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White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Daughters of the Light
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

My daughters of the light - my sisters of the stars. Unbuckle the
humanness that keeps you so strapped in to all the roles that you once
played. The vibration and the energy of your light dazzles the
constellations that look down upon you. The wind is envious as it
blows through your hair and your life for it sees your beauteous
nature. It sees what you once were and what you yearn to become. Know
at this time and this vibration and this intersection of light and
life you are worthy of grandness that you have failed to become in the

You are a conjunction of all of your fears, of all of your dreams, of
all of your desires. You are conjunction of time and space and heaven
and hell. You are the destiny of this beauteous planet that you stand
upon. You hold the vibratory key that escorts so many into a portal, a
place of safety and it is in this place of safety that you will lift
them so they do not stumble. You will lift them by drinking for them,
by sleeping for them, by praying for them, by holding the fire light
for them. You will lift them in your song, in your laughter and in
your playful manner because that is what you have always done.

This life is a time of great joy, and for all of you in this room this
is your last time on earth as you know her. She is on her way to
becoming stellar of countenance, stellar of nature.

We ask you to embrace all those shortcomings that you try so hard to
cover and prevent others from seeing. We ask you to embrace and love
all the stupid things you do throughout the day and all the
imperfections that you wear so well, for all of nature is beautiful as
are you. The intertwining of the leaves, of the grass, of the wind and
of you is the most beautiful of dances. Your worth is priceless and in
that priceless vibration you need to embrace all the dreams within
your heart. Do not cut yourself short. Do not put on the brakes when
you yearn so deeply in your heart to fulfill desires that are a but a
tiny seed of creation waiting on being birthed.

The time to address all your fears is now. The time to move forward
wearing a badge of courage is now. The time to dream big is now. Do
not be afraid of the predictions, of prophecy, for the vibratory level
that you live in a safe place that is beyond the reach of what makes
others so fearful. You must believe without a shadow of doubt; look at
your shadow and embrace every part of her for you wear her because you
have earned her. Every valley of woe, of death and demise you have
walked through now comes to a point of reflection and in this
reflection there will be a collage of mirrors. Every angle you look at
you will see yourself differently and that is your gift.

You are every role that you have ever played and it comes together in
this place and this time. Do not be embarrassed by what has happened
to you in the past no matter what form that took in this life or
others. Fully clothe yourself in all the remnants of what once were
for they make you the multi-dimensional woman you are at this moment
of time.

You are not one flavor of She - you are every aspect of She. The next
three years bring you to a planetary situation that you have never
experienced before. There were no humans on the earth in the last
galactic conjunction and this is the first time a planet will go into
stardom with inhabitants upon her. Every role you have played serves
you well now. Every badge of courage, every fear, every power, every
shame is wrapped up in a cocoon of feminine light. Honor it and
understand it. The physical body must move forward to these shifts. It
will scream, it will kick and you will feel like you are dying. This
is all a game to keep you less than. You will walk through the fears,
the panic attacks, the angers, the devastating dreams and come to a
point of complete clarity. You will be the first people to do this.

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman and I leave you in Honor.

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