codes within your sacred Divine Mind. Breathe deeply as you feel this activation with the oneness of all life and the knowing that you are the eternal God Source. Breathe, expand and firmly plant the Flower of Life into your Sacred Divine Mind. And now, connect the flower of life within your Sacred Heart, to the Flower of Life within your Sacred Mind and allow them to meld and become one. There is no separation. The heart and the mind are One. All is One. Feel this blending, this flow, as the two Flower of Life geometric patterns become One. This is the first cell of the God Mind, it is God, it is you, it is all life, it is infinity, it is eternal. This symbol of the Flower of Life can be expanded into infinity, it has no beginning, it has no end. It is the circle of life; it is the All, which has no beginning, which has no end. This you have now activated within your being. Breathe deeply, and feel this knowing. Breathe deeply and Be this knowing. This Flower of Life is the God Source, it is unconditional love, it is peace, it is joy, it is abundance, it is harmony, it is every aspect and facet of God that you desire to be. It is the personality of God.

When you find yourselves in moments of lower vibrations, when you find yourselves in challenges and you have temporarily forsaken the Love of your Sacred Heart, bring yourself back into your Sacred Heart by visualizing the Flower of Life as an overlay beginning in your heart, expanding to include the Sacred Mind, and enlarging and expanding to the Cosmos. You will be able to do this in a moment in the Now, as you practice doing it. Each time you visualize the Flower of Life, in this way, you further activate your crystalline body codes and assist yourself in the ascension process.

Dear Ones, we are here to assist you and to help you with tools and meditations to lift you up to the light of the higher realms. There are many paths back to the One. Choose your path and do not waiver. Each new level and integration of light you incorporate for your Self, will not only bring you closer to matching the fifth dimensional vibration, it will assist your brothers and sisters, the earth and all life forms to lift themselves up, on this sacred journey of life.

Call on me, Beloved Ones, to join you in this meditation. I am here with you in the Love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda.

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All my Love and Many Blessings,


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