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What is Divine Love? - ISIS

What is Divine Love?


I come today in the capacity of Divine Love.

What is Divine Love?

Divine Love is but a human expression as within spirit it is not named.

I am only here to give you the explanation as the words being used are human.

Divine Love can be described or felt as an all-encompassing feeling of being one with all that is there.

This includes the rich and the poor, the good and the bad, any and all being, every little particle of energy that is present within Source.

This is the feeling of Divine Love; it does not exclude anything as it is everything.

As I said before we do not use words within spirit, so the words Divine Love are made up as a reality within your universe.

Similar or different words are being used within other universes.

All over the earth, different words are being used to describe the feeling of oneness.

Many different languages, many different expressions.

Many humans see Divine Love as the end of what needs to happen, it is only the beginning of the experience to feel the oneness.

Oneness can only be described as oneness.

You cannot say oneness is one thing as it is everything.

The Divine Love that many use as a description is just that, a description. You are caught up in the wording as you as humans need words to describe to others what you are feeling.

Within Spirit you do not need words, as you are one and can feel the other as the other feels you.

Words are limited and can limit you in many ways as you give them so much power.

The feelings you are looking for as humans is only one feeling and this feeling is oneness.

This is why we ask you to move within, while moving within you will find yourself moving outside as well.

The oneness within you is the oneness outside of you.

Do not limit yourself by words, as you limit yourself to finding the oneness.

Use words to express yourself, but realize that the only real way of expression yourself is found within the oneness.

Let this be the guidance within your messages to others.

Too many have been misguided as they are being taught that the only true way is Love.

This is not the truth as the only true way is oneness.

An all encompassing oneness.

Within the oneness, I am one with you.


October 16, 2010

Petra Margolis


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