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Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 5, 2010 "More On Relationships" Via The Akashic Records Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

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Here are the September messages from my Cosmic Blog, Wisdom From The Ascended Masters. Enjoy, in Love and Light,


Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 5, 2010

"More On Relationships" Via The Akashic Records

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

How can you assist us to see conflicted relationships as supportive relationships?

Blessed Ones, your relationships offer many pearls of wisdom and many spiritual tests and lessons to both you and the ones with whom you are in relationship with. For you to have a supportive relationship with another, you must approach each relationship in this way. Every relationship is a supportive relationship. Every relationship will assist you to grow in your understanding, your wisdom and your personal power, if you will allow it. Each relationship is a mirror of the lessons and the spiritual growth you are in the process of integrating. For the other person, it is so also, as you will each mirror to the other, the lessons and tests which harmonize within the relationship to enhance your learning experience. Each relationship may become supportive for each person when you will understand this, and you will approach each interaction in the allowing and acceptance of your lessons and tests.

You must have the understanding that you are also assisting the other in gaining wisdom and spiritual growth. Allowing this relationship to present these lessons and tests will bring you clarity within the relationship, and harmony where there may have been none. You have the responsibility to be supportive to the other person, as many are in victim consciousness. When you are aware of this, as you hold a higher vibration, you must stand in your integrity and you must intentionally hold the higher vibrations. It is your responsibility as a Master to be in truth, and assist the other, when you are aware they are in victim consciousness. Sometimes, it is as simple as giving no response, as a response which "pushes their buttons", is a response which continues their belief in their status as a victim. Hold the vibration of love and you will assist them as greatly as you are able to, and you will have responded in the way of a Master. You will have enhanced your spiritual growth also.

How can you assist us to remain in love and neutrality, rather than judgment?

Dear Ones, when you are in judgment, you are not right with Self. You are projecting onto another that which you are out of balance with, within Self. Practice through deep breathing, and repeating the word, "neutrality". This practice will assist you into peace and harmony, all being of much the same vibration. Neutrality is a great gift to assist you as you interact with another. Holding the intention to remain in neutrality will allow you to set aside your own beliefs. You are more able to remain in the love of your Sacred Heart when you are able to hold the vibration of neutrality. This, Dear Ones, is a great tool to assist you in your relationships.

Beloved Masters and Teachers, what other wisdom would you like to offer at this time, to assist us in our relationships?

Dear Ones, see the potential within another. See this blessed potential within each soul you are in relationship with. See the potential for each person to be the Master Soul they came here to learn how to be. See them as already having achieved this, as you see yourself already having achieved this. You are each a Master Soul, realizing this potential within you now. Each soul is an incarnation of God. Approach your interactions with others in the way. See the God Self in all others. See the God Self in yourself. It can be most difficult to see this in others that you have the closest relationships with, as these relationships are so "charged" with your beliefs about yourself and your beliefs and preconceived thoughts about how the other will respond and act. Release these preconceptions, and open to the new potential of allowing the other to respond from their God Self. Hold the vibration of Love and you will assist them to respond in this way and you will assist yourself to respond from your highest potential.

Your relationships provide you with the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. You may achieve and integrate a renewed understanding, wisdom, and belief in your own potential to expand into the Master consciousness, when you allow the vibration of this potential to permeate into your relationships. Set aside preconceived beliefs and expectations and see yourself and all others, as God assisting God, to know God.

And finally, love each other, Dear Ones. It is what you came here to do. You came here to love. Within this love you will, within your intentions of releasing negative, low vibrations, achieve the mastery that you came here to realize. Embrace yourselves and all others, the earth, and all life forms in the vibrations of love. It is your potential. It is the potential of all life forms. Every life form on earth responds to the vibrations of love. Be this vibration, Dear Ones, you will transform yourselves, the earth, and all life.

We are the Ascended Masters. Our love surrounds you and we are here to assist you to be Love. Call on us. We will assist you to raise your vibrations to the vibrations of Love.

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Wisdom From The Ascended Masters, September 19, 2010

A Dialog Via The Akashic Records

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

What wisdom can you offer to us to assist us, when we feel "stuck" in all areas of our lives, and unable to move forward?

Blessed Ones, The challenges are coming to you so quickly, it is most understandable that many of you are discouraged, and many of you are feeling unable to move forward. We ask you to "stop and smell the roses", stop and bring yourself back into your Sacred Heart. Cease what you are doing that is distressing you and simply take time to allow forgiveness. Allow forgiveness for yourselves. We cannot stress this enough. When you are so hard on yourselves, and unwilling to forgive yourselves, you only perpetuate more of what is causing you to feel "stuck" in the first place. Forgiving yourselves will release so much of the distorted vibrations that are causing you to be unable to move forward. As you forgive yourselves, you are able to return once again to the vibration of love. Self love, Dear Ones. We cannot tell you enough, that you must keep returning to self love and you will find that all solutions will be found to what it is that is keeping you from moving forward. The vibration of judgment and lack of forgiveness for yourselves, are vibrations which hold you in your ego body. You raise your vibrations as you return to the vibration of love of self. The vibration of love is the vibration which will most greatly assist you in finding solutions. You have been told often, that the solution is always found at a higher vibration than the problem which you are seeking to solve. This is great wisdom for you to remember and will assist you in once again moving forward Apply this to all areas of your lives, Dear Ones, and your path will once again be cleared and lightened and your way will be clear to move forward once again.

As we ask you to "stop and smell the roses", you will find you will be able to do so, when you have returned to the vibration of love. Seek joy, Dear Ones, seek joy and love and remember that this lifetime will be completed in a short moment of eternity. Do you want to live this life in pain and suffering or do you want to live it in love and joy? It is a choice that each of you must make and we give you this information to guide you in accessing love and joy.

Take the time to be in nature, as the grounding influence of your mother earth and the nature spirits will assist you in returning to the love within your Sacred Heart. Lie down upon your mother earth and feel yourselves sink within her loving embrace as she allows you to let go of all that does not serve you, and she absorbs it within her loving embrace. Feel yourselves sink down into her soil and release all that has brought forth your feelings of being "stuck". Release it, and lay in the embrace of mother earth and become aware of the nature devas and spirits all around you, loving you, assisting you, embracing you, if you will let them. Quiet moments in nature will do much to refresh you in your daily lives.

Take this time, Dear Ones, take a salt bath, light a candle, take a long walk, do what pleases you, when you find yourselves unable to move forward. For those of you who feel you do not have the time to do this, we ask you, how much time are you wasting being in your lack of forward movement? We assure you, you do have the time. You will renew and refresh yourselves, and rejuvenate yourselves. And finally, take particular time to meditate within the love of your Sacred Heart. Feel this love, be this love. You complete the circle as you had moved away from the love of your Sacred Heart, and now you will be able to move back into the love of your Sacred Heart.

How can you assist us to clear repetitive behavior patterns which we see in ourselves, but have been unable to change or transmute?

Dear Ones, this messenger has an analogy which was given to her, to assist her in recognizing behavior patterns which did not serve her. It is an analogy which also allowed her to see the humor in these situations. When you find yourselves repeating a behavior pattern which does not serve you, see the visualization of a juke box, and you may assign a number to the particular behavior. When you find yourself bringing forth the behavior which does not serve you, see the juke box in your mind, see the button associated with this behavior being pushed, and you may see the juke box jumping up and down and side to side as its "buttons" are pushed. We hope this bit of humor will assist you in seeing behaviors you would like to change, as they come forth in your life. And the humor may assist you in the moment, to lighten up and shift the behavior.

Dear Ones, you take yourselves so seriously. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would not be so serious. You are divine, glorious, beings of light, of a magnificence that you are unable to see, or comprehend. We ask you to know that it is so, and you have all the gifts, talents and abilities to transcend all that does not serve you.

What other wisdom would you like to offer regarding clearing repetitive behavior patterns?

We ask you to intensify your use of the Violet Flame. Identifying the patterns that you choose to release is such a great stride toward moving forward. When you are honest with yourselves and do the self inquiry work needed to help you move forward, you are living in the truth and integrity which will assist you toward forward movement. Self inquiry is of great importance in moving forth. Identify the behavior patterns which are keeping your from a higher truth. Call on the Violet Flame, call on St Germaine, Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst, and call on all the angels of the Violet Flame, who are here to assist you in working with the Violet Flame. Call forth your I Am Presence, to active the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame will come forth from the higher realms, and it will come forth to you from within the earth. The Violet Flame will then blaze forth through your Sacred Heart. It is as if you are surrounded in a whirlwind of this cool and transforming flame. You will not be given more than you are able to use, and when you intensify your use of the Violet Flame, you will be given more. Daily, use the Violet Flame. Each time you find yourselves in one of the repetitive behavior patterns you would like to change, transmute it with the Violet Flame. Throughout the day, breathe the Violet Flame, send it down into the earth as a gift, and bring it back up and out through your Sacred Heart center, front and back, in the form of the infinity sign, as you exhale. Breathe it out to the earth, humanity and all life forms. Fill yourselves with the Violet Flame and intend that you carry the Violet Flame in your field at all times, and as you breathe in and out, that you send it out to earth and al life forms. You will be given more as you use the Violet Flame to transform yourselves and assist all others around you.

There is an ebb and flow, as you integrate that which you have learned and that which is being presented to you, to learn. Allow yourselves, to move within the ebb and flow. Your ebb and flow is also affected by the planetary bodies and astrological events. As you become aware of this, it will assist you, as you understand that there are greater forces at work in the Divine plan, and the Divine blueprint has many intricate workings which affect each and every one of you. Know that you cannot always be aware of the nuances of that which is occurring in the ascension process. Return to the love within your hearts, always, Dear Ones, and you will be able to flow in the divine timing, and the ebb and flow of the universe.

We are the Ascended Masters. We are here with you, to assist you. Ask us to radiate love to you, ask us to be with you, and assist you in bringing balance and harmony into your lives.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to the Ascended Masters through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to: www.transformingradiance.com/cosmicblog/.

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